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Third-Age Wars-related armour and OSRS Gold material have bonded to create a type of metal (missed name), that can be collected, altered and used. Combine weapons to boost the level of your smithing skills. Re-run mining, and include deposit areas through mining spots to avoid drop-mining.

Rewards for top-performing employees. Rework in Mining/Smithing can be used to make templates for other skills like crafting. The 200th Quest, The Elven Quest. Really want Priffindas released. It's not necessary to release it all at once. Instead, you could release it in stages. Crystal crafting can take a week. A second week will be crystal construction and fighting. (shows concept artwork). Seren says that the city pulses through her.

Priffindas is aspires to become Varrock at the top levels. Although the original idea was to make Mourning's End Part 3, it has now been altered. Maybe there's a global event in Seren that everyone is working together to collect shards that can be used to rebuild Seren.

There are currently around 185 quests. If it is able to be completed earlier, it will be done earlier. There's a Grandmaster quest that focuses on the Elf, but it can also be a lower level quest. What will Seren do when he's reassembled? Are there any ties to Guthix? The show shows Seren concept Art, states that it will be used sometime in the next year.

Now that Runescape is comparatively dead What do you think Jagex could have done to increase the longevity of Runescape? I'm not able to think of such a popular game that has gone down as Old School RS Gold badly as it has, at least from my point of view.

Recently, I was thinking about the minigames which are currently in the wilderness, and will soon be moved to OSRS Gold a "Gamer's Grotto north of Falador." The general idea is, however, terrible. They won't be accountable to ensure that minigames are taken to the correct places based on their history and history, they'll simply bundled together in some silly place.

In any case, I decided that it was worthwhile to look into what minigames actually existed in the wilderness. The majority of these minigames appear to be a bit "wild-centered", that is, they don’t make sense if dumped elsewhere.

The location of the Mage Arena in the extreme north is a bit scary because you could be attacked while you're traveling. Additionally, you cannot fight with the same gear should you be attacked. The fire in your eyes can take you to locations throughout the wilderness. To remove it would not be logical since it's an attempt to show that the wilderness protections be effective. The fist of Guthix is an ancient battleground that's guarded by the Guthix Druids. This is where many warriors go to fight every day and gain some of its power.

I accept that activities 2 and 3, and Clan Wars, will continue. Additionally, Clan Wars does NOT need to be a wilderness-based fight to train purposes. It can be moved to Al Kharid’s famous Duel Arena. It will be fine to let the mages construct a few interdimensional portals with the same magic that created POHs (yes there's a backstory! ), and it will be great.

Maybe the idea of stealing creation can be moved, given that the revenants are now disappearing into Cheap RS Gold a mysterious cave. The centre should have the mystic's tent.

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