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But first i need do tree gnome village quest. Also i don't got 43 prayer. Check out the sal's guide. The guide talks about the importance of praying. Do I really need that stuff? Also, you should have plenty of poison pots as I've read a lot about it. I've posted this on OSRS Gold the Runescape forums. Could you please relocate it? *

I was walking around today with my broomstick that I haven't used in a while, and I saw jagex changing it's appearance in the animation program. The broomstick is now more dark. One thing I find really cool about the exaggerated stride with which you walk is that it appears like you're walking across the ground while you walk. Just wanted to let all of you know that the broomstick has been improved in appearance. I can't look forward to the next pack of animation.

"Wow Dude How did this video come to be?" It was first a fast job. Although I didn’t have to spend hours fixing minor errors, it's still excellent. Ok, so I downloaded a screen-recorder. I've used hypercam in this example, but Camstasia sounds much better. I didn't like it. It's a mystery why.

Make sure you choose the Record Region in the screen recorder that records exactly what you want to record, in this case me walking. Then, save the file as a file type that windows media can open. Next, go to windows media and play the video.

It's where it becomes tedious. It is necessary to go frame-by-frame and copy every image in the sequence. Then, you'll have to save the images as paint. Save the pictures as numbers in the sequence. For example 1st frame 1. save it as 1, second frame 2; and Buy RS Gold so on.

Most people now know that mage defence is 70% defense level and 30% of the magic level. This is extremely bad news for defense against mage, especially foolish pures. My opponent has only one defense and 50 magic. But, he does not have any combat level comparable to OSRS Gold mine. The classic magic system was added to combat level. This meant you had lower mage defense or battle levels that were not used in RS. Everyone now seems to have high levels of mage defense even though they aren't getting to the level of combat. Ont op of wearing the black dragon hide chaps in one defence one def, a pure has a formidible defence agaisnt my attacks while his range and mellee attack smack me like I were not protected.

K.O. As a pure amge I have been fighting for around a minute. My opponent has started slashing at me. He is on low HP. How can I defeat him? The double stack combination is only effective at an extended distance. I have no potential way to take him down except if I decide to hybrid. Hybridizing is another issue. My magic attack is reduced due to hybrid equipment, which means I'm not able to reduce his health.

PJers consider mages to be free loot. They are aware that there is no way to stop them or ko them when they approach you, and the likelihood of failing a specification is very low.

I made this thread originally on Runescape forums. ;) Hi, have you ever wondered how the people on Old School RuneScape Gold Scaperune learned their abilities? Are they different abilities? You decide! Just write how all of the characters on Scaperune would train their talents. The story should be as funny as is possible, yet not too strange.

Scaperune is the Runescape's inverse. Scaperune is only accessible through random events. Two random events are the only ones that can take you to Scaperune and OSRS Accounts one of them only when fishing is in the area. The random events are Prison Pete, the Party Room, or Evil Bob's Island. There, things are wacky and messy. Prison Pete is the opposite of Party Pete. Fish are caught cooked on evil's island and you have to cook them over again.

An interesting fact: In order to cook a cooked meal in the cooking pots that are located on Evil Bob’s island (is located in ScapeRune) You will have to carry the following message: I challenge anyone who can be bothered to carry around 28 shrimps cooked every time, and when they do eventually get this random, to uncook every single one of them, and then receive 2 cooking! I'm wondering if it's possible to not cook an item and receive a rare "very raw" item.

Few nights ago I hung out with a friend who I used to constantly whore out RS with when we were kids, and while cleaning his PC out we came across an old collection of PKing screenshots, levels, etc, so we thought of renewing our membership to mess around.

Then I noticed the tabbed banks. I had $6m worth of stuff. This was not cash, but items, but it was still nothing in comparison to Cheap OSRS Gold what I could stake back in my prime. The new pvp games are interesting for me. While I do enjoy some of the ideas, I don't love all of the other ones.

You fool You fool, I am one of OSRS Gold the lords handpicked by Drakan himself, you cannot kill me! Safalaan, also a prayer chanter, will instantly cure you. He will suggest that you leave but before that, he suggests that you examine the coffin. Then, open the coffin and talk to the vampyre girl inside. Who are you? This is the question I was trying to know.

I wasn't always a vampire. Once I belonged to the noble icyene races. To keep my soul pure, I used a holy spell that transformed me into a vampire by the vampire. Drakan is furious because I am paralysed by it and that my soul, mind, and body are beyond his reach. I am still faithful to Saradomin however, I wish to do an act of kindness to Guthix.

She is essentially saying that she would like to be free from her current condition and consume the Guthix Balance Potion. She can give it to her and she will be dead. At this point, the room becomes dark. The room turns dark. It appears as if my queen has been released from the place I can't reach her. I have nothing else to say except that I am going to die.

Drakan is promised death by Effaritay as her voice fills the room. Drakan, now bathed in sunshine is not similar with the characters of the shambles of Twilight. Although he's powerful enough that the sun can't kill him he's also weakened to a Level 300 state. Mazcha is expected to enter the room to help you. Drakan uses an attack of melee which includes Zamorakian Spear, Blood Barrage, as well as an attack that is ranged using bats. Flail of Ivandis Special Attack on him once his health is below 50%. Mazcha can pour Guthix Balance Potion into his throat.

Do you think that my natural sciences are superior to mine? I might be a bit hurt by this mix, but it is not going to Buy RuneScape 2007 Gold kill me. I can't do it! I can. The drink has made you weak. What will happen to your throat if allowed me to do this? Now, we must leave. We have only one chance to take down Drakan, though. We can't save Drakan with the help of these people. We must get aboard.

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