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With the development of the Internet, wireless network technology has developed rapidly, making it an important communication network for people's lives. The development of wireless networks and smartphones has increased the number of online crime cases, and the punishment of cyber criminals is mainly limited to most of the countries in the world. The rise of new technologies over the past 20 years has led to an increase in cyber crime. If pirates are reinforced by a series of movies or films like Mr. Robert or Hacker, most of their online activities are still illegal. To contain the threat, the Chief of Police of England and Wales, Gavin, President of the Association of Thomas, offers a simple solution: what if we add WiFi jammers to cyber criminals? Connecting a wifi jammer to a cybercriminal for a set period of time will prevent access to the Internet.

GSM UMTS LTE4G WiFi GPS cell phone jammer

We noticed that these portable signal jammer were found on a number of websites in the United States and those websites did not hesitate to make important promotional offers. Standard jammers are only charged about $ 100.

All you need to do is install WiFi and cell phone jammers to build religious sites like a temple or a church. Of course, business is big, time is considered money, employees are not allowed to use their phones, and they should work. Mobile jammers can also be installed in large theaters, cinemas or concert halls.

The cell phone cannot be used due to the use of a smartphone jammer. The phone has no network signal. After turning off the jammer, it can automatically access the phone to use the network signal. There are several types of cell phone jammer on the market. You can choose depending on the size of the room. The larger the 3G / 4G jammer, the greater the coverage of the jamming signal. Mobile jammers are used to restrict the use of cell phones. The performance advantage of cell phone jammers is good blocking performance. Due to the different requirements for signal shielding, it is necessary to distinguish the specifications of the shielding devices.



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