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What is Custom Pencil Packaging 

A pencil is an important part of the school and office stationery and all the school going kids begin their writing using lead pencils. They are sold in packets in which 10 or 20 pencils are packed in a cardboard box which protect them and provide ease of selling at the stationery.  The boxes are printed with colorful designs and images of pencils that portray the high quality of the product inside. Also, these printed boxes promote the stationery brand if the logo and company name is mentioned on them that help in making people brand loyal.

Purpose of Packaging

The purpose of packaging is to protect the quality of the pencils and to sell them in an effective manner. To make an impact of the product at the stationery stores, you have to display the product in a nice and sophisticated manner. This is why the pencil boxes are used as they have all the ingredients to fulfill the packaging needs of the manufacturers.  Furthermore, the boxes provide easy shipping the pencils to retailers and customers directly. They prevent them from damage and offer to pad during the rigors of shipping.

Attraction of The Customers

In this era, the competition in selling stationery products have increased and every manufacturer uses different marketing techniques to make their product stand out from all other displayed at the store. Therefore, the custom pencil boxes are made with eye-catching colors and attractive add-ons that grab the attention of the customer and urge them to buy your product. More attractive the packaging will look, there are more chances that it generates sales. With exciting printing designs, customization of boxes allows you to add eye-grabbing images and features that attract kids. This will in return increase the sales by highlighting product appeal.

Facilitates Purchase Decision

When the customers are confused with which type of pencil they need, the information on the packaging helps them to get which they want. As there are different types of lead pencils manufactured, the pencil box has the information mentioned. This helps the buyer in making the decision of which type of packaging he/she wants. Also, the exact images of the pencil packed inside to show them what they are going to buy without opening the box. Plus the quantity of the pencils is also written on the customized pencil boxes to keep the customers well informed.

Easy to Carry Product

Without the packaging boxes, it gets very difficult to carry a different quantity of pencils at once. No one can imagine carrying 20 pencils without the boxes, hence the packaging is a necessary component for keeping the pencils organized and protected. With customization, you can add a hanging tab on the top of the boxes to help the retailer hang them on the store. This will also help in displaying the pencils effectively as it will get customer attention at once on the stationery store and ultimately increase sales.

Promotion of the Brand

As discussed earlier, the customization allows you to print your brand logo and company name on the boxes, hence the boxes make it easy to promote the brand among the kids. These boxes can be a perfect marketing tool for your pencils as it imprints an impression on the customers for the brand and company. These promotional boxes are made especially with finishing options like matte, gloss, lamination and aqueous coating which make the boxes look shinier and more attractive. Spot UV on text and foiling also makes the boxes look unique and attractive as compared to the other brands at the store.


What Makes A Custom Sock Packaging Attractive?

Socks are a demanding product that is used by all genders almost on a daily basis. Due to this high demand and sale of socks, there is a lot of competition among the manufacturers. What makes a difference in the brands is the attractive packaging of the socks, and there are certain things to be considered for making socks packaging attractive. Eye-catching printing, attractive design, and unique style make the socks packaging attractive and different from others. Also, the bright color schemes and logo of the brand catch the attention of the customers and makes the packaging more interesting and noticeable for the onlookers.

How to Present your Sock Boxes in Different Packaging Style?

There is a number of styles of socks packaging that are used by different apparel products manufacturer. Printed Kraft sleeves, cardboard boxes as well as hang tab display socks boxes are used to showcase socks in the garment store. For a better presentation of socks, you can opt for custom printed socks boxes with a transparent window to enable customers to see the color of the socks without even opening the box. Plus you can add embellishing add-ons through customization and make them carry multiple pair of socks easily.

Where can I find Custom Sock Packaging in the USA?

BoxesMe let you create high-quality custom socks Boxes in the lowest possible rates. We have a team of expert designers and professionals who gives to the opportunity to stylize your socks packaging by providing unlimited customization options. Whether you want socks sleeves or boxes with lids, we have a range of options to serve you with. Plus the exciting printing, colors and add-ons we provide through our latest machinery bring life to your socks outlook and make them look totally unique and different. Product-related images, matching color scheme and the type of fabric should be printed on the packaging to make a positive impression on the customers.

Create Your Own Design of Custom Sock Packaging

As there are plenty of design options while making socks packaging, that’s why manufacturers have to choose which design they want to go with for packaging of their branded socks. Our designers help them with all the best possible options by providing them a 3D mockup of the design. Once they approve a design, then we start processing. You can also get suggestions from the expert in choosing the right design for the socks packaging. We offer free assistance for designing so that you can think about the design without even bothering about the budget. We facilitate different business by providing them the high-quality design of the packaging boxes that can attract more customers to enhance sales. Also, we are flexible enough to change or amend in the packaging designs to bring out the best for you exactly according to your demands.

Why We Are

We at BoxesMe provide plenty of benefits to our valued customers, from special discounts to wholesale rates, we let you excel in your business by providing high quality yet a cheap solution for packaging boxes. You can enjoy the benefit of free design assistance along with free shipping of the boxes at your doorstep in the United States. Get exclusive assistance and help from agents and qualified customer services staff to ease out the process of getting socks packaging. With full customization options and printing designs choice, we will make your boxes unique and different to let you stand out from the competitors. Order in bulk or in fewer quantity from us as we have no limit for ordering and make the best marketing tool for your brand.


Why using Bath Bomb Packaging for your products? 

Bath bomb packaging is a simple box having a various style of its shape and a window of transparent material to let the products packed in bath bomb packing look in quite a captivating manner to the buyers.  Bath bomb packaging provides a reasonable standard of packing to your products. From cosmetic and makeup to food and health care products, every type of product can be packed in Bath bomb packing without any worries of their being spoiled or get damaged. Bath bomb packaging is also to transport anywhere as it fully protects your products no matter how long distance they are to be taken. Although bath bomb boxes are very light and less weighted, they present your products in a very delicate and aesthetic way.

Buy Different style in the same Bomb Box Now

There was a time when every packaging brand was focusing on the same designing of bomb boxes without letting their customers enjoy multiple designing options. That time is gone now! We have brought modernity in the packaging industry through bomb boxesBomb boxes today are available in a huge range of shapes either circular, round or rectangular depending upon the nature of the products which are to be packed. Bomb boxes are fully covered with an upper layer of the material used to make the whole bomb box. The same upper cover contains the window which is either covered with a light and transparent material or remains without it. Some bomb boxes have partitions inside them allowing more than one product to be packed.

Bath Bomb Packing with your brand Logo

With the advancement of the modern era and the emergence of media, customers have become quite aware of the brands. A brand is considered an insignia of real and original products stopping piracy and fake products. The products can only be recognized and differentiated if they do have the brand sign or logo. We make bath bomb packaging with full information about the brand, its logo, tagline and description. The logo is either suggested by the customers or designed by the creative team. Logo development is the most difficult task during making quality bath bombs packaging as it has a huge impact or brand reputation in the market and its activity. Bath bombs packaging also have the full description of the brand and products which guides the customers and satisfies their queries.

Bath Bomb Packing in large Volume is very Profitable

Bath bomb packing even if purchased as a single bomb box has the ability to take your commodities to the next level. And when in large volumes, it does wonders. Bath bomb packing bulk is usually used by large brands which have the sale of their products in millions. From the order of single bomb box to multiple bomb boxes, all the boxes are the same in using the material which is mostly cardboard or corrugated stuff. No matter how large the order is, no compromise is made on the quality and standards. Bath bomb packing bulk lowers the packing cost of the brand which wants to minimize their cost and maximize the profits. Bath bombs packaging also helps customers enjoy some discounts or lowered prices to some extent on boxes. Up till now, there hasn’t been a single bomb box which has been the cause of any bad name to the brand.

Why BOXESME is best for bath bomb packing?

Although there are so many packaging brands in the market already existing BOXESME leads them all due to its distinctive features and high quality trusted packaging. It has never made the boxes which caused the customers any trouble. In market there is no other substitute available for bath bombs packaging as made by BOXESME. We use original material combined with elegant designs which are hard to copy. Some other brands using a very low standard cheap quality material which often interacts with the products and spoils them disappointing the customers and causing the brand a bad name. We also ensure that our customers don’t have to face any problem using our bath bomb packaging. So just place your order of bath bombs packaging and get your box delivered at your home.


What Separates Paper Cigarette Boxes from Others?

Paper cigarette boxes are one of the packagings of the mostly used cigarettes which has multiple purposes and makes the finest cigarette packaging. Paper cigarette boxes are made using the pure high-quality material which is specially manufactured to protect the cigarettes and keep them in their original condition as cigarettes being very reactive and soft products might get damaged due to inappropriate packaging. Paper cigarette boxes are useful to pack any type of cigarettes. In this current time, there are hardly any people who don’t smoke otherwise it is very popular and the percentage of people who smoke cigarettes are being increased every day. To cater to such major business field and to support the economy of the state packaging has always been at the top priority to be used. Without reliable and sufficient packaging it would become very difficult to run any business related to packaging.

Design the Paper Cigarette Boxes with your Choice

Paper Cigarette Packaging

Now you don’t have to regret about using just one and old design on your paper cigarette boxes for we have brought you new ways and techniques to personalize your boxes. Any design you want on your cigarette boxes is what you can have now. The growth of social media has made people quite conscious about their class and status and thus to present them socially aware and sophisticated for which they used various ways. We offer a comprehensive packaging service which circles around providing each and every packaging facility to our customers. Sometimes customers want to get the boxes exactly in the same way they have imagined, we ensure to turn their imaginations into reality through paper cigarette packaging. We realize that there is no such satisfaction as receiving your paper cigarette boxes that truly worth your money and expectations.

Why we make paper cigarette boxes with complete brand information?

Paper Cigarette Boxes

We know how important is it for your customers to have fully complete packaging so that it positively influences their sales and increase their customers’ number. Keeping this in mind we always try to make every box accordingly which has completed and necessary information on it printed. The particular and certain shaped logo is the sign of the brand which helps customers separating the original products from fake ones and which helps them know the worth of the products they are buying. A logo is designed after a discussion with the customers so that their opinions and ideas are noted down. After that, the brand tagline or slogan is also very carefully decided. We try to print them on the box in highlighting way, colorful appearance, and prominent font style so that customers don’t get any kind of any confusion. Our paper cigarette boxes are also printed boxes with the brand logo; its slogan and some important information about cigarettes which helps customers rightly use the products.

Paper Cigarette Packaging in large volumes is a great benefit

Custom Cigarette Boxes

We come across multiple types of customers every day, some of them have very limited order of packaging boxes including just a small number of boxes for their personal use, for sending gifts or for storing a little number of their cigarettes. However, on the other hand, we have customers who are large cigarette brands, which sell their cigarettes on great numbers and also require paper cigarette packaging in huge quantity. We try to gain the trust and confidence of all type of customers by truly filling their demands. Ordering paper cigarette boxes in large numbers is very profitable for our customer as it helps them achieving reliable packaging a very cheap cost. The greater the number of boxes, the lower is the accumulative cost. Apart from this, we offer some other discounts on paper cigarette boxes to which help our customers in numerous ways to maximize their profits.

What Separates BOXESME from the rest of Packaging Brand?

Custom Cigarette Boxes Wholesale

BOXESME is a top packaging brand with so many distinctive features and qualities which are hard to trace anywhere else. We just not deal in packaging boxes of all kinds; we are to improve the experiences of our customers which are using custom boxes wholesale on a daily basis. Our paper cigarettes boxes are made of very lightweight very resistant stuff which helps to keep any dangerous elements at distance from the cigarettes. Our packaging is good to use anywhere as it doesn’t do any damage to the environment rather helps to keep it pollution free. Our designs on paper cigarette boxes are also impossible to beat due to the difference and newness rather than copying the already existing designs.

Our customers living in America and Canada who want to use a high standard customized and reliable paper cigarette packaging, all they need to do is to contact BOXESME. They will get their boxes at just at the distance of a click.



Nobody can deny how important lipsticks are. Their importance in the makeup industry cannot be denied. No look is complete without the glorious piece of makeup. Sometimes just applying the perfect shade of lipstick is all you need to get you ready. In today’s time, even little girls carry lip glosses and lipsticks. Most of those little girls carry lipsticks with such care that they hardly take the packaging off.

The custom packaging created specifically for lipsticks by different manufacturers has become somewhat of a competition. The reason being that these are ways to promote the product so as to increase the capacity of sales of those lipsticks. The packaging of the lipstick is their first contact with the customer, so in a way, the packaging is actually the first advertisement.

Custom made lipstick boxes in New York

New York is the hub for cosmetics and makeup industry along with being one of the biggest cities of the world has everything available, even custom made boxes in wholesale. Now many people think that packaging should not be something on which you should spend a lot of money. They could not be more wrong. We specialize in making the best quality custom lipstick boxes. The best part is that you can get beautified and gorgeously colored and designed lipstick packaging in wholesale, even in the state of New York.

Why our Customized Lipstick Wholesale Boxes?

Following is a list of reasons why our lipstick packaging is among the top ones. We make top quality customized wholesale packaging for lipsticks. Along with them being designed to attract customers and the quality made so as to feel good to the touch.

  • The products are kept safe

The most important thing for any sort of packaging, big or small, is the quality of the cardboard used to make the boxes. If the packaging is so that the lipstick boxes are kept safe and offer protection to the product inside. This is a major factor especially since there is a huge number of people who order makeup online. So for the packaging to be of good quality and to keep the product safe is our priority. Our packaging also prevents the lipsticks from being contaminated, so in a way, it sustains the quality of the product. This ensures that the lipsticks reach the customers in best form and undamaged.

  • Packaging that is cost-effective

Along with being of good quality the second thing lipstick manufacturers want is packaging that is cost-effective. We offer very cheap and cost-effective packaging in wholesale rates. The lipstick packaging is light and small since it houses a very small product. However, that does not mean it shouldn’t be strong enough to protect it from any damage. Cost-effective packaging means that they do not consume more than the budget set aside for the packaging. So if you need packaging to promote your brand or just need good quality cheap packaging to store your lipsticks, we have a lot of options you can choose from.

  • Recycle! The environment needs it

This is something we brag about because we are just so proud of it, our custom lipstick wholesale packaging is environment-friendly. They are recyclable and are durable. Many packaging that uses plastic materials are not biodegradable and are not environment-friendly.

Along with the above-mentioned reasons, we decorate the lipstick boxes with beautiful and unique designs with great color combinations and those too of your choice. You might be able to get a great deal if you get your custom made lipstick wholesale boxes from us in bulk.


Custom Eyeliner Boxes 

Pick any makeup tutorial on YouTube and there are hardly any tutorials where you won’t find any without an eyeliner. As far as eye makeup is concerned eyeliner is one of the most important parts. Without it, eye makeup looks incomplete. Since eyeliner is a must-have for makeup artists and even people applying makeup at home, we can say it is high in demand.

This is a well- known fact that the packaging has a great impact on the product.  As you will not be attracted to the present you get that is badly packed and might open it last, similarly, the packaging of cosmetic products plays a vital role. Even in YouTube tutorials, the influencer discusses the packaging every time they are reviewing a new product. This simply shows how important packaging is.

Why our Eyeliner Boxes are the Best?

Since the demand for eyeliner boxes is on peak these days, there are many manufacturers that present good eyeliner boxes or even eyeliner boxes in wholesale. However, it shows your expertise to differentiate the bad quality from the good quality and even more expertise to detect which is the best product by differentiating between good and best from the bulk of options you will have.

  • We make top quality Custom Eyeliner Boxes

The first thing everyone looks for, especially when it comes to packaging is the quality of the boxes used. If they are fragile and flimsy, they are not good enough to house heavy or even simple products. Our custom made boxes are made from best cardboard and are tested for holding products inside them. This is to ensure that your customers get good quality packaging. This is crucial particularly if you deliver goods to customer’s doorsteps.

  • The Designing of Packaging

Our package designing options are limitless. Although the eyeliner boxes are small and do not have much space in them so to make up for that we offer the best designing and color options. We have adopted the latest digital printing techniques. This is so that we can provide you with gorgeous designs which will eventually help raise your sales.

We design package boxes on our own as well, however, any feedback from you is always welcomed. Not only that but you can get the colors and the designing you want. Whether it is sleek and elegant or bold and color popping, anything you want and according to your preferences.

  • Packaging used as Advertisements

The best advertisement is the reviews of a certain product. However, before anyone reviews it, the property that attracts the customer towards the product is the packaging.

It’s a well- known fact that nobody would go for a product in an average looking or even plain looking package. Especially when it comes to cosmetics or makeup products the prettier the packaging the more it will attract customers.

So our custom eyeliner boxes are designed in a way to enhance your sales as we will make the packaging their advertisement.

  • Variety of shapes of the Custom Eyeliner Boxes

You might think that there can be only one shape of eyeliner boxes. We can prove you wrong. We can get you the most elegant and stylish shapes of eyeliner boxes. Although the designs and color scheme of the packaging matters, however, the shape plays a very major role in it too. Try us and you will see for yourself.

With all that said, all we can say is give us a try and you will feel the difference in your sales. With us, you can get free shipping and the best design service.

Best Makeup Subscription Boxes

Makeup or cosmetics is one of the most important things for women. Well, not only women but girls also adore makeup. With the rise of the cosmetics industry, not only girls but boys have started using makeup products for their benefit. Now technology has made shopping easier when it provided the option of online shopping. You can now order makeup from the United States of America and get it shipped to many places over the world. The question is, how to keep the products safe until they reach the customer? The answer is simple, our CUSTOMIZED MAKEUP SUBSCRIPTION BOXES.

The physical packaging can play a key role in improving the customer experience of the product. If done correctly, the packaging can control the brand visually enough to excite the customer. So investing in the right kind of custom packaging can be as important investing in the marketing campaign.

How Customize Best Makeup Subscription Boxes are Made?

Makeup Subscription Boxes

We make one of the best available customize makeup subscription boxes. The best makeup subscription boxes are available in all shapes and sizes. We make the best quality boxes for packaging. These boxes are made so as to house makeup and cosmetics properly, keep them safe and fresh. You can customize these makeup subscription boxes according to your needs.

The best part about our makeup subscription boxes is that you will never be out of a makeup bag. Since you will get a new supply every month. As they are so well made in terms of beauty, color, and quality you can simply put them on your dresser as beauty boxes as well.

Custom Made Cardboard Boxes in New York

Custom Best Makeup Subscription Boxes

In the city of lights, there are a hundred options for everything. You go out looking for a custom made a box and with a little survey, you might find a very good deal for custom made boxes. However, we provide one of the best custom made cardboard boxes, in the city of New York. With New York being the business hub for so many makeup brands. We can provide gorgeous custom made cardboard makeup boxes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We design and style our boxes to appeal to the customer’s eyes. For many makeup products, the customized boxes are made with gorgeous eye-catching colors and prints along with being smooth to the touch.

Cardboard Custom Makeup Subscription Boxes in New York

Best Makeup Subscription Boxes

These custom made cardboard boxes can be converted to custom made cardboard makeup subscription boxes in New York. We offer not only beautiful packaging but there are so many different options to choose from, light floral prints or bold abstracts. People in New York usually order makeup online with so much going on in their lives, they do not have the time to go shopping. Our customized makeup cardboard boxes ensure that the product gets to the customer safely and makes them as excited as they were when they ordered the makeup products.

Get Free Unique Design and Style of Makeup Subscription Boxes

Best Makeup Boxes Wholesale

Subscription boxes mean that if you have subscribed to a certain product that arrives at your doorstep every month or every three months you get the packaging for free. With their gorgeous and unique design and shape these makeup subscription boxes can be used in a variety of things later. We Provide Quality Material for makeup Subscription Boxes. The quality we use will not just wither away with some humidity like most packaging does. Our boxes are made so they can be used later by the people who have subscribed the product. Some might even use them later to pack gifts for others in them or just use them for decoration purposes.


Get Your Custom Eye shadow Boxes

Cosmetic companies always opt for new marketing strategies to make their brand distinct from others. Eye shadows increase the beauty of the eyes. Women pay special attention to the packaging of eye shadows as they believe good packaging means good product. Whether you are a startup or want to promote your existing eye shadow products custom printed boxes will help you build a strong image in the market.  BoxesMe offer custom printed eyeshadow boxes at a wholesale rate to fulfill your eye shadow packaging requirements and bring your brand to meet customers’ expectations. The box is the first thing customers notice about your products. Custom printed boxes are present your eye shadows to customers in an incredible way. Buy our innovative boxes to promote your brand and appeal to customers to take your products home.

Custom Eyeshadow Boxes Available at Wholesale Rates

BoxesMe is one of the leading wholesale eyelash manufacturer and supplier. You can design your own unique boxes or let us help you design your boxes and print them with the latest technology and techniques without causing a burden on your pocket. We know how important custom printed boxes are for the survival of a cosmetic business without breaking the bank, therefore, we personalize boxes at a very less price than market without compromising on the quality. Companies are always in search of amazingly crafted boxes to make their eye shadows worth buying. Most of them end up in buying boxes at a very high cost. BoxesMe feels proud to manufacture your desired design at the lowest rates. Our high-quality boxes have made us the most preferred box crafting agency. Cost friendly price with amazingly custom printed boxes can't be found anywhere else.

Get 20% off on Printed Custom Eyeshadow Boxes

Do you want astonishing boxes for your eye shadows and are worried about your budgets? Well, worry no more. BoxesMe is offering flat 20% off on all custom printed boxes. Get your dream boxes at your dream prices. We work towards facilitating our customers at every stage. Just tell us your requirements and our professionals will craft box perfectly matching your requirements at an affordable price. Order today and get proficient boxes for your brand to make your eye shadows appealing at a discounted price. We won't find such an amazing offer anywhere. Throw away for old shabby boxes and let your brand shine bright with our first-rate quality printed custom eyelash boxes at a price even lower than the wholesale rate.

Custom eye shadow Boxes with free designing and free shipping

We offer custom eyeshadow boxes in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Various options are available to choose for your personalized boxes. Choose your material and finishing options like matte, glossy, spot UV, aqueous coating, gold foiling and many more. Add ribbon and bows to make your boxes more attractive. You can also include add ons like window panes and inserts to make your eye shadows look more featured and prominent. We have been serving the cosmetic industry with our amazing boxes. No matter what design you choose our competent designers will help you at every stage without charging a single penny for their services. Our tailor-made designing services will let you have your desired boxes that will be crafted according to targeted audience needs. Print your logos and other important business and product details on your custom printed boxes to market your eye shadow brand in an amazing way without spending anything on marketing.  Place your order and get it delivered at your doorstep in shortest possible time with free shipping.

Get cardboard Eye Shadow Packaging Boxes

Custom eye shadow boxes are designed to pack eye shadows in an amazing way in order to deliver them in an organized and secure way. Cardboard eye shadow boxes are considered perfect for packing eye shadows as these boxes are durable due to their sturdy material. Cardboard boxes offer a wide space for custom printing options to make your boxes glamorous just like the eye shadows. BoxesMe uses high-grade cardboard to offer extra security to your delicate eye shadows.


Find Quality Custom Hair Extension boxes in USA

To give hair long and luscious look people use hair extensions on a daily basis. As the hair extensions, demand has increased it has also increased the demand for hair extensions packaging. Hair extensions packaging boxes will get your extensions attention to retail shelves. Are you looking for hair extension packaging to match the quality of your delicate hair extensions? BoxesMe is the right place for you. We offer top quality hair extension packaging. You can customize the size, shape, and color of your box. We use durable and sturdy materials to create your packaging boxes. You can get them printed with alluring designs and interesting artworks to attract customers. Get your company's details and logos printed on boxes to appeal to maximum customers. Our numerous exciting options to customized premium quality boxes in the USA have made us most trusted packaging suppliers.

Wholesales Custom Luxury Printed Cardboard Hair Extensions Packaging

We give you free hand to change the hair extension packaging to perfectly suit your needs. Our cardboard hair extension boxes are very durable and safe. They serve two purposes for your products. A first and most important one is they retain the quality of hair extensions and protect them from moisture and other pollutants. The second feature of our amazing cardboard boxes is they work as a great marketing tool for your brand. Uniquely printed custom cardboard boxes give your brand a unique identity and help customers to remember and repurchase your brand. Cardboard boxes are great for storing hair extensions because of their sturdiness and low price.  Cardboard is easily available in the market and can easily be crafted in any shape. Therefore cardboard boxes benefits are greater as compared to its price.

Get Your Custom Hair Extensions Boxes with Wholesale Rates

Get your custom hair extension boxes from BoxesMe at wholesale rates in your preferred shape, color, and size. We offer a variety of amazing options for your hair extensions packaging. Boxes are the first experience your customer usually gets from the product. If the box is not up to the mark it will turn your customers away. Attention-grabbing features and designs on boxes compel customers to purchase the product without any second thought. We have deep knowledge of current market trends and customers preferences, therefore, we would create packaging for your hair extensions that will prove to be prolific for your business. Choose your finishing options like matte, glossy, spot UV and many more to beautify your boxes. Window panes and other insertions are added to boxes to show off your hair extensions in a stunning way. Whatever designs you have in mind just share it with our team and they will make it for you in unbelievably low prices.

Buy Low Price, High-Quality Packaging for Hair Extensions

BoxesMe is renowned for providing premium quality hair extension packaging. Our stylish boxes store your hair extension safely in a mesmerizing way. Above all these packaging boxes are available in various sizes and shapes. Decorative accessories like ribbon and laces are added on demand to enhance the appeal of boxes. Being a qualified company we offer boxes at incredibly low prices. We guarantee your premium quality at the lowest rates in the market. High-quality packaging doesn't need to be very expensive. Instead of looking for packaging here and there and wasting your precious time and money on expensive boxes purchase your unmatched quality boxes from us without exceeding your budget.

Why We Are Best?

BoxesMe provides 100% free design support without any setup and plate charges. We save your money by offering wholesale rates. In addition to a free sample, we flat ship your boxes at your address without any delivery cost. Our designers are available to assist you in designing your boxes without any hidden charges. If you need amazingly created innovative boxes contact us and avail above mentioned and a bunch of other benefits.

Nail polish is every woman’s favorite cosmetic product. Custom nail polish boxes are precisely designed to fit nail polished. The material is sturdy to secure your nail polishes. Wholesale nail polish packaging can be modified as per the client's requirements. Matching the nail polish box with nail polish theme makes it more alluring. At BoxesMe we ensure the boxes are personalized to match the theme and color of nail polish inside. To facilitate businesses and save their precious time our customer’s service is available 24/7 online to assist you. You can also place your order online. Just fill the order form and we will create your design into a tangible box.

Nail Polish is an Attractive and Inspiring Makeup Item

The market of nail polishes is quite huge. This fashion accessory is playing big leagues. Nail polish allows women to play with colors on their nails and make them beautiful. Nail polishes market is growing exponentially and nail polish boxes play an important role in rooting the position of them in the cosmetic market. Women always have their eyes on new nail colors and this is the prime reason many companies are focusing both on nail colors and its amazing packaging. Customized boxes add charm to the beauty of this inspiring product. Nail polish boxes crafted as per the theme of nail polish attract women. Who doesn't love to spend time with family while getting a manicure done and matching the nail polish color with an outfit? Nail polish is the best friend of every girl. It would be quite unfair to pack this aesthetically inspiring product in a dull and boring box. Only a box that matches the personality of the nail polish can do justice to this beauty. Custom boxes Wholesale protect nail polish from drying and other factors and increase their shelf life.

Custom printed Nail Polish Boxes From BoxesMe

BoxesMe is expert at manufacturing and designing personalized nail polish boxes. You can customize the boxes in any shape, size, and designs. For every shade, we offer a customized box with pertinent themes and flamboyant color schemes. Beautifully designed boxes ensure that onlooker stops and glance at the product for a moment. Apart from being amazingly pleasing custom nail Polish boxes also organize nail polishes in an effective manner. You can request for window panes to increase customer's curiosity about the product. Insertions can also be added to pack more than one product safely. View of a wide variety of samples and modify them as per your needs. If you find yourself stuck at any point just contact our designers. We will assist you from choosing the right material, structure to a suitable design. Amazing artwork is done to give the box a unique appeal. We are the top manufacturers of custom boxes packaging.

Manufacturer of high-quality Custom Nail Polish Boxes

Custom nail polish boxes are imperative for branding. We provide immaculate personalization options to help you get the best boxes for your nail polishes. We are completely aware of how important it is for brands to keep their products safe in transit and on shelves. Therefore premium and high-grade material are used to create boxes. We use quality inks god printing boxes to avoid bleeding. We are preferred Because of our dedication to delivering the best quality boxes to customers. Another important feature of our boxes is recyclable material. We are very responsible for the environment and use biodegradable and Recyclable material to minimize waste.

Get Your Custom Nail Polish Boxes With Free Shipping

As an established company, we feel proud to facilitate our customers. We custom print and manufacture your boxes at the lowest possible prices with free designing services. Boxes are shipped flat free of cost at your doorstep. We hate to put extra price burdens on our clients, therefore, we don't charge anything for delivery. Get enchanting nail polish boxes to showcase your manicure collection in a spectacular way.


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