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What is a Pre Rolled joint?

Pre roll is used as a medicated cigarette which is produced by various herbal companies as a remedy for different diseases. White and brown rolling papers are used to fill in the cannabis inside to make a pre roll joint. These joints are breakable and highly fragile hence a sturdy box is required that can protect the quality of those pre rolled joints. Most of the boxes are just like the common cigarette boxes but for pre rolled joints, the smaller boxes are also used. The boxes also have special inserts inside them that are made of cardboard material. The boxes of pre rolled joints are made for few as 3 pre rolled as well as for 20 pre rolled joints.

Pre Rolled Joint Packaging Wholesale in USA

BoxesMe is one of the most experienced boxes manufacturing company in the United States who provide a wholesale quantity of boxes in lowest prices. If you are a pre rolled joint manufacturer in the United States then we can help you by providing high quality custom boxes for your pre rolled joints. Whether it is about the designing of the boxes, or about giving them a nice shape, we can make the boxes for you exactly according to the dimensions you want. We make sure your boxes are sturdy and high strength therefore our quality assurance team checks each box with complete attention.

The cardboard material we use is prone to printing and look catchy and attractive when printed with colorful designs and images. We use special machinery and have highly skilled packaging experts who know the secrets for the printing of pre roll joints. We also work according to the packaging standards specified by the government for the pre roll joint packaging. Our commitment to providing custom boxes with high quality standards has let us made a huge base of clients.

Custom Pre Roll Packaging for your Business

If you want to increase the sale of your medicated pre rolls, we can create special promotional and display boxes. The display boxes we make are capable to carry small boxes of pre rolls and perfect for showcasing and presentation. Apart from shipping boxes, if want special packaging for shipping of your pre rolls to long distances, we can create that too. Just mention us the dimensions along with the finishing option you want like gloss, lamination, aqueous coating or any other. All these boxes are best for your business as they provide a solution for your complex business needs.

How much is a Pack of Pre Rolled Joints?

You can make a pack of any size for your pre rolled joints according to your needs. No matter how small or large size of box you want to make for your pre rolled joints, we can make it for you. Order is any quantity you want as we have no limit for ordering the boxes. We use a special material which prevents the moisture from entering the box. We have made ordering very easy for all the beginners, just tell us the details and the dimensions for the boxes and we will send you a quick quote on your email. Even if you are not satisfied with the quote, our agents will talk to you and settle for the best possibilities for the order. We will keep in touch with you from start till finishing of the boxes project. We will send you a 3D model of the pre rolled joint boxes before starting the manufacturing. Once you give us the go-ahead, we will start processing and send you the boxes in minimum possible time at your doorstep in the United States with free shipping service.


Bath Bomb Packaging

The bath bomb is one common bath team that is widely used in the United States. Bath bombs make your bathing experience joyful with its fragrance. There are dozens of bath bomb manufactures in the United States and Canada providing a range of bath bombs with different fragrances. Therefore, the demand for bath bomb Packaging has also increased. If you are quality bath bomb Packaging for your bath bombs then BoxesMe is the best place for you. We manufacture top quality bath bomb Packaging for all of your packaging needs. Our bath bomb Packaging is made of high-quality materials that provide them extra durability. We don’t compromise on the quality of our bath bomb Packaging and aim to set a quality standard for these shipping boxes.

Customize your Bath Bomb Packaging according to your need

Customization is one main thing which encourages manufacturers and product supplier to use custom bath bomb Packaging. We understand the importance of customization for any bath bomb Packaging and provide all customization options for your boxes. You can market your bath bombs in an effective way by using bath bomb Packaging. If you want to ship a number of bath bombs we have special bath bomb Packaging for this purpose. You can ship 6, 12 or even 24 bath bombs in a single bath bomb Packaging. Our top-notch material which is used for manufacturing these bath bombs Packaging will provide them the extra durability. At BoxesMe we provide complete freedom to every customer for choosing the design, color scheme, printing and material for his bath bomb Packaging.

Choose the Best Design Language for your Bath Bomb Packaging

The design of youbath bomb Packaging matters a lot as it’s the first thing the customer will observe once he receives the packaging. We are providing personalized bath bomb Packaging that is manufactured according to your desired needs. You can choose any finishing options such as gloss or matt for your bath bomb Packaging. We also manufacture custom printed bath bomb Packaging. With printing techniques such as offset or digital printing, we will design your bath bomb Packaging in eye-catching colors. You can even tiny details about your bath bomb which is to be shipped in these bath bomb Packaging. A personalized bath bomb Packaging will help you set a positive brand image and market your products in an effective way.

Always look for best quality material for your Bath Bomb Packaging

At BoxesMe, we use the best quality material for your bath bomb Packaging. We have all material options available for your bath bombs Packagings such as cardboard, Kraft or even paper. It all depends on you which material you want to choose for your bath bomb Packaging. We use high-quality material for manufacturing these bath bomb Packaging as a bath bomb itself is a fragile item. Furthermore, we ensure that you are able to send your bath bombs safely in these bath bombs Packaging through quality tests.

Paper Cigarette Boxes

Every tobacco manufacturer product cigarettes that have almost the same size and filter, which makes the difference is the packaging of those cigarettes. Paper cigarette boxes are custom made to keep the different amount of cigarettes collectively in a box. The boxes are made in wholesale quantity on demand that attracts the eye of the customers at the tobacco store and promotes the brand of the tobacco company as well. The boxes are made of a cardboard material that is durable and high strength which prevent the fragile cigarettes from getting damage and retain its quality for a longer period of time. Also, the boxes keep the cigarettes fresh for a long time and offer them protection and resistance from moisture. All these benefits make Paper cardboard cigarette boxes the perfect choice for standard size tobacco and medicated pre-rolls.

Design Paper Cigarette Boxes Wholesale to your Exact Specifications

Designing of boxes is one of the most crucial steps in the making of cigarette boxes as every tobacco brand want their product to look unique and different from the others. Therefore, for designing professional expertise are required. Considering this, BoxesMe helps the tobacco industry by suggesting attractive and eye-catching designs for Paper cigarette boxes. We allow you to suggest the design if you already have in your mind or you can leave that on us and we will show you a 3D model of the design before processing. Once you approve the design, we will start processing the boxes for you and take minimum turnaround time to complete your order. Our design assistance services are free and you can ask about any style, shape, and structure you want to make for your Paper cigarette boxes.

Get Custom Printed Black Cigarette Boxes for Attractive Packaging

In this era, everyone wants to promote its company and business in the market and want its products to well known to the target audience. Same is the case for cigarette packaging, the boxes of cigarettes can be printed with catchy colors and exciting logo which can not only promote the brand but also distinguishes your product from the other brands. Especially when your branded cigarettes are displayed on the tobacco stores, these boxes will make your product look different with their unique presence and color schemes. Also with printing, you can mention the government messages and 18+ restriction messages on the boxes. BoxesMe has the latest printing equipment that includes screen printing, offset and digital printing. You can acquire any printing method on your boxes on demand at cheapest rates.

Range of Customization options at BoxesMe for Cardboard Cigarette Boxes

You can get a range of customization options for your boxes from us in terms of shape, style, structure, printing, and design. We give you full control in selecting the material and stock for your blank cardboard cigarette boxes so you can make the boxes your very own. Plus our quality checking team ensures that every box in made according to the dimensions you want.

BoxesMe Facilitates the Tobacco industry with High-Quality Packaging Boxes

Get special discounts and added benefits by ordering your packaging boxes from BoxesMe. We are located in the United States and have a huge base of satisfied customers in almost every state. Our state of the art packaging and printing services will help you increase sales, provide protection and will promote the brand effectively. Just give us your dimensions and quantity of the Paper cigarette boxes you want. We will ship them free of cost at your doorstep without charging any additional cost. Order now and get cheap packaging solution without any delay.


Custom Foundation Boxes 

Every product sold is now using custom boxes for his packaging needs. Custom boxes have made packaging process easier and advanced for product sellers. From small to large scale items, custom boxes can be designed for the product of any size and dimensions. These boxes are easy to ship and also help you in promoting your brand name effectively. Instead of using ordinary stock boxes of packaging one should opt custom boxes for packaging needs. These boxes are available in a variety of shapes designs and colors. The wide variety of these boxes helps us in choosing the best custom box for our packaging needs.

Custom Printed Foundation Boxes Available

At BoxesMe, we have the best range of custom printed foundation boxes available. These boxes are specially designed for cosmetic items as cosmetic items are sensitive in nature, they must be packed in high-quality packaging. The ordinary packaging can damage the cosmetic items such as foundation. It would create a bad impact if your customer receives a damaged product. Therefore, you should always choose the best quality of custom foundation boxes for shipping.

You can also print your brand or brand theme on custom foundation boxes. The brand name will help you a lot in brand promotion. People will take interest in your brand name also, you will be able to communicate with your customers through this brand name. This is why custom printed boxes are now used widely. BoxesMe is the best place for quality custom printed foundation boxes.

Buy custom foundation Boxes Online

As we mentioned earlier custom boxes are the way to go for your packaging needs in this. Modern era. At BoxesMe we have the best range of custom foundation boxes available. We have an exclusive range of designs and skins for custom foundation boxes. There are many online websites selling these custom foundation boxes. The problem is that customers aren’t aware of the quality of these custom foundation boxes. For this, one must have trust in a specific brand. This trust only develops when you buy these boxes from the right place, BoxesMe is in this business for years now. We have years of experience in manufacturing and designing of these custom boxes. There are thousands of customers and corporate clients who are satisfied with our services. This is why you should always choose a reliable brand like BoxesMe for your custom foundation boxes.

Custom Foundation Packaging box with own logo Color, Size

Using custom boxes we can do a lot of cool things. These custom boxes allow users to design them according to their needs. You can customize your custom box with your own logo, color, and size. This is one huge benefit of using custom boxes. By using the right color combination along with your logo you will be able to create your own brand theme. This brand theme will be associated with your brand name and your products line will define your business and will be a tool of communication for you. Initially, many people don’t pay much attention to the color scheme and design language of their custom boxes.

This is one important matter and cannot be underestimated. A brand theme not only attracts people but also encourages them to shop more form your brand. This will help you maximize your monthly sales. You will be able to grow your business in an efficient manner by using the right theme for your brand. For cosmetic the right theme can do wonders for you. As women use these products mostly,  by using a good color combination of custom boxes you will be able to attract women easily.


Custom Hairspray Boxes

Custom boxes are now commonly used in almost every business. Every product seller and businessman prefers using custom boxes for all of his packaging needs. The use of stock boxes is not that common as it ideal not to allow any type of flexibility while packaging any item. Even for display purpose custom boxes are used as they serve the purpose with ease providing more flexibility. Custom boxes can be designed according to one's needs, they don’t come in fix sizes and shapes. This is an area where these boxes help us by a great margin. For every product, one can design a custom box for instance for skincare products such as hairspray custom hairspray boxes serve the purpose.

Buy high-quality Custom made Hairspray Boxes

Every product seller wants to use the best quality of custom packaging for its products. Same is the case with cosmetics and skincare items suppliers they want to use the best custom packaging for their items. Skincare and cosmetic items are basically sensitive in nature as they are made up of different chemical. These chemical materials have a specific expiry date and these products require special packaging to keep away the dust and bacteria particles. Also of an ordinary packaging is used for these items they may get more than required sunlight or bacteria or dust particles may enter and damage the products. If the customer receives the product in the ordinary package, the products may have been damaged. This creates a bad impression and your brand name suffers the loss. In order to avoid such situations, quality packaging material must be used at any cost. We use cardboard material to manufacture custom hairspray boxes which adds to the durability of these boxes. As we use quality material you will find our hairspray boxes the best.

Get Your Custom Hairspray Boxes Wholesale NYC 

It’s not only about the quality at BoxesMe, but we also care about the budget of our valuable clients. This is why we are offering custom hairspray boxes at wholesale rates in NYC. Our rates are economical and in reach of every products seller. Like other companies, the money is not our main goal, we want to encourage new product seller to use custom packaging. This is why we have kept the prices low despite using high-quality material.

We provide Any Shapes and Styles of Hairspray Boxes

At BoxesMe we understand the needs of every product supplier. We know the great advantage of using custom boxes is that they allow us to customize them according to our needs. This is why we are providing custom hairspray boxes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You want to show your products different from the other manufacturers, get it designed by us. We will help you choose the right style and shape of your custom hairspray boxes.

Print your Custom Hairspray Boxes & Packaging From BoxesMe

The printing on your custom hairspray boxes matters a lot. Good quality printing will have a strong influence on your customers. At BoxesMe we are using state of the art machinery for the printing of custom boxes. Our printing technology is also best in class and has zero flaws. As quality is something on which we really emphasize on, you will get a refine and edge to edge detailed printing for your custom boxes. Also at BoxesMe we are proving free of cost design assistance, it’s not limited to selective clients it’s for everyone. We will help you choose the right design language for your custom boxes. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the shipping charges as we are proving free of cist shipment to all of our clients. Due to these reasons, we are ranked as the best custom boxes wholesaler in NYC.


Custom Cigarette Boxes 

Those days have gone when stock boxes were used for packaging. Now things have changed a lot, product sellers are using custom boxes for all of their packaging needs. There are many benefits of using custom boxes as they allow a lot of freedom to product sellers. These boxes can be designed according to the size and dimensions of any product. The customizability options of these boxes attract the businessmen and product sellers to opt for them.

Get free Designs assistance for your Cigarette Boxes

Cigarettes are one sensitive item that is consumed at a large scale all over the world. If you are one of the cigarettes suppliers based in the United States you must be worried about your packaging quality. Every manufacturer wants to attract the maximum number of customers. For this, he must use high-quality custom cigarette boxes as ordinary boxes can’t preserve the freshness of cigarettes. In order to assist our customers In this regard, we are offering free of cost design assistance. We have trained a team of experts for this purpose, they will help you in choosing the best possible design for your cigarette boxes. We also have designs for those suppliers who sell small packaging of cigarettes so you don’t have to worry if you are one of that supplier.

Choose the best Packaging Material for your Cigarette Boxes

The material of your packaging helps you a lot in preserving the freshness of your product. This is why no business owner can compromise in this regard. This is why we are using a special material for the manufacturing of Paper Cigarette Boxes. We are also using cardboard material for manufacturing these boxes. For those who want their custom cigarette boxes to be extra durable, this material is for them. It adds that extra layer of protection and makes your cigarettes box stronger in nature. Also, we manufacture customized paper boxes for those suppliers who want to use lightweight yet durable boxes for their products. This material is also great for packing cigarettes. We have both the material option available for you to choose from.

Custom Cigarette Packaging NYC

We are proving custom cigarette boxes at wholesale prices in the United States and Canada. For the best quality material and designing, we are the best option currently in the United States and Canada. Despite using the best quality packaging material, our price is the lowest in the town. Our price beating policy is straightforward and user-friendly. Our aim is to facilitate the maximum number of cigarette suppliers. We want to encourage product sellers to use custom boxes instead of stock boxes. This is why we have thousands of satisfied customers all over the globe, our customer satisfaction and quality assurance are our main marketing ingredients.

Why BoxesMe?

At BoxesMe, we understand all the concerns of products sellers and try to provide them the best quality custom cigarette boxes. We have a huge range of designs and colors available for you to choose from and we are also providing free of cost design assistance. For a sensitive item like a cigarette, we are using a special material for manufacturing custom cigarette boxes. We have been into this business for years, this is why we are the best custom cigarette boxes wholesale in the United States. No matter which material you want to choose for your custom boxes, we have got everything covered under one place. Our years of experience have made us the best custom cigarette boxes supplier in the United States and Canada. Moreover, we have hired a team of technical experts who are master in their respective fields. We also have 24/7 live chat support for our customers and clients. Got any query simply reach us out through live chat. No matter what the issue is technical or straightforward they will assist you to the best of their knowledge.


Add unique add-ons for your bath bomb packaging

A part from designing and printing, you can make your bath bomb boxes attractive and practical by adding few add ons. These add ons will make your packaging convenient and at the same time attractive. You may add a small window opening for your bath bomb box packaging, it will help people see the product without opening the box. Moreover, you can also choose an environmentally friendly material for your packaging boxes. Adding an eco-friendly logo on your packaging will attract a maximum number of customers. On paper, these add-ons may not seem that impressive but practically they can help you boost your sales.

Free design assistance and shipping

The design and print of any custom box play a vital role. It is the most sensitive yet attractive part of any custom boxes. The first thing which every customer sees is the outer part of any custom box and this is where the right design and printing play their part. By using an eye-catching design for boxes for bath bomb, you can differentiate your products from other product suppliers. Also, the right design language allows you to attract the maximum number of customers. Moreover, the design of your bath bomb boxes represents your brand name. By using the right design language you can also build a strong network of customers. Your unique design will help people recognize your brand hence your brand can easily become popular. This is why to encourage product suppliers we are providing free of cost design assistance to all of our clients.

The Role of Packaging material

The material of your packaging is an important thing to keep in mind. The design language of bath boxes isn’t the only thing to look after while purchasing bath bomb boxes. We are providing the best quality packaging material for Custom bath bomb boxes. We use special high-quality material for manufacturing these boxes. We don’t compromise on quality and focus on always focus on using the best quality materials. This is why we are the best bath bomb boxes, wholesale suppliers. The bath bomb is a bath item and requires some level of care. Before delivering them to the customers it’s the responsibility of product suppliers to handle them with care. Custom bath boxes are designed for this purpose and must be utilized for the safety of such items. By using bath bomb boxes for shipping, you can minimize logistic damage and improve your sales.

Improve your sales by using our Bath Bomb Boxes Wholesale

The use of beauty items such as beauty creams and bath bombs have increased. Even though the bath bombs come in eye-catching colors and designs but the first thing a customer sees is the bath bomb box. As a customer, one would always look for the most colorful bath bomb boxes packed in attractive packaging. This is why one shouldn’t compromise the packaging of bath bomb boxes. By using a bath bomb box you will be able to attract customers hence it will improve your sales. We have a wide range of bath bomb boxes designs for you to choose from. We will be more than happy to serve you and cater to your needs.

Why choose us?

We have been manufacturing and designing bath bomb boxes in the United States for many years. What makes us different from other companies is our attention to minor details such as designing, printing, and color of custom boxes. Our aim is to help product suppliers grow themselves and emerge as a brand name. We have been providing high-quality bath bomb boxes wholesale for years now. For those who want to order in bulk quantity, we have special prices for them, you can inquire about the details by reaching our sales team. Moreover, our rates are the best in town as we are providing bath bomb boxes at the lowest wholesale rates. You won’t find high quality of bath bomb boxes at such low wholesale rates from any other place. Despite the low price tag, we make sure you get the best quality boxes for bath bomb to fulfill your packaging needs.


We can provide custom Medical Marijuana Packaging

Creating high-quality marijuana packaging requires professional expertise as medicated cannabis products have to keep fresh for a longer time. We at BoxesMe know what it takes to manufacture high-quality custom marijuana packaging wholesale. The special cardboard material we use to keep the marijuana in its original state so that the patients can take maximum benefit from them. Also, the material is recyclable and biodegradable that makes no issues like land waste and beneficial for the medical industry to pack their sensitive products.

Custom Marijuana Packaging in California

If you are looking for custom marijuana boxes in California for packaging your medicated cannabis, then you are the right place. We offer you custom printed boxes made of high-quality cardboard at lowest rates in California. No matter how small or large size boxes you need for marijuana packaging, we have the skills and machinery to provide you high-end marijuana boxes. You will get a sea of customization options from us through whom you can create the boxes in the dimension and shape that you want. Our professional designers assist you in making the right structure and design for the custom marijuana boxes according to the purpose you want them for. Storage, shipping and boxes for the display of medicated marijuana are made on demand so that the customers can set apart their brand from the others.

Custom Printed Product boxes for Medical Marijuana Packaging

Printing on the boxes is very important to make an impact with your medicated products on the customers. With custom printed marijuana packaging, you can mention the concentration of the marijuana on the boxes along with the other necessary information which can help the reader while making their buying decision. Apart from that, custom marijuana boxes are printed with private and white labeling that help in imposing a positive image on the customer's mind. We use digital and offset printing machinery to print bright color schemes and product related images on your boxes that build a unique brand image in the market. Exciting printing designs also helps in distinguishing the brand at the dispensaries and drug stores that help retailers and customers to identify your product from many displayed at the aisle.

Unique Packaging for your Product Marijuana

We provide you 3D samples of the final design we make for your custom marijuana boxes before processing. After taking approval from the client, we start manufacturing the boxes in custom shapes and sizes as per the specifications demanded. Also, we provide full control to the client in choosing the right stock thickness so that we can meet their expectations. We also add different finishing options like gloss lamination and matte to induce shine and glow to the boxes outlook. No matter how complicated the process it may be, we have the best packaging experts in our team that provide proficient solutions to meet all your needs.

How to Produce Marijuana

Marijuana has just been legalized by the USA authorities for medicinal purposes whereas the production is only allowed in very limited states. Hence, it is supplied to all over the USA by very few manufacturers who need packaging boxes for them. Custom Boxes let you order the boxes in any quantity you want, and offer special discounts on wholesale orders. We customize the boxes for all cannabis-infused products and knows the packaging standards that are necessary for making the boxes for marijuana. Just guide us about the dimensions of the boxes you want and get free shipping of your boxes at the United States. Order now by talking to one of our agents and get your high-quality boxes in the shortest time span.


Paper Cigarette Boxes 

Custom boxes are the ideal solution for all of one’s packaging needs. These boxes provide us the right flexibility for packaging any item. These boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes and one can easily choose the right one for his needs. The stock boxes don’t allow this much of room and are available in Limited sizes and shapes. Due to these and many other reasons product sellers prefer using custom boxes. No matter which product seller you are you can use custom boxes for your packaging needs with ease. These boxes are durable and strong hence provides the seller peace of mind.

We have got the right design idea for you

The cigarette is something which is packed in pretty small packaging hence provides less room for adding technical details. You need the right design for your paper cigarette boxes to make them attractive. The designing of your cigarettes boxes is the department that allows you to make your product different from other manufacturers. By choosing the right design language of your custom cigarettes boxes you will be able to add all those technical details of your product. We understand that importance of design for paper cigarette boxes, and try our best to facilitate our customer in this regard. We have trained a team of designers who will guide you in choosing the best design for your cigarette boxes. Our designs will not only make your packaging attractive but will also help in protecting the cigarettes.

Choose the right Material for your Cigarette Boxes

For every product, the packaging material matters as it determines the durability of your custom boxes. For small fragile items such as cigarettes, one cannot overlook the packaging material. These are lightweight items and required special packaging to keep them in the right shape. Smokers are pretty conscious about the freshness of the tobacco inside the cigarette, they want fresh tobacco inside every cigarette. This is why we use the finest quality of cardboard material for this purpose. This not only adds to the durability of your cigarette boxes but also keeps the freshness alive of tobacco. It also protects the cigarette form any dust and bacteria which again contributes towards the overall freshness of the packaging.

Paper cigarette Boxes Wholesale

If you care about your cigarette boxes then you should choose our brand for your cigarette boxes. We use high-quality material for the manufacturing of these boxes. The quality of cigarette boxes just cannot be ignored as the quality cigarette boxes help keep the freshness of cigarettes alive. You just focus on the quality of cigarettes we’ll look take care of the packaging part. We have got the right team of experts who will guide you in all aspects while choosing your custom boxes. You won’t find any other place which is providing such high quality of packaging boxes at low rates. Despite the low cost, we don’t comprise on quality part of boxes as we have defined quality as a major ingredient.  Our best price to quality ratio as enabled us to gain such a huge number of satisfied clients. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of our custom cigarette boxes. Also, we have started free o shipping service recently.  The aim of the free shipping facility is to facilitate our clients in an enhanced way.

Why choose us?

At BoxesMe, we provide top quality cigarette boxes at the best rates in the United States. Customer satisfaction has always been our top priority this is why we are the best paper cigarette boxes NYC. Our wide range of designs and color schemes will help you boost your sales. We are providing best designing and printing services for paper cigarette boxes wholesale NYC for years now. For those clients, who want custom boxes in bulk quantity, we are providing a special discount for them. Also, our regular rates are very affordable, and we provide the lowest wholesale prices for custom boxes in the United States.


Custom Made Wholesale Bath Bomb Packaging

Bath bombs are a kind of soap that is used during bathing only. These bath bombs are produced in different colors and flavors that make the bathing experience very wonderful. Bath bombs have a spherical shape that can be large and small are packed inside cardboard boxes for selling. Bath bomb packaging is made attractive and eye-catching that catches the attention of the customers and help in enhancing more sales. For those different customization options are used that make the boxes look fancy and decorative. These options include striking colors, unique shape and distinct styles of the boxes which takes creativity and professional expertise to accomplish them.

Get unique Bath bombs Packaging Design

BoxesMe is one of the most experienced bath bomb packaging providers in the United States who offer premium quality boxes at affordable rates. We have been facilitating different cosmetic and retail business by providing them bath bombs packaging for their bath essentials. We make boxes for single as well as multiple bath bombs that are durable and have the tendency to withstand the weight of bath bombs. Our competent designers help you in creating high-quality designs for bath bomb packaging that have attractive features to set apart your brand from the others. We allow you to choose from our premade designs made for bath bomb packing or you can come up with your own design for the boxes. Our team will show you the final 3D design for the boxes before processing so that you are confident about the boxes you are going to receive.

Custom Printed Bath Bomb Boxes

Apart from design expertise, we also print the boxes in striking colors and designs which make them look enchanting and exciting for the customers. Our bomb boxes are custom printed to your artwork with the latest printing machines which produce colorful images and brand promoting features in the boxes. You can print your logo on the boxes to let the customers know about your brand and product and get brand loyal to them. Our hands-on printing expertise can do wonders in making your bath bomb packaging unique and convincing for you. Just tell us the printing designs and color you want your box to be printed with, we will work exactly according to your instructions. You can also get various finishing options on the boxes that include matte, lamination, gloss coating and foiling. These finishing options will make your boxes shiny, attractive and different from the others.

Creative styles and add-ons for bath bomb packaging

You can add different add-ons on the boxes like die-cut windows and distinct opening and closing styles. With our die cutting machines, we can add a transparent patch on the boxes for bath bombs that will enable the onlooker to see inside the box without opening the bath bombs packaging. The die cut window also makes the boxes eye-catching and help in building a brand image on the minds of the customers. Also from customization, you can manufacture bath bomb boxes in any sizes you want, just let us know the number of bath bombs you want to pack inside the boxes and we will suggest the perfect dimensions for the box to you.

BoxesMe- your packaging Partner

We at BoxesMe provide high-quality Kraft and cardboard boxes at wholesale rates for bath bomb packaging. With our top-notch services, you can get an exclusive discount for bath bomb packaging plus free designing assistance from our competent designers. Ordering us is very easy and you just have to tell us your dimensions or you can get help from our agents for more assistance.


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