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World of Warcraft Classic gained more territory in an effort to combat the long queues and the long waiting times that were feared that Blizzard could disrupt the launch. In the EU, five new servers will arrive: Flamelash, Gandling, Mograine, Nethergarde Keep and Razorgore. All of these are English-language servers, and all are PvP domains except Nethergarde Keep.

The company posted a new update on their forum last week, warning players that many of their servers have reached capacity. And those who create accounts on a full server might end up sitting in a queue system waiting to enter. To compensate for this, they announced that they would add a new server to accommodate all new players who jumped into the game. At this point, Blizzard might also buy a completely new server room because the incoming wave doesn't seem to slow down. In addition, Cheap WOW Classic Gold is on hot sale at our website

That said, there isn't much Blizzard can do about it except offering a free transfer window on the phone. That will give players the opportunity to move the server if the player population dies after release. Until then, their best course of action was to try to spread the player base and give each field the best playing experience. This is not a perfect solution, but at least shows that the team is doing what they can to reduce the problems that may arise with this particular project.

Blizzard said it might eventually implement free character transfers for WoW Classic - after all, that "eventually became a service in original WoW" - but on launch day, remember that certain WoW Classic servers can make you wait for a very, very long time to enter.

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