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Premier League Darts swings by Nottingham this week but does Wayne Mardle expect any underdogs to steal from the darting rich to to give to the poor? Sky Live: PL Darts Thursday, 7pm, Sky Sports 1 Michael van Gerwen is in red-hot form and looks difficult to stop, while Phil Taylor is finding his rhythm and Gary Anderson plays his protege Michael Smith in their first major match-up. Forrest Lamp Youth Jersey . Tune in on Thursday, live on Sky Sports 1 at 7pm.Heres what Sky Sports expert Mardle expects to happen... Gary Anderson v Michael SmithSmith will play well in this game. After winning last week he will feel like hes a part of the Premier League, he will feel better about himself.Whats happened to Gary? Last week he was playing to a standard where I thought, Its time to get your darts out, Wayne. Gary Anderson is struggling for form Anderson had no rhythm, he was releasing them wrong, you could see his hand was following through. Darts is about feel, you need a touch, and he doesnt have it at the moment.Prediction: I cant back Anderson with any confidence so Im going for a draw in a very tight game.Peter Wright v Adrian LewisLewis is doing my head in! I was chatting with him and he told me hes throwing with passion, hes playing great, hes in a lovely rhythm. Last week, he looked like he had nothing.Lewis loses his zest and his va-va-voom so quickly. I think this is an important game for Lewis because if he loses again, he could be in the same situation as last year. He wont be eliminated, he will make the cut, but he could be cut adrift from those who are making a run for the play-offs. Peter Wright brought the house down in Dublin after checking out on 161 This is Lewis 11th Premier League season and hes only made the play-offs twice, thats shocking for someone so talented.Prediction: Im going to go with Wright, just. Its more likely to be a draw than a Lewis win.Raymond van Barneveld v James WadeThis is just so tough to call. I was looking at the odds but they didnt tell me anything. Barney, you dont know what youre going to get. Wade has scored well but his doubles have let him down. We take a look back to 2007 and our first ever trip to Nottingham Barney, against Smith last week, was really poor and he can panic or worry. Does anyone really want to play James for a living?Prediction: Im going to go with Wade. Hes just a little bit more reliable.Robert Thornton v Phil TaylorThornton played poorly over the weekend at the UK Open and Phil has looked excellent. This could be 7-1 or 7-2. Phil Taylor reacts to last weeks victory Phil shows no remorse, he just wants to annihilate you. Remember that legs count, not just results. Thornton doesnt seem to be over his chest infection - hes well enough to stand up there, but Im not sure hes well enough to compete.Prediction: Id be surprised if Robert gets to four legs.Dave Chisnall v Michael van GerwenI keep saying it to you, I cant choose anyone else to win except Van Gerwen. I just cant do it.Chizzy will be looking to win it but hell want to go in there, relax, and play. Thats not easy to do when youre playing the worlds best player. You dont need to beat Van Gerwen at this stage of the competition but you dont want to lose heavily. The debate has started. Is Michael van Gerwen the greatest darts player ever? In my opinion, if Chisnall can get a draw that would be great. Michael is beatable but the planets have to align. Michael is full of it, when he wants to play well he does just that.Prediction: I dont see Michael getting beaten. Just like Peter Wright last week, Chisnall will play well but it wont be good enough. Mike Williams Jersey .Y. -- Injured Buffalo Sabres forward Marcus Foligno did not practice with the team Monday and head coach Ron Rolston said its unlikely hell play in Wednesdays season opener in Detroit. Dan Feeney Womens Jersey .J. -- Josh Cribbs was in the Pro Bowl in February and out of a job six months later. . President of baseball operations Larry Beinfest was fired Friday after 12 years with the Marlins. The move came as the team neared the end of its third consecutive last-place season in the NL East. Four months after the Boston Red Sox won the 2004 World Series, ending their 86-year championship drought, then-Caesars Palace sportsbook director Chuck Esposito was sifting through baseball revenue numbers, trying to figure out why they had won so much more money than he had expected.A lot of the [Red Sox] futures tickets went uncashed. People saved those as souvenirs, Esposito recalled. It wouldnt surprise me if the same thing happened again with the Cubs.Las Vegas sportsbooks allow guests to mail in winning tickets anytime from up to 30 days to as much as a year after the event is completed. At Station Casinos, the deadline is 180 days to cash a winning ticket. (Although, being the generous bookmakers they are, the rule is loosely enforced). There are a massive amount of Cubs futures tickets out there, each with mailing instructions on the back. The Cubs, as longtime lovable losers, have always been a popular bet in Las Vegas and were often among the sportsbooks worst-case scenarios.This year, with the Cubs the favorites, even more bets showed up at the windows. Three and four times more bets were placed on the Cubs to win the World Series than on any other team. And, yet, Las Vegas still won.We actually needed the Cubs in the Series and in Game 7, Esposito, now the sportsbook director at the Sunset Station casino, said. Esposito, a Chicago native and lifelong Cubs fan, watched Wednesdays Game 7 at Brandos, a Las Vegas sports bar that caters to Chicago fans. He said the bar went silent when Cleveland Indians centerfielder Rajai Davis tied the game with a two-run home run off Cubs reliever Aroldis Chapman in the eighth inning.Shortly after, Esposito elected to race home during the 17-minute rain delay between the ninth and 10th innings. He made it home and got to enjoy a special moment for him, his 12-year-old son Nicholas and all of baseball.I think [Nicholas] understood by my reaction and probably the tears in my eyes that it was something that was pretty special, said Esposito.The betting on the seven-game World Series was phenomenal, Esposito said.The overall handle for our sportsbooks and the atmosphere and excitement and the crowds, I cant remember it being like that of late for a World Series, Esposito said.Like Esposito, Aaron Kessler, sportsbook manager at the Golden Nugget, is a native of Chicago and lifelong Cubs fan. During his 10 years working at the Golden Nugget sportsbook, he had misseed family events and weddings, because he couldnt get off during football season. Rayshawn Jenkins Womens Jersey. But he made it happen for the Cubs return to the World Series.It was incredible, said Kessler, who took time off and traveled to Cleveland for Games 6 and 7. It was the first days Ive taken off during football season, other than my normal days off, in 10 years, since Ive had this job.The Golden Nugget, like most books in town, was in good position on either the Cubs or Indians winning the World Series, so Kessler didnt have to worry about rooting against his employers best interests.If my job was on the line, that would pretty much be the only thing that would prevent me from rooting for the Cubs, Kessler said with a chuckle.Stratosphere sportsbook manager Hugh Citron, another native of Chicago and lifelong Cubs fan, couldnt get off from his busy shift to watch Game 7. He caught bits and pieces of the game while working Wednesday and was back in the office entering a final score on an NHL game when he heard a loud yelp.I saw [Davis] going around the bases with his arms out and said, thats not good, Citron told ESPN. Citrons late mother and father were big Cubs fans.Im going out to the cemetery (on Monday) to put a Cubs hat and jersey on Mom and Dads grave, he added.Odds and ends-- It was another up-and-down weekend for Las Vegas sportsbooks, which saw Saturday end with back-to-back wins by heavily-bet favorites Alabama and Ohio State. The Buckeyes 62-3 rout of Nebraska produced the Westgate SuperBooks biggest loss on an overall losing day for the house. Sunday wasnt much better. The MGM sportsbook came up on the short end in four of the six early games and were hit hard by the Dallas Cowboys 35-10 blowout of the winless Cleveland Browns. However, the Indianapolis Colts outright upset of the Green Bay Packers helped the house mitigate a lot of the early losses, leading to a break-even day at the Westgate.-- Game 7 of the World Series generated big handle, but it was still far less than the Super Bowl. More than seven times more bets were placed on Super Bowl 50 on the Sunday of the game at William Hills Nevada sportsbooks than were placed Wednesday on Game 7 of the World Series.-- Updated lines at the Westgate SuperBookNov. 26: Michigan at Ohio State -4.5Nov. 26: Auburn at Alabama -14 Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Choosing the four teams for the College Football Playoff is one of the most subjective, ambiguous processes of determining a national champion in all of college sports. Cheap Ravens Jerseys .That is, unless you follow the selection committees 11 commandments.Believe it or not, theres a method to the madness. There is protocol to be followed, and now there is two years of data to be analyzed. You want in, TCU? Michigan? LSU? Pay attention.The committee says thou shalt ...1. Play a challenging scheduleThe committee wants to know whom you beat. Its that simple. One of the biggest justifications for their weekly rankings has been wins over top-25 opponents and wins against teams with records of .500 or better. Its why the Big Ten no longer schedules FCS teams and has gone to a nine-game league format. Its why Week 1 features four matchups between two ranked teams. Teams arent penalized for a good loss (see: Notre Dame at Clemson last year) but also arent rewarded for FCS wins (looking at you, North Carolina).One of the top criteria we have in our rankings is strength of schedule. We look at all of those things. I know when were comparing schools or looking at schools, we throw it right up on the screen: whod they play, what their opponents records were. Thats very important -- your quality wins. -- CFP committee member Barry Alvarez2. Win your conferenceNowhere does it say specifically teams have to win a conference championship game (Oklahoma didnt need one last year), but there is heavy weight given to that so-called 13th data point, which was the very reason Ohio State finished in the top four in 2014. The Buckeyes romp of Wisconsin was exactly what it needed to sneak into the top four for the first time all season, pushing the Big 12 out. A conference title is used to help the committee members choose between comparable teams. Its why Michigan State bumped Iowa out of the top four last year and why it jumped Oklahoma in the final ranking.I think that win over that highly ranked team added to the rest of their body of work caused Michigan State to be ranked ahead of Oklahoma. -- Former committee chairman Jeff Long on Dec. 6, 20153. Lose early, not lateNobody within the CFP will concede this publicly, but by the nature of the sport, a November loss is far more damaging than one in September. Ask the Buckeyes, who suffered a devastating Nov. 21 loss to Michigan State last year, or Stanford, which won the Pac-12 but couldnt overcome that Nov. 14 home loss to Oregon. Or Notre Dame, which was eliminated with a Nov. 28 loss to Stanford.4. Win the head-to-head debateSee: TCU vs. Baylor. For committee members who wrestled with which Big 12 co-champ was better in 2014, the protocol helped guide them, as it says that head-to-head results should be used to help rank comparable teams. That could come into play this year with teams like Florida State and Clemson or LSU and Alabama.TCU went behind Baylor because I think people when they voted took into account finally the head-to-head. People would say why dont you take the head-to-head during the season? Because at that point, there are games that are being played, and one teams schedule might be significantly more challenging than another teams schedule, but once youve been through playing the whole conference slate and youre on even footing, and thats when you have to get it right. -- Former committee member Mike Tranghese5. Pass the eye testOK, so theres a wee bit of subjectivity in this system, but if you dont impress the five former coaches in the room, odds are the rest of the committee isnt impressed, either. Alabama lost at home to Ole Miss last year but was still one of the committees top four teams based in large part on its strength of schedule (see No. 1 on this list) and simply how good it looked.6. Dont assume undefeated means No. 1Undefeated Florida State from 2014 can attest to this, along with Ohio State from 2015. The Seminoles were undefeated in the first year of the playoff, were never ranked No. 1 and were consistently ranked as low as No. 3. In Week 11 last year, a one-loss Alabama team jumped to No. 2 over undefeated Ohio State.There is debate about that. Theres certainly those who view a team coming from behind and winning as a sign of a strong team, and theres others who might believe that theyre a good enough team, they should have been in front or more in control of the game as they progressed. -- Long on FSU, Nov. 25, 20147. Find a Heisman-caliber QB (unless youre Alabama)Almost every team that has been in the CFP so far has had an elite quarterback. Oregon QB Marcus Mariota? Heisman winner. Florida State QB Jameis Winston? Heisman winner. Clemson QB Deshaun Watson? Hell win it this year. Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield, Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook and Ohio State QBs Cardale Jones and?J.T. Barrett?were household names, too. Somehow, Alabama?continues to be the exception to this rule.8. Dont write anyone off in Week 1 (except Houston)Admit it. You eliminated Ohio State from the playoff after it lost at home to Virginia Tech in 2014. How about Stanford after it lost to Northwestern last year? It will be tempting to toss somebody out in Week 1 with so many high-profile games, but dont do it. The only deal-breaker is if Houston loses to OU, which would likely eliminate the Group of 5s best hope at an undefeated top-four team. Everyone else will be forgiven.You can recover. Teams change from the beginning of the year to the end of year. -- Alvarez9. Two teams from the same conference can be in the top fourThe committee has the freedom to put LSU and Alabama in together or Clemson and Florida State in together. In the first ranking of 2014, the committee put three teams in the top four from the SEC West. Their job is to determine the four best teams. Period. A team that doesnt win a league title, though, has to be unequivocally one of the four best and carries a greater burden to unseat a league champ. The committee hasnt had to tackle that debate yet.Our protocol clearly says there can be more than one team from a conference in the final four, so thats definitely a possibility, -- Long on Dec. 1, 201510. Dont panic over injuriesOhio State managed to win a national title with its third-string quarterback. Notre Dame kept its playoff hopes alive with DeShone Kizer after Malik Zaire was injured. The committee doesnt eliminate teams because of injuries. It waits to see how those teams perform without the starter. If it still looks like a top-four team, it will be ranked as such.One notable injury this week to Ohio States quarterback, J.T. Barrett, did not affect the weeks rankings. The committee will evaluate the Buckeyes without him in the Big Ten championship game this weekend. -- Long, Dec. 2, 201411. Dont get comfortable until the final ranking is revealedJust ask TCU, which dropped from No. 3 to No. 6 in the final ranking of 2014.I dont really care if I get it right during the year. Im not worried about it. Im only worried about getting it right the last week of the year. If we get every week wrong but we get it right at the end of the year, then we get it right. -- Tranghese Cheap Ravens Jerseys Authentic . Emery skated the length of the ice and fought an unwilling Holtby during the third period of the Flyers 7-0 loss Friday night in Philadelphia. He was given 29 penalty minutes, including a game misconduct. But Emery did not face even a disciplinary hearing with NHL senior vice president of player safety Brendan Shanahan because rules 46. Wholesale Ravens Jerseys . In the lead up - which seemed to begin the moment Mike Geiger blew the whistle in Houston last Thursday night - the Impact rumour mill went into overdrive. The speculation went into meltdown mode, of the golden nugget variety. . Once again Jordan Cieciwa (@FitCityJordan) and I (@LynchOnSports) go head to head in our picks. Last weekend at UFC Fight Night 32 my #TeamLynch got the best of #TeamJC by a score of 9-6. Let us know which side youre on for UFC 167 use the hashtag #TeamLynch or #TeamJC on Twitter. RIO DE JANEIRO -- Rallying from 18 down in the third quarter is big in any game. Doing it in the Olympics is pretty special. Guard Kia Nurse put on an impressive show to spark Canadas comeback in womens basketball on Monday, showing she is nearly completely healthy in just her fifth game back from surgery.Very healthy indeed.She scored 25 points off Canadas bench as the Canadians rallied to stun Serbia 71-67. Nurse, who had sports hernia surgery after helping the UConn Huskies win a fourth straight national title in April, came through with the Canadians needing someone to start making shots.I said after the game, `Welcome back, Canada coach Lisa Thomaidis said. Tremendous effort. Shes such a competitor, theres no one tougher out there. When the games on the line when your team needs someone shes going to step it up and you certainly saw that today.The Canadians (2-0) needed Nurse, a guard who will be a junior in coach Geno Auriemmas UConn program this fall. She had 10 points in the first half, and added nine more in the third to start the scoring for the Canadians with 5:52 left in the third and her team trailing 52-34.Nurse said she feels really good with the pain in her groin all gone. That allowed her to attack the basket and knock down a handful of jumpers.This was a game we reallly wanted to win, Nurse said. Cheap Maurice Canady Jersey. When we play in desperation mode, which we were playing in today, were really, really good.Nayo Raincock-Ekunwes three-point play put Canada ahead to stay, 68-67 with 48.4 seconds left, to finish off the amazing rally. With fans chanting Ca-na-da through much of the fourth quarter as Canada simply smothered and outscored Serbia 26-10 in the fourth quarter.Thomaidis called it a massive win coming against last years European champion.Really proud of this team, the Canadian coach said. We knew the game plan. We didnt execute it in the first half. We got back to it in the second half a little bit more. Had to switch some things up completely since we werent doing them. Give the team credit for executing down the stretch. We hit some big hoops when we needed to.Nurse drove to the basket then passed out to Miah-Marie Langlois for the clinching 3 with 8.7 seconds left for her fifth assist.Serbia (0-2) will regret this missed opportunity in its Olympic debut, especially after some ugly turnovers in the fourth quarter in the face of Canadas defensive pressure. Jelena Milovanovic scored 19 points, and Sonja Petrovic had 15. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford has claimed he is risking permanent hearing loss in his left ear by continuing to compete. Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys .The 29-year-old revealed the whiplash injury he suffered in his last competition -- the Birmingham Diamond League a month ago -- had caused a severe inner ear condition.And he admitted that if it was not an Olympic year, with the chance in Rio to defend the title he won at London 2012, he would likely be taking time away from the sport to get the problem fixed.Rutherford said there was a one in four chance that the problem, called cochlea hydrops, would become a life-long affliction.The Milton Keynes athlete, who also revealed he had been hospitalised with appendicitis back in April, accepted he did not know how the ear problem would affect his jumping ahead of his comeback at the European Championships in Amsterdam on Wednesday.I knew I shouldnt have jumped in Birmingham because I felt really stiff, Rutherford said.If the room falls silent for a moment all I hear is loud white noise, so its been a struggle to sleep. Ive gone from hearing in stereo to mono.Its odd because during your career you work to put yourself in peak physical condition, but then you bear the brunt of it for the rest of your life, but Ill just have to take that risk.I dont think there are many long jumpers who can say they have jumped so hard that have lost their hearing, so Ive broken new ground there.Hopefully it will come back, but theres a one in four chance it never will fully recover, according to the doctor. Its quite scary to hear that, because you always get told theres a one in 20,000 chance or a one in a million chance.I hope it wont affect my jumping, but its certainly not fun. It does bring you down. If it wasnt Olympic year I would quite possibly be taking some time out to get it sorted. But I like winning medals.It has certainly been a turbulent year for Rutherford, who explained how he has also had to recover from appendicitis.I woke up with chronic pain in my stomach and that then progressed, he said.It was probably the worst pain I have ever had in my life. It was two weeks before I jumped 8.30 metres in Long Beach [on April 16], so it doesnt seem to have affected me too much.I went to the hospital and before anyone had even examined me five different people had asked for money. They were quoting 20,000 US dollars to stay overnight, but Im not sure if that was even necessary so I just had antibiotics. Luckily it went away and theres nothing to suggest it will be a recurring problem.Rutherford, whose nine-competition winning streak was ended last time out in Birmingham, will be hoping for less drama when he returns to the runway. Wholesale Predators Jerseys . After slipping from the summit during the week, the Gunners overcame struggling Crystal Palace 2-0 on Sunday thanks to Alex Oxlade-Chamberlains second-half brace. Cheap Predators Jerseys China . But when it comes to determining if Raymond will find a place on the Leafs roster when training camp concludes in a week, well, that decision will ultimately fall to the head coach. . But the quarterback hopes to stay involved in football after officially calling it quits Tuesday. "Id love to look at those opportunities as they arise," Pierce said in an interview from his Winnipeg eatery. CHICAGO -- The Cubs havent ruled out a possible return from injured slugger Kyle Schwarber?for the World Series.?Schwarber, who tore two ligaments in his left knee in just the third game of the regular season, has been cleared by doctors to hit. He joined the Mesa Solar Sox in the Arizona Fall League on Saturday.It was a pleasant surprise, Cubs president Theo Epstein said before Game 6 of the National League Championship Series, in which the Cubs beat the Dodgers 5-0 to advance to the World Series. We got news that was better than expected.After Schwarber received clearance from his doctor in Dallas on Monday, the outfielder immediately called?Epstein to plead his case.He asked for a chance to do this, Epstein said. With as hard as Kyle has worked and as much as this means to him -- and potentially us -- we wanted to give him that opportunity.The team hopes Schwarber will be available to be its designated hitter for World Series games in Cleveland. The?Indians?will?host Game 1 of the World Series on Tuesday.Were going to evaluate him day to day from a medical standpoint and a baseball standpoint, Epstein said.Schwarber flew from Dallas to Los Angeles on Monday afternoon and hit in the batting cage. He then took batting practice with the Cubs at Dodger Stadium on Tuesday. By Thursday, he was taking batting practice at the teams spring facility in Mesa, Arizona.He hit second in the order for Mesa in Saturday nights Arizona Fall League game,?going 0 for 3 with a walk as the designated hitter. He watcched the Cubs face the Dodgers on a tablet in the dugout between at-bats. Cheap Adidas Predators Jerseys. I felt like I put in two good at-bats, Schwarber said. The first two I chased a little bit, a little antsy up at the plate as expected. But once it started getting back to being normal baseball again, it started slowing down.There were no games in the Arizona Fall League on Sunday, and a spokesman for the Cubs said it was a scheduled off day for Schwarber. There was no word on the plan for the slugger for Mesas game against the Surprise Saguaros on Monday afternoon.Epstein said Schwarbers only medical concern at the moment is blisters after taking so much batting practice. Hell wear a knee brace during games.I have full confidence in my knee, Schwarber said. My knee doesnt bother me. It was my hands that hurt the worst. Ive got about eight blisters on them. I guess I should have kept rubbing a bat or something.Hes made it to a best-case scenario after six months, Epstein said. Were not ruling anything in; were not ruling anything out. Were not getting ahead of ourselves. We have a lot of work here before this becomes pertinent.Schwarber burst onto the scene last year, hitting 16 home runs after being called up from Triple-A Iowa. He then hit another five in the playoffs to become the Cubs all-time postseason home run leader.Information from The Associated Press was used in this report. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Mississippi Preview CapsuleEds: With: BKC--Mississippi Preview. Antonio Garcia Womens Jersey . Should stand.By The Associated Press=MississippiLast season: 20-12Nickname: Rebels.Coach: Andy Kennedy.Conference: Southeastern Conference.Whos gone: G Stefan Moody, F Tomasz Gielo, F Anthony Perez, G Martavious NewbyWhos back: F Sebastian Saiz. The 6-foot-9 forward is back for his senior season after averaging 11.7 points and 8.7 rebounds per game last season. G Rasheed Brooks. Averaged 8.3 points per game and made 44 3-pointers last season. Also second on the team with 42 steals.Whos new: G Deandre Burnett. The 6-foot-2 Miami transfer will be one of the teams main scoring options on the perimeter. He averaged 7 points per game with the Hurricanes as a freshman. F Justas Furmanavicius. The 6-foot-6 junior college transfer averaged 12.5 points and 9.3 rebounds last season for Three Rivers (Mo.) C.C. ... G Cullen Neal. The New Mexico graduate transfer started 31 games for the Lobos last season and was third on the team with 12.3 points per game.The Skinny: Ole Miss is trying to get back to the NCAA Tournament for the third time in five seasons. The Rebels will struggle to replace Moodys 23.6 points per game, but should have a deeper roster than last season.---Online:AP College Basketball: Deatrich Wise Jr. Womens Jersey . The 27-year-old Scrivens will be joining his third NHL club since signing with the Toronto Maple Leafs as a free agent in 2010. The move also reunites with him with head coach Dallas Eakins from their time together with the American Hockey Leagues Toronto Marlies. Antonio Garcia Patriots Jersey .ca. Kerry, Just watched the shootout in the Coyotes/Leafs game and I have to ask, why was the James van Riemsdyk goal allowed to count? All of the video replays we were shown on TV were inconclusive about whether the puck had entirely crossed the line or not. . Hargreaves began his career in 2008 with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and has played with the Edmonton Eskimos and last season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. SALT LAKE CITY -- In his first game back from a sprained thumb, George Hill showed why he is becoming Utahs most indispensable player.The Jazz hope for more of the same from Hill on Friday when they host the Atlanta Hawks at Vivint Smart Home Arena.Hills fingerprints could be seen everywhere in a 108-83 victory over the Denver Nuggets. He led the team in scoring for the fifth time this season -- finishing with 22 points on 8-of-13 shooting.Hills presence also had a calming effect on his teammates. When he was on the floor, offensive sets ran to perfection on a majority of possessions and, on the other end, the Jazz (8-8) defended at a high level.Its still early, but Utahs decision to trade for Hill appears to be the most shrewd offseason move by any NBA team.He makes the game easier for everybody, so its great to have him back out on the court, Gordon Hayward said after Wednesdays victory over the Nuggets. You can see the impact he had on the game. Hes a tremendous basketball player on both ends of the floor.Hill is averaging a career-best 20.6 points and dishing out 4.8 assists. He has totaled just 10 turnovers over eight games. Even while he was sidelined for eight games, the veteran guard did all he could to make sure he hit the ground running once he came back.Once back, he helped Utah snap a four-game losing streak and put together its best offensive output since a 109-84 victory over Philadelphia on Nov. 7.Any time you miss a lot of games -- especiallly when your team is losing -- you want to get back out there and be a part of it, Hill said. Derek Rivers Womens Jersey. Its always fun to be out there with these guys and fighting night in and night out.Atlanta (10-5) should offer a better measuring stick to see if Utah has put its struggles in the rearview mirror. The Hawks rolled to a 96-85 victory over Indiana on Wednesday behind double-doubles from both Dwight Howard and Paul Millsap.Howard totaled 23 points and 20 rebounds while Millsap finished with 18 points and 11 boards. The duo helped Atlanta finish with a 56-37 advantage on the glass. Seventeen of those were offensive boards which the Hawks turned into 19 second-chance points.I thought we came out here tonight with a certain level of focus, and we were able to sustain it throughout the game, Millsap said following Wednesday nights win.Atlanta is an efficient team on offense and should present a nice test for Utahs defense. The Hawks shoot 46.9 percent from the field and average 24.6 assists per game. In both offensive categories, they rank among the top 5 NBA teams.Utah and Atlanta split the season series a year ago, with each team winning on the road. The Hawks prevailed 91-84 in Salt Lake City on Mar. 8 after rallying from a double-digit deficit in the second quarter. Atlanta has won 12 of the last 14 games between the two teams. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Lets hope that someday, when we think of Jose Fernandez, we can remember the smile, we can remember the charisma, we can remember the special joy he brought to every day he ever spent on a baseball field. Cheap Vikings Jerseys China .But right now, its just too hard to get beyond the sadness. How do we even put that sadness into words as we try to process the incomprehensible news of the passing of one of baseballs shining stars, at the far-too-young age of 24?We will always have Fernandezs remarkable numbers to remind us of what he had already accomplished in a career that would last a mere 76 trips to a big league mound. But how do we measure what it is weve lost, what the Miami Marlins have lost, what the sport of baseball has lost?Where was this man heading in life? Where was he heading in baseball? Its like asking, How high is the sky? Because for Jose Fernandez, life had no limits. Every day, he looked at the world and thought, Why not? Ask anyone who ever spent five minutes around him. They would be the first to tell you there were four words in the dictionary he could never accept:That. Cant. Be. Done.So of course he made it out of Cuba, no matter how many attempts it took. Of course he jumped straight from the Florida State League to the big leagues at 20 years old. Of course he made it back from Tommy John surgery in just 13 months and looked as if hed never missed a start. Of course he would make 42 starts at home in his career and lose only two of them.This was the essence of Jose Fernandez. He approached every day thinking only of what he could do, what he would do. His world was filled only with possibilities. So on this day, the cloud above us is darkened by all those painful thoughts of what might have been. And its going to take a very long time to stop asking ourselves that question: What might he have been had he lived the rich, full life he deserved?He could have been Pedro Martinez. He was that talented. He was that unique. He was that irrepressible. He had that much natural pitching genius inside of him.Four years into his career, he had an ERA+ of 150 -- which is incredible. If youre not familiar with that stat, it compares each pitcher to the other pitchers of his time, and the average pitcher is graded at 100. So that tells you how much better Fernandez was than anyone around him.But maybe this will tell you more: Among right-handed pitchers whose careers began since World War II, do you know how many had a better ERA+ through 70 starts or more? That would be none. Zero. Behind Fernandez youll find the likes of Dwight Gooden, Tom Seaver and Roger Clemens. Fernandez was off to a greater career start than all of them. Wow.But with this man, the what might have been scenarios shouldnt merely be confined to what he could have accomplished on a pitchers mound. This was a guy who was going to make a mark on the planet.People were drawn to him. People who spanned every spectrum of American life. His teammates. His coaches. The Latino community of South Florida. Kids. And when he pitched, when Jose Day arrived in Miami, there was nothing like it. Nothing.In the 2014 and 15 seasons, his starts in Miami drew an average of 26,938 ticket buyers. When anyone else pitched, the average attendance was 21,113. That difference computes to 27.6 percent more customers roaring through the turnstiles when Fernandez pitched than for any other game.?He would bounce around the field on those days with the joy of a kid ripping open his birthday presents. His chance to take that baseball and work his magic couldnt come soon enough. And that exuberance rubbed off on everyone who laid eyes on him.Hes unique, his first manager, Mike Redmond,?once told me. Hes not the kind of guy where you come in and hes sitting at his locker with his game face on and you cant talk to him. I mean, hes hitting in the cage, hes bunting in the cage, hes in my office, hes sitting on the couch, hes talking to me about a couple of hitters. Then hes out, and hes back in. Hes joking with the guys. Hes all over the place.So hes unique. I never played with a guy like that, man. And thats how he is every day. ... Just that day that he gets the ball, he cant wait. He just really loves to pitch.There is nothing sadder, in life or in sports, than unfulfilled potential. So to have the life of this man -- with this sort of talent, this much possibility, this sense of joy, this unending love of living every day -- be cut short so soon, it is even harder to comprehend than it is to accept.Maybe someday, well be able to focus again on that talent and that joy. But right now, this just feels like one of the saddest sports stories of our lifetimes. Cheap Minnesota Vikings Jerseys .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable. Cheap Jerick McKinnon Jersey .875,000, avoiding arbitration. Clippards deal Monday means all eight Nationals players who filed for arbitration wound up settling before a hearing. .J. Jefferson has been charged with assaulting his girlfriend. NEW YORK JETS (2-5) at CLEVELAND (0-7)Sunday, 1 p.m. EDT, CBSOPENING LINE -- Jets by 3RECORD VS. SPREAD -- Jets 2-4-1, Browns 1-5-1SERIES RECORD -- Browns lead 13-10LAST MEETING -- Jets beat Browns 31-10, Sept. 13, 2015LAST WEEK -- Jets beat Ravens 24-16; Browns lost to Bengals 31-17AP PRO32 RANKING -- Jets No. 28, Browns No. 32JETS OFFENSE -- OVERALL (23), RUSH (21), PASS (22).JETS DEFENSE -- OVERALL (16), RUSH (2), PASS (27).BROWNS OFFENSE -- OVERALL (16T), RUSH (8), PASS (24).BROWNS DEFENSE -- OVERALL (31), RUSH (31), PASS (29).STREAKS, STATS AND NOTES -- Jets have won three straight meetings vs. Browns, with last loss coming in 2007. ... Browns are looking to avoid first 0-8 start since 1975, when they started 0-9, finished 3-11. Cleveland is 3-25 in last 28 games. ... Jets starting Ryan Fitzpatrick at QB after he replaced injured Geno Smith last weekend vs. Baltimore. ... Fitzpatrick 4-1 in career vs. Browns with eight TDs, was starter until being benched before Ravens game. ... RB Matt Forte rushed for 100 yards on 30 carries vs. Ravens, second 100-yard game with Jets, and also had TD run and caught scoring pass. Forte became fifth in NFL history to top 8,000 yards rushing, 4,000 yards receiving and 20 receiving TDs, joining Marshaall Faulk, Marcus Allen, Thurman Thomas and Herschel Walker. Cheap Vikings Jerseys Authentic. ... New York set franchise record by holding Ravens to 11 yards rushing. ... After entering last weekend with just four takeaways on defense, Jets got two vs. Baltimore on INTs by Buster Skrine and Marcus Gilchrist. ... DE Leonard Williams leads Jets with six sacks, including one vs. Ravens he was credited with following midweek scoring change. ... Josh McCown expected to start at QB for Browns. Veteran has been out since Week 2 with broken collarbone. ... Browns will honor 1986 team that reached AFC championship game. ... Cleveland ran for season-high 180 yards in loss to Bengals. ... Browns averaging 5.05 yards per carry, second in NFL. ... Cleveland defensive backs have six interceptions. Same group managed five all of last season. ... Browns rookie LB Emmanuel Ogbah has three sacks in last two games. ... Fantasy Tip: Jets WR Brandon Marshall. If Fitzpatrick can avoid throwing ball to other team, Marshall should have plenty of room against leagues 29th-ranked pass defense.---AP NFL website: and Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Penrith have netted another Cartwright after signing Jed on a three-year deal with the NRL club on Thursday. Brad Kaaya Womens Jersey .The 20-year-old son of Panthers legend John was granted a release from Gold Coast and immediately began training with his new teammates on Thursday.Jed has shown tremendous potential coming through age-group football and is now ready to commence the next stage of his development, Panthers boss Phil Gould said.We believe he is an NRL player of the future.Like cousin and Penrith star Bryce, Jed is a rangy backrower who spent the bulk of his junior footy moving between the centres and second row.He was listed at 195cm and 104kg at the Titans last year.Penriths major end-of-season award is named after Jeds grandfather Merv, who was integral in helping the Panthers into the NSWRL in 1967.Should he make his NRL debut next year, Jed will become the sixth Cartwright to pull on a Panthers jumper, including uncles Cliff, David and Michael.His dad, John, played 188 games for the club, eight State of Origin games for NSW, seven Tests, and was a key member of Penriths 1991 premiership team.We are absolutely delighted to have another Cartwright representing our club. Its only natural that Jed should be playing here with the Panthers, Gould said.Jed joined a number of Panthers players, including new recruits Mitch Rein and Michael Oldfield, to begin their 2017 preparations this week.The rest of the NRL squad, minus their Four Nations representatives, return to the paddock next Monday. Michael Roberts Womens Jersey . Schenn scored the game-winning goal and added two assists to lead the Philadelphia Flyers to a 4-1 win over the Calgary Flames at the Scotiabank Saddledome on Tuesday. Jalen Reeves-Maybin Youth Jersey . But by the time the game started, the Toronto Raptors forward felt even worse. And, for three quarters, it showed as Gay shot a woeful three-for-13 from the field. . On Saturday night, the normally free throw-challenged centre did just that. Howard scored 18 of his 25 points in the fourth quarter, including 13 of 19 free throws in a 2 1/2-minute stretch, and the Houston Rockets beat the Denver Nuggets 122-111. TEMPE, Ariz. -- Green Bay and Carolina are leading contenders, but five weeks from the end of the season, no team is a bigger disappointment than the Arizona Cardinals.After going 13-3 last season, they were a trendy pick to win it all, a team whose players and coach said that nothing but a Super Bowl would make the season a success.And here they are at 4-6-1.A day after the Cardinals were beaten 38-19 in Atlanta, coach Bruce Arians took aim at his players.He spoke of selfishness instead of selflessness thats crept in.Without naming names, Arians criticized the teams leaders.Right now we are not making the critical plays to win he said, and its got to be corrected soon.He pointed to four or five plays every game that determined the outcome.So why are the players not doing their job 12 weeks into the season?Im very surprised, Arians said. Weve been talking about it for four weeks and the veterans obviously havent done anything about it, so maybe the young guys will step up and make the opportunity they need.He singled out defensive lineman Corey Peters for his outstanding performance against the Falcons.That was the example I used to the rest of them, Arians said. If you just do your job, youll be on the stat sheet.Peters appreciated Arians compliment but brushed it aside.None of that really matters, he said. We didnt get the job done as a whole. Thats my only goal. Thats the only thing I really care about. Weve just got to get back to the drawing board and try to get it fixed.Then there was a matter of his teams lack of ferocity.Why we werent as physical as I thought we would be is a question, Arians said.He used the teams goal-line defense as an example.You just dont allow people to run the ball, Arians said. You let them throw it in, but you dont allow them to run it in, and they ran it in twice.Peters agreed with Arians assessment.I think they ran for 120-something yards (actually 1116). Jalen Reeves-Maybin Jersey. Thats always a good way to kind of judge the physicality of a game, he said. We just watched the tape and we definitely failed in some areas. But its not anything thats not correctable. Were running out of opportunities to get things fixed around here so I think everybody is going to be really locked in and focused this week.After losses on the road to Minnesota and Atlanta, the Cardinals are home against Washington on Sunday.Arians and Peters still held out some hope for a playoff spot, a thought that seems ludicrous given recent performances but is mathematically possible due to the jumbled battle for the NFCs second wild card spot.Definitely the season has been disappointing this far, Peters said. but were still hopeful. Were kind of moving on and kind of taking the mindset of `the next game attitude.Arians said you take them one at a time.I think once we win one well be fine, he said. I think well add them up at nine (wins) and I think we still have a great shot because were going to be playing some of those teams that are going to be in the same spot were in. We just have to win one.As of Monday, Washington was in the second wild card spot at 6-4-1. Minnesota (6-5), Tampa Bay (6-5), Philadelphia (5-5 and playing 4-6 Green Bay on Monday night) and New Orleans (5-6) were all ahead of Arizona.And theres no evidence that these Cardinals are poised for any big run.Game notes Arians said that, due to injuries, he would go with the same young, inexperienced offensive line that had so much trouble against Atlanta. ... Arians said cornerback Patrick Petersons sore knee did not have any structural damage so well see how it goes. .... Arizona released cornerback Christian Bryant.---For more NFL coverage: and Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
PHILADELPHIA -- Two veterans left the Philadelphia Eagles practice Thursday with injuries. Cheap Cowboys Jerseys .Left tackle Jason Peters injured a quadriceps muscle during a run play, and safety Malcolm Jenkins hurt his hamstring. Neither player returned to practice, and the Eagles didnt announce the severity of the injuries.Peters injury causes concern because last season, he missed two games and parts of several others. The team listed his injury as a quadriceps injury, but Peters said the pain in his thigh was actually caused by a pinched nerve in his back.It was not clear Thursday whether this injury was related to last years injury. Matt Tobin replaced Peters as the first-team left tackle.Jenkins has not missed a game in his two seasons with the Eagles. But the Eagles lack depth at safety. With Jenkins out, Ed Reynolds moved up to first-team safety.Reynolds, a fifth-round draft choice in 2014, has been on the Eagles practice squad each of the past two years. He was on the active roster for the last seven games of the 2015 season. He appeared in six games, starting the final three.Malcolms a really good player, Eagles defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz said. We need the guys behind him to step up. Those guys have not been consistent.The Eagles were without right guard Brandon Brooks, who has an injured hamstring, and running back Ryan Mathews, who has an ankle injury.ESPNs Adam Caplan reported that rookie defensive lineman Connor Wujciak had shoulder surgery Wednesday and could be out for the entire season. Cheap Tony Romo Jersey . Denis Coderre, the former federal MP who was elected mayor on Nov. 3, has drawn the ire of some Montreal Canadiens. During last nights game he tweeted: "Hello? Can we get a one-way ticket to (minor-league) Hamilton for David Desharnais please. Cheap Dak Prescott Jersey . Carey Price didnt, but he still came out on top against one of his rivals for the No. 1 job at the Sochi Games. The Anahim Lake, B.C., native was stellar in making 39 saves in his home province and Lars Eller got credit for a bizarre short-handed winner as the Canadiens defeated the Canucks 4-1. .ca looks back at the stories and moments that made the year memorable. PARRAMATTAS PUNISHMENT FOR SALARY-CAP RORTING:* Chairman Steve Sharp, deputy chairman Tom Issa, director Peter Serrao, chief executive John Boulous and football manager Daniel Anderson have had their registrations cancelled* Docked 12 competition points in this seasons NRL competition* Fined the maximum penalty of $1 million* Stripped of their 2016 Auckland Nines title Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
ATHENS, Ohio -- Antonio Campbell scored 23 points and grabbed 12 rebounds, his third double-double of the season, to lead Ohio to a 79-53 win over Bryant on Saturday. Cheap Kenny Stills Jersey .Jordan Dartis added 20 points, including six 3-pointers, for Ohio (5-1), which controlled the boards 47-33. Jaaron Simmons and Rodney Culver each had nine points for the Bobcats.Ohio never trailed in the game and broke away in the final six minutes of the opening period with a 22-7 run to take a 50-33 advantage into the break. Dartis sank three of his 3-pointers in the run.Bryant (3-6) tied the game early in the first half with Adam Grants bucket to make it 5-5 and later cut a seven-point deficit to 28-26 with Gus Rileys layup with 6:36 to play before the break.Nisre Zouzoua led Bryant with 16 points, Grant finished with 12 and Ikenna Ndugba had a career-best 10 rebounds. Cheap Miami Dolphins Jerseys .Y. - Rob Manfred was promoted Monday to Major League Baseballs chief operating officer, which may make him a candidate to succeed Bud Selig as commissioner. Cheap Dolphins Jerseys China . -- Aaron Murray threw for 408 yards and three touchdowns, ran for another score, and led No. . While hell be dialed in to that tournament on a course he loves, you can forgive him if his eyes glance down the calendar just a bit, towards April. BALTIMORE -- Jarius Lyles scored 29 points on 11-of-19 shooting and sparked a late run that helped UMBC rally to beat Kennesaw State 93-85 on Saturday.Joe Sherburne scored 16 points and grabbed 10 rebounds, Arkel Lamar scored 15 off the bench, and K.J. Maura added 12 points for UMBC (4-0).Trailing 38-36 at halftime, the Retrievers took the lead 54-52 on a 3 by Lyles early in the second half but the Owls stayed close.Kennesaw State (1-3) pulled to within 76-75 on Kendrick Rays layup and 3-poointer with 5:24 left when Lyles made a layup and two free throws amid an 8-0 run and UMBC pulled away 86-77 for its largest lead of the game. Cheap Jay Ajayi Jersey. Lyles made another layup and UMBC made 10 of 13 free throws down the stretch.Ray tied his career best with 31 points on 11-of-22 shooting and Aubrey Williams scored 14 and grabbed 15 rebounds for the Owls (1-3). Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
CULLOWHEE, N. Cheap Patriots Jerseys Authentic .C. -- Patrick Cole and Pablo Rivas scored 18 points apiece to lead North Carolina Central to a 67-59 victory over Western Carolina on Wednesday night.Cole was 7 of 16 from the floor. Rivas did not miss a shot, finishing 7 of 7 from the field with two 3-pointers and a pair of free throws. Dajuan Graf added 14 points and Kyle Benton had 11 for the Eagles (1-2), who shot 48 percent from the floor.Marc Gosselin had 13 points for Western Carolina (1-2). Deriece Parks added 12 points, and Devin Peterson and Haboubacar Mutombo had 10 apiece.The Catamounts had a 45-43 halftime lead, but NC Central opened the second half on an 8-0 run and led the rest of the way. Western Carolina pulled to 62-58 with 49 seconds left, but did not get closer. Cheap Rob Gronkowski Jersey . "No difference at all," chirped U.S. roommate and linemate James van Riemsdyk. "Its still the same cranky Phil. Cheap Julian Edelman Jersey . A knee to the thigh might have stung him the most, but his sixth straight double-double made up for the brief burst of pain. .com) - Christian Ponder will get another chance to prove himself for the Minnesota Vikings, with head coach Leslie Frazier announcing Wednesday that the struggling quarterback will start this weekends game against the Green Bay Packers. VILLANOVA, Pa. -- Zach Bednarczyk threw two touchdown passes, Villanova ran for 317 yards and three scores and the Wildcats beat Rhode Island 35-0 on Saturday.Bednarczyk completed 8 of 9 passes for 133 yards and added 59 yards rushing. Aaron Forbes ran for 90 yards and one touchdown on 10 carries.Villanova (5-1, 3-0 Colonial Athletic Association) limited Rhode Island to one first down -- due to a personal foul -- in the first quarter and the Wildcats scored touchdowns on each of theeir first four drives to take a 28-0 lead. Cheap Malcolm Butler Jersey. Matt Gudzaks 1-yard scoring run capped a 10-play, 75-yard drive to open the second half and capped the scoring.Rhode Island (1-5, 0-3) was shutout for the first time since a 47-0 loss to Syracuse on Sept. 4, 2015.Villanova allowed just 103 total yards, including 28 yards rushing -- both season bests. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
Phil Taylor is relishing his Premier League clash with Gary Anderson after admitting he received a kick up the backside. Cheap Lonzo Ball Stitched Jersey . The six-time champion started his campaign with a lacklustre defeat against the Dutchman, but averaged 111 in a vintage 7-1 win over James Wade on night two of the competition in Newcastle.Taylor will next face defending champion Anderson on Thursday night in Dublin, live on Sky Sports, and believes he is firmly back on track after being stung into life by the Van Barneveld loss. The defeat against Raymond was a kick up the backside that I needed, but last week was a fantastic result for me and I want to keep pushing forward now, said Taylor.Its going to be brilliant and Gary will be ready for it. Ive been doing everything right and its just a matter of getting up there and doing it on the dartboard.Now that Im playing properly and Ive got my equipment right, I cant wait and Im really looking forward to it.Michael van Gerwen also ended with a 111 average after last weeks dazzling 7-3 win over Anderson and takes on Adrian Lewis, the early league leader, at the 3Arena. Michael van Gerwen hopes to display his ice-cool finishing in Dublin The world No 1 had a 70 per cent success rate on the doubles against Anderson and plans to ruthlessly punish any lapses of concentration from Lewis. The crowds in Dublin are great and I really like to play there, said Van Gerwen. It will be a good game and I hope I can continue my form because my confidence is high at the moment and I know what I can do.Adrian is a fantastic talent but sometimes he can let his focus go a little bit and then you need to take advantage, and thats what Ill be looking to do. Hopefully well both have won two out of three by the end of the night!But Lewis is in confident mood after adding his second win of the competition against Dave Chisnall. Michael has been the best player in the world for the last couple of years in my opinion, said Lewis. It means everything when you play him and Im looking forward to it. Lewis leads by example Adrian Lewis showing promise in Premier League I cant ask for any more with my form and that showed in patches last week. Im feeling good and if somebody beats me then theyre going to have to play really well.Watch night three of the Premier League on Sky Sports 1, starting at 7pm. Or watch for £6.99 without a contract, on NOW TV. Also See: Mardles predictions Lewis leads by example Thursday at the darts Thornton returns in Dublin White Womens Lonzo Ball Jersey . LOUIS -- Mike Smith is used to facing plenty of shots, so this was nothing new. Youth Lonzo Ball UCLA Jersey . The team said Saturday that Lopez was hurt during its 121-120 overtime loss at Philadelphia on Friday. The Nets said they would issue another update next week after consultation with their doctors. .S. Open champion Justin Rose birdied the first hole with a blind shot he hit to a foot of the pin, and he stayed in front Tuesday until he completed a 4-under 67 for a two-shot lead over Jason Dufner in PGA Grand Slam of Golf. BOZEMAN, Mont. -- Gage Gubrud threw for a school record 520 yards and four touchdowns to different receivers to lead Eastern Washington to a 41-17 win over Montana State on Saturday.Gubrud was 37 for 51, hitting Shaq Hill, Cooper Kupp, Jayce Gilder and Zach Wemberly for scores as keep the Eagles (6-1, 4-0) unbeaten in the Big Sky Conference.The Bobcats led from the opening drive until 2:27 was remaining in the half. MSU fumbled on its own 16 and the Eagles were in the end zone two plays later on a 9-yard TD run by Antoine Custer, Jr. to take a 21-17 advantage. EWU would tack on a 49-yard field goal by Roldan Alcobendas on the final play of the half, only their second halftime lead of the season, to go up 24-17.MSU quarterback Chris Murray contributed a pair of big first quarter plays, but was held in check after that. He threw a 57-yard touchdown pass to Conner Sullivan, then ran 70 yards for a score on the next possession giving the Bobcats (2-6, 0-5) a 14-7 lead.The Bobcats had the ball deep in EWU territory twice in the third quarter, but came away empty both times as theyy failed to keep pace with the Eagles. Blue Lonzo Ball Jersey. Murray fumbled on the first drive and backup quarterback Tyler Bruggman was intercepted the second.Kupp and Hill both went over 100 yards receiving for EWU as the Eagles amassed 596 yards of total offense. Kupp tied the FCS record for consecutive games with a reception at 45.Nick LaSane ran for 85 yards on just five carries for MSU, while Murray ran for 74. Murray was just 5 for 12 passing for 71 yards and two interceptions to go along with two lost fumbles.TAKEAWAYEASTERN WASHINGTON: The Eagles, coming off a bye, beat the Bobcats for the fifth straight time.MONTANA STATE: The Bobcats continue to look for their first league win under new head coach Jeff Choate.UP NEXTEastern Washington hosts Montana in a crucial Big Sky game that may have league title implications. The Grizzlies were 2-1 in the conference coming into the day.Montana State has a weekend off before going to Southern Utah on Nov. 5. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' ' 
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