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There was a time when Joey Leilua thought experience was a myth. Fake Nike Shoes From China .But the Canberra star will be drawing on all the lessons learned over his career as he leads the Raiders as its most experienced player in Saturdays NRL semi-final against Penrith.Of the 17 men named by coach Ricky Stuart on Tuesday, Leilua is the only member to have an NRL grand final under his belt - the 2010 heartbreaking loss to St George Illawarra.And he freely admits he was a cocky little Sydney Rooster all those years ago.I never believed in experience back then, he said.I was of the mindset of, Experience? Nah I dont need that. I thought I could play first grade whenever. But now Ive realised that you need experience.The growth I have had since has allowed me to give it my best shot every week.Now considered a veteran at 24 years of age, Leilua finds himself shelling out advice to many of his younger teammates who have rode a wave of confidence and form into September.And hes got plenty of know-how to pass on, picked up across a career that has included getting arrested for beaching an apprehended violence order and spitting on his then-partner.He has been to the finals once since his rookie campaign in 2010.Ive told the boys time and time again just go through the same routine, dont change anything and give it your all because these opportunities dont come around too often, he said.I usually let my actions do the talking because Im not a speaking man. But every time I do - the boys have a laugh because I never speak - I tell them to never let their teammate down.Leilua credited his career-best form to Stuart, who enticed the former Newcastle star to the nations capital in a bid to realise the potential that had him pencilled in as Origin material.Leilua admits hes the happiest hes been throughout his career.For sure. Off the field, my missus has been my rock. She makes me happy and we have a baby on the way so Im pretty excited for that, he said.Stability was a huge part of me moving here. Sticky told me if I get my life right off the field, my form will be great on it. Nike Shoes China . PAUL, Minn. Wholesale Nike Shoes . Vaives lawyer Trevor Whiffen claims the former 50-goal man wasnt provided with a copy of the claim beforehand and that he would not have agreed to the allegations made against the NHL had he been asked to review its contents. . The lawyers filed a 33-page amended complaint Tuesday in federal court in Manhattan, expanding on the suit originally filed Oct. 3 in New York Supreme Court. Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz last week refused to compel Selig to testify in the grievance, and Rodriguez then walked out of the hearing without testifying. YAS MARINA, Abu Dhabi -- Sergio Perez says he will not budge on his decision to drop sunglasses brand Hawkers following their Donald Trump joke, despite its plans to set up a childrens charity to make amends.Perez reacted angrily to a tweet from the company after Trumps victory in Americas general election, which poked fun at the businessmans controversial comments about building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Hawkers had said Mexicans could use their glasses to hide their crying eyes when they were constructing the wall.Last week Hawkers attempted to make amends by taking out a full-page advert in a national newspaper to apologies and revealing it was contributing $25,000 (USD) to a childrens charity set up in Perezs name. However, Perez is unmoved by the ccompanys latest attempts at reconciliation. Fake Nike Shoes For Sale. .No, I didnt change [my opinion]. I have new sunglasses. My relationship finished with them so, yeah, I dont have any more sunglasses sponsor.Perez was unimpressed by the fact Hawkers chose to apologise to him in public without contacting him privately.No, I didnt find it... I think if they want to help, it is up to them. I have my foundation and I do a lot for charity and it will be good for them to do so.But they didnt contact me directly, they did it all through social media which I didnt find good but it is all over now and if they want to help then they should help without me. ' ' ' 
Giggsy, give us a wave! Giggsy, Giggsy give us a wave!A group of children sitting inside the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium were doing their best to attract the attention of a 42-year-old man standing a few metres away from them. Ultra Boost Australia .The children tried their best, but were drowned out by the screams of a thousand others, each chanting the name of the man who had just entered the arena.Ryan Giggs had just checked into Chennai. And not surprisingly, everybody wanted a piece of the former Manchester United winger, manager, serial winner, and all-time great.Giggs acknowledged the crowd before taking his seat next to Paul Scholes, Ronaldinho Gaucho, Michel Salgado, Hernan Crespo and Luis Figo, thereby completing a row that could now boast of nine Champions League titles, 25 Premier League medals, 10 La Liga titles, and one FIFA World Cup.Premier Futsal -- casually dubbed the T20 for football -- had officially started, and Chennai knew they were in special company.You could almost forgive the city for not wanting to turn up. Tickets were steeply priced, and went up on sale just two days before the tournament. And while promos of the event -- featuring Figo and Indian Test captain Virat Kohli -- were aired regularly by the official broadcasters over the last month, the vast majority of Chennai had no idea that they would be hosting the first three days of the tournament!It was evident that logistics were being worked out till the last minute; the official fixtures and squads were also not known to the public till last week.Chennai has always prided itself on being a knowledgeable bunch when it comes to sport, a title that stood validated 17 years ago when the packed crowd at the Chepauk gave the Pakistan cricket team a standing ovation after India had lost a close Test.The city loves its sports teams; ISL champions Chennaiyin FC have a cult following, while anybody even remotely associated with Chennai Super Kings enjoys superstar status. And now with a galaxy of football icons in their backyard, this was a chance for Chennaiites to truly go global, and to give these stars a welcome they would never forget.When word had spread that the likes of Giggs and Scholes were setting foot in the city, fan groups on social media immediately started putting plans in place to assemble outside the Chennai airport on the morning of their arrival.Security has been tight throughout the event and access to the players limited. However, determined fans have driven long distances -- braving Chennais infamous traffic -- and waited for long hours at the players hotels, just to catch a glimpse of their heroes. Some returned with priceless selfies while others returned home empty-handed, but its unlikely they had any regrets.On Friday night, the entire stretch from Chennai Central -- the citys railway station -- to the stadium, a good 20-minute walk, was converted into a fan zone. There was little room for cars, bikes or auto rickshaws; football fanatics of all age groups hogged the streets.Football rivalries were temporarily put aside, if replica jerseys were any indication. Ronaldos and Messis walked together, while Rooneys, Zlatans, Hazards and even a Harry Kane helped themselves to group photos.Inside the stadium, it was euphoria. The opening ceremony and forgettable tournament anthem out of the way, it was time for the real deal.Seeing all these stars in the flesh was one thing, but Chennai wanted more. Their appetite worked up, they now had to see these stars work their magic right in front of them.Their heroes had already waved to them, but now, Chennai wanted them to turn back the years. They wanted Giggs to give his opponents twisted blood, Ronaldinho to elastico his way around the keeper, and Scholes to make an inch-perfect diagonal pass to a team-mate.It did not immediately turn out as expected. Giggs Mumbai were up first against the hosts Chennai and their marquee player Falcao. No bro, its not that Falcao, a young boy in the crowd explains to his confused friend. With all the cheers and attention on Giggs, it was almost easy to forget that Alessandro Rosa Vieira, hailed as the greatest Futsal player in the world, was also on the turf.The crowd had mixed emotions. On one hand they wanted to support their team, but a vocal majority also wanted Giggs to tear em apart. Giggs did produce the occasional moment of brilliance -- a no-look pass, a nutmeg and a weighted pass for an assist -- but it was clear to the crowd that both sets of players were struggling to cope with the pace and format of the game.Mumbai eventually ran out 4-2 winners in a laboured match, but Chennai was not disappointed.Chennai, please now put your hands together for RONALDINHOOOOOO...The announcer had barely completed the sentence before the crowd burst into a chorus of Dinho! Dinho! Dinho!Ronaldinho had just strolled out to the pitch, and with everyone -- team-mates, opponents, ball boys, even the officials -- wrapping the Brazilian in hugs and clicking selfies with him, a buzzer was needed to remind all that there was still the actual matter of the match to be played.Ronaldinhos Goa versus Crespos Kolkata. The crowd waited with bated breath for Dinho to dazzle, but there was no stepover, no rainbow, no nutmeg, no body feint. Nothing.Here was a footballer who once made defenders look foolish, always played with a smile, and even brought the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium to its feet in applauding a Barcelona player.Now, Ronaldinho was struggling to move his way around the field, mistiming passes, and inexplicably even silenced the crowd with his subdued performance. Only a heavy dose of music from the upcoming Rajinikanth starrer Kabali managed to jolt some life into the stadium.The game was that muted, livened only when the Goa goalkeeper, perhaps bored with the proceedings, decided to take on the entire Kolkata defence all by himself with a mazy dribble.The fans continued to throng the stadium the next day, but there was an iota of disappointment, even if they didnt explicitly show it. Surely there would be more from these legends?The goals started to flow more freely, and the players began to play with more tempo and urgency once the nuances of Futsal were completely grasped.Some sparks briefly flew when Giggs accused Salgado of diving, but that too blew over quickly. Scholes took center stage next, to thunderous applause, but even he could not quite roll back the years; there was no well-timed volley directly from a corner, despite the crowds repeated request for him to SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!It was now the last day of the Chennai leg -- games Monday onwards will be played in Goa -- and while the actual Futsal on the pitch may not have met the fans unrealistic expectations, the crowd filled up Nehru Stadium for the third day running, reveling in another infectious four hours of song, dance and chants.The banners were out in full flow, and one man even brought with him a Brazil flag, no doubt in anticipation of Ronaldinhos last bow at the stadium.Ronaldinho strode out to with his trademark grin; but something was different this time. He was almost apologetic with his bows to the crowd, as if he had a point to prove for his lacklustre display two days earlier.This was his moment and chance to repay the audience for their faith in him, and he delivered in style. Five times.With Scholes and his Bengaluru team struggling to impose themselves on the game, Goa ran riot.The crowd was desperate for a Ronaldinho goal, and he obliged inside five minutes, stopping the ball dead with one touch before feinting to send the keeper the wrong way and tapping into an empty net.Two days earlier, Ronaldinho had struggled to string together two simple passes. On Sunday night, everything he tried came off, with ridiculous ease.Bengaluru tried to double-team him, but Ronaldinho would simply hold two defenders off, before effortlessly flicking the ball onto the path of a teammate.Three defenders would block his way and he would simply turn the clock back to 2005 at the Stamford Bridge, giving the opponents the jig, and then the jag, before coolly passing the ball into the net.Bengaluru would go physical on him, but Ronaldinho would simply hold the ball on his chest, lift the ball over a defender, and head it towards a player in a Goa shirt.Ronaldinho would appear to be a little tired, dropping to his knees, only to regain a sudden burst of speed, exchange passes with a team-mate, and shoot into an unguarded net to complete his hat-trick.Ronaldinho would simply look one way and pass another, bamboozling his frustrated opponents, and leaving the crowd in utter disbelief. Even Scholes could be seen clapping on one occasion.It was magical. It was breathtaking, bordering on the cruel. But it was pure box office.The show wasnt over, though, and there was some fairy dust left yet in Ronaldinhos legs.He had to top his three first-half goals with another stunner, and he did so by controlling and swiveling in one movement, before lobbing the ball over a defenders head and into the goal. So deft was Ronaldinhos touch that the ball appeared to hang in the air for an eternity, giving the audience enough time to let out both an ooh and an aah before it rested into the net.This was his night, and he was not going to go out without a statement. His fifth goal was just a simple one-on-one finish, but the celebration trumped everything else he had done before.With Dinho, Dinho still echoing around the stadium, Ronaldinho jumped over the tournament hoardings and into the cheerleaders stage, treating everyone to some Brazilian samba.Full time: Goa 7-2 Bengaluru; Ronaldinho with five goals, a couple of dozen tricks not out of place in a video game, an infectious smile, and a half-decent celebratory dance.Ronaldinho bid farewell to the crowd, and placed his arm on his ear, conjuring one last deafening roar from the crowd. Ronaldinho had heard Chennai, and Chennai had just heard Ronaldinho.At the end of a three-day carnival that had meaty, but unspectacular cameos from Giggs, Scholes, Salgado, Crespo and Falcao, Ronaldinho had just put up a show that Chennai is unlikely to forget in a hurry.Not everyone had the same reaction, though.Man, I cant believe it, a red-clad boy could be heard while exiting the stadium. I just saw Paul Scholes mistime a tackle in front of my own eyes. My life is made!Many lives were. NMD R2 Australia . There are surprises among the Vezina candidates, but most of the others are standard top-tier performers, even if the two Hart Trophy runners-ups have never been quite as good as they have been through the first half of the season. Adidas Superstar Australia . -- The boos poured down on Tom Brady and the New England Patriots at the end of a horrible first half. . -- Washington Redskins tight end Fred Davis was charged Thursday with driving while intoxicated, a day after he was suspended for an NFL substance-abuse policy violation. SANTA CLARA, Calif. -- Despite having an apparent need for a mobile quarterback to run coach Chip Kellys offense, the San Francisco 49ers showed little interest in Dak Prescott leading into this years draft.Theyre probably one of the teams I talked to the least, Prescott said.The Niners (1-2) might regret that move now as Prescott has shined for Dallas (2-1) in place of the injured Tony Romo. Prescott will get a chance to show the Niners what they passed up when the teams meet Sunday.Going in the fourth round, everybody passed you over a couple of times, Prescott said. Ive got a chip on my shoulder. I have throughout my whole life, but the draft process definitely made it grow a little bit.Prescott threw his first TD pass last week and has no interceptions on 99 passes so far to go with a 93.3 rating. San Franciscos starter, Blaine Gabbert, hasnt been nearly as effective . He is last in the NFL in yards per attempt (5.5), second worst among starters in completion percentage (55.2 percent), and third worst in passer rating (68.6).San Francisco targeted the trenches in the first round by taking defensive lineman DeForest Buckner and guard Joshua Garnett. The Niners then took one of Prescotts teammates from Mississippi State in the third round in cornerback Will Redmond, who has not played as he recovers from a knee injury. They then took another cornerback, Rashard Robinson, in the fourth round, two spots ahead of where Dallas took Prescott.We looked at him just like all quarterbacks in the draft and we were really impressed with him and thought that he was someone that could really play in this league, Kelly said. Where it fell in terms of what we were taking, he was kind of slotted around where he got taken. Thats kind of where we thought he was going to go. But, Ive been very impressed with him.The Niners eventually selected a quarterback when they chose Jeff Driskel in the sixth round. Driskel was cut before the season.Here are some other things to watch when the Cowboys visit the Niners:DEZS STATUS: Dez Bryant has a hairline fracture of a bone in his right knee, and it appears he wont play after an eventful week. The 2014 All-Pro essentially went AWOL for two days, missing medical appointments and team meetings before finally showing up Wednesday and getting the MRI that revealed the injury.Coach Jason Garrett said Dallas players have missed no time with the same injury in the past, but Bryant mmissed the first two practices of the week. NMD Human Race Australia. . If Bryant doesnt play, it will be the 2014 All-Pro receivers eighth game missed since the start of last season, which was plagued by a broken a foot and ankle and knee issues.SECOND-STRING SECONDARY: With cornerback Jimmie Ward sidelined by a quadriceps injury, the Niners will need to find a new starter across from Tramaine Brock. Third-year player Keith Reaser and Robinson are competing to replace Ward against the Cowboys. That task could be a little easier if Bryant cant play.PROTECTING PRESCOTT: Pro Bowl left tackle Tyron Smith missed last weeks Chicago game when his back tightened up late in the week. He also missed the first day of practice this week. Second-year player Chaz Green, who missed all of his rookie season with a hip injury, had two holding penalties and a chop block in his first career start against the Bears. But he generally got high marks from Garrett. Left guard Lael Collins is out with a right big toe injury, so former starter Ron Leary will fill in for the player who replaced him.SPLIT PERSONALTY: For the past two seasons, the Niners have had a split personality on defense. San Francisco has allowed a league-low 15 points per game at home in that span, compared to a league-worst 33.5 on the road. This year, the difference is even starker. After shutting out the Rams at home in the opener, San Francisco allowed 83 points in losing back-to-back road games at Carolina and Seattle.Those are interesting stats, but I really wouldnt know the answer to the reasons why, defensive lineman Arik Armstead said.RUNNING AGAIN: The Cowboys stuck with the running game the first two weeks even though the numbers didnt look great. They had the stats to show for their persistence against the Bears. Rookie Ezekiel Elliott ran for 140 yards on 30 carries to lead the teams 199-yard effort. I think Im way more comfortable than I was Week 1 for sure, said Elliott, who leads the NFC with 274 yards rushing. Im definitely settling into the system.The Niners have their own star back from Ohio State in Carlos Hyde, who has rushed for 225 yards and four TDs through three games.---Online:AP NFL website: and Sports Writer Schuyler Dixon in Frisco, Texas, contributed to this report ' ' ' 
BOSTON -- Al Horford will be back in the Boston lineup when the Celtics host the Detroit Pistons on Wednesday night. Air Jordan Outlet .Horford, who missed nine games this season because of a concussion, was not with the team in its easy win at Miami on Monday night because his wife gave birth to the couples second child.Amazingly, Horford had to defend not being at the game after a local talk-show host said he should have chartered a jet and joined his team in Florida.My familys very important to me, he said Tuesday. For me, Im in more of a unique situation because this is our first year here (in Boston) and my wife, we all moved in the middle of the pregnancy. And just a lot going on. So I just felt like it was important for me to really be there, supporting her. And we have a son as well.So for her, its been a lot thrown at her these past few months. So I know that it meant a lot for me to be there with her, and knowing our schedule ahead and everything. So Im just very happy that the Celtics really take the time and they consider us not only as players but as people. And people that have families.After Horfords sister came to his defense on Twitter, the player put the whole thing in perspective, saying, I dont really read into any (criticism). I dont read Twitter and stuff, and the radio and all that. I just kind of focus on the court, on my job here, and then off the court on my family.Everybody has their opinion. I respect anything that anybody has to say. I care a lot about the group and our guys. Like I was explaining earlier, for my familys sake it was important for me to be there for them. Just with our transition and everything. So thats that. Now I can put that behind me and get focused again on (Wednesdays game).That contest will be against a Detroit team that won easily beat the Hornets on Tuesday night, a 112-89 win at Charlotte.Give them their due -- four games in five nights, its awfully difficult in this league, Detroit coach Stan Van Gundy said of the Hornets. I think they ran out of gas a little bit in the second half. But still, we did what we were supposed to do. It was important for us to do that, so I was happy.The Pistons won despite the ejection of big man Andre Drummond in the second quarter for throwing an elbow at Roy Hibbert -- a non-believing Drummond laughing and shaking his head as he walked off the court following the flagrant-2 call.Tobias Harris scored 24 points and Marcus Morris and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope added 18 apiece for the Pistons (9-10).It says a lot about our team, but most importantly about guys like Aron (Baynes) and Jon (Leuer) to fill in for that role and be productive and bring the energy that (Drummond) had when he was out there, Harris said. We just kept playing with them.The Celtics (10-7) cruised to a 112-104 win in Miami and came away saying Heat coach Erik Spoelstra told his players that Boston guard Marcus Smart was a hothead.I was begging for Spoelstra to get a technical foul because he was saying a lot of stuff, Bostons Jae Crowder said. He was everywhere (Monday) night, but thats one of the things he did say. When they went to intentional foul Marcus, it was obvious that what they were trying to do was more than just foul. They were trying to get under his skin and play a little physical, and knowing he wanted to retaliate for the most part. So its just part of the scouting report on I guess Marcus that he wears his emotions on his sleeve.The Pistons and Celtics played Nov. 19 in Auburn Hills, Boston winning 94-92 with Isaiah Thomas scoring 24 points and dishing out eight assists. Cheap Jordans . -- Yogi Ferrell orchestrates pretty much everything in Indianas offence. Clearance Air Jordan . - After leading the Saints to a fourth playoff appearance in five seasons, Drew Brees expressed confidence in the direction of his team and, perhaps more importantly, showed a willingness to listen to contract proposals if the team needs his help getting under the NFLs salary cap. . The head of USA Boxing came out swinging Tuesday with an open letter to Tyson -- a former Olympic hopeful himself -- that accuses the former heavyweight champion of trying to poach fighters who might be candidates for the U. Buffalo Sabres forward Jimmy Vesey is sticking with his plan to become an NHL free agent on Tuesday.And Veseys agent, Peter Fish, told The Associated Press on Monday that college hockeys top player is in no rush to sign his first contract.Its certainly not going to be tomorrow, Fish said. I would say the earliest may be Friday or Saturday, but I wouldnt expect it to drag on much into the following week.Fish noted the timetable will depend on what teams express interest once theyre allowed to begin contacting Vesey after midnight. After that, Vesey plans to narrow the field to a handful of teams to present formal offers.One team already in the mix is Buffalo, which acquired the 23-year-olds rights in a trade with Nashville in June.Tomorrow, we start to find out what our opportunities are, but I can tell you from Buffalos standpoint, Jimmy is pleased with what theyve done and said thus far, Fish said.The two sides have had several discussions, with Fish saying, We have a very good understanding with everything in regards to Buffalo.Vesey was selected by Nashville in the third round of the 2012 draft and last season won the Hobey Baker during his senior year at Harvard. In March, Veesey rejected signing with Nashville by informing the Predators he planned to pursue free agency. Fake Retro Air Jordan. .The Sabres took a calculated risk in trading one of their four third-round draft picks to essentially gain exclusive negotiating rights with Vesey. Sabres officials traveled to Boston to meet with Vesey in July, and the two sides also had talks this past week.Veseys decision comes down to which team he believes best fits him and not how much money hes offered. NHL rules limit teams to signing Vesey to a two-year, entry-level contract with a base salary of no more than $925,000, plus signing and performance bonuses, which are also capped.Buffalo has one advantage in center Jack Eichel, who is coming off a solid rookie season after being selected second in the 2015 draft. Eichel and Vesey grew up together in Massachusetts, share the same agent and spent part of this summer playing together in a summer league.Veseys hometown Boston Bruins could be a contender, as well as the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose scouting staff includes Veseys father, James. ' ' ' 
COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Ohio State needed a win like this, with last weekends loss to UCLA in the rear-view mirror and the Big Ten schedule looming. Soccer Jerseys Black Friday .Keita Bates-Diop, JaeSean Tate and Kam Williams each scored 15 points as the Buckeyes Ohio took advantage of poor-shooting Youngstown State in a 77-40 blowout Tuesday night.Trevor Thompson contributed a double-double with 11 points and 15 rebounds, and C.J. Jackson had eight points for Ohio State (9-3) in a game that was never in doubt.It was real fun being out there, Williams said. Its one of the best feelings in the world when you get your mojo back.Youngstown State (6-7) shot only 21 percent from the floor and was beaten badly on the boards by the Buckeyes, who scored 48 points in the paint and shot 50 percent on the night.Matt Donlan led Youngstown State with 10 points and six rebounds. The Horizon League team hasnt beaten the Buckeyes in four tries.It was an ugly game on our part, Youngstown State coach Jerry Slocum said. We obviously didnt shoot the ball very well. Were disappointed in our effort in a team that believe it or not is pretty good offensively. We certainly didnt help ourselves in transition defense. It was a poor performance by us.The Penguins were just 2 for 21 from the 3-point line while Ohio State managed five baskets in 15 attempts from beyond the arc.Ohio State rolled out to a 12-1 lead to start the game and led 42-14 at the half. The Penguins suffered a scoring drought of more than 5 minutes in the middle of the half and shot 14.8 percent in that first frame. They hit just two of their last 18 shots to finish the half 4 for 27 from the floor.I wanted to play like this for once, Ohio State coach Thad Matta said. We really challenged the guys Saturday after the game (with) lets see what were made of. The last two days have been hard for these guys, and Im fine with that.Ohio State center Micah Potter suffered a sprained ankle when he stepped on the referees foot on the opening tip and had to be helped off the court, with Thompson taking his place. Potter, a 6-foot-9 freshman, is averaging 4.3 points and 4.1 rebounds. Hes day-to-day.Hes a pretty tough kid, Matta said. Hell get back quick.BIG PICTUREYoungstown State: The cold-shooting Penguins couldnt take advantage of Ohio States less-than-crisp play at times. If Tuesday night was any indication, YSU might be in for a long season.Ohio State: The Buckeyes blew out an inferior team they were supposed to beat, but looked sloppy a lot of the time doing it. They are still a work in progress, with one more pre-conference game on the schedule.I feel like today we really played together, Thompson said. We had fun, and that was the big thing.UP NEXTYoungstown State: Returns home to open Horizon League play against Milwaukee on Dec. 29.Ohio State: Plays Thursday night at home against UNC Asheville. After the Christmas break, the Big Ten schedule opens on New Years Day.---More college basketball at Mitch Stacy at Fake Soccer Jerseys For Sale . The 31-year-old Spain midfielder hasnt played since Madrid lost in the Copa del Rey final to Atletico Madrid in May due to back and foot injuries. Cheap Soccer Jerseys China . The 20-year-old Pelicans big man glanced up and smiled widely at the well-wishers -- a fitting end to a day he wont soon forget. Davis responded to his selection earlier in the day as a Western Conference All-Star with 26 points and 10 rebounds, and the New Orleans Pelicans overcame a 10-point fourth-quarter deficit to defeat the Minnesota Timberwolves 98-91 on Friday night. . Despite the cost, effort and an improved steroid test, its possible that very few -- if any -- positives will be detected, Dr. Richard Budgett told The Associated Press in an interview. "We just dont know what the results from Torino will be," Budgett said. TOWSON, Md. -- Isaiah Still scored 16 points and Billy Giles jumper with 1:35 remaining gave Robert Morris the lead for good, completing the Colonials second-half comeback to beat Towson 67-66 on Saturday night.Giles shot put Robert Morris (2-5) on top 62-61 after trailing by 11 with 10:19 to play. Kavon Stewart had a steal then buried a 3 to put the Colonials up 65-61 with 58 seconds remaining.Mike Morsells 3 with six seconds left reduced the deficit to a point but Towson (3-3) ran out of time. Down 51-40, Robert Morris scored nine straight punctuated by Giles dunk with 8:28 left. Authentic Soccer Jerseys. The Tigers led 29-25 at halftime.Stewart added 15 points, six assists and five steals and Giles finished with 12 points for Robert Morris. John Davis led Towson with 18 points and 10 rebounds, Morsell scored 15, Deshaun Morman had 14 points and Arnaud William Adala Moto added 10. ' ' ' 
Alastair Clarksons premiership-laden reign at Hawthorn is set to produce another AFL senior coach, with Brisbane to announce the appointment of Chris Fagan. Ultra Boost 4.0 Weiß Damen .The Lions are expected to present Fagan as Justin Leppitschs successor at a press conference on Tuesday.He will join Western Bulldogs premiership coach Luke Beveridge, Richmonds Damien Hardwick, Greater Western Sydneys Leon Cameron, West Coasts Adam Simpson and Carltons Brendon Bolton as current AFL coaches to have worked with Clarkson.Fagan, 55, has been the frontrunner to replace Leppitsch since he was sacked following the clubs disastrous three-win season.Blues assistant John Barker was also believed to have come under strong consideration.Fagan has been with the Hawks since 2008, where he experienced premiership success on four occasions and worked alongside Mark Evans, who will have had some input into the Lions decision as the AFLs football operations manager.AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan said in August this year that the league, which has already invested heavily in the cash-strapped Lions, would work with the struggling club to get the right people in key positions.The AFL was instrumental in luring respected football operations manager David Noble from Adelaide to oversee Brisbanes overhauled football department.Fagan will take on a senior coaching role in the AFL for the first time and never played at the elite level, but is a well-respected figure in the industry who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge.He was an assistant coach to Neale Daniher at Melbourne, where he also took on the role of football operations manager and has a strong coaching and playing background in his native Tasmania.The five-person selection panel that oversaw the search for a new coach was led by Lions chief executive Greg Swann and included club great Simon Black, list manager Peter Schwab, psychology firm executive Matti Clements and Noble. Ultra Boost 4.0 Weiß Deutschland . Malkin got tangled up with Detroits Luke Glendening early in the third period and his left skate took the brunt of collision with the boards behind Pittsburghs net. Adidas Eqt Schuhe Günstig . Supported by three-run homers from Jayson Werth and Wilson Ramos, the young right-hander went seven strong innings in the Washington Nationals 8-4 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks on Friday night. . The Masters champion and winner of last weeks Australian PGA has a three-round total of 14-under 199 at Royal Melbourne. "Im in a really good position for tomorrow," Scott said. Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we pose a question to a rotating panel of ESPN fantasy basketball experts to gauge their thoughts on a hot topic. Todays contributors are ESPN Fantasys John Cregan, Kyle Soppe and Joe Kaiser.Throughout his first five NBA seasons, Ricky Rubio was all but a shoo-in for at least 10 PPG, 8 APG and 2 SPG. 11 games into his tenure with new head coach Tom Thibodeau, he is averaging career lows: 6.5 PPG, 6.4 APG, 1.5 SPG. Are his days as a viable fantasy player in standard leagues over or is this just a bump in the road?John Cregan: Even at his best, Rubio has always been a unique case. His lack of confidence in his shot has severely undermined his fantasy value. The bulk of his production comes from only two categories: steals and assists. Last season? -- his best season to date -- Rubio was able to climb into the top 40 on the Player Rater by making his outside shooting less of a liability. He posted a career high .529 TS%. He tied his career high in 3-pointers per game (0.8).Normally, a drop-off like Rubios would suggest a regression in his shooting. But his dramatic 2016-17 drop-off is across the board ... and its volume-based. Hes playing only about one minute less per game, but hes logging a career low 12.6% usage rate. Its the usage rate that concerns me, because if Rubio doesnt have possession, he cant generate assists. And without elite-level assists, he becomes waiver-wire material.Is it his early-season elbow injury? Is it a lack of familiarity with Tom Thibodeaus system? Is Rubio feeling the heat from rookie (and some would say PG of the future) Kris Dunn? Is he hurt by the trade rumors?Id wager all of the above. Rubios been hurt and slow to adjust to Thibodeau. Hes always been streaky, and now hes playing with a lack of confidence. And because the Timberwolves are struggling as a whole, Rubio is sitting a little more than he used to.I still think Rubio bounces back. Maybe not as a top-40 player, but top 70 is still within reach.Kyle Soppe: Rubios development has been underwhelming in a major way since he dazzled at the 2008 Olympics, and this season has represented even a ffurther step backward. Ultra Boost Outlet. Im not as optimistic as I once was, but lets not go overboard and write him off as a fantasy-relevant player. First of all ... the man is 26 years old. Hes been on our radar for a while, but he still has time.OK, now on to some metrics. The Wolves are averaging 0.6 more possessions per game this season than last, so while the pace of play isnt elite, it is actually ahead of where it stood last year. As a card-holding member of the Rubio fan club, there is one trend that Im banking on regressing and allowing Rubio to produce viable fantasy numbers in 2017. His usage was never high, but it has fallen three points in the early going this season. Now, that could be intentional, but when you realize that both he and Kris Dunn are in the bottom 10 in usage among point guards this season, it seems more like a weird stat than a sustainable trend.Rubio still cant really shoot, and thats a problem, but I see no reason why he cant approach similar per-minute production this season as he has had in years past. Hes a man with a very particular set of skills, and if youre hurting for assists and steals, Rubio is a nice buy-low player at this point in the season.Joe Kaiser: Rubio is a career 36.8 percent shooter, which is remarkably bad considering how many games hes played in, but as mentioned, hes always been a viable fantasy option due to his high assist and steals numbers. What I see right now is that hes struggling shooting more than ever (33 percent) and has lost his confidence, taking a career-low 5.2 shots per game. That, more than age or minutes or anything more worrisome, is the reason why his scoring numbers are down.Thibodeau likes to play his starters big minutes, and with the rookie Dunn struggling just as badly on the offensive end, I suspect that Rubio could average 31-32 minutes a game by the time the season is over. His numbers will return to normal Rubio levels as soon as his shot starts to fall a little more often and his confidence builds back up. ' ' ' 
Sussex have signed South African allrounder Stiaan van Zyl on a three-year Kolpak deal. Myydään Vapormax . Van Zyl will still play at the Cobras but cannot play for South Africa for as long as he contracted to the county.Van Zyl, 29, will arrive at Hove next season after first completing the South African 2016-17 domestic season.Sussexs head coach Mark Davis said, We are delighted to have Stiaan joining us at Sussex Cricket. He is an established first-class cricketer of immense talent and has also represented South Africa in 12 Test matches.Stiaan brings a wealth of experience to the team, which is a crucial ingredient to our young developing squad. His medium pace bowling should also not be underestimated.To have a top order batsman who is able to bowl seam is a very important element in balancing our team for next season. He is a player who plays all formats of the game, which is another crucial part of our strategy moving forward.Van Zyls last Test came against New Zealand in August this year. He has played 12 Test matches for his country and made an unbeaten century on debut in 2014, as South Africa beat the West Indies by an innings and 220 runs at Centurion.The left-hander has played 132 first-class matches, scoring almost 8000 runs, including 18 centuries and averaging 42.55. His medium-pace has also yielded over 50 wickets in first-class cricket. Vapormax Plus Ale . The 15th-ranked Canadian men lost the opening two games of their European tour: 19-15 to No. 17 Georgia and 21-20 to No. Nike Vapormax Plus Suomi .05 million next season unless Graham and the Saints subsequently agree on a long-term deal. The designation was released Monday after the deadline passed for NFL teams to use franchise or transition tags on players becoming free agents. . It was Kerbers third final of the year after losing to Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova of Russia in Monterrey in April and to Petra Kvitova of Czech Republic in Tokyo two weeks ago. The 10th-ranked German improved her record in finals to 3-5. NEW YORK -- The NBA says the Sacramento-Philadelphia game that was postponed last month has been rescheduled for Jan. 30.The Nov. 30 game in Philadelphia had been called off because of condensation on the court at Wells Fargo Center. The league said Saturday the January game will be on a Monday night and begin at 6 p.m.The Kings-76ers game in November had been postponed a little over an hour after its scheduled sstart. Nike Vapormax Tukku. That day was unseasonably warm and humid in Philadelphia and likely affected the arena floor.That was the NBAs first postponement since two games were called off Jan. 23 because of a winter storm. At least one game has been postponed in six of the past seven seasons. ' ' '
ANN ARBOR, Mich. Cheap MLB Jerseys Authentic . -- A Michigan steakhouse got more sizzle than it bargained for out of a college football promotion.Ruths Chris Steak House in Ann Arbor announced on its Facebook page Friday that for the remainder of the season, customers would receive a percentage off their total food bill equal to the final winning point differential in the latest University of Michigan football game.Then came Michigans 78-0 drubbing of Rutgers on Saturday, its largest margin of victory since an 85-0 win in 1939 over the University of Chicago. But the Facebook posting capped the discount at 50 percent and said the offer does not include alcohol.The restaurant posted on its website Sunday that it was fully committed with reservations through Thursday, when the offer expires. MLB Jerseys 2020 . JOHNS, N. Cheap MLB Jerseys From China . It was the second consecutive win for the Pacers (2-5), who lost their first five preseason games. Jeff Teague led the Hawks (1-5) with 17 points and eight assists and Al Horford had 12 points and seven rebounds. Mike Scott scored 15 of his 17 points in the second half. . Tomas Berdych and Radek Stepanek defeated Nenad Zimonjic and Ilija Bozoljac 6-2, 6-4, 7-6 (4) on the indoor hard-court at Belgrade Arena. The victory improved the Czech pairs impressive cup doubles record to 14-1.TORONTO - Jose Reyes is at the ballpark long before his teammates arrive, working toward a return from injury that cant come quickly enough for the player and for the Blue Jays. Quietly, which is a relative term when it comes to the affable shortstop, Reyes is doing his rehab. Come game time, Reyes is his vocal self as he roots on his teammates from his dugout perch. "Im anxious to come back," Reyes, adorned in a sleeveless Superman t-shirt, told "We havent played the level that everybody was expecting. This team is better than the record shows. We need to turn it around as soon as possible because our division is not easy at all. Its hard to gain ground. Like I said I just want to be there, Im going to continue to work hard every day doing my rehab from eight oclock in the morning from the time I work out, my rehab." The recovery from a badly sprained left ankle is tedious; it happens in baby steps. For two weeks, Reyes was in a cast, followed by two more weeks in a walking boot. The time was spent at his New York home. He rejoined the club last week and on Friday, unencumbered by any type of ankle bracing, he began light sprints. Reyes expects to begin taking batting practice and ground balls on Monday or Tuesday. These "baseball activities," as theyre called, are another step toward recovery but shouldnt be misconstrued as a fast-tracking of the rehab process. "The key is going to be running, you know, the bases and stuff like that because you can take a ground ball right in front of you and you feel good," said Reyes. "You can take BP and you feel good but when it comes to running and jumping around in a real game its a different story." Theres no timeline for Reyes return to game action, which will begin with a minor league rehab assignment. Until then, hell remain with the club under the watchful eyes of head trainer George Poulis and strength coach Bryan King. His presence is appreciated, particularly by the younger Dominican-born players. "Theyre good impressions for me to play with a guy like that,&quuot; said reliever Esmil Rogers. Stitched Nike MLB Jerseys. . "Hes so happy to play the game and to come to the stadium with the same attitude. They show me it doesnt matter what day youve got, every day is a new day." Reyes admits to injury-related boredom. Hes always moving, always invested. He watches the games closely and offers teammates insight on pitchers tendencies and other trends while keeping the dugout loose. "Thats the way it is. When Im not playing I dont know what to do. Its kind of crazy for me," said Reyes. "Some guys, they dont want me in the dugout, they want me playing in the field because they say Im messing around too much. Thats the way I am, nobody is going to change that for me. I like to enjoy, I like to be around my teammates. Thats why Im going to continue to do my rehab with the ballclub because I want to be here." Reyes was off to a hot start. In 10 games, he was hitting .395/.465/.526 and was successful in each of his five stolen base attempts. In a disappointing season in which the fan base is looking for reasons to be optimistic, Reyes return is one of them. He wants to rein in the expectations. "People have to understand this is going to be a process because Ive been away from baseball for a little while," said Reyes. "Everything is not coming right away. Like I said Ill do everything to bring my talent to the field and help this ballclub. Hopefully it wont take that long. Hopefully when I come out, I come out ready to go and people can see the real Jose Reyes." ROGERS LIKELY TO START WEDNESDAY Reliever Esmil Rogers, who pitched the final three innings of Friday nights 10-6 Blue Jays loss to Baltimore, is expected to start Wednesday nights game in Atlanta. Rogers threw a full bullpen session on Sunday morning and told he wasnt available for the series finale against the Orioles and likely wouldnt be available for Mondays and Tuesdays games versus the Braves. If Rogers gets the ball on Wednesday he would become the 11th different starting pitcher for the Blue Jays this season. ' ' '
MIAMI -- Winning consecutive games at home for the first time all season isnt exactly something to celebrate, particularly when the season is nearly two months old. Cheap Basketball Shoes China .For the Miami Heat, its a start.Hassan Whiteside had 26 points and 22 rebounds, and the Heat clamped down defensively to beat the Indiana Pacers 95-89 on Wednesday night. Miami held the Pacers to 37 percent shooting and outrebounded them 58-38.Guess thats what you can expect with a Heat-Pacers game, regardless of who the faces are, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said. It was good for us to grind out another one.No, this wasnt one of those playoff battles with the Pacers that featured LeBron James and Dwyane Wade almost always finding a way for the Heat in recent years. This time, it was the likes of Tyler Johnson and James Johnson coming up big, combining for 29 points off the bench -- and Whiteside simply controlling the paint during his 34 minutes.I try to lead by example, Whiteside said.Paul George scored 22 for the Pacers, who were hoping for a season-best third straight win and instead managed just 10 points in the fourth quarter. CJ Miles added 15 for Indiana.This is a game that we should have won, George said. Its frustrating. ... We played OK. We just didnt finish well.Neither team led by more than seven, and the Heat got to that margin after James Johnson found Goran Dragic for a layup and a 92-85 lead with 3:35 left.They needed to hang on desperately from there.Miami didnt score again until there were 12.9 seconds left, when Josh Richardson sealed the win with a dunk that put the Heat up five after Indiana didnt foul. The Pacers missed three 3-point tries that would have tied the game in the final 2 minutes, one by George and the last two by Myles Turner.The Pacers shot 5 for 18 in the fourth. They went scoreless over a 7-minute stretch in the second half, and Miami took the lead for good during that drought.They basically muscled us and broke our offensive execution, Pacers coach Nate McMillan said.TIP-INSPacers: Monta Ellis (right groin strain) was sidelined again, and Rodney Stuckey played through a bruised left knee. ... This was the start of Indianas sixth of 17 back-to-backs this season. ... George has played 19 games at Miami, including playoffs. Indianas record in those games is 2-17.Heat: It was the fourth time Whiteside reached 20 points and 20 rebounds in the same game, the second this season. ... Justise Winslow returned from a 16-game absence due to a sore left wrist and scored two points in 21 minutes. ... Dragic missed his first seven shots before connecting on a pull-up for his first basket early in the third quarter. He shot 4 for 15. ... Dion Waiters (groin) missed his 10th consecutive game.`CANES VISITMiamis womens basketball team -- No. 13 in this weeks AP Top 25 -- was at the game, along with coach Katie Meier. For some, it was their first time at a Heat game. They were so excited, said Meier, whose team next plays Friday at Florida International.FREE THROWSIndiana came into the night as the leagues fourth-best team at the foul line, Miami as the very worst. The Pacers went 14 for 17, the Heat 14 for 25.UP NEXTPacers: Visit New Orleans on Thursday, the second game in a three-game, four-day trip.Heat: Host the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, the third game on this six-game homestand. Basketball Shoes Sale . On Tuesday, Ottawa placed forward Cory Conacher and defenceman Joe Corvo on waivers as trade rumours swirl around the Senators. Fake Basketball Shoes . Oyama had six birdies and two bogeys at Kintetsu Kashikojima in the event also sanctioned by the Japan LPGA Tour. "I have been having this neck ache thats been affecting my golf recently," Oyama said. .500 on the season. The Jets are now 0-5-1 in the second game of back-to-backs. The game started the same way the Vancouver game started the night before, with the Jets taking the first two penalties of the game and killing off the first, but the Oilers getting on the board first, scoring on the second man-advantage. RIO DE JANEIRO -- When it was all over, when they had the title they had coveted for years, Serbias jubilant players hung the countrys flag over one of the floating cages in the pool.The soaked flag said it all. Serbia had finally conquered the Olympic mens water polo tournament.Dusan Mandic scored four times, Branislav Mitrovic made 12 saves and Serbia dethroned Croatia with an 11-7 victory at the Rio Games on Saturday.This is maybe the best feeling in my life, center Slobodan Nikic said. I feel like Im flying.It was Serbias first Olympic gold medal in perhaps its favorite sport. The former Yugoslavia won three gold medals and Serbia and Montenegro lost in the 2004 final in Athens, but Serbia finished third in each of the previous two Olympics.After winning the world and European championships, Serbias star-studded roster had to deal with the burden of expectations when it arrived in Brazil. Then the pressure intensified when the team opened with a pair of draws and a surprising loss to the host country.But Serbia eventually found its way and closed with five consecutive victories by a combined score of 53-38. No settling for bronze this time around.We want this from the whole beginning of our careers, said Filip Filipovic, who scored two goals in the final and was voted tournament MVP.We trained so hard and so much. We suffer so much for this gold medal. As we saw, the road to this Olympic gold was very tough and very stressful for us.There were hugs on Serbias side of the pool as the final seconds ticked off, and the players jumped right in when it was over.Coach Dejan Savic avoided the traditional swim with his team, even sneaking off the deck for a moment before returning to the bench to watch the celebration. He wagged his finger and blew kisses to his players as they beckoned him to join them in the water.This is it for us. Lets say its game over, a grinning Filipovic said.Sandro Sukno scored three times for Croatia, which won gold in London. Basketball Shoes 2020. Javier Garcia Gadea had two goals.Serbia was the better team, Croatia coach Ivica Tucak said. We tried everything we had against them but they were just too physical and strong. The result shows that.Marko Bijac, who was voted the tournaments top goaltender and played a key role in Croatias run to the final, made five saves before he was replaced by Josip Pavic after Filipovic scored to make it 8-4 with 2:14 left in the third.They got easy fouls and they are such strong shooters, its very hard to stop, Bijac said.Italy beat Montenegro 12-10 for the bronze medal. Stefano Tempesti led the way with 10 saves, and Christian Presciutti scored four times.Its the second straight Olympic medal for Italy, which lost to Croatia in the London final. Italy also became the only country to medal in each water polo tournament in Brazil, with the women taking home silver on Friday.Its a great moment for (the) Italian water polo team, Tempesti said.The 37-year-old Tempesti had surgery on his right eye after he got hurt in the final match of the Italian championship in May. He finished with 51 saves in his fifth Olympics.Asked if the victory over Montenegro was his final game, he responded: I think so. Im quite sure, yeah.To be here with my eye, all the surgery, everything, day by day I had to learn how to come back in this Olympics, Tempesti said, and winning this medal, its the right reward, the best reward for what I have gone through in the last few months.Valentino Gallo added three goals for Italy, which lost to Serbia in the semifinals.Montenegro finished fourth for the third straight Olympics.We must make some changes, put some new players (on the team), but in this moment we dont have a lot of good young players, Montenegro coach Vladimir Gojkovic said. If we did they would be here now. ' ' '
A report has laid bare the woeful pay and conditions for W-League players as expectations ramp up on Football Federation Australia to improve the situation before the new season. Cheap College Jerseys 2020 .The Professional Footballers Australia (PFA) report, which surveyed almost two-thirds of W-League players last season, suggests players could walk away from the game because of the financial strain.Nine out of 10 players said they would consider leaving the sport early to pursue more lucrative opportunities.Thats understandable when a quarter of W-League players were paid less than $500 for the 16-week season, and 10 per cent werent paid at all.With an average cost of $2237 worn by each W-League player to play in the league, its likely more players than not were out of pocket for their participation.Only 15 per cent earned more than $5000 for the past season, which equates to $312 a week without factoring in pre-season training.The AFL has instituted a $5000 minimum payment for the inaugural AFL Womens season, which will be run over eight weeks in February and March 2017.Bizarrely, some W-League players are played more for their state league commitments than by their W-League clubs.The report will inform the newly formed W-League Working Party, established last week by FFA and PFA amid a climate of growing respect for womens sport.That committee will look at the leagues structure and format as well as club infrastructure and player conditions.PFA chief executive John Didulica said the report showed the depth of commitment the players have to their sport.The players are willing to go above and beyond to make their competition a success, he said.This research has been tabled with FFA and will be invaluable in assisting the W-League Working Party to identify the immediate priorities that need to be addressed to ensure the Westfield W-League can prosper.A collective bargaining agreement, minimum player payments and minimum medical conditions are on the working partys agenda. NCAA Jerseys 2020 .com) - The women will also have a new champion at the Australian Open. Fake NCAA Jerseys . Rob Manfred, baseballs chief operating officer, testified last week during the grievance filed by the players union to overturn Rodriguezs 211-game suspension. A person familiar with the hearing, speaking on condition of anonymity, told The Associated Press on Saturday that Manfred testified the sport wasnt concerned whether Bosch distributed performance-enhancing drugs to minors because MLBs interest was his relationship with players under investigation. . The native of Mont-Tremblant, Que., captured a World Cup downhill event Saturday, his second this year and fifth career victory on the circuit. BOSTON -- The Citgo sign that lights up the Boston skyline and is seen by baseball fans when a home run balls sails over Fenway Parks left-field wall has been granted preliminary landmark status.The 3,600-square-foot sign in Kenmore Square features a red delta and the blue word CITGO on a white background. There was fear it could soon be gone because the six-story building on which it sits is part of a parcel of Boston University buildings for sale.WHDH-TV reports thee Boston Landmarks Commission granted preliminary landmark status to the Citgo sign Tuesday. Fake College Jerseys. The status means the sign cant be changed or removed without the commissions approval.Further study will be done. The commission then would vote on whether to make the sign a landmark. The mayor and the City Council would have final say. ' ' '
DETROIT -- The Detroit Red Wings have avoided arbitration and signed defenseman Danny DeKeyser to a $30 million, six-year contract. Adidas NMD R1 Dam Rea .DeKeyser will count $5 million against the salary cap throughout the length of the deal. Agent Don Meehan confirmed the terms of the contract Tuesday, including modified no-trade protection beginning in the 2017-18 season.The restricted free agent and the club were scheduled to have their arbitration hearing on Thursday in Toronto.Instead, the 26-year-old has a long-term deal. The Western Michigan product has 14 goals and 61 assists in 234 regular-season NHL games and has averaged over 21 minutes of ice time. NMD Skor Rea . He said Tuesday thats a big reason why he is now the new coach of the Tennessee Titans. Whisenhunt said he hit it off quickly with Ruston Webster when interviewing for the job Friday night. Adidas Stan Smith Sverige . Detroit and Boston are deadlocked, 1-1, and Tigers manager Jim Leyland could be forgiven if he was caught rationalizing instead of dissecting how his club could blow a 5-1 lead late in Game 2. . -- Sergey Tolchinksy scored his second goal of the game 3:56 into overtime as the Sault Ste. MILWAUKEE -- As the Milwaukee Brewers reshape their on-the-field roster, the home ballpark will undergo the single largest improvement since it opened in 2001, team executives said Wednesday.An approximately $20 million transformation of the food and beverage concession areas on all four levels of Miller Park is expected to be completed in time for the April 3, 2017, home opener.The Brewers are partnering with concessionaire Delaware North to overhaul, reconfigure and rebuild the concession areas and bars. The restaurant group Hospitality Democracy will add new local offerings into the menu lineup, including Zaffiros Pizza, Smoke Shack barbecue, AJ Bombers hamburgers and Holey Moley Coffee and Doughnuts.A critical element of the project is going local, said team chief operating officer Rick Schlesinger. The project will build on Milwaukees flourishing restaurant industry.We are now joining in that renaissance, Schlesinger said.A redesigned bar on the right-field side of the loge level will feature 30 taps of craft beer from around Wisconsin. Adidas Superstar Rea. The Brewers will create a first base ward and a third base ward on the field level that will include 11 concession stands and two new bars open to views of the field.Delaware Norths general manager at Miller Park, Ken Gaber, said 100 additional cash registers will move fans through the concession areas faster. Concession staffing will increase to about 2,000 part-time workers, which includes 400 additional employees.The project is being funded by the Brewers ownership and Delaware North. Planning started a year ago with input from the fans, the Brewers said at a Miller Park news conference Wednesday. Executives in hard hats picked up sledgehammers and knocked holes in the wall of a concession building to signal the start of the project, which was already underway.Uihlein-Wilson Architects is the project architect, and Hunzinger Construction is the general contractor. ' ' '
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