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LEIPZIG, Germany -- Former Germany captain Michael Ballack bid goodbye to football on Wednesday, scoring three goals before a crowd of 45,000 in a charity match that was nearly called off because of flooding in eastern Germany. Cheap Custom Packers Jersey . Ballack scored twice for his "friends of Ballack" team and then scored one more for a "world selection" coached by Jose Mourinho. Ballack, who changed sides at halftime, played for Mourinho at Chelsea. The world selection won 4-3. The teams included the likes of Didier Drogba, retired Formula One great Michael Schumacher, Lothar Matthaeus, Andriy Shevchenko and Philipp Lahm. Authentic Custom Packers Jersey . Jordan Lynch, the all-purpose Heisman Trophy finalist from Northern Illinois, failed to make it into that exclusive club. Custom Rashan Gary Jersey . Louis Blues. Shane Hnidy joins Brian Munz for the broadcast on TSN 1290 Radio at 7pm ct. . LOUIS -- Alexander Steen scored a power-play goal with 59. 14/94 Anupam Sanklechas figures against Vidarbha - the best ever for Maharashtra. He is the first bowler to take 14 wickets in a match for Maharashtra. The previous-best figures were Sayajirao Dhanawades 13 for 58 against United Provinces back in 1948-49. Sanklecha took 7 for 25 and 7 for 69 in the two innings.3925 Rohan Prems total runs for Kerala in first-class matches - the highest by any batsman for Kerala. He beat Sunil Oasis tally of 3906 in his knock of 70 in the second innings against Goa. He also completed 4000 runs in his first-class career, 83 of those being scored for South Zone in the Duleep Trophy.5 Consecutive fifty-plus scores for Rohan Prem this season, including 130 and 70 in this round. He had not scored a single fifty in nine successive innings prior to this sequence, and was averaging 14.55. He is the highest run-getter for Kerala this season with 525 runs. The next-highest is Bhavin Thakkar (339), who iis 186 behind. Packers Jerseys China. 59 Vidarbhas total against Maharashtra - their fifth-lowest overall, and lowest since 57 in the first innings against Haryana in 2004-05. Their lowest is 40 against Rajasthan in 1977-78.233* Hanuma Viharis score against Tripura - the third-highest for Andhra in first-class matches. The top two are Srikar Bharats 308 in 2014-15 and Amit Patnaiks 264 in 2000-01 - both against Goa. This was Viharis fourth double-century in first-class cricket, of which three were scored for Hyderabad. He joined Andhra this season and, with 556 runs in nine innings, is their leading run-scorer.115 Deepak Hoodas average in this season - the best among all batsmen who have scored over 200 runs. He has scored 690 runs in eight innings with three centuries and a 98, which he scored in this round. ' ' ' 
MONZA, Italy -- Felipe Nasr said he was surprised to be given a penalty for his collison with Renaults Jolyon Palmer at the Italian Grand Prix. Matthew Judon Jersey .Nasr and Palmer made contact while vying for position at Turn 2, with Nasr appearing to drive across Palmer on the exit of the chicane. Nasr spun and, like Palmer, retired in the pits due to damage from the collison.However, he was then handed a ten-second time penalty. Fearing it would be carried over to the next race, Sauber sent him back out to serve the penalty before retiring again.The Brazilian was handed two penalty points on his superlicence and had to visit the stewards again after the race.I went to see [FIA race director] Charlie [Whiting] but that was nothing special Nasr said when asked about the meeting. There is not much to say really.Though he refused to be drawn on commenting about the crash Nasr made it clear he felt it was wrong for the stewards to blame him.I was a bit surprised [by the penalty]. What can I do? I got the penalty in the end and its not going to change if I say whether I was right or wrong. Its done.I felt like climbing up to 14th on the first lap was again putting in a good effort at the start, a good first lap and we could have at least hold on to the position, maybe fight for something better. Its a shame it ended up this way but we gotta keep on trying.Palmer and Nasr have a fiery history together from their time in GP2.Asked if he will speak to Palmer about the incident between now and Singapore, Nasr replied: No, I dont think its necessary. Marquise Brown Jersey Large . -- The Bishops Gaiters are showing they belong among the countrys top varsity football teams. Ben Powers Jersey .J. -- Marshawn Lynch said Thursday it will be good to get back to football after the Seattle quiet talking running back wrapped up his final mandatory media session of Super Bowl week. . -- Nate Robinson has played for seven teams, so beating one of them is no longer a rare occurrence. Mark Lisheron has attended Wisconsin games since 1970. He saw the Badgers suffer through a decade without a winning record and two lengthy stretches without a bowl appearance.But none of those sorry seasons featured the Wisconsin game Lisheron considers to be the worst he has ever witnessed. It was a game so utterly forgettable but also one never forgotten because of its status as a footnote in the college football history books.The date: Nov. 25, 1995.The teams: Wisconsin and Illinois.The place: Camp Randall StadiumThe stakes: Bowl eligibility for 5-5 Illinois; senior day pride for Wisconsin.The result: 3-3. Yes, a tie.As it turns out, the last tie in college football history. The sport introduced overtime in the 1995 postseason and for all games in 1996, which meant Illinois-Wisconsin, the regular-season finale, would become the final deadlocked collegiate contest.Some of college footballs most famous games ended in ties, including the 1966 Notre Dame-Michigan State clash, billed as the Game of the Century. Other notable ties include the 1946 Army-Navy contest and the 1973 Ohio State-Michigan game, which led to a controversial vote about the Big Tens Rose Bowl participant.The Illinois-Wisconsin tie, meanwhile, was in a different category.It generated nothing, Lisheron said. It was two feckless teams going back and forth. Ive been at games where Wisconsin has taken it on the chin, but Ive never been to a worse football game because nothing happened. Neither team moved!Those on the field shared the sentiment.The game itself its probably one of those everybody-wants-to-forget-it games, Wisconsin offensive lineman Chris McIntosh said. Did anybody leave that day happy?Despite the general dullness, the game featured more subplots than points. ?This is the story of The Last Tie.?Bevells last standDarrell Bevell deserved a better sendoff. He had been the face of Wisconsins football renaissance, coming to Madison by way of Northern Arizona University and a two-year Mormon mission in Cleveland. In 1993, he set team records for pass yards (2,390) and pass touchdowns (19) in leading Wisconsin to its first Big Ten title and Rose Bowl appearance in 31 years.But Wisconsin was 4-5-1 -- yes, the Badgers tied Stanford earlier that season -- entering Bevells senior day. He didnt make it to end of the game.Wisconsins uncharacteristically inconsistent run game and young and mediocre offensive line left Bevell exposed to a ferocious Illinois defense, led by Kevin Hardy and Simeon Rice, the Nos. 2 and 3 overall selections in the 1996 NFL draft.Bevell got knocked all over the stadium, recalled longtime Wisconsin broadcaster Matt Lepay. He kept getting up. I was thinking, Dude, get off the field.Illinois didnt record a sack in the first half but piled up hits on Bevell. One in particular, delivered by Rice and Hardy on a pass, deposited Bevell on his side, leaving him with terrible back pain.Darrell would play through anything, Badgers offensive tackle Jerry Wunsch said.Bevell pushed forward. It was senior day. His parents were in the stands. His abdomen ached at halftime, but the trainers couldnt tell him the exact cause.With three minutes left in the game, the pain had peaked and Bevell couldnt even bark the cadence. He hobbled off the field and went to the locker room on a golf cart. Before taking X-rays, he used the restroom and urinated blood.I still had my cleats on and I was looking at this little X-ray tech, said Bevell, now the Seattle Seahawks offensive coordinator. I remember saying, Im going, Im going. I just felt it. I ended up passing out.An ambulance transported Bevell to University Hospital, where he entered intensive care. The diagnosis: a lacerated kidney. His abdomen had filled with blood until it couldnt bleed anymore, he said.Had the blood gone through the lining in Bevells abdomen and into his legs, he would have needed surgery.?I was real fortunate, he said.After reaching the hospital, Bevell immediately wanted to know whether Wisconsin had won the game. Thats when he heard about the tie.It sucks, it sucks, he said. You dont feel like you win or lost. Its like, What did we do? Theres no credit either way.Illini bowled overA win over would have made Illinois bowl eligible, but it wouldnt have guaranteed a spot. Athletic director Ron Guenther had spent the days before the game furiously brokering bowl options. He proposed a scenario: if Illinois and Iowa won their last games and Michigan State lost its finale, Iowa would go to the Sun Bowl, Michigan State to the Liberty Bowl and Illinois to the Independence Bowl. Illinois had played East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl the previous year, and organizers didnt want a rematch.But MSU coach Nick Saban didnt want the Liberty Bowl, either, as the school hadnt?enjoyed its experience there two years earlier. If Michigan State had won its last game, it would have gone to the Sun Bowl, and Iowa would have accepted the Liberty Bowl, freeing up the Independence Bowl for Illinois. But a Spartans loss meant they would go to the Independence or Liberty, and they wanted Shreveport.After a week of talking with bowl officials, television networks and schools, Guenther told the Chicago Tribune that Illinois bowl hopes were on life support entering the Wisconsin game. Guenthers big selling point remained the Chicago TV market.I remember being in the press box with these guys who had flown in from the Independence Bowl, Guenther said. I had one of our donors with us, and we came down to stand on the sideline.They stood there in the final minute as Illinois drove to the Wisconsin 36-yard line. The Illini lined up for a 54-yard field-goal attempt that, if successful, would almost surely win the game.Guenther watched the ball flip toward the goal posts, right on line. It fell a few feet shy of the crossbar.In my opinion, its worse than a loss, Guenther said.The AD went to the locker room afterward, as he allways does. Custom Ravens T-shirts. But he had no idea what to say. The bowl reps? They just left.We knew 6-5 was going to put us in [a bowl], Hardy said. Theres a bit of emptiness. You didnt win, you didnt lose, but the game is over. Youre looking at the scoreboard and youre like, 3-3, thats ridiculous. This is our last game playing for Illinois. Its like, Whats going on now? I do remember being in the locker room and some guys were wondering, Do we still have a chance?We didnt have a losing season, but we didnt have a winning season, either.Maybe a foot shortThe plaque still hangs on Bret Scheupleins wall at his home in Florida.It reads:AT&T Long Distance Award Brett (sic) Scheuplein, Illinois Longest Field Goal November 25, 1995Perhaps the ultimate irony of The Last Tie is that it featured the longest made field goal in college football that week, a 51-yarder Scheuplein converted midway through the fourth quarter. The kick turned out to be Scheupleins career long and earned him a national honor.It was a cool day, 40 degrees at kickoff, but not overly windy or frigid for Wisconsin in late November. Scheuplein kept a hunting boot over his right foot to keep it warm and nearly forgot to remove it before kicking the 51-yarder.But it was his second attempt, the 54-yarder in the final minute, which lingers.It was actually a very good kick, Illinois punter Brett Larsen recalled. He hit it well. I dont remember what that wind was doing, but as soon as he hit it, I think he thought it was good. If I remember right, he kind of put his hands in the air, like, Yeah, thats good. And then it just fell short. It was like a yard short or a half-yard short, right in front of the crossbar.Scheuplein thought he had it, until he didnt.No one was hard on me, he said. It wasnt like I missed a 25-yarder. They knew it was a long shot. But its the ones you miss, those are the ones that stick with you, especially when theyre that close.As a kicker, you cant beat yourself up too much. But that one stung.Swan song for a man in stripesWisconsin-Illinois was college footballs last tie game, but for the Big Ten officiating crew at Camp Randall Stadium, it also marked the final game for J.W. Sanders, the field judge that day. Sanders had started officiating Big Ten games in 1975 before moving to the NFL for most of the 1980s. He returned to the college game for his final few seasons on the field.Referee Dick Honig gathered his crew for dinner in downtown Madison the day before the Wisconsin-Illinois game. The crew then returned to the InnTowner Madison, a few blocks west of the stadium, for their pregame meeting.That night, line judge John Kouris read a passage he had written for Sanders to the crew.An excerpt:When we step unto a torrid stadium floor in late August or stand tall in the November snow, wind and rain amidst the catcalls and epithets, we are not officiating a college football game. We are instead standing at the edge of time and looking into eternity.? And for those precious moments when we are sprinting down the sidelines with wide receivers less than half our age or jumping into skirmishes with young men twice our size, we are quenching our collective thirst with short sips from the fountain of youth.?We are the September winds sweeping across Midwestern towns -- Coal City, Cloverdale, Newton, Delphi? -- and hosts upon hosts of silo-filled, steeple-attended villages. We are the parched breath of autumn and the harbinger of summers death.Kouris said officials often got on one another for showing a sensitive side, but Sanders appreciated the tribute.?J.W. was a very well-respected official, Kouris recalled. He was always leading clinics and helping those of us wanting to get to the Big Ten. He was a prince of a guy.The officials had reviewed overtime rules during their clinic before the 1995 season. After the game, Kouris approached Honig.If this game was next year, wed still be playing, he said. Wed be freezing our ass off a lot longer. ?Hollow in historyWhen the game ended, those involved didnt give much thought to their involvement in a small piece of college football history.Even as they reflect on the game more than two decades later, the feelings arent overly fond.Wisconsin offensive tackle Jerry Wunsch: We just did all this work, blood, sweat and tears, people broke bones and no one got anything. It feels like a loss because you didnt win. The result is so deflating, actually.Illinois linebacker Kevin Hardy: Its not one of those situations we could have done anything different. There wasnt that, Oh no, it cant end like this! But in hindsight, we would have liked to be able to decide it.Wisconsin coach Barry Alvarez: It was just blah. You feel like nothing was accomplished. So the games over, you dont win, you dont lose, you cant celebrate. I wouldnt have wanted to be a fan in that stadium.Illinois punter Brett Larsen: Theres something to be said for history. That does make it intriguing, especially Notre Dame-Michigan State [in 1966], some of those games. But Im definitely in favor of overtime rules and giving somebody a chance to win.Wisconsin linebacker Tarek Saleh:? Many years later, its OK to talk about. I wouldnt want to advertise it, especially when I was 22 years old. Now its hey, we were part of something. You would rather have won the game and moved on, but its fine to be mentioned, somebody remembers you for something. So its not the worst thing in the world.For Badger fan Mark Lisheron, the game had one positive impact. It was the first time he and his longtime friend Dave Patterson took their young sons to a Wisconsin game.Dave and I have talked about that game many times over the years because of its forgettable-ness, Lisheron said. It felt like a big waste of time. But we were happy to get the boys together. ' ' ' 
Greater Western Sydney coach Leon Cameron admits he didnt believe a top-four finish was possible at the start of the season, but now the Giants have snared a double chance he believes they can win the flag. Nike Vapormax Wholesale .GWS guaranteed themselves a top-four spot with a clinical 37-point win over North Melbourne at Etihad Stadium on Saturday night.To sit in the top four, I definitely didnt think that that was going to happen, but as the momentum of the season has built you definitely change your beliefs and focus that you might be able to get there, Cameron said.Absolutely (we can win the flag). The season is just full of surprises. Im sure that West Coast is sitting there thinking they can win it, I think Adelaide will bounce back.I think anyone can win it and were sitting in the top four at the moment, which is fantastic.We get a double chance, where that takes us to, I believe that our players can go all the way. But in saying that, theres a hell of a lot of work to do.The Giants 16th win of the season came from a mature performance against a team theyd never beaten before with a big prize on the line and Cameron was proud of the way they rose to the challenge.GWS led by 11 points at halftime and looked in control of the contest for most of the second half against a team hell bent on performing well after a host of veterans, including much-loved midfielder Brent Harvey, were told their services were no longer required.This was a big game for us, Cameron said.We knew the Kangaroos would be up for it with what happened through the week.We came down here and we wanted to see how we handled that pressure in an environment where there were going to be lots of Kangaroos supporters and the game was going to hot.I was really proud that the boys stood up.The Giants moved into third with the win but will drop back to fourth if Hawthorn beat Collingwood as expected on Sunday, setting up a local derby against ladder leaders Sydney in the first week of the finals. Cheap Air Max 97 Wholesale . -- PGA TOUR Canada member Steve Saunders took a three-stroke lead Saturday in the Web. Cheap Air Max 1 Wholesale . The mixed zone is not a place to make friends. . Defencemen Drew Doughty, Shea Weber and forward Ryan Getzlaf also scored for the Canadians, who started their gold-medal defence 2-0. Goalie Roberto Luongo, getting the call in place of Game 1 starter Carey Price, was solid when needed in making 23 saves for the shutout.If the Winnipeg Goldeyes had any chance to catch the Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks in the race for first in the American Associations North Division, that chance took a beating on Saturday night. In front of 5,135 spectators (many of them from Winnipeg), the largest crowd of the season at Fargos Newman Outdoor Field, the RedHawks scored 12 runs on 19 hits off three Winnipeg pitchers and blasted the Goldeyes 12-5. Fargo broke open a 2-2 tie in the fourth with a seven-run barrage and pretty much guaranteed that the Goldeyes will need a miracle to catch them. With the loss, Winnipeg has now dropped 10 in a row to Fargo, dating back to last season, and lost its first series in the last six. The Goldeyes, who are 0-8 against the RedHawks this season, fell to 37-35 on the season and are now 7 1/2 games out of first in the North. As well, they are now 5 1/2 games behind Gary in the wild card race. With only 28 games remaining, its going to be quite a challenge to make up lost ground. The game was particularly disturbing for Goldeyes manager Rick Forney. Angered by the work of home plate umpire Anthony Sheets, Forney was tossed in the bottom of the seventh inning. He left his mark on the proceedings, however, by covering home plate with dirt and then tossing his huge wad of chewing gum on top of it. He tossed his hat for good measure. This one started out as a pretty good ball game in front of a crowd that included 713 standing-room ticket buyers. The Goldeyes openedd the scoring in the first, as Tyler Graham was hit by a pitch, stole second and scored on a single by Ray Sadler. Air Max 95 Replica. But Fargo tied it in the bottom of the inning, as Zach Penprase scored on a fielders choice by C.J. Retherford. Tim Alberts hit a solo homer off Goldeyes starter Pete Gehle in the second, but the Fish came back and tied it up in the fourth as Ryan Scoma singled and came around to score on a double by Ray Sadler. But the roof fell in on Gehle and the Goldeyes in the bottom of the fourth, as Fargo scored seven runs on seven hits as the RedHawks sent 11 batters to the plate. Winnipeg scored a couple of runs in the fifth. Graham was hit, stole second, went to third on a ground out and scored on single by Scoma. Later in the inning, after Sadler had walked and advanced to second on the RBI single by Scoma, he scored on single by Casey Haerther. The Fish added another run in the seventh, as Scoma walked, stole second went to third on a wild pitch and scored on a sacrifice fly by Mazzola, but that was it. Sadler had a good night for the Fish, going two-for-four with a walk, a run scored and an RBI. Scoma went two-for-four with a walk, a stolen base, a run scored and an RBI. Luis Alen had a single and a double in four trips, as the Fish pounded out nine hits. Fargo starter Paul Burnside (6-5, 5.80 ERA) got the win, while Gehle, (4-5, 4.84 ERA)) who allowed eight earned runs on 10 hits in just 3.2 innings, took the loss. ' ' ' 
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Like every team in the NBA, the Oklahoma City Thunder were hit hard with the news that TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager succumbed to his battle with Leukemia Thursday afternoon. Discount New Balance .Friday after practice, the Thunder players had a chance to express their thoughts on the man they all grew up watching.I think he was an incredible ambassador for our league, Thunder forward Nick Collison said. If you look at how popular the league is now and where it came from, he was a part of all that. He was in everybodys living room at home. I got a chance to talk to him quite a bit. These last couple of years when he was sick, he really made an impact on a lot of people. He made an impact on myself.Phoenix coach Earl Watson, who once played for the Thunder, also had nothing but high praise for Sager.Every genius, theyre not afraid of being who they are, Watson told He was a genius at his job, a genius at everything hes done. We all embraced him. Its like a great quote, I dont know who said it: Be who you are, the world will adjust. And hes the greatest example of that.According to a Thunder official, they do have something special planned to honor Sager.On the court, the Thunder (15-11) come into Saturday nights contest with Phoenix riding a two-game losing streak. They fell to Portland and Utah on back to back nights earlier in the week.However, both contests took place without guard Victor Oladipo, the teams second-leading scorer. Oladipo took a hard fall against Boston last week that knocked the wind out of him. In the process, he hurt his right wrist, which is why he sat out the two games.Without Oladipo, the Thunder are missing 16 points a game and the only other player outside of Russell Westbrook who can drive to the rim and make plays. But more importantly, they are missing their best defender in the back court.Defensively and offensively, he is a big part of our family, Enes Kanter said. Every game we need him bad. I just wish he gets well soon and gets to play with us.According to Oklahoma City coach Billy Donovan, Oladipo will be re-evaluated Friday to determine if he will be available to play against Phoenix.Even though the Suns (8-18) own the third-worst record in the Western Conference, playing them shorthanded at the guard spot is not an ideal situation.The combination of Eric Bledsoe, Devin Booker, TJ Warren and Brandon Knight average 68.9 points.Bledsoe has been especially dangerous for the Suns in the fourth quarter. Only Oklahoma Citys Westbrook has scored more points than Bledsoe in the clutch, which is the last five minutes of the fourth quarter or overtime with no team leading by more than five points.Im just being more aggressive, Bledsoe told, being confident; taking the shot and living with it. Discount Air Max 270 . Walcott is available for Saturdays home match against Southampton as Arsenal looks to extend its two-point lead at the top of the Premier League. The Gunners are currently the second highest scorers in the league but Wenger insists Walcott will add something extra to his team. Wholesale Vans Australia . Speaking to the Chicago Tribune at baseballs Winter Meetings in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, Boras called the former home of the Expos a "tremendous environment" for baseball. . Newcastle dominated in the early stages but City weathered the storm and then raised its game in extra time. Negredo broke the deadlock from close range after a simple move in the 99th minute before Dzeko took the ball round goalkeeper Tim Krul to seal the victory in the 105th.David Beckham says Zlatan Ibrahimovic is still among footballs best as the Manchester United striker won Swedens Golden Ball for the 11th time. Ibrahimovic, who was Beckhams team-mate at Paris Saint-Germain before the former England captain retired, has been awarded Swedens best player accolade every year since 2005 - bar 2006 - and will be honoured with a statue outside the Friends Arena - the countrys national stadium. Sky Sports Black Friday sale Upgrade to Sky Sports now and get 12 months half price! Beckham paid tribute to his close friend Ibrahimovic in a video message at the awards ceremony on Monday, and revealed why he is delighted the 35-year-old Swede is now at his beloved United. His physique, his passion, his love for the game, hasnt changed, Beckham said, as reported by TV4Sport . Hes still one of the greatest players that has ever played the game - one of the reasons why Im happy he is now playing at Manchester United, my team. Thanks for that, Zlatan. Zlatan Ibrahimovic has scored six Premier League goals for United this season On accepting his award, Ibrahimovic said: It feels unreal. Many are thinking Why him? and so on, but after all the hard work over 15 years in the national team and 20 years in my club career, it feels like its being appreciated.You usually get this after you die, but I still feel alive. When I die, this (statue) will live on forever.Beckham also admitted his favourite Ibrahimovic goal was his 30-yard overhead kick for Sweden in their 4-2 win over England in 2012, insisting only the United forward is capable of scoring such a goal. Ibrahimovic has scored six Premier League goals for Jose Mourinhos side this season after signing for the club in the summer, but missed the 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Saturday due to suspension. Beckham says Ibrahimovics overhead-kick against England in 2012 was the strikers best goal United are sixth in the table, nine points behind leaders Chelsea, but Beckham revealed Ibrahimovic will not tolerate losing. Air Max 270 Outlet Store. #160;For me, Zlatan is a player who has class, always wants to win, and he proved that when I moved to PSG, said Beckham. He was one of those players that it doesnt matter whether we were playing an important match in the French league, or on the training field, he wanted to win. Highlights of Uniteds 1-1 draw with Arsenal on Saturday If he wasnt winning, he was like one of my children. He would get upset, he would get angry, he would lose it. Not that my kids lose it, but Zlatan does. For me he is a winner. Upgrade to Sky Sports now and get 12 months half price. Hurry, offer ends December 4! Also See: Carra on underrated Mata Carrick the answer for Utd Allen over Ozil on UEFA list Jose: Why I left Rooney out ' ' ' 
OMAHA, Neb. Matthew Judon Jersey . -- Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte did their part. The longtime rivals are headed to another showdown at the U.S. Olympic swimming trials.Phelps and Lochte cruised through the semifinals of the 200-meter individual medley Thursday, with each winning his heat in dominating fashion.It means a lot, Lochte said. Ive been racing him in this event since, like, 2003. Hes a tough competitor. I just love racing against him because its a challenge.This one is especially significant for Lochte, an 11-time Olympic medalist who has yet to qualify for an individual event in Rio.Slowed by a groin injury, the 31-year-old Lochte missed out in the 400 IM -- a race he won at the Olympics four years ago -- finished fourth in the 200 freestyle and dropped out of the 200 backstroke.Although also entered in the 100 butterfly, Lochte is basically putting all his hopes on the 200 IM. A top-two finish will give him a spot, but he really wants a win over Phelps in Friday nights final before they head to the Olympics.Im feeling better, as far as, like, mentally, but physically, Im getting tired, said Lochte, who at the very least will be going to Rio as a relay swimmer. Tomorrow night will definitely be a good battle between me and Michael.Lochte was the top qualifier, at 1 minute, 56.71 seconds, while Phelps took the second spot in 1:57.61. That means theyll be right beside each other in the final, just as theyve been so many times in their dazzling careers.Phelps has already qualified for Rio in the 200 fly, but the most decorated athlete in Olympic history is eager to add two more individual races to his program. Hell be a big favorite in the 100 fly, a race in which Lochte doesnt figure to be a major threat.This is their only real chance to race.Him and I have gone back and forth a number of times in this race, Phelps said. During the big meets, we have great races. Were right there with each other tomorrow in the middle of the pool, probably a couple of tenths apart. Were going to be out and probably step on the gas a little bit more than we have in the past, and youll have an exciting race.Missy Franklin, on the other hand, didnt advance to the final of the 100 freestyle. The other big star from London struggled to an 11th-place showing in the semifinals, which leaves her with only one individual race in Rio and just one more chance to bulk up her program: the 200 backstroke.No matter what, Franklins bubbly personality will be much less of a presence at these Summer Games than it was four years ago.That speed just doesnt feel like its quite there this meet, she said. No idea why. Its super disappointing, but I really feel like my endurance is there, so it gives me a lot of hope for my 200 back.Franklin is going to her second Summer Games, but she wont be nearly as busy this time around. As a high schooler four years ago, Franklin took part in seven events and won four golds and a bronze. At age 21, shes shaping up as one of the biggest flops of the trials, besides a gutsy, runner-up finish behind Katie Ledecky in the 200 free. At the most, Franklin will swim three events in Rio.While Franklin is struggling, another Olympic gold medalist will get a chance to defend his title. Nathan Adrian, the burly 27-year-old who won the 100 freestyle in London, used a powerful finishing kick to win in 47.72 seconds. Caeleb Dressel will also get to swim the down-and-back sprint in Rio, after taking the second spot at 48.23.Anthony Ervin, the oldest swimmer at the trials, got off to a blistering start and led at the turn. But the 35-year-old couldnt hold on and faded to fourth in 48.54 while also touching behind Ryan Held (48.26). The top four are assured spots on the team for the 4x100 free relay, which means Ervin will be headed to his third Olympics.On the fifth night of the meet, Josh Prenot became the latest Olympic rookie to make the team when he knocked off Kevin Cordes in the 200 breaststroke. Cordes won the 100 breast and was more than a second under world-record pace at the final turn of the longer race. But Prenot, furiously bouncing up and down in the water, surged past Cordes on the final lap to win in 2 minutes, 7.17 seconds. He set an American record and finished just off the world mark of 2:07.01 held since 2012 by Japans Akhiro Yamaguchi.Also Thursday, Cammile Adams won the 200 butterfly after being briefly disqualified once day earlier during the preliminaries. The ruling that she made an illegal turn was quickly overturned after a review provided by the underwater camera, and Adams took advantage of her second chance to win with a time of 2:06.80. Hali Flickinger took the second Olympic spot in 2:07.50.Phelps is shooting to swim three individual races and will likely be part of all three relays. Also, he celebrated his 31st birthday on Thursday.I have a bunch of friends here, and my mom rented out a room, so were all going to get together and have some food, Phelps said.Then hell turn his attention to a familiar foe. Josh Bynes Jersey . Radwanska, making her debut in the Seoul tournament, hit eight aces in a match that lasted 1 hour, 4 minutes at Olympic Park tennis stadium. "It was definitely a very good match -- I was playing really good tennis," Radwanska said. Chris Moore Jersey .com) - The Montreal Canadiens will try to halt their longest losing streak of the season when they host the struggling New York Islanders in tonights clash at the Bell Centre. . From filmmaker Nanette Burstein (On the Ropes), The Price of Gold revisits the saga that rocked the figure skating world ahead of the 1994 Lillehammer Olympic Winter Games: the assault on Nancy Kerrigan, and the plot that led its way back to her rival Tonya Harding. TORONTO -- After a gutsy day of comeback tennis,?Grigor Dimitrov?has a twinkle in his eyes. This was supposed to be the?season the formerly eighth-ranked Bulgarian, who entered the Rogers Cup at No. 48, rediscovered his shot-making.Instead, it had become the one in which he dumped a match in Istanbul by racket-smashing his way to a DQ -- and otherwise twisted himself in knots.But right now all that feels, if not far away, at least not of the moment. In the space of a few hours Monday, the 25-year-old came back from nearly getting ousted by a Japanese challenger in his first-round match at the Rogers Cup to giving a surprisingly spirited aerial show with his doubles partner, Stan Wawrinka.Advancing past the first round of a non-Grand Slam event shouldnt have a revelatory feeling. But it does for Dimitrov, not least because of the way he did it -- breaking down the suddenly bewildered Yuichi Sugita, who was three points from winning in a second-set tiebreaker.After a half hours rest, Dimitrov came back, moved to a side court and, with only a handful of people watching, made aerial shots like the one where he leaped up on the ad side at net, twisted his body to adjust to a drive into his gut, and then moved his racket like a lead guitarist to redirect the ball sideways and low across the net so it kicked off the tape of the forehand doubles alley. Epic, was how he described it.These are the kind of matches I need to play now, Dimitrov said. Ive been working very hard, even though Ive had bad results.Expectations have always been high for Dimitrov, who was dubbed Baby Fed from the moment he came on to the scene, fair or not. Torrey Smith Jersey. I had a little burden all my life with Rogers thing, comparing me and all that, Dimitrov said 24 hours before the Swiss shut down his season to further rehab his knee. It started when I was a junior, and it didnt help. Didnt help at all. Ive been dealing with this all my career so far.Thank God thats all behind me.Dimitrov says hes done rebelling against comparisons.At some point in your life, he said, you need to sit down and say, What do I want to do? How do I want to be remembered? Whats my legacy? And whats important to me? This is the type of conversation I had with myself. Its very hard to look at the man in the mirror. Because you cant hide anything. I think, for me, OK, there were a lot of things I had to say to myself and accept.Digging himself out of the first round of the Rogers Cup doesnt qualify as career breakthrough -- not when his contemporary and Canadas hometown star, Milos Raonic, is coming off a Wimbledon final. But its a start.So are the Olympics.Unlike several of his fellow millennials, who dont see the sense of competing in an event that doesnt get them rankings points, Dimitrov sees another way to get his groove -- if not his gravitas -- back. Maybe more importantly, hes trying to rediscover how to have fun.In London, I didnt even get the chance to go to the village, Dimitrov said. Im going in the village now, so Im excited.The twinkle is back, in the eyes of a new man. ' ' ' 
Luke HarperD. Air Max Plus Tn Pas Cher .O.B.: Dec. 16, 1979Billed height: 6-foot-5Billed weight: 275 poundsBilled from: Rochester, New YorkSignature move: Discus clotheslineWWE main roster debut: July 8, 2013WWE Accolades1-time Intercontinental champion; won on Nov. 17, 2014 (Monday Night Raw)1-time NXT tag team champion (with?Erick Rowan); won on May 2, 2013 (NXT)Slammy Award winner Site Chaussure Pas Cher . According the Toronto Star, a knee injury will keep Sundin out of the lineup, which includes former teammates Gary Roberts, Darcy Tucker, Tie Domi and Curtis Joseph. Vapormax Flyknit Soldes . Durant finished with 24 points and 13 rebounds, Jackson matched his career high with 23 points on 10-of-14 shooting and Lamb scored 12 points on 5-of-7 shooting, lifting the Thunder to a 94-88 win over San Antonio and snapping the Spurs 11-game winning streak. . Luis Suarezs double powered Liverpool to a 4-0 victory over Fulham, and Southampton easily overcame Hull 4-1 to continue the south coast clubs impressive start to the season. Liverpool and Southampton sent Chelsea down to fourth place as the west London club was held to 2-2 at home.PHILADELPHIA -- Donovan McNabbs voice cracked and his eyes watered when he stood at the podium to give his retirement speech. Famously booed when he was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999, McNabb couldnt hide the tears when he called it quits 14 years later. The six-time Pro Bowl quarterback was back in Philadelphia on Monday to make it official, three years after he was traded from the Eagles and 21 months after taking his final snap in the NFL. "Special day," McNabb said. "Im not one for emotion, but this is pretty tough." Before McNabb even took the stage, team owner Jeffrey Lurie revealed that his No. 5 will be retired on Sept. 19. "The No. 5 has become synonymous with one of the greatest eras of Eagles football," Lurie said. "And ensuring that no one else will ever wear Donovans number, we honour one of the greatest playmakers to ever wear an Eagles uniform." McNabb will be inducted into the teams Hall of Fame and have his jersey retired on Sept. 19 when the Eagles play the Kansas City Chiefs on a Thursday night. Former Eagles coach Andy Reid, who drafted McNabb with the No. 2 overall pick in 1999, now coaches the Chiefs. "To be mentioned with the likes of Reggie White, Jerome Brown, Chuck Bednarik, Tommy McDonald, Brian Dawkins and all the other players who have paved the way for me, for my former teammates and for the current players, its truly an honour," McNabb said about becoming the ninth player in franchise history to have his number retired. Dawkins received the honour last year when his No. 20 was put on the shelf. Dawkins along with Brian Westbrook were among numerous former teammates and current Eagles in attendance for his ceremony. "It was a pleasure going to war with you," Dawkins told McNabb. "It was a pleasure going out and playing the game the way we that we played it because we enjoyed doing it and we did it at a high level for so long. I appreciate the way you played, the man that you are and I thank you. Its a pleasure to call you a friend. I love you, brother. Thank you." McNabb led the Eagles to five NFC championship games and one Super Bowl in 11 seasons in Philadelphia. But he failed to lead the team to its first NFL championship since 1960, and some hold that against him. "I apologized to the fans because that was my goal. I feel like I let them down," McNabb said. McNabb was a polarizing personality in Philadelphia from the day a busload of fans went to New York and booed him after he wwas chosen as the No. Air Max 270 Grossiste. . 2 overall pick. He was criticized heavily his final year with the Eagles and even more since his trade to Washington in 2010. But 30,000 fans who attended Sundays practice at Lincoln Financial Field gave McNabb the loudest ovation on Alumni Day. "They truly appreciate the effort I gave," McNabb said. McNabb is the teams all-time leader in pass attempts (4,746), completions (2,801), yards (32,873) and touchdowns (216). He led the Eagles to 100 wins, including nine in the playoffs. McNabb was one of four players in NFL history to have 30,000 yards passing, 200 TDs passing, 3,000 yards rushing yards and 20 TDs rushing, joining Hall of Famers John Elway, Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young. "His unique ability to make plays through the air and with his legs made him one of the most dynamic players this city has ever seen," Lurie said. "Donovan was the face and the focal point of so many of our great Eagles teams and he helped make this franchise a contender each and every year that he was here." McNabb played through pain often and once threw four touchdown passes in a game against Arizona after breaking his ankle on the first series. He missed the rest of the regular season that year, but returned for the playoffs. "There has never been a player tougher," Lurie said. "He didnt go around talking about how tough he was, but all of us remember that Arizona game in just one instance. Never one to complain and never one to talk about his injuries, he was a warrior." The 36-year-old McNabb started 13 games for the Redskins in 2010 after the trade, and six for Minnesota the following year. He then shifted into working in radio and television. McNabbs wife and four children joined him at the ceremony, which began with a video of his career in Philadelphia. Ironically, it didnt appear to include any passes thrown to Terrell Owens. McNabb teamed with Owens to lead the Eagles to the Super Bowl in 2004, but they feuded the following year and T.O. was kicked off the team. McNabb singled out many of his former teammates, including offensive linemen, running backs and fullbacks. He didnt mention any receivers, however. He saved his final words for Reid. "Last but not least, I want to thank Big Red for taking the chance and sticking with me in 99," McNabb said. "Eleven great years. Well forever be linked to together. But thats one of the things where I can honestly say, I love him. "We made history, big fella." ' ' ' 
RIO DE JANEIRO -- IOC strips Russia of gold in womens 4x100 relay from 2008 Olympics after Chermoshanskaya tests positive. Cheap Adidas Ultra Boost China . Balenciaga Triple s Cheap .J. -- Pitcher Carl Pavano is retiring after 14 major league seasons. Cheap Air Max 95 China . Dukurs winning time was 1 minute, 45.76 seconds, a quarter-second better than Russias Alexander Tretiakov. Lativas Tomass Dukurs was third, 1.41 seconds off the pace. Jon Montgomery of Eckville, Alta. .ca. Kerry, Just watched the shootout in the Coyotes/Leafs game and I have to ask, why was the James van Riemsdyk goal allowed to count? All of the video replays we were shown on TV were inconclusive about whether the puck had entirely crossed the line or not. NEW YORK -- Diana Taurasi scored 15 of her 20 points during a five-minute span in the third quarter to help the U.S. womens Olympic team beat Australia 104-89 on Sunday in an exhibition game at Madison Square Garden.Elena Delle Donne added 19 points for the Americans in the final tuneup for both teams before they head to Rio for the Olympics that begin next weekend.The U.S. and Australia are the top two teams in the world and are expected to face off for the gold medal in Rio at the Olympics. The Americans have won the past five Olympic gold medals, while Australia has won the bronze or silver at every Olympic Games since 1996.The Americans won every game on their exhibition tour, starting with a four-point victory over a U.S. select team. They also cruised to wins over Canada and France. The U.S. will make a brief stop in Houston to meet up with the mens team before flying to Rio on Tuesday.The Australians got off to a strong start, hitting six of their first 10 shots, including three 3-pointers to build a 17-11 advantage early on. But the depth on the U.S. team wore down the Opals.Delle Donne rallied the Americans, scoring 11 points in the first quarter, hitting all four of her shots.The U.S. scored the first 13 points of the second quarter, including eight by Angel McCoughtry, to build the advantage to 41-25 that capped off a 30-8 burst.Australia wouldnt go away, though. Penny Taylor, who tolld the AP over the weekend that she was retiring after the WNBA season ends, and Leilani Mitchell helped the Opals cut the deficit to 54-48 at the half. Brand Name Shoes Wholesale China. Taurasi took over in the third quarter. She got hot from the outside, hitting three 3-pointers during that five-minute span to help the U.S. extend its lead to 77-58. The crowd of over 13,000 fans stood on their feet and began chanting U-S-A. Australia, which won its first two games in the exhibition tournament, could not recover.Liz Cambage led Australia with 22 points despite being saddled by foul trouble. Mitchell finished with 18 points for Australia.The U.S. honored former Olympians Teresa Edwards, Lisa Leslie, Dawn Staley, Gail Marquis and Juliene Simpson after the game. The national team stayed for the ceremony and cheered on the former greats. Marquis and Simpson were on the 1976 team. Edwards, Leslie and Staley helped start this run of five straight gold medals. After the former greats were introduced to the crowd, the current team ran over and hugged and high-fived them.The Americans have won 41 consecutive Olympic contests with the last loss coming in the 1992 bronze medal game. They also have never lost to Australia, going 19-0 in exhibition games, world championship contests and the Olympics. ' ' ' 
KANSAS CITY, Mo. Air Force 1 Australia . -- Bruce Chen had the Boston Red Sox popping up and out. Chen outdueled Jon Lester and the Kansas City Royals defeated the Boston Red Sox 5-1 Thursday night. The Royals won for the 16th time in 20 games since the All-Star break. The Red Sox, who have the best record in the American League, lost for only the third time in 10 games. Chen retired 15 on fly-ball outs. "A phenomenal job," Royals manager Ned Yost said. "He was ahead in the count most of the night. He commanded the ball down, commanded the ball up, changed speeds. Anytime you see a lot of popups, out-front swings, you know Bruce is on his game and he got an awful lot of them tonight." Chen, who was making his fifth start since beginning the season in the bullpen, did not allow a runner past first base until the eighth and retired 11 in a row in one stretch. He gave up five singles, walked one and struck out two before leaving with two outs in the eighth inning. "Movement on the ball," Chen said of the high number of fly outs. "They see it and at the last moment, it cuts or sinks or theyre a little bit out in front. I think, also, the combination of different pitches, not repeating the same pitch or same pattern has to help. Brett (Hayes, the catcher) did a really good job of reading the hitters." Hayes, who was just called up from Triple-A Omaha, had not caught Chen since spring training. "Bruce was being Bruce," Hayes said. "He kept hitters off balance, throwing all of his pitches for strikes, making them chase and out in front. Hes just a veteran who knows how to pitch. Anybody who pitches like that is fun to catch, especially him." Red Sox manager John Farrell was impressed with Chen. "He varied his arm angle, varied his speed, stayed out of the middle of the strike zone, then he would elevate to give us a different look," Farrell said. Luke Hochevar got the final four outs for his second career save. Lester (10-7), who came into the game with a 6-2 record and 1.64 ERA in nine starts against the Royals, needed 41 pitches in the first inning when Kansas City sent eight men to the plate and scored three runs. Jonny Gomes fielding error on Alex Gordons fly to left made two of the runs unearned. Lorenzo Cain, who opened the inning with a double, scored on Gomes misplay. Mike Moustakas two-out single to right with the bases loaded scored Billy Butler and Gordon to make it 3-0. "Moustakas had a huge hit to put us by three," Yost said. Rubby De La Rosa replaced Lester in the eighth and Butler hit his first pitch out to centre for his 10th home run. Justin Maxwell homered with two outs to make it 5-0. "Obviously it was a long first, a lot of pitches," Lester said. "I knew I had to somehow grind my way through it and get seven, save the bullpen. Thats something you have to learn to do, to find a way in those outings to go six or seven or maybe eight, and I was able to do that." Lester, who was roughed up for six runs and 11 hits in 4 1-3 innings by Arizona in his previous start, shut down the Royals after the first, allowing just two more singles in seven innings. "I thought he righted himself and did a tremendous job to go seven and give us an opportunity to win," Farrell said. Stephen Drew, who had two hits to extend his hitting streak to a season high nine games, singled home Gomes in the ninth for the only Red Sox run. "Bruce is the star of the game," Butler said. "He absolutely pitched his game. He held down a pretty good offence." NOTES: The Royals optioned LHP Danny Duffy to Triple-A Omaha and purchased the contract of LHP Francisley Bueno from their Pacific Coast League affiliate. ... Daniel Nava came off the paternity leave list and started at first base for the Red Sox, who optioned RHP Steven Wright to Triple-A Pawtucket. ... DH David Ortiz, who had started 95 games, was not in the Red Sox lineup. "Its not injury related," Farrell said. "Its just a day. Truth be told, wed expected more off days overall than he has been." ... Red Sox RHP Clay Buchholz, who went on the disabled list June 18 with a neck strain, is scheduled to throw 25-30 pitches off the mound Friday. Cheap Air Max 90 Australia . PAUL, Minn. Custom Air Force 1 Australia . On Tuesday, Ottawa placed forward Cory Conacher and defenceman Joe Corvo on waivers as trade rumours swirl around the Senators. .05 million next season unless Graham and the Saints subsequently agree on a long-term deal. The designation was released Monday after the deadline passed for NFL teams to use franchise or transition tags on players becoming free agents. BIRMINGHAM, Ala. -- Tyler Madison scored 16 points, Hakeem Baxter added 15 and UAB gave Robert Ehsan a victory in his debut as the Blazers head coach in an 86-66 victory over Arkansas-Pine Bluff on Friday night.Chris Cokley added 14 points and eight rebounds, Dirk Williams 13 points and Javien Williams 11.The Blazers rolled to a 44-21 lead at halftime and were up by as many 33 in the second half.UAB only made 3 of 16 3-point attempts but outscored the Golden Lions 40-18 in the paint.TThe Blazers, coming in with tied for the fifth-longest home winning streak, extended that run to 26. Air Max 95 Store. They havent lost at home since Dec. 18, 2014. With the win over Golden Lions, the Blazers are 49-0 against Southwestern Athletic Conference teams.Ghiavonni Robinson had 13 points, Charles Jackson 12 and JoeRandle Toliver 11 for the Golden Lions. ' ' ' 
SANTA CLARA, Calif. Fake Supersonics Jerseys . -- Not even in grade school, Tom Brady cried from his seat at The Stick when Dwight Clark made The Catch.The New England quarterback had so counted on playing at Candlestick Park in 2008, his first NFL game back home in the Bay Area against the 49ers team he watched Joe Montana lead when Brady was a boy.Then, a season-ending knee injury spoiled his plans. He cant quite believe it took until age 39 and his 17th NFL season to finally get a shot on San Franciscos home field.I had everything arranged and set up before the season for my family and friends, and then I got hurt, Brady said. So it is (shocking), it is. It will be a lot of fun. Ive got a lot of people coming to the game and it will just be a great environment.This could perhaps be the only time Brady gets the opportunity, and he should feel pretty confident about his chances of winning with the AFC East-leading Patriots (7-2). The New England quarterback might have to change teams to visit Levis Stadium again after Sundays matchup with the Niners (1-8), losers of eight straight since a season-opening win against the Rams.He was there when Clark leaped high and pulled down the Montana touchdown pass that helped send San Francisco to its first Super Bowl after the 1981 season.I was, I think 4 years old and my parents brought me. I cried -- I wanted one of those foam fingers and I cried the entire first half, Brady recalled. Finally, my dad bought me one to shut me up for the second half. I think I have a picture of it.It was just a great. I remember we were on the opposite side of the stadium, and I started crying when everyone jumped up and screamed at the end when Dwight made the catch. I still have those memories.San Francisco went to New England in 2004 and again in 2012 to win 41-34 during the 49ers Super Bowl season.It was a great feeling to go up there, get that victory, especially against a team like that, quarterback Colin Kaepernick said. It was huge and it was another confidence builder for our team.Here are some things to watch for Sunday:BETHEAS FIRST PICK: San Francisco safety Antoine Betheas first career interception is still plenty fresh 10 years later. He has the ball at home in a case.It came with the Colts against Brady, in Foxborough, on Nov. 5, 2006, the first of three career picks he has of Brady passes.Its definitely something I remember, out there in Foxborough, Bethea said. Of course Im always going to remember that, especially because it comes on a top-caliber quarterback.HOT TICKET: Brady, who grew up in nearby San Mateo, has arranged countless tickets for Sunday -- more than ever.I may never get the opportunity again, so its nice to have all the support, and Ive had a lot from the Bay Area over the years, Brady said. My high school, my elementary school, and I still have so many friends from growing up, and coaches, my family, my aunts and uncles, cousins. It will just be a lot of fun to be out there.KAEPERNICK IMPROVES: After failing to complete even half of his passes in each of his first two starts, Kaepernick has been much sharper the past two weeks after the bye.Healthy again after three surgeries, and promoted in favor of Blaine Gabbert last month, he is completing 59 percent of his passes for 304 yards, three touchdowns, one interception and a 96.8 passer rating.ROOKIE WOES: Patriots rookie defensive back Cyrus Jones returned last week against Seattle after being a healthy scratch for three straight games following his ejection during New Englands win at Cleveland on Oct. 9. During an up-and-down first year, he also has struggled to find consistency as a kick returner.Jones performance will determine how much he is on the field.It doesnt necessarily stay the same, Patriots coach Bill Belichick said. It hopefully gets better, but we just have to evaluate those performing opportunities.LEWIS RETURNS?: Pats running back Dion Lewis was taken off injured reserve last week, but was inactive against Seattle. He has made progress since returning to practice, but the Patriots are unlikely to rush him.New England is getting great production out of LeGarrette Blount, who leads the league with 12 touchdowns rushing. James White has also been a solid pass catching option out of the backfield, hauling 33 receptions for 290 yards and three touchdowns.I think any time a player is coming back from missing a significant amount of time, theres a certain buildup process, Belichick said of Lewis. Its hard to predict how thats going to go.---AP Sports Writer Kyle Hightower in Boston contributed to this report.---For more NFL coverage: and Spencer Haywood Jersey . In Europe, top teams seem to be largely happy with their squads after spending nearly $1 billion in the off-season. And although English league clubs are unlikely to splash cash in January, Arsenal and Chelsea could be tempted to strengthen their squads with new strikers. Jim McIlvaine Jersey . Ouellette, from Montreal, already has three Olympic gold medals since joining the team in 1999. .Y. -- Vancouver Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo had little trouble picking up his first shutout of the season against a Buffalo Sabres team thats having trouble scoring goals. RIVIERA MAYA, Mexico -- Sisters Morgane and Kim Metraux combined for a 7-under 137 on Wednesday to give Switzerland a one-stroke lead over South Korea in the Womens World Amateur Team Championships.Morgane opened with a 68 and Kim shot 69 at Mayakoba El Camaleon. They are teammates at Florida State.The 19-year-old Morgane played her final nine holes in 5-under 31, following two birdies with an eagle. She also closed with a birdie to help Switzerland top the team leaderboard.I actually had a bad nine to start with a double-bogey, but I made a 90-foot putt for an eagle on the fifth hole, my 14th, Morgane said. I just focused and the score just came. It is always better to just try to enjoy the day. I think I only missed one or two fairways, which is the key here.She was tied with South Koreas Hyun Kyung Park atop the individual leaderboard .The 21-year-old Kim had four birdies and a bogey.Its always good to see your countrys name, Kim said. Its always good at thee top of the leaderboard. Lenny Wilkens Jersey. Azelia Meichtrys 73 did not count in Switzerlands team total.South Korea played on the Iberostar Playa Paraiso layout, counting a 68 from Park and a 70 from Hye-jin Choi.I didnt expect to be tied for the lead on the individual leaderboard, but I am very happy, the 16-year-old Park said. I am really willing to make history and win the championship as Korea did in 2010 and 2012 because those players have had great success on the LPGA Tour, and I want to follow in their footsteps so that other juniors can look up to me the same way I look up to them.Japan was third at 142, also playing at Mayakoba El Camaleon. Nasa Hataoka and Hina Arakaki each shot 71.The United States was tied for seventh at 2 over. Katelyn Dambaugh had a 72, and Mariel Galdiano and Andrea Lee each shot 74 at Mayakoba El Camaleon. ' ' ' 
Valtteri Bottas has no concerns he will be left on Formula Ones sidelines when the final driver line-ups for 2017 start to emerge after the summer break. Vegas Golden Knights Shirts .Outside of the top three teams, the driver market remains in flux as it waits on the decisions of a few key drivers and teams to fall into place. One of those teams is Williams, which has shown interest in Jenson Button if he is replaced by GP2 champion Stoffel Vandoorne at McLaren, but has made clear it will not take the 2009 champion at any cost.Despite having a contract with Force India for 2017, Sergio Perez remains a key player in the driver market after making clear that he could take his Mexican funding elsewhere if he sees fit. That makes him a potential target for Williams as well as the restructuring Renault team, which is looking to build its future around a committed driver.Where that leaves Bottas -- who has raced for Williams since 2013 -- remains to be seen, but he is confident he will still have a seat on the grid when the music stops.First of all, Im very confident Ill be in Formula One next year, he said. As for Williams, I cannot say, its too early to say. Normally everything has been confirmed and signed around September, so Im not worried at all.We need to wait and see for everything to be confirmed. For me it has always been decided after the summer break, so Im not really in a rush with that.Bottas said negotiations over the coming races will not distract him from his racing.For me its very natural to speak directly with the team, and its nice to be more involved because Im extremely interested in my own career. Its been no problem, no distraction.As I said, Im not worried at all about my future in Formula One. I havent thought about anything else. My life is Formula One now so I havent thought about anything else. Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey . Despite the cost, effort and an improved steroid test, its possible that very few -- if any -- positives will be detected, Dr. Richard Budgett told The Associated Press in an interview. "We just dont know what the results from Torino will be," Budgett said. Golden Knights Jerseys China . Instead of dwelling on the negative, Oates focused on what was good about the clubs recent play. It worked. . "I was fortunate to play many years at this level with a great organization and unbelievable teammates," said Hejduk in a statement. What is #CFBrank? #CFBrank is the Twitter hashtag to use if you want to get involved in the discussion or just follow along.How did we rank the players? We asked 32 of ESPNs college football writers, editors and analysts to rate players on a scale of 0-10 based on their expected contributions for the 2016 season.100-91 | 90-81 |?80-71 |?70-61 | 60-51 |50-41 | 40-31 |?30-21 | 20-11 | 10-1Cam Robinson Alabama Crimson Tide Junior | Offensive Tackle Score: 8.97With Laremy Tunsil off to the NFL, Robinson is now the most talented offensive lineman in the league. A likely future first-round draft pick, the 6-foot-6, 327-pound former five-star prospect and Freshman All-American enters whats likely to be his final season at Alabama.Jabrill Peppers Michigan Wolverines Sophomore | Linebacker Score: 8.98Peppers might be the most versatile player in college football this season. Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh said the only player whom he has coached with the same ability to learn on the fly as the sophomore linebacker was Andrew Luck. That football intelligence combined with freakish athleticism is a scary combination.Desmond King Iowa Hawkeyes Senior | Cornerback Score: 9.03Iowa was thrilled when the 2015 Jim Thorpe Award winner decided to return for his senior season. King tied the school record with eight interceptions last year, ranking second in the FBS in that category. The four-year starter is a lockdown cornerback whos crucial to the Hawkeyes success.Royce Freeman Oregon Ducks Junior | Running Back Score: 9.14Freeman is a fast back, just like all Ducks runners seem to be. But what sets him apart is size: At more than 230 pounds, Freeman mixes that athleticism with enough brute force to topple defenders. That combination makes him a yardage machine and one of college footballs bona fide weapons.Baker Mayfield Oklahoma Sooners Junior | Quarterback Score: 9.21A superb leader and big-time playmaker, Mayfields 2015 season included 3,700 passing yards and 43 total touchdowns as he won Big 12 Offensive Player of the Year honors. Now, with a year in Lincoln Rileys offense under his belt, Mayfield could be even better in 2016.Myles Garrett Texas A&M Aggies Junior | Defensive Lineman Score: 9.59Arguably the nations best pass-rusher, Garrett, who combines exceptional speed, athleticism and strength, has 24 sacks and 33.5 tackles for loss in two years of work in College Station. Cody Glass Jersey. Garretts sack numbers are tied for the most in FBS the past two years, but his sack goal for 2016 is 20.Dalvin Cook Florida State Seminoles Junior | Running Back Score: 9.60Its not a runaway that Deshaun Watson is the ACCs best player as Cook garnered preseason offensive player of the year votes from conference coaches. No player had as many explosive plays as Cook last season, and this upcoming fall he will be running behind a seasoned offensive line.Christian McCaffrey Stanford Cardinal Junior | Running Back Score: 9.90Hes the most versatile player in the nation. Last season, McCaffrey shattered Barry Sanders single-season NCAA all-purpose yardage record, dazzling at running back, receiver, returner and even quarterback (on two touchdown passes). The scariest part is that he did all that as a 19-year old; word is that McCaffrey is faster and stronger now.Leonard Fournette LSU Tigers Junior | Running Back Score: 9.97The question is not whether Fournette belongs around the top of this list -- he obviously does -- its how he possibly tops his unbelievable sophomore season. Fournette rushed for 1,953 yards (second all-time in the SEC) and led the nation with 162.8 rushing YPG. Can he claim a Heisman Trophy as an encore?Deshaun Watson Clemson Tigers Junior | Quarterback Score: 9.98Heres the list of quarterbacks in college football history with 4,000 yards passing and 1,000 yards rushing in the same season: Watson. Thats it. The Clemson QB confounded defenses all season in 2015, accounting for 47 touchdowns en route to an ACC title and a trip to the national championship game. Watson enters 2016 as one of the favorites to win the Heisman Trophy.100-91 | 90-81 |?80-71 |?70-61 | 60-51 |50-41 | 40-31 |?30-21 | 20-11 | 10-1Voters: Andrea Adelson, Edward Aschoff, Brian Bennett, Kyle Bonagura, David Ching, Heather Dinich, Matt Fortuna, Kevin Gemmell, David Hale, Travis Haney, Brock Huard, Chantel Jennings, Sharon Katz, Sam Khan Jr., David Lombardi, Chris Low, Tom Luginbill, Ivan Maisel, Ryan McGee, Erik McKinney, Ted Miller, Dan Murphy, Max Olson, Greg Ostendorf, Adam Rittenberg, Alex Scarborough, Jared Shanker, Mitch Sherman, Phil Steele, Jake Trotter, Tom VanHaaren, Austin Ward ' ' ' 
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