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So you’ve been hitting your keto macros, but are you still wondering whether or not you’ve achieved ketosis? Here’s how to tell whether or not you’ve made the official switch to burning more fat for energy.

On a side note, low carbohydrate diets that are not ketogenic, have a similar effect on many individuals. I have to believe that one’s response to a particular type of diet has a lot to do with their gut microbe makeup.

There are scientists on both sides of the debate—both for and against a blanket prescription of low-carb diets for performance. Well, some sports requiring high endurance make the athlete likely to run out of stored muscle glycogen.

Longer fasts of 24hrs or more can be used as an additional tool in your Keto toolbox. A prolonged fast, combined with light exercise will quickly deplete your body’s glycogen stores and get you into ketosis. A restricted eating window is defined each day, for instance 8 hours in the evening, during which all your calories for the day are consumed. The other 16 hours of the day you go without food (hopefully 8 hours of this is spent sleeping!) Some limit their eating window even further, for instance doing a 20 hour/ 4 hour split. ou can ask questions, and see what other recipes and tricks people are using to get into ketosis.



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