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When choosing a remedy for the relief of migraines, it is necessary to make sure that there are no contraindications to the drug, in its compatibility with other medications taken by the patient, and also discuss with the patient the possible side effects of the drug. It is difficult to predict an individual response to a specific pain medication .

 Complete relief from pain is not always achievable. For example, according to research results, complete relief of pain within 2 hours after taking triptans was observed in 45-77% of patients.

 American and European experts in the field of headache studies have proposed a number of general strategies in the selection of therapy for the relief of migraine attacks . 

NSAIDs, simple analgesics (paracetamol), and caffeine-containing combination analgesics are considered the first choice for relieving migraine attacks (mild, moderate, or severe) if they have been effective in treating previous attacks. Triptans are the first choice for relieving migraine attacks for which NSAIDs or over-the-counter analgesics are ineffective. In the last described situation, it is possible to use preparations of ergot alkaloids (ergotamine, dihydroergotamine).

Analgesics with a high level of evidence-based efficacy and are recommended for the relief of migraine attacks

Triptans are selective 5-HT (1B / 1D) receptor agonists. This group of drugs is intended for the relief of migraine attacks and is not recommended for the treatment of other types of headache, with the exception of cluster headache. All triptans have been validated in large, placebo-controlled trials.

To learn more about effective remedies for migraine headaches visit Pocket Drug Guide. Take care of your health

Hand-drawn video ads are most often relevant when an animated character is the face of an advertising campaign. Advertising with real actors may not fit the budget, or, on the contrary, the business owner is ready to invest more money to achieve a better result by turning to modern technology. And bright, memorable advertising with animated video sequences - this is a number of advantages:

Ample opportunities. Animation today is a universal tool that allows you to create videos adapted for placement on any video content platform.

Attractiveness. Animated content is always of interest to people, because a beautiful, and most importantly, interesting video, carefully drawn by professional animators, is something that is really pleasant to watch. This not only solves an important marketing problem, but also allows you to attract a loyal audience, because the viewer does not even always realize that there is an advertisement in front of him.

Informativeness. Animated videos are usually short in duration, but capacious in content. With the help of visual images, they are able to convey the maximum amount of information useful about the product / service for a minimum of time spent on viewing.

Animated advertising can be designed in several ways, depending on its purpose:

Traditional animation. A classic type of animated video in which the animator draws each frame sequentially, creating the illusion of movement. Then audio material (music, voice acting, etc.) is superimposed on the video, and an animated advertisement is formed.

2D infographics. The type of video content on the basis of which animated ads are often built. The main purpose of 2D infographics is to briefly and, at the same time, comprehensively tell about the advertised product, with the participation of vector characters.

3D infographics. In general, the same as video infographics, but using volumetric 3D models. Such animation is more like a constructor, in which an animated object has its own "skeleton" due to which its movement is carried out. You can read more about this here.

Motion design. One popular way to create animated social media ads is using key framing to create a smooth transition between frames. In this case, the animator's ability to understand the basics of composition, angles and camera movements comes to the fore.

You do not need to rack your brains over which option in your case will be more "winning" - entrust it to specialists

 Instagram subscribers are active users of the social network who themselves are interested in the news of the person they follow. These can be both profiles of ordinary users and stars of various sizes and brands. Let's dwell on the latter. In order for company dealerships to attract interested followers on the brand's Instagram, you can use one of the following methods.

I. HashtagsTo arouse the interest of real users, it is worth making attractive content with relevant hashtags in the amount of no more than 2-3. Limit yourself only to thematic signatures, so you can attract targeted followers on Instagram. If you do otherwise, then a large proportion of the resulting followers will turn out to be fakes, signed as a result of automated actions, and they are unlikely to ever buy from you.

II. Instagram advertisingToday, this is the most effective and safe way to get new subscribers interested in the promoted profile. Instagram, as a photo service, involves first of all communication through images, and only then through words. Try to "get to the point" when choosing photographs for advertising. They need to be attractive, vibrant, and crucially high resolution.

III. SubscriptionsWhat are Instagram subscriptions?
You can subscribe to profiles that interest you in order to receive a reply subscription, and then post photos that will appeal to your readers. This is one of the popular ways to grow your subscriber base. Instagram frankly does not like him, and therefore he is one of the most dangerous: careless actions in order to artificially attract interest are punished by irrevocably deleting the account.
A short parting word before starting promotion:
use high-quality photographs;act honestly;be natural.

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Not sure how to entertain yourself on long winter evenings during quarantine? We share the top tips for those who decided to try playing at an online casino.

If you have already searched the entire Internet, watched all the TV series, read all the books and still do not know what to do at home - it's time to try something new.

An excellent option for those who are tired of board and video games can be gambling, which has recently become legal in our country.

During the quarantine period, most people spend their leisure time at home. That is why online casinos have gained particular popularity, which today advertise on the network at every step.

The ability to play card games for real money against opponents or try your luck in virtual slot machines is a really good alternative to other pastime.

However, in addition to the fact that gambling can be addictive, it is worth remembering about scammers who will try to deceive you and will not allow you to fully enjoy the game.

In this regard, the question arises: where to start a beginner who has never tried to gamble online?

We've collected five top tips from experienced gambling users to help you enjoy your day at one of the online casinos without any problems.

1. Find a reliable and legal online casino here

Despite the legalization of the gambling business, there are still a lot of "gray" online casinos on the network that have received a license in other countries.

As a rule, such platforms do everything to lure money out of users and prevent them from withdrawing any winnings.

Therefore, before starting the game, it is better to select several reliable companies licensed to operate in Ukraine, register your account by providing documents confirming your identity and age, and, most importantly, try to withdraw money from the account.

If there are no problems at any of these stages, feel free to start the game.

2. Try to start with free games

Even if you feel like you can start right away with real money bets, it is best to try your luck at the free play with play chips or points first.

Most reputable online casinos should have such game modes.

The free game will not only help you practice, but it can also whet your excitement so you can skillfully confront experienced players.

During such a game, it is advisable to pay attention to the moves and tricks that you can turn without risking losing money. As in any other field, training and education is the key to success in gambling.

It is also better to start playing for real money with small stakes.

3. Don't forget to rest

In order to control your passion and not make wrong decisions, experts advise you to schedule breaks.

Most online casinos (like regular casinos) are designed to attract as many players as possible and keep them playing for as long as possible.

If you start to feel tired or an overwhelming desire to continue playing, despite frequent defeats, you urgently need to leave the room and stop using the device for a while.

It is best to pre-determine the amount of time you can spend gambling and set a timer / alarm to remind you of your personal limit.

Remember that responsibility in gambling is the main rule.

4. Fight your greed

Uncontrolled profit motivation, or more simply, greed, is the most common problem faced by almost all players.

If you want to get the most out of the game while conserving your funds, you need to continually develop restraint and self-discipline.

Several wins can bring you a sense of luck and the desire to bet even more, to complete the most risky moves. Experienced gamblers know that this is the most dangerous path in gambling, which often leads to the fact that users are left with nothing.

Popular wisdom says that a titmouse is better in hand than a pie in the sky. Remember this if you suddenly want to turn your game into a means of earning.

5. Avoid alcohol while playing

Any casino games are often associated with alcohol consumption. Remember how the heroes of many films hit the jackpot, washing down their victory with several glasses of whiskey on ice.

In fact, only casino owners benefit from drinking alcohol.

The same goes for online casinos: alcohol can make you think irrationally, leading to bad decisions.

Often, alcohol also becomes a means of gaining false confidence, which can make you feel like the master of the game and place bets that are completely devoid of logic.

In many cases, this leads to a not very pleasant outcome.



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