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Dr. Taghizadeh, Dr. Stenzler and our team of patient care professionals work together to make coming to the dentist Richmond Hill for every member of the family.

We know how important that first experience, especially if you’re a new patient, is at a dentist’s office. Whether it’s your first appointment or you have seen a family dentist many times, we understand that children, and even adults, feel somewhat anxious about having their teeth cleaned, examined and/or another dental procedure. That’s why listening to our patients is so important! Both of our dentists as well as our dental team bring a wealth of experience to help our patients feel like our office is a warm, inviting environment where they can feel comfortable and cared for at all times.

Close up cropped shot of a perfect smile of a womanAre You a Regular Patient or a New Patient?

The best investment children and adults alike can make in their oral health are regular cleanings and checkups with a family dentist. Whether you or a family member are interested in a routine appointment or need to see a dentist for a specific issue (e.g. tooth pain, sports mouth guards or dentures), we make it very easy to schedule an appointment.

When we ask our long-term patients why they chose us to be their family dentist, these are the most common reasons we are the best dentist for them.

We gain their trust. From a friendly greeting to telling us exactly what will happen during the appointment, our patients feel safe and comfortable in our care.
We can provide dental care in five different languages (English, Persian, Russian, Hindi and Urdu).
With extended business hours and online booking capability, it is really easy to find a time to come to the dentist.
They know that they can count us during an emergency situation.

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As long as the personal information stays behind the national and provincial borders, there are other situations where an exemption might be in order. This is true in the cases of provinces that already have legislation substantially similar to the PIPEDA. A few examples of such provinces are Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec.

What Businesses should be Compliant in Ontario, Canada?

Generally, PIPEDA applies to:

  • Organizations within the private sector operating in Ontario are subject to this legislation but not their handling of their employee information
  • Organizations within the private sector operating in Ontario that collect, use, and disclose the personal information of their employees across provincial or national borders. However, the way they handle the employee information is exempt.
  • Organizations within the federally regulated sector operating in Ontario, such as banks, airlines, telephone companies etc. The handling of information is also included in this case.
What happens if I don’t use a Canadian Data Center and use Cloud or Datacenters out of Canada?

The conditions of PIPEDA at the federal level do not stipulate that all Canadian organizations must keep PIPEDA Canada. However, the provinces have other conditions specific to their location, which must be satisfied. The type of industry your business is a part of will also decide if you need to keep data within Canadian borders.

data-centre-Toronto-21 (3)

It doesn’t matter where your company stores employee data, PIPEDA is very clear on how it should be treated. If an organization is in the possession of sensitive data, they will be held responsible to keep it protected and secure. Each organization must work to understand the rules fully.

Failure to be in compliance with PIPEDA and its conditions will result in the person responsible for the data breach being punishable on summary conviction. They might also be asked to pay $10,000 or more in fine. If the offense is indictable, then the fine won’t exceed $100,000.

How does Government check if my Business uses Non-Canadian Data Centers?

Through organizational audits. Every organization has to declare the geographic location of their servers.

Since every business uses a web host, the web hosting service providers are also audited for location of their data centers they are using. This way the government agency can retrace where the data is being stored.

In case the business has private data centers, they have to show them as data centers are counted as company assets.

Therefore, it is better to be in possession of the facts before your company starts handling employee information. Failure to do so can cost you in terms of money and a reputation!

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