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It may be assumed that jewellery is one of the very most first ways men used to represent their sense of beauty and to construct their relationship with community and surroundings. The most crucial thing is the objective of the jewellery which will be to worship sacred Amazonite souls of nature and self by utilizing "body" to drive "internal context." This article aims presenting ideas supported by principles and to go over processes important to understanding of jewellery art. This is for ascendants to be able to restore fading importance of jewelry art to its glory once again. History of Thai jewellery art has started 50,000-1,700 years ago. Necklaces and bracelets made of shells and bones are discovered in graves of both men and women. When it comes to reasons why jewellery is frequently buried with the dead, cultural anthropologists point that folks in those times believed that death might be an application of life continuity, similar to Brahman (a religion founded after Buddhism) who believe that souls of the dead will soon be reborn. Jewellery should then follow those who died to serve them next life.

Men do not merely try to understand their environment by reshaping it, in addition they study characteristics of an individual and communities. This can be seen from spaces systematically arranged for culture until men can defeat the chaos of the nature. In a study on an evolution of civilisation, this idea appears in the form of belief. Men blend themselves with the traditions they practise, planted in each man until "customs" are formed. Jewellery or mysterious objects thus develop into a symbol of the combined worship. This is because it is closest to men's bodies and best expresses human behaviours. Eventhough men always reorganise and enhance their customs and traditions, the belief in the power of objects remains. It's reflected from the fact they continue to produce superstitious objects for the worship of the souls and life. Boundary of the belief is bound by religious rituals which are supported by cultural objects, jewellery. The belief is preserved in the proper execution of folktales in addition to pictures representing relationships between men, nature, power and the world. This importance is just a condition for men to select an alternative solution best fit with the context, for example, materials, forms, colours, symbols.

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