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You play Jokers Wild with a 53-card deck, the standard 52-card deck, plus a joker.The joker is just a wild card, which you need to use as any card you want. This increases the opportunity of getting a profitable combination.On average, the joker appears in about one out of each and every ten hands, making Jokers wild a thrilling game to play.Keep in Mind the Following Points:Play the Better Game - There are two versions of the Joker Wild game  สมัคร joker slot

  .One version returns your bet on a two-pair hand. The Jokers Wild strategy presented below is for another (better) game that provides back your money in the event that you HAVE a set of kings or aces.Always Play Maximum Coins Per Game - Whilst the payout for five coins played is far greater than five times the payout for only one coin.Play at Machines that Give you a Full Pay Schedule - The entire house pay schedule for jokers wild is a 7 / 5 machine i.e. 7 Coins for full house and 5 for the flush.Kings or Better Joker Wild StrategyIf the Hand you're Dealt Provides the Joker: Keep all hands that are three-of-a-kind or higher, except hold four cards to the royal flush, even though this means discarding a paying hand of lower value.

Remember that you will be looking to hold the joker as part of ANY combination.Keep any four-card straight flush and a four-card flush if it includes K, A or both.Keep three cards to a noble flush.Keep a paying set of high cards (King, Ace).Keep any three cards to a straight flush.Keep any four-card flush without King or Ace.Keep consecutive four-card straights.If not dealt the above, keep consitently the Joker only.If you're dealt a Hand with no Joker:Keep all paying hands, except hold a four-card royal flush.Keep any four cards to a direct flush and any three cards to a noble flush.Keep four cards to any flush.

Keep any couple of 2's to Queens.Keep any three cards to a direct flush.Keep any four-card consecutive straight.Keep two cards to an elegant flush if one of the cards is definitely an Ace or King.Keep unsuited King and Ace.Keep King or Ace alone.Keep two suited royal flush cards lower than King or Ace.If you do not hold any of the above, draw five new cards.Jokers Wild a Fun & Exciting GameJokers Wild is really a fun and exciting game and is extremely popular - second and then Jacks-or-Better and Deuces Wild.


When was the final time you found broadcast advertisements such as "Contact us for your organization accounting services needs" or "We provide top notch professional accounting services" on printed media or internet portals? Well, with the growing popularity of outsourcing primary accounting functions to expert third parties and service providers, it is common to find services providing firms, offering a wide selection of services to global clients. The synonyms for professional accounting services can vary from user's bookkeeping services to accounting reporting delivery services, nevertheless the areas of service delivery are the same.  minecraft account generator

There is an increasing demand for firms offering top notch business accounting services and tax and finance related solutions for entrepreneurs and SMEs. The price effective and error free services given by the professional service providers helps business owners save time and energy spent in languishing within the books of accounts and other standardized accounting processes. It is a well known fact that these non core functions don't add to the main point here and the resources saved through outsourcing exactly the same can be utilized for more strategic and core processes, that help in generating revenues.

The limited time, energy and monetary resources are encouraging the small and medium enterprises to look towards outsourcing the taxation and accounts related work processes to professional accounting services firms. These 3rd party experts are highly experienced and built with the best technologies and software to be mindful of all the processes related to the handling of accounts, generation of final accounts statements, filing of tax returns, management of accounts receivable and payables, planning of tax benefits and providing valuable consultancy in most matters related to any or all financial areas of the client's enterprises.

The outsourcing of business accounting services helps in cost reductions and efficiency in areas linked to accounting software, vacation and sick leaves, employee turnover and training costs, locking of office infrastructure and equipment, employee incentives and medical benefits, etc. The features of availing professional accounting services are many and awareness a comparable is leading businesses into outsourcing their primary functions to external agencies.

Combined with pros, you will find certain disadvantages that need to be taken into account by the company owners to prevent complications at a later stage. It is essential to hire the services from qualified and experienced firms, as mistakes or omissions in the accounting procedures will lead to a lot of mental stress, penalties, punishments due to non compliance and legal hassles. Non timely submissions of the statutory documents and accounts to the authorities and failure to meet deadlines can lead to the increasing loss of reputation of the firm and termination of business operations in certain cases.


I acquired my first copy of the book A Course in Miracles circa 2005. I had heard it referenced by many of the spiritual teachers I was into during the time and figured I will probably check it out. Certainly one of my first memories of reading the Course was sitting on a hospital bed while awaiting x-rays on my ankle from the skateboarding accident. From the reading the introduction, which said, "Nothing real may be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God." Sounds good right? Well I'd be completely filled with shit if I said I'd some revelation, or really even any clue about what that meant. It sounded neat and esoteric however, so I read on. After several weeks, I put the Course aside since it was the same to reading a book written in Chinese. I happily went back to reading my books by Ram Dass and Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche....At least I really could understand many of them, or at the least pretend to when referring to them.

Fast-forward to 2007. I was in an area library when I stumbled on an audio book called Secrets of the Immortal: Advanced Teachings from a Course in Miracles.I'd again be lying if I said I had any revelation from this audio book, not because its content wasn't sufficient, but because I downloaded it to my computer and never paid attention to it. Again, I returned to reading my others spiritual texts, now I'd advanced to such of Ken Wilber & Sri Ramana Maharshi, definitely much harder to pretend to understand what they were saying in conversation, but I tried.

Twelve months later, in 2008, for reasons uknown, I looked at my copy of A Course in Miracles and made the resolution that I would finally read it, and not only read it, but understand it! Well, I will claim that this time I stuck with it, for the most part. I remembered the audio book I'd ripped to my library the previous year, so I uploaded it to my trusty iPod and started playing it on various commutes. Secrets of the Immortal actually broke the Course down in an extensive, yet user-friendly way that I could work with.

About half way through the audio book I realized I didn't even know who I was listening too (damn bootlegged copies), so I returned to the computer and found out it absolutely was Gary Renard. That name really meant nothing in my experience during the time, nor did any of the other Course teachers like Kenneth Wapnick or Marianne Williamson, as this is not an especially sought after spiritual path. Not because it's a strict discipline, or there's dogma attached with it. If anything, it's the whole opposite of that.

After completing Gary's audio book, I moved onto the first of his two books published by Hay House, titled The Disappearance of the Universe.I picked up DU (as it's often described by it's readers) and was literally engulfed as soon as I started. Not just achieved it continue to break down the Course in ways that I really could understand, but it also discussed many contemporary issues, and how they are often seen differently through the Course. I finished DU in about per week and found a copy of Your Immortal Reality.

Your Immortal Reality really solidified my faith in Gary's teachings as after I finished it, I had absolutely no problem reading and understanding A Course in Miracles.That's not to say I don't need to sit with, and contemplate many of its passages from time to time, but without Gary's work, my copy of A Course in Miracles would still be collecting dust on the bookshelf. So exactly what in the hell is A Course in Miracles? Keep reading and learn! (*Note- I want to reiterate that while A Course in Miracles is my very own, personal spiritual path, I, by no means, need to promote, or endorse it a lot more than every other spiritual tradition, many of that have been wonderful catalysts on my spiritual path, and I still draw from to the day.)TIS: So let's just get straight into it...According to A Course In Miracles (also called ACIM), the interview you and I are doing right now's an illusion. Could you explain that for those unfamiliar with ACIM's teaching?  acim audio

GR: Sure. People can think of the universe of time and space as being a projection. Those people who have read my books understand that I like to go to the flicks, and an example I like to make is this, I enter the movie theater and I want it to be real. The lights go down and my attention is diverted to the screen. As I start to focus on the screen, I might get sucked into the story, possibly becoming emotional, or even talking to the screen. So I forget that there's certainly not anything happening there, that it's a trick, an illusion, a sleight of hand. The American Indians use to express, "behold, the fantastic mystery ".Well the Course says "behold, the fantastic mystery", but inaddition it says "behold, the truly amazing projection ".It's actually a projection from the projector, that will be hidden. When you're in a movie theatre, you're not likely to take into account the projector, you're supposed to forget about it and focus on the screen, and that's what individuals are doing here too. They're focusing on the screen that individuals call life, and they think it's reality, but because the Hindu's, Buddhist's & ACIM says, it's actually an illusion. The Course further refines that idea into this being like a dream that we will awaken from, and it's that awakening that's very same of enlightenment. It's what Buddha meant when he explained "I am awake ".He had actually awoken form the entire dream of time and space.

So let's say I'm in the movie theatre and I want to change what's on the screen, not in a temporary way, but permanently. An easy method where I can actually have something happen that would work. If I wanted to alter that which was on that screen, it wouldn't do me a lot of ready to go up and fool around with it. I would have to remember that there is a projector that will be hidden in the back, that I'm not supposed to consider that. Well, if I genuinely wish to change what's on the screen in a permanent way, then not merely would I have to remember that there is a projector, I would also have to believe it is, and change what's in it.

Now if I were to accomplish this, I would be working with the cause, rather than the effect. I could be coming from a position of power because I'd be doing something that can work permanently as opposed to only temporarily. It would give me real power because I could be working with the cause, and not the consequence, that is what the Course teaches, which can be it is a program in cause, and not effect. In addition, it says "seek not to alter the world, seek rather to improve your mind about the world ".That's because once you go to your brain, you're likely to where the projector is hidden, where this universe of time and space is coming from. What we're seeing is from the projector that's actually hidden in the unconscious mind. I'm not merely talking about an individual unconscious mind, which many people call the subconscious. I'm speaing frankly about the unconscious mind we all share. There's really only certainly one of us sharing this unconscious mind and that's where the universe of time and space is coming from.

So think of it to be such as a movie that you're watching. The Course says you're revealing mentally that which includes already gone by. So it's already over in terms of the Course is worried, and we're just watching it. We feel however, that we're actually inside it, and the solution, is to change what's in the mind in line with the Course. It is a different kind of forgiveness than many people think of however, which we'll get into. What exactly that does, is it undoes this thing that I'll call the "ego ".You are able to consider the ego as being the thought of separation, the idea that we've taken on this individual identity and personal existence that's somehow separate from its source.


Mega Joker slots machine game is expectedly a fun game, with the King of Laughs as its most central icon. However, this game is real seriously interested in giving players more chances to win more money through its straightforward, "inside for the win" play procedures.  สมัคร joker slot

In a Mega Joker slots game, the atmosphere is decidedly light and playful. Fruity symbols such as for instance watermelon, cherries, plum, orange and lemon images roll off the colorful reels. Other symbols such as for example seven, bell, chest and obviously, the Joker add another amount of unpredictability and dynamism in the game. The theme music is upbeat and comic, and the tempo amps up when a winning combination is achieved.

However, there's more to the happy-go-lucky aura of the game. Actually, it's real serious when the main topic of winning is involved. The task of playing and winning is no-fuss and no-nonsense: just obtain the winning combo and get your cash may be the motto. No wild and scatter symbols to observe, no additional feature games.The players are offered 4 buttons or options they can hit every spin: Bet, Spin, Collect, or Max Bet. By choosing strategically, they can increase or maximize their earnings irrespective of reaching the standard basic jackpot of 2,000 coins.

This jackpot is won by obtaining the winning mix of 3 Jokers in a successive horizontal position. Just one coin bet can win a new player ranging from 10 to 40 coins, while a 10-coin deposit can multiply around 200 coins, all within the conventional basic jackpot.However simple the gameplay may sound, the overall game presents a lot of elements which makes it not even close to plain and boring. The 5-line, 3-reel slots game offers plenty of chances to earn and multiply winnings to arrive at its 16 possible winning combinations.

Here are a few key elements that promote bigger winnings only at that slots machine game:Progressive Jackpot - This game implements the progressive jackpot method for bulking up the actual money prize. In a progressive jackpot, all slots machines are linked together so that all deposits by different players are collected together in one pot. The more individuals play the overall game, the larger the worth of the jackpot becomes.Random Jackpots - Besides the pot money, this slots machine game offers three random jackpots that can be won by any lucky player of the day.Regular and Supermeter Mode - The slots game has two modes of playing: the normal and the Supermeter. A person must first play on regular mode. After he reaches the end of the particular level, he will then move ahead to the Supermeter, or choose to just collect his winnings from the standard game.

The Supermeter requires at the least 10 coins bet, and consequently, additionally it offers bigger prizes in the proper execution of free spins and double-up earnings. Players playing Mega Joker slots on the Supermeter mode also provide the opportunity to grab the mystery win of 200 coins.

Mega Joker Slots [] is the absolute most fun you could have while winning some seriously big money prizes. The straightforward gameplay makes the game compact and full-packed with entertainment and winning opportunities. Find out about just how to play this free slots [] and the combination you will have to hit the jackpot!


Accounting is a definite means of interlinked activities that begins with the identification of transactions and ends with the preparation of financial statements. Every step in the process of accounting generates information. Generation of information is no result in itself. It's a means to facilitate the dissemination of information among various    minecraft account generator categories of users. Such information enables the parties those who find themselves interested to take appropriate decisions. Therefore, dissemination of information is among the essential function of accounting. To be useful, the accounting information should ensure to: Provide information for making economic decisions; Serve the users who count on financial statements as their principal supply of information; Provide information ideal for evaluating and predicting the timing, amount and uncertainty of potential cash-flows;Provide information for judging management's power to utilise resources effectively in meeting goals; provide factual and interpretative information by disclosing underlying assumptions on matters subject to interpretation, evaluation, prediction, or estimation; and Provide informative data on activities affecting the society.

The role of an accountant in generating accounting information is to screen, observe and recognise transactions and events to measure and process them, and thereby compile reports comprising accounting information which can be communicated to the users. These are then interpreted, decoded and employed by management and other user groups. It must be ensured that the data provided is pertinent, adequate and reliable for decision-making. The apparently divergent needs of internal and external users of accounting information have led to the development of sub-disciplines within the accounting discipline namely, financial accounting, cost accounting and management accounting. Financial accounting assists for keeping a systematic record of financial transactions the presentation and preparation of financial reports to be able to arrive at a way of measuring organizational success and financial soundness.

It relates to yesteryear period, serves the stewardship function and is monetary in nature. It's primarily worried about the provision of financial information to all or any stakeholders. Cost accounting assists in analyzing the income and expenditure for ascertaining the cost of various products manufactured or services supplied by the firm and fixation of prices thereof. It also helps to manage the expense and providing necessary costing information to management for decision-making. Management accounting handles the provision of required accounting information to people within the organisation allow them in planning, decision-making, and controlling business operations.

Management accounting draws the relevant information mainly from cost accounting and financial accounting which helps the management in budgeting, assessing profitability, taking pricing decisions, capital expenditure decisions and so on. Besides, it generates other information which relates to the future and is applicable for decision-making in the organisation. Such information includes: cash flows, sales forecast, manpower needs, purchase requirement, environmental data about effects on water, air, land, natural resources, flora, fauna, social responsibilities, human health, etc. Consequently, the scope of accounting has become so vast, that new areas like human resource accounting, social accounting, responsibility accounting also have gained prominence.


A Course in Miracles is so pure, so wonderful, so powerful, and so much more spiritually advanced than any other bit of the world's literature (past and present), that you've to truly experience it to believe it. But those whose minds are too mounted on worldly thoughts, and lack the underlying thirst for true spiritual knowledge that is required for its understanding, will more than likely not comprehend an individual whole page. That's not because A Course in Miracles is confusing - on the contrary its principles are remarkably simple - but alternatively because it's the character of spiritual knowledge that those who are not ready to understand it, just cannot understand it. As mentioned in the Bible, at the start of the book of John: "The light shineth in darkness, and darkness comprehended it not ".

From the time I first became alert to the majestic and awe-inspiring presence of God, I've enjoyed reading many wonderful spiritual works just like the Bible (my favorite parts are the Sermon on the Mount and Psalms), the Bhagavad-Gita, the Upanishads, the Koran and the poetry of Kabir and Rumi. Not one of them come near the greatness of a    a course in miracles lessons

   Course in Miracles. Reading it with an open mind and heart, your fears and troubles wash away. You feel alert to a great love deep within you - deeper than what you knew before. The future begins to look so bright for you and your loved ones. You feel love for everyone including those you previously have tried to leave excluded. These experiences are very powerful and at times throw you off balance a little, but it's worth every penny: A Course in Miracles introduces one to a love so peaceful, so strong and so universal - you will wonder how so many of the world's religions, whose aim is supposedly a similar experience, got so off track.

I wish to say here to any Christian who feels that his church's teachings do not truly satisfy his thirst to know a type, merciful and loving God, but is somewhat afraid to see the Course due to others'claims that it's inconsistent with "true" Christianity: Don't worry! I've browse the gospels often and I assure you that the Course in Miracles is wholly in line with Jesus'teachings while he was on earth. Don't fear the fanatical defenders of exclusionist dogma - these poor people think themselves to be the only real carriers of Jesus'message, and the only ones worth his blessings, while all other should go to hell. A Course in Miracles reflects Jesus'true message: unconditional love for *all people*. While he was in the world, Jesus believed to judge a tree by its fruit. So give it a decide to try and see the way the fruits that ripen in your life taste. Should they taste bad, you can abandon A Course in Miracles. But when they taste as sweet as mine do, and the millions of other true seekers who are finding A Course in Miracles to be nothing less when compared to a heavenly treasure, then congratulations - and may your heart always be abundantly filled with peaceful, loving joy.

Wireless gaming mouse are somehow easily accessible for the gamers in current gaming system. These wireless gaming mouse are free to move and can very quickly be managed by the players. However, Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is one the best gaming peripheral wireless mouse which I found. It's a modern optical sensor which provides   quick response to the movements of the hand right I move it. Similarly, it has customizable lighting of 16.8 million colors which show it such breathing pattern. Moreover the lighting system can be sensor base as when I don't put it to use, and then it will sleep until and unless I move it again. Furthermore, it offers super easy control which may be customized on my own setting. This customized system is dependant on 11 buttons that may easily control all of the programing in the foreseeable future gaming like which will be launched in the 2018. Besides this, it is the better gaming device because it is very portable with light weight of the 3.6 gram alongside comfortable design for me to make use of because it has grip as well. Therefore, the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum is the best gaming peripheral which will be easy to access and is easy to purchase because it's reasonable price i.e. $44.99.

A racing wheel is one of many gaming peripheral which can be found in the racing video game. It gives the comfort to the players in their advance skills of playing game. One of the greatest gaming devices is Thrustmaster T300RS. It is just a useful for play station 4 and 3 with a good style of GT wheel. This wheel allows me to execute in very smooth way like I'm driving go on the road. It surely eggs on me to lead the overall game in next level without impediments. Similarly, it offers brushless motor which provides easy movement without any friction. The angle adjustment varies from 270 to 1080 degrees regarding the game vehicle. Not just this, it's dual belt gives a clean response like I'm driving the automobile on the road. Besides this, there are metal pedals which are adjustable to more than 6 positions according to the height. Similarly, it in addition has a resisting pedal layer on the brake pedal. However, these pedals can easily be adjusted at heights also. The voice of the motor is not audible as I can very quickly concentrate on the overall game while playing it rather than any noise disturbance. Therefore, Thrustmaster T300RS is the best gaming device for racing games.Gaming pedals are the gaming peripherals which are utilized on the account of the players comfort. The current gaming world is launching many accessible gaming pedals but Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 is one of the finest gaming devices for the players to comfort their skills in playing game. Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V2 can easily be fit by own settings. These pedals are highly constructed with durable and qualitative material. It has one best option that it is easily adjustable almost in most directions with all angles. Moreover, it's more strengthened because it's brake sensitivity to utilize it easily while playing it. It provides me the comfortable while playing game because it gives pressure sensitive brake that will be connected with local cells. Aside from it, it has magnetic pedals with high res along with contactless sensors one the pressure of gas and clutch. It provides me the clue of its long life because I utilize it very roughly even than they have good performance. Moreover, it's an additional option which really makes me to feel like I driving lively because it's vibration motor which indicate to lock the tires through this motors. Therefore, I enjoy this gaming peripheral for our gaming and it'll really help me for future games because they're compatible to any or all games.

You'll really like the architectural masterpiece that will be the Crown Paradise Club Cancun. Easily one of the very most visually exciting resorts the Cancun is offering, you'll love their extensive Kids Club and the 4 swimming pools they have to offer. For me, located directly on the very best beach in Cancun the Crown Paradise Club is great for families, singles and couples alike.Offering you two rooms to select from, either standard

   or Crown Club Room, you're not bound to make a bad choice. Standard is nestled neatly with strong orange and white bed spreads against a milky white background with either 1 King Sized bed or 2 Double beds to pick from. The latter of the choices are merely offered to couples and offer luxury at your fingertips. One giant King Sized bed and an excellent Jacuzzi in you're very room. To increase the romantic atmosphere you will also receive a fantastic view of the Caribbean ocean outside, you can also get afternoon cocktails, romantic dining, and your personal mini bar. How can you fail?

here are many places in the world that will claim to be a golfer's paradise, and the DR (DR) is among them. One difference between most places and the DR is perhaps that golf could be played here 365 days annually and not merely for a few months, although some months are a lot better than other when it comes to the elements and the quantity of money you have to spend.The high season for tourism (and golf) begins in November and lasts before end of April, with Christmas, New Year and Easter being peak periods within the season. The weather is perfect during those months with increased breeze and slightly cooler temperatures than in the summer. Courses could be more crowded, though, as there are many tourists around and prices are higher. If you are not an early bird and do not mind an afternoon tee time, you are able to save a lot of money on some courses which offer so-called twilight rates. These rates are typically available for tee times starting at 2 pm, which provides you about 4 hours to play a round before sunlight sets around 6-6:45 pm.

Some golfers simply love Teeth of the Dog and keep coming back year after year to play it. Some say it is really a "has been" course with 7 great holes (the ones over the ocean), and the rest of the 11 holes could really belong to any mediocre golf course located anywhere in the world. They are insignificant and not worth mentioning, not to mention playing more than once. Pete Dye, who designed Teeth of the Dog, named it his masterpiece as he wrote in his book Bury Me in a Pot Bunker (1999): "The opportunity to carve out Teeth of the Dog was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Without proper heavy machinery to crack the coral, the tireless Dominican crew used sledgehammers, pickaxes and chisels." The result was a true masterpiece! In accordance with Dye himself, Teeth of the Dog was "definitely created by the man upstairs ".

Pete Dye designed two other courses at Casa de Campo - Dye Fore and The Links. Dye Fore is just a spectacular course and may even be much better than Teeth of the Dog, if you ask whoever has played both. Maybe it is the landscape or the stunning views that you will get from playing on a course that is situated on the hills round the Chavon River. You can find holes with ocean views, holes with views of Casa de Campo Marina and of the Altos de Chavon village and then you will find holes overlooking the river with greens so near to the edge you might swear you will have to suddenly develop super-human skills to finish the hole. With 7,740 yards, seven cliff side holes dropping 300 feet towards the Chavon River, gusting winds and amazing 360 degree views, this course will certainly challenge and amaze every golfer who results in the Dye Fore course.Take the leisure time to allow yourself a genuinely nice massage, or take some scuba lessons, or have a nice show at the theatre. Or even better, have a gentle walk alongside the white as rice beach as it unfolds miles before your feet as the sun slowly sets on the horizon.But when the sun goes down, the fun doesn't stop there. Having 10 bars and a Disco available, you're bound to really have a great night as well. While you're on the beach benefit from the Beach Bar at your disposal and once sunlight retreats, indulge at Trafalgas and play some pool and other games at this adult only bar, even dance your night away on the exclusive dance floor. Tutuch Snack Bar, Midway Stop snack, and the La Concha Snack are great places to grab excellent tasting food while you're on the go from event to activity, day or night. And the Lobby Bar and Collage are always great places to attend enjoy family friendly service and talk amongst friends.


The Milagro Research Institute founded by Pat O'Bryan, is a good area for top quality recordings, already fit and geared with the most powerful affirmations available in the English language(most of these recorded by either him, or Dr. Joe Vitale). The recordings include Space Conditionings and Hypnosis for from headache cures, to Wealth Creation.   ucdm  Milagro VF is optional, but you want it. Believe that.Milagro VF may be the subliminal audio technology used to sneak into your subconscious mind and plant these positive affirmations, or relax you, or kill that headache FAST. Whichever your preference is. It's quick, effective, and gets kudos from big name Gurus in Internet Marketing, to Sales Managers who use it before work, and students who use it while studying.

My experience with the "Attract Wealth Automatically" recording was I looped it, and allowed it to play for a number of hours, (admit it, you'd want to do that, too) while I done the computer. My productivity level increased. But I didn't measure how much. I just know that I acquired far more accomplished (Including this review) in the short amount of available time than I usually do, and I felt great about each task. I knew the logical "alternative" in each case. This really is one recording I will soon be contributing to my'utilize it all the time'file.The music on the Milagro VF is original music by Pat O'Bryan, and is very relaxing. Certainly adds to the appeal of these products to possess good quality professional music with stringed instruments,wooden pipes, and flowing keyboard arrangements rather than some of the tacky MIDI music you hear on a lot of these type products.

Pat's long history as an expert musician attended in handy with this particular new venture, and I've dubbed him "The most remarkable Internet Marketer you'll ever meet" He has a soft benevolence about him that comes through in his marketing, and even yet in images of him smoking cigars. (weird, but true)

This short article begins a set on which A Course in Miracles (ACIM) means when it speaks of the "miracle" and the "mind." Some students can cite definitions from the Course, understanding the non-dualistic meaning within the knowledge of dualism takes some time to learn and apply. It's only with the gentle guidance of the Holy Spirit that people can attempt unlearning-learning process. Correction is in your brain of the perceiver and not through forms as true choice is between listening two voices: God or the ego. Claims to be of a "miracle mind" is really the ego, forgiveness-to-destroy and spiritual specialness. The ego speaks first and the loudest. Love is quiet; and love is expressed nowadays through right-minded forgiveness.   a course in miracles lessons

Spiritual specialness is from the unconscious arrogance of the ego wrong mind which believes it is in competition with God. Since we're the same, we're actually competing with everyone all the time until we learn this lesson. All conflict arises from the notion of competition. Spiritual specialness makes some relationships holy and others not because the ego's agenda is that people don't remember that the purpose given anything is in your brain from choosing with God or the ego. To restore our decision making ability is the point of the Course.

The ego's voice, which we mistakenly believe could be the Holy Spirit, contains no humility nor dependence on God. Rather, it is the voice if you are self-created, i.e., the authority problem. Most of us have confusion regarding the author of our existence (ego or God) and the difference between form (illusion) and content (mind where correction take place). To be miracle-minded, we can not be in conflict on any level for the right-mind itself is conflict-free. There's a distinction between right-miracle-minded and the miracle mind of the ego.

We have no honesty once we use spiritual specialness even as we are saying we're more holy, more chosen by God than another. This is a defense against the contrary and we will be discussing this subject in greater depth in subsequent article. Being more chosen may be the antithesis of the Course's message.



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