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Are you a music lover? If by mistake you have subscribed to a song service like Spotify and want to remove your subscription then, this blog is perfect for you. So go through the given below instructions carefully and cancel your Spotify subscription on any device.

See the method by which you are presently subscribed

  1. Firstly, sign-in to your Spotify account.
  2. Then, press on the Subscriptions. This option shall be towards the left side.
  3. Note that over here you shall get to know the method by which you’re presently subscribed.

Have a look at it and go through the given below instructions for canceling your Spotify Premium account.

The method of removing the Spotify premium subscription via Spotify

  1. Firstly, sign in to the Spotify account of yours.
  2. Then, press on Subscription. This option shall be present towards the left section of the web page.
  3. After that, press on Change or Cancel or else Manage your Subscription.
  4. Next, you need to choose the option called Cancel Premium.
  5. Then, confirm by choosing Yes, Cancel.

The method of canceling a subscription in iOS device

Luckily, whenever you get subscribed to Spotify by iTunes, you’ll get plenty of ways for removing the subscription of yours. For instance, you can remove it with the help of not only an iOS device but also Mac. Follow the steps given below and cancel your subscription.

  1. Firstly, unlock the iOS device of yours.
  2. Then, press on the Settings application.
  3. After that, put your Apple account credentials in the correct columns.
  4. Next, if it asks for verification of your account, put your Apple account password.
  5. Then, below the Account Settings, choose Subscription.
  6. After that, press on Spotify.
  7. Next, choose the Cancel Subscription.

The method of unsubscribing on Mac devices or your computer

Laptop and desktop users can follow these steps to unsubscribe to Spotify.

  1. Firstly, go to iTunes.
  2. Then, choose Account. It shall be towards the upper side of the display.
  3. After that, press on View My Account.
  4. Note that if by chance you are asked to verify the account, then enter your Apple account password.
  5. Then, move down to the Setting section.
  6. After that, press on Manage towards the left section wherever it states Subscriptions.
  7. Next, choose Edit. It shall be towards the left-hand side of the Spotify Subscription.
  8. Then, press on Cancel Subscription.

Congratulations! You have been able to cancel your Spotify subscription.

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Purchased a game on Steam and now want to play it with your friends, but don’t know how? Don’t worry, just find out the exact Steam name of your friend and read on. The procedure of adding friends on Steam in simple if you know the correct Steam name of the users you want to connect. Because without the right name, you won’t be able to find the user and add them.

You have three methods to search and add your friends on Steam. If you know the exact name, then you can use the Search of Steam website, desktop, or mobile app. You can use Facebook to find and invite people to Steam. And the last method is to send an invite link to the person you want to connect through text message, email, or social sites. Here is how to Find and add friends on Steam.

Note: Only the users have purchased a game or have funds in their Steam wallet can send the friend request and add people. If you don’t want to spend funds, then you can ask your friend to invite, but the same condition is applied to their account.

How to find and add friends on Steam through website or desktop app

Steam website and desktop app are almost the same. Therefore you can use whichever you want.

1.   Go to ‘’ with a browser or launch the ‘Steam’ app on your computer. Once you reach there, further steps for both are the same.

2.   Now, look for your Steam username at the top in the menu bar and place the mouse cursor over it. You may have to log in to your Steam account to view this screen.

3.   Click on ‘Friends’ and then click on ‘Add a Friend.’

4.   Now, click on ‘Go Search’ button near the bottom of the screen.

5.   Enter your friend’s Steam name into the Search for Friends box.

6.   Result for the searched name will appear on display.

7.   Look for your friend into the result list, and then click on ‘ADD AS FRIEND’ button next to the name.

8.   Click ‘OK’ on the Add Friend dialog.

Now, you’ll find your friend in the friend list as soon as your request is accepted.

Important: On Steam, users can edit and change their name anytime. This can create a problem in searching and adding the people on Steam.

How to find and add friends on Steam through Facebook

If you want to add a friend on Steam with whom you’re already connected on Facebook, then it’s simple. Here is how can you add your Facebook friends to your Steam account.

1.   Go to ‘’ or launch the ‘Steam’ app on your computer. Once you reach there, further steps for both are the same.

2.   Now, look for your Steam username at the top in the menu bar and place the mouse cursor over it.

3.   Click on ‘Friends’ and then click on ‘Add a Friend.’

4.   Select ‘Sign in to Facebook’ from FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK section.

5.   Open your Facebook account.

6.   Now, return to FRIENDS ON FACEBOOK section and add your Facebook friends displaying here.

Tip: If you want to get an invite link, then go to INVITE A FRIEND WITH A LINK and click on ‘CREATE AN INVITE LINK’ button. After that, copy your link and share.

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If Snapchat detects any prohibited activities from an account, it will lock that account. And, the person will no longer be able to open the blocked account as well as access anything into it. Snapchat does this for keeping Snapchat safe for everyone.  There are a lot of reasons for blocking a Snapchat account, such as:

·      Sending unsolicited messages and snaps

·      Adding lots of friends without verifying your phone number or email address

·      Accessing Snapchat and its services using any third-party app, settings or plug-in and more

Although, Snapchat doesn’t block the account permanently in the first attempt. It will mostly block them temporarily for 24 hours. If still Snapchat detects the same prohibited activities, then your account will be locked for more periods. A temporarily closed Snapchat account can be opened after its duration complete.

Here is how to unlock your locked Snapchat account

Step 1: Remove the third-party apps or plug-ins from your device

If Snapchat detects an account using unauthorized applications or plug-in to login and access Snapchat, it will block that account. In case you’re using such prohibited things, then you will need to delete all of them entirely from your device. Locate your Android or iOS Settings and uninstall the third-party applications, including the original Snapchat app. Now, download the new Snapchat app and try opening your locked account.

Step 2: Try unlocking your locked account using unlock page

If your Snapchat account is blocked temporarily, then you can try opening it through the Snapchat account unlock page. For this, you need to use a browser on a computer or smartphone. Here is how.

1.   Visit “” with any browser and device.

2.   You may need to log in to your Snapchat account to access the page.

3.   Input your Snapchat username and password, and click ‘Login.’ Snapchat account unlock page will load with some guidelines and info.

4.   Read the info and instructions and click the ‘UNLOCK’ button given below the info. If you didn’t see the button, then you may need to wait for more time. Revisit the site after some hours to see the button to unlock your locked Snapchat account.

Step 3: Verify phone number or email in your Snapchat account

After your account unlocks, go to your Snapchat profile and update your Mobile Number and Email to avoid being locked in future for this reason. This will also prevent your account from getting blocked for adding lots of friends. You can update Mobile Number and Email right from your Snapchat app. Here is how.

1.   Start the ‘Snapchat’ app on your Android or iOS device.

2.   Input your Snapchat account sign in details to access your account.

3.   Now, touch on your ‘Profile’ icon at the top.

4.   Then touch on ‘Gear’ icon at the upper right corner.

5.   Select ‘Email’ to verify your email. Alternatively, select ‘Mobile Number’ to update your number.

6.   Input your active email address.

7.   And touch on ‘Save.’

8.   Provide your Snapchat account password, when asked.

9.   Touch on ‘Continue.’

10.  Now check your provided email and view the verification email.

11. Touch on ‘Confirm email.’

Your email will be verified. Now, there is a less chance of your account to be locked account for these reasons.

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Themes are of the one most important items  missing in Nintendo Switch. After seeing the same interface with the same color, again and again, we all get bored. Although there aren’t so many themes options in the Nintendo Switch, it has offered two basic themes, White and Black in the System Settings. And the most irritating problem is that it also doesn’t allow the users to purchase and download additional themes into their Switch. Anyways, if you’re fed up of viewing the same theme, then possibly switching the theme will make it a little interesting.

Here is how to access and change the themes in Nintendo Switch

Steps to change the default theme in Nintendo Switch

If you have spent some time in using the Nintendo Switch, then accessing the Themes section in System Settings and changing the theme won’t be a big deal for you. But, new users might find the procedure a bit confusing. No need to get confused, just apply the below instructions one by one on your device.

Step 1: Start the Nintendo Switch

If your Switch is already running, start from Step 2. To start a Switch console, you need to press the ‘Power’ button, which is at the top left side. It is a round button just next to the volume buttons and having the Power icon on it. Press the button once and wait for your Switch to start.

Step 2: Accessing the System Settings

·      After your console turns on, look for the Home button on the right joy controller and press it. Pressing it will instantly open the home screen.

·      Now, use your console’s joy-con controller to move through the option of the home screen and select ‘Settings’ (gear icon).

·      Then, press the ‘A’ button of the right joy controller to open System Settings. You can also touch the Settings icon twice to open it.

Step 3: Accessing and changing Themes

·      System Settings screen will now display on your Switch’s display with a lot of options at the left side. Here you’ll also see Themes in the middle of the menu.

·      Now, move down through the System Settings menu at the left side and select ‘Themes.’

·      As soon as you select ‘Themes,’ both Nintendo Switch’s available themes will appear on the right side.

·      Select the ‘Basic White’ or ‘Basic Black’ whichever you want to apply to your Nintendo Switch.

Right now, only these two themes are available on Nintendo Switch. Hope Nintendo will provide more or enable the ability to purchase and apply more themes until then switch between these two to change your device appearance.

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Want to get internet access on your Wii game console? Nintendo Wii allows the users to connect it to an internet connection. The process for connecting the Nintendo Wii console is a little lengthy, but simple too. Users have to access the Internet section in their Wii’s System Settings to choose and connect to a network. The simplest way for getting internet access is connecting your Nintendo Wii to a broadband connection. Once you succeed in doing so, you can download the free channels from Wii Shop Channel, browse the web, visit online sites, chat online, as well as update your Wii console. Here is how to connect your Nintendo Wii to a router.

Configuring and connecting a Nintendo Wii console to a broadband connection

First, make sure that the internet connection (Broadband) is functioning correctly and running smoothly. In case you’re going to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi connector, then you have to install the software, and your computer should have internet access. After ensuring everything, follow the below-given guide to access the internet on your Nintendo Wii.

1.   Start your Nintendo Wii.

2.   Now, open the Wii options by selecting the round ‘Wii’ button at the lower-left corner of the home screen.

3.   Move to ‘Wii Settings’ and select it. This opens the Wii System Settings 1 page on display with several options and a blue forward button at the center-right side of the screen.

4.   For accessing the Wii internet settings, you need to go to the Wii System Settings 2 page. Use the forward button to go there.

5.   Now, go down in the System Settings menu and select ‘Internet.’

6.   Then select the ‘Connection Settings’ from the next menu.

7.   Look for an open connection displaying the ‘none’ word and select it.

8.   After that, choose a wireless connection.

9.   Set up Access Point by manual configuration. You can use ‘Search for an Access point’ to set it up automatically.

10.  Your Wii console will now search for the available wireless networks and display them on the screen. It shows both locked and unlocked network. In order to appear your wireless connection in this list, Broadcasting must be enabled on it.

11. Now, look for the internet connection you want to connect your Wii with. The network connections that have a closed padlock are locked, and hence require authentication for connecting.

Note: You will also see the signal of the connection. If the signal appears red or yellow, this means the strength or stability of the connection is not as desired for the internet requirement of Wii. In such situations, try removing or minimizing the barrier between your Nintendo Wii console and the router. You can also avoid interference by switching the channel on the router.

12. Select an internet connection to connect and select ‘Save.’

13. Then, select ‘OK’ to save connection settings.

14. On the next screen, again you’ll be asked to choose ‘OK’ to begin the connection test. Click on ‘OK.’

15. Your Nintendo Wii now begins testing the connected network.

You have to be patient during connection tests, once your Nintendo console gets connected to the internet. You may be prompted to install an update, so allow the necessary update to download. Your Nintendo Wii console is now ready to access the internet. And, you can now do browsing, downloading, chatting and much more on the internet with your console.

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