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Summary: A person who is suffering from erectile dysfunction is likely to have issues with getting and retaining erection daily. On the other hand, occasionally coming across difficulty with erection is normal and cannot be given the name of impotence. This is likely due to a stressful day or some unusual happening. This sexual defect can interfere with your personal life and can raise wide issues for you daily. Also, it can affect the quality of life that you are living and you will have to end up being depressed. Hence treating it as soon as possible is a smart move. Thankfully it is possible to overcome ED within no time. Want to know how? Read this text.


What is the process of erection to occur?


The occurrence oferection might seem to be a simple process but when you fall deep down into its mechanism you will find out how complicated it is. But some medicines like Cialis 60mgcan positively interfere with this process.

When a person is sexually excited his nerves discharge synthetic substances that are responsible to boost the bloodstream into the penis. This blood flows into erection chambers present in the penis. These chambers are made of smooth muscle tissue, the corpus cavernosum. The corpus cavernosum chambers are not empty.

While the erection starts these smooth tissues unwind and trap blood. The pulse in the chambers makes the penis firm, causing an erection. At the point when a man hits the climax, the second arrangement of nerve signals arrive at the penis and cause the solid tissues in the penis to agree and blood is delivered once more into a man's flow and the erection descends.


Why do you need to fix issues in your erection?


Many men around the globe have issues in getting and retaining erection and this situation is termed erectile dysfunction. There are three principal issues found behind then erections issues that need fixing:


1)  Physical issues

2)  Physiological

3)  blended i.e., psychological+physical


It is tough to decide that you have mental or physiological erection issues, indeed but your doctor can help you with the same. To self-examine, the cause at home, read the symptoms given below.


1)  Psychological  Physiological


  When having psychological erection issues you get an erection while masturbating.

  Also with this type of cause, you can get erections during the night.       

  The difference is that with psychological issues your erection issues are occasional.


2)  Physiological


  You are not able to achieve an erection even though you try masturbating. 

  A person with physiological erectile dysfunction doesn't get erections during the night.

  You face persistent issues with getting an erection consistently.


How to analyze that you have an erectile dysfunction issue?


1)  Actual test. This test is the most basic one and incorporates a cautious assessment of the penis and gonads and actually. In this examination, doctors take a look at your nerves for sensation.


2)  Blood tests: In blood tests, your sample of blood may be shipped off to a lab to check for indications of coronary illness, diabetes, low testosterone levels, and other ailments.


3)  Urinalysis: Similarly to blood tests, pee tests are utilized to search for indications of diabetes and other basic medical issues.


4)  Mental test: Your primary care physician will try to investigate your physiological condition. He will pose inquiries to evaluate for gloom and other conceivable mental reasons for erectile dysfunction.


How to treat the underlying issue of erectile dysfunction?


1)  ED pills:


Certain pills are developed that can be consumed by individuals with ED. All of these medications are from the class of drugs called PDE-5 that are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors. All these pills such as Levitra 40mgare to be taken an hour before as they require 30 minutes to an hour to reach their peak.  The first and most famous medication that plenty of men depend upon is sildenafil (Viagra). Alongside Viagra here is a list of other ED pills:






Before you go for PDE-5 inhibitors, specialists will check for heart conditions and get some information about the different drugs you are taking. 


2)  Devices 


The only way to treat erectile dysfunction with avoiding side effects and pain is using vacuum erection gadgets. These gadgets are a mechanical method of establishing an erection. This is an apt treatment for individuals who would prefer not to utilize medicines or find it is not working.

To utilize this pump for getting an erection, fix the vacuum siphon around the penis that draws up blood. Then utilize the band that keeps this blood from that point leaving the penis. With vacuum gadgets, you may have to face machine faults that influence their efficiency.


3)  Surgeries


In these surgeries for erectile dysfunction, a specialist embeds a moldable or inflatable gadget into the penis. This medical procedure might help a patient reach and keep up with erections if drug-based therapies have not worked. In exceptionally uncommon cases, a patient might go through a vascular medical procedure to treat ED.




Erectile dysfunction can be the result of a wide variety of causes and hence while treating it you must be aware of all of them. Treating it does not seem to be so difficult, but the most difficult part is admitting it and visiting the doctor. There are plenty of treatments available both natural and medical that can help you out. Consult your doctor and tell him about your body's physical and mental state to get your treatment plan.



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