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Here is the list of the best juicers based on reviews and the functionality in relation to quality juice in the shortest time possible.

1. Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus

This heavy-duty 850-watt motor has two dual speed controls for both soft and hard fruits. Has a wider feeding chute (about 3 inches wide) that accommodates fruits that need no prior preparation. It is fitted with stainless steel blades and a mesh filter that is used to spin the pulp.

Its outer body is made of plastic polymer making it one of the durable products you will have in your kitchen. Its safety feature includes a safety locking arm that prevents spilling due to evaporation and an overload protection switch that automatically shuts down the machine. It comes with a cleaning brush making it an easy wash. The pusher can safely be washed on the top shelf of a dishwasher.


·         Produces high-quality juices

·         Takes less time to extract juice from fruits and vegetables

·         Durable; it can serve for many years

·         Can juice vegetables as well


·         Expensive because of the added functions


2. Black & Decker CJ625 30 Watt Citrus Juicer

This version of Black & Decker is made of two rotating cones that squeeze fruits very well. The smaller cones will squeeze smaller fruits such as oranges, lime, and lemons. The larger cone is meant for larger fruits such as grapefruits. It has an adjustable pulp controller that will allow you to get the exact amount of pulp that you want. You do not need to worry about cord storage, Black & Decker CJ625 has a cord storage which makes it one of the best citrus juicers around.

All the parts of the juicer are dishwasher friendly and easy to wash. It has a clear container where all the juice collects and you can see the quantity and quality being extracted. The container has an easy to read scale that can help you keep track of you juice intake levels. The easy pour spout design is meant to limit the possibility of you spilling the precious juice. When you are done juicing you can keep the container airtight by covering it by using the storage cover.


·         Has an in-built cord storage

·         Adjustable pulp control

·         Dishwasher safe

·         It has a pulp basket

·         Measurement scale on juice container

·         Storage cover to keep your precious drink free of dust or contaminant


·         Gear problem due to overheating

·         Produces annoying sound when in use



3. TOWABO USB Juicer Cup Fruit Mixing Machine

This is a portable fruit blender that is made from BPA free plastic. The blades are made from stainless steel. The mixer can be powered and used on a different site on stored power. You can charge it for 3 hours using the USB cable before putting it to use. The only downside about this product is that it cannot be used in a microwave or dishwasher. The fruits have to be prepared by cutting into smaller pieces then add water or milk and press the button and wait for between 1-3 minutes to enjoy our juice. You may need to shake the bottle for the juice to mix well.


·         Portable

·         Can be used when there is direct source of power

·         Produces high-quality juice

·         Made from BPA free plastic

·         The powerful motor crashes even hard fruits


·         There is a danger of being electrocuted when the device is operating

·         You must prepare fruits before juicing

·         You may have to shake the bottle to effectively mix the juice


4. Black &Decker JE2200B

Black & Decker JE2200B is another high-quality juicer with a stainless steel blade. It has a 300 ml clear container that collects fruit juice once as the processing continues. It is has a 400-watt steel cutter that will cut through fresh fruit and vegetables with a lot of ease. The pulp is separated from the juice by being deposited on the container pulp. The pulp collector allows you to decide how much fiber you want to pass to the fruit juice.

The motor is controlled by an ON/OFF switch that has a dual safety lock feature.  It is made up of replaceable dishwasher friendly parts. Considering the amount of work it does in the kitchen, the Black & Decker JE2200B is one of the tops of the range affordable fresh fruit juicers


·         Produces high-quality fresh fruit juice

·         Made of stainless steel blades

·         Has a pulp separator that results in smooth tasting fruit juice

·         Has a large juice collector cup

·         Dishwasher friendly


·         You still have to cut fruits and vegetables to small pieces

·         Does not give the best vegetable juice


5. Hamilton Beach Juice Extractor

If you are looking the best juicer that will live to your juicing expectations, the Hamilton Beach Juicer should be one of your choices. It is reliable and highly efficient and it extracts juice in the shortest time possible. No worry about cleaning the juicer or its components.

The big mouth means that you do not have to prepare fruits or vegetables to get your daily dose of fresh juice. Its motors will most likely crush any fruit thrown at it. It produces fruits in record time. This is quite ideal if you want to experiment with different fresh juice recipes


·         Has a higher yield of fresh fruit juice

·         Can extract juice from any type of fruit or vegetables

·         Dishwasher friendly

·         Stainless steel blades and cutter.

·         Comes with variety of glasses for juicing

·         Sold with cleaning brush for cleaning the basket


·         Produces noise when working



If indeed you were looking for the best juicer that money can buy, I would recommend the Hamilton Beach juicer as the best juicer for 2017. The speed at which it produces fruit juice is amazing, you only need to wait for seconds to have your juice.

If you always on the move or want a juicer that you can carry with you to the gym, then the TOWABO USB Juicer Cup Fruit Mixing Machine is ideal, you only make sure it has enough charge to for it to work away from home.

At the end of the day, the best juicer is that which enables you to use it consistently without losing the quality of juice you are getting. I hope that with this information you are now able to go through the buying process with a lot of confidence.



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