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Recently Microsoft has released the Windows 10 October updates, and people are rushing to install it in their Windows 10 system. Some of the users are happy with the new updates, but some are still clueless regarding what is new in the updates. These users reported that they could not download and install the updates in their Windows 10 system.

While downloading the updates, you too might be facing the same issues. But it seems like the problem can be fixed to complete the installation. If you do not know how to install Windows 10 October updates, then follow the steps mentioned below.

Here’s how to solve Windows 10 October updates fail to install

Free up Disk Space in Computer

The new October updates of Windows 10 need a certain amount of space in the computer. If the storage is not enough for the Windows, then the updates won’t install the system. In the 32-Bit system, the update requires 16 GB of free space and 20 GB of free space in the 64-Bit version. If the system is running out storage space in the main drive of the system, then the first thing which should be done before installing the update is to clean up the disk of your system.

Try the Disk Cleanup tool in Windows system to delete the useless or unnecessary files and folders from the C: drive of your computer. Remember, disk cleanup is the Windows inbuilt utility hence you don’t need to download it from anywhere. Click the tick boxes in the Disk Clean-up for C: drive and click Ok to delete the files. Select the files carefully as once you delete them, you can’t retrieve them.

Resetting the Updates

If the free space is not working, then refer the Command Prompt to eliminating the problem by resetting the updates.

  1. Press Windows Key + S and open Windows search engine.
  2. Type cmd and press Enter.
  3. Now click to open Command Prompt.
  4. Type the commands and press Enter button after every command.
  5. Type net stop wuauserv.
  6. Type net stop bits.
  7. Type stop cryptsvc.
  8. Type Ren %systemroot%\SoftwareDistribution\SoftwareDistribution.
  9. Type Ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 catroot2.bak.
  10. Type Net start wuauserv.
  11. Type Net start bits.
  12. Type Net start cryptsvc.

Forthwith restart your computer to try installing the updates again.

Disable Antivirus

An antivirus program can react when the system is downloading the updates from the internet. The security program can act as a shield and resist the updates to install in the system causes the error to appear. To resolve the problem, disable the antivirus program and try to install the updates again. This time, the antivirus won’t conflict with the software updates, and you will receive the updates on your computer.

Install Updates through USB Drive

Installing the update through USB drive is possible. First, you will need to create the USB drive. Once you are done with creating the new USB drive, restart the computer system and install the October updates of Windows 10.

Windows 10 is the best operating system among all Windows so far. Still, the problem can appear during installation of updates. The steps mentioned will enable you to troubleshoot the problem and install the Windows 10 updates of 2018.

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