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Italian contemporary sofas are increasing in popularity once again, and for good reason! With many people still debating the idea about a sectional or a sofa, it is important to consider what a modern Italian contemporary sofas could do for your living room, basement, etc. Let's take a look at the benefits of modern Italian contemporary sofas. You may have a better idea of ​​whether or not it would be the right fit for your living space.

Make sure you have the space

An Italian contemporary sofas can add a lot to a room, if you have room for it. Many times, people consider buying a sectional sofa, only to discover that it takes up too much space for their room. A good rule of thumb is to measure your room first and make sure that the section does not occupy more than 1/3 of it. Chances are that if you are considering a sectional sofa, you are planning it for a room that can accommodate and entertain a number of people, so you'll want to make sure you have extra space for people to move, even with a sofa big.

Do you like to redecorate?

If you are someone who likes to rearrange furniture, or redecorate your space quite often, it is likely that a large Italian contemporary sofas is not for you. A section becomes incredibly difficult to move around a room unless you have a large amount of incredible space, so unless you can dramatically rearrange the decor surrounding the sofa, you may want to try something smaller to fit your space.

Know your 'audience'

If you know that your space will have many people, a section is a great option. It is also an excellent option if you have a television in the center of your space, since it allows everyone to see the screen evenly, which makes it the perfect place to sit during "movie nights" or cinema systems at home. However, if you are looking for seats for a more formal space, it is likely that a smaller sofa and perhaps two or three chairs are a better fit. This would allow people to move more freely, share conversations more easily and can easily adjust to cater for different numbers of people.

Putting a sectional sofa in your home can be a great addition, but it is not for everyone. Know your space, know the people who will use it and know your own personality when it comes to reorganizing and changing things frequently. When it comes to adding a modern Italian contemporary sofas to your home, you should know if it would be an adjustment that you would feel comfortable with in the years to come. If you can answer those questions, and still feel that a sectional would be a good idea for your home, enjoy the luxury and comfort you can bring to a room!

The long-standing question for what the mobile application development market will develop, if you do not have the resources to develop an iPhone and Android application simultaneously, could be a little clearer than you think.

Depending on your needs and the strategy to develop your application, a particular platform may be a better option to develop first.

Here are four topics that should be considered when deciding which mobile app store will be developed first.

Mobile traffic

Before deciding which mobile app store to develop, it's a good idea to see which devices generate the most traffic for your mobile website.

If you see that users of mobile devices come from iPhones to your website more frequently than those from Samsung Galaxy and HTC Droid, it is recommended that you start developing your mobile application aimed at the Apple app store. On the other hand, Android could be your preferred market if the iPhone is the minority of your traffic.

If the statistics of your mobile traffic are too close to make an obvious decision, there are other factors below that can help you decide where you should start developing your mobile application.

Friendly tablet

There is a big difference in the market share of tablets worldwide, with the advantage of Android tablets. However, when considering the tablets in terms of use of the application, the iPad takes over. That said, it is recommended that you first develop iOS for iPad if your strategy focuses primarily on the use of the tablet.


If your application strategy involves creating revenue by charging users the download, there are some things you should consider.

IOS users are more willing to pay for apps and pay for app purchases than users in the Android market. Focus on iOS first if you expect users to buy your application or items within your application.

International Business Times reports that, in terms of paid application downloads, Android developers earn $ 0.43 for every $ 1.00 that iOS developers earn. Take it as you can.


Before launching your application, you need to perform tests to ensure proper functionality. The different software within each operating system has a different usability depending on the device.

Android devices are very diverse with different screen resolutions as only one element that must be taken into account. Android software varies, so, depending on the version that users have, it is what type of application should be developed. It shows that Europe and Asia are more likely to have previous versions, where EE. UU It has devices with more updated versions. If your focus is the US market. UU. It could be better to develop it for the most current operating system.

IOS has fewer devices and Apple takes many of the internal differences, such as the automatic screen resolution based on the device, which allows less cause for concern in terms of solutions. It is also likely that user updates will be downloaded almost instantaneously through Apple devices compared to Android users.

It turns out that there are advantages and disadvantages of each operating system, but according to your needs and the general strategy of the mobile application, it should be clear which application to develop first.

There is no doubt that the traditional marketing funnel used to work tremendously well, but that's not the case anymore. Old and obsolete methods are not giving the kind of results they should. And that obviously affects the sales numbers of many companies that practice them.

The question is why? What exactly is the reason why once the proven marketing methods are not met?

It's simple: when you cannot measure the overall performance or effectiveness of a campaign, your efforts are wrapped in conjecture. You know that half of your marketing budget will be wasted, but you do not know which half. And that can cause problems.

Ask yourself, can you really measure and understand the return on investment with a traditional marketing campaign?

Invented by the pioneer of advertising St. Elmo Lewis, the infamous and widely used marketing concept AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action) has evolved over time. Which means that the old marketing funnel that depended on this formula simply will not work under current market conditions. Digital marketing funnel

Did the previous model fade? Of course, no. It only gradually improved and took a new form as different types of marketing methods and strategies emerged.

There has been a major change in the market, forcing marketing consultants and experts to modify the concept accordingly. Among these many new and improved trends in the world of marketing / advertising came the dawn of digital marketing.

Throughout the years, digital marketing has proven to be an element of change for many large and small companies. Not only did it allow brands (in all niches) to communicate better with their customers / prospects, but it also allowed them to experience sales like never before.

In addition, with the Internet offering several customized platforms for marketing, you are no longer limited to a single method.

The bottom line is: with the previous AIDA model, companies followed more than one linear route to gather qualified leads and turn them into customers / customers. Nowadays, this process works on multiple levels. Which means you must take a multifaceted approach to get favorable results.

Remember, the customer's modern journey that leads to a purchase is different from what it used to be 2 or 3 decades ago. So obviously you cannot depend on the old methods anymore. Travel of modern buyers

When you practice digital marketing, you will notice that there are many more points of contact along with many different possibilities. In such a scenario, the traditional marketing funnel will not be applied. The journey of today's customers must go down a different path, which we refer to as the digital marketing funnel.

What exactly is a digital marketing funnel?

A digital marketing funnel is basically a cocktail of tactics and techniques that can help a company:

·         Get a more specific exposure that only grows over time.

·         Gather potential customers of better quality that can be easily converted.

·         Encourage prospects / clients to share their experience with others.

Even though the World Wide Web has not existed for a long time, it has changed lives for the better. It has given people more options than they could imagine, especially when it comes to buying products / services.

Thanks to the Internet age, comparison shopping has moved beyond a single store. Potential customers can now research a wide range of competing products from the comfort of their home, regardless of their geographic location. Which means that the client has become smarter and is making informed decisions.

Taking into account these changes, today you see that brands change and evolve for the better. They are learning to keep up with their demands and exceed customer expectations. Previously, they had no way of interacting directly with their prospects / customers, and now they do. In addition, with increasing competition, companies have no choice but to find new and innovative ways to attract the attention of their target audience. This is exactly what gave rise to the most agile and adequate digital marketing funnel.

Contrary to popular belief, the digital marketing funnel is relevant to all types / sizes of companies. No matter who your customers are, they can find a place in your digital marketing funnel when they are done correctly.

By creating an adequate digital marketing funnel, you can not only track your customers' purchases, but also monitor your retention path, which is critical to your success. Not only that, you can also get clarity on which stages of the funnel should be improved to achieve better marketing results.

Here is why your business needs a digital marketing funnel

With the growing popularity of the Internet, the importance of using a digital marketing funnel grows for any company that wants to reach a wider audience and achieve a favorable conversion rate.

conversion rate Here are three reasons why you need to take a digital marketing funnel seriously ...

Giving your audience what they want begins with understanding them. Having a digital marketing funnel not only allows you to access your target audience in terms of commitment, but also allows you to give them the right information, at the right time.

For an online business marketing, offering personalized content to make it attractive to potential customers is an easy task. However, many fail in that. It's because they do not use a digital marketing funnel to adapt their content and improve the user experience while educating them about their business.

Different people have different motivations to act. Your target audience is made up of real people, who must be motivated to move from one stage of their cycle to another. The use of a digital marketing funnel allows you to know at what level your clients are and how you could value them to increase their level.

How does a digital marketing funnel work?

The operation of a digital marketing funnel is not complicated. At the basic level, each funnel is the same, but what makes the digital marketing funnel different is how much it can help you achieve when you make the necessary efforts.

Here are the key components of a digital marketing funnel ...

To understand how the digital marketing funnel works, you must understand the process behind it:

The reason why you build a digital marketing funnel is to help your company achieve a particular goal or objective. What could be a customer who buys your high-end product, signs a contract or anything else that allows you to get more business.

Once you have the digital marketing funnel ready, it will attract specific / relevant traffic from different sources. This traffic travels through its funnel, starting at the top where they qualify as an advantage.

Next, they move towards the center and, finally, toward the bottom of the funnel. This is where they end up becoming a client / client that pays and they also start spreading the word about their business.

6 stages of a profitable digital marketing funnel

Creating a profitable digital marketing funnel requires a complete understanding of the various stages your customers go through, and look at them from their eyes.

Digital marketing funnel So, without further ado, let's now analyze the different stages of the digital marketing funnel detail, and understand how you can make the most of them.

Stage # 1: Exhibition

Increasing brand awareness should be the top priority for any company that wants to grow more. Fortunately, improving the image of your brand in the eyes of your customers has become easier in today's digital age. Because a good majority of your target audience is online. Therefore, it only makes sense to take advantage of content marketing techniques to optimize and improve the presence of your brand on the web.

The most basic step towards a successful digital marketing funnel begins with awareness. To interact with your brand, the needs of your audience must first be aware of their existence. The digital route improves the possibility of word of mouth and gives better results than the traditional route in terms of generating awareness. When people share their content, the effects last longer than advertising.

To get a real exposure, your company needs:

·         Improve ranking on Google and other major search engines for specific keywords.

·         Create and share content that offers real value.

·         Build a community that is loyal and receptive.

·         Occasionally invest in digital advertising through the appropriate channels.

Keep in mind that none of these methods will give lasting results if you do not track your progress by focusing on the different digital marketing KPIs.

Stage # 2: Discovery

The first stage of the funnel that generates awareness helps generate the necessary exposure. However, once people arrive at your site, you must make sure they stay and discover their products / services. In other words, you must keep them in place until you press the buy button.

Regardless of the type of website, you must ensure that it is fixed and offers the right type of content. Because bringing people to your website would be useless if they leave immediately. You need to increase the time they spend on your website.

You want your potential customers to experience the most relevant trip of the client and to explore the types of products / services offered. So maybe you want ...

Offer them informational content that educates them about the problems they face and the solutions you offer.

·         Recommend relevant products with discounts before someone leaves your website.

·         Increase the sale of similar products to customers while making the payment.

·         Use a pop-up window to invite visitors to your website to your e-newsletter.

Your goal should be to get something from your client before they leave. If it is not a sale, your contact information. You do not want to be visited, they leave and never come back.

Stage # 3: Consideration

If you offer a great experience to visitors to your website, they will move on to the consideration stage. In fact, it is possible that many of them have already been looking for a product / service similar to the one offered. This means that they can inform other potential customers about your offer, even if they have not purchased your product / service.

Keep in mind that when someone is in this stage of the funnel, is closer to buy. That is why it is crucial that you solve all your problems / queries to avoid any problems along the way.

The knowledge of your target audience and your needs should be at the top of your list because it helps you create a funnel without problems, where it deals with the obvious concerns before any inquiries arise. This helps you create a confidence factor with your prospects and allows you to design more specific / refined marketing tactics.

For example, having a complete FAQ on your site along with authentic customer comments can answer many questions for a customer who is considering a purchase. You can eliminate any last minute doubts / objections and increase conversion possibilities.

Stage # 4: Conversion

Regardless of what type of products or services you sell, obtaining a high conversion rate is what you should always look for. Because if you're not converting well, your ROI suffers.

When someone has already gone through the consideration stage and is in the "ready to buy" mentality, they cannot afford to lose them. That is why it makes sense to do everything possible to make the entire purchasing process as simple and simple as possible.

When you design your digital marketing funnel, you will learn that perfecting it is an ongoing process. In other words, there will always be possibilities of having cracks in the funnel, through which your prospects slide. Increased sales These potential "leaks" can be expensive if they are not resolved. Therefore, you must work on identifying all those points where your sales process may be affected. The last thing you want is for your prospect to have a change of mentality and press the exit button after approaching completing the purchase.

Stage # 5: Relationship with the client

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Of course yes. But that would not be possible if you are not focused on fostering relationships with customers.

Being a business, it is your responsibility to give your customers the value they deserve. If not, they have the freedom to choose their competitor over you, which obviously does not want to happen.

So, instead of bombarding your prospects and customers with sales emails, work to provide first-class customer service by being available to them. Answer your questions, solve your problems and do not make them wait.

Working to improve customer relationships is a long way because, ultimately, it becomes the differentiating factor between you and your competing companies.

The bottom line is: every successful business relationship is reduced to value. If your prospects / customers cannot obtain it from you, they will not value your relationship with you.

Stage # 6: Retention

There is no doubt that building strong relationships with customers is not walking in the park. It can take a long time and may require a continuous investment.

But still, it is easier and less expensive compared to winning new customers. In fact, it is 7X more expensive to retain your existing customers than to replace those who choose not to participate in your digital marketing funnel. Withholding costs Once again, it all comes down to what you are giving your clients to stay. The amount of value you deliver directly affects your retention rate. Remember, the more customers you retain, the more repeat sales you will make.

3 types of digital marketing funnels you can implement today

The good thing about a digital marketing funnel is that each of its stages is interdependent with each other. Which means that working on strengthening one area will have a positive effect on others. As you improve in each of these stages and in the overall process, this leads to the complete growth of the business.

Now that we have a clear understanding of the stages that make up a digital marketing funnel, let's look at three common types of funnels that can help your business grow.

1. Conversion funnel

Many times, a conversion funnel becomes complicated for no reason. When in reality, it is a simple campaign that involves multiple steps, with each step that leads the prospects towards their most sought action / result

In order to really get the most out of your conversion funnel, you must understand how it works in three specific, but important categories.

When it comes to using the three previous conversion funnels, you will need them all to obtain high conversion rates. However, you will not use them at the same time. You will use each one according to the stage in which your business is located.

If you look at it, each of these conversion funnels will help you achieve a different goal / objective. If your goal is to improve revenue, you should focus on the monetization funnel. Using the other two will not help you achieve your goal. Then understand what your current business is and see which conversion funnel would be the most appropriate.

Now, let's see how these three conversion funnels work perfectly with each other in different stages of your business.

First, you will use the acquisition funnel to connect with your target audience and find new and relevant potential customers for your business. Whether you deliver a technical document or simply ask people to contact you, it is up to you to collect these potential customers.

Second, as soon as you have the right kind of potential customers, the next step is to activate the buyers and convert a good percentage of these potential customers that you collected.

Third, there is the monetization funnel, which produces the type of action "potential customers that become customers".

Make sure you have your funnel configured in your Google Analytics, otherwise you will not be able to monitor your progress. Also, just so you do not have any problems later, try to define your main objectives before configuring your conversion funnel.

2. Sales funnel

Sales funnels are critical for companies that want to achieve their sales goals. When done correctly, they guide customers smoothly through a "shopping route" that leads to a possible monetary transaction.

Your approach to the sales funnel may be different from others. But if you delve into the basics, the ideal steps for a profitable sales funnel are similar.

Here is a sales funnel idea that you can easily apply ...

1) Offer your website visitors a valuable but relevant frontend a.m. freebie (eBook, white paper, tool, etc.) in exchange for your email address.

2) After they register, take them to a thank you page that also offers a time-sensitive agreement / discount on one of their products that they might be interested in. You can also offer a premium version of your freebie.

3) If you choose to go for your offer, redirect them to your main sales page where you are selling your high-end product.

When and if a prospect purchases their main product, great. Otherwise, you can track them later, since they already gave their contact information in the initial stages of the funnel.

The idea is to move people through the funnel, one step at a time.

2. Facebook funnel

Social networks are hot and happening. That's why many big and small brands are trying to engage their target audience in the big social networking platforms. One way to do this is by creating an appropriate sales funnel using Facebook ads.

Facebook funnel There are some things you can focus on to improve the chances of success of your sales funnel on Facebook.

# 1: If you want more people to share your content, participate with it and click on it, then you will have to make it worth sharing and clicking on both.

# 2: If the statistics you are looking at are deficient, you may have to try your content A / B and improve your landing pages to get higher participation rates.

# 3: Investigate a little about the customer and talk to people to find out what you can do to get more clicks and conversions in your ad. The sooner you learn and improve, the less money you will lose.

Ultimately, your Facebook sales funnel will prove profitable only when you take care of the minute details that most others ignore.

Build your profitable digital marketing funnel

We have planned the steps for you and we have explained them, but that does not mean that creating a profitable digital marketing sales funnel is easy. It has many moving parts that require constant monitoring and optimization. As customers' preferences change, their marketing funnel should also do so in order to be profitable.

Sometimes you need a team to help you and support your marketing efforts. We are that team! We work as an extension of your marketing department and can help you in any way you need or serve as a leader. Contact one of our experts today to learn more about how our digital marketing services can help your funnel generate the most benefits.

Do you need good advertising ideas to grow your brand or business? Are you thinking about advertising on social networks?

You're not alone!

In fact, 93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly. What does that mean?

It means that there are around 3 MILLION companies that use Facebook to market their businesses. And that is not only in the United States. 70% of those businesses are outside the US UU

So now that you know your competition is probably using Facebook advertising ... what about your audience?

Do not worry there! As of June 2017, Facebook has 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook. That's more than YouTube, WeChat, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

In addition, more than a billion of those people use Facebook every day. And the number keeps growing every year!

Active Facebook users

The numbers do not lie! There is no limit to the number of people you can contact if you use Facebook advertising correctly.

So, what does this mean for you and your business? It's time for you to start advertising on Facebook!

Here are 10 good advertising ideas to start!

But before you start, if this already seems overwhelming, do not worry. You do not have to do it alone. There are dedicated marketing agencies that exist to help your business grow. Contact us here for questions or to start our services!

Make your Facebook page as attractive as possible! Once you follow all our advice, it will bring tons of traffic to your page. So make sure it's ready to be seen.

Try a cover video. They start playing immediately when someone comes to your page. The dimensions must be at least 820 x 312 pixels, while the recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels. Cover videos can last between 20 and 90 seconds and can be played the way you want. Cover the video Good advertising ideas here is what happens if you do not follow Facebook's instructions, so be careful! Home Video Good Advertising Ideas

Speaking of cover videos ... Video, video, video! You will hear it from us a million times.

You want to know why? Facebook gets more than 8 billion daily visits on average! So there's no reason for your business to miss that commitment.

44% of small and medium business marketers planned to put money behind their Facebook video content in 2017. Their competition should not leave it in the dust. Start using videos in your ads as soon as possible.

When using videos, it is important to keep in mind that users are five times more likely to watch Facebook videos on their phone. Ads on social networks continue their trend towards mobile devices, so make sure that everything you do in advertising on social networks is compatible with mobile devices.

Another fun fact: 85% of Facebook users watch videos with the sound off, so be sure to use videos with subtitles.

Improve your publications! Did you know that the organic reach for branded Facebook pages is 2% on average? That means that no matter how many followers you have, there is a limited amount that you can reach without posting ads. In order to reach your full audience, spend a few dollars to increase your most attractive content. This will get it in front of more people.

Facebook will even show you how many people will arrive throughout your campaign based on how much you spend. So start pushing! Facebook Boost Audience Good advertising ideas

I need more good advertising ideas ... it's time for a GIVEAWAY! Sweepstakes are a simple way to get TONS of organic commitment. Better yet, spend a few dollars on advertising to increase your gift and reach people off your page as a public.

Offer a free article and make your followers "like", comment and (most importantly) SHARE your publication will increase your brand awareness in an important way!

This is an example of one of our stellar customers who was able to generate 240 comments and tons of new organic followers in just a few days! Facebook draw good advertising ideas

Get your tastes with a page as an advertisement! A campaign as a page is a paid campaign that directly aims to increase the number of "likes" that your Facebook page gets.

Good advertising ideas help build a solid foundation for your business. And having a healthy audience on Facebook is a great start to creating social tests and establishing your brand online!

Do you feel that your Facebook Business page is not growing as fast as it could? You're not alone. More than 60 million companies have a Facebook page, but surprisingly 40% of users have never liked a Facebook page.

On the other hand, 68% of American adults between the ages of 18 to 29 are on Facebook. At a higher level, 83% of women and 75% of men use Facebook.

So, what do these statistics show?

Your audience exists on Facebook, it's just a matter of finding them and compromising them!

Page campaigns are a simple and inexpensive way to make the ball roll! Facebook page as Campaign Good advertising ideas.

Let's be clear ... a page as a campaign (or any campaign) is useless if it is not reaching the right people. That's where targeting comes into play.

We know that your audience is on Facebook, but so do billions of people. To ensure that you are reaching the right people, it is important to use all the options that Facebook has to offer, being as objective as possible. The options for Facebook orientation never end! By using a detailed strategy, you can point to someone at the perfect point in the shopping funnel. Do not waste your ad dollars in an irrelevant audience anymore. Strategic guidance is an efficient and cost-effective way to put your ads in front of the right people. These are just some of the options offered by Facebook when you create an audience in the Ad Manager:




             Civil status


             Educational level

            shopping behavior

            Recent life events (anniversary, new job, newly engaged, etc.)

Advance with the leads. It's important to know that good advertising ideas are not simply generating sales ... potential customers are another economical way to get your on-board audience to finally buy!

By collecting emails, you can take your audience to your sales funnel, add them to email lists, create custom audiences and the like ... the list goes on! Get more information about lead generation ads from LYFE marketing experts here.

Another type of campaign that is not just for sales ... website traffic announcements! Maybe your audience is not ready to buy yet, but it is still absolutely vital to have your eyes on your website.

Your ad can be optimized for link clicks or landing page views!

Our expert advice? Optimize for the views of the landing page. There is nothing wrong with clicking on the links, but the most important thing for your company is that the people in your site see what they have to offer.

Anyone can click on the "Like" button or pause a video (this would be counted as link clicks). But getting to the desired landing page shows much more purchase intention. That's why the views on the landing page may be a bit more expensive, but it's worth 100%!

So, how are you going to get people to land on your site? Try a relevant and exciting blog post that offers value to your audience. Blogging is a great way of content marketing that provides a ton of value to your business. Learn more about the purpose of blogs here.

But wait! Before starting your website traffic campaign, it is very important to set the pixels on your website. The good advertising ideas that drive website traffic to your site are useless if all the traffic it generates is not being used and tracked.

If you've never heard of a pixel from Facebook, do not worry. It is simply a snippet of code that is attached to your Facebook ad account and is easy to create. Once you create the pixel and follow Facebook's instructions to install it on your website, it will collect and measure the data of your visitors.

It is the most effective way to measure the success of your ads. And once you use all these good advertising ideas, there will be a lot of success to inform! Facebook Pixel Good advertising ideas

So now that we have your "likes" on the page, we generate tons of traffic on the website, we collect relevant leads ... it's the moment you've been waiting for ... conversions!

Fortunately, you have already set up your Facebook pixel, which must be set up to track anyone who sees your page, add an item to your cart and, of course, make a purchase!

A conversion campaign is special because it is optimized for the specific action you want users to do on your site. Facebook conversion campaign Good advertising ideas

Do you remember what we said before? 93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads. In addition, advertising revenues on social networks are forecast at $ 51.3 billion for 2018. And those figures are not decreasing. Ad revenue will grow 10.5% per year!

But do not just throw the dollars of your ads on Facebook and see what sticks. In 2017, 45% of Americans used ad blockers. Use the good advertising ideas we mentioned above to make sure you're targeting the right audience at the right point in the shopping funnel.

By: Web Development Services

The wp-config file is one of the most important files in your WordPress installation. You can use it to customize your site to meet your needs. With wp-config, you can make your WordPress site more secure, apply best practices, reduce page load time, optimize your database and make many other customizations. You can find the wp-config.php file in the root folder of your WordPress installation. The root folder is usually the public_html directory on live servers.

In this article, we will see the best bits of wp-config that you can use in any WordPress site. You must add most of these fragments to the beginning of the file, however, some of the fragments go to the end of the file. We have specified the location you need to place each fragment, respectively.


To strengthen the security of WordPress, you can change the prefixes of the tables in your database. By default, WordPress uses the prefix wp_. However, you can modify that to a more secure prefix that contains more characters, therefore, more difficult to find out. You simply need to overwrite the value of the $ table prefix variable in your wp-config file.

/ **

* Prefix of WordPress database table.


* You can have multiple installations in a database if you give

* Each one a unique prefix. Only numbers, letters and underscores.

* Please!

* /

$ table_prefix = 'wp_';


WordPress has a built-in debugger that you can use to receive notifications about errors and different problems on your site. The WordPress debugger is disabled by default, since you should not use it on a production site, unless you want visitors to your website to see notifications about errors. However, you can easily enable it by changing the value of the WP_DEBUG constant from false to true in your wp-config file.

/ **

* For developers: WordPress debug mode.


* Change this to true to enable the display of warnings during development.

* It is strongly recommended that plug-in and theme developers use WP_DEBUG

* In their development environments.


* For information about other constants that can be used for debugging,

* visit the Codex.


* @link

* /

define ('WP_DEBUG', true);


With the help of wp-config, you can configure how often WordPress empties your trash. You can specify the number of days after which your publications, pages, attachments that you moved to the Trash folder will be emptied. If you use 0 as a value, the Trash function will be completely deactivated on your site. You must add the following line of code to the beginning of your wp-config.php file:

define ('EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 30);

// 30 days


WordPress automatically saves your publications and pages every 60 seconds by default. You can easily increase or decrease this value in your wp-config file. You must specify the interval in seconds and add the following line to the beginning of the file:

define ('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 180);

// 180 seconds


WordPress automatically saves the revisions of the publication in the database as many times as the publication is saved. In addition, the last automatic save is also stored in the database. As a result, a single publication can have more than 20 or 30 versions in the table of the wp-posts database. Over time, this can lead to a lot of redundancies in the database. However, you can limit the number of revisions or deactivate it completely:

define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 5);

// save 5 subsequent revisions

define ('WP_POST_REVISIONS', false);

// deactivate subsequent revisions


You can specify the URL of your website and home page in your wp-config file. If your WordPress installation is stored in your root folder, these two URLs will be the same. Although you can configure your site and

Home address in the WordPress panel, this feature can be a blessing if you can not access your administration area for some reason.

define ('WP_SITEURL', '');

// the folder in which your basic WordPress files reside

define ('WP_HOME', '');

// the people in the URL type in the URL bar of the browser to get to your site


WordPress Multisite is an impressive feature that can be useful if you need to manage multiple sites at the same time. It allows you to create a network of sites and manage them from the same WordPress panel. You can activate the function by adding the following line to your wp-config file:

define ('WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true);


Although there are several ways to enable caching on your WordPress site, if you do not need any custom caching functionality and are satisfied with the basic WordPress cache, you can easily enable it in your wp-config file:

define ('WP_CACHE', true);


To make your WordPress site more secure, you can force users to use SSL whenever they access your administration area. You can only use this feature if you have an SSL certificate installed on your site. The following line not only redirects administrators to the secure URL (https: //) but to all other users as well:

define ('FORCE_SSL_ADMIN', true);


It happens several times that a user tries to access an invalid subdomain or subdirectory in their domain. A subdomain uses the format, while a subdirectory follows the format With wp-config, you can redirect all these invalid requests to the home page (or any other URL on your site):

define ('NOBLOGREDIRECT', '');

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