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The long-standing question for what the mobile application development market will develop, if you do not have the resources to develop an iPhone and Android application simultaneously, could be a little clearer than you think.

Depending on your needs and the strategy to develop your application, a particular platform may be a better option to develop first.

Here are four topics that should be considered when deciding which mobile app store will be developed first.

Mobile traffic

Before deciding which mobile app store to develop, it's a good idea to see which devices generate the most traffic for your mobile website.

If you see that users of mobile devices come from iPhones to your website more frequently than those from Samsung Galaxy and HTC Droid, it is recommended that you start developing your mobile application aimed at the Apple app store. On the other hand, Android could be your preferred market if the iPhone is the minority of your traffic.

If the statistics of your mobile traffic are too close to make an obvious decision, there are other factors below that can help you decide where you should start developing your mobile application.

Friendly tablet

There is a big difference in the market share of tablets worldwide, with the advantage of Android tablets. However, when considering the tablets in terms of use of the application, the iPad takes over. That said, it is recommended that you first develop iOS for iPad if your strategy focuses primarily on the use of the tablet.


If your application strategy involves creating revenue by charging users the download, there are some things you should consider.

IOS users are more willing to pay for apps and pay for app purchases than users in the Android market. Focus on iOS first if you expect users to buy your application or items within your application.

International Business Times reports that, in terms of paid application downloads, Android developers earn $ 0.43 for every $ 1.00 that iOS developers earn. Take it as you can.


Before launching your application, you need to perform tests to ensure proper functionality. The different software within each operating system has a different usability depending on the device.

Android devices are very diverse with different screen resolutions as only one element that must be taken into account. Android software varies, so, depending on the version that users have, it is what type of application should be developed. It shows that Europe and Asia are more likely to have previous versions, where EE. UU It has devices with more updated versions. If your focus is the US market. UU. It could be better to develop it for the most current operating system.

IOS has fewer devices and Apple takes many of the internal differences, such as the automatic screen resolution based on the device, which allows less cause for concern in terms of solutions. It is also likely that user updates will be downloaded almost instantaneously through Apple devices compared to Android users.

It turns out that there are advantages and disadvantages of each operating system, but according to your needs and the general strategy of the mobile application, it should be clear which application to develop first.

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