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What is a mini computer?

Mini computer, also known as minicomputer, cloud terminal or ubuntu mini pc, and some people like to call it a desktop computer, it is a computer with small size, low power consumption, ultra-quiet, strong performance, fashion and beauty, mini computer has a traditional Basic properties and performance of desktop computers.

What are the pros and cons of mini computers?

Small and portable, fashionable and beautiful, energy saving and environmental protection, mute and other words are the best summary of mini computers. Mini computers make up for the shortcomings of traditional desktop computers, and are also very suitable for modern people's use experience, making the mini computer market become the desktop computer in recent years. The hope of computer manufacturers and DIY manufacturers to seek breakthroughs is precisely this opportunity, which has created many brand manufacturers focusing on the research and development, production and sales of mini computers, opening up a new world for the computer market.


Mini computer purchase strategy

What are the advantages of mini computer

Suitable for mini computer applications

The led power supply waterproof  not only has the advantages of constant current drive and cold light lighting, but also has very high safety. What problems should we pay attention to in the actual application process?

In the process of using the waterproof switching power supply, the first thing that engineers need to pay attention to is the self-temperature rise of the switching power supply.

The problem of the temperature rise of lamps and lanterns is also a big problem that needs to be paid attention to when the waterproof switching power supply is used in public lighting applications, because a lot of heat generated is dissipated by the shell itself. Between 20°C and 25°C.

During operation, every time the temperature of the electrolytic capacitor of the waterproof LED power supply rises by 10°C, the service life will be halved, which will directly affect its service life. In order to improve the life of the power supply, it is necessary to improve in many aspects, such as the use of capacitors with higher lifespan, increasing the power supply, optimizing the heat dissipation design of the power supply or the heat dissipation design of lamps and lanterns.


Considerations when choosing an LED power supplier 

What are the protection methods of waterproof power supply 

The method of waterproof power electromagnetic interference 

The ​automatic dog feeder  can be directly put in the feed, set the time and stock, and feed the pets automatically at regular quantitative pets. When we choose to automatically feed the dog, we should also choose according to the actual situation of pets.

1. Feeding machine capacity:

The capacity is also related to the number of feeding, and it is also related to the number of days of eating. If the owner has a long business trip, in order to ensure the daily food volume, you must choose a large -scale feed machine.

2. The support does not support the timing:

If the pet owner is busy or out at home, you can set the pet to feed the pets on time according to time. In this way, if you ensure that there are feed in the storage slot, feed on time on time, which not only ensures the normal diet of the pet, and the owners have not solved the worries.

3. Security:

It is necessary to choose a style with low center of gravity and strong stability, at the same time, configure the function of low voltage, hydropower separation, and power -off protection, and check whether the seams of the feeder are tight, whether there are defects in the lid, base and other components, and so on.

4. Camera function:

There are still many feeding opportunities to have the function of video remote feeding. You can check the live picture of the pet at any time, and you can eat more securely for remote food.


​How to choose a pet automatic feeder?

​How to choose a high -quality automatic dog feed?

​What are the main points of pet feeding device?

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