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1. Environmental differences

International logistics will be affected by the laws, economic levels and technological development levels of different countries, and will also be limited by the cultures and customs of different countries;

2. Wide range of systems

The integration of international freight services   and modern technology, through network-related technologies, to connect with the world's trade interoperability countries;

3. High standardization

International logistics complies with relevant international trade laws and unified trade standards, which greatly reduces the cost and cost of logistics, and reduces the difficulty of operation;

4. International information system support

Through the resume of the international information system, we can grasp the information of various ports and ports in real time, and make the fastest real-time decision-making.


How to choose a reliable international logistics company?    

How to choose a good logistics company    

How to choose a suitable international logistics company?    

Although the computer case is not so important in all hardware, as a carrier of hardware, the quality and structure cannot be ignored, as well as the appearance. So how do you choose a computer case pc case manufacture ?

1. The thicker the steel plate, the better

High-quality chassis steel plates are very thick, one is not easy to deform, and the other is better sound insulation, and resonance is not easy to occur. The thicker the steel plate, the better the protection effect on the hardware.

2. Processing of the corners of the chassis

The details are true. Many people have the experience of being scratched during installation. When choosing a chassis, pay attention to how the corners of the chassis are handled. The corner workmanship can also reflect the quality of a chassis.

3. Scalability

Scalability is also an important consideration when purchasing a chassis. Support cold row size? How many hard drive bays are there? Is there an SD card slot? Is there an optical drive slot? These should be selected according to your actual needs.

4. The backline design should be reasonable

Many friends have no concept of how much space should be left for the backplane, so they will buy the case back, but find that the backplane space is insufficient and the side board cannot be buckled. Usually, it is reasonable to reserve more than 1.5cm of space for the topline.


How to choose a computer case? What skills are there?

What are the strategies for choosing a computer case? 

What should you pay attention to when buying a chassis 

The advantages of the rapid prototyping model: it can get a relatively good definition of requirements, and it is easy to adapt to changes in requirements ; prototyping companies  it is conducive to the synchronization of development and training; the cost is low, the development cycle is short, and it is more user-friendly.

Disadvantages of rapid prototyping model: Customers and developers have different understanding of prototypes; Accurate prototyping is difficult; It is not conducive to the innovation of developers.

The scope of use of the rapid prototyping model: The prototype model is very suitable when you are familiar with the developed field and have rapid prototyping tools; or when you are customizing an existing product prototype.


Advantages of 3D Printing Prototyping Services

What are the advantages of rapid prototyping?

Feasibility of Rapid Prototyping Concept Models

To choose a suitable industrial Embedded PC, the following factors can be considered:

The first is application. If the embedded industrial computer you want to choose is closely related to AI applications such as deep learning and edge reasoning, then you should choose an embedded GPU industrial computer type for deep learning scenarios.

The second is the specification. What specifications are suitable, the boundaries between them are also very blurred, which is related to what kind of motherboard, chassis, interface, and slot you choose.

1: Mainboard selection, choose longboard + backplane, or IMB, CPU, memory, hard disk, power supply, interface, and other configurations, which have a certain relationship with the corresponding main frequency, operating speed, storage, power consumption and other parameters.

2: Chassis selection: The internal structure of the chassis is clearly partitioned, the installation is orderly, and the wiring is neat. Do you need to install an optical drive and how many hard disk slots are required? Do you need a display screen, power supply, hard disk indicator lights, power switch, restart button, etc.?


What are the ways to choose an embedded computer?

What to pay attention to when using embedded computer

What are the functions of an embedded computer?

Most of the rice packaging bags on the market are rectangular. The use of materials needs to be considered when designing rice packaging,  rice bag manufacturer which is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. The material must be strong enough

Rice is heavy and tends to fall over, so be sure to design it sturdy.

2. The material must have moisture-proof function

To a certain extent, the quality of the rice is guaranteed and the shelf life is extended. Since rice is susceptible to moisture and moth-eaten, damp heat will cause the rice to burst, and rice has the characteristics of aging and quality. In the design, appropriate packaging materials should be selected according to the needs of these characteristics to ensure the quality of the rice.

3. The material has high feasibility and can be recycled and reused.

Poor packaging and practicality result in few or unwilling consumers to reuse and easily discarded by consumers


How to choose a rice packaging manufacturer

How to choose the right rice packaging bag

The role of food packaging in the market

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