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Sorting and screening are common means of improving product quality. So sorters are also produced. Do you know the technical principle of coffee bean sorter machine?

1 Infrared smart technology

Dual-infrared and four-infrared intelligent technologies, realize 360-degree full-angle stereo multi-dimensional imaging, intelligently match sorting solutions, and meet different sorting needs.

2 Holographic infrared camera

Equipped with a telephoto visible lens and a telephoto infrared lens, up to 260 million pixels, you can see clearly and make defects and foreign objects invisible.

3 New industrial machinery structure

The open sorting chamber can effectively reduce the impact of dust, water mist and oily particles on the machine, making maintenance and cleaning more convenient.

4 Self-cooperative sensing technology

SoC architecture, higher integration, faster computing technology, and powerful processing power.


The role of the sorter in improving the quality of coffee beans    

What are the advantages of coffee bean sorting machine    

Commercial value of coffee bean sorter    

Clothing labels are not just instructions for clothes, but also a hub for companies to promote themselves, increase product sales and retain consumers. Small labels are so important, and there are so many manufacturers of clothing tags. How should customers choose a clothing label manufacturer?

1. Does the manufacturer have complete equipment: If the manufacturer you choose does not have this complete set of equipment, then the subsequent process of label making must be outsourced to other manufacturers. Guarantee, the price may still be high.

2. Label printing quality: If the quality requirements are very high, you need to choose some large manufacturers, and the price will be high, and there are also some small manufacturers, whose quality can also be guaranteed, and the price will be more favorable, which requires your own on-the-spot inspection , or introduced by a friend.

3. Label printing design: The label is equivalent to a business card of the product. We need to have a good design for the label, which can well reflect the image of the company's product brand. If there is a requirement for this label design, the manufacturer needs to have a professional designer.


How to choose a clothing label manufacturer?

How to judge the competence of label manufacturers?

How to choose a clothing tag production factory?

I believe everyone should be familiar with indoor door locks. All locks installed on indoor doors such as bedroom doors, study doors, and kitchen doors can be called indoor door locks. Door Lock Solutions,So for enterprises, what are the selection criteria for indoor door lock manufacturers? How should I choose?

1. Products meet industry standards

There are many links involved in the production process of indoor door locks. Powerful regular manufacturers will strictly control each link and have complete quality inspection procedures to ensure that each indoor door lock is purchased from raw materials to market-oriented. Sales, all data can be checked, all in line with industry standards.

2. Look at the supply capacity

In the indoor door lock industry, customers attach great importance to the delivery time, because many customers are engineering customers, and the project has strict construction time limit. Once delayed, it will have a great impact on the entire project. Therefore, when choosing an indoor door lock manufacturer, it is recommended to choose a manufacturer with stock reserves and strong supply capacity.

3. Look at after-sales service

After-sales service is an important link that cannot be ignored when choosing an indoor door lock manufacturer. Manufacturers with good service will maintain good communication with customers at all times. From the selection of samples at the beginning to the later installation, they can guide at any time to ensure that customers can choose To products that meet the actual needs, rather than blindly promoting high-profit, expensive, and safeguarding the interests of customers.


How to choose a manufacturer for agent door lock sales

What are the differences between indoor door lock factories

What are the characteristics of a good door lock manufacturer

1, should choose the output of oxygen concentration greater than 90%, and 24 hours of uninterrupted work state of oxygen concentration can still maintain the standard of medical-grade small oxygen concentrator.

2, to choose a strong, long-term sustainable development, in the local perfect after-sales service oxygen machine manufacturers, to ensure that the long-term after-sales service after the purchase of the machine.

3, To choose the oxygen machine with low noise, the noise level is better than 45 decibels, otherwise, it may affect the rest of myself and others, especially at night.

5, considering the long use time, it is recommended to choose the machine with moderate body shape, optimized internal structure and ideal heat dissipation space. Only by improving the overall heat dissipation performance, can we ensure stable oxygen concentration.


How to choose the right oxygen concentrator

Home Oxygen Concentrator Working Principle

What are the advantages of oxygen machines

The electric welding machine is a high-power transformer made of the principle of inductance. Inductors produce huge voltage changes when they are turned on and off. The high-voltage arc generated when the positive and negative electrodes are momentarily short-circuited is used to melt the electrodes. Welded on. in order to combine them. welding machine manufacturer,A voltage is applied between the electrode and the workpiece, and the arc is ignited by scraping or contact, using the energy of the arc to melt the electrode and heat the base metal.

Classification of electric welding machines

Electric welding machine can be divided into: arc welding electric welding machine, pipe welding machine, pressure welding machine, wire welding machine, reflow welding machine, laser welding machine, tin welding machine, wire cutting welding machine, butt welding machine, plasma welding machine, resistance welding machine machine and so on


What types of industrial welding machines are there?

The method of testing the quality of welding machine.

How to choose a high-quality electric welding machine

refrigeration dryer for compressed air  are divided into refrigerated dryers and adsorption dryers. Refrigerated dryers use refrigerants to cool compressed air to a certain dew point, then separate out saturated moisture in the air, and remove liquid water through a steam-water separator. Filter out, and then achieve the purpose of drying air.

The characteristics are: continuous work, no regeneration required, and low energy consumption. The adsorption dryer uses various adsorbents such as activated alumina and molecular sieve to adsorb the moisture in the compressed air, so as to achieve the purpose of drying the gas. This method can easily treat the pressure dew point of the compressed air to a temperature below the freezing point of water.


Which mode of dryer is better to choose?

What are the advantages of refrigeration dryers

Why is the temperature in the dryer too high?

Laser marking machine is a kind of laser generator, which is transmitted through optical fiber, computer control system and optical galvanometer system, and uses the characteristics of high density and high energy of laser to burn a certain part of the surface of the material, so that the surface material remains. under the permanent marker.


What are the performance characteristics of fiber laser marking machine


1. Non-contact processing without any chemical pollution;

2. Wide range of applicable materials, suitable for all metals and most non-metals;

3. The marking and cleaning of the laser marking machine is regular, not easy to be altered, and plays an anti-counterfeiting role;

4. The laser marking machine has long service life, high stability, no consumables, and low cost of use;

5. It can be used automatically and intelligently, with strong compatibility.


Application fields of laser marking machine

Points to note when choosing a marking machine

Are metal marking machines and non-metal marking machines one kind?


The first category: degradable environmental protection packaging materials series products.where to buy stone paper  This product is mainly used to replace the traditional plastic packaging series of products; there are two major industrial packaging materials and live packaging materials

Two categories: environmentally friendly stone wallpaper series products. Products have functional characteristics, such as harmful substances, such as heavy metals, no odor, moisture -proof, flame retardant and antibacterial agent

Third category: environmentally friendly stone paper products. It is mainly used to replace some traditional cultural paper, packaging paper and products of special paper; this type of product has changed the traditional papermaking technology, does not use wood pulp, no need to cut down trees


What are the advantages of natural stone paper itself?

The social value of stone paper packaging products

New materials for environmental safety stone pieces of paper

The selection of a compressed gas filter actually involves many aspects, as well as the design of the entire system, so when choosing a filter, you should refer to the air volume, surrounding environment, pre-filtration, etc.

1. Conditions required for actual operation: mainly consider the working conditions, operating pressure, filtration accuracy, dust holding capacity, dust holding form (surface filtration or deep filtration) of different types of compressors. Every item here needs to be designed with that in mind.

2. Design of processing air volume: Generally speaking, while ensuring the filtering effect, the larger the flow, the better. It must be used reasonably to increase the service life of the compressed air filter.

3. Design of compressed air filter: mainly consider the selection of installation method, filter area, sealing ring and filter shell material.

4. Multi-level filtering: In many cases, it is difficult to complete the filtering requirements with single-level filtering. Three-stage filtration can be installed, which can protect the precision filter well and prolong the service life of the filter.


The importance of choosing an air compressor filter element

How to choose reliable compressed gas filtration equipment?

Why choose a compressed gas filter

Preliminary findings for scratches, contamination, air bubbles, streaks on the lenses, and look at the outer product packaging in the sunglasses. Ordinary sunglasses must be marked with the item name, shade, diameter, quality, manufacturer's name and trademark. sunglasses online UVB and CE indicated sunglasses can ensure a certain degree of UV protection.

Lenses should be level and visibility should be better. Sunglass lens fabrics are window and resin, and the best sunglass lenses must also be polarized lenses. Polarized lenses can effectively remove reflections and harmful sun rays, and also have anti-glare, anti-dressing and other characteristics, and are the most popular glasses.

The shade of your glasses should not only be determined by your skin tone, face shape, clothing, etc., but also by where you are leaving. In general, dark, tan and grey filter systems are good: grey contact lenses absorb any shade spectrum evenly


​How to choose sunglasses color by skin tone

How to choose the color of sunglasses

The difference between polarized glasses and sunglasses

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