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Forget about all the disappointments the current year is giving. Probably, 2021 would be the year of betterments, with The Vampire Diaries season 9 to be anticipatedly released in March 2021 on The CW. However, there is no surety that this prediction will hold true, as the rumor is only a talk among the fans. Both the Netflix and The CW viewers are curious these days about season 9 of the fantasy show. To the great disappointment of all the waiting fans, the show got cancelled this time. It is most likely that the season 9 of the all-time-favourite series franchise is going to have a set of 22 episodes.

To be straight, the show makers haven’t released any official statement regarding the 9th season, but the audience just can’t keep calm.  The audience has kept their eyes waiting for the next announcements. It isn’t easy to differentiate between rumors and reality in this case. It is expected that the series will return with the first cast. The cast consisted of Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvator and Nina Dobrev as Elina Gilbert. It also included Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore, Zach Roerig as Matt Donovan, Matt Davis as Alaric Saltzman, Kat Graham as Bonnie, Candice King as Caroline Forbes, St. John Kristen Gutoskie as Seline, Natgalie Kelley as Sybil. We may see quite a few new faces as well.

Not to forget, the performance of Demetrius Bridges as Dorian Williams, Allison Scagliotti as Georgie Dowling, and Michael Malarkey as Enzo also have always taken the bar higher. No wonder the cast was a perfect fit for the show to become a success. The viewers are keen to see the same cast perform excellently in the 9th season too. Will the show really come on the screens soon?

With all the difficulties the world is facing right now, it becomes difficult to assume the arrival of the show. The entertainment industry is seeing the worst of times, making fans and lovers of the popular show wait for long.

The Disappointments

Julie Plec, the show’s programmer, has discredited the rumours attached to the arrival of The Vampire Diaries. However, it is best to stay positive and wait for the next updates by the team. Till then, cherish the memories the show has given you in the previous seasons. That’s all viewers can do right now.

John Smith is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.


Netflix has been screening “Unsolved Mysteries” as a revival of the classic American TV series aired by the same name. It is a serial documentary that focuses on unsolved crime mysteries and spooky paranormal activities. This genre has its separate fan base that always has an insatiable need for more. For the audience who feel they could be a private detective too and love mysteries, there are some shows that you should binge:

  • The Three Identical Strangers

The story starts when a fresher enters college and finds out that everybody in the picture recognizes him. Still, with some other name to which he later finds that his identical twin was in the same picture, the story becomes even more exciting when they see another person in the same picture that looks like them and these triplets not only become friends but also start to dress alike, and suddenly when the reporters get to know about them, these triplets become the biggest news of the country. The plot takes a twist when one of the parents found out that they had these triplets, but the hospital, because of some unknown reason, separated them and kept the family unaware of the fact that they had triplets. When the triplets find out about this, they decide to fight against the hospital but find themselves against some compelling and influential individuals.

It does not feel like the story could be accurate, but it is. The documentary is a recollection of the brothers eventually finding each other and discussing nature vs. nurture.

  • Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

The documentary is based on the life of the well-known American Football player for the New Zealand Patriots. The star’s career came to an unexpected halt in 2013 when he was charged with the murder of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez was found dead in his cell during the trial.

  • Making a Murderer

It is one of the original Netflix documentaries. And maybe one of its best. In the most real sense, this show is the definition of a viral hit. Steve Avery spends 18 years behind bars for a wrongful murder conviction. The man was released and then re-arrested because he was charged with the murder of Teresa Halbach and his nephew Brendan Dassey. The premiere season makes us a witness to Avery’s initial trial and the second season ropes in defence lawyer Katherine Zellner, who is hell-bent on proving his innocence. 

  • Abducted in Plain Sight

The story in this show is such that if you narrate it to a stranger, they will refuse to believe you. Abducted in Plain Sight is about Jan Broberg, who was systematically groomed and abused by her neighbor. She was kidnapped by the man twice in the 1970s. But what is more unbelievable in this show is the control Robert Berchtold (the neighbor) had on Jan’s entire family. 

  • The Staircase

The Staircase logs the famous trial of Micheal Peterson, husband of Kathleen, who was found dead under her staircase. The only question of relevance throughout the show is who the real culprit is. The show keeps trying to answer the immediate question but is at a loss of words. It is one of the longest-running series, beginning in 2000 and tricking well into 2018. 

  • Cold Case Files

This is another long-running series, much like Unsolved Mysteries. It was continually revived for modern-day viewers. It was initially aired from 1999-2006 but received a reboot in 2017. 

  • The Keepers

Being just one of several such shows, this show has a distinct ominous and eerie feel to every episode you watch. It can be caused by various reasons- religious connotations or its backdrop of a perfectly ordinary American town. But the still-open case of the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik is filled with foul play. 


Carnival Row is a TV series that is based on neo-noir fantasy. The creators of this show are Rene Echevarria and Travis Beacham and currently, it is available on Amazon Prime Video. The show got an amazing response from the audience when its first season aired in August 2019. And, now definitely fans are extremely eager about season two of the show. The cast and crew members of the show are all set for season two which is going to be released only on Amazon Prime as the makers announced. Here are the short and crisp details of everything you need to know about the show.

The Plot of Carnival Row Season 2

The second season is going to be based on fictitious creatures who are living in a small town that is far away from their homeland. Amidst this,  there are increasing tensions among residents and immigrants. Several thrilling mysteries regarding unsolved murders, unresolved love, and insanity of energy are going to grapple the audience to the show

The Release Date of Carnival Row Season 2

It is confirmed that season 2 will be out very soon but the makers still haven’t talked about any particular date for the premiere of Carnival Row season 2. According to the creators of this show, the season will most probably air later this year or maybe during the early months of next year. The reason behind the delay of this popular series is obviously the unexpected pandemic, and maybe this is the major part of the reason why creators are still not announcing any particular date for the release.

The Cast of Carnival Row Season 2

While almost all the characters are the same as they were played in the last season, there are some new inclusions in season 2 of Carnival Row which includes, Orlando Bloom who is going to play the role of Rycroft Philostrate. Along with this, Arty Froushan will be seen in the role of Jonah Breakspear, David Gyasi will play the role of Argus, Cara Delevingne is going to play the role of Vignette Stonemoss, Merchant can be seen playing the role of Imogen, and Caroline Ford has the same role of Sophie Longerbane. Many other new casts can also be seen in the next part of The Carnival Row.

The Trailer of Carnival Row Season 2

Currently, there is no trailer for the new season out in the market yet. For updates, you can keep on checking at Amazon Prime Video.


Amazon Summer Sale has started, and there you will find some incredible deals on several products. One of the best offers on the Amazon Summer sale is on the Surface Book 2 laptops. Surface Book 2 is one of the super-powerful laptops by Microsoft. You can buy a 13.5-inch device with the amazing Intel i7 processor, 1TB SSD storage, 16GB RAM, and graphics card of Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050.

If you want to know more about this product, then here is the review of Surface Book 2. 

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Review

It is the second-generation Microsoft’s Surface Book. It is different from its previous products because it is available in two versions i.e.,13.5-inches and 15-inches. The pair of laptops was launched in October 2017, but people still want to buy it. People were expecting that it would be replaced by October 2019, but it is still available in the market as people are continuously purchasing this product. 

Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 is a little different from the traditional devices as it is built especially for creativity, and you can detach the screen for your convenience. If you love artwork, you can use a Surface pen for your work. You can use it as the convertible laptops, which means it can be used as a laptop and tablet as per your requirement. You will get to know the new prices of the product in this blog, but when the product was released, it was one of the premium and costlier products. Its price reflects the high-end specs of the product. 

Size And Design Of The Product

It is one of the super-thin or light laptops. The 13.5-inches version is around 1.5kg, which is pretty impressive with the premium features. The computer is supreme portable, and you can take it any place where you want. The original surface book is around 2Kg, which means that the Surface Book weight has decreased. 

If you want to buy the 15-inch version, you should check it in your nearest store before purchasing it. As per the customer reviews, the product looks large in the hands, so it’s better to check before you buy. 

No doubt, Surface Book 2 is lighter than its successors, but it is still bulkier and heavier than the super-thin MacBook Pro. 

Surface Book 2 performance and power

If you want to talk about the performance, then you will not find any issue in any model of the Surface Book 2 as it has the dedicated Nvidia graphics card that is sufficient to run your laptop smoothly. 

With this laptop, you will get several hours of regular use. The Surface Book 2 allows you to charge both keyboard and the screen separately. It means that the keyboard has its own and different battery house situated in its base of the keyboard. 

Microsoft cites that the Surface Book 2 offers around 17 hours of continuous working in a single charge. But as per the user’s opinion, it gives 12-hours of working. If you are the one who uses the laptop for the word or documents only, it is a decent product for you. 

The keyboards by Microsoft are counted among the best keyboards around the world. With the best keyboard, the trackpad is also smooth and responsive. 

Overall, it is a product with a unique design, features, and astounding screen. Surface Book 2 is one of Microsoft’s best products that can provide you with the experience of using laptops and tablets in one device. 

Which Version Should You Buy?

In 2018, a new variant of Surface Book2 was launched in 2018 and had less storage that can save £394. The less storage capacity of the Surface Book 2 takes the price of the product at £1,134.99. The device has lower specs but uses the same processor. The 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD storage and Intel UHD Graphics can help you to perform several and creative tasks without any issue.

In recent years, Surface Book 2 has become a popular device in past years. And if you have read this blog, then you can find the reason behind its popularity. The detachable screen is one of the best features of this device, and if you love the artwork, then it will be a perfect product for you. If you want to take any notes or do annotation, you can do this with the Surface pen that you have to purchase separately. No doubt, it is one of the smartest devices offered by Microsoft. Its unique design has a better design, and these things make this product a winner. 

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


At the beginning of this week, Microsoft announced that they would replace the old and original Edge browser from the Windows 10 education and business PCs with the latest Chromium-based version. The latest version will be released on or after 30th July 2020. There is a possibility that the Chromium update will provide better compatibility with websites and backward compatibility with IE for a line of business apps.

The machines under the educational settings will get the priorities first. According to the reports, the PCs that are running on Windows updates will automatically get updated to the Chromium Edge. This update will not impact educational and business devices that are updated by either Windows Update for Business or Windows Server Update Services. In mid-January, Microsoft came up with the auto swap idea and public release of its first stable channel. Then the firm guidelines were set for the PCs that would forcibly replace the legacy of Edge with the latest Chromium edition.

Windows 10 Enterprise Education and Workstation Pro will remain safe from the updates. Windows 10 Pro systems that joined the Active Directory or Azure Active Directory domain, the PCs that are updated by Windows Server Update Service, and controlled using the System Centre Configuration Manager tools will also remain unchanged from the latest updates. However, workers and students can manually obtain the Chrome-based Edge or Chromium Edge.

Earlier this year, Microsoft had started to bring the Chromium-based Edge browser in the frame to the Windows 10 desktop through Windows Update service. Microsoft’s team recently cited that any device that is serviced by Windows Updates would be eligible for this upgrade. If your organization wants to obstruct this update, then you can use the Blocker Toolkit curated for Edge-to-Edge that was released back in December 2019. This kit can block Windows Update on the new Edge.

Kirk Koenigsbauer, the Chief Operating Officer and Corporate Vice President of Microsoft, confirmed that most of the other elements of the swaps are secured in place. Internet Explorer 11 will remain unchanged, and the Edge update might not get declared as default, and the legacy Edge will remain hidden but will not be deleted from the system. Once the updates are available to the Windows PCs, they will declare the browser as the latest version, and the secured updates for the new browser will be provided within every 6 to 8 weeks.


After facing a lot of criticism on social media, finally, EA Tiburon has shown their concern regarding Madden NFL 21 Mode. The following conflict started two weeks back when the Madden NFL 21 trailer was released. Gamers found a lot of issues in the game through the following trailer, and thus they reported about it to EA on their social media. However, gamers and critics in large horde all together start teasing EA instead of complaining with FixMaddenFranchise#.

Although the gamers called it their way of asking for a better game, in reality, it is a sort of social media lynching. Despite that horrible act, the executive producer of Madden NFL came out through the official Twitter handle of Madden NFL 21. He shared a video message in which he stated that his name is Seann Graddy and he is the executive producer of Madden NFL. He added that he is here on behalf of the whole team of Madden NFL and he, along with the entire team, are saying that they have understood the gamers frustration regarding the Madden NFL trailers.

He added that all of the concerns of the gamers were shown in numerous numbers over Twitter, and they are extremely happy that millions of gamers are avid fans of Madden NFL. He also added that their entire team is appreciating the dedication of the gamers that they all came forward to complain.

He said the entire team is reading all the feedback and soon they all will be fixed. He also added that at this point of time, he could not share details over social media, but he said their entire team is working only on these issues nowadays, and soon the gamers will be introduced to a much better Madden NFL 21. Mr. Graddy also added that due to the pandemic their team is working from home and it is the major reason why working on these issues are taking a lot of time from usual days. At last, he added Thank you again to all the gamers who have shown their concern regarding issues in Madden NFL 21 and their team are willing to accept more feedback.

The sport genre games are always lacking success due because they needed an audience interested in large gaming. Thus, it is the major reason why the Madden NFL franchise always went a bit short of reaching success. Now, after showing off millions of users over Twitter for complaining ‘s beta version. We all are now pretty sure that the game will probably be going to do some miracle this time. However, the release date of Madden NFL 21 hasn’t been announced yet, but it is rumoured to arrive in the forthcoming August. Till then, let us all wait to see what changes EA Tiburon will make to Madden NFL 21 and how gamers will greet it.

John Smith is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.


Possibilities of technical issues with your Nintendo Switch Lite can’t be denied. Some users may use creative ideas to fix the issues, but others may require accessories.

Nintendo Switch Lite offers several benefits to online game players and also it is a handheld device. However, it can’t be denied that it is also prone to many technical problems. Online gaming has always been popular among the people.

There are many other gaming consoles also in the market, but Nintendo Switch attracted a large number of online game players due to its great features. Nintendo Switch not only works as an additional gaming console but also it is a handheld device. But, Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld device in very strict terms making it very much suitable for a single player. Moreover, even though Nintendo Switch has been introduced with controllers in-built in the device, yet these can’t be detached with the main device.

Nintendo Switch Lite offers multiple games to its users so they can enjoy their favorite games at cheap options. Despite the fact, it was offered to the users after the release of the original Nintendo gaming console yet it can suffer from various technical issues. Such technical issues were also found with the standard Nintendo model. Regarding handling such technical issues, you may use some creative ideas, but some issues may require you to purchase some accessories.

Switch Lite is charged but not turning on

If your Nintendo Switch Lite is not turning on even after getting fully charged then there may be a number of reasons behind it. Some reasons behind it may include a defective device or  issues with your charger. To check such issues, you can reset the device by pressing down the power button for at least twelve seconds. If the problem is with the charger instead of the device, then you can unplug the charger from both sides and reconnect it to the socket and device. If the problem is not solved even after taking so many steps then you can send your Switch Lite device to the repair center.

Switch Lite display is scratched

Online game players who are very much active on their device and expect that the screen of Switch Lite may scratch then it is worth to purchase a case for protecting their device screen. Also, you can purchase a screen protector for providing an extra level of safety to your device. A standard screen protector  and case is available for $20 at the stores. Moreover, you can purchase theme-based cases and cases with some additional functions by paying a little more money.

Not able to Voice Chat with Nintendo Switch Lite

There is no support for voice chat on Nintendo Switch Lite and so being the user , it is better to download the Nintendo app to your device. Besides, you can use other chat services like Gilded and Discord. Moreover, the option to use Facebook Messenger and Skype is also open to the users.

Wireless Headphones: Not Working with Switch Lite

Since there is no support available for Bluetooth officially on Nintendo Switch and so Switch Lite is not designed specifically  to use with wireless headphones. However, the Lite users can purchase Bluetooth adapters compatible with the device. Moreover, they can look for various other headsets along with wired one.

Analog Stick Drifting: Joy-con Drift Issue

Joy-con drift issue arises when the gaming console starts believing that the users manipulate the controllers, but in reality, the player has not even touched it. The Joy-Con drift  became so prevalent that it forced the users to file a lawsuit on the company about it. Still, the problem is prevalent despite the new design of the device. The fixes regarding the issue are however limited but the users can clean the analog stick by using isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab. Also, the users can buy an external controller to use with their smart device.

Although, Nintendo Switch Lite is an affordable option to play most of the games available on Nintendo Switch but it has some in-built limitations. Some users may need to purchase equipment additionally to overcome the limitations Switch Lite inherited. For example, some games are not compatible with Switch Lite due to its design flaws. It further requires a user to purchase controllers for external support if he wants to enjoy the game. Such issues are very annoying but it can be expected that with coming versions these all  will go better.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


It might be a tough task to compare both digital media players in terms of their features as they both have improved a lot over the years, and have added features and updates to provide the best quality of services. Both of these video streaming devices are reliable for streaming videos or shows. In this article, we have provided comparative information between these two video streaming devices to the users if they want to opt for any of the two services. You may refer to the information below for further details on both of them.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Basic Review of Similarities and Differences

Chromecast and Roku are on the top among the race of digital media players. Both of them provide HD video streaming service that provides crystal clear picture sound and video on the play. Both of these support Android as well as iOS applications and have contents from hundreds of free as well as premium video streaming providers. Both of them have easy setup and have basic as well as advanced models for use.

Watching content with Chromecast requires an app through which you can access the content as it doesn’t have a remote. On the other hand, you Roku provides you remote assistance which is easy to use and can be used to surf through the different channels of entertainment. Being a product of Google, Chromecast supports Google’s Voice Assistant, which is beneficial for completing many tasks. On the other hand, Roku doesn’t have any native voice control support. Chromecast can cast content from individual apps of a smartphone, laptop, or a tablet. However, Roku delivers content through channels and apps.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Content Delivery

Roku’s remote is easy to use and can be controlled with ease. However, on the other hand, Chromecast’s functioning can be controlled only through a tablet or smartphone, and also watching content on Chromecast requires an app for accessing channels or the apps on the phone. In this comparison, Roku edges out Chromecast.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Voice Control Capabilities

When it comes to voice clarity and capability, Roku has some enhanced functions that allow some voice control, but it doesn’t have a native voice capability. However, it does have the Roku mobile app for Android and iOS, Roku TV voice remote, and a Roku Touch tabletop remote for control and search features.

On the other hand, Chromecast supports Google Assistant, with the help of which you can also control a Roku device. In this comparison, Chromecast can be considered superior to Roku.

Chromecast Vs Roku: Channels and Apps Support

On a clear-cut comparison between Roku and Chromecast in terms of channel support, Roku stands out tall among both. It has a broad range of content from a vast number of infotainment services. According to a report, it has over eight thousand channels and applications for use. Some of the most widely accessed channels include HBO, CBS, NBC, ABC, and many more.

On the other hand, Chromecast has a smaller number of channel support compared to Roku. Chromecast provides over twenty-six hundred apps and channels that can be viewed over the platform for entertainment and many other purposes. Some of the most extensively viewed channels on Chromecast are HBO, ESPN, YouTube, Netflix, news, and sports networks.

Even though Chromecast offers a wide range of services, but it has a comparatively smaller number of channels than Roku. So, Roku can be considered as the winner in terms of apps and channels support.

John Smith is a trained expert who works with the development team with feedback from customers to make it to expectations. He lives in New York and In addition to his work, he also writes for his personal blog.


Nintendo Switch is a popular gaming console developed by Nintendo that is a high technology and hybrid gaming console compatible with most of the games. It can be used as a home console and portable device. In order to give complete support on the hand’s palm, the device is built with wireless Joy-Con Controllers having standard format tabs, directional analog sticks for providing users input motion-sensing features, and spectacular tactile feedback.

On the other hand, GameCube Controller is a standard gaming controller for home-based video game consoles, and this too is manufactured by Nintendo. It was first introduced in Northern America, then Europe, and, finally, in the state of Australia. This gaming console was also introduced in the international launch of Super Smash Bros.

In case you wish to connect and use the GameCube Controller with the gaming console of Nintendo Switch, then you have to perform some workarounds.

Using GameCube Controller with Nintendo Switch by Updating it

  • One can use the GameCube Controller to get the feel of older days of gaming consoles in place of the latest Nintendo Switch Console. It’s one of the perfect GameCube Home Video Gaming Consoles for various interesting gaming series such as Super Smash Bros, but you can use it with any of your desired game.
  • The GameCube Controller is compatible with the Nintendo Switch gaming console, but it’s the matter of inspection that the Nintendo Switch console is running with the system update edition of at least 5.0.0 introduced in the month of March 2018.

Checking The Update Version of Nintendo Switch

To ensure that the Nintendo Switch is upgraded to the recent edition, follow these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, check and ensure that the system is properly connected to Wi-Fi or a stable internet connection.
  • Then, move to the System Settings page by tapping the Home menu.
  • Once you reach the System Settings page, go to the System tab and check the current system edition under the “System Update” section at the right-hand side section.

Connecting GameCube Controller with Nintendo Switch

During the launching of the 5.0 software update edition of Nintendo Switch in the autumn of 2017, the company infused various interesting features to the facet. These included the ability to use and connect GameCube Controller with the system of Nintendo Switch.

You have to use the “Wii U GameCube Controller” adapter in order to connect the GameCube Controller to Nintendo Switch, just like Nintendo’s official controller adapter. If you want to purchase the Controller Adapter of GameCube, then you have to pay around Dollar 20 in the retail store.

Follow these guidelines correctly to connect your old GameCube Controller to Nintendo Switch. Don’t miss the single steps to avoid any mishaps.

  • First and foremost, put the Nintendo Switch Console on TV mode and then connect both the USB cords to the respective plugs to the dock of Nintendo Switch. It should be plugged from the Controller Adapter of GameCube.
  • There are two separate USB ports on either side of the Dock of Nintendo Switch located on every model of Nintendo Switch, where you have to connect the adapter of the GameCube Controller.
  • Once you have properly connected your GameCube Controller Adapter to the ports of USB, then you have to connect the GameCube Controller to the adapter and tap the key located on the controller of GameCube having the Nintendo Switch turned ON.
  • After that, reach to the gaming console of Nintendo Switch and then tap the Controller Settings tap to expand the options menu. This option is located at the Home Screen. You have to perform this action through the controller of Nintendo Switch.
  • Now, move to the menu of “Controllers” and then choose the option “Pairing New Controllers.” Then, the Nintendo Switch starts searching for the compatible “Nintendo Switch” Controller.
  • You will be asked to choose the trigger tabs from the available left or right on the GameCube Controller. The process is just as we do with the Joy-Cons of Nintendo Switch.
  • After a while, the menu of Nintendo Switch Controllers will launch up on the screen showing a synced USB Controller.


Smart home assistants based on artificial intelligence are very useful. But, it takes some effort to set them up. Here is how you can do it.

Artificial intelligence-based smart home devices such as Google Home Mini, Google Home, and Nest Hub have added convenience to the lives of people incredibly. But, most of the people found them confusing when it comes to setting them up. It becomes even more confusing when there are no displays on these devices.

A few years ago, it was impossible to think about such smart home devices. But, today, these have become household things assisting users in their day to day household work. Smart devices used for personal purposes have made tremendous growth since the year 2010. The presence of appliances based on voice commands in our homes represents the continued growth of these devices. It is also evident that as we explore the Internet of Things more and expand artificial intelligence technology, more and more tools of our daily life will get connected to the web. Google Home and Amazon Echoes are only a few examples of such tools.

Before you move to set up these devices, there are a few things to take care of. First, make sure that your tablet or phone is properly charged. Most of the process will require these devices to be charged properly. Second, you should have your email account on Google along with its login information. Make sure that there is no problem with your login credentials. You will not be able to set up these devices if you have forgotten your password or email account. In such a case, you should have login credentials to some other email service like Spotify. It will help you to proceed further by connecting to other email apps. Third, provide Google Home app access to your location and connect it properly to your Wi-Fi to download the app.

Setting up a Smart Home Assistant: How?

The easiest step starts with plugging in devices like Google Home and Home Mini. It will start booting up the smart home devices. Once these devices are powered up, you will require you to install the Home app on your phone or tablet. You can click on the notification on your phone to install the devices. Alternatively, click on the + button to search for your Home Mini, Nest, or Home app. After then, you will need to follow a few steps to download and install the devices.

Now, you will be prompted to many straightforward options to install the app. For example, a Voice match prompt will allow you to connect to your device to other accounts on Google. It will provide unique options to other multiple users. You will need to select some other potential smart device users to remain present before you take steps to set it up. Further, you can go through a tutorial made by Google to show you how to set up the device stepwise.

If you have completed setting up your device and if it is ready to use, you can dive into various preferences. In the Google Home app,  when you click on Account Preferences in the menu section, it will provide you various options. You can select languages and set them according to your preference. Also, you can choose whatever the names it calls people along with making many other useful tweaks. Besides, one of the main features of the smart home assistant is personalization. So, if you have not used this particular feature yet, it will be worth giving it a try and customize the features according to your needs.


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