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If you like extreme action and deadly environment, then Doom Eternal is a must playing game for you. In the game, numerous challenges and paths exist that completely fulfill the desire of ultimate battles. There is Slayer Gates available in the game that has ultimate challenges for players. These challenges are a must thing that players need to face, but getting 100% out of these battles is not essential. For better tactical battle, large risks along with bigger rewards these Slayer Gates are available. Finishing these Slayer Gates will provide 3 weapon points of each and also one emporium key out of 6. To unlock the Unmaykr weapon, these keys exist for major parts. Winning the Slayer Gate challenge is not easy and riskier. If you lose ammo or lives, you will not get them back, so you need to be extra advance more than always.

Find All Six Slayer Gates in Doom Eternal

1- Exultia of Slayer Gate

The Slayer key of Exultia can be found in the level end area. In the location, a cave exists near the lava lake. Go inside and move to the highest ridge location of the cave and then use your Dash Refill to get to the archway. On the outside of the cave, you will find the Slayer Key, and on the same location, you will find the Gate, which is located on the entrance path of the cave.

2- Cultist Base of Slayer Gate

 Reaching on the Cultist Base is quite difficult because, on the path of reaching there, you will find a giant statue that needs to be destroyed or knocked. Move back to the room and see the downside; there is a climbable part of the wall exist. Climb down through the portion and jump on the swing bar. Mount to the other side and then jump on the existing behind the room, and you will be able to see the key from there. Break the statue to the room statue and break it on the right side of the wall.

3- Super Gore Nest of Slayer Gate

It is available at the end of this particular level. Get to the lift upward and then jump across to the climbing wall on your right side. On the top side, there is an open door visible. Just go there until you reach the broken window. Be aware of the demons while doing it, and you will find the key in the room. When you get the key, head back to the main area of Super Gore Nest which. You need to jump and dash through pipes. Keep going forward to the bottom side, and you will find the Gate to open in the last.

4- ARC Complex of Slayer Gate

The key to the ARC Complex is located on the starting level. Avoid jump out of the window to other buildings and head to the stairs to the ledge. Now jump for climbing on the wall and then turn around. You will see the key from your side, and now you just need to jump and dash for it. On a similar location, you will see the door that can’t be missed. Keep in mind about not to jump from the window to other level building. If you jump, then you will not find any point to get back.

5- Mars Core of Slayer Gate

Mars core is existing on the building along with Mars escape helper pod. Get to the path on the left side by going down. You will find a console button; just push that button and get back to the previous room. There you will see a box near to the window on the backside. Go up and punch to the vent, and you will see the floating key on the right side. In the pod room, you will find the Gate as well. You will find demons and tentacles as well, so be aware of them. Move to the right path and go further and take a right again through the way.

6- Taras Nabad of Slayer Gate

It is the final key of the Slayer Gate that available on the toxic puzzle water sever. After you finish the puzzle, you will see the key into one wall that has broken to lower the water flow. Your Gate will be unlocked and then tap the top side then choose the left side path. In the path you will see key is available for you. On a similar location, Gate is located at the beginning side. Take your first left following the elevator to look for Slayer Gate. It exists at the end of the path level.

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Google is all set to enhance the video quality of Google Duo in the upcoming update patch. As per the reports, Google is working on a project related to Google Duo to improve its video chatting aspects. They have been working on a new technology Video Codec Technology. While being interviewed, the spokesperson stated that Google Duo Video chat will soon get an update to provide a more vivid video chatting experience to its users.

The Codec technology that Google is working right now known as AV1 which is a product owned by a group of companies. The product AV1 is the latest in its segment as previous generation video apps were using VP9. Although, VP9 also provides a good video quality experience but it conceives a lot of data in comparison to AV1. Thus, AV1 is being used in the current generation devices including various video calling and streaming platforms.

Google stated in their interview that they are going to use AV1 as a default technology in Google Duo. They said it will not only decrease the consumption of network data but will also improve the video quality alongside stability. Google has also proclaimed about a new photo regarding feature that will arrive along with the update of Google Duo. In the subsequent photo mode, Google stated that it will work along with Google Duo and the users can click their picture through it. It will also allow the users to share their captured pictures through it and it will also permit them to do a group video call for more than 12 participants.

The users will now get an option of recording over 800 messages. If the users opt to then they can toggle an option to automatically save those messages. However, Google didn’t announce the exact release date of the subsequent update but the rumors anticipated that it will arrive within a week. As we know that the current situation in the whole world has leads to dwell everyone at their homes and they are now intending to their work from home. The work from home initiative requires a lot of use of video calling apps for doing conferences and discussions.

We have recently witnessed the rapid growth of Zoom after the amid outbreak. Thus, the initiative leads by Google to update Google duo is seems out to be a promising one. As Zoom has been in the controversy from a long time due to its privacy concerns, thus the Google Duo update will definitely migrate several users of Zoom to it. Although, it is just an assumption but probably a right one as Google is more reliable and known than Zoom. Thus, everybody will choose Google over Zoom if they will get the similar features in both of them. Let just wait for the update to arrive and see does out anticipation will become a real or not. Alongside, we also need to see how Zoom will revert to the following initiative as it is a major competitive one in contrast to their business.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


The launching of iOS 11 and iPadOS provides various dynamic features to its users. One of the most important changes that come to the digital world is the high-efficiency image format. This image format is known as HEIC or HEIF format. It is only acceptable on iOS gadgets. Similarly, we can say that this system will only work until you stay in Apple Ecosystem.

If you want to view these images on your android smartphones and Windows, they won’t support HEIF or HEIC formats and fails to load the particular image. In this case, you need to retransform it into a most acceptable form that is JPEG or JPG.

About HEIC Image Format

The HEIC format is one of the most superior image formats that are acceptable by Apple devices only. There are various good points behind this format:

  • It consumes very less space as compared to other high-efficiency images.
  • It supports high-quality picture resolution of 16-bit color enhancements in place of JPG that hold only 8 bits.
  • It works smoothly on Apple or iPadOS devices.

Apart from these things, the JPEG format is used widely for mailing images and sending it to other platforms such as Android, etc. So, in case you wish to perform any task on your Windows PC or Android gadget, then you need to transform it into JPG format.

Pursue these guidelines to know how to transform the image format from HEIC to JPEG:

Converting Images from HEIC to JPEG Format via Files Application

The Files app provides various features as it can help you solely without downloading any type of third party applications. The whole procedure is quite simple as it only needs to copy your desired image by navigating the Images application and then paste the same into the Files application for the conversion process.

  • In the beginning, launch the Files app on your iOS device.
  • Then, select the option related to “On My iPad/iPhone” there. You can also use a cloud-based location.

Note: If you have opted for your location as cloud storage, then the data will be calculated against the online plan, and your images will not be available offline in any manner.

Other applications are available on the App Store of your iOS device. This app store works just like Google Play Store in Android. They will help you to convert all your images to your desired format. File conversion applications are also there to help the users in this regard, but we recommend you to choose a reliable one to avoid any mishaps.

  • After that, press and tap on the empty area and select the option “New Folder” from the prompt box.
  • Now, you have to provide a particular name to your folder and hit the Done tab there.
  • Next, launch the Images application and go to the specific folder that holds the images related to HEIC.
  • After that, hit the Select tab, thereby navigating the uppermost toolbar.
  • Then, choose your desired images that you wish to transform to JPEG.
  • Hit the Share tab by navigating the lowermost left-hand side section.
  • Got to the Share Sheet and select the option Copy Photos there.
  • All the selected images will now be available inside the clipboard.
  • Launch the Files application and then go to the folder that we have generated earlier.
  • After that, hit and press the blank area and select the option “Paste.” It will appear via the prompt menu.
  • Now, you will view HEIC images expands on your device in the same format that you desired.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


For decreasing various confusions and distractions in the game, especially online games, Discord will help you lot by customizing its gameplay techniques.  The application used for voice calling while playing an online game on PC is “Discord.” One can turn on the customization and chat features to remove various confusions related to upcoming fires, wars, and other events.

Pursue these guidelines to know how to activate the game overlay in Discord.

Getting Started with Discord Overlay

First of all, you have to be ensured that you will follow all the steps with great care to avoid any type of mishaps and then follow the given instructions:

  • In the beginning, launch the User Settings tab.
  • After that, you have to hit the Overlay tab and activate the in-game overlay option.
  • Next, press the games tab there.
  • Then, activate the Overlay of your wished game.

If you wish to go brief in step to step instructions, then these steps to be followed:

  • First and foremost, hit the cog-wheel shaped icon that is Settings and launches it on your device. This Settings menu icon will appear just after your name and your avatar symbol situated at the lowermost left-hand side edge.
  • After that, go to the App Settings section.
  • Launch the Overlay panel and hit the tab located just after the option “Enable In-Game Overlay.”

Note: One can lock the Overlay by hitting these keys simultaneously: Shift and upper comma key (This key will be at somewhere nearby the tab button.)

  • If you wish to set up new settings, hit the keyboard icon, and then hit the combination keys of the new button.

Customizing Discord’s Game Overlay

  • One can adjust the avatar’s size, select the names, and displaying users by navigating the settings section under the menu option there.
  • Go to the lowermost section of the menu option resembling Overlay for searching the position of the Notification. Hit on one of the options related to grey edges to setup the Overlay for appearing the same.
  • After that, hit the circled shaped icon located at the central part of the page to deactivate the notifications regarding your Overlay.
  • Alternatively, you may also tap on the button situated at the lowermost section of the menu option to make the text notifications displayed and other voice notifications.

To activate or deactivate the game overlay related to Discord for a particular game, pursue these guidelines:

  • Hit the Settings menu.
  • Then, choose the button related to “Game Activity.”
  • Tap on the Monitor icon placed at the right side of the game to activate or deactivate the overlay features.
  • This application provides these settings while playing any such game. To do so, follow these offered instructions:
  • Hit the in-game overlay menu by tapping the Shift and upper comma button and after that hit the Settings icon.

How to Pin-Up Windows to Discord’s Game Overlay Features

When the Overlay is under process, you may pin-up a chat pane that will display on your game.

  • Expand any type of game and then hit the Shift and Upper Comma Key (The key near the tab button). You have to apply the same procedure of key combo that you have done earlier for expanding the in-game overlay menu.
  • Now, hit the pin symbol to make your Windows to appear on your screen, even you have diminished the menu related to overlay. You may customize the opacity of the particular window by hitting the Opacity icon and adjusting the slide bar there.
  • Discord provides various setup options that gamers have to fetch various information from the VoIP application. Make sure that you have opted all the steps very carefully while managing and customizing the overlay features in Discord.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


Nintendo’s new arrival, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is stunning gamers through newly updated aspects. Thus, now they have enticed the gamers through Label who is a sister of Sable and MabelLabel is a forthcoming fashion designer and currently she is working under renowned designer Gracie.

Now, after the arrival of new update, Label has to live on the subsequent island along with her sisters. She is keen to work in the tailor shop of Able Sisters; thus, Label provides a quest to the gamers to accomplish fashion challenge. Label has provided a specific them to the gamers and there is also a strict rule that they can only use provided clothing items. Below we have provided a specific workaround to accomplish the fashion challenge of Label.

Challenges of Label

Once the gamers have successfully accepted the challenge of Label, then she will start giving them specific clothing items. Gamers can utilize these items to accomplish the given challenge and can also kept the rest for using in further game. There is total number of 10 challenges that Label can provides to the gamers and below we have accumulated all of them in a list.

  1. Gamers need to craft an outfit based upon Work theme.
  2. Players have to design an outfit based upon Vacation theme.
  3. Gamers need to craft an outfit based upon Theatrical theme.
  4. Players have to design an outfit based upon Sporty theme.
  5. Gamers need to craft an outfit based upon Outdoorsy theme.
  6. Players have to design an outfit based upon Gothic theme.
  7. Gamers need to craft an outfit based upon Formal theme.
  8. Players have to design an outfit based upon Fairy Tale theme.
  9. Gamers need to craft an outfit based upon Every day theme.
  10. Players have to design an outfit based upon Comfy theme.

Gamers can easily complete the subsequent challenge by looking upon the following examples provided by Label. Gamers need to understand that they all should require to compile an outfit. This can be understood easily through a provided example such as a football uniform matches the challenge of sporty outfit whereas a witch dress matches the challenge of Fairytale. Gamers need to think and craft a suitable outfit that matches with their challenge theme.

Once the gamers completed the subsequent mission, then they will be getting an essential item from Label known as Labelle alongside a ticket of tailor in their mail box. The following tickets can be easily redeemed from the tailor’s shop for over 3,000 bells. Gamers can also purchase clothes from the tailor’s shop for under 3,000 bells.


The absence of Label is definitely troubling the gamers who are willing to considered the backstories of Able sisters. However, after the arrival of subsequent event, those gamers must be pretty relieved to see the respawn of Label. Although, the gaming world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is providing a striking gaming experience but their previous generation of game also did the same in its initial weeks. Thus, we all need to wait to see will Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ repeats what its predecessor did or it will keep on rejoicing the gamers through more stunning aspects.

Gamers can play Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


The first-person virtual reality world of Half-Life Alyx is a challenging game for the gamers. As there are numerous enemies in the game and all of them are hard to tackle. Nowadays, gamers are accusing Jeff, who is also an antagonist of the game story and players of Half-Life Alyx are facing difficulty in beating him. Through the medium of a subsequent blog, we are going to help the gamers through a specific guide to beat Jeff with more ease.

If you are here to obtain aid through a subsequent guide to slain Jeff, then achieve it through the further blog. The process of killing Jeff is bit hard and complicated, so it advisable to be aware while reading the subsequent article.

Half-Life Alyx

The subsequent process will conceive a bit of time and hard work from the players. Gamers need various essential items, including gravity gloves and firearms. Alongside, the process is a bit hard, so we are going to accomplish it in four specific steps.

1. First Encounter

Gamers need to first know a few things about Jeff before going out on the way to encounter him. Jeff is blind, but his listening skills are amazing, so gamers should not use any of their firearms as they all will be easily bearable by jeff. In Chapter 7 of Half-Life Alyx, Jeff is hiding inside a distillery of Vodka and gamers can easily access into it through the downstairs of Cafeteria. Once the players entered successfully to the distillery, they will begin to hear the voice of a victim man struggling and asking for help.

The gamer needs to focus upon hearing the voice and try to navigate the hostage man. Once the players successfully found the hostage man, then they need to interact with him. His name is Larry, and he will brief the players about Jeff and his current location inside the distillery. After that, Alyx will move through the Artificial Intelligence of the game and keep on running until he reached a specific arena where Jeff is waiting for him. After that, gamers can continue controlling Alyx and requires not to inflict any attack on Jeff rather than go to the backside of the arena and obtain a bottle placed over there. The gamers need to throw the bottle on the other side of the corridor to lure Jeff. After that, players need to get back to the place where Jeff was standing and then requires to keep walking on the path that comes after very first right.

2. Escape

Gamers need to keep in moving until they found a kitchen. They need to access into the kitchen and then requires to attain a few resins put inside the freezer. After that, again requires to throw the bottles on the fridge to aware Jeff. Once Jeff came inside, the gamers require to shut the door and locked it. After that, the players need to go back to the escaping place, but they will discover that there is no electricity in the socket to run the elevator. After that, they need to connect the cables to resurrect power. Once the power starts generating again, then the gamers need to take the elevator to escape. Jeff will deliberately press the trap button placed on the wall.

3. Find Batteries

Once the doors of the subsequent elevator open, the gamers require to allow Jeff to exit it. After that, players need to enable Jeff to lay inside the room. The players need to take the path leads after wooden planks. The following way will take the players to another place, and inside the room, they will get a task of unlocking of three batteries. After that, the players have to take the very first door, which is in white. The players require to open all the cabins placed inside the accessed room to navigate ammunition and resin. Alongside, the room is full of numerous bottles.

Players will locate the first hidden battery inside a gate that is sealed. After that, they need to gently open the seal of the gate without using any ammunition as it will be aware Jeff. After that, the second and the third batteries are hidden together inside a hole through the walls of the main living room. Gamers need to grab those batteries and then requires to take the ladder. After that, the players need to install the batteries using receptors. The machine will be started once the players pull back the lever. Jeff will get back to the main room where he was standing for the very first time to avoid beating by machine.

4. Kill Jeff

The best and the last part of the process is to lure Jeff again using bottles. After that, the gamers require to activate the trap through a specific button. Now, Jeff is trapped in a void, so players need to enable the beating machine again using a red button. In a few seconds, the machine will only spare a few body parts of Jeff.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


Securing data and application is a good idea, but if you are willing to provide extra protection to your data that you receive on your mail, you can do so by keeping your Email secure. If you are using Outlook service, whether it is web-based or application, then you can encrypt your MS Outlook emails.

One has to keep the end-user in mind, along with the clients to whom he is interacting with. 

Protecting Email on or MS Outlook application seems something difficult, but it’s so easy if you follow these under mentioned instructions:

Encryption in MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook provides two different types of encryption methods.

S/MIME Encryption System:  It performs smoothly when the particular business runs on the Outlook Enterprising license of E3 or MS Office 365.

MS Office 365 Message Security: It works and used mostly mailing services, excluding MS Outlook.

In case you are using Web-based Outlook services, then you will get the encryption services that housed in.  The complete encryption system of Outlook is slightly different from the traditional way of protecting other applications. You can set up protection for your PST files.

Encrypting Emails in Microsoft Outlook

In case you are using the S/MIME protection system of MS Outlook, then ensure that the sender and the receiver both have S/MIME supported email application. There, you will be allowed to encrypt a particular mail or whole of your mailing services. Your selection depends on the policy enforcement of your IT department.

You should have an S/MIME certification downloaded on your device for this task. After completing and checking these things, ensure that you have well connected to the right person. Once you have installed the authentication certificate, and then go to the digital certificate pull drop menu ad check that you are all set.

Encrypting Individual Mailing

  • In the beginning, navigate to the New Email Composer and then hit the tab “Options.”
  • After that, launch the More options tab by hitting the arrow icon located at the lowermost section. This action will launch the section of Properties. After that, press the Security Settings option there.
  • You have to mark the box related to the option related to Encryption.
  • After that, go to the Security section and hit the pull drop box located under the option security settings.
  • Then, tap on the certification option related to S/MIME.
  • Finally, select the security icon if required.
  • Once you transferred the particular mail, it will be automatically protected by the standard way.

Note: In case, you don’t have the certification of S/MIME, then you will need to add a particular option that you wish. In case you are unable to do the same, Outlook will permit you to send the protected mail.

Note: In case you find any difficulty in any step browse

Encrypting All Mails

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook on your device and hit the menu option related to File.
  • After that, hit on the tab “Options.” Then, go to the section “Trust Center.”
  • Next, tap on “Trust Center Settings” there.
  • Hit the Email Security option.
  • Mark the box related to the option for encrypting message contents and other attachments.
  • Hit the Settings tab by locating the Encrypted mail.
  • Press the Certificates and Algorithms.
  • Choose the option S/MIME Certificate.
  • Finally, press the OK tab.
  • Once you have activated the encryption system, all your Emails will automatically be encrypted. You have to check and ensure that the receiver has the S/MIME supported client for reading the mail that you have sent.

Encrypting Emails on the Web

This encryption method works when you think that your mail recipient is active or not for this task. It is applicable for both MS Office 365 Personal and MS Office 365 Home edition. You should be very aware of the functioning of the web-based service of the Outlook encryption process. If it fails to work, the receiver won’t be able to fetch contents or read any mailing services.

To perform or set up the encryption service to your web-based Outlook, follow these guidelines:

  • First and foremost, hit the Outlook account log in tab and enter all the necessary information.
  • After that, hit the new message icon there.
  • Go towards the right side section of Attach and search for the link of Encryption. Hit on it to proceed.
  • You will be provided two different options:
  • Encrypt
  • In the system, the Email will remain encrypted without leaving MS Office 365 edition.
  • All the recipients holding MS Office 365 and will be allowed to install attachments without the Encrypting the data.
  • You can encrypt your data and mail through MS Outlook mobile application,, and mail application on Windows 10.

Note: If the recipient uses another mailing client, then you have to set up a temporary passcode to install the attachments from the Message Encryption portal of Office 365.

  • Encrypt and Prevent Forwarding
  • Your Email Message remains protected in the Office 365 Edition.
  • The whole process can’t be forwarded or copied to any location.
  • Once you have downloaded the data on any of the Office Suite, the Encryption will be automatically applied.
  • You can download any type of File such as PDF or JPG without the Encryption procedure.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


Scrolling is one of the prominent features in every browser, and it directly affects the input results of the browser’s search entry. Microsoft has launched various improvements for Microsoft Edge, and the main ambition of this improvement is scrolling frequency and its adverse effects. In case you found that the scrolling speed is not as per your desire, then you can manage the same. 

As per the reports, users face performance and personality issues in the MS Edge browser. If you have fixed the issue on your device, then you will get a better experience regarding your browser.

1- Improvements in MS Edge

Microsoft is striving for better features for its consumers, such as HTML, that is performing better as compared to Google Chrome browsers. MS Edge is based on Google Chromium, and it is searching for something better to provide quality services to its users.

  • The new feature for which the browser is working hard includes:
  • New scrolling animation curves
  • Percent based scrolling system
  • Bounce effects on the browser’s root scrollers
  • Boosting
  • Removing various flicks

The company also tries to disconnect various features based on OS, as MS Edge is not supported on various platforms.

2- New Scrolling Animation Curve

It enhances the quality of scrolling animations as the feature is very tactile once the sudden modification appears. You can check the frequency of the scrolling feature through the mouse, keyboard, and the scrollbars by applying the touch effects.

However, the feature is clearly refined and working on various PTP touchpads, and the company is working towards providing this feature on other devices.

3- Scrolling based on percent

For calculating the navigation frequency of various small scrollers, it is recommended to apply percent based data for the same task. In this task, you have to adjust the scrolling height that helps you to compute the data for a particular scrolling feature. Microsoft is rolling back to bring the feature of percent based scrolling to the regime of MS Edge browsers.

Google Chrome, which is a browser-based on Chromium, uses 100px/mouse scroll hit. They also use the 40px/scrollbar tab or keyboard arrow hits.

4- Overscroll Bouncing Effects on Root Scroller

Bouncing Effects determines the page length and its ending points based on the rubber banding of your scroller. This notifies the user that they have reached the end portion of the page while performing scrolling.

5- Scroll Latching Over Chaining

Scroll chaining ensures the users that there is no page jumps on the screen when you hit or tap on anything.  Sometimes, the page jumps is created at the lowermost section of the screen. Microsoft detects the chaining feature an annoying task, and it further sticks to the scroll latching features that troubleshoots the issue.

6- Fling Boosting

The Fling Boosting feature is well connected and serves with the animation curve and ensures its consumers to scroll at the highest speed to get the desired page or section. This feature provides the accessibility to reach the page where you wish just on your command.

7- Removal of Quick Flicking

Quick Flick is the most preferred and used feature that enhances your device boosting. It was previously made to help its customers for quick and smart scrolling feature, but it resulted in the large scale scrolling of large page data.

  • The Microsoft team manages to upgrade the quick flicking with these future updates:
  • The overall effect in sub-scrollers
  • Pinch zooming on scrolling effects.
  • Providing multiple tuning effects for the personality of the scrolling tool

These features with updated improvements will arrive in just two to three months as it is in Canary now. For more enhanced features, it is recommended to use the beta edition of your MS Edge.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


Sometimes, high-quality headset or speakers fails to produce rich quality bass in sounds that you wish to hear on Windows 10. Then you might blame your hardware gadget or the Speaker itself, but the real issue slightly differs from it. It might be the configuration issue related to the particular audio driver. One can use reliable or third party equalizer for producing good bass.

There might be some sound settings error in the sound system or headset that refuses to reflect sound through the sound card. Here is how to get the maximum bass quality on the speakers running on Windows 10. Pursue these instructions to decrease or lower bass on your Speaker:

Using APO Equalizer for Reducing Bass

There are numerous equalizers available online for managing the sound effects and bass quality.  Third-party programs may help you in this regard. If you wish to minimize the bass of your Speaker, then we suggest you use equalizer APO that will provide high tech customizing effects.

Pursue these offered guidelines to download and use it to manage your bass effects:

  • In the beginning, launch the browser that you want and go to the main page of “Equalizer APO.”
  • Once the page expands up, hit the Download tab there.
  • Now, your browser will ask you to install the exe files, then select the preferred file location and abide by the on-screen indications.
  • Then, tap on the Save button.
  • When you have got the file downloaded, tap double mouse click on the file.
  • Once the UAC file prompts up for permission, hit the Yes tab as your confirmation.
  • Now, you have to hit the following option from the installation window that arrives on your screen:

“Yes=_> Next=_> I_agree=_>_Next=_> _Install.”

  • Go to the confirmation panel and then mark the checkbox related to Speaker and shut the expanded Window.
  • Now, tap the YES tab there, asking for the confirmation to open an earlier window anytime.
  • Got to the last page section of the customizing wizard pane and hit the Reboot Now button. This option executes the device to start again.
  • Then, hit the Finish tab there.
  • Now, the Windows will reboot successfully, and all the modifications will be saved automatically.
  • When the configuration of Window appears, then hit the icon of Window and simultaneously hit the “S” tab. Then, enter “Configuration” into the search panel, followed by the Enter key.
  • Choose the Configuration Editor tab from the resulting options.
  • Proceed with the process with the application window. Now, you can manage the bass of the particular Speaker as per the requirements by adjusting the slider. E.g., you may adjust any of the given sliders ranging from 25 to 160 columns sets just upon the line of neutral for enhancing the quality of bass.
  • In case you wish to decrease bass on your device, then press and adjust the slider from 25 to 1601 column lines just lower to the “0” line.
  • For customizing the settings pane, you have to check each section and hit the appropriate one.
  • Then, go to your desired settings and hit the File option. This option will be located at the uppermost left side edge of your Window, Hit the Save button.
  • Now, select the preferred location in which you can save your files and renaming all the contents.
  • Finally, hit the Save tab to finish the tasks.

Adjusting Sound Bass on Mac using eqMac

  • First and foremost, launch the “eqMac” download section on your preferred browser.
  • Hit the Download tab. This option will be located on the right-hand side section of the screen.
  • After that, pursue these guidelines to get the eqMac installed on your Mac machine. It will be installed on your device in a short time:
  • Double-tap on the DMG file of eqMac.
  • Hit the press the icon of eqMac from the folder of Applications.
  • Then, authenticate the installation procedure if asked.
  • Now, abide by the on-screen indications.
  • After performing all the above guidelines, hit the icon of Launchpad. It appears like a rocket symbol logo on the dock section of Mac.
  • Now, hit the icon resembles rows of vertical sliders available as eqMac. This action will launch the menu section of Mac.
  • After hitting the icon, you have to tap the Open button there.
  • Go to the menu bar and hit the eqMac icon there. It will be located in the uppermost section of the menu bar. Now, a pull drop menu will expand upon your machine.
  • Now, investigate each bass section and manage it according to your desire.
  • Follow these adjustments tips for adjusting your Mac bass:

For maximizing bass:

  • Press and hold the slider located just above the horizontal line of “0” and ensure that the trebling sliders are placed beneath the line.

For Decreasing Bass:

  • Just drag the sliders to the below of the line indicated as “0.” Then, ensure that the slider resembling tremble is located somewhere below or above the line.
  • Now, tap the floppy disk logo situated at the upper right-hand side edge of the menu bar. Now enter a name for the settings and hit the floppy icon. This option will choose the preset feature even if Mac’s sound stock settings is turned Off.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


Windows Hello is a biometric tool that provides access to Windows 10 users to launch and use various system applications, online services with the help of the biometric process. It captures your iris, facial recognition, and also fingerprint. It used as an alternative way to log into your device and other applications securely. It’s the most preferred way to use various applications and programs by safe and comfortable login.

It is the most reliable and user-friendly method to access various services and data than the traditional way of login with username and passcodes. It solves security and convenient responsibilities with ease.

Systems equipped with Windows Hello have the capacity of accessing Fingerprint Readers for detecting face, fingerprint, and iris for login to the particular account. Sometimes, this feature of Windows Hello fails to work properly and then needs to troubleshoot the device.

Checking System Specs

  • First of all, restart the device and make sure that your Windows Hello is working properly.
  • After that, ensure that you are properly connected to a stable internet connection as this program will run on a stable internet network.
  • After that, switch the Keyboard’s fingerprint ID to Off and restart it again. After that, refresh all the necessary connections.
  • Now, you have to check your keyboard battery health, and if you are experiencing red light, then it means the battery power is slightly low. Then, it needs to be charged. Connect the USB with Microsoft Keyboard and then check that the light flashes to white. It that’s the case, then it is charging.
  • Once you have checked all the above things, you need to sign in to your account with Windows Hello.  If you have set up Windows Hello as your Login option, then select the same once the starting screen gives you options between Passcode, Pin Windows Hello.
  • Pursue the methods to fix this Fingerprint error issue on Windows 10:

Setting Up Windows Hello Again

  • In the beginning, hit the Start tab.
  • Then, tap the Settings option.
  • Hit on the Accounts section there.
  • Now, press the Sign In option to set up Windows Hello.
  • Now, you have to select the Fingerprint option located inside the section of Windows Hello. You will also see other options for Signing In, such as Iris or Face recognition system.
  • After that, log in to your account with a slide swiftly on the screen.

Note: You might ask setup PIN just before setting up Windows Hello.

  • In case, the above procedures won’t work properly, then move to the next procedure for fixing the fingerprint issue on Windows 10.

Signing into the Windows Hello by Using Password or PIN

In case you have put a wrong finger on the program scanner, or the system faces difficulty in login to your account. Then, the device shows an error message on your screen. Then, it is recommended to use PIN or passcode to get into your account.  Once you have signed into your account, you have to set up Windows Hello once more, as described in the above method for setting up Windows Hello.

Checking Hardware and Software

If you are unable to view any error message on your desktop, then it’s the issue related to software or hardware.  I this case, it is recommended to use Microsoft easy fix tools for several devices. Then check all the hardware giving the error. For malicious programs, use a reliable antivirus program and removes them from your device.

After checking the software, you have to check every hardware that it is properly installed on the device that you are using.  To check the hardware and software on Windows 10, follow these instructions:

  • Firstly, double tap on the Start menu.
  • Then, hit the Control Panel option.
  • Navigate towards the option “View By” located at the right-hand side section of the screen edge.
  • Hit the pull drop menu and then choose the large icons tab.
  • Now, press the Troubleshooting section there.
  • Tap on View all tab situated at the left side edge.
  • Next, press the option “Devices and Hardware.”
  • After that, hit the button “Advanced.”
  • Then, tap on the tab “Run as Administrator.”
  • Hit the Next tab.

Pursue all the onscreen instructions to launch the troubleshooting tool “Hardware and Devices.” Then the troubleshooter starts to detect the issues on Windows 10.

 If the fingerprint or IR camera doesn’t work on your device, then you may use PIN and passcode for using the Windows Hello services and then setup fingerprint once more on your device.

Here are the instructions for removing scan and fingerprint and then set it again on your device in these easy steps:

  • Hit the Start tab.
  • Then, choose the Settings section.
  • After that, tap on Accounts.
  • Next, hit the section “Sign-In options.”
  • Got to Windows Hello and then hit the option “Remove.”
  • Set up and made necessary changes to your Windows Hello once more.

Performing System Reset Feature

This feature enables the users to select the files that you wish to retain and remove. Reinstall the windows on your device when you are all set. Follow these instructions to start:

  • First and foremost, hit the Start tab.
  • Then, hit the Settings panel.
  • After that, tap on the Security and Update option.
  • Next, tap on the Recovery option situated at the left-hand side section of your screen.
  • Hit the option “Reset this PC.”
  • At last, tap on the Get Started option and select the option related to keeping, removing, and restoring the files.

Now, your PC will reset after a while and delete all the applications that you have installed after you purchase the device. If you wish to use any of the deleted applications, then reinstall it again and avail the benefits. If the issue persists, then it is recommended to visit the product manufacturer site and contact the expert for solving hardware related issue.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


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