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Most of the people read their books in PDF format. It is one of the most commonly used and popular formats among its users. It has a lot of users. But, apart from PDF, there are other formats as well that work as good as PDF. Kindle is also one of the most commonly used and popular ebook readers. It has millions of users. You can convert your ebook from PDF format into the format.MOBI supported by the Kindle ebook reader. To read the PDF free from DRM, you can freely read them on the Apple devices, Nook, Sony, Nexus, and many more. You can even read your PDF in the kindle device if it is DRM free.

Have you tried reading your PDF in the Kindle? It might be an unpleasant experience to read your PDF in the Kindle, as you have to zoom in and zoom out your content constantly. You might not know the fact that most of the PDF books that you purchased online are all Adobe DRM protected. But in the Kindle device, all the ebooks are Kindle DRM protected. So, if you want to convert your PDF ebook and read it into the Kindle format, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, we will let you know some of the methods and ways to convert your PDF format ebooks into the Kindle supported format to read. To convert your PDF file to Kindle format, make sure that your PDF book is DRM free, and there should not be any password in your PDF document. The steps to convert your PDF file into Kindle format are mentioned below. Take a look through the whole article to proceed with the process of conversion of your PDF file to Kindle format.

Steps to Convert the PDF File into the Kindle Format

If you are a Kindle ebook user, then you might know that the Kindle has its own email address that enables you to send your PDF directly to your device just by attaching it with the email while sending the PDF file. To avoid the struggle to keep zooming your PDF content while reading it in the Kindle, you must convert your PDF file into the Kindle readable format. Here, we will show you the ways to convert your PDF file into Kindle format. Go through the steps to know more.

  • Sending Your PDF File to the Kindle Account Using Email

As you know that every Amazon Kindle comes with its unique email address through which you can send your PDF file into your Kindle account. Your own email address is also required to avoid the chances of spam. To find your Kindle email address, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on the “My Account” option.
  • Select “send to Kindle Email” option.

Once you finish with following these steps, the next thing that you need to do is send an email to the Kindle email address typing convert in the place of the subject tap attaching the file that you want to read. Kindle will automatically send the converted file with the appropriate size that can be easily handled by your e-reader right into your account using Amazon’s Whispersync technology.

  • Using Calibre to Convert the PDF Formatted File into the Readable Kindle Format.

To convert your PDF file into the readable Kindle format, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Calibre is a piece of software, or you can say it is a free open source ebook manager that helps to convert your PDF file into the Kindle’s readable content. To convert your PDF, you need to install the appropriate version of Calibre on your device.
  • After the installation, run the Calibre on your device, and it will ask you to select your preferred language. Select the language. Usually, the general options appear on your screen after the installation, and if it doesn’t appear, then choose the most generic model.

Installation of the Calibre is used to send the emails right into your kindle account. As we have mentioned earlier, Kindle provides a unique email address to the users. The email addresses are important as they will enable the readers to access their ebooks from every device that they use. Once you get your Kindle email address, copy your kindle address and paste it into the Calibre and fill up all the essential additional information. Lastly, tap on the test email button placed at the bottom of the screen. Once you receive the mail form the Amazon Kindle support, that means everything is going fine.

  • After reaching the main screen, choose the books that you want to add, and now you can convert it into.MOBI format. To convert your PDF into the MOBI format, right-click on the large icon that is placed on the top-left direction of your screen.
  • Add and select the file that you want to convert into the MOBI format and then tap on the “Convert Books” option placed at the top of your screen.
  • Select the format from the options in which you want to convert your file. You can choose any of the formats supported by the Kindle.
  • When you are done selecting the format, tap on “Ok”. Once your file is converted, you can send your ebook into your Kindle account from Calibre by tapping on the Connect/Share option to read that file.


There won’t be a massive crowd near the Kennedy Space Center appreciating the space NASA is going to launch amidst the current social distancing scene.

NASA is going to launch astronauts into space and before that SpaceX has also planned to launch its mission to space known as Crew Dragon. NASA is trying everything to launch the mission with safety amidst the ongoing health outbreak. The ongoing health outbreak has impacted everything adversely, whether it is businesses, schools, colleges or everyday life of people. The current scenario of the economy is dismal everywhere all across the world where everyone is losing their jobs. Amidst all these dismal circumstances, NASA has planned to launch the astronauts into the space to protect the interest of its potential visitors, ground crew and astronauts. If NASA launched the mission successfully, it will not only break the drought regarding such launches but also make a history. It will be the first time when NASA will launch the mission with private spacecraft.

Meanwhile, the deputy manager of program-related with the commercial crew of NASA, Steve Stich has said that they are taking the extra measure of social distancing with every precaution. The agency is checking the temperature of people involved in the mission at the ground. He further said these types of space launches often require people to work in close areas, but the agency has separated the people in two different rooms. They are disinfecting the room regularly along with putting the Plexiglas differently between the work stations. He said the mission to launch the astronauts to the international space centre is however very crucial to them because the agency is careful regarding social distancing measures.

The agency  doesn’t want to put its people’s health at risk.

Jim Bridenstine said in a press call that there are other projects that they are also looking forward to and so they don’t want to put the health of our people at risk. Jim Bridenstine is the administrator at NASA and informed that NASA is planning to launch the MARS Perseverance Rover somewhere in July. He announced the people that the agency is taking every precaution to keep the astronauts of Crew Dragon safe. The crew related to the mission including Doug Hurley and Behnken are following social distancing measures and so have isolated themselves. Both of them will go through the medical checkup along with temperature checks. Further, he informed that the agency is planning to limit the number of visitors to see the launch. However, they have allowed some VIPs of the National Space Council and Congress members, and they will not be allowed to come with considerable staff.

Jim said that it is quite disappointing for them; they are restricting the number of visitors to cheer up the mission. Earlier a considerable crowd often came to cheer up the space mission but this it will be dangerous, and so the agency has told the people not to travel to go and cheer up the space mission. He said the agency had told people to cheer up the mission while sitting at home. However, he also said that the state of Florida has to take care of and regulate the beaches and roads if the county sheriff is willing for people to come and see the mission. Amidst all, Wayne Ivey, the county sheriff of Brevard said in the press conference if the people of America want to go and see the mission then they can’t stop them however NASA has its guidelines and has got his guidelines.

Amidst the planned mission, several businesses and restaurants are opening all across Florida. But, the representative of public health is requesting people to stay at home and avoid gathering in considerable numbers in public places. Meanwhile, NASA is doing everything to launch the mission successfully along with taking every major precaution required to keep the crew safe and secure.


It’s been a month since the fans of Call of Duty are busy finding and opening the secret bunkers. However, they were finally able to reach all of them after a specific update released by its developers. The bunkers are helping gamers in acquiring loads of cash, weapon loot, and essential items. Although, numerous gamers have opened these bunkers, quite a few out of them know about the blueprint. This blueprint is available in the 11th bunker, and it will give an MP7 Dauber Mud SMG to the gamers. Although it is pretty simple now to find and open bunker 11 to obtain the SMG, the weapon will only be unlocked by a specific battle pass. In this article, we are going to provide a simple method to unlock the SMG. The following process is a bit complicated, so we do recommend you be attentive while reading the below-written workaround.

How to Unlock MP7 Mud Dauber SMG

The gamers first need to initiate the following process by visiting bunker 11. Once the gamers reached the exact location, Verdansk Warzone, after that, they needed to find a series of telephones. After that, the gamers will interact with the telephones, and soon all of them will start ringing. The gamers need to pick up anyone’s phone, and suddenly, they will hear someone speaking Russian. The gamers need to note down the three numbers that the Russian man speaks over the phone.

There will be around seven phones, and the gamers need to note explicitly down the numbers from Russian speakers to each of them. Once the gamers have successfully noted down all the numbers, then the bunker 11 will be opened automatically. After that, the gamers have to pick up the MP7 Dauber SMG, and then they need to unlock it using the numeral code. If they were unable to open the weapon, that means they have submitted the numbers wrongly. They need to rearrange the numbers and then insert them again.


Call of Duty: Warzone seems out to be the first game of the franchise that has so much new to explore. Unlike its predecessors, Warzone provides an adventurous fun in the battle royale segment.  There is a rumor spreading rapidly in the gaming world that says about several upcoming easter eggs in Call of Duty: Warzone. However, we all need to wait to see whether it is true or not. We hope that our article will surely fulfil your purpose of reading it alongside; you will find it helpful.

The gamers would like to obtain the gaming experience of Call of Duty: Warzone can play it on Xbox OnePS4, and PC.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game developed under the supervision of Rockstar Studios. The game is quite popular among gamers due to its astonishing-adventurous aspects. The game allows the users to perform all sorts of activities; whether it’s illegal or legal. However, the game usually tempts the users for unlawful activities. The cowboy dream of everyone must include plunder from the train alongside a tired curing drink at a classic bar. Red Dead Redemption allows gamers to perform all such activities. In the following blog, we are going to focus upon robbing the train mainly. If you are intended to attain a guide to rob the train in Red Dead Redemption 2, then pursue it through the below provided workaround. It is advisable to read it thoroughly to obtain the best results.

Robbing of Train

Before proceeding towards the guide to the rain robbing process; let us first brief our users about the train’s aspects in Red Dead Redemption 2. We know that the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 has been inspired from the cowboys. The story of the game takes place in an old American region that symbolizes the era before the American dream. Thus, the only transportation medium at that time was the horses and the trains. The gamers need to rob the trains to attain essentials items from the passengers. Alongside, several trains contain national treasures and federal money assets. Thus, gamers can make a lot of money through robbing the train.

How to Rob a Train

The gamers who have just started playing Red Dead Redemption 2 should get into the train as a traveller. As accomplishing this task in the first attempt is quite hard, so they need first to buy the ticket as a respective passenger from Annesburg. After that, they need to be sure about the seat as it is necessary to acquire a sitting place near the engine section. The gamers need to be pretty sure to act more confident and keep sitting until the tunnel arrives. Once they have noticed that the train has access to the tunnel then, they need to use the gun to eliminate the guards.

After that, they need to go to the engine room and shoot the train driver as well. Once they have successfully killed all the guards along with the train driver, then they have to plant explosives to open the safes, lockers and boxes. At a certain time, they need to pull the detonator and then have to attain all the essentials items and money. Once they have collected all the loot, then they need to wait for the pop-up of the wanted poster. After that, the gamers need to restart the train and then need to get back to the passengers. Again, the gamers need to act like they haven’t done anything and keep on sitting calmly until Valentine arrives. Once the preferred destination comes, the gamers need to deboard the train.

Now, gamers have plenty of essential items and money. They should sell all the essential items to convert them into a tremendous amount of money. They should try selling those items to various vendors alongside buyers to ignore any suspicion. The gamers also need to be aware of the fact that robbing the train is a serious crime and they would get busted for it. Once the gamers get busted, then they have to pay a large sum of money in Red Dead Redemption 2. So, the gamers should commit the robbery with cleverness.


Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the best alternative games for GTA Online. In the following blog, we have provided all the necessary information that is available on Red Dead Redemption 2. Alongside, the gamers can also attain the knowledge of robbing the train in it. We wish that our article will fulfil the aim of the gamers to read it.

The gamers who are new to the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 should obtain its gaming experience now on PCPS4 and Xbox One.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


It’s not new content or live content, but it is a sporting and sporting related content. It is a universal fact that Michel Jordan is one of the best basketball players who has ever stepped foot on the court of Basketball. Currently, you can take a look at his incredible and historical career through a new and fresh documentary or mini-series, also known as the “The Last Dance.” Even the initial 2 episodes also aired on a sports channel, ESPN. If you missed those episodes, then don’t worry. Still, you can tune in and watch the next episodes.

The series also contains a fine mixture of the gameplay from the time when Jordan used to play for the bulls, and you will also get to watch the rare and exclusive footage of the actual game of Jordan. The story of the documentary involves the beginning of the career of Jordan from the departure of the team. Jordan introduces him to the team after the removal of Phil Jackson from the post of head coach. At that time, the team was on the track of the winning streak.

Initially, the series was initially set to release later this year. Due to this pandemic, there was the shutdown of all the major sporting events, and then ESPN decided to push things up and release the series for Jordan’s fans.

You need to know everything you need to know about the series like its arrival time and how to watch them and what is the storyline of the series.

From when and where to watch the Last Dance?

On April 19, the first two episodes of the series were telecasted on ESPN. The first episode of the series was broadcasted on April 19.

After the debut of the initial episodes on ESPN, the remaining episodes of the series were set to release on Netflix. Everyone knows that Netflix is the live streaming site for the movies and series with the largest number of the audience worldwide. If you live in any region where you can’t get to watch these shows, then here you will get the extra info that you may need to watch them online.

How to watch The Last Dance Online?

There are more chances that you won’t be able to play the series in your local area or while traveling, and then you may need to dig new ways to watch them. A VPN is the best and easiest way to access the content online from anywhere and anytime.

As mentioned above, using VPN is incredibly an easy task, and by using this technology, you have the added benefit of security while watching them online. There are lots of options for accessing VPN, and most of the technical experts suggest ExpressVPN, due to its speed, easy to use, and most crucially, its security. It can be used on various operating systems and devices like Android, iOS, Fire TV stick, Smart TVs, Games console, Roku, and many more. For watching The Last Dance, signup now for ExpressVPN. You can also enjoy some attractive discounts on an annual or quarterly subscription. If you are not sure about the service of the ExpressVPN, then you can give it a try with the 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are looking for affordable options? Then here are some of the options that are on the sale right now.

Are You in the US? Then Watch The Last Dance Now

People of the U.S. can enjoy this 10-episode series on ESPN. The uncensored version has been broadcasted on ESPN and the censored one on ESPN2.

In the U.S. Sling’s Orange Package is one of the most affordable ways to watch this series. As you just have to pay $20 for the initial month that includes only 32 channels. If you want to watch on the ESPN channel, then it is also available with the Package of Hulu’s Live TV. It includes 60 channels, including ESPN, and with this application, you will get access to Hulu’s own series or movies.

Sling TV can be the best option

You will get access to ESPN and ESPN2 if you go for the Sling TV’s orange bundle. With this option, you will get a total 32 channels, including CNN, TBS, Lifetime, and many more. Even you can also get the subscription of this streaming site for half of the price of Hulu.

Netflix users get next day streaming

If you have a Netflix subscription, then you don’t like to be late. For watching the series, you don’t need to add anything else in your current subscription to the Netflix account. All the Netflix users can watch all the episodes of The Last Dance.

Options to Watch The Last Dance in UK, Canada, and other countries

Unfortunately, you have to wait for the episodes to hit on Netflix in your country. If you want to avoid this situation and watch them on your cable television, then you should refer to the VPN information that was mentioned above and watch them live on the broadcasting channel.


There was a time when you needed a cable connection to enjoy shows or movies on your television. Thank God! Those days are now history. Now, in the modern era, there are several alternatives available that suit everyone’s needs and provide powerpack entertainment to the viewers. 

For this purpose, some factors must be kept in consideration, and these factors are the model of your TV and applications installed in them. In this article, you will get to know about the options that can allow you to use your smart Samsung TV, without a cable connection. 

Best Alternatives to Cable TV

If you are aware of the new trend of live streaming services, then you know what are the alternatives for Cable TV. Nowadays, multiple live streaming platforms can give you access to your favorite shows, but the presence of these many options makes it harder for the viewers to choose the services for them. Choosing the service usually depends upon what you typically enjoy to watch on your TV sets. Several people love to watch on-demand content like TV shows, movies, or any series.

There several options available in the market that can help you in providing the best combo you love to watch on your television. These combos may give different things to different generations under one subscription. Some factors that must be taken into consideration are the price, recording options, and, most importantly, the number of channels. 

If you have already subscribed to any of the services mentioned in this blog, then skip that specific part and read the relevant sections. Maybe you want more channels that were not part of your subscription. This blog has covered most of the popular and the recommended services. If you are not able to find that, then you should open the Application Store of Samsung TV, and there are more chances that you can see it there. 

Hulu Live Can Be Used with Samsung TV

Let’s start with Hulu Live because of its popularity and its features. Usually, it is considered as the perfect option for the individuals who want a fine combination of the on-demand content and live streaming shows. With Hulu Live, you will get access to 60 plus live television channels that can access the shows that you used to watch on your Cable TV. The offer provided by Hulu live includes various channels like sports, movies, and some shows. 

If you love on-demand content, then for your kind information, Hulu has the vast On-demand library that gets continuously updated with the latest television shows and the latest movies. 

If you are still thinking and have a doubt regarding choosing the subscription, then Hulu is offering the 30-days free trial so that you can try it out, and if it seems interesting, then pay and enjoy the services of the Hulu Live. 

Modern Hulu App

If you bought the Samsung Television in 2016 or later, then you are free to download the modern Hulu application and enjoy all the other options of the Hulu app. In the modern or latest Hulu app, you will have access to the on-demand library along with the access to watch Live TV. There is a new feature in which you can create various profiles like a different or special profile for the oldies or kids.

If you love any movie, then you can store it in the “My Stuff” section, and by revisiting that section, you can watch the movies or shows that you have stored. Like social media platforms, you can vote like or dislike any TV shows or films for a better experience. 

Classic Hulu App

If you bought the Samsung television in 2013, 2014, or 2015, then also you can use the Hulu application. There are more chances that you are not able to access all the features of the latest Hulu Application, but you can enjoy movies and TV shows that you have stored in the content library. 

Unfortunately, you are unable to enjoy Live TV because the version of the application doesn’t support this feature. Always consider these options while purchasing your subscription. 

Amazon Prime Can be used Samsung TV with 

It is one of the most popular alternatives that really work well with the Smart Samsung television. Several individuals are still enjoying Amazon prime as it offers several benefits to their users, irrespective of the mode of using the technology. 

Hulu Live has more channels than the Amazon prime. But if you are HBO Fan, then it will turn out to be a perfect option for you because it offers several HBO channels. And if you want an on-demand library, then the application has the excellent features that can be watched exclusively on Amazon. 

The application also offers an excellent quality of sound and video, which is pretty much impressive, and if you want subtitles, then you will get there as well. If you are facing any issue, then you can reach the Amazon support, and damn sure, they will help you. 

If you decide to choose the Amazon prime, then visit the Samsung TV application store and download the Amazon Prime video application. Sign up or log in to enjoy watching this program. 

Steps to Use Samsung TV with Netflix

If you love to watch more movies or TV shows, then Netflix may prove a better option for you. However, it doesn’t include any specific TV channels, but a feature like transforming your living room into a movie theatre is sufficient enough to cover up the loss of channels. If you know somethings about Netflix, then you know that Netflix is known for producing some super cool TV shows that can only be found on this service. 

If you are ready to subscribe to this application, then visit the Samsung TV application store and download the Netflix application. Now, sign in with the credentials and immediately start watching the shows. 

Another great and most satisfactory thing about Netflix is the price of its membership. It is much cheaper than any value of cable TV. Plus, the quality of the services of these shows of the application is exceptionally good. 


Above mentioned are some of the most popular services for Samsung television. You can open the application store and download other applications for streaming on-demand services. If you can find something that suits you, then enjoy your on-demand shows or live streaming shows. 


The physical theme park ride known as Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance by Disney is one of the most advance rides in the entire world. You might not have been to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance due to some reasons. This ride was started just a few months back on December 3, 2019, at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge in California.

There could be many reasons why you didn’t enjoy the ride to date such as you might stay far away from the location or you didn’t get time to visit the theme park. However, now if you want to visit there and enjoy the ride, you won’t be able to do so due to the current pandemic.

The good news is that Disney has recently created a mind-bending virtual ride of its iconic Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance ride. On May 4, 2020, Disney launched the virtual ride on the Disney Parks YouTube channel of its newly started physical amusement ride. 

The virtual ride is superlative, and you will get the real-world vibe with the 1080P resolution while playing on a big screen with a powerful speaker system. The ride has a remarkable presentation and cinematography.

We will recommend you to watch it carefully to experience the ride by simply visiting the Disney Park YouTube channel. Wear headphones for immersive sound experience and to get them all sound effects added in the video. The best thing is that everyone can watch this virtual first-person experience of the Rise of the Resistance ride. 

Here’s what we have found in the Disney’s complete virtual ride clip and how it compares with the actual experience in the physical ride:

  • The virtual ride skips many things that you will experience in the real world ride in Disney’s magical world powered by the most advanced technology.
  • The video clip skips the first set where we talk with Rey.
  • We don’t get the scene where the Star Destroyer captures the transport and also note that it has many breathtaking virtual experiences. 
  • Also note, in the prison cell scene, you are not told that Hux and Kylo Ren were there as well.
  • At 1:18 you get the first-person view of the probe droid path; it is a ride in the physical world. It is portrayed a little diverse in the virtual version; however, it feels pretty much real. 
  • At 1:31, look carefully on your left, and you will see the unseen Finn’s electro-mechanic puppet, also called animatronics.
  • At 1:35, carefully see the overlay text, and you will notice that these scenes are highlighted more in the actual ride.
  • At 1:48, on the upper-left corner of your screen, you will see the animation puppets of Hux and Kylo characters. 
  • At 1:55, It is the best part of the ride. You hear Ray’s theme song in the background and Kylo Ren coming to attack you. This scene in the physical ride is very frightening, and many people scream like Kylo Ren really going to attack.
  • At 2:24, you will see a hidden transport located between the first two blaster guns on the left. Nobody knows why it was placed there for an unseen reason.
  • At 2:43, Kylo Ren tries to prevent you from leaving the spaceship but gets knocked out of the aircraft itself when the wall behind him gets destroyed. If you see that scene more carefully, you will notice that the hole behind Kylo Ren triggers due to a propelled scrap from an explosion of another spaceship. Then you see Kylo Ren flying away from the spacecraft. That scrap that hits the wall behind Kylo Ren is one of the best easter eggs in the ride. 

This was what we found in the clip, and it is probably the best science fiction virtual ride we have ever experienced.


The New Mutants will be one of the unique movies. It might even get its name in the Guinness worlds record for pushing back the release date again and again. A new reason for the global epidemic is added to the reasons for delaying The New Mutant film. Previously, these reasons were reshoots and mergers, but according to Josh Boone, director of The New Mutants, they never performed reshoots, and it was only a rumor.

Josh Boon also justified that they used a merger to change things in the movies instead of reshooting scenes from scratch. He stated that if they have to reshoot the movie, the kids used in the movie would have been visibly older. The movie creators are trying their best to keep this film out of theaters. 

However, this time they got a clear reason for delaying the movie. If the ongoing outbreak hadn’t been here, people would have seen the movie in the theaters last month. Whatsoever, situations have changed everything in the present world, including this new movie. Despite the fact that many fans are murmuring that the movie could have been released on the streaming services, the studio decides to push back the release date to August 28, 2020.

Also, bear in mind that it will release in August only if the pandemic gets diagnosed before the release date. The studio would be so delighted to push back the release date once more if they get a chance to do so. This is most likely to happen that the movie will again get its date postponed as the pandemic is not going to stop till August according to the assumptions. The movie will not be released in theaters if theaters aren’t by then.

It is predicted that large gatherings will not be allowed even by August 2020. According to the latest trailers of the movie, the final theatrical release may be worth the long wait. The last trailer of The New Mutants is exceptionally amazing and mind-bending. The visual effects are very impressive, and the characters are remarkably portrayed.

Also, the point that it is a horror movie from Marvel possibly for the first time, people might be tempted to see it in theaters. Releasing such kind of expensive movie stuffed with breath-taking visual effects on streaming services will not worth the hard work behind it. The movie no doubt deserves to be watched, at least in 3D IMAX for a better experience. Also, notice that not every fan owns a 3D TV at their home, so for them, it is best to release the movie in theaters.

Not only that, when the movie gets released on digital copies, but most people will also use free movie downloading sites to watch it for free instead of purchasing the official copy from the online stores.

This will not provide sufficient revenue to the movie producer team for their intense hard work and investments. So, it is best to hope for the cinematic release instead of getting the digital version. Even if you get a chance to watch this movie at your home, you will definitely not get the same vibe you will get to a cinema.

The sound and visual effects you will get at the theatre cannot be compared with your home TV no matter you have a powerful home theater at your home. Increase your self-control, and till then, you can re-watch the complete X men film series from the scratch to get ready to watch this upcoming title.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber security and utility software programes. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs and websites.


According to an announcement by Facebook, it has decided to pay a total amount of $52 million to its existing and former content moderators. The social media giant has agreed to pay this amount to compensate these content moderators for the issues regarding their deteriorating mental health. These content moderators were found suffering from PTSD, which developed while working for the company. Also, the company has decided to provide more and more counseling to these content moderators while they are working. According to the settlement that was filed in San Mateo Superior court, the company has decided to pay $1,000 to each moderator and also the moderators will be provided more compensation if they will be diagnosed with the deteriorating mental conditions or PTSD.

The settlement is covering almost 11,250 moderators, and the lawyers believed that nearly half of these moderators might be found eligible for extra compensation. Lawyers are considering that half of these content moderators developed mental health disorders, including addiction and depression, while working for the social media giant. Meanwhile, the lawyer of the complainant, Steve Williams, has said in a statement that they are happy with the decision the social media giant has taken for the moderators. Steve said the step to compensate the moderators taken by the company is unprecedented. Such a step to help the people performing their job for the company was quite unimaginable. The harm the moderators are suffering is not only real but also severe, and they need help.

In the year 2018, Selena Scola, who was formerly working on Facebook, sued the social media giant, alleging that she developed post-traumatic stress disorder. She alleged the company that she was engaged in a role where she needed to view the images and photos of murder, suicide, and rape. Such a part developed PTSD in her, and then she filed a case against the company for compensation, which was later joined by several other content moderators. Scola joined her job as content moderators on Facebook during the US presidential elections. The company was facing severe criticism for not removing the harmful and unwanted content from its platform. The social media giant hired a large number of big consulting firms such as Genpact, Cognizant, Accenture, and Prolimited for bringing on several content moderators on contract basis jobs in the USA.

Several content moderators hired by the company have been found working in terrible conditions in Tampa and Phoenix for a meager salary. These moderators have to work in pressure as their job role required accuracy near to perfection, which has caused severe PTSD condition. Meanwhile, Cognizant has decided to leave the business of content moderation after finding so many cases of PTSD among the moderators. The company has agreed to pay $1,000 initially, and $15,00 will be provided to the people diagnosed with some more problems along with PTSD. The people will need to submit the evidence for their mental illness to qualify for the compensation.

The social media giant is also planning to change its policy towards content moderators, which will include providing mental health sessions to the people with professionals weekly. Moreover, it has instructed its vendors for screening the applicants for sound emotional health. Also, the vendors will need to send information regarding the psychological support if any worker needs at the workstation. Moreover, the company has said that it is committed to providing a safe working environment to its worker and grateful for the contribution workers are giving in the growth of the company. Initially, the moderators working in Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas will be covered from the year 2015 to now.

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Google offers you a free image storage tool to save your number of pictures in one place. But do you know that when you register on Amazon Prime, you will also get photo storage utility with full resolution RAW photo files? Google gives you only 15 GB storage, whether you would not like to the picture to be compressed. In case you accept the photo compression, then you may have unlimited space, but the picture will not be as default. So, if you would like to transfer the Google photos, then you will require to download them via Google and move them to the account of Amazon. In this article, we will tell you how to do that, follow the directions given below.

Prepare Phone Devices

  1. Firstly, invoke the Google Photos application on your device.
  2. After that, select the hamburger menu icon at the upper left side.
  3. Then choose the ‘Free up device storage’ option.
  4. Now, the app will allow you to know whether each photo is backed up when you take action.
  5. Later, press the button.
  6. Once you reach in Settings field, enable the ‘Automatic backup’ option by selecting the option of ‘Back up and Sync’ then toggle to the ‘Off’ position.
  7. Otherwise, you will have both places backup.
  8. Thereafter, reach the Amazon Photos application and install it on the phone.
  9. Launch the app and determine if you would like to back up the images and devices itself, by toggling to the enable or disable it.

Download Images on Google to the Device

The users who are keen to download images on Google to the device can pursue the directions given below.

  1. Go to Google Takeout wherever all your data is saved.
  2. Then you will view a list of all the apps you use and select the ‘Deselect all’ option.
  3. You should move down until you locate the Google Photos then check the box beside it.
  4. If you would not like to download the other formats or specific albums, you choose a suitable box and deselect the items.
  5. Thereafter, move down to the end of the screen to locate and choose the button of ‘Next Step.’
  6. You have to choose the preferred move process and leave other choices – File Type, Export Type, and Archive Size.
  7. Now, wait for creating the repository, and it may take some time according to the number of photos.

Steps are Create on Amazon Prime Photos 

  1. Go to the Amazon Photos application.
  2. Then select the button of “Download’.
  3. Afterward, invoke the file then open the installation.
  4. Navigate to the Install button and select it.
  5. The app will open itself, otherwise invoke it.
  6. Later, sign in to the account.
  7. Now, move the downloaded folder of Google Photos on the screen of Amazon Photos.
  8. Finally, choose the folder wherever you would like to store the photo or make a fresh folder.


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