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Smart home assistants based on artificial intelligence are very useful. But, it takes some effort to set them up. Here is how you can do it.

Artificial intelligence-based smart home devices such as Google Home Mini, Google Home, and Nest Hub have added convenience to the lives of people incredibly. But, most of the people found them confusing when it comes to setting them up. It becomes even more confusing when there are no displays on these devices.

A few years ago, it was impossible to think about such smart home devices. But, today, these have become household things assisting users in their day to day household work. Smart devices used for personal purposes have made tremendous growth since the year 2010. The presence of appliances based on voice commands in our homes represents the continued growth of these devices. It is also evident that as we explore the Internet of Things more and expand artificial intelligence technology, more and more tools of our daily life will get connected to the web. Google Home and Amazon Echoes are only a few examples of such tools.

Before you move to set up these devices, there are a few things to take care of. First, make sure that your tablet or phone is properly charged. Most of the process will require these devices to be charged properly. Second, you should have your email account on Google along with its login information. Make sure that there is no problem with your login credentials. You will not be able to set up these devices if you have forgotten your password or email account. In such a case, you should have login credentials to some other email service like Spotify. It will help you to proceed further by connecting to other email apps. Third, provide Google Home app access to your location and connect it properly to your Wi-Fi to download the app.

Setting up a Smart Home Assistant: How?

The easiest step starts with plugging in devices like Google Home and Home Mini. It will start booting up the smart home devices. Once these devices are powered up, you will require you to install the Home app on your phone or tablet. You can click on the notification on your phone to install the devices. Alternatively, click on the + button to search for your Home Mini, Nest, or Home app. After then, you will need to follow a few steps to download and install the devices.

Now, you will be prompted to many straightforward options to install the app. For example, a Voice match prompt will allow you to connect to your device to other accounts on Google. It will provide unique options to other multiple users. You will need to select some other potential smart device users to remain present before you take steps to set it up. Further, you can go through a tutorial made by Google to show you how to set up the device stepwise.

If you have completed setting up your device and if it is ready to use, you can dive into various preferences. In the Google Home app,  when you click on Account Preferences in the menu section, it will provide you various options. You can select languages and set them according to your preference. Also, you can choose whatever the names it calls people along with making many other useful tweaks. Besides, one of the main features of the smart home assistant is personalization. So, if you have not used this particular feature yet, it will be worth giving it a try and customize the features according to your needs.


You can create duet videos on TikTok like a professional. Learn how to avoid silly mistakes that amateurs make while making duet making.

TikTok duet videos are watched on the screen at the same time when two videos appear simultaneously next to each other. Duet videos on TikTok are often a reaction to another video already existing on the platform and provide the opportunity to the users to make videos collaborating with others. Whether you are new on TikTok or to duet videos, here is the complete explanation to get the best out of duet videos.

TikTok offers multiple interesting features to its users which has made it much popular. It allows users to create many creative and interesting videos, whether it is dancing, singing, making pranks videos, etc. The video-sharing app has surpassed almost two billion downloads proving its popularity. Among several interesting features that the app offers include duet video features which is popular. If the users have enabled TikTok duet feature, then they can duet with anyone else on TikTok. The duet video feature allows the users to reply to the videos and brand messages that can be shared on the platform publicly. Whenever a video attracts the people, then the fans of that specific celebrity, song and brand goes on creating many other videos resembling the first one, and it becomes a trend. This helps these videos to go viral on TikTok in a very short period when uploaded.

The popularity of the app has soared high amidst the ongoing disease outbreak. Since everyone is stuck at home and finding ways to spend time while entertaining themselves, TikTok has become the most viable option for them due to its features. Through the TikTok app, the users can create duet videos and make them viral in just a few days. It is very easy to create such duet videos and very similar to open and share the videos on the platform. So, to create a duet video, open the app and then click on Share option. Then, click on the icon of Duet to get the recording completed. However, the whole process to create a duet video is quite easy, but several components are needed to take care of making a duet video more engaging and attractive.

How to Make a Good Duet Video on TikTok

As the first rule of making a good duet video on TikTok then get yourself positioned in the same way as the person of the original TikTok video is positioned. If the person in the original video is standing at the centre position in the middle frame, then try to position yourself like that. If someone has used the close up of his or her face, then you should try to do the same. However, it is not always that you need to try the same position, and it depends what the task the person is doing in the video. But when you try to remain in the same position as the person has done it in the original video then create a sense of coherence.

When you fail to copy the original posture used in the original video, then it may lead you to create a bad video with an amateur mistake. Secondly, always stay yourself on-trend by identifying the videos going to be viral. You have to identify viral videos before it reaches the top of its popularity. This strategy will help you to gain more views on your video and make it viral. Also, you can take part in duet videos which often much more popular TikTokers use to stay popular and relevant among their fans.

Now, if you are willing to create a duet video that requires some knowledge of dance movements, lyrics, and audio, then learn all these. It is important to give your hundred percent before you make such videos. Try to learn the dance steps and learn the song that has been used in the original videos. Most of the amateurs didn’t pay attention to these crucial points and finished with an unimpressive duet video.

So, these are some of the main significant points that amateurs often miss and make mistakes while creating duet video. Besides, the users should record their videos in good and proper lighting. Also, take care of the sound and keep the volume at its highest level. Before, adding sound to your duet video from the original video makes sure the quality of the sound is good enough.


Parental controls initially was a software that allowed parents to take control of what their child could watch on the internet. Setting limits is extremely important for your kids as it may affect them in any way. In the past few years, parental control apps have made the task easier. Parents don’t have to download any software to know what their kids are up to? To prevent you from getting baffled about which apps are the best in the market, we have sorted your needs in this list. These apps are available on both iOS and Android. These apps have gained popularity in recent years for their great features.

  1. Kaspersky Safe Kids

If you are intending to purchase this app, you can get 7 days of the free trial before your plan begins. Premium is also available that can earn you a variety of benefits that the regular plan doesn’t include like screen time scheduling, social network monitoring, YouTube search history, etc. It uses a GPS tracker to locate their real-time online map. You can define a safe area for them and if they cross that area, you will be immediately alerted. You can also block harmful or inappropriate YouTube search requests

  • Qustodio

Qustodio supports Kindle as well and keeps an eye on your kids. social media. You can set screen time and get daily or weekly reports of their activities. You can limit the number of games on their device. It enables you to keep track and block calls on their device.  You can check the most used apps, and the web and device usage time. It will protect your child from cyberbullying as well. This also includes an SOS button to protect them from potential threats.

  • Norton Family

They provide free of cost services for 6-months. After six months, you’ll be notified via E-mail and you can choose from their different plans. Your child’s personal details are secured and you can track and set limits for the web content that they consume. It engages GPS, Wi-Fi and mobile networks to track your child’s location. You can also gain insight into their web search and timing. It also records your child’s watch history and lets you watch what they surfed through.

  • Family Time

It claims to be the most powerful app of all as it allows you to check call history and text messages. You can limit their screen time. Family Locator allows you to keep track of your child’s location. You can also set limits on your teen’s vehicle driving speed. It also has a panic/SOS button to alert you about the danger. You can also block apps on their phone. Timebank and Fun time features allow you to encourage your child to save their screen time and use it later to have fun and games.

  • OurPact

With this app, you can manually grant and block access to apps and websites that your child wants to surf. You can limit their screen time and block their messages. It also lets you track the apps that your child installed. You can locate them and create geo-fence to limit their travel. If they cross the fence, you will be alerted.


Days Gone was the first of its kind when it came to the market. It was an open-world zombie apocalypse title that brought really good gameplay forward to the players.  But as obvious it is with products with such characters, it had some glaring technical issues and was riddled with bugs. These faults are some things that PS5 needs to address on the release of Days Gone 2.

Soon, Sony will officially unveil its next-generation console, the PS5. And only after the release, the main roster of games that the console will be providing will be seen. While the company has not made an official statement, there has been a news and the player-base believes that they will at least see potential appearances from God of War 2, Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and Days Gone 2. (Probably not all of them, but these titles will be big for the PS5).

Days Gone, which was released in April of 2019, failed to meet expectations that were hoped it would reach. But it did manage to create a big enough fan-base to outsell God of War, The Last Guardian, and Detroit: Become Human in its first month, enough to greenlight a sequel to Bend Studio’s open-world zombie adventure. And if Bend Studios decides to go with PS5 for the next installment, it would need to address some major issues.

Deacon St. John & the Supporting Cast

One of the major flaws that emerged with the original game was the game’s main character. We play as outlaw-turned-drifter Deacon St. John, excellently portrayed by Star Wars: The Force Unleashed actor Sam Witwer. The story revolves around the character looking for answers about his wife. But Deacon himself is incredibly uneven, and his lust for murder and revenge often becomes too much.

The supporting characters that help Deacon, along with his quests, feel really unreal and unused. This is so because no other character is fleshed out beyond their basic role in advancing the narrative besides Sarah. For example, Deacon’s best friend Boozer is injured in the first moments of the game and hence plays a very small role over the radio for the majority of the later game. There are simply too many side-characters, catalyst characters, and camp leaders that could’ve been used to flesh out the core cast of characters, including its villains.

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Bend Studio went absolutely all-out while creating Days Gone. With an expansive and gorgeous open-world with a cinematic story, light RPG mechanics, multiple hub-worlds, vehicle gameplay and combat, hundreds of collectibles, challenge modes, and endgame content in the form of the game’s biggest hook, Freaker Hordes. Days Gone became the definition of “Jack of all Trades” as a game. It did a little bit of everything but did nothing great.

Performance Issues & Bugs on PS4

Despite the major issues the game has in the storytelling and the few glitches in different places, the game plays out pretty well. The point where the character of the whole game falls apart is how Days Gone performs on PS4. Even after a full year of patches and updates, the game’s performance hasn’t all that improved on the PlayStation 4. It is still suffering from major issues with frame rate, screen tearing, textures popping in and out, environments not loading, and enough glitches and bugs for a highlight reel.

For example, in the mission “What it Takes to Survive,” players are still experiencing glitches where the environment doesn’t load properly before the player enters a cave at the beginning of the mission. And if the entry does not load, a horde can’t enter; hence the mission does not finish. The only known fix is restarting the game and hoping for the best.

Bend Studio had not worked with the PS4 or the open-world genre, making Days Gone was an incredibly ambitious title for the studio that seemed to pay off. It was a good idea, but where its critical response hit was a lack of polish on the final product: uneven frame rates, texture pop-ins, and a lack of cohesion between missions and side content, and far too much bloat, whereas other PS4 games have proved that more is not always better.

With this experience gained, if Bend Studio does put its head down to create something better than its predecessor, it can develop a thriving franchise that PlayStation fans adore. Using the first game as the base, and addressing the issues it has, Days Gone 2 could be a much tighter, focused, and a polished sequel that doubles down on the game’s story and zombie horde look. Hopefully, Sony will have some exciting surprises with the new PS5 reveal.


Over the years, we have seen numerous sandbox games rise and fall, but Minecraft has reigned supreme throughout its journey. While the game has consistently managed to garner a following, it received a massive boost in 2019 courtesy to PewDiePie. Now the game has returned with a new ARPG, known as Minecraft Dungeons, and gamers are losing their mind over it.

Minecraft Dungeons can be seen as an ARPG for beginners, but it is not necessarily a negative thing. You get several missions, intriguing members, and the classic Minecraft touch throughout the gameplay. One unique thing is emeralds, the in-game currency. You can spend emeralds to buy new gear, which can help you progress even quicker. The fact itself establishes the importance of emeralds, so it is viable for you to want them.

Method to Build Emeralds

They can be gained subsequently as you play, but there is an even quicker way to collect them. You have a chance of collecting emeralds when you level up. At that moment, you need to check your gear for an enchantment named Prospector. This increases the probability of emeralds dropping near the enemies, allowing you to progress quickly.

The game proposes alternative ways to gain more chests, fight more enemies, and unveil more secrets. All this aids the player to reach the max level quicker, but it’ll cost a heap of emeralds too. There are numerous tricks to find chests in the game, and they mostly include speed. The game also informs the players about all the chests they have missed after the level ends. This is a good benchmark for players to know whether or not they searched adequately. You should know that you can get pots within every level that drop emeralds after you break them.

You can also use weapons like the Last Laugh and Diamond Pickaxe to increase the drop rate of emeralds. The guns can also be used to make class builds, providing more value to the players.  You can also salvage unused gears to quickly and consistently gain more emeralds. Additionally, the activity will also refund the enchantment levels you have invested in the said gears. You can then use it to enhance more equipment, moving a valuable one.

So, What’s the Final Saying?

Without any doubt, Minecraft is one of the best sandbox games available in the virtual market. It can currently be played on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC.  So, if you are thinking of exploring the fascinating world of Minecraft, then do not waste time and download it now on your desired device with ease.

Minecraft is developed and published by Mojang studios, Xbox game studios, and Double Eleven. There are two types of modes available in the game, i.e., multiplayer and single-player mode. So, please choose your favorite mode in the Minecraft world and enjoy playing it in your leisure time with ease.


iPhone 11 is a few months older than the iPhone SE that launched recently in the last week of April 2020. Both the phones offer more or less similar features but are different in their sizes and other few features. iPhone SE is more compact than the iPhone 11. Both of them support iOS 13, work on the Apple A13 Bionic processor, and come in the storage variant of 64GB, 128GB, 256GB. Their pixel density is also similar, i.e., 326ppi and they don’t have a headphone jack. Both iPhone SE and 11 are capable of capturing 4K videos. They are also powered with light and proximity sensors. Some other common sensors indulged in it are gyroscope, accelerometer and compass.

If you are someone looking for the best iPhone to invest in, you should consider these two options before you make your payment in any other module.

Major Differences Between iPhone SE and iPhone 11

Here is the list of differences to look upon:

  • As mentioned earlier, iPhone SE is compact so it has a 4.7-inch retina display with 1334 x 750 pixels while the iPhone 11 has a 6.1-inch LCD liquid retina display with 1792 x 828 pixels.
  • iPhone 11 has a better camera than SE. iPhone 11 has two 12 megapixel rear cameras with the power of capturing wide and ultra-wide pictures. iPhone SE cannot click ultra-wide pictures because it has one 12 megapixel rear camera.
  • iPhone 11 also tops the competition in a better front-facing camera with 12 megapixels and the iPhone SE has a 7-megapixel front-facing camera.
  • Their weight also varies. The iPhone 11 is 46gms heavier than the iPhone SE.
  • Their price also varies as iPhone SE is cheaper in all variants than the iPhone 11. iPhone SE costs $400 for 64GB, $500 for 128GB and $550 for 256GB. While the iPhone 11 costs $700 for 64GB, $750 for 128GB, and $850 for 256GB.
  • iPhone SE has a home button that allows you to record your fingerprint to unlock your device and also you can make safe payments online iPhone 11 has facial mapping sensors on the front camera that works as biometric security.
  • iPhone 11 supports two sims where sim 1 slot supports nano sim and the other slot supports eSIM. But iPhone SE has only one sim slot that supports nano sim.
  •  iPhone 11 is more durable and water-resistant than the iPhone SE because it has IP68 while iPhone SE IP67.
  • iPhone SE has a battery of 1642mAh while iPhone 11 has 3110mAh battery. 

The reason why iPhone 11, despite being more expensive, is considered better is that the phone boasts of a better camera. Apart from the camera, users also seem to enjoy the bigger screen of iPhone 11 better.


Some recent reports have revealed that Twitter is striving hard to develop a feature allowing users to quote a Tweet with only a reaction. Here is everything you need to know.

The users of Twitter will soon become able to do something more than only to like the tweet or retweet it with comments. Twitter is working on to develop a new feature referred to as the new quote tweet that will be introduced with several reactions. Twitter is adding several modifications to its platform to enhance the user experience. The latest feature can be seen as a significant addition to the microblogging platform.

The social media giant Facebook began expanding its Like feature back in the year 2016. The social media giant provided its users to choose and react to the messages from a wide range of reactions. With the introduction of such a feature by Facebook, the social media sites become much more standard than ever before. For a long time, the standard social media practices involve Like, share and comment on the posts. But as long as people started using social media in more numbers, the users began feeling the need for some more features than only to like or comment on posts. For example, many users find that it is not appropriate to Like a post related to some of the negative incidents. Many users expressed their views that there should be features that can be used to show support to the posts associated with negative or sad incidents without adding a comment. So, almost every social media platform started adding expressing reactions such as sad, love, tearful face, etc. Different social media platforms added these reactions in the form of emojis that we often used in our comments.

Recently, Jane Manchun Wong has posted a Tweet and revealed that Twitter is doing everything to innovate the reactions. Ruther, He has discovered that the microblogging platform is experimenting with a wide range of responses. Twitter wished to introduce this new reaction feature to the users so they can respond to the Tweets using only a reaction. Also, the information tweeted by Jane Manchun Wong has been confirmed by the director product manager of Twitter. The director product manager of TwitterSuzanne Xie, has said Twitter is testing a new feature to be further used by the people while quoting their tweets with attached emojis.

Will Twitter introduce the new feature?

While it is true that the coders at the company are exploring multiple options to look into the new feature, it does not mean Twitter will implement it. Reverse engineering visible in this reaction feature is something that often developers and coders use to look through the software to find new features. Also, Reverse engineering is good when it comes to showing the users regarding whatever original is the company currently working on or trying to figure out. However, it is always the final version of the feature of the product. There are several possibilities as the company may decide to add the reactions. It is also possible that the company will use new emojis to add the feature. There is also the possibility that the company may scrap it entirely to take a new and different approach.

Apart from these, it is also true that the microblogging and social networking platform has never taken an interest in talking about its innovations or design modifications. For example, in the initial days when Twitter was launched the users were retweeting each other by copying and pasting the exact text of the post. Later, the company introduced an integrated feature for retweeting and till the feature arrived on the platform no one exactly knew about it. However, it is very interesting to see how the company is exploring many new ways to make its platform much more interactive along with improving the user experience. So, even if the company is working on the new feature, it can’t be said when it will arrive.

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An Instagram filter ‘Which Disney’ has become much more popular among the users since the year 2020 began. Now, the users can use the same filter for creating a TikTok video. The users can take the effects from Instagram and use it on TikTok even though both services are entirely different in their approach. Also, the process of using the same filter to make videos on TikTok is very much easy.

The free video and photo-sharing app, Instagram has found the year very much favorable, especially for its filters. These spin the wheel filters are often known as ‘who are you or which one are you’ filters. While there are several filters from ‘who are you’ available to choose from for the users but  Which Disney filter of Instagram has been particularly popular among the users. The Which Disney filter arrived in such a time when the streaming service, Disney Plus, had gained a huge number of subscribers and popularity. Also, the streaming service introduced many innovations to get the fans attracted.

The ability to jump on any of the most popular characters was one such innovation with these introduced innovations, Which Disney filters proved to be a huge hit instantly on Instagram among the users. These filters have been specifically designed for the users of Instagram and to be used on the app only. If we speak technically, then there is no such way to use these filters on TikTok by taking it from Instagram. But, the users can upload the video easily on TikTok they create on Instagram. The uploading of the video in TikTok further makes it easy for the users to use Which Disney filters. In simple terms, the users of TikTok should have access to the Instagram app. The users can get access to the Instagram app by downloading it on their smartphone and creating their user’s account.

Move Disney Filter to TikTok from Instagram app

Originally, Arno Partissimo created the Instagram filter, Which Disney. The users who want access to the Disney filter will need to search for the profile of Arno Partissimo first by opening the app and then entering the name. Once you find the profile page, click on the icon of a smiley face to access the various effects and filters created by Arno. After then, the users should search for the list displaying the filter Which Disney. Further, you will need to click on the filter to launch the original video of Partissimo made on Instagram. When you go to the bottom of the app screen, Try It option will appear to you. When you tap on Try It option, the option will launch the camera user interface. Once the camera interface is launched, you can use the filter Which Disney to create your video.

The users will find two options once they will finish creating their videos. As the first option, the users can share their videos on the Instagram story. In the second option, the users can go to the top screen of the app and click on the download option to skip the Instagram app. When the users download the video, it will be saved to the internal storage of the phone. Now, the users can upload the saved video to TikTok. Also, the app allows the users to make tweaks in their videos at the last minute before they share it with their family, friends, and other people. You can also add music or any other video features of TikTok to make it more engaging.


So many people across social networking sites have built thousands of millions of audiences and brands want to access them. People are spending more time, watching Instagram stories and posts published by their favorite influencers and less time in front of the TV. This has created an opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to create such places and platforms that enable a brand to correctly arrive at those influencers with very particular audiences and a high engagement rate. So if you are wondering, what those platforms are, here are the 8 best influencer marketing platforms.

1. AspireIQ

If you are looking to get in contact with influencers and content at a significant scale. They work with large brands that do Instagram influencer marketing at big scales. They have a huge database of thousands of influencers with high engagement and audience size. They use CRM software to coordinate with a large number of influencers. Along with this, they use an analytics dashboard to monitor the performance of each influencer and content based on factors like sales, followers driven, and engagement. The best part is, they don’t take any commission on any payment and also offer free demos to brands to let them know how they function.

2. Heepsy

It’s a really good software tool with which you can find influencers according to your exact need. It’s very good for startups and small businesses as it’s a free tool. It comes with very well advanced features like –

• Demographic targeting – You can look for Instagram profiles by the age range of their audience, location, interest, language, and gender.

• Location targeting – You can find influencers in a particular area.

• Keyword targeting – find influencers that have your keywords in their bio.

• Metric targeting – find influencers according to their follower count.

• Contact information – find influencers who have their contact email in their account.

3. Trend

It is a big marketplace with a number of active influencers. It is not like other influencer databases, rather, it’s invite-only and requires the influencers to apply in order to join the network. The application of each influencer must have amazing content in order to be approved. In Trend, you can instantly activate dozens of influencers in a fully automated way that scales.

 Trend lays a huge focus on the quality of the content. It’s a place where you can instantly acquire licensing rights of a particular content so that you can use it for say, paid ads. The trend is your go-to platform if you want to create a direct consumer channel for your brand. For brands to run a campaign, the price rate is fixed at $100 and this pricing includes the influencer budget spend. With Trend, you can easily approve influencers who apply to your listing without, and searching as Trend does it all for you.

4. Famebit

Famebit consists of l 33,992 content creators catching up with 1.9 billion people across all social networks. At the beginning of their launch, their focus was just on Youtube but gradually, they have broadened their services to Instagram and other social networks too. Till date, they have a user base of over 7,000 brands who did influencer marketing. Not just this, but in mid-2014 the startup raised $1.4M in funding to build their platform.

5. Instabrand

Instabrand works more like an agency for influencer marketing. They have skilled campaign managers who will help you compose the right message and engage the influencers on behalf of your brand. They have a history of impressive customer logos and follow the concierge strategy as it works for them. However, all its functions are quite costly and might be out of budget for the smaller business. Going by their name, it might seem like their main focus is Instagram, but they also put a big focus on Snapchat as a platform.

6. Hypetap

As Hypetap itself says, it is a curated influencer marketing place for brands, agencies, influencers & talent managers. They have 1240 influencers who have a reach of over 136 million followers. Hypetap has built a vast technology-enabled funnel with which both parties can do campaigns on the platform. Also, the quality of the influencers they have is worth appreciation. With Hypetap, brands can expect high levels of engagement which is very important for influencer marketing.

7. T R I B E

Tribe is an Australian brand launched with great success in 2015. They also have an app for the influencers to connect with the platform. In Tribe, businesses are asked to create campaign briefs and influencers can then pitch a social media post for that brief. Businesses can then accept or reject them based on their post. In order to connect with Tribe, influencers must have over 5000 followers. There are over 100 brands currently using the platform to find and work with influencers for collaborative content.

8. Speakr

Speakr consists of a top-notch network of over 20,000 speakrs. In 2015, amongst the top 100 most impactful influencer campaigns, they acquired 40℅ of them. Speakr is in the market since 2010 and is pretty extremely good at running influencer marketing campaigns for big brands. However, it’s probably not suitable for small businesses.


The very loved Netflix series probably did a blunder. Fuller House missed the chance of including Michelle in its last season. The twins, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, who originally played the character for the last eight seasons of Full House, have refused to play it any further. The characters of the series sometimes talk about Michelle, as an indication to the viewers that the Tanner sister is still a character of the show. The viewers felt her absence immediately when they couldn’t see the character in the first season of Fuller House. Yet, she was expected to be seen at least in the final episode. It is stated that Michelle is now settled in New York, where she is running a fashion empire. Yet, the viewers feel that the ship has sailed for the makers.

Viewers tried looking for Michelle, or even traces of her presence in the plot throughout the season. Fuller House had a bunch of twists and turns in the end, with two of her sisters getting married. Even then, the show didn’t mention her name, and it added to moments of annoyance for the viewers. Even the slightest resemblance of Michelle could have worked, but the Netflix series won’t get a second bite at the cherry now. The incident when Danny (Bob Saget) faced a mid-life crisis raised some expectations to see Michelle again. The plot had a major twist when Stephanie had her daughter Danielle but without Michelle’s presence.

All these instances and more could have become chances of wisely incorporating Michelle’s character in the plot. However, to the viewers’ great surprise, the show kept the character aside once and for all. Cameron-Bure revealed that the makers didn’t approach Olsens to return in the final season again. It is said that the sisters had repeatedly refused the offer before. The Fuller House was loaded with hints and gaps that had the best chances of incorporating the character and making the show appear complete in all respects. Yet, the show chose to end it abruptly without the presence of Michelle. Being the successful owner of a fashion empire, she could have gifted her bride-to-be sisters their wedding attires, at least. Such instances could have been used for advantage.

Another smart strategy could have been possible if the plot included Michelle’s presence, sitting in New York, in the dress selection,  even without showing her physical presence. However, the show brought Berta, a dress designer, for Stephanie’s big day. Berta isn’t new to the season. The character was seen in some seasons of the show before. Berta brought some pieces of laughter in the storyline, yet, Michelle’s presence was dearly missed.

It is disappointing to find Michelle’s absence in the last season. Yet, what is more frustrating is the way the plot dealt with her absence. The character could have been shown drowned in work, as a reason for not attending her sister’s wedding. The producers could have used so many nuances and parts of the plot to make an excuse for her absence, instead of simply showing her awkward absence.

Full House has been a show that showcased how families are important in lives. A family can see the funniest and the hardest times when every family member is firmly connected to each other. For a franchise that brought the importance of “togetherness” on the screens, it is absurd to show one of its crucial characters missing throughout the finale season. The producers could have tried more to incorporate the character, or at least her fake resemblance’ in the finale. Ending a family story in the absence of an important family character is never a good choice.


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