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Modern projectors offer an experience that is many times better than your huge, ultra-expensive TV set. It might be an affordable 1080p model or the high-end 4K light cannon; projectors are just unbeatable.

The only disadvantage of using a projector is that it requires a dark room and needs more setup and adjustment than an average TV. Little changes make up for the considerable difference in the picture quality.

So, here we are, with everything you need to know about how to set up your home theatre with the projector.

Perfect Your Placement

A majority of inexpensive projectors lack a lens shift. This means your screen needs to be placed in the perfect line, angle, and direction. Plus, you have to figure out the throw angle, which could be below, or above, the edge of the screen.

Next is the difference between the screen and the projector. Maximum projectors can fit a 100-inch screen from a distance of about 10-feet. However, this could be highly variable. You can always find this information on the manufacturer’s website or in the owner’s manual of the projector.

Mind Your Heat Management

Projectors throw out a fair amount of heat and light. So make sure it is being placed in such a way that its airflow is not compromised. If the airflow is blocked, the projector could heat up and shut down. 

So, make sure to either use a fan vented cabinet or live it in the open.

Lessen Ambient Light

All the areas from where entry of ambient light is possible must be covered and closed. Any light emitted except through the projector is bad and reduces your image quality. 

Even if your projector is coping well with this unwanted light, its lamp will get affected with time. So, use blackout curtains or any heavy curtains to save your image quality along with the life of your projector. 

Dial With Focus

Most of the projectors come with manual focus adjustments, either using a wheel or motorized. Each of them comes with its pros and cons. But here is how you can achieve the sharpest focus.  

If you are using a motorized focus, stand up at the screen and adjust gradually to see the distinct pixels. Initially, they will be too small to see, but keep changing until you see the darker outlines.

While using an analog focus, it is more likely to get the absolute focus with manual adjustments. Merely, a stable analog rotation of the focus dial, and you are done.

Use the Right Setting

Every projector has a super bright bulb inside it that is known as a lamp, or you could take it to the heart of your projector.

The projector gives the best image quality in its brightest lamp setting, but it will not last long.

It is ideal to run your projector in the Echo mode. With negligible changes on the screen, lamps would be dimmer and quieter, plus fans won’t have to work hard. 

Upgrade Your Sound

Don’t even think about using the built-in speakers; the sound is not going to match the dynamic picture. You will end up defeating the purpose of a projector in a home theatre.

You can go for decent speakers and connect them with analog cables. If money is not a barrier, then you can use a soundbar or receiver with speakers, to get the ultimate home theatre experience.

We hope these tips prove useful to you and your brand new projector.


Robert Pattinson’s suit for the movie The Batman took over a year to design. Batman is one of the most anticipated projects in the DC universe. Matt Reeves directed the upcoming film, and Pattinson is in the cast as Bruce Wayne in the movie. Reeves is working to develop a television show centered around the Gotham Police Department.

Batman is almost prepared, and only 25% of the production of shooting is left, which is delayed for the coronavirus pandemic. And the team is hoping to resume the filming from next month. Reeves shared some tidbits about the movie during the premiere of The Batman’s first trailer.

The Batsuit is one of the most beautiful things in the movie that grab most of the audience’s attention. Reeves revealed the first official look in February 2020. And the fans also got new glimpses of the film in the trailer. Reeves also shared the whole process of preparing the Batsuit. He said he was writing the screenplay and the costume designer Glyn Dillon showed up to him and shared that to design the Batsuit they would require almost a year. After that, they would get into the Batmobile. Reeves said they also had to keep in mind the plot consideration, and the whole idea is that Bruce made the costume himself. The fine details like gashes in the Batsuit show how Bruce is still in his early days of tenure.

The Batman is an upcoming American superhero movie based on the comic books of DC. The film is distributed by Warner Bros. Picture and produced by DC Films. Reeves released moody, re-saturated test footage revealing the Batsuit costume of Pattinson and Giacchino’s theme on 13th February 2020. The one-minute teaser of the movie and the costume created considerable speculation among the fans and discussion about what the film is going to offer in Batman’s world. The footage has a red color grade which also led to a discussion of how this movie would be different from the previous one. Reeves also released the picture of Batmobile on 4th March 2020 and released a teaser trailer during the virtual DCFanDome convention on 22nd August 2020.

The Batsuit had received positive reviews from fans when it was revealed this year. So it is safe to say that the team well spent the year by revealing the suit design. The fans have also noticed that Pattinson’s suite is different from the usual Batsuit, and that was the exact approach Reeves and his team made. He wants to explore the different iteration of Batman through this movie, which is one of the reasons the audiences are very excited to watch the film.

 The Avatars are supposed to bring about a balance between the worlds, which is intriguing since each Avatar seems to have a different sense of normalcy. But the inconsistencies in the world view of each successive Avatar is not necessarily a bad thing. Everyone one of them has a progressive outlook that is well-suited in the time that they are supposed to lead.  Let’s check out the inconsistencies in Avatar.

 Avatar Yangchen  

Yangchen was a compassionate Air Nomad who was a strong advocate of world peace. She was dedicated to the ideal of world peace that for that, she was even ready to set aside the Air Nomads culture’s central theme that is pacifism. She spent her entire life dedicated to the people, protecting them from wars and spirits. It is no surprise that after her death, people in the Earth Kingdom built shrines in her name and prayed to her for protection. It was because of years of dedication and prioritization of human life over spirits, that got her so much reverence and respect.

 Avatar Kuruk   

Avatar Kuruk was a non-partisan and confident man who was wise enough to understand that the foundations laid by Yangchen were to be preserved. There is no doubt that Yangchen’s influence was crucial in bringing peace among humans, but her neglect of the spirits backfired as one of them infected Kuruk with spiritual illness. The spirits were able to drain him emotionally and physically, leaving him so weak that he was unable to be Avatar at times. To make matters worse, he even failed to save his love from the Face Stealer and died a premature death at the age of 33. He was unable to leave behind a lasting legacy since he was overshadowed by his predecessor Yangchen.

 Avatar Kyoshi

 Since very little was accomplished in Kuruk’s time because of his constant battles with the spirits, Kyoshi was born in a time of anxiety and conflict. She went through several hardships but became aware that to bring justice to the world, she would even have to resort to violence on occasions. She didn’t flinch in even killing someone if that was the right thing to do for the greater good. She always kept fighting for a just world and was very apprehensive of all the world leaders. Her methods paid off as she was able to restore the balance which she pursued so desperately. But some of her actions backfired as hostility grew in other nations.

 Avatar Roku

Avatar Roku was born in relatively peaceful times because of Kyoshi’s efforts of creating a just world. Although Roku was kind, his leadership qualities can be questionable because of his lack of decisiveness. His friend Sozin proposed to invade other nations which Roku never really decisively stopped him from doing. It proved to be costly later for him as he was left to die by his former friend, who went ahead with his plan instead of helping Roku. Sozu’s actions ultimately led to the start of the Hundred Year War, which was easily preventable if Avatar Roku had been more decisive in opposing Sozin’s sinister plans. It was a big failure of Roku for which the latter generations paid heavily. 

 Avatar Aang

Aang went through various trials and tribulations ever since he was little, but that didn’t make him bitter at all as he managed to remain kind. It was on his shoulders that the task of ending the hundred years war fell. He mastered three elements in a short time and managed to stop the hundred years war while remaining true to his pacifist upbringing. He firmly believed that balance was only possible in a united world and founded the Republic City so that people of all cultures can live together. He was able to preserve his lifestyle as well, but his most significant achievement was the end of the hundred-year long war which was achieved peacefully.

 Avatar Korra  

Aang’s successor, Korra, was able to master three elements at a very early age. She then moved to the Republic city to learn airbending under the tutelage of Aang’s son Tenzin. But even though she first started as a headstrong character, she struggled with many mental health issues, including depression. She also went through a period when she was disabled, but all of these challenges only molded her character to what she is now. All of the difficulties made her strong enough to face the growing unrest caused by the people who are not satisfied with Avatar Aang’s new world. But she still has a long way to go. Being the successor of Aang is going to be no easy task since his legacy is unforgettable; she will have to work hard to preserve the world that Aang has left behind.

The comparison goes on to show that there are no rigid ideological beliefs; one needs to follow to become the Avatar. The only thing that matters is caring for and protecting both the human and spirits worlds. The fact that Avatars share a soul becomes irrelevant in the light of the fact that they grow in different social and political conditions which shape their worldview for the better or for, the worse. The lack of rigidity allows each Avatar to lead the much-needed reforms of the age that they are born in. It is these inconsistencies and complexities of their characters that enable them to complement each other and make up for past mistakes.


Spider-Man: Far From Home is a superhero film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe based on the Marvel comics. It is directed by Jon Watts and released in 2019. This film was a blockbuster and a sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. The famous Hollywood actor Tom Holland is playing the role of Peter Parker/Spider-Man in this film.

The story of the movie tells us that Peter Parker is a senior high-school student. He is also a part of the team Avengers. Peter is known as Spider-Man because of his spider-like capabilities. He felt these abilities after being bitten by a radioactive spider. Peter has the ability to create or throw a web, crawl on the walls, and can swing in the air with the help of his rope-like web. In this film, Peter wants to get rid of his Spider-Man life and get his normal teenage life back, but soon he realizes that it is impossible for him.

The film, Spider-Man: Far From Home was released in July 2019 and marked the end of Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This film played a vital role in showing the purpose of planning of Phase 4 and the aftermath of Phase 3 and did all for the better. This film was able to show the aftermath of the events that took place in the film, Avengers: Endgame. In the starting of the film, the world after the Snap has been shown to the people along with the impact of the Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame.

There are a number of Iron Man memorials shown in the film, Spider-Man: Far From Home. It displayed the love and special space in the hearts of fans for the Iron Man/Tony Stark. The motive of Mysterio was also depicted very clearly in the film. The best part of the movie is not only the effects of Endgame but also the depiction of the entire events of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the end of the film, Far From Home, the identity and the false impression of Spider-Man was left on the people that he is not a hero but a villain. Mysterio did this with the help of a tape he had with him. This has made people more curious to know the reality of this questionable identity of Spider-Man. In this way, Spider-Man: Far From Home has played an excellent role in setting up an uncertain Phase 4 for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Spider-Man as well.

The film, Avengers: Endgame does not have much to tell about the tale of the upcoming Phase of the MCU. Therefore, there is nothing new expected to be set up by the Endgame. On the other hand, the film Far From Home ended with open-ended questions, which are yet to be answered. The new and unique thing in this film is the uncertainty of the upcoming story. The narrator has not cleared his intentions yet and which has made the audience curious to know what will happen in Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In this way, Spider-Man: Far From Home has left many questions unanswered. There can be a possibility of a new villain, a new face to the MCU, and more. Now, we can conclude from the above open-ended questions that Spider-Man: Far From Home is the perfect movie which can set up an uncertain MCU Phase 4 and also for the better.


CPU is the most essential and integral part of any computer system. It is considered as the brain of the computer that controls the entire functioning. It controls and manages all the functions of your computer system. Sometimes, you may face a slow speed of your computer’s processor, and it can affect the entire functioning carried out by your computer system. In that case, you can check your processor’s speed. You can take a processor speed test for your computer. Are you also struggling with the slow speed of your computer? Want to know how to check your processor’s speed? If yes, then this is the right place to look for suggestions. Here, in the following article, you will get to know how to do that. This report will let you know the methods to have a speed test for your computer’s processor. So, to explore the ways, you need to read the complete article.

The Methods to Check the CPU Speed on Windows and Mac Computer 

Anyone can quickly check their processor’s speed on any of their computer systems. There is a simple technique to do that. It includes some easy steps that you need to follow. Taking a speed test for your computer’s processor will also help you to improve the performance of your PC by making it faster. CPU speed is a metric value that lets you know how fast your computer is. If you want to test your computer’s processor speed, here’s what you need to do. Take a look below:

The Steps to Check Computer Speed for Base Frequencies on Windows

Follow the below-mentioned steps to check your computer’s processor speed on windows:

  • To get started, use the key combination of “Windows + R” and type the term “My PC” into the search bar.
  • Right-click on “My PC” and then select the option of “Properties”.
  • And now, a new window will open on your computer displaying the CPU speed of your system.

If you are using a Mac computer, then here’s what you need to do to check the processor speed:

The Steps to Check the CPU Speed on a Mac

Here are the steps that you need to follow to check the processor’s speed on your Mac computer: let’s see:

  • Switch on your Mac and click on the Apple icon that you can see at the upper-left corner of your screen.
  • And now, click on the option of “About this Mac” in the drop-down menu.
  • After this, you will see the CPU speed placed next to the name of the processor.

So, this way you can monitor the speed of your computer’s processor. Follow these steps now to know more about your computer system. These are the most straightforward ways that anyone can follow. Stay tuned with us to have more related information. You can also check out our website to read more articles like this. 

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber-security and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


AirDrop is an excellent functionality that Apple has provided to its users within its devices. This great feature enables the users to share and receive data files, including photos, videos, documents, websites, and more wirelessly, among various other Apple devices. It’s the best and the perfect way to share data files between multiple iOS gadgets. It is easy to enable and use this feature on any of the iOS devices. For sharing the data, AirDrop uses the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality to connect one Apple device with another. And while sharing anything among the devices, the Bluetooth of both the devices should be enabled to establish the connection. It is the safest way to share your stuff with another user as it encrypts your data during transmission. Anyone can easily use this functionality on any of their Apple devices.

But, if you are a new user of any Apple device, then it is possible that you might not know how to enable and use it. If this is the case, then now no need to worry. We have got your back now. Here, in our following article, we are going to provide you with the methods to use the AirDrop functionality on the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So, to get the techniques, please go on and read the complete article. 

The Methods for Using AirDrop on iPhone, iPad, and Mac

Enabling and using AirDrop on any Apple gadget is an easy task to accomplish. To activate and use this feature on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you must know the correct method. In this article, we will tell you how to AirDrop photos, videos, websites, notes, and more between other Apple devices. It is the most convenient feature, especially for families who have a lot of Apple products. The whole procedure of activating and using AirDrop on any of the Apple devices is easy. It includes some simple steps that any of the users can follow without any difficulty. So, now, without wasting any more time, let’s get you to the steps to do that. Here’s what you need to do:

The Steps to Enable and Use AirDrop on an iPhone and iPad

Given below are the steps that you need to follow to activate and use the AirDrop feature on your iPhone and iPad. Take a look:

  • To enable the AirDrop feature on your iPhone or iPad, swipe up through your device screen to open the Control Center.
  • Tap on the option of the “Wi-Fi” icon.
  • And now, tap on the icon of “AirDrop”.
  • Now, you will see a pop-up message, including two options on your device’s screen. Tap on any of the options that include “Contacts Only” or “Everyone”. This will now activate the AirDrop functionality on your device. It’s best to choose the option of “Contacts Only” for the protection of your data while transferring the files.

And that’s it. You have successfully enabled the AirDrop feature on your Apple device. Or you can also turn on the AirDrop on your iPhone or iPad through the Settings app on your device. To do that, open the Settings app on your iPhone and go to the option of “General”. Tap on the AirDrop option and now choose any of the alternatives, including Receiving Off, Contacts Only, and Everyone.

The Steps to Enable the AirDrop on a Mac

To activate the AirDrop functionality on your Mac, follow the steps given below:

  • Open the Finder app on your Mac computer.
  • Go to the left panel and select the option of AirDrop.
  • And now click on any of the three options that include “Off” to disable the feature, “Contacts Only” to allow the contacts stored on your device to AirDrop you, and “Everyone” to allow every user to send and receive files via AirDrop.

The Steps to Share Files Using AirDrop

Here’s how you can share any data using the functionality of AirDrop. Have a look at the below-mentioned steps:

  • To share the data with any user via AirDrop, open the app that has the file that you want to share.
  • And now, choose the file that you want to share via AirDrop and tap on it to open it in a new window.
  • Next, tap on the share icon that looks like a rectangle along with an upward arrow.
  • After reaching the “Tap to Share with AirDrop” section, select the device or person name you want to share your file with.
  • After selecting and sending the file to other users using AirDrop, wait for some time until the user receives your AirDrop requests. Once they accept the request, the selected data files will start to transfer to the user.

So, this is how you can enable and use AirDrop on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. If you are a new user of any Apple gadget and want to share some files with another user, follow the procedures explained above. And to get more details and articles like this, please stay connected to us and have a look at our website.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


Do you want to upgrade the way you watch your favorite shows? Well, Apple is about to turn things upside down with the introduction of Spatial audio in its AirPods Pro. As announced by Apple, an update will come out for its AirPods that’ll consist of extraordinary features, including Spatial audio.

Everyone’s binge-watching their favorite shows, especially now, when you can’t risk hanging out and going to the movies. Spatial audio is likely to give you a ‘theatre-like-experience’ that’ll improve the sound of your TV shows and movies. Your device and the AirPods will use sensors to function, and it’s quite an exciting feature that’ll be introduced along with iOS 14 and iPadOS 14.

The objective of the Spatial audio feature is to give you a sound environment that reminds you of a movie theatre. Apple presented at WWDC and explained the functioning of sounds transferring virtually within the sound environment. It won’t be wrong to mention that Apple is working on giving you an incredible exposure to sound, rather than only two audio sources that are left and right.

The Spatial audio in AirPods Pro channelizes the sound that sticks to the directional source. It is what is known as ‘Sound Field.’ For instance, the sound traveling on the left side won’t follow even if your body moves to the right. Instead, the audio will follow behind you just as a surround setup. It also means that the audio will always follow from the proper source, instead of any random spots.

Usually, when you wear your AirPods Pro, the sound has two sources: Left and Right. Spatial audio will bring this improvisation where the audio will seem as if there are multiple speakers present around you. As mentioned above, Spatial audio uses the sound field. It works with an in-built accelerometer and gyroscope to follow the movement of your head. Not only this, but the movement of your device is also consistently tracked to maintain the sound field.

If you’re worried about sudden movements that may destroy the sound field, you’ll be glad to hear that sudden movements like turning a car don’t affect your audio system. As long as your head is in a consistent position, everything will work smoothly.

Unluckily, Spatial features are only supported by Apple’s AirPods Pro. Thus, no other brands have thought or planned to introduce such a feature in their headphones.

It is important to note that Spatial audio will not work by installing the new update beta versions on your iOS or iPadOS device. The iOS 14 update is yet not available, which means that the Spatial audio feature will not come handy until then.


Wireless earbuds went viral only with the release of Apple’s AirPods in 2016. It not only became popular worldwide, but Apple sold 60 million AirPods in a single year that was 2019.

The best thing about using Apple’s AirPods is that they get connected across all Apple’s devices. Not only this, but they also work perfectly well with the Android devices. If you’re one of those Android users keen on buying new headphones, AirPods surely tops the list.

Now, the question arises that is it worth your money buying AirPods for Android devices? Well, if this question is troubling you too, it’s time to know more about the same.

Advantages of Using AirPods With Android Devices

Talking about both AirPods and AirPods Pro, if you keep aside the brand, they act as the regular Bluetooth earbuds that can be used with any device. All you have to do is pair them with a device, and you’re done.

AirPods don’t compromise with the audio quality and battery life even if you’re using them with the Android devices. It means that the primary goals are achieved, no matter what device is used.

While AirPods has a comfort issue with certain people, AirPods Pro offers personalized ear tips to take care of your comfort. Not only comfort, but it also provides you with enhanced audio and noise cancellation features.

There are hundreds of other headphones that can be used with Android devices. However, some people like to stick to the Apple brand because of its high-quality and brand name.

Disadvantages of Using AirPods With Android Devices

Using AirPods with the Android device is a pleasant experience. Yet, there are certain drawbacks due to which the relationship between the two falls apart.

AirPods became popular because of one of its astonishing features that are automatic pairing. Whenever you open the lid of the AirPods case near an Apple device, it detects the iOS device and connects automatically. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work when you connect your AirPods to the Android device. It means that connecting your AirPods manually each time you want to use them is the only option.

Another reason to ignore using the AirPods along with your Android device is its lightning cable that is used to charge the AirPods. The cable comes handy in the box of AirPods, which means Android users will have to deal with an additional cable for just one device.

If we mention AirPods Pro specifically, auto-pause/play is a very useful feature that is absent when you connect the AirPods with an Android device. Therefore, it means you’ll be missing a cool feature.

Other Options for Android Users

If you go looking for alternate options rather than the AirPods, there are a lot of them in the market. After the release of AirPods, a lot of other companies introduced Bluetooth earbuds, some of which are great at its quality.

One of the excellent earbuds is TOZO T6 that looks a lot like Apple AirPods. These are one of the best Bluetooth earbuds that come under $50. It offers you good audio quality, long battery life, water-resistance rating, and the best of all, wireless charging. Not only this, but they work exactly the same with both Android and Apple devices.

If a premium version is your priority, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live is a good option for you. Again, they come with an excellent audio-quality, good battery life, and other features that can be accessed via the Galaxy Wearable app. No, do not worry! The application can be downloaded by both Android and iOS devices.

Though AirPods and AirPods Pro give reliable quality when used with Android devices, it would be best to look for its alternatives. Undoubtedly, some of the other earbuds can perfectly replace AirPods while using Android devices. Not only this, but it’ll also save a lot of money.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


A total of 675 million users are registered with LinkedIn. It is an employment-oriented online service used for job posting and job seeking. It gives your career a boost, but before that, it gathers all the information about your professional status.

LinkedIn is another social media platform for professional use that enables you to connect with people. While working with LinkedIn, it prompts you to enter your personal and professional information to create a profile that is suitable for others to see.

While you give out your information, privacy and security are the primary concerns of most account handlers. Well, not to worry, because you can choose to manage the privacy settings of your LinkedIn profile. Follow the steps mentioned below to manage your data settings.

  1. Tap on your profile on the top-right corner of the screen.
  2. Go to the ‘Privacy & Settings’ tab.
  3. Click on the ‘Privacy’ option.
  4. Go to the ‘How LinkedIn uses your Data’ section. It is categorized into three parts:
  5. Data and Activity: It enables you to keep a copy of your data and information regarding the same being shared with others.
  6. Calendar and Contacts: It manages your interactions.
  7. Data Availability: It enables you to select if your info is to be shared with LinkedIn partners for research.

Checking Your Data and Activity

‘Manage your Data and Activity’ allows you to view the record of your data and the number of times it was shared with the third-party. Not only this, but you can also appeal for an archived copy of your information on the LinkedIn account. It is possible with the help of ‘Get a copy of your data’ setting. While you download your info, you can select between the two options:

  • Full archive: This option holds the history of your account and other data that the site gathers based on your activity or updates.
  • Partial archive: This option enables you to download your contacts, posts, or other profile info.

Downloading the full archive can take up to 24 hours or more depending upon the amount of information available. Once the process completes, you’ll receive a notification for the same.

A ‘Search History’ section is also available under the ‘Data and Activity’ tab. It enables you to view the profiles, companies, etc. you’ve searched for recently. Also, you can choose to remove the search history via the ‘Clear search history’ option.

Calendars and Contacts 

It is likely to link your profile with a contact number or an e-mail address. By default, your LinkedIn profile doesn’t allow other users to see your contact or email. However, they can still search for your profile using the same.

You have the option to select who can find and view your profile using your contact and email information.  Go to the ‘Manage who can discover your profile from your Email Address/Phone Number’ settings, and select any of the three options:

  • Everyone
  • 2nd-Degree Connections
  • Nobody

You can sync your contacts and the calendar on third-party services with the help of ‘Sync Contacts’ and ‘Sync Calendar’ settings, respectively.

Data Availability

A lot of features of LinkedIn prompts you to enter your personal information. Enabling the ‘Social, Economic, and Workplace Research’ option will allow for third-parties to link your profile for search studies. However, if you want to maintain the privacy of your info, you can disable the option.

These were some points that can help you manage your LinkedIn data.


Letters and greetings were considered to be a very personalized gesture in the past. Nobody tries to put in many efforts in this century. Instead, this world is limited by materialistic things. Despite focusing on other gifts or picking a readymade card from the store, it feels incredible when you give or receive a handcrafted greeting from your loved ones. It is because somehow, it enables you to connect to other emotions.

If not being good at art and creativity is your reason, the Cricut Joy machine is just the right tool for you. It is easy to make a fun greeting card with a personalized touch in minutes. Not only for the sake of gifting, but it adds a lot more value to your present.

Below is a guide on how to make a greeting with the help of a Cricut Joy machine in less than half the price of the cards in the store. Make sure you have a Cricut Joy machine and a few other necessary supplies.

How to Make a Personalized Greeting Card?

There are various ways to style your greeting card. However, if you’re a beginner, you can go with the ‘Insert Card’ style as it is the easiest to make. All you need is a Cricut Joy Card Mat and some blank Cricut Joy Insert Cards. The steps to create a greeting card are:

  1. Install the ‘Cricut Design Space’ app on your PC or a smartphone.
  2. Search for ‘Insert Card’ in the given Design Space.
  3. Select the best suitable design for your greeting.
  4. Click on the ‘Make It’ option at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  5. Select ‘On Card Mat’ and then click on the ‘Continue’ option.
  6. Click on the ‘Browse All Materials’ option.
  7. Select ‘Insert Card- Cardstock’ from the menu.
  8. Remove the cover of your Card Mat.
  9. Take a fresh card and slide it inside the Card Mat. Make sure to keep it aligned.
  10. Press the front corners of the card to make sure it’s stuck to the mat.
  11. Next, put the top of the Card Mat inside the Cricut Joy machine, when directed.
  12. Once the card is cut, you can separate the card with the mat.

Your greeting card is complete if you don’t wish to do anything further. However, if you want to add a message or a note, Cricut Joy can do the same for you.

How to Add a Personalized Message or a Note?

The steps to add a personalized message or a note to the greeting card are:

  1. Click on the ‘New Project’ option in the Design Space.
  2. Tap on the ‘Text’ button.
  3. Select a font.
  4. Enter your message or a note.
  5. Change the size of the box to make it smaller than the card.
  6. Fold the card to place it’s inside as the top.
  7. Change the blade of the Cricut Joy machine and place a Cricut Joy pen.
  8. Take the card and slide it inside the Card Mat. Make sure to keep it aligned.
  9. Press the front corners of the card to make sure it’s stuck to the mat.
  10. Next, put the top of the Card Mat inside the Cricut Joy machine, when directed.

Your card will be ready in a few minutes. Using a Cricut Joy machine is the most convenient option when you don’t want to spend much as the greetings from the store are quite expensive. Also, if you’re running out of time, you can create one in a few minutes.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber-security and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


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