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If you have watched both Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender, you might be able to recognize the fact that many of the concepts on the second series are a response to its predecessor. The original series, Avatar: The Last Airbender sets up the mythology while the sequel basically portrays the challenges that old traditions present to relatively modern society. There is also a greater emphasis on reforms that alter the course of the Avatar world. The legend of Korra does an excellent job of creating quite an ambitious show with a strong storyline, and they deserve all the credit they get. But Korra would have done much better if there was a second series between the two shows.

It is a very common narrative to make a show in which the characters are able to get over the traditions that were set up in the original series. But Korra’s legacy will undoubtedly pale in comparison to that of Aang’s since she has had to follow up on the legacy of arguably the most astonishing Avatar to have ever lived. Aang was able to make a reputation for himself that will easily be memorable for fans for a long time, so to stand toe-to-toe or to even fill up his shoes is a monumental task.

The show, without a doubt, does a great job of coming to grips with such a homunculus task. It can be seen with each season Korra grows emotionally and psychologically while she grapples with the challenges in front of her. She faces innumerable problems that are incomparable to those faced by Aang. She has successfully made a name for herself by taking courageous decisions that challenge the status quo. The only thing that makes the story seem lacking in some ways is because of the considerable time gap between Korra and Aang’s time which could have been avoided by creating a second series between the two existing ones.

The world of Aang was entangled with so many traditional and cultural norms that it feels too old. The Legend of Korra was able to provide the much-needed revolution that the franchise desperately needed to create a better bond with the audience. The best scenario should have been to retain the cast of Avatar: The Last Airbender to create a second series which would have explored Avatar’s life as a father and a husband, while also showing Zuko’s reign as the Fire Lord. Doing this would have avoided the decades of gap between the two existing series and Avatar world would have gotten older much more organically.

 The second series would have also helped the audience to see the growth of characters more closely without any discontinuity. But the 70 years gap seems to be too long as it makes the maturation of the characters seem more puzzling and unnatural. The fact that the audience was shocked to find out that Aang was not such a great father as he was quite ignorant to the needs of his children shows the unnatural discontinuity in the character growth which can only be explained because of the lack of the second series.

The purpose of a second series is not only to avoid discontinuity but the fact that it would have been able to establish a setting for the Legends of Korra. The second series would have been able to help with all of these issues while at the same time, it would have given the audience a chance to appreciate Legends of Korra more. But unfortunately, the 70-year gap has taken away so much from the fans that it leaves them disappointed at times. Therefore, in an ideal world, The Legends of Korra should have been the third avatar series and not second.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


Sharing posts on Instagram Story is one of the coolest things nowadays, and most people love doing it. This list includes some best Instagram Story apps that you can use to share your super amazing posts. So, let’s have a look at these fantastic Instagram Story apps without wasting much time.


InShot is not itself an Instagram Story app but a developer on Google Play Store that provides you with three different apps; one of them is a Story Saver app that you can use to download other people’s Stories and IGTV videos.

LightX Photo Editor

LightX Photo Editor is an outstanding photo editing app that offers a bunch of tools that can be used to edit your photos and make them ready for Instagram Stories. It allows you to adjust the exposure, contrast, brightness, and saturation of a picture. It even has a teeth whitening tool, various filters to give your picture a sharp look, and a background blurring feature. This is a fantastic photo editing app that you should use to make your pictures ready for Instagram Stories.


Mojo is another Instagram Story app that features a variety of animation templates and more than 50 text styles. You can use this app to edit the templates as well as customize your images.


Snapseed is a photo editing app that offers some decent features including various filters and tools, support for RAW photos, an HDR mode, and an auto-adjuster tool. It is an excellent app to edit your photos for Instagram Stories, and it is entirely available for free to use.

Story Editor

It is an excellent Instagram Story app that provides you with more than 200 templates, various filters, text support, a collage maker, and some photo editing functions too. You can use this app to add various filters to your photos and make them eye-popping. Story Editor is available for free to use.

Story Maker

Story Maker is a free Instagram Story editing app. It offers more than 300 templates of several categories, support for both photos as well as videos, and more than 100 text fonts. It is integrated with some very popular apps such as WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. The app is quite decent, and it works pretty well.


StoryArt is also an Instagram Story editor that provides a variety of excellent features such as photo and video editing tools, more than two thousand templates, stickers, as well as text support. It even allows you to design logos for your Instagram Stories. It is available for free, and it also offers a premium version that will cost you $2.99 for a month, $9.99 per year, or one time $19.99 payment.


StoryLab is another excellent Instagram Story editor that supports more than 700 Instagram templates and many other customizable features. It even has various frame sizes to adjust your images. It is quite a decent app, and you can try it for free. It also offers a premium version that will cost you $2.99 per month, $8.99 for a year and you can even take a lifetime subscription that will cost you $9.99.

Adobe Apps

Adobe offers plenty of fantastic apps for mobile, some of them are Adobe Premiere Rush, Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, etc. These apps provide some excellent features that you can use to edit your photos and add various filters on them. The mobile variants of the apps provided by Adobe are mostly available for free. You can try these apps to make your photos perfect for Instagram Stories.

These are some best Instagram Story apps that you can install on your Android smartphone to make your photos excellent for Instagram Stories. I hope you liked the article. Thank you!

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cybersecurity and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


The last few episodes of the Boruto anime have been very tough for Naruto’s son. He and his team 7 had to retrieve the Hashirama Cell from the Land of Silence. There they had the unfortunate confrontation of the fact that the Ninja Alliance is inconsiderate and incompetent. They see many wanted criminals roaming free in the Black Market who are not worried about the Alliance. Boruto and team 7 are shocked at the complacency and worried about the possibility of sinister plans that can be hatched by the criminals if allowed to do whatever they please in the Land of Silence.

In the last episode, when Boruto and Sasuke went to Sakuya’s castle and her butler, things got a little out of hands for them. When Boruto tried to steal Hashirama Cell from her, he was shocked to find her dead body. The assassins were still there but were cunning enough to weave a story to demonize Boruto and make it seem like he was the murderer. They also provoked the villagers to turn up against him, Now Sasuke and Boruto are in deep waters as they have been masterfully framed. But there is still a reason to be optimistic in such a desperate situation as one of the essential members of Team 7 has got a rebel army of his own and a quick means of receiving and transferring data.

Along with Sasuke, Mugino, and Konohamaru, Boruto escapes using an airship. They don’t wish to fight innocent people who have been misled. They know if the angry crowd gets their hand on them, it would be impossible to escape without causing severe injuries. Another advantage of using the airship is that they would get a clear view of the thieves who are running away; if they spot them, they would have a great chance of catching up and confronting them. But unfortunately, when the vessel was brought down, they found themselves surrounded. They use underground sewers to escape. Boruto finds out how helping a young pickpocket turns out to be the key reason for their escape as Katara comes to their aid, who was himself helped by Boruto a few episodes ago.

Katara then surprises them by taking them to their teammate Mitsuki. After being infected with the Hashirama Cell, he was cured, thanks to Yubina. Then Mitsuki helped Katara heal his sister, Kona. Coincidentally, she was infected when Sakuya’s team experimented with the genes as they were ignorant about gene manipulation. Katara, hoping to cure her sister, had left her on Yubina’s footsteps. It was fortunate for her that Mitsuki, who was infected with the cells, was already there. Using his antibodies, Kona was cured.

Katara is very thankful for the help that he got in curing her sister. He equates Boruto’s Team 7 with freedom fighters who are struggling against despotism and unjustness. Using his full potential, he starts taking advantage of the piping network to get in touch with the rest of the secret resistance as he promises his adherence to Mitsuki. Even the underground resistance members are excited as they vow to be loyal to Boruto’s team. They are very adept at sending transmission using the piping network at a lightning-fast speed. It is even said that their communications are faster than video or phone conferencing in Konoha. This gives Team 7 a great data network that they can use for their mission. Using the piping network, they are able to find out the location of the thieves in a matter of seconds. They then prepare to get to them in time to retrieve the Hashirama Cell that they have been looking for.

Now, Boruto and his friends have serious responsibilities on their shoulders. They have to stop thieves who killed Sakuya from getting away. The use of the Hashirama Cell can have severe consequences since it is precarious and has the potential to kill anyone trying to misuse it. Aware of this, Boruto’s team has to stop anyone from using the dangerous DNA but, most importantly, the assassins since they only care about money. If assassins successfully use the DNA, it can potentially create monsters who can threaten the peace. But Team 7 has an advantage as they can use the rest of the secret resistance members to transmit data at lightning speed.


The American action comedy-drama web series, Cobra Kai, has recently drawn a lot of attention. It is based on The Karate Kid film and introduces its audience to the world of Karate in an episodic format. It is set more than three decades after the conclusion of the Karate Kid movie series. Season 1 of the show was released in 2018, which was followed by season 2 in 2019.

There is no doubt anymore about the effect of Netflix on the entertainment industry. Even though international competition is increasing for it, the company has been able to remain pre-eminent. The streaming site did well the last few months as it added over 10 million subscribers. The latest addition to its impressive catalogue of movies and Tv shows is Cobra Kai, which has surprisingly become the most popular show on the site as of now.

The show was initially released on YouTube Red (now called YouTube Premium) in 2018 and remained there for two seasons. But YouTube later concluded that the Original shows were not its strong point or priority. Netflix saw the show’s potential and ended up buying the entire series instead of just buying streaming rights. The company rebranded the show and is planning to release season 3 in 2021.

The cast of Cobra Kai has been retained, and the show has stars like William Zabka and Ralph Macchio. The series is well received by both critics and fans as it has an impressive critic’s score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes while the audience score stands at 96%. Netflix has been very successful in giving shows that are under watched a platform. They often pick a show that is struggling to draw attention in proportion to its quality and rebrand it after acquiring them. With the right platform, the show ends up surprising its critics and proving its worth, while Netflix adds new subscribers and gets millions of views.

One of the best examples of this is You, which did well after Netflix acquired it. Lucifer also comes to mind. The show was about to be canceled on FOX when the company acquired it, and it became a massive hit on the platform. Usually, Netflix is able to pull off such hits just by acquiring the streaming rights, but it does not shy away from purchasing the entire series if it thinks that the show has the potential to be a hit. The company has bought shows like Riverdale, Waco, and All American.

With each episode only around 30 minutes long, Cobra Kai is entertaining as well as less time-consuming. Each of its two seasons has just ten episodes, so the entire seasons can be binge-watched at once. Cobra Kai was never as famous as it is now; there is no doubt that the credit for this goes to Netflix. The show is currently the most popular; it remains to be seen how long it will retain its position with shows like the Umbrella Academy, Lucifer, and Million Dollar Beach House competing for the top spot. Netflix continues to do a remarkable job of recognizing and acquiring less-known shows that have the potential to do well on its platform, this is one of the many reasons for its supremacy in the streaming business.

Devin Smith is a creative person who has been writing blogs and articles about cyber-security and utility software programs. He writes about the latest updates regarding and how it can improve the work experience of users. His articles have been published in many popular e-magazines, blogs, and websites.


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