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The best investment fund for you really to invest profit is difficult to find once you don't know what's out there. Funds manage money for investors, and there are at the least 4 different types of or types to select from. Before investing profit an investment fund you have to know the landscape, because some are not appropriate for many investors.

HEDGE FUNDS are for wealthy people. If you're an average investor you don't even legally qualify to invest money here.

CLOSED-END funds have existed for years and trade like stocks. Sometimes they trade at a discount to the actual value or net asset value (NAV) of the securities inside their portfolio. Sometimes they trade at a premium. Investing money here is a bit tricky banks for sale, and this kind of investment fund is not real favored by every-day investors.

EXCHANGE TRADED FUNDS (ETFs) are commonly index funds that trade like stocks and are not actively managed. They have become extremely favored by active investors, at the least partly because they feature instant liquidity like other stocks that trade on major exchanges.

If you get and sell securities in a brokerage account ETFs offer you a broad array of investment options. You are able to invest money for the longer term or play the marketplace, buying and selling at home on your computer.

OPEN-END funds are commonly called MUTUAL FUNDS, and this kind of investment fund is made for every-day people who would like to invest money. Mutual funds have now been popular for decades. They are still the investment of preference for investors who would like to invest profit stocks, bonds and the amount of money market with professionals making the investment decisions for them.

Mutual funds are not trading vehicles for speculators. They are made for investors with a longer-term investment horizon. Put simply, chances are they are the proper execution of investment fund best suited to you. Finding the best investment or fund to invest profit is just a different matter.

For most people, investing money virtually precipitates to this: stocks, bonds, money market securities or alternative investments. The true beauty of mutual funds is they can be found in many varieties. You pick the fund, and they manage the money.

The challenge is in finding mutual funds that fit your objectives and tolerance for risk. That's why I've written over 50 articles on mutual funds alone within the last almost a year: to assist you get up to speed on the best investment fund available to every-day investors. 

A retired financial planner, James Leitz posseses an MBA (finance) and 35 years of investing experience. For 20 years he advised individual investors, working directly with them helping them to reach their financial goals.

As the holiday season continues, you might be tempted to put off your taxes until the second week of January. However, the holiday season is a crucial time for you to get some last-minute tax deductions in with the right organizational skills. Here are some of the best tips on how you can be prepared and organized for the tax season.

  1. Collect Your Documents Early and File Them

Imagine that on the first day to file taxes, all your information is readily available in one file? Well, you can make that happen this tax season by organizing your information early. Go through your records and place them into a file folder with multiple compartments in it. Label the file with “tax information”.

Comb through your records and divide the files into different compartments. For example, you place all your W-2 forms into one compartment for easy access. Another one could hold your tax deductions for the year. This way, you know in advance all the allowed tax deductions you have for the year. The more elaborate your taxes, the more files and information you’ll need to show.

  1. Consider the Entire Year

It’s important to think about the entire past year. Think about anything that could be tax deductible in your day-to-day life. Also, make sure that you take bigger events into consideration such as job-related moving expenses, expenses related to your job search, any fees unpaid by your employer for your job, child care for when you’re working, and any potential charitable fund donations. These are tax deductible expenses.

  1. Get an SSN for Your Newborn

As you are experiencing parenthood for the first time, or as a reoccurring parent, you’ll be able to enjoy tax deductions as well. Most parents put off getting a social security number and birth certificate for their child until almost a year later. However, you could be missing very substantial tax deductions.

Be sure to apply for a social security number with the Social Security Administrators’ Office to get the full benefits of your child-related tax deductions.

  1. Donate to Charities

As you go through your closet, be sure to keep all the unwanted things instead of throwing them away. These clothes can be donated to charity. Plus, you get a tax deduction for a charitable donation. It’s one of the easiest and fastest ways most people can get tax deductions for it without donating money.

  1. Always Review Over Your W-4 Withholdings

If you have a withholding being taken out, you may want to think about checking it every year. This is especially true if you have recently switched incomes between the year. If you’re making more money or less money, you’ll want your withholdings changed to reflect the amount necessary. Otherwise, you could wind up owing money.

  1. Maybe It’s Time for a New Car

If you’ve been contemplating getting a new car, now is the time to do it. Not only are interest rates lower in fall and early winter, but they are also a sizable tax deduction if you donate your old car to charity. This is a clear solution where everyone benefits if you’re in the market for a new car.

Use These Tips

Use these tips to guide you through your taxes. You’ll be prepared for tax season in no time at all.

by Barry Goodknight

One option that the home owner has to reduce their carbon footprint is to install solar kits in their home. As an alternative source of energy, one can reduce or perhaps even eliminate their electric bill if managed properly. Safe, and becoming more cost effective every day, solar energy is a nice response to your local utility company that only seems to know how to jack-up your utility rates. Since one cannot totally eliminate their electricity consumption, solar kits can be a great solution for operating electric stoves, water heaters, refrigerators, and a wide variety of other electrical appliances.

After deciding to install solar kits for power generation for your home, one will have two primary options that will require a big decision – make this a do-it-yourself (DIY) project or look for a professional installer to handle the job for you. Contrary to the thinking of many, installing solar kits and wiring to the power source is well within the parameters for consideration as a DIY project. One can even go so far as to assemble the solar panels themselves buy purchasing frames and component parts from certain suppliers of these products. Going even one step further, one can manufacture the frames themselves from scratch. If you are handy with a drill and a saw, if you have a little assembly experience, you just might want to consider a DIY solar kit assembly project as well.

By far the most expensive alternative, professional installation of your solar kits and solar pumps is conversely the easiest option to take from an effort standpoint. Sit back and watch the pro’s do their thing, but make no mistake, you are going to pay for their acquisition costs for materials, transportation, installation, and the associated markup for profit when the job is done. A DIY project avoids many of these additional markups, as well as the straight savings of direct labor costs for installation of the solar kits.

As a do-it-yourself project, solar kit installation will likely take longer than having a professional installer perform the installation. One will be confronted with a steeper learning curve for a DIY solar kit installation project if they have little or no experience doing this type of work. By far the lowest cost method is to take on the solar kit assembly as well, but again, this will likely add to the length of time that it takes to complete the entire project. If you are serious about minimizing the total cost of the solar kit installation project, opting to manufacture the frames yourself, performing the solar kit assembly, and then performing the home installation is by far the lowest out of pocket cost route to take.

Again, solar kits for your home are now a very viable option. These products can significantly reducing or even eliminating your electric bill. Calculating the payback on your investment is as easy as dividing the total cost of the solar kit project by your average savings on your monthly utility bill. Once overcoming the payback period, the savings will automatically generate positive cash flow for you. And let’s not forget the probability that utility rates will continue to increase, as this will generate additional savings as time goes on!

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