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As an entrepreneur, you probably feel like you have to be the chief cook and bottle washer in your growing business. But can you also be the chief financial officer (CFO)? It may be possible to do it all yourself when you are just starting out. But as your business expands you will soon need someone that can do more than just “take care of the books”.

What does a CFO do? 

The chief financial officer or CFO of a business is responsible for managing and overseeing the long-term financial health of the company. This role includes tasks such as tracking your cash flow, analysing your company’s financial strengths and weaknesses, and suggesting steps to remedy any problems. A qualified and experienced CFO can play a pivotal role in helping you to make the right strategic and financial decisions. A good CFO is not only responsible for your company's current finances but can also help you to predict and drive its future growth.

Why hire an outsourced CFO?

A qualified CFO can provide valuable insights to help entrepreneurs when making the many critical decisions needed to scale a business. However, even if they could afford one,  very few small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) can really need the amount of advice and oversight that a full-time CFO provides. SMEs don’t need 2,000 hours of a CFO’s time – they just need the right advice at the right times during the year. Outsourced CFO solutions solve this problem by giving smaller businesses access to the same high-calibre professional CFOs that big businesses rely on. 

A virtual CFO or outsourced CFO fulfils all the tasks a regular CFO does, but without being permanently employed in-house at your company. While most highly experienced CFOs would not be willing to take up a permanent position at an SME, they may be able to devote 25 hours a month to high-level oversight and assistance when you need it most. A part-time CFO can help you free up your time as a business owner to focus on what you do best. However, choosing the right part-time CFO or outsourced CFO firm requires just as much care as any full-time hire. Here are five CFO hiring tips to help you pick the best Outsourced CFO for your business.

5 Tips for hiring the best outsourced or part-time CFO for your company:

  1. Education and training

Any job comes with a job description and the best outsourced CFO business advisory services will help you to identify exactly what kind of training and experience you should look for in an outsourced CFO. You no doubt make sure that the candidates applying for any other vacancy in your business meet the educational and work experience requirements you set out, and you should do the same for an outsourced CFO. Like with any other hire, make sure to do your due diligence on your chosen candidates, verify their educational attainments, and call up their references to get more background about them. A positive reference means click here to continue reading …

When was the last time you used a handheld calculator? Even if the old-school calculator is still quite at home in many small businesses, most entrepreneurs recognise there are more efficient ways to manage their finances than punching in figures one finger at a time. What they often overlook is how many other administrative and manual processes can be simplified and automated to save time and money.
No time to waste
Many entrepreneurs waste valuable time and resources on administrative tasks such as managing payroll and sending and following up on invoices. Finance process automation uses specialised software or virtual accounting services to automate tasks that would normally fall under a junior administrator or accountant such as reconciling accounts, journal entries, and preparing financial statements, to name a few. Business automation services can eliminate such repetitive, time-consuming tasks that are easy but gulp up time and resources.
Often those businesses that do use computerised systems continue working inefficiently by using multiple software systems that do not integrate with each other or outdated legacy server-based software that is not compatible with more efficient cloud technology.  Automation can help entrepreneurs to overcome these and other challenges to build more efficient and profitable businesses.
Who needs business automation?
You may be a little sentimental about that old-school calculator you bought in 1993. Perhaps you feel a little more in control with it on your desk, ready to recheck that quote or invoice. Business automation may sound like a complex and expensive process that is only necessary for big companies operating complicated businesses.  While technology undoubtedly helps to simplify difficult tasks, one of the biggest advantages of business automation is that it focuses on the very simplest of tasks that must be done in every business regardless of its size and complexity.
For example, startups that are still in their first few years of operation and rely on very small teams can use accounting software like Xero to create processes that fit their current needs and procurement policies. A business that is generating a few million rand in annual revenue and employs less than 10 people can benefit from custom, purpose-built solutions as it seeks to unlock scalability.
Established businesses – which may employ bigger teams and are already generating revenues in the tens of millions – can use automation services to streamline their operations or create centralised systems for growing operations in different locations. More mature businesses can also gain efficiency by automating manual processes that have become too cumbersome as the business has expanded. In such cases, automation offers a comprehensive technology solution that covers all aspects of the business process.
Small tasks, big difference
Automating day-to-day processes can improve efficiency in business operations, improve data integrity, and provide business owners with better insight into their finances. When everyday tasks are automated, it ensures greater consistency in teams and reduces the chances of errors and gaps. Standardisation of both input and output means that errors are automatically flagged and corrected, and cleaner data can be tracked from start to finish with confidence. Since financial and tax-related data has to be entered from a variety of functions in a business, it is important click here to continue reading…

There comes a time in every CFOs tenure when they need to access expertise that they may not necessarily have in-house. This generally happens in one of three scenarios:

High growth – When a company’s growth starts to head northwards of 30% over a prolonged period of time, although great, it can start to have adverse effects on the finance team. As growth increases, so does the workload, variability of tasks, and complexity of challenges. What does not increase is time, and working longer, more difficult hours – without the right support – will lead to mistakes and burnout.

Stagnation – Conversely, a low growth environment might mean there are leakages and blockages in the finance function that are hindering the business from building momentum. An external set of skilled eyes can help identify and alleviate these pain points.

Special projects – During the year there are sprint periods which increase the pressure on the finance team. Yes, pressure makes diamonds, but it also can burst pipes. In circumstances such as these, many hands make light work – especially if these hands are adept at navigating complicated situations, tasks and environments.

Aside from the above situations which are more company specific, there could be a number of other factors which are more nuanced in nature and holding the business back. These scenarios negatively affect the most important resource of all, its people.

  • Inability to hire quickly enough, usually as a result of high growth
  • Difficulty in finding the right talent, with the right skill set
  • Employee churn as a result of burnout
  • Industry-specific challenges requiring specialized knowledge
  • Dated or lack of the correct system and integration
  • Poor information flow through the organization

As CFO at the head of finance, you are responsible for the delivery of the financial function priorities of the company. Your tasks are the most complex, and your demand the highest. It’s also likely that key operations matter often require your input, making your time a highly scarce resource, leaving you often overstretched.

Having to oversee everyday administrative work draws your attention away from vital higher-order financial functions such direction of the company’s financial forecasting and projections – the cornerstone for sustainable growth.

We’ll walk you through some of the common hurdles (among others) faced by the companies, then show you how the Outsourced CFO team can ease the burden, support your team, and boost capacity and expertise.

1. Month-end close support

Month-ends can be chaotic and challenging as a lot of procedures need to be executed in a short amount of time. The board wants to see the numbers. Our seasoned accountants help alleviate the pressure on internal accounting teams around monthly and quarterly reporting, bolstering your team’s execution ability to get over the finish line. Here are some of the ways we can assist:

  • Processing of large volumes of transactions
  • Bank reconciliations and tie-ups
  • Supplier reconciliations
  • Balancing Inter-group transactions
  • Management account preparation
  • Implementation of standard operating procedures

2. Audit services

Getting through an external audit is a big project. It requires a large amount of finance team bandwidth to help prepare for, work on, and finalize with your auditors. Many businesses find themselves in the catch 22 of having to conclude last year’s audit without allowing the focus to slip on this year’s accounting and reporting priorities. This often leaves finance teams feeling overwhelmed.

Plug in our accounting and audit click here to continue reading…

The family Christmas dinner can be chaotic when there are children underfoot. However, it’s a fantastic opportunity to turn the moments into memorable and educational holiday fun.

Entertain the kids before, during, and after the meal.

Before Dinner

Waiting to eat is sometimes a difficult task, even for adults. Imagine how smaller, empty tummies feel as they await food to fill them yet smell the enticing aroma. It’s hard to wait! But, it makes an opportune time to keep the little ones entertained.

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During Dinner

Keeping children happy and quiet during dinner serves up an entirely new set of concerns. Safety, of course, is the main issue. The Number One safety concern is making sure the small ones don’t choke.

Ensuring spills stay at bay is another. Nobody likes sitting next to an antsy toddler who just spilled their milk. On top of the inconvenience, spilling holiday meal servings of hot turkey broth or a flaming dessert could send someone to the hospital.

Avoid these potential holiday-ruining scenarios with some careful planning.

Please keep your child entertained while their food stays inside the bowl and doesn’t spill with this child’s balance bowl. Its 360-degree unique gyro design looks like Saturn. The ring around the bowl offers three handles for your little one to get a good grip all the way around. Choose rose, blue, or green.

After Dinner

After the meal, children need to get cleaned up and ready for after-meal activities. If dinner time runs late, it’s off to bed for the young children, which first means bath time and Pjs, followed by a bedtime story.

If taking time to clean up the child isn’t enough on your plate, you now feel the pull to take time away from a house full of celebrating guests to read to your child and ensure they safely drift off to dreamland.

Give your child some quiet time before lulling them off to sleep. This storytelling night projector shines images onto the wall or ceiling to tell imaginative stories. There’s a themed projector for any kid’s taste. Choose dinosaurs, sharks, or a pink-themed option. 

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As a company that never gives up on meeting customer’s expectations, we pride ourselves on performance and satisfaction on all our Installations! We believe that Good Fence Installation is Powerful, hard work is essential and customer satisfaction important vinyl fence installation.

A Cape Coral Fence Company:

We are a company that never gives up on meeting customer’s expectations and pride ourselves on performance and satisfaction on all of our Installations!

We are a company that never gives up on meeting customer’s expectations and pride ourselves on performance andWe believe that Good Fence Installation is Powerful, hard work is essential and customer satisfaction important. satisfaction on all of our Installations!


Our family and staff are simply committed to an idea that will pave the way for the future on how the fencing trade will conduct business!



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