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Rocket League is a combination of football and racing elements of the works, and from the developer's notice, they seem to intend to develop a basketball-related model for this. Recently Psyonix studio through the official Twitter published a tweet, in which the screenshot you can see the car and basketball in the basketball court scene. Taking into account the previous official has launched a hockey model for this, so add a basketball model is not a strange thing Rocket League Items. Of course, the current official did not disclose the specific information of the new model and on-line time.

Recently, the official announced that the Rocket League will join the basketball model in April. Rocket League official in the push on the text announced that Rocket League basketball model will be in April to join the basketball model. Rocket League official announced on Twitter, Rocket League basketball model will be open in April, the model is called Dunk House. The most outstanding independent game in 2015, than the Psyonix studio's Rocket League, and its unique game (open the car to play football) has been countless players applause. Recently, the official announcement, Rocket League will be in April to join the basketball model.

Dragic's performance is absolutely unbelievable, he has scored 35 points in his personal international career, he used his unique attacking skills to attack the basket, cast three points, hit a difficult jumper, and he is a leader who really trusts his teammates. It is worth mentioning that in the second quarter of this game, Dragic took 20 points, which is also a record. It is by virtue of the miraculous performance of Dragic that Slovenia only opened the score in the second quarter and laid the foundation for the final victory.

Is this the best performance of Dragic's career so far? Yes of course. It's the finals, but it's not about my personal performance, it's about the performance of our team. Dragic says teammates have given me a lot of help and my coach Madden 18 Coins. All great performances are from coaches.

In the European Cup, Dragic won 22.6 points, 4.4 rebounds, 5.1 assists and 1.6 steals, he not only won the tournament MVP, but also with teammate Doncic selected the best team. We've always dreamed of getting on the podium, even if we just went into the top three. This is my last chance because I may retire from the national team after the end of this European Cup.This month is fantastic,Dragic says.

As May GamesRadar + predicts, Madden 18 is getting its own story pattern. It is known as Longshot, which has been in place for four years, but apart from this weekend, developer EA Tiburon has a secret. Before E3 finally released the model, I competed with creative director Mike Young. This is the longshot of every key detail, in the words of the person who first conceived Madden Mobile Coins,

It's like the Fifa "journey," but more like a movie.

Yes, we will have a story pattern called Longshot. In some ways, it is similar to the FIFA journey Devin Wade, rather than creating its own storyline. It's like a motion pattern: Very movie. Our motto for four years is, "This is a movie to play."

This is the origin story between NFL combine and the NFL draft. This is a story of redemption, a last shot of a man who gave up his NFL career.

Madden 16 guide: How to get coins in MUT. Conquer Madden NFL 16 ultimate team mode (MUT) the first step, and need not spend a penny of cash, the first thing to set up a bank account, you will need to invest more coins. You're trying to get somewhere near 20,000 coins. Playing games is the most obvious way, but there are other ways to do it first Madden 18 Coins.

The first is your weekly challenge. When you log in to MUT, there are challenges waiting for you, and you can complete the easy coins and occasional packages/badges each week. These can be as simple as running 100 yards or playing two games in a game, which can reward more than 1, 000 coins. These can usually be done in any MUT mode.

In addition, Madden 16 has many different challenges, revisiting the exciting moments of last year's season, or through a large number of opponents. Although they slowly exacerbated the difficulties and eventually took on the OVR team's ratings requirements, there was a stack of immediate completion. From the beginning, they reward only a few hundred, but with progress, rewards increase, sometimes in seconds.

Madden NFL 18 for some players to provide some good game, but there seems to be disturbing the other players. These little things are not always there, but there is room for improvement in the new contract negotiation system. what happened? We go and see.

So what is the benefit of the Madden NFL18 now reform and the somewhat annoying contract negotiation system? Then a neat little thing, when you get a player in Madden 18, you do not necessarily have a strict budget. This means that if you have a money in your account. When Madden 18 negotiates the price of a player, you will have some difficulty. Sadly, it's a matter that makes people leave, but more things. So basically, this time, Madden NFL 18 has a more interesting contract negotiation system available for players to use. Is this for you? You decide.

The Madden NFL 18's negotiating system is completely foolish Madden 18 Coins. I said this because the negotiations in the Madden NFL 18 did not really have some fancy AI, based on the personality to reply to you, just feel random. Depending on the bonus you offer, you will be able to get one or more. This means that the Madden NFL 18 has no real meaning in the contract negotiation system. This is not important for the game, but many people will find it really fun.

What is your opinion? Let us know your thoughts on Madden NFL 18 for free. Welcome to lolga. Com when you want to buy Madden NFL 18 coins and cheap Madden NFL 18 point Xbox One; the best site, reliable service and low price.

Madden NFL 18 has a remarkable visual leap with the power of the frostbite engine. See the stunning new stadium outside being surrounded by huge city views and watch the NFL game day scene in this photo realistic game of life.

Play according to your specifications by choosing from three new gameplay styles Madden 18 Coins, or by playing the best real-world game of the week on the plays now live.

The Madden Ultimate team is using your favorite NFL player from the past and now the complete NFL Group building model. Play games, collect rewards, and upgrade your team with fun and attractive daily content updates, including legendary NFL players exclusively belonging to Mut.

Unite with friends and rule the grid with the Mut group. Lead two of friends to win in this online team by selecting the role on the pitch and merging with each player's ultimate team to work with other players.

Play the story of a former five-star high school quarterback and NFL potential customer in longshot mode.

With Madden Ultimate Team mode, longshot mode, there are more games, this is Madden, as you have never seen before.

The new Rocket League update is deployed on PS4, Xbox One and PC, evening 10 o'clock around the UK time tonight, with Dropshot mode and fourth season.

Rocket League 3rd season Cheap Rocket League Items is now over, the Rockets league Season 4 now begins with this change list:

The 4th season brings new skills rankings to provide a clearer division of skill levels.

You are now divided into bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, champions and Big championship grades.

The new champions will be harder to achieve than the 3rd quarter.

There are only four departments per skill level (for example, the gold Medal II, part fourth), because the skill level at each level is lower.

"The Madden community can let the stars get rid of the players and then activate the players and create a great connection," said Todd Sitrin of EA. ”

Madden's efforts are also committed to making a contribution to what most of the games have not done: to attract hardcore fans who may not be like leagues or counter-strike games.

"We are in a unique position because many people already know the rules of the game and have a real-world connection to the Alliance and the team, which makes it an easier experience to use," Sitrin said. "And we saw the broadcasting company move in and work with us because it's a unique way to create and support the team for the fans." ”

For example, when the NFL Network played the Madden finals during the Super Bowl weekend in January, a "non chart" annual audience growth was seen in a time period.

Halpin said: "In television, young viewers have an example of growth, which is an ongoing trend." "EA has invested in making it more friendly and quicker to replay, making it more immersive," he said.

The challenge now is to see if the NFL Madden 18 Coins and EA can get tens of millions of of Madden fans involved in enough work, so that no matter how technical they are, they will scramble for one of 32 locations.

"It's not just a game," Sitrin said. "We care about storytelling and we have content between games. We want to tell stories, create unique content, and make healthy ecosystems. “

Tom Brady the Thursday NFL season, apparently Madden's curse is still alive. All joking, Tom Brady is a perpetual marvel, as franchising launches a new story pattern-Ronstedt

Supported by the Frostbite engine, Longshot takes you into Devin Wade's shoes, a four-point guardian, trying to reach the NFL's dream Madden 18 Coins. After the great high School graduate, Wade was not impressed in college and tried to compensate for the disappointing college career in Indianapolis's NFL portfolio. The combination of Dwyane Wade offers a chance to participate in a reality TV program called Longshot. As Wade tries to become a "pike," you will guide him by choosing his path at the point of the story. In the process of storytelling, you will also play the role of Wade. Longshot is a good addition to the Madden franchise. All sports games start with the movie single game Story mode, so Madden can only put the hat in the ring to make sense.

Madden Ultimate Team continues to be one of the most popular gaming modes in franchising. Mut allows you to beat other Mut players online by completing the challenge and building the dream team through the auction house purchase card. Complete various challenges to win your coins, you can use these coins to buy a package of cards and build your team. Mut has been around for years, but game mode has grown exponentially in many of the challenges you can do. Even if you don't want to play online with other mut competitors, there are enough offline challenges to make the pattern worthwhile. Another good thing about mut is that, contrary to game-like games, you can quickly win great players. When it comes to some kind of baseball game on the market, it looks like you have to play this game for 100 hours to earn a great player. But in Mut, my team started to compete with Jerry Rice and Rob-Gronokovsky players at least to make my team competitive.

We're still waiting for a fully cross-platform rocket League, but the game just makes some tweaks to keep the player fresh. A variant of the new 3v3 game called "Rumble Mode", in everything from a hook to a tornado Rocket League Items. Better, more people can enjoy now this game has a beta version available in Linux and Os X, and at least in steam, games and all DLC usable 25%. One thing to note: Psyonix says that knowing the post-patch frame rate problem is "active investigation." ”

This is not the only change contained in the V1 22 patch. You may prefer to trade with other players, or tailor your car to the different color teams you assign.

The next Rocket League Update will introduce a trading system, as well as new rare and very rare projects. Psyonix in a blog post announcing the two new features, the company also disclosed that the company's trading function will be launched later.

Some players may have noticed that they are buying copies of certain items. It is not clear why this is happening, but soon players will be able to trade them to more scarce items. For example, when the June update appears, you can trade with 5 unusual items to get a rare item-see the figure below. You will be able to do this from the Manage Inventory screen. 

When players are traded in football matches, the paint and certified items become more valuable. Developer Psyonix says the trading system is designed to get players out of what they don't want, but some of them may be worth it because you can trade with other players.

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