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Rubber-sheathed cables usually use Category 5 copper conductors as conductive cores. During their production and transportation, the copper conductors are often oxidized and discolored, which seriously affects the quality of the products. So how to effectively prevent the oxidation of rubber sheathed cable conductors? Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd

1. Choose high-quality copper rods

In cable production, copper conductors are often purchased from outside. At this time, high-quality raw materials should be selected and the supplier's transportation, delivery, storage and other links should be standardized. For transportation and storage of copper rods, plastic cloth or plastic film can be used to cover the copper rods, and the simplest physical barrier method is used to prevent the copper rods from contacting moist air. At the time of delivery, check the copper rod with naked eyes for signs of blackening, and control the oxidation of the copper conductor from the source.

2. Control of copper rod drawing process

1>. Choose a suitable mold to avoid the variation of the copper rod crystal lattice and accelerate the temperature rise and oxidation of the metal copper.
2>. Check the temperature and humidity of the emulsion before starting the machine to ensure that the emulsion is an alkaline solution.
3>. The take-up and take-up line should keep the copper rod tension uniform and stable, and the surface of the metal copper itself should be dried.
4>. After drawing the bottom plate, seal it with a transparent plastic film and store it in a dry environment.

3.Copper wire stranding and insulation, sheath rubber extrusion process

1>. In the process of twisting, the infusion hose can be used to drip the antioxidant into the copper wire. The dripping standard is based on the surface of the copper wire just soaking, so that a passivation film can be formed on the surface of the copper conductor to avoid oxidation.
2> During the extrusion process, water should be avoided in the end of the thread to prevent the end of the thread from oxidation and blackening.
The current carrying capacity of the wire and cable refers to the amount of current carried by the line conductor. During the use of the wire and cable, the maximum current required by the load must be less than the long-term allowable current carrying capacity of the wire in the air. So, what are the specific factors that affect the current carrying capacity of wires and cables? Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd

1. Core area
Under normal circumstances, the core area (cross-sectional area of ​​the wire) is proportional to the current-carrying capacity, that is, the larger the core area, the greater the current-carrying capacity.
2. Conductor material
The current carrying capacity of different materials under the same conditions: silver>copper>aluminum. If copper wire is used to replace aluminum wire, the current carrying capacity can be increased by 20%-30% under the same specifications.
3. Insulation material
The temperature resistance of commonly used insulating materials is polyvinyl chloride: 70°C, cross-linked polyethylene: 90°C, and polyolefin material: 150°C. The use of insulating materials with good high temperature resistance and thermal conductivity can increase the current carrying capacity of the cable.
4. Contact resistance
The smaller the resistance coefficient of the cable, the larger the allowable current-carrying capacity. Therefore, soldering, soldering, and crimping can be considered when bonding wire ends to reduce contact resistance.
5. Cable spacing
When multiple wires are laid in parallel, the proximity effect and skin effect will be formed, so that the electric charge is concentrated in the part of the wire cross section and the allowable current carrying capacity of the wire is reduced. In addition, applying multiple strips will cause heat accumulation, which will also reduce the current-carrying capacity.
6. Ambient temperature
The greater the thermal resistance around the cable, the worse the heat dissipation and the smaller the current carrying capacity.
Started in 2009, Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd
is specialized in research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of rubber-sheathed cables as core products. Its products have been used widely in air conditioning, home appliances, wind power generation, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, building machinery, port machinery, petrochemical industry, marine engineering, vehicles and vessels, robot and power-driven tools. Rifeng currently has facilities of more than 200,000 sq. meters . It has more than 30 patents granted by the state and been successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the code 002953 on May 9th, 2019.

Certification Standards:
British BSI Certification
Basic Parameters:
Rated Voltag:
Executive Standard:
BS 6195
Conductor Structure:

Insulation Material:
Jacket Material:
Rubber insulated flexible cable and wire for coil end conductor with rated voltage of 0.6/1kv and below.
Type No.of Cores Section(mm2)
TYPE4D 1 2.5-400
Started in 2009, Guangdong Rifeng Cable Co. Ltd
. is specialized in research and development, design, manufacturing and sales of rubber-sheathed cables as core products. Its products have been used widely in air conditioning, home appliances, wind power generation, new energy, high-end equipment manufacturing, building machinery, port machinery, petrochemical industry, marine engineering, vehicles and vessels, robot and power-driven tools. Rifeng currently has facilities of more than 200,000 sq. meters . It has more than 30 patents granted by the state and been successfully listed at Shenzhen Stock Exchange under the code 002953 on May 9th, 2019.

Product Certification:
VDE Certification
Basic Parameters:
Rated Voltag:
Rated The Working Temperature:
Executive Standard:
HD 21.14S1

Product Properties:
1. The V0 Grade high insulation material is adopted to prevent flame and ensure safety;
2. The brand new highly insulating material is adopted to prevent electric leakage and ensure safety;
3. The brand new anti-aging material is adopted to prolong the service life and improve safety;
The cables are used as electrical connected line or wiring in power installation, household appliances, electrically operated tools, onstruction lighting and machines inner rated voltage A.C 300/300V or below.
Type No.of Cores Section(mm2)
H03Z1Z1-F 2-4 0.5-0.75

With national lockdown once again in full swing in the UK, you might be thinking it’s time to put the fripperies of jewellery to one side. But for spring/summer 2021, designers proved what all true lovers of jewellery know: its ability to lift your mood is undeniable, as is its power to make you look instantly dressed up – even if, off camera, you are pairing it only with your pyjamas. To get more news about custom jewelry websites, you can visit official website.

There are plenty of options for all tastes and moods. Even if you’re comfort dressing with your clothes, a strong chain will lift your look, while a neon earring will energise even the most lacklustre home confinement. Meanwhile, the cuff makes a welcome return whether worn on the wrist as at Celine and Louis Vuitton or high on the arm, as seen at Chloé and Sportmax.

Dreaming of better days spent outside in the warm sunshine are expiated with the plethora of beaded necklaces and shell jewels. And nothing of course will beat the earring – whether in singular or double shoulder-dusting form — for lifting our spirits this spring. Read on for Vogue’s pick of the finest jewellery trends from the spring/summer 2021 collections.
Neon Dream
A vibrant injection of intense colour is what we all need after a lacklustre year. Accordingly, Eighties neon in every hue was the order of the day at Versace, while Chanel modernised ladylike pearls with splashes of hot pink. Also a hit in fine jewellery circles, with designers including Solange Azagury Partridge and Bea Bongiasca opting for retina-searing designs, this fluorescent trend looks set to keep on glowing.
Pearls haven’t lost their modernised lustre. Already a signature at Simone Rocha, this season they became outsized girandoles and elaborate hair nets, while at Emilia Wickstead they were made extra luxe thanks to a collaboration with fine jeweller Jessica McCormack.

Not having lost its ability to make a contemporary statement, the single or mismatched earring returned at No21, Miu Miu and Alberta Ferretti. At Fendi, which again collaborated with tech accessories brand Chaos, the single earring became a play on the game of dice. Toss it in the air and let it decide if it’s time to pick up a book or reach for a bowl of pasta.

The joy of a cuff is that you can enjoy gazing at it as you tap away at that keyboard, confined to your kitchen, just as much as those who will see it out in the post–lockdown wild (eventually). Another jewel that adds instant polish, express yourself with a sculptural design and wear it any which way you like. At Chloé, sculptural cuffs in mixed materials were worn on the wrist, forearm and upper arm. For the latter, see too Celine (which comprised hair scrunchies) and Sportmax. And for the ultimate power woman look, do as Lanvin suggested, and wear them in matching pairs.

For some, jewellery became a play on brand signatures. At Prada, accessories were kept to a minimum, a simple logo ear cuff one of the few decorations. In Pierpaolo Piccioli’s ode to the Rockstud at Valentino, meanwhile, the oversized stud motif adorned ears, necks, wrists and fingers. Chanel miniaturised its 2.55 bag for the cutest wrist and neck adornments while pendants were created from Jacquemus’s famous Chiquito bag at his bucolic show, and Margiela’s Tabi boot was reworked as rings and necklaces. At Schiaparelli, Daniel Roseberry continued the surrealist legacy of its founder with giant gilded nose earrings and fingertip talons.
Nykaa Fashion, the fashion e-commerce platform of Nykaa, on Monday announced the acquisition of online jewellery brand Pipa Bella.To get more news about best jewelry design and custom websites, you can visit official website.

Pipa Bella will continue to offer its services on its own website and also extend portfolio under the Nykaa Fashion platform, the company said in a press release on Monday.The acquisition will help Nykaa address the growing demand for fashion jewellery in India with brands that offer more contemporary designs and are a bridge between precious gold and unorganized casual jewellery. The deal size was not disclosed.

Young, urban shoppers are seeking more trendy jewellery brands. Discovery of such brands via social media has fuelled the popularity of niche brands over the last few years.“We have seen a rising trend of personalized, minimalistic and premium fashion accessories in the Indian market. At Nykaa Fashion, we strive to bring the best quality and variety of such products to meet the demand of the audience," said Adwaita Nayar, chief executive officer, Nykaa Fashion and founding team member, Nykaa.

Nayar said Nykaa will extend the brand’s core signature design to a much larger audience by becoming a full range accessories label. Pipa Bella sells earrings, bangles, neck pieces, etc. in materials such as crystal, resin, metal, stone and beads. Its prices range from under Rs500 to upwards of Rs6,000 for more exclusive pieces.

“This association will allow Pipa Bella to reach a larger customer base and leverage the massive number of users visiting Nykaa Fashion every month," said Shuchi Pandya, founder, Pipa Bella.Pipa Bella, along with other consumer brands, will be an integral part of Nykaa Fashion’s offline expansion this year, Nykaa said. Nykaa Fashion has been adding more brands as well as expanding its own range of private label to its e-commerce platform. In 2019, Nykaa Fashion acquired fashion brand Twenty Dresses to expand its private label play.
PORT DICKSON: A 39-year-old clerk here has been cheated of almost RM715,000 in an online foreign exchange scam.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
  District police chief Supt Aidi Sham Mohamed said the victim began investing in the foreign exchange scheme in January last year after being introduced by a friend.
  The victim made her investments in US dollars via an application she had downloaded and a website.
  “She made profits on several occasions but did not receive any returns since April this year,” he said in a statement on Wednesday (June 23).
  Supt Aidi Sham said the woman had banked the money into 21 individual accounts and another belonging to a company from April to June this year via 45 transactions.
  He said the victim lodged a report on June 19 after realising that she had been duped.
  We would like to advise the public not to be easily influenced by investment schemes on social media which promise high returns.
  “You can always check with Bank Negara if these schemes are legitimate or otherwise,” he said.
  He added that police were probing the case under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

Gold prices have witnessed a steady decline in the wake of peaks since August last year even hit USD 1676.73 because of strong USD and the surge of the U.S. bond interests in the first quarter. Then they dramatically rebounded to USD 1916.57 as the currency turned to be weak and the inflation was worsening. However, this rally was interrupted and reversed by hawkish messages sent by the Federal Reserve (Fed) after its meeting last week. My friend who is an anchor asked me whether gold prices would experience staggering falls again after the delisting announced by the Fed this time as it did in 2013. Factors playing a dominant role in this concern are discussed herein.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
  Gold prices started to deadly decline after peaking at USD 1700 in early 2013 and hit USD 1180 in June. The main culprits for this are: on one hand, the Fed embarked on delisting at that time, naturally posing stress to gold prices under the context of the rally of USD; on the other hand, the Central Bank of Cyprus (CBC) attempted to sell out gold to take profits and save the market against the backdrop of the European debt crisis, exacerbating the comprehensive steep slump of gold prices.
  At present, the Fed embraces the same opportunity to plan for delisting, which is expected to impose the same stress on gold prices. However, the difference is located in the situation where no central banks intend to sell out their gold reserves this time, causing less severe downward pressure to gold prices as it did in 2013. Currently, the global escalating inflation is conducive to gold as a hedge against its worsening to some extent. It is expected that some speculators may buy gold to ride a wave of the plummet in gold prices.
It is worth noticing that one reason for gold prices reaching a record high last year is that central banks worldwide issued more currencies for quantitative easing (QE), leading to the depreciation which was quite beneficial to gold prices. However, it is predicted that other main industrial powers may follow suit after the Bank of Canada (BOC), the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ), and the Fed have turned to be hawkish. In fact, some nations have announced to increase interest rates, including Russia, Brazil, Iceland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic. As a result, gold prices can be affected adversely by interest-rate hikes worldwide and the global trend of delisting in the future to some extent.
  In conclusion, influenced by all aforementioned factors conducive to the slump, gold prices may see the massive plunge rife with ups and downs again. The double bottom support level at USD 1676.73 is expected to be exceeded and reach USD 1557. As for the major support level for gold below, the view shared by all is the level at USD 1451, which is hard to say at present. However, it will absolutely a golden opportunity for investors to buy gold if its prices can fall back to this level.
A new scam has been disclosed by the police recently, during which purchasing fruit online for only $1 is nothing but a prelude to a fraud involving millions of dollars.To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
  Ms. Zhou heard the information of “online fruit shopping for cheap” from her friends online a time ago and placed her order. In receipt of the delivery, she was added by the customer service via social networks for cashback based on praise, thus feeling satisfied very much. Then they gradually became best friends as the customer service often chatted with Ms. Zhou online.
  The customer service unveiled “by accident” one time that she profited a lot from her investment via a forex platform. Ms. Zhou was tempted to invest with the guidance from the customer service and found that the amount of her account was multiplied.
  However, unavailable withdrawals in advance rammed into her, coupled with the steep slump shown by trading charts recently. Her principal has been wiped out.
  It was not until the customer service recommended Ms. Zhou make more deposits in a bid to recover her losses did she realize that she was swindled and call the police. According to the police, this was a fake forex platform that provided false information on the market. Ultimately, 33 suspects were arrested, and approximately 1.5 million dollars involved in the case were seized.
  As a reminder, please be alert to strangers as forex trading is risky! WikiFX, a broker info search tool, is ready to help you check the qualifications and reputation of platforms, protecting you from hidden dangers! (
忘了牡蠣和巧克力吧,一項調查顯示,陽光是愛爾蘭女性最喜歡的食物。To get more news about 日本藤素, you can visit official website.





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