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At Hudson Technologies, we offer a wide range of deep draw capabilities to produce highly customized, cost-effective metal parts for clients across all types of industries. With an eye on innovation and environmental stewardship, we are particularly proud to offer deep draw processes that produce far less material waste than most other machined parts methods.To get more news about Stamping parts, you can visit official website.

Our company is AS9100D certified. We work tirelessly to ensure we stay ahead of the curve on all quality control processes and innovations. Our certifications, capabilities, facility, machinery, and secondary services grant us the ability to deliver high quality results for all of our customers.
Hudson Technologies’ state-of-the-art facility contains over 130 forming presses, all fully modernized and ready to handle projects of all kinds, no matter how complex. Our clients include small and large businesses, with projects ranging from prototype to high-volume (1 to 5,000,000 pieces).

We house an extensive array of state-of-the-art equipment in our 115,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Hudson Technologies makes use of several types of presses with tonnages ranging from 1 to 500 tons, including:In addition to our primary machining services, Hudson Technologies offers various finishing and other value-added services to ensure clients receive a finalized end product that meets all necessary specifications and requirements

Hudson Technologies can produce parts of any shape to suit a wide range of applications and needs — from standard round, square, and rectangular to complex and asymmetrical geometries, in dimensions from 1/8 inch (3.1 mm) to 12 inches (305 mm) in diameter and up to 12 inches long, using material between 0.002 inch (0.05 mm) and 0.187 inch (4.75 mm) thick. We can produce metal diaphragms, flat or corrugated, in diameters ranging from 0.2 inch (5.08 mm) to 18 inches (457.2 mm) and in thicknesses from 0.001 inch (0.025 mm) to 0.018 inch (0.457 mm).
At Hudson Technologies, we offer a selection of supply chain services to improve our customers’ manufacturing processes. Our Kanban services deliver lean manufacturing schedules along with stocking programs. Our expertise includes logistics services, parcel less-than-truckload (LTL) services, and export services. When our customers take advantage of our custom tooling, we can keep it in-house for expedited restocking. We can also re-use custom tooling to deliver future runs of production at a lower cost.
Android devices have a lot of cores, so writing smooth apps is a simple task for anyone, right? Wrong. As everything on Android can be done in a lot of different ways, picking the best option can be tough. If you want to choose the most efficient method, you have to know what’s happening under the hood. Luckily, you don’t have to rely on your feelings or sense of smell, since there’s a lot of tools out there that can help you find bottlenecks by measuring and describing what’s going on. Properly optimized and smooth apps greatly improve the user experience, and also drain less battery.To get more news about App Installs Optimization, you can visit official website.

Let’s see some numbers first to consider how important optimization really is. According to a Nimbledroid post, 86% of users (including me) have uninstalled apps after using them only once due to poor performance. If you’re loading some content, you have less than 11 seconds to show it to the user. Only every third user will give you more time. You might also get a lot of bad reviews on Google Play because of it.The first thing every user notices over and over is the app’s startup time. According to another Nimbledroid post, out of the 100 top apps, 40 start in under 2 seconds, and 70 start in under 3 seconds. So if possible, you should generally display some content as soon as possible and delay the background checks and updates a bit.

Always remember, premature optimization is the root of all evil. You should also not waste too much time with micro optimization. You will see the most benefit of optimizing code that runs often. For example, this includes the onDraw() function, which runs every frame, ideally 60 times per second. Drawing is the slowest operation out there, so try redrawing only what you have to. More about this will come later.
1. String vs. StringBuilder
Let’s say that you have a String, and for some reason you want to append more Strings to it 10 thousand times. The code could look something like this.On the same device this happens almost instantly, in less than 5ms. The CPU and Memory visualizations are almost totally flat, so you can imagine how big this improvement is. Notice though, that for achieving this difference, we had to append 10 thousand Strings, which you probably don’t do often. So in case you are adding just a couple Strings once, you will not see any improvement. By the way, if you do:

You might be wondering, why is concatenating Strings the first way so slow? It is caused by the fact that Strings are immutable, so once they are created, they cannot be changed. Even if you think you are changing the value of a String, you are actually creating a new String with the new value. In an example like:

2. Picking the Correct Data Type
Before you start writing code, you should decide what data types you will use for your collection. For example, should you use a Vector or an ArrayList? Well, it depends on your usecase. If you need a thread-safe collection, which will allow only one thread at once to work with it, you should pick a Vector, as it is synchronized. In other cases you should probably stick to an ArrayList, unless you really have a specific reason to use vectors.
3. Location Updates
There are a lot of apps out there which collect the user’s location. You should use the Google Location Services API for that purpose, which contains a lot of useful functions. There is a separate article about using it, so I will not repeat it.
4. Network Requests
There is a high chance that your app is using the internet for downloading or uploading data. If it is, you have several reasons to pay attention to handling network requests. One of them is mobile data, which is very limited to a lot of people and you shouldn’t waste it.

The second one is battery. Both WiFi and mobile networks can consume quite a lot of it if they are used too much. Let’s say that you want to download 1 kb. To make a network request, you have to wake up the cellular or WiFi radio, then you can download your data. However, the radio will not fall asleep immediately after the operation. It will stay in a fairly active state for about 20-40 more seconds, depending on your device and carrier.
If you’re familiar with search engine optimization, or SEO, you’ll find that app store optimization (ASO) is a very similar process. App store optimization is all about improving the visibility of your app within an app store, primarily the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store.To get more news about App Store Optimization, you can visit official website.

The goal of ASO is to get more views and downloads for your app by improving keyword rankings and, in general, making the app’s description and other aspects more appealing.

The Title: If the title of your app is engaging, you’ll see up to a 15% increase in downloads just from this one important aspect.

The Visuals: Screenshots are also a huge part of getting the downloads you want. If they show your app’s core features, you can see up to a 30% increase in downloads.

The Video: As another visual aid, adding video to your app’s page can lead to a 35% increase in downloads.In the United States, if you want to get into one of the top 100 spots for all categories in the App Store, you’d need 15,000 downloads every day. To get into the top 50, you’d need almost 27,000 downloads per day. To reach the top ten, you’d need to be getting more than 80,000 downloads every day.

Like SEO, optimizing your app will take time and on-going analysis and adaption. Tracking is very important to know where you stand and whether or not what you’re doing is working.

These tools allow you to not only track your own ranking but also the rankings of your competitors so that you can get a better idea of what they’re doing and how you can get their spot.

#2 Choose Your Keywords
Keyword research plays a big role in helping you decide what keywords to target.

When choosing your keywords, some general best practices align with those of SEO:

Choose relevant keywords
Don’t use plural phrases or words that you used in singular form
Don’t use the names of competitors
Don’t use keywords with the word “app” in them.
#3 Write Compelling Copy
In the iOS App Store, you actually have 100 characters to list the specific keywords that you want to target. Make the most of that space. The Google Play Store does not give you that field, but you should incorporate your keywords in other ways.

In the title, for example, you should try to incorporate at least one keyword that you found during your research. Make sure the title still fits your brand name, but try to utilize at least one non-branded keyword.

When it comes to the description, both stores give you 4,000 characters to work with. Utilize the first 250 characters to incorporate as many keywords as possible. That’s what people are going to see without clicking “Read More” (users clicking that button is very uncommon on iOS, in particular).

#4 Optimize for Everything
Some final things to help you get your app ranked range from the simple, like not using URLs in your description, to the more obvious yet underutilized. For instance, you should always use as many screenshots as allowed in your listing.
App Store Optimisation means optimising your app to increase visibility on mobile app stores like Google Play Store for Android and AppStore for Apple. Increased visibility implies that you will gain a higher rank that may boost your CTR. With the help of App Store Optimisation services, the benefits you can gain are:To get more news about Android App Store Optimization, you can visit official website.

Since several new apps are being published every day, the competition to make your app rank on any app stores has risen by a fair margin. Therefore, to stay at the top of any app store, you will have to look after what the user needs. Thus, App Store Optimization and mobile app marketing become an essential factor. Achieving a higher rank was easier a few years ago, but now there are several factors that you have to consider while optimising your app.

1. Know Your User And User Needs
When you create an app and people start to use it, you will have to evaluate who those people are that use your app frequently. For instance, consider answering the following questions like:

2. Use The Right App Name And Title
Choosing the right name to your app is possibly one of the best mobile app marketing methods. It can help your app achieve a higher rank because people generally search for the apps when they need it. And if your app has an apt name that relates to what they’re looking for, there you go! Your app ranks in the top 5 with ease.

A good title could also provide a lot of help in ASO. Including keywords in your title can increase your rating by almost 10%. For instance, if you have made a video an editing app, you can include words like, “editor” video”, “customise” in the title of your app. Another aspect to note is that different app stores have different algorithms, Google Play Store allows you to include tags up to 50 characters, whereas the Apple App Store limits up to 30 characters. Therefore, you will have to adjust your title accordingly.

3. Use Keywords For ASO
If you are familiar with Search Engine Optimization, then you will know the power of keywords. Keywords play an important role in App Store Optimisation. Using the right keywords in your app listing with descriptive keywords can quickly give you a higher rank as well as higher search volume. Search volume is an indicator of the number of searches of a particular keyword. Higher the search volume, more popular is the keyword. There are many tools to know about search volume. The best you can use is Google’s monthly search volume to get a rough figure of what people are majorly searching for and what keywords you can focus on.

4. Add A Catchy Description
The app description is what people read before installing an app. It has a limit of 4000 words. Thus, you will have to describe your app in the best possible way in 4000 words so that it attracts users just as they read it. You can highlight the unique and new features of your app in the description. Making appropriate bullet points about the app will help too. You can try to use emojis and you can make the description livelier. Don’t forget to add keywords. Add a video of your app and features. This will help you attract more people since people generally watch the video about your app and install it.

5. Create A Meaningful App Icon
Your app icon is a visual representation of your app. That is why it is essential to choose a unique icon that reaches the target customers. The icon selected must differentiate your app from that of your competitor’s. It will be best if your icon can project the main feature of your app. For example, use a camera icon for a photo editing app.

6. Encourage Reviews And Update Frequently
You can’t control reviews, but the best you can do is to encourage your user to provide a review of your app. Taking examinations can help you optimise your app from the user’s point of view. Updating your app to provide better and improved versions will help it get a higher rank automatically.
Whether you’re buying for yourself or for a friend, when you give jewelry, it’s always memorable. And if you really want to go the extra mile with your next gift, getting the jewelry personalized is the way to go.While custom jewelry is typically pretty expensive, Sparklane has a ton of on-trend pieces to choose from at non-scary price points.To get more news about Personalized Jewelry, you can visit official website.

Sparklane sells a wide variety of jewelry pieces, including necklaces, earrings and rings that you can make your own. All pieces feature high-quality metals and enamel that you get to choose from to design your dream piece. You also get to decide if you want to save or splurge by picking gold-plated or solid gold styles.

When scrolling on the brand’s website, you may be surprised at how reasonably priced everything is. But the brand explains that they “sell directly to you, eliminating the middleman and reducing the cost for our consumers.” Custom jewelry pieces that start at just $50? Yes, please!

Check out some of the most popular Sparklane designs below to add to your own jewelry collection. Plus, right now, the brand is holding its Valentine’s Day sale, which means you can take 20 percent off sitewide with code XOXO.
With this chic signet ring, you get to choose from eight different enamel colors and three different metal colors to make it all your own.

This eye-grabbing necklace is perfect for showing off your initial or favorite number. You can bring it home in yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver.
If you want to show you've put thought into your gift for a friend or loved one this holiday season, we say opt for personalized jewelry. This gift they'll wear daily can depict their initials, star sign or whatever else is meaningful to them.

Below, our favorite personalized jewelry finds from Gorjana, Nordstrom and more at a variety of price points. Whether a necklace or ring, this gift idea is guaranteed to make them feel special.They will wear this yellow gold initial ring for years to come. Pick either their initial or the initial of someone close to them.

It doesn't get cuter than this. You can personalize a fortune to place in this letter locket. You can also wear the fortune face out on the other side of the locket.Celebs are obsessed with this dog tag initial pendant. It's been spotted on Meghan Markle, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Stone, Mila Kunis and more A-listers.

This delicate initial tile pendant necklace is made of 14 karat solid gold. It's crafted in Vicenza, Italy and looks timeless and beautiful.
This understated 18 karat gold-vermeil ring is stunning when you have an initial or a favorite number engraved on it. How special!
These handmade, brass zodiac I.D. bracelets are super chic. Each comes with a personality zodiac card so they know what their sign means.
Gift them this delicate chain 14 karat gold-fill bracelet with an initial inspired by typewriter keys. They can wear it alone or stack it with their other bracelets.
No matter their zodiac sign, there's a birthstone necklace for them at Kendra Scott. These necklaces are available in gold or silver.
Pick an initial to go on this simple, pretty 12 karat gold-plated necklace. The other side is engraved with "one in a million."
You can pick up to eight characters to engrave this necklace for free. Right now you can use the code to get 15% off using the code CUSTOM15.
How pretty are these 18 karat gold-plated brass necklaces that depict the zodiac constellations? They're simple enough to wear everyday and make for a beautiful gift.
It's the thought that counts, and as we enter the holiday season we're tasked with finding the perfect gift for our friends and family. If you're looking for a gift made especially for your loved one, consider a personalized gift.To get more news about koala print, you can visit official website.

Founder and CEO of Inspire Me! Home Décor Farah Merhi stopped by TODAY to show us her favorite customizable gifts. Shop TODAY even added our favorite bestselling picks to help you with all of your holiday shopping.

Whether it's a vibrant neon sign or handy tool tote bag, make the giving season extra special this year with a one-of-a-kind gift made just for them.
1. Personalized Elf Yourself Sweater
The comedian in your life will appreciate this funny sweater. Add your face or theirs to this elf-inspired sweater and share a laugh with your loved one.

2. Classy Chargers Personalized Charger
Chargers are essential, so why not make it a cute accessory? These monogrammed chargers can be customized with your friend's name or initials. You can also choose between various colors and patterns to further personalize to your loved one's liking.

3. My Photo GlassPad
Bring a smile to your loved one's face while they work. These custom mousepads can be designed with a photo of your choosing so that they can remember the good times anytime.

4. My Photo MiniRow Stand
Keep your memories close to you with this custom photo stand. Select a phrase to feature on the stand such as "Our Story" and "Travel. Explore. Repeat." and display three or six photos depending on whether you get a one- or two-row option.

5. Man Crates Personalized Neon Bar Sign
Make every hour happy hour with a classic neon sign. Made with an acrylic plaque that can be personalized with your friend or family member's name, this sign also features a beer can–inspired neon tubing design that emits a blue and white glow.

6. Pattern Pop Vintage Metal Sign
The friend who loves to host will appreciate a personalized sign to greet guests as they walk in. Customize it by choosing what you'd like written on the sign.
7. Etsy Personalized Family Necklace
If distance is keeping you from seeing your family and friends this year, then show your love with a custom necklace. You can add your names, favorite locations or even special dates on up to four circles. No matter where you are, they are sure to think of you when they wear it.
Stratégies WikiFX (mercredi 21 avril 2021) - Il y a plein de fluctuations dans le marché, d'où viennent des tendances inprévisibles. Dans cet article, nous vous présentons des solutions efficaces pour surmonter ces situations et contrôler les risques, en citant un exemple.To get more news about Forex, you can visit official website.
  Face à des cours fluctuants, il faut d'abord considérer la capacité de vos propres positions pour endurer les pertes.
  On prend un exemple de la graphique en chandeliers à 15 minutes de la paire GBP/USD : Dans la fluctuation normale, une fois qu‘une bougie longue à la hausse aura apparu, la variation se trouvera entre 20 et 30 pips ; Si le cours s’intensifie, la valeur d'une bougie à 15 minutes pourra atteindre 60 ou 80 pips. A ce moment-là, de nombreux traders veulent faire fortune en profitant des occasions ou tendances, ce qui pourrait agrandir le volume de perte.
  Par conséquent, WikiFX vous rappelle :
  - A ce moment-là, il faut réduire le nombre de transactions, contrôler les risques dans les positions et faire attention à votre solde disponible.
  - Concentrez-vous sur les ajustements sur les effets de levier de chaque broker avant toute fluctuation, afin d'éviter des effets non nécessaires sur vos positions.
  - Lors de la planification du trading à moyen ou long terme, il vous faut vous focaliser sur des événements suivants concernant les risques, afin d'évaluer la situation de vos positions puis bien planifier le trading.
  Les brokers jouent des rôles importants dans la volatilité : Ils s‘occupent de maintenir la stabilité des spreads et de fournir des cotations plus précises. Actuellement, ils appliquent des mesures telles que la baisse d’effets de levier pour réduire d'éventuelles pertes.
  Nous espérons que vous pouvez constater les risques potentiels lors des transactions, et prendre des mesures de gestion de risques, afin de faire fortune à long durée.
  Toutes les expériences réelles des traders professionnels pendant 20 ans, se trouvent dans l'APP WikiFX ! Cliquez ici pour télécharger : (Android) / (iOS).
Prévision des prix : Utilisez les analyses fondamentales et techniques pour confirmer la tendance et décider de prévoir une hausse ou baisse. Si vous jugez mal le prix, des problèmes se poseront dans les étapes suivantes.To get more news about trading, you can visit official website.
  Choix d‘occasions : Bien que toutes les transactions à chaque prix aient leur raison, les meilleurs prix d’achat ou de vente ne sont pas sur tous les prix.
  A cause de la caractéristique de l‘effet de levier, les traders n’ont pas beaucoup de chances pour réctifier ses transactions. Par conséquent, le choix d‘occasions reste très clé. Un bon prix d’achat pourrait vous accorder plusieurs occasions de réctification.
  1. Gérer vos fonds
  Malgré que vous ne saviez pas analyser le marché, que vous nayez pas assez de temps pour lire les graphiques, et que vous ne possédiez pas une forte mentalité, si vous gérez bien vos fonds, de gros risques ne devront pas avoir impact sur vous.
  Principes sur la gestion du patrimoine :
  (1) Le montant d'investissement reste inférieur à la moitié de tous vos actifs.
  (2) Le volume de trading pour chaque transaction reste entre 10% et 30% de votre fonds disponible.
  (3) La perte maximale de chaque transaction reste inférieur à 10% de votre capital.
  (4) Un stop-loss est obligatoire pour chaque position.
  (5) Faites des transactions de manière pyramidale.
  (6) La proportion Risque/Profit est de 1:3.
  2. Construire votre système de trading adapté
  Contenu du système de trading : Analyse du marché, choix doccasions, contrôle de risques, temps pour tenir la position, gestion du fonds, mentalité du trading
  Principes de la conception :
  (1) Choisissez le trading à court, moyen ou long terme selon votre propre style de trading.
  (2) Capabilité dopération, signaux clairs de trading, capacité de contrôle de risque, capacité de rentabilité.
  Toutes les expériences réelles des traders professionnels pendant 20 ans, se trouvent dans l'APP WikiFX ! Cliquez ici pour télécharger : (Android) / (iOS).
Stratégies WikiFX (lundi 26 avril 2021) - Il y a partout des arnaques Forex, alors les escrocs sont de plus en plus malins ! Aujourd'hui, WikiFX vous dévoile de nouvelles manières appliqué par les escrocs !To get more news about escrocs, you can visit official website.
  Les cas sont comme suit :
  Etabli le 7 mars 2021, il y a moins de 2 mois depuis le début de l‘exploitation de la plate-forme Aetosszonetw. Sous le nom “Fiducie de fonds d’AETOS”, elle a proclamé que le trading Forex était disponible chez elle. En dépit de cela, il n'y a que des informations de base telles que les cotations des produits, les enregistrements des dépôts etc. sur son site Web, sans aucune information sur la régulation ni logiciel de trading MetaTrader4. En un mot, cette plate-forme arnaque les fonds de ses clients en dépensant peu de sous, et tout dépôt qui y aura fait ne conduira à aucun retrait !
  Le nom du site Web de la plate-forme Actitrades est la “Fiducie de fonds de l‘AUSFOREX”, mais elle n’a aucune relation avec le broker AUSFOREX ! Evidemment, elle vise à arnaquer les traders au nom de la plate-forme régulée AUSFOREX !
  Par rapport aux 2 plates-formes citées ci-dessus, la plus grande différence de la plate-forme Antsforextw est de changer du nom de son site Web à la “Fiducie de fonds d‘ants” et cherche à arnaquer directement les traders sans avoir usurpé l’identité d'un broker régulé !
  Actuellement, les sites Webs des plates-formes ci-dessus ne sont plus accessibles !
  Les caractéristiques de ces plates-formes frauduleuses sont :
  1) Leurs périodes d‘enregistrement sont courtes, et la durée de validité ne dure qu’un an dans la plupart des cas.
  2) La conception de leurs pages Internet est rugueuse. Il se peut que le même groupe de gens copie directement un modèle lors de la conception des sites Web.
  3) La structure des sites Web est simple, sans présentation de la société ni téléchargement du logiciel de trading etc.
  4) Les URLs de ces sites Web se termine généralement à “”, au nom de la “Fiducie de fonds”.
  Si vous constatez des plates-formes de trading dans ces types, il vous faudra absolument faire attention !
Recherchez des plates-formes Forex et prévenez des arnaques de trading, il vous suffit d‘utiliser l’APP WikiFX ! Cliquez ici pour télécharger : (Android) / (iOS).
Precious metals like gold and silver extended their stretch of gains last week. Gold prices climbed 1.5% to $1,905/oz while silver popped 1.9% to trade around the $28.00-price level. This likely follows sustained US Dollar weakness and headwinds faced by Treasury yields owing to the Feds patiently dovish position on monetary policy. Outlook for gold and silver has benefited from FOMC officials undermining the taper debate as they argue recent inflationary pressures are “largely transitory.”To get more news about WikiFX, you can visit official website.
With actual inflation rising in the near term but not enough to warrant a Federal Reserve policy response, Treasury yields and the US Dollar have turned lower. Gold price action has catapulted higher in turn. This bullish trend behind gold looks likely to persist so long as the Fed remains committed to its accommodative stance and continues to delay talks of tapering asset purchases.
  Gold prices might even be headed for all-time highs if the US Dollar weakens further and Treasury yields extend their slide. Not to mention, with major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin facing heavy selling pressure as of late, investors might look to more traditional anti-fiat assets like gold and silver. If the US Dollar stages a sharp rebound, however, it would likely correspond with a spike in Treasury bond yields caused by the market pricing in the threat of Fed tapering. That could weigh negatively on gold prices and spoil the recent rally.
Silver price action has also benefited from subdued Treasury yields and US Dollar weakness. In fact, the most active front-month futures contract for silver just recorded its highest weekly close since March 2013. Recent silver strength could come on the heels of President Biden touting his $2-trillion ‘green’ infrastructure proposal and $6-trillion budget forecast as well. Nevertheless, an upswing in yields and the US Dollar would likely put downward pressure on silver prices.
  Looking to the week ahead, gold and silver volatility might intensify around high-impact event risk posed by the release of monthly nonfarm payrolls. A notably better-than-expected jobs report could see the US Dollar and yields pivot higher, which would likely steer precious metals lower. On the other hand, gold and silver prices could benefit from another round of disappointing NFP data as this would likely bolster the argument for Fed doves.

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