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Advantage Players Fighting For Their Winnings At NJ Online Casinos
The house always wins, right? Not this time. The house was crumbling, brick by brick, bubble by bubble.

The game is called Ocean Magic, and it had long been among the most exploitable casino slots games — you just needed to know what to look for.Summed up in five words: “Wild” bubbles are your friend. If you start with them in certain positions on your screen, you have an opportunity to play with an edge over the house.

“I’ve been playing Ocean Magic pretty much since the day I was made aware of the game,” says Max, a professional gambler based in Las Vegas. The problem, as Max knew well, is that the stakes available at brick-and-mortar casinos are limited. And so, in turn, is the upside. The B&M version of the game isn’t necessarily worth a deep-pocketed player’s casino review

It was in late January that Max received a call from his friend Jay back east in New Jersey. Ocean Magic was available at legal online casinos in the Garden State, and whereas $500-a-spin was considered an extremely high limit on the brick-and-mortar machines in Vegas, online in Jersey, spins with favorable odds were available for up to $3,000.

There was a unique exploit specific to this online version. And Jay could only do so much to take advantage of it by himself.“When Jay made me aware of Ocean Magic in a playable game state for nosebleed stakes,” Max says, “I was very excited to get involved.”

Max wasn’t the only friend who got the call. Jay says there were “about 10 people that played.” Each opened his own account at numerous sites and made four-figure or five-figure deposits and bet as big as possible.
But sometimes the house just hands over an edge in an effort to get gamblers in the door. Some casinos have been known to offer a promotion with a “triple down” option in blackjack, which gives players who understand when to double down a positive overall expectation. Others have offered special “happy hour” rules such as a 3/1 payout, instead of 3/2, on suited blackjacks.

Then there are promotions like one SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia experimented with a few years ago, offering double jackpots on slots for a specific time period. Instead of the house having about a 5% edge, players who know which machines to pounce on could temporarily enjoy an edge of about 40%.
World Casino News covers breaking news from around the globe. In this section we cover casino news. This is our main category which contains about 75% of all articles so you may see the same articles also appear in sub-categories or additional sections if more than one subject is prominent in the casino

This is a great section for readers to follow the progress of their favorite up and coming new casinos. We report on new casino proposals as the stories break and keep you in the loop if they hit snags. As the projects move from the drawing table to groundbreaking, and when construction and other milestones are reached, we'll let you know with casino project updates. Look for opening date announcements and coverage of grand openings here as well.

In this section, we also cover expansion projects, new hotel announcements, and casino closures. Look for the occasional cruise ship news here too. This is the section you will want to bookmark to stay abreast of all the Latest Casino and Gambling News, as it happens, anywhere in the world.
that’s what he asked to be called for the purposes of this article, and similarly “Max” is not his friend’s real name — was working on Wall Street until 9/11 caused him to press the “Spin Reels” button on his career. He left New York for a fresh start, and he soon stumbled into what is known as “advantage playing.”

When most people picture a slots player, images pass through their minds of a blue-haired woman with a slowly diminishing bucket of quarters.

Jay, now in his mid 40s, departs from that stereotype in every possible way, right down to the fact that the quarters in his bucket usually don’t diminish. Advantage players look for any casino game that gives them an edge. Slots are part of it — looking to vulture machines that have been left in a position with a positive expected value (EV).
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Oil-lubricated hard-sealed plug valve
Oil-lubricated hard-sealed plug valves can be classified into conventional oil-lubricated plug valves and pressure-balanced plug valves. Special grease is injected from the top of the plug body between the cone hole of the valve body and the plug body to form an oil film to reduce the valve opening and closing torque and improve the sealing performance and service life. The working pressure can reach 64MPa, the maximum working temperature can reach 325 degrees, and the maximum diameter can reach 600mm.
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Smok has finally developed a top-notch touch screen device called the smok morph 2019. This touch screen mod will blow your mind because it has a plethora of next level functionalities and features that have YouTubers and consumers alike raving. Smok has decided to pair this beaut with their new TF2019 sub ohm tank, making the starter kit a complete collection of awesomeness and great vaping.

Pass code lock: this personalized lock ensures that your device will not misfire while in your pocket. It also ensures that no one else can vape your device that you do not want to. If you have small kids or even just nosy friends and you are worrying about them using your device, this lock system eliminates that.
Wallpapers: wallpapers allow you to personalize your experience. You can put your favorite picture on the screen of your device to enjoy while your vape.
Boxy, handheld size: the size and shape allow for a great fit in the palm that is easy to enjoy. Not only this, but it's small enough for an efficiency factor but also big enough to be easily located.
Temp mode, variable wattage mode: these modes are for adjusting and customizing your device to your personal preferences.
Marble panels for aesthetic: The marble panels on this mod are simply for aesthetic and are catchy and inviting.
IQS chip set: This top of the line chip set is what really allows for the futuristic functionality of this mod.
The TF2019 Sub-Ohm tank: Vape Starter Kit an evolution the TFV8 Baby V2 Sub-Ohm Tank. The TF2019 utilizes mesh and ceramic coils
Silicone tank sleeve: We really love this feature because we have not seen it before. A protective sleeve for your juice tank... Can you say brilliant? Stress no more, your Smok has protected your glass!
What does the Smok Morph compare to, you ask? Well, the Morph is comparable to the Smok Species. The Smok Species was an awesome device put out by Smok, but here are the extra pros that the Morph has over the Species: the physical look of the Morph debateably surpasses other Smok devices, the touchscreen, new chip and the strength of the battery door are all other pluses we want to point out as well. This mod is basically Smok taking things to the next level. Even small details can make a huge difference in the overall performance and success of a mod.

When reviewing this mod, you-tubers and reviewers are simply raving. From the sleek design to the way the mod feels in your hands, to its functionality, this mod is a win. Plus the sub-ohm tank. Reviewers seem to be impressed with the evolution of Smok's sub-ohm tank, considering they are not known for their coils to say the least. Smok has notably taken some time out to improve their coils and sub-ohm tank and we can all appreciate that. u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD
Hey guys. Today let me introduce the brand-new smok morph 2019 to you first. It is the world's first mod designed with input keyboard, which is a revolutionary change for mod operation!

SMOK MORPH 219 is a perfect combination of classic style and modern trend. The whole mod has a glossy finish and the back is inlaid with an exquisite IML resin panel. On the front is a 1.9" colorful TP screen which is very responsive, most of the operations can be finished with a simple touch, and the newly upgraded UI provides more clear and detailed vaping information. Powered by dual batteries, the mod can fire up to 219W, easy to satisfy cloud chasers. Meanwhile, it integrates the improved IQ-S chipset, simply press the fire key on the left, you can start the vaping in 0.001S! Right above the fire key is a secondary key, with it you can lock/unlock the touch function and light/black the screen.
Paired with the mod is the 6ml TF2019 Tank (2ml TFV-Mini V2 Tank For EU Version), it has a higher base than other tanks, which offers larger room for the coming airflow. There are two types of mesh coils available for the tank, the pre-installed BF coil provides you excellent intense flavor and the BC coil in the pack brings you massive clouds. Anyway, the MORPH 219 is definitely an ideal choice for both beginners and veterans.

Guys, here is good news if you just like the SMOK TF2019 Tank but not the kit. vladdin vape is on sale now in vapesourcing store. The tank features exquisite design, 6ml juice capacity, bottom adjustable airflow control, an effortless top fill system, a resin style drip tip and the latest BF-Mesh coil. To improve airflow, the tank was designed with a larger base than previous atomizers from Smok. This results in enhanced flavor and vapor.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD
It is time to take a close look at the Smok Morph kit, and answer a burning question: Does the world need another Smok mod? The specifications of the various Smok tanks and mods may appear similar on paper. At the upper end of the power curve they already have the Smok Mag 225w and Smok Alien 220w, not to mention the punchy smok morph 2019 Pro Color 225 and sharp looking T-Priv.

Where does the Smok Morph fit in? As the new flagship, because it offers real world advantages over its predecessors.

The best part is that the Morph breathes life into the subohm category. The vaping industry has been dumping resources into developing vape pod systems lately, we reviewed some of the best in our feature on the Top Ten Juul Alternatives, but when it comes to vapor and flavor there is nothing like a mod.The Smok Morph is a 219w mod powered by two 18650 batteries. The brand spanking new and hardhitting TF tank, and a pair of 0.2ohm mesh coils. The kit includes the obligatory USB charger cable, replacement glass and various spare part.

Smok gets bonus points for the straightforward naming convention they chose for the TF tank. Honestly, it was time for a reset. I am fine with never hearing a tank described as being a baby or a big baby again. Did big describe the size of the baby? Or outward manifestations of infantile traits, such as: “You are being the biggest baby”.

I am the curmudgeon who orders “small, medium and large” sized coffees when ordering at Starbucks.justfog vape I feel those words are excellent adjectives.Not only is it unclear how you pronounce Smok, but their lineup of TFV8 tanks had also gotten a bit confusing. My primary complaint was that a product called the TFV8 v2 was not compatible with the coils of the TFV8.

To shed some light on the differences between the TFV8 cousins, we pitted the TFV8 Big Baby versus the TFV8 Baby V2 in a TFV8 showdown. We chose the older TFV8 Big Baby and V2 Baby because of their shared 5ml juice capacity.

The upshot: the TFV8 V2 had a superior and modernized design, which was especially telling in the airflow department, but the original TFV8 had a superior coil selection. As far as juice capacity, the new TF tank has them both beat with a 6ml capacity. But how does the Morph tank perform?As coil sizes increase, it appears that the slab sided tank is quickly becoming a thing of the past. At least in the US market, where juice capacity is not limited to 2ml. Most tanks include some straight sided glass, but all the promotional images feature the bubble design.

When comparing the TF tank to its immediate predecessor, the TFV8 Baby V2, the first thing that sticks out is the height. They certainly share a familial resemblance, but the base of the TF been lengthened to improve airflow. And this on a design that was already pretty darn freewheeling and capable of generating serious cloudage.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD
The freemax vape Pro sub ohm tank is the follow-up release to the popular Fireluke Mesh, the first sub ohm mesh tank. Picking up where the Fireluke Mesh series left off, the Mesh Pro is all set to become even more popular although it’s actually patterned after the original Fireluke Pro.

The Mesh Pro is a 28 mm wide resin tank with a push-to-open top fill that can fit 5 mL of e-liquid – it goes up to 6 mL with the use of the bubble tank. It is compatible with all the coil heads of the Fireluke and Fireluke Pro tanks (including the RTA deck,) but not the heads from the original Mesh tank. There are four new coils introduced with this tank, including what’s said to be the very first multi-mesh coil heads for sub ohm tanks. A single mesh 0.15-ohm and a 0.2-ohm double mesh are included in the kit. Also available is a triple mesh 0.15-ohm, plus an SS316L single mesh 0.12-ohm coil head for wattage or TC vaporesso vape

The Freemax Mesh Pro has a playful design without going over the top… but it’s a bit large. It stands from base to tip at about 55 mm. Freemax says it’s 25 mm in diameter, but that’s only referring to a sliver of the atomizer base that sticks out. The actual diameter of the tank is 28 mm (and with the bubble tank on, it increases to about 32 mm.) Depending on how your mod is designed, this could potentially lead to an issue with fit. It barely fits on my mod with an extended battery cap.

Having said that, the Mesh Pro functions well with no real hiccups. It came to me very clean! It’s got nice O-rings and it’s smooth and easy to disassemble. The coil swap is a standard screw-to-base design, but it’s effective. And it’s got fully adjustable bottom-fed airflow with two large slots measuring 11 mm by 3.5 mm.

Filling the Mesh Pro is easy and convenient. The filling mechanism is a push-to-fill that’s marked by a red dot along the metal base of the top cap. I’m happy to not see the word “push” engraved on the tank! While the red dot is the sweet spot, the push-to-fill top cap opens from a wide radius, which adds to its convenience. The actual fill slot is relatively wide enough that you can pour juice directly from an open bottle — though I’d still recommend using a squeeze bottle or dropper.The Mesh Pro has four coil heads being released. As mentioned, it will also take the Fireluke and Fireluke Pro coil heads as well as the RTA deck. I don’t have those, so I will stick to what’s new:
The freemax vape Mesh just might change minds. The 24mm subohm tank uses a mesh heating element in its coil, which allows for an increase of clouds and flavor. The tank holds 3ml of e-liquid and is a threaded top fill tank with two large fill ports. The surface is knurled to replicate the appearance of mesh wire on its bottom airflow system.

The tank is available in several colors within the three types of finishes of carbon fiber, resin and stainless steel. The 18mm wide bore 810 drip tip matches the finish of the tank, as well.

KimmyVapes takes a look at and gives her review of the Freemax Fireluke Mesh tank in this video.The Caliburn Portable System from Uwell is equipped to bring high VG e-liquids to a pod system near you. While most max VG or high VG liquids are not recommended for most pod systems because they are thicker, the Caliburn not only owns these cloudy e-liquid blends but is also compatible with 50/50 and salt based nicotine mixtures, as well.

Ergonomic curves fit nicely in the hand and is easily topped off with a vaper’s choice of up to a 38mm atomizer with no overhang.

In this review from the Vaping Biker, he gives his opinions on grabbing a Stormbreaker.u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD
Pod system kit is always vaper’s love due to its compact and portable size and outstanding performance with Nic salt juice. This article is mainly to introduce you guys the top 5 Vape Wholesale pod system kits in the market from 2018 to 2019 based on the sales data of our store. Some devices we don’t sell but actually it’s welcome in the market, So I’m looking forward to your message if you have your own opinions or perspectives to share with me or you can comment below straightly. Now, Let’s check it out!
Without any doubt, Smok Nord Pod System Kit is the most welcome and best-selling pod system kit in the second half of 2018. This kit is released in November 2018 which is regarded as an upgraded version of Smok Novo Pod System Kit. Well you may wonder what’s the difference between them, So I recommend you to read this article here (What’s The Differences Between Smok Novo And Smok Nord?), Then you’ll get it!

Although it’s been half one year later, Smok Nord Pod System Kit is still the suitable choice for you, Especially the new vapers! By the way, I get the news that there’ll new carbon fiber versions of smok morph 2019 released very soon, So you guys have more selections!Here is another upgraded version device – Aspire Breeze 2 Pod System Kit. Compare to the 1st generation Breeze, The Breeze 2 Kit comes with totally new appearance. And the most obvious change is the bigger pod cartridge which comes with 3ml juice capacity. On the other hand, the battery capacity also increased to 1000mAh.

On the other hand, you have more color selections in this Aspire Breeze 2 Kit. Due to the aluminum alloy material, the appearance color may be not that shiny. But it won’t stop this kit to be so welcome in the market.I think you all know how welcome the Vaporesso Renova Zero Pod System Kit is! Superior compact size always makes vapers fall in love with it! What’s more, Equipped with Vaporesso patented Ccell coil will not also let you down. 650mAh battery with fast charge tech, OMNI chipset, etc. That’s the reason for the hot sale!
Justfog Minifit Pod System kit is not a new device actually. But from all the feedback and the real sale situation both make us know it’s just that welcome! In those top 5 pod system kits, the Justfog Minifit is the minimum one which is not longer than your finger. But its performance you can not underestimate!

370mAh battery, single button, three indicators and cotton coil. That’s all the common components in pod system kits but only Justfog makes the most welcome pod system kit here. And the customers’ feedback and all the orders from all over the world all tell us the truth, the true ability is make the ordinary extraordinary!u2022eney7485yyWEEEEDD
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