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Product Name: Oxiracetam powder
CAS No:171596-29-5
Molecular Fomula:C22H19N3O4
Appearance:White powder


Name Tadalafil powder
Appearance White powder
CAS No 171596-29-5
Assay ≥99%
Solubility Insoluble in water or alcohol,soluble in Acetic acid,ethyl ester
Melting point 302-303 ℃
Loss on drying 0.5%MAX
Heavy Metal
English Synonyms: TESTOSTERONE UNDECANOATE;testosterone,undecanoate(ester);andriol;4-ANDROSTEN-17BETA-OL-3-ONE 17-UNDECANOATE;4-ANDROSTEN-17-BETA-OL-3-ONE UNDECANOATE;17-[(1-oxoundecyl)oxy]-androst-4-en-3-one .Phenylpiracetam powder
CAS NO.: 5949-44-0

EINECS: 227-712-6

Assay: 98% min.

Molecular Formula: C30H48O3

Molecular weight: 456.70

Packing:1kg/tin, very discreet or as your requirment.

Character: White crystalline powder.

Specification: GMP, SGS, ISO, KOSHER,USP,BP

HS Code: 3004101900

Trade Mark:Cqsp

Customized: Non-Customized

Shipping: DHL, EMS, FedEx, UPS
Payment: Western Union, Moneygram, T/T, Bitcoin etc.
Delivery time: Parcel can be sent out within 24hours after your payment, 4~7 days to arrive.
Usage: Male hormone, for male sexual dysfunction, aplastic anemia

Testosterone undecanoate or testosterone undecylate is an ester of testosterone which is used for the treatment of male hypogonadism, and is currently under research for use as a male contraceptive, testosterone undecanoate is sold and distributed under the brand names Andriol, understor, nebido, pantestone, restandol.

Andriol is a version of the anabolic steroid testosterone undecanoatedeveloped by the pharmaceutical company organon, testosterone is said to enter the body as a fat through the lymphatic system, experience from user indicates that in dose of less than 240mg per day, effects are negligible, except at every onset of use, while even in higher dose, effects are still minimal, testosterone undecanoate is therefor thought that most of the steroid is somehow not making it into the blood stream.
Male hypogonadism is a clinical syndrome resulting from inadequate testosterone and/or sperm production from the testis. The presence and severity of the clinical manifestations of hypogonadism depend on the degree, duration, and timing of onset. A careful history, medication review, physical examination, and laboratory evaluation are essential to establish the diagnosis and underlying cause(s).Carphedon powder

The prevalence of hypogonadism is enriched in certain populations. A high index of suspicion is prudent regardless of symptoms if the following conditions are present:

End-stage renal disease requiring peritoneal dialysis or hemodialysis

Type 2 diabetes mellitus

Severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-associated wasting syndrome or lipodystrophy

Pituitary disease or prior sellar radiation/surgery

High risk medications, especially if use is prolonged (e.g., long-acting opioids, high-dose glucocorticoids)Causes of hypogonadism may be separated into diseases of the testis (primary), and diseases of the hypothalamic-pituitary axis (secondary). Diseases of the testis may be further subdivided into combined defects in hormone production and spermatogenesis, and isolated defects in spermatogenesis.

Either acute or chronic systemic illness including HIV, diabetes mellitus, cirrhosis, chronic renal, heart, and liver failure, chronic lung disease, anorexia nervosa, rheumatologic diseases, sickle cell disease, advanced cancer, protein-calorie malnutrition, alcoholism, etc., can cause both primary and secondary hypogonadism by multiple mechanisms.

Aging is not a cause of hypogonadism per se. Although serum testosterone levels decline with age, the decline is typically within the normal range. The increased incidence of hypogonadism in older men is largely attributed to the increased incidence of medical comorbidities.
The differential diagnosis of hypogonadism includes other disorders that may cause sexual dysfunction (poor libido, erectile dysfunction, disorders of orgasm or ejaculation) or infertility. Because many of the symptoms of hypogonadism are nonspecific, and many of these disorders can directly cause sexual dysfunction along with hypogonadism, a careful history is essential.
For Women with Ductal Carcinoma in Situ (DCIS) and Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer: Serious and life-threatening events associated with NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) in the risk reduction setting (women at high risk for cancer and women with DCIS) include uterine malignancies, stroke and pulmonary embolism. Incidence rates for these events were estimated from the NSABP P-1 trial (see CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY-Clinical Studies - Reduction in Breast Cancer Incidence In High Risk Women). Uterine malignancies consist of both endometrial adenocarcinoma (incidence rate per 1,000 women-years of 2.20 for NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) vs 0.71 for placebo) and uterine sarcoma (incidence rate per 1,000 women-years of 0.17 for NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) vs 0.4 for placebo)*. For stroke, the incidence rate per 1,000 women-years was 1.43 for NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) vs 1.00 for placebo**. For pulmonary embolism, the incidence rate per 1,000 women-years was 0.75 for NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) versus 0.25 for placebo**.9-Me-BC
Health care providers should discuss the potential benefits versus the potential risks of these serious events with women at high risk of breast cancer and women with DCIS considering NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer.

The benefits of NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) outweigh its risks in women already diagnosed with breast cancer.

*Updated long-term follow-up data (median length of follow-up is 6.9 years) from NSABP P-1 study. See WARNINGS: Effects on the Uterus-Endometrial Cancer and Uterine Sarcoma.

**See Table 3 under CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY-Clinical Studies.


NOLVADEX® (tamoxifen citrate) Tablets, a nonsteroidal antiestrogen, are for oral administration. NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) Tablets are available as:

10 mg Tablets

Each tablet contains 15.2 mg of tamoxifen citrate which is equivalent to 10 mg of tamoxifen.

20 mg Tablets

Each tablet contains 30.4 mg of tamoxifen citrate which is equivalent to 20 mg of tamoxifen.

Inactive Ingredients: carboxymethylcellulose calcium, magnesium stearate, mannitol and starch.

Chemically, NOLVADEX (tamoxifen citrate) is the trans-isomer of a triphenylethylene derivative. The chemical name is (Z)2-[4-(1,2-diphenyl-1-butenyl) phenoxy]-N, N-dimethylethanamine 2 hydroxy-1,2,3- propanetricarboxylate (1:1). The structural and empirical formulas are:
Testosterone is the main male sex hormone, but females also have small amounts of it. It is a steroid hormone, produced in men’s testicles and women’s ovaries. During puberty in boys, testosterone is one of the main drivers of physical changes like increased muscle, deeper voice and hair growth.PRL-8-53 powder

However, having optimal levels is also important throughout adulthood and even during old age. In adults, healthy levels are important for general health, disease risk, body composition, sexual function and just about everything else.

Additionally, increasing your testosterone levels can cause rapid gains in muscle mass and vitality in only a matter of weeks. Interestingly, it also plays an important role in female health and sexual well-being.

The research is pretty conclusive: both genders should ensure they have healthy levels of testosterone, especially as they age.

Here are 8 evidence-based ways to increase testosterone levels naturally.

1. Exercise and Lift Weights

Exercise is one of the most effective ways to prevent many lifestyle-related diseases. Interestingly, it can also boost your testosterone. A large review study found that people who exercised regularly had higher testosterone levels. In the elderly, exercise increases testosterone levels, fitness and reaction time. New research in obese men suggests that increased physical activity was even more beneficial than a weight loss diet for increasing testosterone levels. Resistance training, such as weight lifting, is the best type of exercise to boost testosterone in both the short- and long-term. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can also be very effective, although all types of exercise should work to some extent. Taking caffeine and creatine monohydrate as supplements may further boost your levels when combined with a training program.

Bottom Line: All forms of exercise may increase your testosterone levels. Weight lifting and high-intensity interval training are the most effective.

2. Eat Protein, Fat and Carbs

What you eat has a major impact on testosterone as well as other hormone levels. Therefore, you must pay attention to your long-term calorie intake and diet strategy. Constant dieting or overeating may disrupt your testosterone levels. Eating enough protein can help maintain healthy levels and aid in fat loss, which is also associated with your testosterone. Carb intake also plays a role, with research showing carbs can help optimize testosterone levels during resistance training.

However, research demonstrates that sufficient healthy fats are also beneficial for testosterone and health. A diet based mainly on whole foods is best, with a healthy balance of fat, protein and carbs. This can optimize both hormone levels and long-term health.

Bottom Line: Don’t overeat and don’t restrict calories too much for too long. Try to eat balanced amounts of carbs, fat and protein.

3. Minimize Stress and Cortisol Levels

Research is always highlighting the dangers of long-term stress, which can elevate levels of the hormone cortisol. Unnatural elevations in cortisol can quickly reduce testosterone. These hormones work in a seesaw-like manner: as one goes up, the other comes down. Stress and high cortisol can also increase food intake, weight gain and the storage of harmful body fat around your organs. In turn, these changes may negatively impact your testosterone levels. For both optimal health and hormone levels, you should try to reduce repetitive stressful situations in your life. Focus on a diet based on whole foods, regular exercise, good sleep, laughter and a balanced lifestyle, all of which can reduce stress and improve your health and testosterone levels.

Bottom Line: High levels of stress are bad for your long-term health and can reduce your testosterone levels.

4. Get Some Sun or Take a Vitamin D Supplement

Vitamin D is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular vitamins. Research has shown that it has various health benefits, and may also work as a natural testosterone booster. Despite its importance, nearly half of the US population is deficient in vitamin D, and an even higher percentage has sub-optimal levels.

A 12-month study found that supplementing with around 3,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day increased testosterone levels by around 25%. In the elderly, vitamin D and calcium also optimized testosterone levels, which led to a reduced risk of falling. To boost testosterone and reap the other benefits of vitamin D, try to get regular exposure to sunlight or take around 3,000 IU of a vitamin D3 supplement daily.

Bottom Line: Vitamin D3 supplements may boost testosterone levels, especially in the elderly and people who have low blood levels of vitamin D.
Testosterone levels in men have been linked to risks for cardiovascular disease, Parkinson's and even rheumatoid arthritis.DM-235 powder

And Medical News Today recently reported on a study focusing on ancient skulls that suggested early humans' breakthrough in tool-making 50,000 years ago coincided with a lowering of testosterone levels in our species.

The researchers from this latest study, led by Justin Carré of Nipissing University in Canada, say previous studies found that administering a single dose of testosterone in subjects influenced brain circuit function, though these studies were - surprisingly - carried out in women.

To investigate testosterone's effects on the brain's threat response in men, the team recruited 16 healthy young male volunteers. Focusing on brain structures involved in threat processing and aggressive behavior, such as the amygdala, hypothalamus and periaqueductal gray, the researchers had the men complete 2 test days during which they received either a placebo or testosterone.

"Understanding testosterone's effects on the brain activity patterns associated with threat and aggression may help us better understand the 'fight or flight' response in males that may be relevant to aggression and anxiety," says Dr. John Krystal, editor of Biological Psychiatry.During the testing days, the men received a drug that suppressed their own testosterone so as to ensure that all study participants had similar levels for the study. As such, any men who received testosterone only received enough to return their levels to the normal range.

Next, the men underwent a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) scan while completing a face-matching task.
Everybody wants to look fit and appealing to the eyes. The process of looking fit can be boosted, thanks to Dianabol powder. No need to feel depressed due to zero or no guidance at all. If you’re a newbie and don’t know much about working out or diet plans, now is the time to finally have what you were always deprived of. Dianabol powder boosts the synthesis of proteins by increasing the nitrogen retention levels. Whatever you eat, the medicine will help make portions of the consumed items and help the body to concentrate proteins into muscles. According to various doctors and researchers, the supplement start to make changes in your body within 7 to 10 days after consumption. Before taking the medicine, it is important to know the right portions of consumption resulting in lesser chances of suffering from any kind of side effects. Always feel free to consult with a specialist or an athlete before putting Dianabol inside your body.pinoline powder
Dianabol powder is among the very few medicines that can also be prepared at home after mixing up a few raw materials. Once again, it is always good to consult a specialist before taking matters in your own hands. Some of the prominent ingredients needed to create the powder are, grapeseed oil, benzyl alcohol, methandrostenolone powder, ethyl oleate, benzyl benzoate and a few other items such as sterile glass vial, beaker, thermometer and syringe and a sterile syringe filter. After you’ve managed to arrange all these raw materials, the next step is to know your quantities. It is very important to know the portions in ml so that you can easily mix things up before they are ready to consume.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cautions that prescription testosterone products are approved only for men who have low testosterone levels caused by certain medical conditions. The benefit and safety of these medications have not been established for the treatment of low testosterone levels due to aging, even if a man’s symptoms seem related to low testosterone. We are requiring that the manufacturers of all approved prescription testosterone products change their labeling to clarify the approved uses of these medications. We are also requiring these manufacturers to add information to the labeling about a possible increased risk of heart attacks and strokes in patients taking testosterone. Health care professionals should prescribe testosterone therapy only for men with low testosterone levels caused by certain medical conditions and confirmed by laboratory tests.N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid

Testosterone is FDA-approved as replacement therapy only for men who have low testosterone levels due to disorders of the testicles, pituitary gland, or brain that cause a condition called hypogonadism. Examples of these disorders include failure of the testicles to produce testosterone because of genetic problems, or damage from chemotherapy or infection. However, FDA has become aware that testosterone is being used extensively in attempts to relieve symptoms in men who have low testosterone for no apparent reason other than aging. The benefits and safety of this use have not been established.

In addition, based on the available evidence from published studies and expert input from an Advisory Committee meeting, FDA has concluded that there is a possible increased cardiovascular risk associated with testosterone use. These studies included aging men treated with testosterone. Some studies reported an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, or death associated with testosterone treatment, while others did not.

Based on our findings, we are requiring labeling changes for all prescription testosterone products to reflect the possible increased risk of heart attacks and strokes associated with testosterone use. Health care professionals should make patients aware of this possible risk when deciding whether to start or continue a patient on testosterone therapy. We are also requiring manufacturers of approved testosterone products to conduct a well-designed clinical trial to more clearly address the question of whether an increased risk of heart attack or stroke exists among users of these products. We are encouraging these manufacturers to work together on a clinical trial, but they are allowed to work separately if they so choose.
A massive police operation that involved Europe's police agency (Europol), the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), and Italian and Greek police led to the seizure of 24 tons of steroid powder, 234 arrests, the closure of nine underground labs, and the dismantling of 17 organized crime groups, Europol said Monday.Noopept powder
"This is the sort of multi-party collaboration that produces real results and can make a significant impact on the availability of counterfeit and illegal drugs used by some athletes globally," said Gunther Younger, intelligence director at WADA.
The operation stemmed from urine and blood tests carried out by WADA officials at various sports events, though the body did not specify when and where the tests were conducted.
Officials said some 1,000 individuals have since been reported for the production, use, and sale of performance-enhancing drugs, and 839 criminal cases have now been opened.WADA was influential in uncovering the complex trafficking system used to distribute the contraband drugs.
WADA said dealers used social media platforms to advertise their products. Non-professional athletes then used rechargeable credit cards and cryptocurrencies to purchase small amounts of the illicit drugs, which were distributed through gyms and online pharmacies.
The police operation, codenamed Viribus, was coordinated by Europol, led by Italy's Carabinieri and Greek police, and involved agents from Interpol, the Joint Research Center, and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).
Some 23 EU nations and 10 non-EU countries, including Colombia, Switzerland, and the United States, also participated in the operation that netted 3.8 million illegal medicines.The operation comes at a time when government agencies have taken a more active role in combating the scourge of performance-enhancing drugs in sports.
"Over the last 20 years, the worldwide trade in anabolic substances has increased significantly," Europol said.
Most recently, high-profile cases have included charges against Russian military intelligence officers in a case brought by the US Department of Justice, as well as accusations that the head of the international biathlon federation in Austria had covered up Russian doping.So many of the busts that have happened in the sports world for doping recently have only been possible because police have wiretapping ability and other investigative powers that normal anti-doping agencies and sports organizations don't have," said Max Cobb, president and CEO of the US Biathlon Association.
"We would like to congratulate all member states and other organizations that contributed to this successful operation," said WADA's Gunther Younger.
If you have been looking around the nootropics (smart drugs) community, you have invariably heard of noopept. It is one of the most popular compounds smart drug eunthusiasts use to increase their mental acuity. But what exactly is noopept? And what are the scientific benefits of the brain supplement, if any? In this article, we will go into explaining what noopept is, and what the benefits are. Noopept powder

Noopept is a dipeptide (a compound with two amino acids joined by a single peptide bond) that was synthesized to imitate the reactions of a vasopressin metabolite AVP(4-9) and piracetam. It’s currently marketed in Russia and other countries as a medication to treat cognitive decline and disorders due to age. In the United States, it is sold as supplement and a prescription is not necessary to obtain noopept.

Although noopept has been shown to produce cognitive improvements in those showing age-related declines, no large-scale studies have been done to show cognitive improvements on healthy humans (who do not have cognitive decline). However, anecdotal evidence and studies done on animals does suggest various cognitive enhancements in healthy adults who do not have cognitive impairments.

Many people who take noopept cite that the drug has the most benefits and the least side effects of the many nootropics they have tried. The benefits of taking noopept include:

Improved recall speed of memories
Improved quality of memory recall
Improved mental energy. People on noopept experience a lack of brain fog that some other nootropics cause
Improved attention and focus, include the ability to concentrate longer
Noopept has neuroprotective properties, by protecting neurons from being damaged
Communication of neurons and sypnapses are improved and thus the different parts of the brain are able to communciate quicker
Increased oxygen to the brain, which is believe to promote mental clarity
The ability to absorb information better
Although its reactions are similar to those of the racetam family, it is found to be 1000 more potent
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