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The process of zinc die casting is highly popular for making parts in building and industrial fields, but its most common application is in automotive industry. In fact, cars have different parts that can be crafted through die casting, so much so that the modern process of die casting originally started for automotive industry.aluminum die casting manufacturer

With casting process there is often no need of further machining after casting: not only its accuracy is up to 99.8%, but casted products also can be used raw, since they have a pleasant finish. Zinc die casting usage is almost 28% in automotive industry, followed by building and hardware sectors.

Zinc has become one of the most important metals in automotive parts industry, especially for products like door lock housing, pawls, retractor gears and pulleys in seat belt system, but also for the camshaft and sensor components. By using this metal and its alloys, it is possible to reach a strength, ductility and malleability that will not be possible with other materials.

Moreover, zinc can be the right choice to obtain high quality aesthetic components, with strict tolerances impossible to achieve with other materials, and to obtain embossing and grooves for mechanical or gear components.
As said before, automotive industry is the most common application of die casting: by using zinc and its alloys is possible to produce components capable of reaching high aesthetic quality , with strict and narrow tolerances for shapes morphology. Zinc alloy is also used for plating purposes because of its many benefits, such as enhancing the already impressive anti-corrosion zinc properties.

A380 is the most popular metal choice for aluminum die casting. Because it offers the best combination of mechanical and physical properties, A380 provides several advantages:

Retain high dimensional stability with thin walls and complex shapes
Corrosion resistant
Good mechanical properties
High thermal and electrical conductivity
High strength—even at high temperatures
For more information on the physical and mechanical properties of Die Cast Aluminum Alloy A380, register to download the NADCA data sheet from our DC2 Library by clicking HERE.aluminum die casting alloys

With 10 aluminum casting machines, ranging from 300 to 800 tons of locking force, CWM can produce parts in a range of sizes from 0.75′ x 0.75″ to 18” x 18″.

Aluminum die casting is used frequently in the automotive industry, as a durable, lightweight alternative to steel and iron. Its electrical and thermal conductivity properties make it well suited for the telecommunications and computer industries. And, its dimensional stability and mechanical properties make aluminum the metal of choice for a wide variety of industries and their parts.

The die casting process is versatile for producing engineered metal parts by forcing molten metal under high pressure into reusable steel molds. These molds, called dies, can be designed to produce complex shapes with a high degree of accuracy and repeat-ability. Parts can be sharply defined, with smooth or textured surfaces, and are suitable for a wide variety of attractive and serviceable finishes.aluminum die casting

Die castings are among the highest volume, mass-produced items manufactured by the metalworking industry, and they can be found in thousands of consumer, commercial, and industrial products. Die cast parts are important components of products ranging from automobiles to toys. Parts can be as simple as a sink faucet or as complex as a connector housing.

The die casting process (video below) has evolved from the original low-pressure injection method to techniques including high-pressure casting- at forces exceeding 4500 pounds per square inch- squeeze casting and semi-solid die casting. These modern processes are capable of producing high integrity, near net-shape castings with excellent surface finishes.
Die Casting is an efficient, economical process offering a broader range of shapes and components than any other manufacturing technique. Parts have long service life and may be designed to complement the visual appeal of the surrounding part. Designers can gain a number of advantages and benefits by specifying die cast parts.

High Speed Production: Die casting provides complex shapes within closer tolerances than many other mass production processes. Little or no machining is required and thousands of identical castings can be produced before additional tooling is required.
Dimensional Accuracy and Stability: Die casting produces parts that are durable and dimensionally stable, while maintaining close tolerances. They are also heat resistant.
Strength and Weight: Die cast parts are stronger than plastic injection moldings having the same dimensions. Thin wall castings are stronger and lighter than those possible with other casting methods. Plus, because the die castings do not consist of separate parts welded or fastened together, the strength is that of the alloy rather than the joining process.
Multiple Finishing Techniques: Die cast parts can be produced with smooth or textured surfaces, and they are easily plated or finished with a minimum of surface preparation.

UNIVERSAL CD SLOT CAR MOUNT; Forget cheap holder mounts with awkward mounting screws, our clever Universal CD Slot Mount is perfect for mounting cell phones or mobile GPS devices up to 6.3-inch, for easy navigation end hands-free use!Wireless Charger on car
Our Mount securely holds most popular Apple and Android devices with standard cases & covers up to 3.62″ wide and 0.5″ depth.
CD MOUNT: transforms car or boat CD player slots into a convenient dash mounting point, with a 360 degree angled head for easy support, perfect viewing angle, and hands-free device. Does not support Multi-CD Changer.
UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY (All smartphones up to 6.5″): Compatible with iPhone X, XS, MAX, 8, 8 Plus, 7, Plus. 6S plus SC, 5, 4, iPod touch, Samsung Galaxy all models, Google pixel, Huawei, LG, Sony, Motorola Droid Razor, Maxx, Nokia & Lumia 920. HTC One X, S, M, BlackBerry and all smartphones up to 6.3.
ONE TOUCH REMOVAL; easily secures the bottom and sides of your device with cushioned plastic holders, creating the best high grip auto dashboard cradle that can be quickly removed with our easy one-touch release button!

Using your iPhone or Android in the car is so much more convenient with a Car Phone Mount. This device is great for users that use their phone as a navigation system, entertainment center, or hands-free communication device. Strong, phone mounts that go on your dashboard help make life much easier. Many people like ABC News have given great insights on which car mounts are best. Today, I am going to show you the best car phone mount!Car Mobile Phone holder Charger

Below is a list of some excellent options for universal car mounts, and trust me, there’s no shortage of choices out there for every taste and budget. I will show you the best car phone mounts! A car phone mount is designed to hold your device in the optimum position for safe viewing of the screen while driving. They often attach onto your air conditioning vent or have a rubber suction pad for attaching to the windscreen. Universal window and Dashboard mounts increase drivers safety while also making it convenient to use your phone for features like navigation, music, or hands-free calling.
Besides a durable design, there are a few features you should look for in one of these car phone mounts. One is the ability to rotate your phone. Many users want to use their phone horizontally but many people want to use their phone vertically. You should have the ability to use either. Sometimes, it is helpful to put your phone sideways when using google maps but it may be easier to use a vertical setup to play music. Rotating your smartphone can help you to find your ideal viewing angle.

Also, be sure to check to make sure the product is durable. Many plastic models can’t withstand daily wear and tear easily. Look for a car phone mount that is strong and made of durable materials so you don’t end up having to buy another car phone holder in the near future. Below, I show some the iOttie Phone Mount and it’s durable design.Another feature to look for in a car mount is the ease of installation. Most car mounts are easy to install which is nice. My general rule of thumb is that it should take you less than three minutes to install a car mount and it shouldn’t require any tools. Some models are easier to install than others but most products I have tested pass my three minute installation rule. You should also look for a car mount in which it’s easy to attach and detach your phone. The devil is in the details. Some inferior products make you wiggle and fidget with the mount to take your phone off. This is not very convenient for important, time-sensitive people who are on the go. I recommend looking for a product that allows for easy phone attachment and detachment. These are a few of the important features for a Car Mount in 2019. Here is a bulleted list of features.

WE love a good manicure: something about having gorgeous, shiny nails makes us feel ready to handle anything, whether it’s a shrieking toddler or an intimidating job interview.

But in our increasingly busy lives, finding time to get our gel manicures done in the salon can be tricky and expensive.With these top nail lamps, professional-looking manicures – that last – have never been easier to achieve at home, on your sofa, in your PJs.mini electric nail drill

Gel manicures, which last two to three weeks, are fab since you can find virtually any colour you’re after in a gel nail polish shade.The nail polish just needs to be painted on before its cured under a UV or LED nail lamp – a LED lamp can cure gel polish in under 45 seconds, while a UV lamps take two or three minutes.

UV lamps contain the same light you’ll find in the sun or a tanning bed, and have a bad rap as a result: if you purchase a UV nail lamp to use at home, wearing fingerless gloves or high-protection SPF on your hands is recommended to minimise skin ageing or damage.

LED lamps also emit UV radiation, so it makes sense to protect your hands in the same way if you’re using one of them.

You can make your at-home mani work in just three steps with one of these nail lamps and you can watch Netflix throughout the whole process. Bliss.One of the leading brands in nail care, the Mylee Pro is the home lamp you’re likeliest to find in your local nail bar.

It’s designed to cure nails super-quick – like 15-second quick – thanks to its Innovative Convex Technology, and it comes with a detachable tray which means it can handle at-home pedicures, too.

The LED bulbs are positioned to ensure even light distribution, and there are three timer pre-sets for 15, 30 and 60-second cures.

It’s compatible with all your fave gel nail brands, like OPI, Essie, Gelish and CND Shellac, and it even comes with UK, US and EU plugs for easy travel portability.

Gel nail polish has been around since the eighties, but it is really in the last decade that the treatment has been making significant waves in the industry. A key player in the rise of the gel manicure is the home kit, which is improving year-on-year.uv gel nail dryer lamps

They offer a great alternative to those unable to justify spending at least £25 on a new set of nails every month – plus the extra £10 to have them removed once they chip.

Nail artist and author Sophie Harris-Greenslade, whose Instagram page The Illustrated Nail has over 73.9k followers, said: “When applying each layer of base coat, gel colour polish and top coat, always remember to seal the tip of the nail aka ‘the free edge’ with a slick of gel polish as this is where it chips the most. You should always apply your gel in thin, even coats as if you apply too much it can bubble under the lamp and look unsightly. It’s also more likely to last when not applied too thickly.
The removal process needs to be equally as thorough. Sophie urges people never to pick the gel from the nail as it can cause long-lasting damage. Instead, she suggests soaking the nails for 30 minutes in nail polish remover on cotton pads wrapped in foil, which adds a little pressure and traps heat to help the polish dissolve faster. Normal nail polish remover will work, but some kits provide acetone, which is stronger and more effective.

The kits on our list were all tested by women aged 20 to 60-years-old over a period of three weeks. Ease of use, quality of polish and long-lasting results were the focus. While the results were good, with gel mostly staying glossy and in tact for between two and three weeks, do not expect the finish to be as refined as a salon manicure or pedicure. Nail novices will need to practice at least ten times before achieving a decent finish.

You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice.This revenue helps us to fund journalism across The Independent.
Bluesky & Mylee are both tried and tested salon brands that have collaborated to produce this kit, suitable for both professionals and home users. It comes with four Bluesky gel polishes, as well as top coat, base coat, LED lamp, remover, lint free wipes to clean the nails without leaving behind any fibres and the Prep & Wipe fluid, which sanitises the nail plate and assists the adhesion of the gel colour to your nail plate.

Of all the kits, this provides the best finish in terms of the quality of the nail varnish colour and the overall shine. The instructions are incredibly easy to follow and the LED lamp is by far the most superior, with three timer settings – 15, 30 and 60 seconds – and enough width – 20.5cm – for extra wide feet to fit comfortably. The best feature is the convex curing technology, which allows all five fingers to be treated together thus saving more time.

Once the nails are buffed and prepped, the base coat, colour and top coat can be applied, requiring just 15 seconds each under the lamp, before the sticky top layer is removed with the prep and wipe fluid. The four colours – nude, pink, red, black – suit most people’s preferences and result in a glossy, thick finish that stays looking good for three weeks. The kit also comes with removal liquid and pads.

The only downside is that you can’t use regular polish, but you can take your pick of any gel nail brand from Shellac to Gelish and OPI as they are all compatible with this kit.

If you paint nails, then at some point, you will need a way to dry the gel polish. There are several traditional ways you can use to dry other nail polish. However, my experience has shown that with gel polish, the best results are achieved if you use a nail lamp. Otherwise, the polish will just chip off the nails. Now, I’m my review: “The best 5 nail lamps – LED & UV Nail Lamps Review of The Best Nail Curing Lamps You Can Rely On“, there is one thing I left out – a nail lamp buying guide. That is how to choose a curing lamp that will give you the best results for your manicure or pedicure.gel nail varnish uv lamp

Therefore, this nail lamp buying guide will address the main factors you should consider when buying a curing lamp for drying your gels (nail paint). The list here may not be exhaustive, but trust me, these 7 factors are probably the most important. So, without any further ado, lets discuss these factors one by one.

The gel polishes you use will either be LED or UV. Basically, the difference has to do with the types of photo-initiators used in manufacturing the gel polish and how these photo-initiators react to curing light. If this sounds technical to you, do not worry, you can read the full explanation of how LED and UV gels cure and the main differences between them in the review referenced above (link opens in new Tab, so you can finish reading this article).

When it comes to nail lamps, we currently have three types namely:(1) UV nail lamp, (2) LED nail lamp and (3) Mixed UV LED Nail Lamps (SMART nail lamps).

LED lamps only cure LED specific gel polish brands where as a UV lamp will cure most gel polishes. This means, you can use LED polish with a UV nail lamp but you can only use UV polish if you have a UV nail lamp, as you cannot cure them with a LED lamp.

However, there is a new technology on the block. This technology it called the double light emitting bulbs/beads. This technology has led to the development of what we call SMART LED UV nail lamps. These nail lamps have light beads which emit curing light that covers a wide range on UV light band. This enables the lamp to cure all kinds of gel nails without you having to worry about distinguishing them. With this smart nail dryer, your choice of gel polish is no longer dictated by the type of lamp you have at home. In addition, these smart lamps combine the best of both LED and UV curing lamps.

Like so many old-house details, the picket fence has roots planted squarely in utility: Colonists built them to keep chickens in the yard and to protect the garden. Then, as they are wont to do, the carpenters came along and, armed with pattern books, started introducing new details to the wood parts.modern picket fence designs

What you and I know as the picket is actually a paling—a flat board with a decorative or squared top that gets face-nailed to horizontal rails between posts. So what’s a picket? That would be a 1½-inch squared stake with a pointed or round top that became popular during the Greek Revival period. Both were, and still are, homeowner favorites, and for good reason: They come in enough different styles to suit any house, from formal to casual. Today, they’re all called pickets.

When you start looking for a picket fence, you’ll find that wood isn’t the only choice. There are a growing number of low-maintenance options like vinyl, cellular PVC, metal, and composites. But if it’s a custom look you’re after, wood still offers the greatest number of picket shapes and styles, and it can be stained any color.

From shopping advice to design inspiration, here’s what you need to land the perfect picket fence.

Shown: a row of white pickets marks the front yard’s boundary while allowing views from the street and the porch.What do they cost? Depending on style and species, 3½-foot-tall panels of wood pickets run $3.40 to $50 per linear foot, not including installation. Vinyl or aluminum versions cost $5 to $12.60.

Are they DIY-friendly? A skilled homeowner can install a fence on a flat lawn, but hire a pro to handle the job on sloped turf.

How much maintenance? Two coats of a solid-color stain should last 5 to 10 years. Gates should be checked annually and adjusted to keep them plumb in the opening.

How tall should they be? A fence 3 to 4 feet tall makes for a nice barrier from the street. For fences enclosing a pool, code requires a minimum height of 4 feet.

The White House is getting a taller fence as part of security improvements beginning this summer for the perimeter of the grounds.

Crews will replace the fence with a structure that will be about 13 feet tall, an increase of about five feet. The changes are intended to keep out intruders after the arrests of several people who have tried to scale the fence in recent years.plastic fence products

The Secret Service and the National Park Service, which maintains the White House grounds, received final approval in 2017 from the U.S. Commission of Fine Arts and National Capital Planning Commission to move forward with building what officials called a “tougher, taller and stronger” fence.

Thomas Luebke, secretary of the fine arts commission, said the new fence is “not that different from what’s there now, but it’s a great increase in scale.”The White House, a National Historic Landmark, sits on about 18 acres in downtown Washington, while the history of its fence dates to the 1800s.

When President Thomas Jefferson occupied the executive mansion, a low stone wall surrounded the area. In the early 1800s, a rail-style wooden fence was installed, followed years later by a wrought iron fence. It was altered in the early 1900s to be about six feet tall.

For much of the past century, the metal fence has stayed about six feet in height — on top of a two-foot stone wall — but after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it received security enhancements, including spikes at the top.

The fence is about 3,500 feet long and is constructed along Pennsylvania Avenue NW to the north, East Executive and West Executive avenues NW to the east and west, and E Street NW to the south.

The current stone wall and metal fence — at a height of about eight feet — will be replaced by a fence that will be about 13 feet high. It will include an 18-inch, aboveground stone base at the bottom, a 10-foot, 7-inch metal fence and a one-foot-tall “anti-climb feature” at the top.

The new fence, according to the planning commission, will meet “contemporary security standards while recognizing the historic and symbolic importance of the White House and the surrounding grounds.”

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