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Cetilistat (also known as ATL-962) was approved in September 2013 by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare for the treatment of obesity, limited to patients with both type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and dyslipidemia, and with a body mass index (BMI)25 kg/m2 in spite of dietary treatment and/or exercise therapy. As with orlistat, cetilistat works via inhibition of pancreatic lipases in the gut to inhibit fat absorption and thereby reduce caloric uptake from diet. The medicinal chemistry program has not been described in the scientific literature, but the patent describing cetilistat also describes the synthesis of analogs with varied aryl substituents and lipophilic tails. The synthesis of cetilistat involves condensation of a hexadecylcarbonochloridate with 2-amino-5-methylbenzoic acid; other analogs were synthesized by varying the carbonochloridate and 2-aminobenzoic acid components. Cetilistat is a potent inhibitor of human and rat pancreatic lipase with IC50s of 15 and 136 nM, respectively, with little inhibition of trypsin or chymotrypsin.
English name: Phenethyl caffeate
Alias: Caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE)
English alias Phenethyl caffeiate; 3,4-Dihydroxy-trans-cinnamic acid phenethyl ester
Product Name: Caffeic acid phenylethyl
CAS No.: 115610-29-2
Molecular Formula: C17H16O4
Molecular Weight: 284.30700

Propolis has a wide range of plant sources, and its chemical composition is extremely complex. So far, more than 20 chemical components have been identified from propolis and more than 300 types, including flavonoids, phenolic acids, decanoic acids, steroids, and amino acids. Classes and other substances. Caffeic acid phenethylester (CAPE) has been identified as one of the main active components in propolis, and many biological activities of propolis are related to CAPE. Therefore, CAPE is a hot topic in the study of active ingredients of foreign propolis in recent years.Phenethyl caffeate
The CAPE structure contains a strong antioxidant catechol structure. Sudina's experiments showed that CAPE can completely block the production of active oxidants in neutrophils at 10 μM, blocking the xanthine oxidase system. Moreover, it was found that propolis containing CAPE has stronger antioxidant activity than CAPE, and CAPE activity is stronger than that of another important component of propolis, galangal, indicating that CAPE is an important component of antioxidant activity. . Ozytlrt et al. studied the antioxidant activity of propolis extracts against acute kidney injury in rats, indicating that the antioxidant effect of propolis extracts is better than VE, and CAPE is one of the main components. The effect of CAPE on lipid peroxides in burned rat serum was found to be that CAPE can reduce SOD consumption by eliminating active oxidizing substances and inhibiting the activity of xanthine oxidase (X0) and NOS, thus playing an antioxidant role. .
Anti-inflammatory effect
Studies have shown that propolis ethanol extract containing CAPE can inhibit carrageenan-induced adjuvant arthritis, pleurisy, and rat paw edema. Extracts that do not contain CAPE have no such activity, suggesting that CAPE is anti-inflammatory. The main component of the effect. In addition, CAPE can inhibit the production of NO. N0 is a free radical produced by iNOS to catalyze the production of L-arginine. Excessive NO can cause damage to the body, and in autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and ulcerative colon. Inflammation and NO synthesis in systemic lupus erythematosus increase. Yun et al. reported that CAPE can inhibit the increase of N0 induced by LPS + IFN-γ, mainly due to the inhibition of iNOS gene by CAPE acting on the NF-kB locus of the iNOS promoter and directly inhibiting the catalytic activity of iNOS activity. Transcription, so CAPE can inhibit the expression of NOS gene and play an anti-inflammatory role. In addition, Michaluart et al. and Mirzoeva et al. reported that CAPE can also inhibit the synthesis of prostaglandin (PG) and leukotrienes. PG is produced by catalysis of arachidonic acid (AA) under COX. There are two isoforms of C0X. It is COX-1 and OX-2, and PG plays an important role in the formation of inflammation. CAPE acts by inhibiting the release of arachidonic acid from the cell membrane and inhibiting the activity of COX-1 and COX-2. Antioxidant effect.
Anti-tumor effect
Propolis contains CAPE, quercetin, isoprenyl esters, rosarylin, ganoderma, and terpenes, polysaccharides and other substances that have anticancer activity, can inhibit tumor cell proliferation, and have a certain toxic effect on cancer cells. , And CAPE has a specific lethal effect on tumor cells. Jeng et al. believe that CAPE is involved in the induction of natural cell death and cytotoxicity to malignant lesions. CAPE can be improved at a very small concentration by the tumor factor (12-O-tetradecanoyl-pyritol-13- Acid ester) induced inflammatory reaction. Frenkel et al. demonstrated the probability of occurrence through animal testing and confirmed that it can effectively suppress foreign carcinogens. Li et al. showed that CAPE had better inhibitory activity on HL 60, Bel 7402 and He1a tumor cells, and the inhibition rate reached 56. 05 %, 48 . 78% and 56. 05 %. Chen et al. showed that the IC50 concentration of CPAE on HL-60 cells was 1. 0 μ M , 5 . 0 μ M and 1 . 5 μM inhibits the synthesis of DNA, RNA, and protein, respectively. Studies at home and abroad have shown that CAPE in propolis has a very strong effect on melanoma, colon cancer, and gastric cancer cell lines, and exhibits the characteristics of inhibiting cancer cells.
purity: 99.5%
Molecular formula: C20H21F3N4O
Molecular weight: 390.4
Appearance: White powder
Grade: Pharmaceutical grade
Payment:T/T, Western Union and Money Gram
Delivery:Within 24hours After Your Payment
Express: EMS, DHL, FedEx, etc(door-to-door)
1.A new drug designed to boost sexual desire in women is controversial for some and eagerly awaited by others, but it's hit a potentially serious snag. The drug didn't boost women's desire any more than a placebo in two clinical trials.

2.Flibanserin Hydrochloride powder is a Medical being studied as a non-hormonal treatment for pre-menopausal Female with lacking libido, or a lack of sexual desire. Studies show that about 10-20% of women face hypoactive sexual desire disorder and some say HSDD outnumbers men with sexual problems.Flibanserin is Non-Hormonal, it has no problems associated with other hormonal treatments such as a negative altered mood among other issues.

Product Introduction:

1.November 16, 2009 annual meeting of the European Sexual Medicine Center noted that aftertaking the drug, the number of female sexual life increased by 60%, and the status of their sex life satisfaction. At the same time, they also feel the pressure of their own sex lifeis reduced. The drugs can directly stimulate sexual pleasure area of the brain to adjust toproduce sexual desire in vivo chemical hormone levels.

2.Flibanserin is a novel, non-hormonal drug that has been studied in clinical trials for the treatment of HSDD in premenopausal and postmenopausal women. The application submitted to the FDA is for premenopausal women. Flibanserin is believed to work on key neurotransmitters, or chemicals, in the brain that affect sexual desire.

3.More specifically, it is thought that flibanserin corrects an imbalance of levels of these neurotransmitters by increasing dopamine and norepinephrine (both responsible for sexual excitement) and decreasing serotonin (responsible for sexual inhibition). In clinical studies, flibanserin was evaluated for its ability to increase the frequency of satisfying sexual events, increase the intensity of sexual desire and decrease the associated distress women feel from its loss.

Pharmaceutical Raw Powder Flibanserin for Treating of Women Hsdd 167933-07-5
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Tianeptine has strong antidepressant and anxiolytic properties with a relative lack of sedative, anticholinergic and cardiovascular adverse effects, thus suggesting it is particularly suitable for use in elderly patients and in those following alcohol withdrawal; such patients can be more sensitive to the adverse effects of psychotropic drugs. Recent interesting results indicate anticonvulsant and analgesic activity of tianeptine and its possible interaction with adenosine A1 receptors.Tianeptine sodium salt

Tianeptine is neuroprotective via multiple neurochemical and cellular mechanisms. In theory, tianeptine's neuroprotective action makes it a potential life-extension drug. When an organism is under stress, or perceives itself under stress, the hypothalamus secretes corticotropin-releasing hormone/factor (CRH/CRF). CRH/CRF in turn increases secretion of adrenocorticotrophic hormone (ACTH) from the anterior pituitary. ACTH in turn stimulates the release of glucocorticoids from the adrenal cortex. Persistent, uncontrolled physical and psychosocial stress causes excess cortisol secretion from the adrenal glands. Excess cortisol causes dendritic shrinkage in the hippocampus and a contrasting growth of dendrites in the lateral amygdala. These stress-induced changes tend to lower mood; they can cause clinical depression in the genetically vulnerable. Current evidence suggests that tianeptine acts to prevent and even reverse stress-induced neural damage, promoting both neuronal survival and synaptic plasticity.
Product Categories: Intermediates & Fine Chemicals;Pharmaceuticals;Heterocycles;Sulfur & Selenium Compounds;Stablon, Coaxil, Tatinol;API;Inhibitors
Melting point : 1800C
Storage temp. : Desiccate at RT
Chemical Properties : White to Yellowish Powder
Usage : Tricyclic compound with psychostimulant, anti-ulcer and anti-emetic properties. Antidepressant
Usage : Tianeptine (INN) (Stablon, Coaxil, Tatinol) is a selective serotonin reuptake enhancer (SSRE) drug used for treating major depressive episodes (mild, moderate, or severe).
Tianeptine Sodium is primarily used for its mood boosting and anti-anxiety properties. This substance also has nootropic abilities in regards to individuals whose cognition is negatively impacted by mood disorders. It has the ability to improve focus and concentration in individuals who have poor attention spans as well.Nootropics Powder

Depressive illness devastates millions of lives. Tianeptine is a neuroprotective antidepressant that reverses the neuronal damage and lasting misery caused by chronic, uncontrolled stress. Tianeptine acts both as a non-sedating anti-anxiety agent and a non-stimulating mood-brightener. Uniquely in clinical medicine, tianeptine acts as a selective serotonin reuptake enhancer. Its puzzling efficacy as an antidepressant illustrates how little modern psychiatric medicine really understands about mind, mood and depression.
Tianeptine is chemically a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA), but it has different pharmacological properties than typical TCAs as recent research suggests that tianeptine produces its antidepressant effects through indirect alteration of glutamate receptor activity (i.e., AMPA receptors and NMDA receptors) and release of BDNF, in turn affecting neural plasticity.
Tianeptine shows efficacy against serious depressive episodes (major depression), comparable to amitriptyline, imipramine and fluoxetine, but with significantly fewer side effects. It was shown to be more effective than maprotiline in a group of people with co-existing depression and anxiety. Tianeptine also displays significant anxiolytic properties and is useful in treating a spectrum of anxiety disorders including panic disorder, as evidenced by a study in which those administered 35% CO2 gas (carbogen) on paroxetine or tianeptine therapy showed equivalent panic-blocking effects. Like many antidepressants (including bupropion, the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, the serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors, moclobemide and numerous others) it may also have a beneficial effect on cognition in people with depression-induced cognitive dysfunction.

Tianeptine sodium salt is a drug used primarily in the treatment of major depressive disorder, although it may also be used to treat asthma or irritable bowel syndrome. Chemically it is a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA), but it has different pharmacological properties than typical TCAs as recent research suggests that tianeptine produces its antidepressant effects through indirect alteration of glutamate receptor activity (i.e., AMPA receptors and NMDA receptors) and release of BDNF, in turn affecting neural plasticity.
Tianeptine has antidepressant and anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties with a relative lack of sedative, anticholinergic and cardiovascular adverse effects, thus suggesting it is particularly suitable for use in the elderly and in those following alcohol withdrawal; such persons can be more sensitive to the adverse effects of psychotropic drugs. Recent results indicate possible anticonvulsant (anti-seizure) and analgesic (painkilling) activity of tianeptine via immediate or downstream modulation of adenosine A1 receptors (as the effects could be experimentally blocked by antagonists of this receptor).
Some people may be willing to shell out thousands of dollars for their dream wedding dress. Others get creative and source their inspiration straight from, well, the restroom.

The 15th Annual Toilet Paper Contest, recently held by Charm Weddings and Quilted Northern, brought together some of the most extravagant and ingenious designs you didn't know toilet paper could create.
Hosted by Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta's Monte Durham, design guru Jeremiah Brent, fashion editor Zanna Roberts Rassi and Trading Spaces' Paige Davis, the annual contest found a winner in South Carolina resident Mimoza Haska and awarded her $10,000 for her "Celestial Rose" dress. The mom-of-two used 48 rolls of Quilted Northern Ultra Plush toilet paper to beat out 1500 other dresses.

Haska, whose fishnet-inspired halter neck dress was the favorite amongst 11 other top finalists, has a particular knack for crochet.

“The technique I use is very strong because the strips of toilet paper are created a little harder by glue, so they actually are as strong, if not stronger than a regular thread,” she said in an interview of the gown, which took 400 hours to make.eisenge
Seperti dilansir laman American Academy of Dermatology meskipun kulit berminyak dapat menyumbat pori-pori dan menyebabkan peningkatan jerawat, namun kulit berminyak juga memiliki banyak manfaat. Minyak membantu menjaga kulit, dan orang-orang dengan kulit berminyak cenderung memiliki kulit lebih tebal dan lebih sedikit kerutan. Kuncinya adalah untuk mencapai keseimbangan antara memiliki terlalu banyak minyak dan menjaga kelembaban alami kulit Anda.pelembab untuk kulit berminyak
Merawat kulit berminyak seringkali mengharuskan seseorang menjadikan perawatan kulit rutin sebagai kebiasaan. Berikut beberapa perawatan rumah terbaik yang bisa Anda lakukan untuk kulit berminyak.
1. Mencuci muka secara teratur

Menurut laman Medical News Today mencuci muka secara teratur dapat mengurangi jumlah minyak pada kulit. Metode berikut disarankan untuk mencuci kulit berminyak.
- Cucilah wajah dengan sabun lembut dan air hangat.
- Hindari sabun dengan wewangian, pelembab tambahan, atau bahan kimia keras, yang dapat mengiritasi atau mengeringkan kulit.
- Hindari loofah dan waslap kasar, karena menambahkan gesekan dapat merangsang kulit untuk membuat lebih banyak minyak.
- Jika ini tidak efektif, beberapa produk perawatan jerawat dapat membantu. Produk-produk ini mengandung asam yang dapat mengatasi kulit berminyak, seperti, asam salisilat, asam glikolat, asam beta-hidroksi, benzoil peroksida.
Cucilah wajah Anda setiap pagi, sore, dan setelah berolahraga. Saat mencuci, tahan godaan untuk menggosok kulit Anda - bahkan untuk menghilangkan make up. Menggosok muka dapat mengiritasi kulit Anda, yang dapat membuatnya terlihat lebih buruk.
2. Jangan pilih produk perawatan kulit yang berlabel "bebas minyak" dan "noncomedogenic”
Saat memilih produk perawatan kulit, hindari produk yang berlabel "bebas minyak" dan "noncomedogenic.” Hal ini berarti bahwa produk yang memiliki label ini - termasuk pembersih, pelembab dan makeup - tidak akan menyumbat pori-pori Anda atau menyebabkan jerawat.
3. Gunakan toner

Toner astringent yang mengandung alkohol cenderung mengeringkan kulit. Namun, menurut sebuah studi 2014, astringen alami, seperti witch hazel, dapat memiliki sifat menenangkan kulit.
Witch hazel memiliki kandungan tanin yang tinggi yang menjadikannya zat alami dan anti-inflamasi. Banyak orang dengan kulit berminyak menggunakan witch hazel sebagai satu-satunya toner mereka.
Pada beberapa orang, toner astringen alami dapat membuat pori-pori yang membesar tampak lebih kecil dan menghilangkan sedikit produk atau makeup yang dapat menyumbat pori-pori.
Namun, produk ini mungkin tidak berfungsi untuk semua orang. Beberapa mungkin menemukan bahwa wajah mereka kesemutan atau gatal ketika menggunakan toner astringent. Jika ini terjadi, itu mungkin tanda iritasi yang dapat menyebabkan lebih banyak produksi sebum.
4. Tepuk-tepuk wajah sampai kering

Saat mengeringkan wajah setelah mencuci dan menggunakan toner, Anda harus menepuk-nepuk kulit dengan handuk lembut.
Ini harus dilakukan dengan hati-hati. Tidak disarankan untuk menarik kulit dengan handuk, atau menggunakan kain lap kasar, karena dapat merangsang kulit untuk membuat lebih banyak sebum.
5. Gunakan kertas blotting atau kertas minyak untuk wajah

Banyak perusahaan membuat kertas blotting atau kertas minyak untuk wajah yang dirancang khusus untuk menyerap minyak dari kulit.
Kertas blotting tidak akan mengobati produksi sebum di kulit, tetapi mereka dapat digunakan untuk mengangkat minyak berlebih dari kulit sepanjang hari untuk membuatnya tidak tampak mengkilap.

6. Gunakan masker wajah

Masker wajah tertentu mungkin bermanfaat untuk merawat kulit berminyak. Ini mungkin mengandung bahan-bahan seperti,
- Tanah liat. Masker yang mengandung mineral seperti smectite atau bentonite dapat menyerap minyak dan mengurangi tingkat kemilau kulit dan sebum tanpa mengiritasi kulit. Gunakan hanya sesekali untuk mencegah kulit mengering, dan oleskan pelembab lembut sesudahnya.
- Sebuah studi 2011 melaporkan bahwa madu mentah alami memiliki kualitas antibakteri dan antiseptik. Masker wajah madu 10 menit dapat mengurangi jerawat dan kulit berminyak sambil menjaga kulit tetap lembut.
- Masker yang mengandung oatmeal koloid dapat membantu membersihkan kulit, seperti yang disarankan dalam penelitian tahun 2014. Oat mengandung saponin pembersih, antioksidan, dan senyawa anti-inflamasi yang lembut yang dapat menenangkan kulit yang teriritasi.

7. Oleskan pelembab
Sementara banyak orang dengan kulit berminyak menghindari pelembab karena takut kulit mereka akan terlihat lebih berminyak, namun menggunakan pelembab yang tepat justru dapat menguntungkan jenis kulit ini.
Untuk orang-orang dengan kulit yang sangat berminyak, pelembab bebas minyak dapat membantu menjaga kulit tetap lembab dan terlindungi, tanpa terasa berminyak.
Sebuah studi tahun 2014 menunjukkan bahwa lidah buaya bisa menjadi pelembab yang baik untuk merawat jerawat dan kulit berminyak.
Senyawa tertentu dalam lidah buaya dapat memiliki efek menenangkan alami pada kulit. Studi tersebut mencatat bahwa suatu produk harus memiliki setidaknya 10 persen gaharu di dalamnya untuk menjadi pelembab yang efektif.
Beberapa orang memilih untuk menggunakan gel lidah buaya murni untuk melembabkan, tetapi mereka perlu mewaspadai bahan-bahan yang tersembunyi, terutama alkohol terdenaturasi, yang dapat mengeringkan dan mengiritasi kulit.
One of the best products I've ever bought! I use this as a base before putting on moisturizer, after my toner and serum. My face is sensitive with oily/dry skin with few acne spots, and my cheeks are blemished and red from past acne scars. (Yeah, a real work.) After using this gel, I've noticed that my face isn't as oily as it usually would be during the day. If anything, the oil has cut down by half, and my face is still reasonably soft. The redness has gone down as well and I have gotten less acne. I use this on my chest and back acne, and those are disappeared as well. It works nicely on my armpit as well. I pluck the hair so I have 'scars' from that too, and the redness has reduced. I also have oily lids, and using this product around my eyes has shot the oiliness for that as well." nature republic aloe vera gel review

"Please take into consideration that when I use this on my face, I technically have to follow it up with a moisturizer because the skin on my face is just too dry. (It's hereditary.) But I like this because it gives me a little something more, so I don't have to apply as much moisturizer — which is nice, because moisturizer can be a little bulky. It's also good because I have sensitive skin and use it in place of lotion, as lotion can result in breakouts on different parts of my body. I'm really happy with it and it smells super amazing. I just can't bring myself to cut up my aloe vera plant, so this is a wonderful alternative. I've reordered it several times."

"This gel from a Korean company is just superb. Before it arrived I was using the pure gel from a plant in my garden. It worked fine but was a bit hard to keep on the skin as it tended to roll off. This commercial product works even better. It relieves itching almost immediately and can be kept cool in the refrigerator (not freezer) so I can wholeheartedly recommend it for itching, rashes etc." —Shankar Sundaram
I'm normally vigilant about reapplying sunscreen; I even went a whole week in Hawaii without a sunburn! But last week I was really excited to be on my dad's boat and forgot to apply sunscreen on my legs before we zipped around a lake for two hours. THIS IS FROM TWO HOURS IN THE SUN! Now I have a physical reminder of my forgetfulness and stupidity.

For the 3.5 days of my vacation post-sunburn, I layered on smelly Solarcaine (which stickily helped numb the pain) 'til it ran out and then gooey Banana Boat Aloe After Sun Gel for very little relief that turned into visible layers on my skin and that made me stick to bedsheets and anything else I came in contact with.

When I arrived back at my apartment I grabbed the tub of Nature Republic Aloe Vera Gel out of my fridge and starting applying in 30-minute intervals for some AHHHH relief. The difference is astounding. I could never apply drugstore aloe this often. And I'm never wasting my money on that stuff again.
The Best Worldwide Sports Streaming Sites In 2019
You may often find yourself searching phrases like “Best Worldwide Sports Streaming Sites” or “Best Free Sports Streaming Sites” . But finding the live stream with the best streaming quality and speed is not easy. And the geo-restriction in some countries makes it much more harder.
15 Best Sports Streaming Websites:
Therefore we have listed the best Worldwide Sports Streaming Sites In 2019.
2.NBC Sports
3.beIN sports
5.BT Sport
7.Hotstar Sports
9.Fubo TV
10. Yahoo Sports
11. Fox Sports
12. VIP League
13. Star Sports
14. Stream Hunter
15. First Row Sports
Skysports is the dominant subscription television sports brand in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It is one of the best sports live matches streaming websites. This website provides live coverage of your favorite sports such as Football, Golf, Rugby, Cricket, Tennis, F1, Boxing& more.
NBC Sports
NBC Sports is a sub-division of American Broadcasting Network broadcasting diverse line-up of sports events such as NFL, Olympics, NASCAR, NHL, Notre Dame Football, PGA Tour, the IndyCar Series, and the Premier League among many others.
BeIN SPORTS is one of the most popular sports streaming sites on our list of websites providing sports streaming. It offers live streams in multiple languages such as English, French, Arabic, Spanish, Indonesian, Malay, Thai, Cantonese/Mandarin, Tagalog, and Turkish.
Watch ESPN
ESPN is one of the best worldwide sports streaming sites. Known mostly for its ESPN Sports  TV channel, it broadcasts HD live US sports. It even has Android and iOS apps for users to stream from their smartphones.
The best part is that ESPN website offers live streams without charging a cent! is an official website of BT Sport bringing a 24/7 Sports TV channel armed with exclusive videos, live streams of English Premier league to users. It provides the latest news for Football, Rugby Union, MotoGP, UFC &more.
This sports streaming site needs no introduction. It’s known for its sports industry like hosting events, the best sportsmen and inspirational stories covering sports, music and lifestyle entertainment, and by streaming live sports matches.
The best part of Redbull is that it offers free streaming service.
Hotstar Sports
Hotstar is referred to as the ESPN of India. It is about entertainment of India and it offers high quality streaming service. With Hotstar, you can also watch Sports events of Hockey, Badminton, Football, Cricket, kabbadi and many other sports round the clock. Hotstar has dedicated apps for Windows and iOS.
Sony LIV Sports is an Asia-based streaming website providing all your favorite sports. But Sony LIV only works in the sub-continent. If you are located outside the sub-continent, you can use a VPN service to change your IP address.
Sony LIV gives you the ultimate speed streaming experience and is regulated in terms of ads – you will only see what relevant. It has dedicated apps for Android and iOS users.
FuboTV App
The FuboTV app is a great live sports streams website. It even offers a free-trial time up to two weeks. You can get access to live streams of popular sports matches and leagues such as MLB, NASCAR, NBA, and NHL witeh the app.
But Fubo TV app is limited in the counties outside the US and Canada. So if you live outside US or Canada, a VPN is in handy to help you change your IP address.  
Free Sports Streaming Websites :
Here are some best free sports streaming sites we has summarized.
Yahoo Sports
This is one of the oldest websites fo sports streaming. You can stream all the popular sports on this website free and it works on any device.
Fox Sports
Fox Sports is a sports website that keeps its users updated on all the latest scores, goals and live streams.
VIP League
This sports streaming site is available in multiple languages. You can find the working links to stream all major sporting events like football, basketball, cricket and more on VIP League.
Star Sports
You can find every sport like Football, basketabll and badminton on Star Sports. It will offer the service that keep you updated on even the minutest details emerging from the sports world.
Stream Hunter
This is one of great sport streaming websites and lists all the matches in a neatly categorized tabular format. Stream Hunter will offer you a fantastic experience as this site gets updated on a consistent basis and featured the attractive and clean homepage.
First Row Sports
This is one of the best sports streaming sites for all the major sports. This website is not as popular as compared to other websites because people are still not aware of the unique features that this website has to offer.VPN download
The idea of someone hacking your laptop camera, spying on you and then blackmailing you into releasing the footage publicly might sound like a cliche Hollywood plot, but it’s not as impossible as you may think. “Camfecting” is one of the most common hacks. If you suspect that your camera might be hacked, keep reading.

How to tell if your webcam is hacked
All webcam hackers need to do to hijack your webcam is to slip remote-control malware into your laptop (this also gives them access to your personal files, messages, and browsing history). However, it’s easy to spot the warning signs and put a stop to it. Read on to find out how.

Step 1: Check the indicator light
If your webcam indicator light is on or it’s acting abnormally (you see a blinking LED) even though you haven’t turned the webcam on, it’s a sign that something might not be right. But don’t freak out just yet – it may only be another program or browser extension running in the background and using your webcam. Let’s double-check it.

Step 2: Check browser extensions
Reboot your computer and launch your browser. If the webcam light turns on the moment you open the browser, the problem is likely to be in a browser extension. But which one exactly? Deactivate your extensions one at a time to identify the culprit.

Step 3: Check apps
Another potential reason why your light is flashing might be applications. To test them, do this: launch an application and see if the webcam indicator lights up, if yes – bingo, if not – continue to open apps one by one until you spot the one secretly using it.

Since you may have a lot of them on your computer, the process might be time-consuming. Try using the Process Explorer tool for Windows. On macOS, go to Terminal and enter specific commands. You can find a tutorial here.

If your webcam light turns on a few seconds after you reboot your computer, without launching any applications – you might’ve been hacked. If this is what’s happening, move on to the next step.

Step 4: See if your webcam process is running
Go to the Task Manager and look for all currently running programmes under the Processes tab. Check for webcam utility. Again, don’t panic yet if you do find it. It may simply be a default setting to launch once you reboot your device. You can test it by restarting your computer and checking if the webcam utility has started automatically.

Step 5: Try running the webcam
Close all the programs and apps and try turning the webcam on. If you get an error message stating that your camera is already in use, it might be that your laptop’s camera has been hacked… or there’s an app running in the background (you can check this by following the instructions in Step 1).

Step 6: Look for audio and video recordings
If a hacker has been secretly snooping on you, you might be able to find audio and/or video recordings you don’t remember. Go to the folder where your webcam stores such files. Also double check your webcam’s settings and whether that folder hasn’t been changed without your knowledge. However, don’t trust only this method as some hackers might simply live stream everything they can see through your webcam to their device.

Step 7: Run a malware scan
If it turns out that an unfamiliar piece of software is secretly using your camera, scan your computer system for malware immediately. If it finds anything, move the file to quarantine. If it doesn’t solve the problem and you still have suspicion that your camera is hacked, it’s time to speak to a tech professional.

How to avoid computer camera spying
Prevent webcam hacking

All you need to do is some homework:

#1: Enable firewall
A firewall protects your system by monitoring the network traffic and blocking suspicious connections. Make sure your computer’s inbuilt firewall is up and running.

To access firewall settings on Windows, go to Control Panel > System and Security > Windows Defender Firewall > Turn Windows Firewall On or Off.

On macOS, head to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall.

#2: Use a reliable antivirus
Choose one with advanced protection against malware, spyware, and viruses. An antivirus program will take care of detecting and busting malicious threats before they do any harm.

#3: Don’t fall into a phishing trap
Hackers may disguise themselves as support agents and contact you saying there’s an issue with your system/computer/program and they have to take care of it. Don’t believe them. It’s a common phishing technique cybercriminals use to slip remote-access software into your device. Such software then allows them to access your camera and manage its permissions.

Another way to lure victims into downloading RAT software is through phishing emails that hide spoofed URLs and malicious files. Treat emails from unknown senders with caution and don’t click on suspicious links or download fishy attachments.

#4: Stay secure on public Wi-Fi
Secure your Wi-Fi connection with a VPN

Public Wi-Fi networks are extremely vulnerable to hacking. Cybercriminals often target people at free hotspots and try to slip malware into their devices. Always use a VPN to secure your Wi-Fi connection and protect yourself from unwanted snoopers.

Most of the VPNs has military-grade encryption and advanced security features. It not only makes your Internet traffic private but also shields you from cyber threats, including malware.

#5: Cover your webcam
Tape it. Yes, that’s right. Even Mark Zuckerberg does it. It’s the easiest and 100% reliable way to prevent someone from watching you through your computer camera. If you feel like the tape is not classy enough, many retailers are now offering covers that attach to a webcam and slide to open or close.
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