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The injection molding equipment

 is used to heat and melt hot melt and thermosetting plastics, apply a certain pressure to fill them into the mold, and then solidify into a mold after cooling. Today, let's not talk about the working principle of the injection molding machine, but mainly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the injection molding process.

 injection molding machine

Advantages of the injection molding process

1. The wall thickness distribution of the parison can be precisely controlled by the injection mold, so that the wall thickness of the obtained container is relatively uniform, avoiding the thinning phenomenon that is easy to occur in the corners of general blow-molded products, and the weight of the product can be controlled at + 0.1g, the precision of the thread can be controlled within the range of soil 100μM, the size of the mouth is accurate, and the forming precision of thin neck products is high;

2. The obtained product does not need to be processed for E times, without seams, saving the finishing time of the product;

3. The parisons made by injection can all enter the blow mold for inflation molding, and no waste is generated during the processing, which reduces the waste of molding materials;

4. Products with smooth surface can be obtained, without scratches, and the surface characters and patterns are clear;

5. Small batch production can be carried out economically;

6. Wide range of application to plastic varieties;

7. High degree of automation, multi-mode production, and high production efficiency.

Disadvantages of the injection molding process

1. Two sets of molds for injection molding and blow molding and a hollow core mold with a valve must be used for product molding, and the mold for injection parison should be able to withstand high pressure, and the cost of molding equipment is high;

2. The temperature of the injection parison is relatively high, which requires a long cooling and setting time after inflation in the injection mold, which prolongs the entire molding cycle of the product and affects the production efficiency;

3. The internal stress of the injection molding parison is large, and it is easy to be unevenly cooled in the process of changing the mold. When producing products with complex shapes and large sizes, stress cracking is prone to occur. Therefore, the shape and size of the products are limited and are only suitable for production. Small products are used in cosmetics, daily necessities and pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging and other fields;

4. The operator's are required to have higher operating skills.

injection molding machine

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The fact that e-cigarette cases do not appear as if there is anything physically wrong with them may make you think it isn't necessary to clean them.

After buying your E-cigarettes cases from a reputable E-cigarettes cases supplier, you should always keep them both externally and internally clean.

Cleaning your E-cigarettes cases is necessary to ensure that the residue left by the e-liquid of your E-cigarettes after you vape is removed.

However, cleaning your e-cigarette cases should be done properly. Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through the step-by-step guide to cleaning your e-cigarette cases.

 E-cigarettes cases supplier

1. Prepare a Warm Water

The first step is to prepare warm water. The E-cigarettes cases are better cleaned when warm water is used than cold water.

You should not also use boiled water because it can melt the e-cigarette cases if they are made from plastic.

Pour the warm water into a big bowl.

2. Open The E-cigarettes Cases And The Vape Pods

After pouring warm water into a big bowl, open the E-cigarettes cases covering your vape pods.

After opening the E-cigarettes cases, place both the cases and the vape pods in the warm water.

You may need to hold down the e-cigarette cases in warm water if they're made from a light material. This is to ensure that the cases are submerged.

3. Agitate The E-cigarettes Cases In Water

After you've submerged the e-cigarette cases in water, shake them in the water to generate the agitation necessary to remove any dirt and break up the residue from e-liquids that might have stuck to them.

After shaking, wait for some minutes to allow the E-cigarettes cases to soak in the warm water before swishing them again.

Repeat the swishing process until you observe black flecks of residue in the water.

4. Finish Your Cleaning With Fresh Water

Discard the warm water containing the removed dirt and black specks of residue.

Next, refill the big bowl with fresh warm water and put the E-cigarettes cases

Swish the E-cigarettes cases to remove any residue that had been stuck to them. Your E-cigarettes cases are clean when flecks of residue no longer appear in the warm water.

5. Air Dry Your E-cigarettes Cases

Remove your E-cigarettes cases from the warm water and use a soft towel to partially remove the water on them.

Next, allow the E-cigarettes cases to air dry for some hours before you use them to cover your vape pods again.

Ensure you don't dry your e-cigarette cases under direct sunlight. The UV rays coming down from the sun can affect the materials from which the cases are made.

 E-cigarettes Cases

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USB-C ports also known as TYPE-C ports are steadily exposed to the possibility of being filled with dirties debris and dust.


This is easily understood from certain actions such as putting your smartphone in your pocket or in your bag which may have entrapped dirties that can easily penetrate the minute openings of the phone.

The consequence of this is that you will notice that that the USB cable does not fit into it firmly again or there could be some difficulties charging your phone.

If you are experiencing this, one thing is very urgent which is the cleaning of the TYPE-C port to get rid of the dirties.

While taking care of the port is very important, sourcing for a genuine and quality one is far more important.

Hence, you need to partner with a trusted and reliable TYPE-C port manufacturer for your supplies.

If you want to remove the trapped dirties from the TYPE-C port, you have to do so with utmost care to avoid damaging sensitive parts of the device.

When doing this, you shouldn’t use any metallic objects such as a knife or pushpin. However, you can employ other means such as the use of an air compressor and toothpick.



The following are the procedure taken to remove specks of dust, debris, and dust trapped in TYPE-C port:

1. Always begin with the use of an air compressor. The air can unbinds and expel the debris without inserting any object in the port.

You can use straw-like materials to blow air into the port but make sure there is no liquid trapped in it.

The use of an air compressor without any trace of liquid can be utilized as well. To cut down on the cost of maintenance, an inexpensive can of compacted air can be utilized. 

2. In case not all the dust or dirties were blown out, one can then use the toothpick method. You can start by cutting it to a thinner end using a modeling knife. On the other hand, disposable plastic tooth fur which looks thinner can work effectively.

3. Cautiously insert the thinned toothpick or plastic tooth fur in the port and use it to remove the dirties found on both edges of the pivotal electrical point located at the center of the port.

4. The process is concluded by blasting air into the port to completely expel any leftover debris after being broken up using the toothpick.


To avoid continual exposure of your TYPE-C port to dirt and dust, you can modify the carriage pattern of the device. It can be put inside a clean pocket or bag inverted such that the port moves in last.

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2022 AliExpress top 10 brands award

Recently, KingSpec won the honor of Top 10 Brands in 2021-2022 at the annual summit of AliExpress, Top 1 in Computer&Office Category. The theme of which is "work together, enjoy the future". Since 2007, KingSpec has been committed to the R&D of SSD and RAM memory( Consumer grade and Industrial grade ). With excellent scientific research capabilities, segmented product strategies, highly competitive pricing strategies, and highly focused business model, KingSpec not only has a large number of domestic agents and end users, but also has accumulated a considerable overseas users. The products are exported to 100 countries and regions such as Europe, USA, Middle East, South America, Japan, South Korea and so on , winning unanimous recognition and praise from users in domestic and overseas market.

kingspec 1.png

KingSpec’s company strength

As a leading enterprise in the field of SSD

, KingSpec has established a strong "Design-R&D-Production-Sales" all-in-one mode since its establishment in 2007. It has long been committed to developing international markets and brand building, and its products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions, which are deeply loved by users. KingSpec is showing the vigorous brand vitality and winning the attention of the world.

kingspec 2.png

kingspec 3.png

As the pioneer and main force of China's overseas brands, KingSpec has been ranked No. 1 in the SSD category in AliExpress's global total sales as early as 2019. It has maintained a momentum of rapid growth in recent years, showing a strong and stable strength.

kingspec 4.png

Never forget why you started and keep moving forward

For the following 10 years, KingSpec

 will not forget its original intention, continue to uphold the vision of "Storage Life, Storage Love ", combine its own advantages, and continue to bring solid-state drives of better performance to consumers around the world and make storage better.

Wood fiber is widely used in dry powder mortar, such as the production of tile adhesives, jointing agents, dry powder coatings, interior and exterior wall putty, interface agents, thermal insulation mortar, anti-cracking plastering mortar, waterproof mortar and plaster plaster, etc. Because wood fiber is a natural fiber that is insoluble in water and organic solvents, it has excellent flexibility and dispersibility. Adding an appropriate amount of wood fibers of different lengths to the dry mortar product can enhance the shrinkage resistance and crack resistance, improve the thixotropy and sag resistance of the product, extend the open time and play a certain thickening effect.

Wood fibers

 have different lengths ranging from 10-200 microns. Wood fibers of different lengths are used in different dry mortar products. For longer wood fibers, they tend to have a “blanket-like” effect in the system after curing. Because wood fiber products are non-toxic and harmless, they are often used as a substitute for asbestos products, and the addition amount is only 30-50% of the normal asbestos addition amount.

In addition, wood fiber also has certain high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and frost resistance, so it has a wide range of uses.

 wood fiber

Wood fiber has a three-dimensional network structure with obvious crosslinking effect. This structure can effectively attach liquid structures, such as water, latex, asphalt and other liquids of different consistency. Its thickening depends on the length of the fiber. The longer the fiber, the thicker it is. The greater the effect. Due to the particularity of its structure, it can completely replace asbestos products.


When the shearing force acts on the three-dimensional network structure of wood fibers, such as scraping, stirring, pumping, etc., the liquid absorbed in the structure will be released into the system, and the fiber structure will change and arrange along the direction of movement, resulting in viscosity decrease and improve workability. When the shearing force stops, the fiber structure returns to the original three-dimensional network structure, absorbs the liquid, and returns to the original viscosity state.

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Frozen food is a relevant commodity in the society today. A lot of persons have chosen this over fresh food, and why is it so? Below we will discuss few reason as to why frozen food has become the preferred choice.

Nutritional values

When foods are harvested, at this point the nutrients amd vitamins in the foods are high.  This is the best time to freeze them. This is because, the nutrients will be kept intact as non has been lost.

The vitamins in these foods remain intact even during its transit period. Hence, they are even more reliable than fresh foods.

You will definitely prefer to have frozen food supply with all it's nutrients and vitamins intact than have fresh food supply which would have lowered its nutritional value on arrival at your door step. Hence, it is important to soccer a good supplier for you frozen food supply.

frozen food

No additional preservative

Preservatives are required to prolong the span of food. But, they contain chemicals which may not be completely healthy to the body.

Frozen food have no need for preservatives. There preservative is the freezing method itself.

Let's look at vegetables. When they are picked form the farm, they are carefully washed, then they undergo blanching before being freezed. Therefore, microorganisms cannot grow on these vegetables as their reproductive temperature is above 9.5°C.

Minimal wastage

Frozen food is a good method of minimizing the amount of food wasted. Why?  Because you only use the quantity you need per time.

Also, it help you reduce your spending since the frozen food last for a long period of time. Hence, it is cost effective.

According to the British food journal which was published. It shows that compared to fresh food, frozen food has a percentage of 47 less wastage.

Therefore, you can save your money and yet have healthy food for your consumption and that of your family.

Absence of seasonal availability

The problem of seasonal availability is tackled with frozen food as the fruits and vegetables are now available to you at every season and time of the year.

You do not have to regulate your cravings or meals due to the season, because in and out of season, this vegetables and fruits are available to you. This gives you a broad range of options to select from.

You are sure to enjoy whatever you want to have for your breakfast, lunch or dinner as it is easy and fast to prepare, and readily available.

frozen food

So convenient

Frozen food gives you a lot of convenience since it is easy and simple to prepare.

Also you can purchase these foods in a large quantity and keep it in your freezer till the need for it arise. It can stay in your freezer for a longer period without getting spoiled.

Furthermore, the cost in purchasing these frozen food is lower compared to fresh food.  Frozen food solves the problem of coming home to an empty fridge. A freezer full of food is the best.

Purchase the best frozen food

Frozen food is an essential of man's livelihood. And this need is what we are ready to meet. We are a reputable company known for frozen food supply largely across the different countries in the world.

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Anybody that encountered a fire outbreak will never wish to have same experience again. This is why it is essential to put in place measures that will prevent such occurrences at any time.

A gas extinguishing system is a system that extinguishes fire by the exchange of gaseous agents through heat extraction or oxygen displacement. Contrary to other systems, it does not suppress the fire, it quenches it.

Read on as we take you through where the application of this system is very essential. You will gain enough knowledge that will enable you to make an informed decision. Meanwhile, it is advisable to source a quality gas extinguishing system from a reputable manufacturer.


gas extinguishing system

Why is Gas Extinguishing System Very Important?

Some fire outbreaks can defile the quenching power of powder, water, or foam extinguishing systems. Some can even cause colossal damage if you try to use the above extinguishing systems to quench the fire. This is where this gas extinction system is very important.

It is suitable for quenching fire in areas like server rooms and electrical switch rooms where water can cause electric shock.

Moreover, it is the cleanest form of extinguishing system. The gas does not affect electric components. The system can use a wide range of gases based on the area of application.


Where Gas Extinguishing Systems Are Suitable For Use

There are key areas that you must not use anyhow extinguisher. It is very essential to use this fire quenching system in the following areas:


1. Computer Room and IT Systems

Computer rooms and IT systems are an environment that can result in huge financial and technical damage if computers are destroyed during a fire outbreak. Bearing in mind that computers are electronics that function with the aid of electricity, it is essential to use a gas extinguisher system to prevent damage to the systems.


2. Industrial Facilities

When we talk about industrial facilities, we are talking about control rooms. Laboratories, robotic equipment, and offshore drilling setups. It is essential to avoid other extinguishing systems. It can result in great damage to the whole industrial facility.


3. Central Stations

Central stations such as microwave substations, control and flight navigation towers, radio and television control rooms, and emergency call centers are areas where fire outbreaks can affect the transmission of signals if not well-handled. Ensure to use the gas extinguisher system in the areas instead of using other systems.


4. Medical Sector

The medical sector requires activities that must not introduce contaminants to the environment. Places like operating room. An imaging system and mobile stations are very crucial. The best way to reduce the risk of contamination of the equipment is by using this fire quenching system.


5. Other Key Areas

At a glance, places that gas extinguishing systems are very suitable are document safes, archives, museums, libraries, art galleries, and film projector centers. Others are battery compartments, flight simulators, cable compartments, and power generators.


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Where you get your water from is very important and the type of water you drink since water is part of one of the most important thing to life.


Bottled water goes through a series steps of purification so as to get the water purified before being bottled for distribution, this is done by using a water filling machine.


It is just as important to choose a good water filling machine as drinking a highly purified water is essential.


To get the best quality machine and other purification accessories, it is necessary to partner with a good and reliable water filling machine manufacturer. Let me go straight to what it takes to get a water purified.


An Overview of Purified Water


Even though water goes through series of stages or steps of purification, the fact of the matter is that, water is never 100% purified.


For example, tap water goes through chemical treatment as well as mechanical sieving before the water is drinkable, by doing this, it allows all the soil particles or unhealthy mineral residue to be removed.


Pathogenic microorganisms such as fungi, bacteria etc. are removed by purifying the water.


Stages of Purification Done to Municipal Water


Four main stages of purification done to municipal water before being package with water filing machine. They are;

 Coagulation and flocculation

When positively charged chemical agent is being added to water it removed negatively charged residue in the water. After that is done floc occurs., and flocs referred to when tiny particles can then form large particles.



After the large flocs are formed, they are then purified out by allowing the large flocs to settle at the base of the water.



Water will be clear of any odor, taste and any other tiny microscopic particles when it passes through the filtration component like sand.


To disinfect the water, chemicals is being introduced. For example, chemicals like chlorine can be use. Chlorine serves the purpose of germicide in the water. Germicide means an agent that destroys microorganisms.


After using the above stages, your water is ready to be bottled using a good quality water filling machine.


Distillation Method

For a best result on how to purify your water, using distillation method looks like the finest method to use in other to get your water purified.


By using the distillation method, the water can use for industrial purposes or used like in the production of pharmaceutical products would be carried out.


Apart from distillation method, there are other methods that can be used to purified water. They are;

· Carbon filtration

· Microfiltration

· Ultraviolet oxidation

· Reverse osmosis

· Deionization

· Electrode ionization etc.


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Globally, finished products are being sealed either in plastic or paper, the question of which of these is healthier to use now comes to mind.

Consumers are sometimes attracted to a particular product mainly because of how is being packaged. Hence, these make manufacturers to package their product neatly and in a beautiful way using either paper or plastic.

Also, goods are being packaged for proper transit of goods from one place to another and also for storage purposes. Not only that, if a good is not well packaged then the chain of production is incomplete.

Looking at it from this angle, the reason why paper packaging is most preferable to plastic packaging. This may be due to its environmental effect.

The Environmental Effect Of Paper And Plastic Packaging

Every material used in packaging has a major effect on the environment. After taking you through this, you should abstain from whatever is toxic to the environment considering human health.

Paper Bags

Considering sustainability, paper bags are better off than plastic bags. The reason is that:

They can be easily recycled

They can be used for composting and are biodegradable.

Although, with all the above-listed merits paper bags also as their disadvantages. One of its basic disadvantages is that it takes a lot of time to produce paper bags and they are not durable.

But notwithstanding, paper bags can be easily recycled to produce products such as tissue paper.

paper bags

Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are mostly made from polyethylene with high-density, its effects are not very high on the environment. Resources gotten from petroleum are most used in producing plastic bags.

Plastic bags also are re-useable and one doesn't need many resources to produce them. Also, plastic bags can as well be recycled, even though it can be a very difficult task.

This is why most cities restricted themselves from going through the recycled process. Un-recycled bags end up serving as an externality in the environment which might have a huge effect on the animal and human being at large.

Plastic Bags

What is the most long-term solution?

Is there, then, a perfect material that can be use for packaging? No, is the short answer. The environmental implication will determine whether paper or plastic is the best sustainable flexible packaging material.

However, your real focus should be on how to reduce the high rate of externality in the environment. Better recycling methods, more recycling-friendly and a stronger focus on establishing a circular economy are the ways forward for the flexible packaging sector.

 Overall, the problem relies not so much on either paper or plastic packaging but on how much we use and how we process it back into the production cycle.

Collaboration between brands, resin producers, recycling companies, and converters is key to accelerating progress towards more sustainable flexible packaging solutions.

It's difficult to say which form of bag is genuinely the most sustainable because reusable and paper bags have a significant upfront environmental cost, while plastic bags have higher negative consequences after usage.

Reusing a paper for the packaging of products as many times as possible decreases its environmental effect.

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