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Day 1 - Arrive in Buenos Aires, the capital city and let your Argentina holiday begin!

Day 2 and 3 - Explore Buenos Aires, there is enough to keep you busy for a couple of days and if not jump on the boat to Montevideo for a day.

Day 4 to 7 - Fly to Ushuaia, which is the southernmost town in Argentina and the closest place in the world you can get to Antarctica without having to board an expensive boat for a several days. Expect it to be cold, but make sure you visit the penguins, sail the Beagle Channel and explore the stunning Tierra del Fuego National Park, a high point of any Argentina holiday.

Day 7 to 10 - Jump aboard a plane to El Calafate, home of glaciers and a magnificent sight to see on your Argentina trip. Sail to Perito Moreno and its less famous glacial brothers, ice hike and climb, take photos until the memory card is full and just fall in love with this amazing area.

Day 10 to 13 - Continue on to Iguazu in the very north, straddling the border with Brazil. The weather will change from cold, icy and snowy to crack out the sun cream tropical. The falls here take a day on each side to fully explore. The Brazilian side is the panoramic view, far away but close enough to appreciate the sheer size of this amazing natural environment, whereas the Argentine side is close up and personal. Take the walk ways to the top of the biggest and largest waterfall, then watch as the river turns from gentle, barely moving still water to a torrent of tons of water thundering over the edge before crashing below- sure to be a highlight of your Argentina tour.

Day 13 - 14 - Everyone who goes on an Argentina trip should take a night bus, and it is an easy way to get back to Buenos Aires. They have one of the best national routes in the world and as there are no rail networks the buses are brilliant. The buses have 5 categories of comfort set out by law from the government, so you can guarantee what you will get. Taking the top class of bus is like flying business class with meals and drinks served, films shown throughout the journey and seats that fully recline to a flat bed- choose this option to travel Argentina in style!

Day 14 - Now back in BA either head to the airport for your flight home or spend one more night (I recommend this) to enjoy a final fantastic piece of steak, and a delicious glass of red wine.

There we go, an action packed two week Argentina travel adventure! If you prefer a slower place simply add in an extra night in each place to relax!

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A sleeper bus is a type of coach bus that is often used to transport bands, technicians and road crew between shows in different cities. Always consisting of full galley facilities, comfortable lounges, and bunk beds, everyone is able to rest and relax on the way to the next gig. The comfort of the passengers is paramount, so each one today is equipped with DVD players, plasma televisions, game systems, and even personal DVD players and screens in each individual bunk. Travel by bus is the best way in the Latin American countries and if you are looking online bus tickets booking portal, just go to AndesTransit bus tickets portal and enjoy your journey.

These vehicles often have the shape of a standard public transportation bus. Since crew buses are designed specifically for transporting crew members between long distances, the interior is much nicer and customised to meet specific needs. Features include soft large leather seats, windows that are tinted, bathrooms and bedrooms with televisions, and even kitchens. A crew bus is usually completely custom built by skilled craftsmen to ensure an excellent home on the road. Though the most popular and biggest bands in the world will rarely travel on them, since they use private air transport, crew members will almost always travel by bus.

The first example, and the lowest in price, would be the Starbus, which has ten bunks and two large lounge areas. The sleeping area will contain four extra large double sized bunks, with a private large bedroom at the rear. All the amenities and space needed are onboard, as it is known to be one of the best and most spacious sleeper coach buses.

The second example, in the medium price range, is the double deck Setra sleeper that has three lounges, and a full kitchen and bathroom. The lower deck features six seats around two different tables, with the rear being a kitchen and bathroom. On the upper deck there are, amazingly, fourteen bunks, each with personal blowers for heat and air with built in power outlets and reading lights.

A slightly larger and more expensive model would be the twelve berth, which can be customised on demand to have two extra bunks added as needed. On the lower deck there is the arrangement of six seats around two tables at the front, with the galley kitchen extending to a sink and mirror with a door leading to a restroom. For added luxury, a bean to cup coffee machine, plenty of room for storage, and a digital safe are also located on the first level.

Last but not least is the priciest and most luxurious model which will be the best sleeper liner of all, with twelve bunks, two super lounges, and air suspension for smoothest of rides. A table and four chairs, with two armchairs, is located at the front, with the bathroom basically situated in the middle of the bus. The rear is home to a large U shaped lounge with satellite television, and another galley area.

These sleeper coaches have come a long way since the old days, with some costing hundreds of thousands of pounds to customise. Nowadays there are increased expectations of TV and PlayStations or X-Box in every bunk, internet access, coffee machines and comfy beds with luxury linens so the buses are truly homes away from home. However, with the amount of time a crew will spend on their crew bus during the course of a cross-country tour, spacious amenities are much needed.

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