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Why do we always give so much importance to the packaging? Because the first thing we see is the packaging! The first thing we touch is the packaging! The first thing we read regarding the product is from the packaging!

Coming to the part where you pick a product, you must be expecting a uniquely satisfying sensation, probably smooth or rigid, soft or textured. Well, we all know how luxurious brands have been using rigid boxes for their packaging with custom printing to cater to the needs of all customers. If you want your brand to offer a memorable user experience from buying to bringing a product to home and unboxing it, have your items wrapped in quality-made, extravagant rigid packaging.

Well-designed rigid boxes from OXO packaging give a comfortable sensation and make your package look fascinating.

Why Is Every Industry Using Rigid Boxes?

The reason for a massive increase in the demand for rigid boxes is not one but many. So, why do people prefer Custom Rigid Boxes over any other style? Let’s dig in!

Offers Structural Protection to the Products 

As the name reflects, it is made rigid and sturdy, offering maximum durability and protection during shipping or transportation. Being a reliable packaging partner, it responsibly keeps the product secure and protected inside. The item gets completely encased, letting it withstand sudden falls, shocks, and pressure.

Rigid boxes wholesale comes with unbeatable structural integrity, ideal for handling breakable and fragile products. It is preferred for its robust exterior and secure-fitting lid.

Supports Stylish Presentation and Display of Small to Large Products 

Rigid boxed packaging seems like the best option for a unique presentation and display piece. Besides giving protection, rigid custom boxes ensure a snug fit, leaving enough room to add embellishments for decorative purposes. It comes in various sizes and styles that let you showcase your product in the best possible way.

You can have it completely customized. These contemporary custom rigid boxes offer versatility in internal design. Use lavish inserts like cushions or silk to keep the extravagance. And, yes, you can use reflective material, as well. 

Unlimited Opportunities to Have an Outclass External Styling

With the excellent quality construction of custom rigid boxes, you can bring texture variation by choosing the surface material of your choice. The texture can be smooth or coarse. The lamination can be glossy or matte. The color can be bright or dark. And, it is all done without compromising quality or strength!

The usual customization choices you have: leather, silk, satin, linens, velvet, wood-paneling, or a mixture of multiple materials. OXO Packaging offers top-class printing services that allow you to show your brand creatively and uniquely. 

Ways of Designing Rigid Packaging Boxes

It will help if you put tons of thoughts into boxes when the matter comes to personalization. First, consider the industry you deal in, and second, understand what your potential customers like. Last but not least, respect your personal preferences. Here are the best ideas to grab customers’ attention with packaging design.

  1. Use inserts made with exotic materials and vibrant or contrasting brand colors. You can have them debossed with a logo.

  2. For an extra touch of luxury, you can use foil stamping or spot UV.

  3. Be unique and try making magnetic custom rigid boxes based on thread and button closure systems. This design indirectly brings an additional layer of protection to the product.

  4. Go bold with shapes and try triangular, rectangular, hexagonal, pentagonal, or other shapes rather than using typical cubes. Having different geometric shapes is the safest bet.

  5. Do you want multiple products to be packed in one? A rigid stackable box is your answer. And if it can be featured with a magnetic lid – marvelous!

  6. Try to add a window in any shape, size, and style on the lid, letting the clients see what is inside. 



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