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In this article I am going to give you information on one particular topic which plays very major role for your competitive exam preparation.  We will be discussing about how to make notes for the various competitive exams. When we think of the notes making where is with respect to what kind of exam you are preparing for. So if your preparing for semester exam it is totally different and if you are preparing for the exams which is having mains paper in that for example as a SSC, JEE, UPSC, IAS, MPPSC notesmaking pattern little different but when you go for the competitive exams which is having objective questions in that or MCQs questions like GATE, NEET, JEE, UPSC  and MPPSC prelims,  PWD, RRB or any other exams that time again the pattern will be little different. So, we will try understanding each one of them.

so before actually starting with this first let's understand why notes making is very much important. See first whenever you are preparing for any of the competitive exam remember that you are dream is very high so when you are dream is very high that means your journey is also tuff. So that you don't try to find any shortcut for that, whatever the things are needed you must do it accordingly.

Now let’s understand why these notes making is very very important? First thing whenever you try making notes with your own handwriting that means you are understanding each and everything from what you have studied either you have watched any video or either you have referred any book and took any mppsc coachingnotes. When you are making notes with your own handwriting that mean you must understand each and everything. If you copy straight away from the books so that is not called as notes. If you are saying I am having sound notes which are written by myself that mean whatever you have written in that book you know each and every thing about that. So that if have you written any thing in your copy there should be crystal clear and they should be known by you that is you should read what you have written.

And the next point is whenever you are doing revision because revision plays very major role in any competitive exams. So, if they talk about MPPSC exam it will be in the month of July 2022 only 4 months remain and one month completely you have to devote for revision you should not study even a single topic, single point, new something during that one month. So, one month you have to completely devote for the revision so what I want to say is that revision plays very major role along with the preparation.

You have to schedule your preparation accordingly revision model time rather than requiring some other notes or rather than referring some other videos or other Institute mppsc printed notesor any other of your friend handwritten notes if you have your own notes you should trust in such a way that what you have returned is correct and good enough for your preparation.
Use different color pens while writing notes for mppsc exam. It will easy to retain in exam hall.

When you are thinking of joining any coaching institute, do not go by their advertisements. Many institutes only keep the names of toppers even if they visited their institute for open mock interview as it was free. There are gradations in the level of engagement a topper has with an institute, and you need to recognize this before you decide to join them.

It is always advisable to take the opinion of those who have already taken mppsc coachingin that institute, to make an informed decision. Their response should be given more importance and not pamphlets or advertisements.

About the capacity of teachers in coaching institutes?

Many a times, aspirants (especially beginners) place a lot of trust and credibility in the coaching teachers. Some teachers are really good but some are just awful. Especially in special subjects like GS, reading standard books and referring to internet will tell you whether what you are being taught in mppsc coaching in indoreinstitutes is right or just rubbish.

You can also search the blogs of toppers on that particular topic, who would have given an accurate account of their opinion about the institute.

How useful are coaching notes? Can they replace standard books?

Standard books are important because they are written from the ground up and they form the foundation of your knowledge. Once you have read the standard books, reading coaching mppsc notesbecomes not only a lot easier, but you can also see where a small subject fits into that bigger picture.

The problem with just reading coaching mppsc notesis that they give you such a big picture perspective. What you will be left with are fragmented concepts and broken knowledge that do not stay in your memory for long. For long term memory, we need context of a topic, so you should always start with standard books.

While reading the mppsc notes, remember these:

1.   MPPSC Coaching in indorenotes are helpful and they are easy to revise before the exam. But they can only complement but never replace standard books.

2.   Always map your notes to the chapters and topics of the course. Most of the coaching institutes do not cover the syllabus completely. Even if they do, they usually run through a few chapters. So when you see that a topic is not covered well in your notes, read yourself from other sources and make mppsc handwritten notes.

3.   Coaching notes and materials come in handy to cover a specific topic. For example for subject like government schemes, instead of laboring to compile them from the websites of ministries, it is better that you buy compilation booklet of any institute. Smart work saves you a lot of time.

4.   You must remember that MPPSC is not at all like an undergraduate exam. In college, it is quite easy to just read notes and score well. But in MPPSC, the questions are of high level and of deep analytical depth. Usually, no question comes directly from your mppsc coaching notes. It is the clarity of your concepts - especially in the optional - that will help you write good answers.

Should I take coaching for GS?

General Studies is not quantum physics. MPPSC only expects candidates to have a generalist understanding of a wide range of topics. So if you have the material with you and can study on your own, you will be able to understand the subject and hence GS coaching isn’t really necessary. You only need to go the market, buy the relevant GS material or coaching notes and study on your own.


The civil services are one of the most lengthy, comprehensive and competitive exams in India with a very low success rate. It is yearlong process consisting of three stages, Preliminary, the mains examination and the interview. Therefore, it requires a comprehensive set of qualities which are pre-requisites for cracking the exam.

The Candidates have a few qualities in self for cracking the exam like Good Intelligence quotient (IQ), Good scoring potential, Good reading skills, Good writing skills, Good analytical skills, Focus and determination, Good Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

A Good IQ is the ability to understand concepts and techniques, a good EQ is the ability to understand people and their emotions. Both these qualities are needed to make a good civil servant.

To be a civil servant average IQ is enough, provided we compensate for this hard work, smart and reading and writing skills.

One needs to have good scoring potential to succeed in the MPPSC examination. Usually, the marks obtained in board exams are quite an indicator of a person’s IQ.


Many people say that success in life is not solely depends on hard work. It is a mixture of talent, density and luck. Some people feel that persons like Einstein or Tendulkar are born like that, with immense god gifted talent. Some other feels that it is all pre decided whatever has to happen will happen all the above statements can be true for particular individual so success depends on many factors.

  • Hard work
  • Talent/aptitude
  • Luck/chance
  • Marketing/self-promotion
  • All the above

Once you have decided to start the preparation for MPPSC, you must focus on the examination and forget everything else like Arjuna in Mahabharata, who saw only the eye of the bird that is target though The Tree, the leaves, the branches the sky everything was there. Similarly, we have to cut ourselves from all the possible distraction during the preparation. Focus only on the exam.

One more myth or fear student have about English many hesitate or in fear of speaking English, there is no need to try to master the English language but certainly make efforts to improve your grammar, expressions and handwriting. This can easily be done with some extra efforts. You can consult any MPPSC Coaching expert for this.



Art and culture (कला एवं संस्कृति)

Nitin Singhania

Environment & Ecology (पर्यावरण एवं पारिस्थितिकी)


Essay Writing (निबंध द्रष्टि)

निबंध मंजूषा

The Indian National Movement (भारत का राष्ट्रीय आंदोलन)

Bipin Chandra, NCERT

Ancient Medieval and Modern History of India (भारत का प्राचीन मध्यकालीन तथा आधुनिक इतिहास)

SK Pandey, NCERT

General Science (सामान्य विज्ञान)

Lucent, NCERT

World History (विश्व का इतिहास)

Dinanath Verma, NCERT

Indian Polity (भारतीय राज व्यवस्था)

M. Laxmikanth, NCERT

Introduction to the Constitution of India (भारत का संविधान)

Brij Kishore Sharma, NCERT

World and Geography of India (भारत व विश्व का भूगोल)

Mahesh Barnwal, NCERT

Indian Economy (भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्था)

S. N. Lal, NCERT

International Relations (अंतराष्ट्रीय सम्बन्ध)

Tapan Biswal

Current Events (समसामयिक घटनाक्रम)

Pratiyogita Darpan




This is an essential requirement to crack any competitive exam, first you need set a goal thus goal setting is the first step to time management. A mppsc aspirant have to set short term goals you can set weekly targets, Daily targets that should be complete in hours like 10, 12 or 14 hours a day. When I was preparing for MPPSC mains I forget all other things, forget the family, postponed spiritual and material quests and focused only on the preparation.

Worried about how much time to give for preparation? MPPSC mains is tough examination to crack. whoever told you that this will easy was lying, it's difficult but not impossible to crack. How much time to give for daily studying solely depends on an individual. It does not depend on the time but rather on the concentration level that you will be putting. Most students who have higher IQ might have to give just 6 hours of daily studying and they can still retain most of the stuff, where is some students have to do extraordinarily hard work.

Don't go by the time that your friends are giving to Daily preparation, try to utilize the time that you are spending on the study, like Arjun whose eyes were on the target you should also study in the same manner. Just see how much time it requires you to fulfil your daily target and then you can calculate how much time you need to dedicate for your studies.



Answer writing is an important aspect of MPPSC civil services exam. While prelims is only the qualifying exam which separates the grain from the chaff means serious candidates from non-serious candidates, it's marks are not added for creating the merit list.

Mains exam is worth 1575 marks spanning over 6 papers four papers of GS, 1 paper of Hindi and 1 paper of essay. The content of the answer is more important than its length.

Answer writing also helps in organizing and prioritizing your thought process you learn to put forward what exactly is asked and not what you know. Last but not least writing has in the internalizing information and in better retention than only reading. You can join any MPPSC coaching in indore for mains answer writing practice.

So, for the process part, one should begin by writing answers of previous year question papers in addition to give you adequate answer practice they should help you in understanding the exam pattern and the demand of the exam very well. After finishing with previous years papers, one should start taking mock test and get them evaluated. Many Online MPPSC Coaching classes are providing mock tests for practice can join any for your preparation.

  1. Immediately after prelims- write four to five questions for day start taking weekly topical mock test
  2. 2 months before mains start taking full length test
  3. A week before mains take three or four full length tests at the same time when the mains exam is conducted just to simulate exam conditions.


Handwriting is important but not the most important factor. You may or may not get extra marks if you have very good handwriting. but you are sure to lose out, if your handwriting is illegible.

Your handwriting should be readable for this you can do this-

  1. Increase the font of your writing generally bigger the font, easier it is to read.
  2. Give adequate spacing between lines
  3. Start each paragraph from the middle of the page this will give a good appearance to your answer
  4. Underline the keywords this is very essential especially if you have a clumsy handwriting there are
  5. chances that the evaluator may miss out on this.
  6. Use subheadings to divide your answers.



After my mains exam i starts preparation for interview this time i was confident i will clear mains as well as interview. I think best way to prepare for mppsc interview is know yourself, explore yourself, prepare question answers which are likely to be asked in interview, but do not prepare answers which are not true, don’t fool interviewer, don’t lie in interview board, you can prepare for interview in just 20 days (if you faced interview previously) before interview give at least 5 mock interviews. You can join Sharma Academy’s Mock Interview sessions for preparation.



Here, I am telling you the overall strategy to crack the MPPSC State Service Examination in the First attempt. The first attempt of the candidate is very pivotal and considered to be the very important or golden attempt as the students are intense for their study in first attempt and mind is in the state of calm.

As the MPPSC syllabus is vast so it needs at least one complete year planning for any fresher student who is preparing for MPPSC and want to crack it in first attempt.

There are 3 phases of exam as we discussed above, we need to understand the importance of each phase of the exam:

  • Preliminary Exam (to test a broad range of knowledge)
  • Mains Exam (to test the depth of your knowledge and the action of putting into words an idea or feeling.)
  • Personality test (to test clarity in your thoughts, judgement, and nobility in your personality).



As MPPSC is approaching on footsteps of UPSC in asking questions from diverse fields, the strategy for Prelims should be a blend of Hard work and Smart work as it is the stage of pure elimination.

Before the start of the Prelims preparation, we need to go through all the Previous Year Question Papers to understand the coverage and current trends of the questions asked. We need to cover all the important events of past 10-12 months as Current Affairs playing a decisive role nowadays.


Here is the analysis and sources to be followed for Prelims Paper:

Prelims Paper 1:

GENERAL STUDIES (No. of Questions: 100) (No negative marking);

There are some Core areas from where questions are asked in Mains Examination also and some are Peripheral topics which are asked in Prelims only.

Core/Static Subjects:

Integrated preparation with Mains perspective is needed.

  1. History
  2. Geography
  3. Polity
  4. Economy
  5. Science and Technology
  6. Environmental Issues
  7. Art and Culture
  8. Madhya Pradesh static part

Peripheral Topics:

  1. Basic Computer Knowledge: Lucent Computer Book.
  2. Sports-related GK: Ghatna Chakra, Pratiyogita Darpan.
  3. 3 Legislations: Bare Act, Mahaveer or Punekar Publication.
  4. Miscellany (Longest, Highest, First, Last etc.): Last Chapter of Lucent GK Book.
  5. Current Affairs, Persons in News etc: Current Magazine or Google it.

Prelims Paper 2: CSAT, No. of Questions: 100 (No negative marking);

This Paper is Qualifying nature only and it consists of Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude and questions from Hindi and English. Although no separate time needed to be devoted one should practice at least 2-3 Previous Year question papers to get a flavour of it.

Important Instructions

Apart from all this give at least 45 days for Prelims exclusively for revising the syllabus and solving as many Practice tests as possible within the time limits. For practising MCQs, you can choose Online or Offline in any mode. It is advisable to solve MCQs online to save the time of Answer checking and getting a comparative analysis of your performance.



  • Read the whole syllabus at least one time completely, and revise it twice.
  • Prepare your own notes don't rely on others notes, your thoughts are easy to understand for yourself.
  • Make a daily routine from morning till sleep and follow that, schedule should be flexible and give space to yourself also as with study. Watch movie, enjoy with friends, go for a walk after dinner, you can do pranayama for relax, keep your mind cool and then study you will definitely get success in exam.
  • Do practice for answer writing for mains, increase your speed, make handwriting try to write clear and readable easily.


MPPSC 2021 Revision Plan - Revision is the most important part of exam preparation including the MPPSC. Students who are preparing for the MPPSC 2021 exam must have a strategic plan for revision to get the most out of the topics which have been studied. MPPSC syllabus is vast. To complete the MPPSC exam revision for all the subjects, candidates must have a revision plan. As per the previous year MPPSC toppers, teachers and experts from Sharma Academy MPPSC Coaching, students must revise the topic on a daily basis before going to sleep or first thing in the morning before starting any new topic. Also, Sunday or any other holiday must be devoted to revision of theimportant topics. The another most important part of MPPSC revision plan is to solve chapter-wise mock tests and full subject mock tests. Chapter wise mock test after studying and revising the chapter and full subject mock test after completing the whole syllabus.

Students are also advised to regularly practice the MPPSC mock tests as and when the chapter is completed. This will help them in evaluating their preparation level, strong and weak points, mistakes they are making, time taken for solving the questions and much more.


MPPSC Prelims Revision Plan - Points to Look

Students must note that an effective revision plan for MPPSC must have proper time for all the subjects. Also, the revision plan must be such that every topic you study gets revised on a daily basis by the end of the day. Students who are dedicated and determined know how to crack MPPSC and know the importance of revision. If the topics are not revised, it could be difficult to recall it at the time of exam and if it happens, it would be very difficult to score good marks in exam. Students can also study with MPPSC Time Table if not able to manage the timing of study. Students are provided below some important points to look for while making a MPPSC revision plan.

  • Spend at least one hour for revision daily of all the topics which you study throughout the day.
  • Best time to revise is before going to sleep or in the morning before beginning the new topic
  • Holiday or Sunday must be a full revision day. Revise all the important topics, formulas, short tricks on holiday
  • Take mock tests after completing a chapter to know the preparation level


CONFIDENCE comes with CONSISTENCY – Consistency in studying, revising, practicing tests, analysing and improving.

First of all, do not get confused by different people / toppers suggesting different books. To clear the prelims, you need about 55-80% marks. So different people have different approaches to get 60%. So, choose a source and stick to it, no matter what.

Do not store 5 different MPPSC coachinginstitutes and collect their mppsc notesand study material. It will not make you intelligent, it will confuse you. And even if you learn something extra from a different source, analyse the cost-benefit scenario of that additional knowledge.

For some extra "edge" over others, you spend a lot of your time, costing time more because you need to revive everything.

When you start preparing, you take it slow, you look at each concept carefully, but remember that you need to plan your study in such a way that you not only do the course well Complete, but also give you at least five revisions. Everything. have studied.

If you make a good plan you can give a lot of revisions and you can limit your sources to some standard and comprehensive books.

If you want to become a district collector, do not become a book collector. As I mentioned above there are many modifications to the key to crack prelims.

Multiple revisions are possible only when you limit your sources. As you can see in the sources I mentioned, I have suggested one or two sources for only one subject. Therefore, you should avoid buying many books on one subject.

For any query feel free to ask from our MPPSC Coaching in Indoreexperts by commenting below. Be in touch for your preparation and all the best.

It is true that competitive exams are not easy, but it is not impossible either. One such exam is the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC). The MPPSC conducts examinations for various posts in government departments of the state. There is no doubt that with proper guidance and hardwork, one can easily crack any competitive exam. To get information, students check textbooks and online information. But how does a student ensure that they have the right material to study? Well, if you are looking for MPPSC notes in English, then get success with correct and clear study material.

Go to online and offline study material

Today the Internet is a great source of information for every search. Things that are a little difficult to understand with textbooks have become simpler through online study. Online and offline training has its benefits and drawbacks. But make sure you read the revised syllabus from the latest material. It is important to keep updated as most of the questions are related to the current affairs section, and for this you will have to read regularly.

The secret to success is choosing the right content

In general, two tests will lead you to your dream career, followed by interviews. A full year of hardwork and dedication is expected. It is necessary to clear the cut-off marks to qualify for the prelims test. To support its basics, it depends on your understanding of the subjects, and it takes good study material to have sound knowledge. Only then can you pass the prelims.

After searching for MPPSC notes in English you should formulate your strategy and create a time table to go through it. Candidates will receive several recommendations to do a better job and maintain the same dedication. Following are some of the key tips that can be followed.

1. Comprehensive Research Material - The MPPSC focuses on coaching evidence and includes a compilation of big data related to dates, names, and important, confusing events. However, you can discover all the facts in seconds on passing through the right study material.

2. Choose your course of study - Many students do not gather enough material for preparation. Many students try to go through several books at the same time, which is not correct. Try to focus on a book or online guide and read it carefully.

3. Stay up-to-date with your study material - You can change your syllabus, so keep up with the updated topics and learn online or offline from reliable sources.

Preparing for the MPPSC exam can make you tired and will make you tired. Try to relax and indulge in a game, so that your mind is relaxed for some time.

The main reasons for getting the MPPSC coach are as follows

Best teacher for any discipline

Resourceful skills are very important for your civil service preparation. The bulk of the coaching faculty from the institution met at the MPPSC interview point. Their classes are designed to take students in the right direction due to their success.

Consultation of individuals at each test level

The search for MPPSC notes in English will help a lot in cracking the exam. For each stage of the exam, it is considered by many custom guides as a piece of best training. Your guide includes tips and tricks to uncover goal setting goals, and your coach helps you improve your ability to write the key.

Exam syllabus for detailed coverage

The normal test schedule is very large and demanding. Trying to cover it without any support would be a difficult task. To cover the entire calendar, the academic structure causes you to use a coordinated strategy for prelims, mains, and interviews. The far-reaching inclusion of the entire program allows the best coaching institute to be the best for the MPPSC.

Rigorous and ongoing investigation

Unless you know the pattern and specifics of the exam, no examination can be answered. MPPSC coaching classes offer comprehensive testing of MPPSC patterns for both hands and fore-hands. Such assessments allow you to prepare for study. The best test series for MPPSC exam are Sharma Academy mppsc test series and coaching series. The tests help assess themselves and take them on the right path.

Interview plan

The MPPSC examination system ends with an interview round. In a situation where all previous achievements have been inadequate, and applicants have not performed well in the interview, this is the critical length of the MPPSC. MPPSC coaching institutes show tailors and approaches that include discussion from online sources or skills books that you cannot accept. Assessment and mock tests take place in training institutes, to explore approaches and areas for improvement.

Interview is the most important part of MPPSC exam. Your insights have not been sought at the conference since the prelims, and mens assessments have been tried, but they prefer to separate out personality analysis and evaluation.

If you have decided to appear for MPPSC Civil Services Examination in 2022? This is great because now you have enough time to study. However, the course is so vast that time will fly by very fast.

Initially, you will start studying hard but as time passes you will lose steam. Or you study a subject and like it so much that you keep studying it for months, ignoring the rest. The risk of straying is high if you study carelessly. Therefore, you should have a proper mppsc study planner to guide you.

Therefore, it is very important to have a full proof study plan in marathon examination like MPPSC State level Examination. And more importantly, it is very important!

Your MPPSC Planner

If you are interested in this prestigious civil service examination, then you should already know about the exam dates to be postponed by the Commission due to COVID 19 epidemic.

The preliminary examination has been postponed till June 20, 2022 and the main examination will be held on September 2022. So, you have more than about 2 months for the preliminary examination and still 5 months left for the main examination.

Take a piece of paper and make your macro plan first. Write different months on a piece of paper. 6 months from May 2022 to Sep 2022 are such that you not only have to complete the syllabus but also have to revise it.

Split topics

Now you need to divide your studies into these different months. List the topics that are for both prelims and mains.

There are a total of 7 subjects in General Studies:

1.       History

2.       Geography

3.       Politics

4.       Economics

5.       Constitution

6.       IT

7.       Science & Technology

Now your plan is to study these subjects and revise them as well.

Keeping this in mind, break the syllabus we have in different months now. Remember to keep the last 2 months for revision and practice.

MPPSC Civil Services Examination Study Plan from June

You have to follow discipline at this time. During this time you should start your preparation with general studies. Take two subjects to study a subject, one subject becomes monotonous. Take a topic that you are familiar with and one that you are completely new to.

This will help you relax and get out of your comfort zone as well. If you are comfortable in it and if you are afraid of it then you can opt for history.

The idea is to first generate interest and discipline for the need to study for a long time. Understand and revise different concepts in the two subjects you have chosen.

MPPSC Planner for July and August

Now that you have last month's studies, you will probably be in the mindset of studying. Now the plan is that you increase the hours from 5 hours to 7 hours.

It is expected that you have completed the previously chosen subjects. Now the goal for these two months is to end the difficult topic completely and start the second topic as well.

You can choose Geography of India, Environmental Geography. The syllabus of MPPSC Geography is easy to finish.

MPPSC Planner for Prelims

For a pre-completed prelims and geography electives like 2/3 electives, now is the time to focus solely on prelims. Keep the optional papers separate and revise the notes for GS while studying the subject. You should revise the entire syllabus at least 3 times.

Solve more and more question papers for both GS and Prelims. If you do not solve at least 100 -120 practice papers then you are not going to pass. You should solve at least 10000 questions.

Look at papers from many sources so that your brain is conditioned to expect the unexpected. MPPSC coaching in indore suggest, do not ignore the previous year papers as it may disturb the exam.

MPPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Post Prelims

Post prelims focus on completion of syllabus for history, constitution and ethics. Here you should walk at full speed. Study for a minimum of 10 hours. You will have 3 months before the main. In this period, complete the incomplete part in the first month itself. Later on you should focus on revision.

Focus on topics like functional classification of cities, earthquake tsunami, environmental pollution, panchayati raj etc.

One thing is that in these three months most of the candidates of MPPSC Mains exam miss. Do not procrastinate. Write as many answers as possible in these three months. Pay full attention to answer writing for both GS and Hindi essay paper. MPPSC is said to be a writer's exam.

The conclusion

If you follow the tips, you can cover a lot during this time and there will be a positive result in the exam.

During this preparation, make sure that you read the newspaper daily or see at least some current affairs notes and keep yourself well acquainted with subjects such as space relations in different regions of the world and India. Even if you initially give 5 hours daily for your preparation and extend it after 10 hours, you can complete the syllabus comfortably and succeed in cracking the exam.

You can enroll in the MPPSC online coaching course for this so that you can get all the subjects in the form of videos. You can also get a customized study plan.

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) recruits for the vacancies in State Services of Madhya Pradesh. So, it releases notification and applications to this examination every year. Eligible candidates can apply online after the release of notification. Further, candidates can prepare for the exam either through offline or online coaching classes. Also, the main purpose of this article is to provide complete information about the MPPSC examination and guidance for the preparation.

Role of Coaching in MPPSC Preparation

MPPSC Coachingplays a vital role in helping students prepare for the State Public Service Exams. However, it completely depends on the applicant whether to enroll in one or not. Also, coaching classes help to increase the chances of success by preparing a customized study plan based on the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Coaching also gives an overview of the examination pattern and changing dynamics. However, it should be noted that coaching cannot guarantee your success. But, it provides an environment for overall development which is needed to crack any exam.

Reasons to join Online Coaching for MPPSC
  • Your Time and Place : Offline MPPSC coaching in Indorehas a fixed timetable but online coaching is very flexible. Moreover, the candidate saves time from traveling between home and coaching.
  • Reschedule : The biggest advantage of mppsc online coachingis that none of the lectures will be missed. Because you can watch it anytime anywhere on your laptop or phone. In other words, online coaching is the best way to prepare especially if you are working or are looking for classes from home. Also, you can watch the videos whenever you are free.
  • Inexpensive Fee : Generally, the cost of coaching for MPPSC exam preparation is approximately between Rs.50,000/- to Rs.75,000/-. But online coaching with us is inexpensive.


For Prelims

  • Newspaper - You should read the newspaper daily. The newspaper will give you all the current affairs, international affairs, and much more.
  • Government Websites - Government websites will provide you 100% authentic information. Also, you should trust these authentic sites only.
  • Keep your Booklist short - Firstly, you do not need every book in the world for the preparation. Secondly, pick the best books and keep it precise.
  • Notes - Prepare precise notes so you do not have to read the books again and again. Make sure you enter only relevant details in your notes.
  • Revision - Revision is the key to clearing MPPSC exam as it will help you in the long run.
  • Mock Tests - You should always appear for multiple mock tests. Because it helps you to brush up your skills and knowledge. Also, it will prepare you for the final day.

For Mains

  • Again, the newspaper is an inevitable step. Moreover, the newspaper will keep you updated and will help you produce relevant answers.
  • Also, you should read those books which will strengthen your base.
  • Moreover, always trust government websites as they are authentic.
  • You should always make your notes precisely. Also, always prepare the notes for prelims and mains together. This will save you time and spare room for revision.
  • Mock tests and Revisions will increase your speed and skills.

For Interview

For the last stage, you must sit for mock Interviews. Because it will help to experience you the Q and A round. So, brush up your skills with the mock MPPSC Interviewand enhance your personality. Further, keep yourself updated with all the current issues.

Book list for MPPSC exam preparation

1.     History: Spectrum for Modern India and NCERT books for Ancient and Medieval India.

2.     Geography: NCERT books of class XI and XII along with the G.C Leong book. While studying Geography, you should always have Orient Blakswan Atlas to mark the place, mountains, and rivers on the Atlas.

3.     Indian Economy: Read Sharma Academy book. Further, many economy questions come from Current affairs also.

4.     General Science: NCERT books from 6th to 12th books, you can also read Tata McGraw Hill book.

5.     Environment: Sharma Academy Environment book or IGNOU material is more than enough.

6.     Polity: Go for M. Laxmikant. There is no substitute for this book.

7.     Madhya Pradesh Special: You can pick any book for Madhya Pradesh special preparation book. For example, Upkar publication book for Madhya Pradesh special, yearbook of PD, Ghatna Chakra yearly compilation for state special.

You can also check UPSC/IAS preparation strategy if you wish to prepare for the same.

Finally, you must have faith in yourself and your mentors and should work hard to make it happen. Secondly, you must have a strategy for preparation. You need not worry about the strategy as we at Sharma Academy Best mppsc coaching in indorewill provide the exact study plan keeping in mind the vast syllabus, your needs, and your lifestyle. For more details, you can visit the official website of MPPSC.

The Habits That Will Help You Build a Strong Mindset for MPPSC Prelims

Every day, it seems there are a thousand things pulling at our attention and energy – chapters left to revise, subjects we did not pay any attention to, test series which are dangling on our heads like those menacing daggers and of course the D-Date of the MPPSC Prelims.

What routines can we practice to overcome these unwanted apprehensions, thwart uncertainties and remain focused for the next month and a half? 


# 1. Take 3 minutes every morning and focus on 3 things you are deeply grateful for and 3 that you strive to accomplish in life.

Think big - don't think about the immediate test, don't think about the next task but think about the ideal future you dream of. The finish line and beyond this marathon which has been running for a year or two. Feel the warm glow, the soft brush of the sunflower field as you walk through it.

This is the psychology of positive reinforcement and will ensure that your subconscious works towards making that dream a reality.


# 2. When you are depressed and feel that there is no way, how do you move forward?

Useless motivational nonsense away. When you are down, you are down. Point # 1 only works as positive reinforcement when you do it as a daily habit and not as a knee jerk - feel good tricks to fool your brain.

Do it - sit. Take a blank page. And start writing 50 things, which need to happen to make things right for you. It may sound stupid but it is not. count on us. When you start writing things, after the first 10 common, silly ideas you will get into the problem-solving area.

The first 10 will be the most obvious ideas - the next 20 will seem vague and random but the last 20 or the last 10 will have the most subtle knowledge you can give yourself. These will be the most actionable items and help you overcome your fear of the unknown and take action.


# 3. Stop being a commitment phobic.

Do not wait for the right time to test yourself. Do not wait for the ideal number of revisions before you try those mocks. Anyone will mock. Be smart here. It is now okay to feel ashamed of your low score instead of feeling frustrated after the exam. It is now better to learn from your peers that after a year, sit in the crowd and take knowledge from the queens.

Don’t be penic if you are looking for mock test or test series for practice many institutes are providing join any best mppsc coaching in indoreand fullfill your requirements for your exam.


There is a saying, "The best time to plant trees was 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

Yes, this is the best time to plant your self in your mppsc preparation  and crack it, All the best.

With the help of MPPSC Coaching in Indore, one can prepare for the exam in a very easy way. The ideal coaching institute for MPPSC exam preparation helps the candidates and provides them all the useful information for MPPSC exam preparation. They guide the candidates about the right path to prepare for the exam by providing all the resources and study material. It is very important for the Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore candidate to enroll themselves in the Best Coaching Institute for MPPSC. Here we are providing some such information which can be helpful for them, which requires a lot of dedication and determination from the students and practicing hours and hours of MPPSC exam is one of the toughest exams, it is known for huge syllabus and fierce competition.

How to prepare for MPPSC Exam?

Aspirants first understand the MPPSC Syllabus before starting their exam preparation. Also, take additional practice tests to get a better idea about the exam format and type of questions asked. List the subjects like History, Geography, Politics and Economics.

Since MPPSC is following the lead of UPSC in asking questions from various subjects, the prelims strategy should be a mix of hard work and smart work, as it is a phase of pure elimination.

Before starting the Preliminary exam preparation, you should go through all the previous year question papers to get an understanding of the topics covered and the current pattern in the questions answered. Since current affairs plays such an important role nowadays, you need to cover all the major events of the last 10-12 months.

Study with the best MPPSC coaching in Indore and lead your way to success.

Get an opportunity to study from toppers of MPPSC Exams. Harshal Chaudhary has been the first rank holder in MPPSC 2018 exam.

He attributes his success to the best MPPSC Coaching at Indore-Sharma Academy.

What makes us the most preferred MPPSC Coaching in Indore?

Toppers use their personal experience to polish students and assist them in passing the MPPSC exam. Meet the instructors at Sharma Academy, Best coaching for MPPSC in Indore.

The teaching team’s main goal for the institute is to give the best study materials and an overall positive learning experience for its students, which will help them enhance their talents and lead them down the proper road. All these features and facilities show great results, as the institute’s previous years’ results were phenomenal, attracting hundreds of aspirants and earning the “Leading E-Learning Academy” and “Result-Oriented Academy” awards. The Sharma Academy, with its great features and phenomenal faculty team, is the first choice of MPPSC aspirants in Indore.


Crack MPPSC in First Attempt


Let me start by saying – One’s 1st attempt should be one’s BEST attempt.

To crack one of the most challenging exams in the country, you need to plan your preparation from the very beginning. Being in the second year of college, you can study and marvel at each subject religiously. But remember, the time you have for the exam should be of benefit to you, not of loss. Let's say, 'I still have a lot of time left' approach like this never affects your level of focus.

Now let's talk about preparation. Here is the step-by-step road map for MPPSC preparation

Step 1: Know the exam structure

MPPSC exam is conducted in three phases –


Phase 1: Preliminary Examination (Objective)

Phase 2: Main Examination (Subjective)

Phase 3: Interview (Vocal)


There are 2 papers in prelims -

Paper - I

Paper II


Paper I tests you on General Studies and Paper II tests you on Aptitude.


There are 6 papers in Mains -

Paper I (General Studies I)

Paper II (General Studies II)

Paper III (General Studies III)

Paper IV (General Studies IV)

Paper V (General Hindi)

Paper VI (Hindi Essay)


Step 2: Understand the entire syllabus

Once you go through the syllabus and have a clear idea about it, start with the basics. NCERT and ICSE books are a great start. Understand the concepts and then move on to more popular and prescribed books as per the topics.


Step 3: Preparation for General Studies

Since the official syllabus does not give much detail of the subjects to be studied under each subject, they are expected to acquire knowledge which should be slightly below graduation level but above high school level. Any candidate who has a good grasp on General Studies can be sure of a good position in his/her examination.


Prepare for prelims and mains together. Do not forget to leave the Mains preparation till the end. The time after the Preliminary Examination should be spent covering the missed topics along with the special revision of the Main Examination. Make revision mppsc notesfor your last time preparation.


Step 4: Read The Hindu (along with other newspapers) religiously

You must devote time daily to study Hindu. Read, focus, amalgamate and note down relevant information. Keep a separate notebook or sheet for the material taken from The Hindu. You must watch my classes on Youtube it will come in handy when the exam is approaching. Apart from The Hindu, the following magazines should also be mentioned-

·       Plan

·       Kurukshetra

·       MPPSC Times

·       practical

·       science reporter

·       frontline

Step 5: Selection and Preparation with good mppsc coaching to Qualify MPPSC in First Attempt

Selecting the most popular and reputed institute may help you in your mppsc preparation because the institute which is reputed will not cheat you as to maintain their status in market. Before joining a MPPSC Coaching in indoreyou should gather the information about the institute it’s selected candidates in psc exam, faculties, facilities etc will help you to short list the perfect coaching for you.

Choose a mppsc coachingbecause you think it will be best for you and not because it is 'popular' or chosen by the 'toppers' of previous years.


Step 6: Read the previous year question papers

By going through the last five years question papers (at least 5 years) you will be familiar with the questions asked in the exam and this will boost your strategy to crack MPPSC in the first attempt.

Here you have to understand one thing that MPPSC will never repeat a question.

So don't confuse the questions. It won't be of any use. What's of use is that the 'type' of the question can be repeated. Reading the previous year papers will help you understand the scope of questions asked. So when you study different subjects, you will keep this in mind. Civil Services Exam is not just about hard work. It is a combination of both hard work and smart work.

Step 7 - Enroll yourself in a test series

Once you have a good grasp on a large section of the syllabus, enroll in a good test series. Attempt regular mock tests. Also, you are expected to go through at least five years previous question papers in detail.


Remember you don't need to go to Delhi to crack MPPSC.

There are many online test series available. If you have mock test facility in your city, good. If not, enroll yourself online. The key here is to practice as much as you can. Sharma Academy MPPSC Test Seriesis the best in MP.

Step 8: Practice writing answers- Increase your chances of cracking MPPSC in the first attempt.

One of the most effective ways to crack the mains exam is to practice answer writing. I am saying this from my own experience and wish to try it on you too.

There are 2 benefits of practicing answer writing -

1.    helps you remember GK concepts in the exam.

2.    Helps you with time management.

A candidate should develop the art of writing good and concise answers so that the examinee can understand them clearly. Crisp and 'to the point' answers will ensure that you get a fair score.

The above strategy will help you to crack MPPSC in the very first attempt.


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