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The MPPSC exam is very important for every candidate as this exam provides an opportunity to serve the public in the highest rank of state government service. The MPPSC exam is not easy, and one must have many symptoms to pass this exam. Conducted once a year, the MPPSC exam provides ample opportunities for the citizens of India to come forward and give it a shot. Below are some tips that will guide the candidates in the right direction and help them pass the exam.


Study according to the mppsc pattern:

The MPPSC syllabus is very large and requires dedication and honesty to complete on time. All the candidates are advised to finish all the things mentioned in the first pattern and explore more. Studying according to the pattern also builds confidence in the candidates. If you are preparing from a mppsc coaching institute in Indore, you will be provided with the syllabus at the beginning of the session, and for others, you can always find the full mppsc syllabusonline.


Focus should be on current affairs:

Current affairs plays an important role in the MPPSC exam. Candidates should keep themselves updated with all the current affairs happening in the country. There are several civil services coaching in Indorewhich provide current affairs updates to the candidates, who can be referred.


Plan of Study:

Planning is important for MPPSC candidates as the syllabus is vast and time is short. Candidates are required to plan by dividing their study time into several subjects. Make sure you are covering everything, such as compulsory and optional subjects. Having a plan that allows you to maintain your daily studies and explore new related material is critical to success in your exam. Take some good mppsc coaching’s mppsc notesit will save your time.


Aim for:

Creating your own goals will instil confidence in you and help you prepare for the exam. Try to target and implement them for best results. Keep your goals simple so that you can achieve them. By achieving higher goals, you will become more confident and determined, which is very important for MPPSC exams.


An Amendment:

Revision plays a very important role in the preparation of MPPSC. The syllabus can be huge but attempting to revise after completing the syllabus is an outstanding achievement. If you are not able to complete, there is nothing to worry about. Try to revise what you have read so far so that you can write with confidence. Revision will give you many benefits and allow you to dominate others. Revision ensures that you know a particular subject and are ready to write and speak correctly on it.


Practice Test Paper:

There are many test papers available online, which candidates can refer to. These practice papers have similar questions which are asked during the exam. You can also look at all the mppsc previous year question papersand know what the paper will be like. The test paper contains many necessary details, which can prove to be very beneficial during the exam. MPPSC Coaching in Indoreprovides regularly updated practice papers to solve its candidates. These test papers are made by expert faculty members who have years of experience in guiding candidates for MPPSC exams.


Dedication and passion:

If you are preparing for MPPSC exam then dedication and passion go together. If you have the passion to succeed in MPPSC exam, then you will really have dedication towards its preparation. Dedication and passion allow you to clearly see your goal for which you start working hard. By doing this slowly, you get closer to your remarkable goal. To succeed in MPPSC exam, candidates need dedication and passion towards it, which removes all the obstacles that come in the way of their goal.

Once you have decided that it the civil services that is your calling and you want to take it as career, it is time to start to train yourself.

Before you start your preparation seriously, you can start training yourself to think like an IAS officer. If you are successful, you will get an edge even before you start preparing.


How should an IAS officer be?

An IAS officer must think constitutionally, taking great care that opinion or prejudice about any issue does not dominate his opinion and judgment.

They must be neutral, impartial and follow the constitution. As an aspirant you should also aim to develop these qualities. Also, able to think, reason and gather knowledge. Unless you know, you cannot think, understand, and think about different ideas and arguments.

And if you don't argue impartially, you stand to lose. Be as knowledgeable as you can be, write and present your answers as much as you can, but if your opinion is about personal prejudice or non-objective and non-constitutional reasoning on the issues then you will lose with important points.


So how do you develop these skills?

1. Diverse literature, decisions, news, and differing viewpoints. Then mix them all together and make your opinion and decision.

2. When you read about the issues, try to analyze them from a social, political, and constitutional point of view. Keep up with the developments and analyze (and form your own opinion) what is happening with the Indian Constitution and justice for all. Then take your opinion and decision on this issue.

3. Discuss your ideas with your teachers and peers. Reading and talking to knowledgeable people and even the common man broadens your horizons and your mind. Try and understand different perspectives. But remember not to be seduced by emotions.

4. Try and pen your thoughts. When you see your ideas on paper, you will be able to better analyze the effectiveness of your approach.

Let me tell you that UPSC questions are multidimensional and each question involves many related issues. Unless you have the knowledge and ability to think and connect the points, you will not be able to pass the exam.

Make these habits yours now and forever.

If you concentrate thus, you can certainly train yourself to think like an IAS officer. Your knowledge and training will not only help you in preparing, but it will also help you prepare better answers in the main exam and interview.



Guide to crack the UPSC IAS Exam

The thing behind this is that it is very difficult for one who does not like to study for hours. Nevertheless, all can be forgotten before starting anew. This is an exam that can change life to a great extent even by just starting preparation.

If you pass the IAS, no one will point out your weaknesses, or that you have failed the degree college many times. You may be taunted for not supporting the family, or for not having a social reputation.

If you have not studied in the past, you can at least work hard for a better future.

#Tip 1 - Efforts

As far as candidates with a clean academic record are concerned, studying for them is not as big a task as it will be for you. You have a disadvantage, that you have not studied in the past, the reasons may be of a type.

But, to do this exam decently, you will need to put in extra effort, find an edge for yourself, strategize your studies, make a timetable and ensure that you follow it strictly. You can join any good upsc coaching in indorefor your structured upsc preparation.


#Tip 2- Discipline

What you have not done in the last 15 years will be extremely difficult to do in a year or two, which is to 'get discipline'. Disciplining yourself is the hardest part, whatever it may be, especially in studies. To keep pace with others, you will have to study for 15 hours in 10 hours.

The best upsc coaching in indoresays you must program your mind and body to work in that direction coherently. It obviously won't come in a day or two. There will be disappointment at every stage of preparation, but do not let it work against you. If you want to pass this exam, then bridging this gap should be paramount for everything else.


#Tip 3 - Motivation

Most clearing candidates have good academic records. Of course, there are some exceptions who have carved a niche for themselves in the IAS for nothing.

Read about such candidates for motivation, study tips, time, and money management etc. One person's method will not work for everyone, but you can learn from it and develop your own methods and strategies. You should also be aware of the UPSC exam pattern.


The conclusion

Also, you should also have a backup in terms of career. What if not a civil service exam? Because, Civil Services Examination is undoubtedly one of the toughest exams, and even harder given your track record. It will take effort, but it is certainly not impossible!

Find the best upsc coaching in indoreto start your IAS exam preparation.


Examination stress is a part of student life. Every student who aims for high success will experience exam stress. By the way, having an exam stress is not bad at all, it also has some good things; It helps you think about the study and left syllabus, which needs to be completed soon.

It also helps you stay away from all kinds of distractions. But being overstressed for an exam can be dangerous; It can even damage your performance. Many researchers have noted that if a student is stressed while studying, their brain does not understand things properly and soon forgets it.

So, if you really want to get a good score in your exam, make sure to keep your stress at bay and stay focused to prepare well.

Here are some useful tips to keep stress away during exams:


Take breaks

Taking short breaks during studies is very important. A break of 10-15 minutes is required after every 45 minutes of study. This will help to relax your mind and rejuvenate for further preparation. During this time, do activities that relax your mind such as cataloging classic music or meditation. If you will see when you join any mppsc coaching in indorethey gave you breaks in between lectures to make you comfor.


Go for a short walk

Sitting continuously can disturb the overall blood circulation of the body, which will result in back and leg pain. To avoid any such situation, make sure to walk during the break. Taking a break from studies, go for a short walk; In the park or garden to increase your brain power and to regulate the blood circulation of your body.



Get enough sleep

This is the most important reason that increases stress during an examination. The more important it is to eat, the more important it is to sleep; skipping meals can make you weak and not getting the right amount of sleep can affect the overall performance of your body, especially the mind and eyes. Be sure to get enough sleep. An ideal sleep is seven to eight hours, at least. Sound sleep will help your brain assimilate new knowledge into your long-term memory. If you are taking MPPSC online coaching classesthen it is obvious you spend your most of the time on system then in such case rest to eyes is very necessary.


Don’t let the distraction win

The most common problem, students of this generation, have uncontrollable desire for social media as well as digital devices such as mobile phones and other gadgets. These things are among the strongest boosters which further increase stress. Now how would you think? Well, when you have a syllabus to complete in a month or two and you have allocated one of two hours of time for each subject which becomes six or eight hours in a day.

And as it is not advisable to study continuously, you also need to take a break. So, the overall hour which is a mixture of study, some exercises like walking or meditation and rest will be the sum of about 12 hours. But if you keep checking Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and WhatsApp accounts then you will lose your focus and join the conversation and get completely distracted from your studies.

This type of distraction will waste your time and you will feel stressed and helpless when you leave only a few days to take the exam. To avoid any such situation, be sure to stay away from all the things that may distract you from your studies.

Remember these important tips during the exam to keep stress at bay. For any query about mppsc coachingand mppsc online coaching classesfeel free to ask in the comment section below.

If you are a beginner then you need to follow these strategies.

First of all, nail it MPPSC is a case of strategy + hard work.

(1) First of all, know the nature of the exam you are preparing for. State PSCs are the most repetitive examinations. They are following the same pattern again and again. It follows the pattern of UPSC but completely different from UPSC. If you are good at remembering the fact. Then psc is not a hard nut to crack. Have confidence in your ability.

(2) Analyze the previous year's paper in detail. This will help you to know in which direction you have to try.

(3) Arrange the coaching notes for mppscof the premier institute as they know better which subject is more exemplary. It is also important to leave the subject here because the syllabus is so vast. Try to complete the notes as soon as possible.

(4) You have to make sure that you have 6 months left to amend. (Preparation of MPPSC for severe aspirant requires 1 year). Revise this as much as possible in the remaining six months. You cannot maintain things for a long time. So, revision is the most important factor also included in the test series which will help you to evaluate your preparation.

(5) Try to avoid silly mistakes. The test series here is not to score much but to correct your silly mistake in the main exam. Try to be consistent in this one year. Do not distract and confuse. I am repeating again. Believe in yourself. The 60% exam is based on the confidence level otherwise you will be confused about your own answer in the main exam.


If you have recently started preparing for MPPSC. In such times of epidemic, you could not attend any mppsc coaching lectures voluntarily or unwillingly, so you can use the online platform like mppsc online coaching classes. The problem with state PSCs is that their reference books which are well known and credible are mostly in regional languages ​​and hence it is a bit difficult to start with books alone. As in the case of MPPSC, most of the books are in pure Hindi and even understanding them is a big task.

There are many channels on YouTube but the problem with the language and teaching style still persists with many english medium students so if you are a english medium student then you can join mppsc online coaching in englishmedium and sharma academy is providing this english medium mppsc online coursethey exclusively for MPPSC Launched a new series.

The videos are worth watching from my experience, so I suggest checking to see if they work for you. She teaches in a language that is easily understood and with properly tall facts and figures.

For a beginner 1 year is sufficient for the preparation of mppsc exam. This is the most prestigious competitive exam of MP which gives you a Govt job. At last I will say be focus on syllabus, completely read the mppsc notes, don’t forget the mppsc previous year papers and at last join a best mppsc coaching in indore.

The MPPSC exam is one of the most challenging and one of the most difficult examinations conducted by the state government. The right preparation strategy is the best one to achieve your goal or objective. The increasing level of competition has infiltrated the aspirations into a serious race in which not only hard work is enough, but smart study and perseverance have required most to gain an edge over a large number of competitors. Before starting the preparation, you should properly analyze the contemporary trends of the updated syllabus and exam papers. MPPSC Previous Year Papers play an important role in understanding the relevant trends of the exam so that you do not get distracted by the pattern and opt for smart study instead of just working hard.

In this article “Prepare with MPPSC Previous Year Paper” you will be able to understand the expected weightage and question pattern of each subject.

Prelims Examination Pattern.

MPPSC Prelims which is objective in nature consists of two parts-
1. General Aptitude Test Paper I (2 hours) — 200 marks
2. General Studies Paper II (2 hours) — 200 marks

Subject-wise weightage for trend analysis of past 5 years

MP (15–22)

Current Affairs (15–25)

Sports (5–7)

Geography (10–15)

Polity (10–15)

History (12–17)

Environment (5–10)

Economy (10–14)

Science & Tech (5–8)

This pattern changes from year to year as it is a general trend analysis, it will help you to focus on the main topics, while the preparation is more than the others.

Download State Service Exam — MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2019

Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2

Download State Service Exam — MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2018

Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2

Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6

Download State Service Exam — MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2017

Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2

Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6

Download State Service Exam — MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2016

Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2

Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6

Download State Service Exam — MPPSC Preliminary Exam 2015

Pre Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2

Mains Exam

Paper -1 || Paper-2 || Paper-3 || Paper-4 || Paper-5 || Paper-6

Mains Examination Pattern

Candidates who pass the preliminary examination are again allowed to appear in the main examination. The number of candidates selected to appear for the main examination is fifteen times more than the number of vacancies available. Unlike the preliminary examination, the main paper is also descriptive and analytical. A candidate should have a clear understanding of concepts and know the recent trends as well as the skill of linking answers with current affairs. Previous year question papers enable you to understand the pattern of question asked how and what to write within the word limit. Practice writing answers for at least one answer daily improves your writing skills and time management. Solving the entire paper within the stipulated time frame helps in avoiding the problem in the final exam. You can join any mppsc coaching in indore to preactice answer writing for your mains exam.

Subject :-General Studies-I (3 hours) Part A — History & Culture Part B — Geography, Water Management, Disaster & its Management

300 marks

Subject :-General Studies-II (3 hours) Part A — Constitution, Governance, Political and Administrative Structure Part B- Economics and sociology

300 marks

Subject :-General Studies-III (3 hours) Science and Technology, Environment

300 marks

Subject :-General Studies-Iv (3 Hours) Philosophy, Psychology and Public Administration

200 marks

Subject :-Paper- V Hindi (3 hours) General Hindi and Grammar

200 marks

Subject :-Paper- VI Hindi essay (2 hours)

200 marks

Total:-1400 marks

Hope these Previous Year Papers will help you understood the trends analysis of MPPSC examination for your better preparation with smart strategy. All the Best!!

If you have decided to appear for MPPSC Civil Services Examination in 2021? This is great because now you have enough time to study. However, the course is so vast that time will fly by very fast.

Initially, you will start studying hard but as time passes you will lose steam. Or you study a subject and like it so much that you keep studying it for months, ignoring the rest. The risk of straying is high if you study carelessly. Therefore, you should have a proper mppsc study planner to guide you.

Therefore, it is very important to have a full proof study plan in marathon examination like MPPSC State level Examination. And more importantly, it is very important!

Your MPPSC Planner

If you are interested in this prestigious civil service examination, then you should already know about the exam dates to be postponed by the Commission due to COVID 19 epidemic.

The preliminary examination has been postponed till June 20, 2021 and the main examination will be held on September 2021. So, you have more than about 2 months for the preliminary examination and still 5 months left for the main examination.

Take a piece of paper and make your macro plan first. Write different months on a piece of paper. 6 months from May 2021 to Sep 2021 are such that you not only have to complete the syllabus but also have to revise it.

Split topics

Now you need to divide your studies into these different months. List the topics that are for both prelims and mains.

There are a total of 7 subjects in General Studies:

1.       History

2.       Geography

3.       Politics

4.       Economics

5.       Constitution

6.       IT

7.       Science & Technology

Now your plan is to study these subjects and revise them as well.

Keeping this in mind, break the syllabus we have in different months now. Remember to keep the last 2 months for revision and practice.

MPPSC Civil Services Examination Study Plan from June

You have to follow discipline at this time. During this time you should start your preparation with general studies. Take two subjects to study a subject, one subject becomes monotonous. Take a topic that you are familiar with and one that you are completely new to.

This will help you relax and get out of your comfort zone as well. If you are comfortable in it and if you are afraid of it then you can opt for history.

The idea is to first generate interest and discipline for the need to study for a long time. Understand and revise different concepts in the two subjects you have chosen.

MPPSC Planner for July and August

Now that you have last month's studies, you will probably be in the mindset of studying. Now the plan is that you increase the hours from 5 hours to 7 hours.

It is expected that you have completed the previously chosen subjects. Now the goal for these two months is to end the difficult topic completely and start the second topic as well.

You can choose Geography of India, Environmental Geography. The syllabus of MPPSC Geography is easy to finish.

MPPSC Planner for Prelims

For a pre-completed prelims and geography electives like 2/3 electives, now is the time to focus solely on prelims. Keep the optional papers separate and revise the notes for GS while studying the subject. You should revise the entire syllabus at least 3 times.

Solve more and more question papers for both GS and Prelims. If you do not solve at least 100 -120 practice papers then you are not going to pass. You should solve at least 10000 questions.

Look at papers from many sources so that your brain is conditioned to expect the unexpected. MPPSC coaching in indore suggest, do not ignore the previous year papers as it may disturb the exam.

MPPSC Civil Services Exam Preparation Post Prelims

Post prelims focus on completion of syllabus for history, constitution and ethics. Here you should walk at full speed. Study for a minimum of 10 hours. You will have 3 months before the main. In this period, complete the incomplete part in the first month itself. Later on you should focus on revision.

Focus on topics like functional classification of cities, earthquake tsunami, environmental pollution, panchayati raj etc.

One thing is that in these three months most of the candidates of MPPSC Mains exam miss. Do not procrastinate. Write as many answers as possible in these three months. Pay full attention to answer writing for both GS and Hindi essay paper. MPPSC is said to be a writer's exam.

The conclusion

If you follow the tips, you can cover a lot during this time and there will be a positive result in the exam.

During this preparation, make sure that you read the newspaper daily or see at least some current affairs notes and keep yourself well acquainted with subjects such as space relations in different regions of the world and India. Even if you initially give 5 hours daily for your preparation and extend it after 10 hours, you can complete the syllabus comfortably and succeed in cracking the exam.

You can enroll in the MPPSC online coaching course for this so that you can get all the subjects in the form of videos. You can also get a customized study plan.

MPPSC is one of the most difficult state service exams to crack for the candidates. This year, more than three lakh students have applied for only 235 vacancies, meaning that there is only one seat per 1200 students. Cracking this exam is very competitive and challenging.

However, with the right strategy and plan, you can prepare yourself well to increase your chances of appearing in the exam. You should study according to the latest syllabus and divide your time correctly for each subject. If you will manage your time for study properly it will be success key for you.

MPPSC Exam Pattern

Before we dive into creating a time division and preparation strategy for MPPSC Exam, let know about the exam pattern.

The exam takes place in three stages - Preliminary, Main and Interview.

1. MPPSC Prelims

This is the first phase of the MPPSC exam, where the objective type questions are included in the paper. First of all, you have to go through the General Studies Examination within two hours. Maximum marks are 200.

Then, next is the General Aptitude Test, where you get two hours. The maximum marks for this are also 200.

2. MPPSC Mains

This is the second phase of MPPSC exam, where you have to appear for six papers and tests. Here is the list of these letters with maximum marks and time:

·         General Studies-I (3 hours) - 300 marks.

·         General Studies-II (3 hours) - 300 marks.

·         General Studies-III (3 hours) - 300 marks.

·         General Studies-IV (3 hours) - 200 marks.

·         General Hindi (3 hours) - 200 marks.

·         Hindi essay (2 hours) - 100 marks


3. MPPSC Interview

The third and final phase is the interview, where your personality is tested. The maximum marks are 175. You may have cracked both the prelims and mains exam, but if you fail the interview, you will not be able to reach your final destination. In the interview, you are not only asked questions about the subject, but your personality trait is also examined.

Time-division and management suggestions for the preparation of MPPSC

This is an essential requirement to crack any competitive exam, first you need set a goal thus goal setting is the first step to time management. A mppsc aspirant have to set short term goals you can set weekly targets, Daily targets that should be complete in hours like 10, 12 or 14 hours a day. When I was preparing for MPPSC mains I forget all other things, forget the family, postponed spiritual and material quests and focused only on the preparation.

Worried about how much time to give for preparation? MPPSC mains is tough examination to crack. whoever told you that this will easy was lying, it's difficult but not impossible to crack. How much time to give for daily studying solely depends on an individual. Daily study time means the time you spend in your self study which you do at home not in your mppsc coaching. It does not depend on the time but rather on the concentration level that you will be putting. Most students who have higher IQ might have to give just 6 hours of daily studying and they can still retain most of the stuff, where is some students have to do extraordinarily hard work.

Don't go by the time that your friends are giving to Daily preparation, try to utilize the time that you are spending on the study, like Arjun whose eyes were on the target you should also study in the same manner. Just see how much time it requires you to fulfill your daily target and then you can calculate how much time you need to dedicate for your studies.

The very effective way for your mppsc preparation is you can do it with mppsc online coaching classes, they have schedule and plan for the study if you will follow that you can manage your studies.

Effective time division and management is crucial for success in MPPSC exam. By dividing the subjects and subjects to be studied in a set time, you bring a systematic learning approach. Random study routine will take you nowhere. With dedicated learning by set timetables, don't forget to take short breaks for a refreshed mind.

There is no doubt that coaching institutes play an important role in shaping the career of students and it becomes even more important when it comes to preparing for mppsc exams. There is a significant difference between a school exam and a competitive entrance exam.

In the competitive entrance examination, the competition is between millions of students. So, there is a dire need of guidance from experienced teachers.

Below are the top 5 questions that should be kept in mind before choosing a mppsc coaching institute.

1. Students track record of the mppsc coaching center?

The older the coaching institute is, the higher the probability that it has prestigious faculty. In addition, students should follow the students' feedback about the faculties, study material, test series etc.

You should also find out what percentage of students in the coaching center have passed the exam and which percentage got the final selection. For this information you can read their latest issues of career journals and also get feedback from students studying in coaching institute.


2. How are faculty members?

This is the most important thing that should be kept in mind while choosing a mppsc coaching in indore.

Faculty members are the building blocks of any institute. The performance of any institution depends a lot on its faculties. Experienced teachers make difficult things easy. They completely transform students from non-thinkers to deep-thinkers.

Take demo classes and mock sessions organized by coaching institutes. This will definitely help in making wise decisions.

3. What is the fee structure of mppsc coaching?

MPPSC Coaching fees structureis the next thing. The fees of mppsc coaching in indore vary greatly. Many new coaching institutes have low fees as they are in the process of establishing themselves. Also, many older coaching institutes offer discounts and other special facilities to attract students. Familiarize yourself with the fee structure and exemption offered in the institutions but never forget your basic requirement i.e., quality education.

Also, the institute conducts entrance test and scholarship is awarded based on your performance in the test. Therefore, appear in those exams and try to take advantage of those scholarships.

4. Is this an ideal place to learn?

Observe the coaching class. Make sure that the classes are not overcrowded. Take a look at other systems like air conditioning, drinking water etc.

Consider the fact that no matter how good a teacher is, but a student cannot sit in the classroom during summer without air conditioning.

Always keep in mind about good hygiene facilities as it plays an important role in preparing for such examinations.

5. Whether or not access to study material and library will be provided?

Study material is being provided in almost every mppsc coaching institutewhich has a lot of solved and unresolved problems.

Check the mppsc study materialprovided by the coaching institute. Take some sample copies and go through it. A good study material consists of questions of different difficulty levels. It takes you from a simple problem to a difficult one in a sequential manner.


In july 2004, MGCI was built-in to impart quality education. In this long journey of success, thousands of students of Biology, Mathematics and Agriculture has achieved success from the MGCI and today this institute has emerged as a synonym of success due to their special teaching style. A special identity has been created in the field of quality Education, we starts MGCI with the excessive principles and commitment to excellence. MGCI give top 2 selections in medical entrance exam from indore. We are the Best NEET Coaching in Indore

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is one of the toughest competitive examinations that require extreme dedication and knowledge to pass. The main objective of conducting this examination is to recruit eligible assistant state level engineers. One should have deep knowledge of each subject to appear in the examination without any examination. But without the right strategy in place, it becomes quite difficult to crack. This is why it is best to take useful suggestions from experts who have already taken the exam a few times. In this article, we provide all the required details for the MPPSC exam.

They can provide the best insight into preparation tips and better guide aspirants. There are educational centers that provide expert guidance, notes, study material so that other students do not have much trouble in the exam. But, to pass the exam easily, it is important to understand the entire process of MPPSC exam, including its pattern, syllabus, preparation tips, etc. Therefore, have a look at the exam pattern of MPPSC:

Table of Contents

·         MPPSC Exam Pattern

·         Tips to Prepare for the MPPSC Exam

o    A.) Take Regular Mock Tests

o    B.) Prepare A Time Table

o    C.) Know the Syllabus

o    History:

o    Geography:

o    Indian Politics:

o    Science:

o    Economy & Current Affairs:


MPPSC Exam Pattern

Before starting MPPSC exam preparation or buying MPPSC notes, it is important to understand the pattern of the exam. The advantage of mppsc online coaching classes is that an organized plan with definite objectives can be easily prepared for each stage of the exam. The first stage of MPPSC examination is the preliminary examination which is basically the objective of nature. The pattern tests students' basic knowledge, speed and accuracy. Once the student passes the preliminary examination, there will be a main examination that evaluates the students' in-depth knowledge on each subject. Then there will be a personality test or interview round where the characteristics of the aspirant will be evaluated.


MPPSC Exam Preparation Tips


After going through the exam pattern, a lot of candidates feel heavy when it comes to strategy. So, let's have a look at the preparation tips given below:

A) Take regular mock test

Since the exam, one's speed and accuracy, candidates should take regular mock tests and solve previous year's questions to increase their speed. In today's world, aspirants can take advantage of e-learning platforms as there are many mock tests that anyone can find, and it will also increase their ability to solve questions and speed. You can also join any mppsc coaching in indore test series for your mock test practice.

B) Create a time table

The time table is very important while preparing for mppsc competitive exams. This is because the exam will test the speed and accuracy of the students in the early stages. And students are required to cover a vast subject within a short period of time. Therefore, it is very important to have a proper time table. A time table will help the candidates to make the entire preparation effective. In addition, people can understand the areas where they need to work and the chapters that remain at the last minute for revision.

C.) Get to know the syllabus

Many students start their preparation for MPPSC without understanding the syllabus. However, understanding the syllabus should be their first priority before starting the preparation. Each subject requires utmost care and attention to crack the main exam. This includes:


The best way to prepare for MPPSC history is to read NCERT books of class 11 and 12. It will provide an in-depth view of every part of history, including ancient, modern and medieval. In addition, students can refer to the board books to understand the chapters well. But, do not use multiple books for the same part or chapter as it will only increase confusion.


Generally, the MPPSC exam pattern covers both Indian and World Geography sections. For better understanding it would be best to follow the NCERT books from class 6 to 12. Apart from this, students should also follow newspapers to get the right content.

Indian politics:

Indian politics plays an important role in the MPPSC exam. Subjects like Central, State Legislatures, News on Panchayati Raj, Election Commission should be included in the examination with grace. But, one section should follow this book otherwise, it will be very difficult for the students to remember all the events accurately.


In the initial stage, the exam will cover only the basic knowledge, but in the main part, the students must have an in-depth understanding of the subject to pass the exam. Typically, experts suggest NCERT books and MP board books understand science topics.

Economy and Current Affairs:

Both Indian Economy and Current Affairs play a significant role in the MPPSC examination. These two topics mostly give Asp's nightmares.


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