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While the decision to appear for the MPPSC Civil Services exam may be easy, what follows is an overwhelming as well as a humbling experience. For a beginner, the initial months are just spent understanding what this exam is all about and figuring out the right path to reach your goal.

MPPSC preparation for beginners

1. Read the syllabus carefully

One of the main reasons why students wander far and wide while studying for MPPSC is that they do not pay attention to the syllabus. You need neither very vast knowledge nor very deep. MPPSC needs people who know something or the other about everything and not experts. If you stick to the syllabus and understand exactly what they want, you will be able to limit your preparation to the things that matter.

Also, each topic has dynamic elements, some more than others, so being clear about the syllabus will help you choose the right news and at the same time keep a check on your current affairs preparation. Can be very comprehensive on current affairs on its own, but once you integrate it with syllabus and previous year questions, you will have no trouble choosing the news you need to read.


2. Practice Being a Planner

As an MPPSC officer, the plan should be good for you. Put that skill to the test immediately by creating a strategy to follow for the rest of the year. Don't depend on mppsc coaching institutes for this job, remember, you know yourself best. Plan your studies in a way that helps you optimize your output. It should become easy once you understand the syllabus and structure of the exam. You can take inspiration from other toppers but adapt their strategy to your personality.


3. Zero Down on Sources

There are a lot of books and heaps of reading material for MPPSC beginners to prepare for this prestigious exam. As a result, finding the most reliable, authentic, and comprehensive sources becomes quite a task. The suggestion here would be to go through some of the books suggested by others and then choose the books that suit you the most. Do not buy books online unless you have read them physically and feel that they will be helpful in your preparation. No matter which supplementary books you refer, there is no substitute for NCERT. Always start your preparation from them and then move on.


4. Save Notes for Last

Don't start making notes as soon as you start a certain topic. Consult at least 1-2 sources apart from NCERTs, highlight important points while reading and then compile them into notes. Many people make the mistake of making history notes by reading old NCERTs and reference books of RS Sharma, Bipin Chandra etc., and later discover that Tamil Nadu NCERTs and other books also contain a lot of relevant information. As a result, he must make notes again and again.

Devote maximum time to making mppsc notes as you will refer to it in the last few months of your preparation. You won't have time to read all the books at this stage, so put everything that is important in your notes.

Also, make a separate section for General Knowledge at the end of your notes. Once you finish making notes, refer to NCERTs for all classes from 6th to 12th and write small things or things in special boxes in bullet form for quick revision.


5. Make Revision a Habit

When you start reading, you will realize that there is a vast amount of information available in even the simplest subjects. As you read more, you forget the old. So before collecting new information on any topic make it a point to revise the previous day's notes first. Revising every day will take you less time as compared to finishing and re-reading the entire topic. By joining mppsc coaching in indore you will get proper revision batch before exam or after completion of syllabus.


6. A Strong Foundation Is the Key

When you start your preparation, there will be times when you wish you had paid more attention in school! For those who did, preparation becomes easier as they just must build more on it and don't have to start from scratch. There were so many subjects that one might have to face for which he/she would have to study only the advanced bits. But don't give up if your concepts are not clear.

There is enough time to read NCERTs and understand them. At this age your level of understanding has increased and you will understand the concepts of Junior Class NCERT easily. Don't try to study advanced topics before clearing your basics. This approach will only frustrate you and make an otherwise easy subject difficult.


7. Read the newspaper

Subscribe to The Hindu/Indian Express as well as get the PIB App on the day you decide to appear for this exam. for different subjects Can reserve different days, but the newspaper is and should be the daily staple till the interview stage. read and stay news

Being up-to-date with current affairs is not only important as per the new trend of questions but it also helps in shaping your personality.


Being well-read and having knowledge of a particular matter gives you an inherent confidence which is reflected in your behaviour. Don't just read the news, find the background, analyze it and then criticize it too. This habit will help you to write better answers in the main exam irrespective of the topic and perform well in the interview.


8. Decrease Your Socialization

MPPSC Civil Services Exam is not called the mother of all exams of state level without any reason! It requires not only hard work and dedication, but also a change in your lifestyle. A significant change would be to limit your use of social media as well as your social interactions with the world.

You must get your priorities straight after one year of your Prelims Prep and six months after Mains. Many people initially think that the two can be balanced, but soon realize the mistake! It's hard to keep track of time once you're on social media and you miss your deadline. You can set aside some time for these things but remember to adhere to that time limit.


9. Set Deadline

Setting personal goals for days as well as months is a great way to complete MPPSC syllabus on time and make the most of your day. The previous year toppers found it extremely useful and beneficial in their preparation. By setting deadlines and deadlines for everything, they were able to optimize their time. This helped in concentrating on studies and removing other unnecessary activities. Make a schedule for yourself and you will see the difference in both the quantity and quality of your studies.


10. keep the spirit high

MPPSC preparation makes you tired and there will be times when you feel like giving up. Almost everyone has such days during preparation. But instead of giving up, you should try to find ways to keep going. One thing that really helped many was listening to interviews of toppers. Hearing about their journey, recognizing their challenges and realizing that they are human beings just like you, will be a satisfying experience. This will keep you on track and give you knew inspiration.


11. Opt for Online Lectures

If you're doing self-prep, there will be times when you don't understand a concept or get bored reading it. Watch online videos for lots of topics on how to overcome this. They will not only help you understand a topic better but will also save you time. For example, if it takes an hour to read and understand a topic, you can do so by just watching a 15-minute video! Also, some people keep such information better than reading from books.


MPPSC is one of the toughest state exams to crack for aspirants. This year, more than three lac students have applied for just 360 vacancies, which means there is only one seat per 1000 students. It’s very competitive and challenging to crack this exam. 


However, with the right strategy and plan, you can prepare yourself well to increase your chances of acing the exam. You should be studying according to the latest syllabus and divide your time for each subject correctly.


MPPSC 2021 Exam Pattern


Before diving into creating a time division and preparation strategy for the MPPSC exam 2021, let’s first learn about the exam pattern.


The exam takes place in three stages- prelims, mains, and interviews. 

  1. MPPSC Prelims


It is the first stage of the MPPSC exam, where the question paper includes objective questions. First, you have to go through the General Studies test, within two hours. The maximum marks are 200.


Then, the next is the General Aptitude Test, where you get two hours. The maximum marks for this one are also 200. 

  1. MPPSC Mains


This is the second stage of the MPPSC exam, where you have to appear for six papers and tests. Here is the list of these papers with maximum marks and time:

  • General Studies-I (3 hours) - 300 marks
  • General Studies-II (3 hours) - 300 marks
  • General Studies-III (3 hours) - 300 marks
  • General Studies-IV (3 hours) - 200 marks
  • Hindi (3 Hours) - 200 marks
  • Hindi Essay (2 hours) - 100 marks

  1. MPPSC Interview


The final stage is the interview, where your personality is tested. The maximum marks are 175. You may have cracked both the prelims and mains exams, but if you fail at the interview, you will not be able to reach your final destination. In the interview, you are not only asked questions about subject topics, but your personality trait is also examined. 


Time-division and management tips for MPPSC preparation

  1. Create a realistic timetable


Setting a timetable is an obvious thing to do for every MPPSC aspirant. If you are not setting up a schedule already, start doing now. 


One thing that you need to take care of while creating the timetable is that it should be realistic, not just strict. Generally, most of the aspirants create strict timetables to indulge them more in the preparation. However, these timetables are not realistic, and they end up stressing themselves. 


Things look easy when creating a timetable, but when it comes to execution, you will end up missing the strict deadlines. A realistic timetable means you will be able to achieve the deadlines without stressing yourself and prepare yourself better.

  1. Set goals for short periods


With the timetable, you set some goals to achieve in a certain period. These goals should not be for an extended period in one go. 


For example, if your goals are created for the next three months, you may not be able to prepare more efficiently. If you make goals on a daily or weekly basis, it will become easier for you to achieve those goals. 


Sometimes, our minds believe that the preparation still has time, and you will recover it in the coming days. This may make you lazy. 


  1. Divide the syllabus


Dividing the entire syllabus into subjects, topics, and sub-topics will help you finish the syllabus in less time. In the time-table, you can specify the topics to study, rather than mentioning ‘study this subject for 4 hours. 


While deciding the topics to be included in the timetable, you can start placing the easy ones in the first half and then move towards the difficult ones. 

  1. Oragnize the time for study


MPPSC syllabus is a bit vast and time-consuming. You cannot complete the entire syllabus in a limited time. However, you can organize the time well to cover as many topics as possible. 



The reason many MPPSC aspirants fail is because of the poor time organization. Hence, once you have created the time table, decide what are you going to study, how much time will you take to cover the selected subjects and topics, and how much daily hours will you be able to invest. 


As mentioned above, don’t forget that you have to set realistic goals for your study. Sometimes, you can challenge yourself to study more and cover a few more topics. Also, have all the required books, MPPSC test series, mppsc notes, and other required materials in place so that you don’t have to waste the time once the preparation has started.

  1. Switching topics or subjects


There are times when certain topics take a much longer time than expected. This may be because the matter is tricky or boring, or for any other reason. Rather than keeping your brain messed up in such topics and wasting time, you have to realize the potential of switching. 


You can jump on to such topics later or in the end. If you waste more time, maybe you will end up skipping other topics that held equal importance and were easy to learn. 


For tricky topics, you can opt for the best MPPSC coaching in Indore or in other cities to learn from expert educators. 

  1. Small breaks

MPPSC preparation needs dedication and long hours of regular study. It is important to take small breaks to keep up the efficiency. Without breaks, life may become monotonous and affect productivity. 


When you take small breaks, your mind refreshes and makes it easier for you to concentrate and learn. Breaks also help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you don’t have to forcefully take breaks when you get ill. 


Ensure that the breaks are not long, that your study time gets affected, and it becomes difficult for you to achieve goals.


Wrapping up:


Effective time division and management is crucial for success in the MPPSC exam. By dividing the subjects and topics to be studied in the set timetables, you bring a systematic learning approach. Random study routines will lead you nowhere. Along with learning dedicatedly according to the set timetables, don’t forget to take small breaks for a refreshed mind. 


If you have any doubt or want to share more time management tips, feel free to do so using the comments below. 


Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission (MPPSC) exam is the one of the most difficult exams in MP. The exam is based on a wide syllabus, covering most aspects of any subject. The MPPSC exam very closely scrutinises the knowledge and intelligence of any potential candidate. The exam basically has three different tests. These are the preliminary exam (objective type), mains exam (descriptive type) and personal interview (face to face). MPPSC aspirants clearing all the tests are some of the brightest minds, and therefore they are entitled to take up major responsibilities in the administration of the state (Madhya Pradesh).

It is very much clear that MPPSC aspirants must have a very wide knowledge base. It is therefore very important that if any aspirant is enrolling himself for coaching, it should be in one of the best MPPSC coaching in Indore. This would greatly help the individual to acquire the most knowledge and brush up his intelligence, which are very essential to successfully clear the MPPSC exam. Finding the Best MPPSC coaching institute in Indore would not be an easy task. It would require an extensive research on the many MPPSC coaching centres in Indore. And only then, will you be able to find one of the best MPPSC coaching in Indore.

The best MPPSC coaching in Indore would have a lot to offer. It would, for that matter, have the best teaching methodology that would be most beneficial for an aspirant. The best MPPSC coaching centres would have the most extensive and reliable courseware to learn from. They also provide  study material and mppsc notes to students for their preparation which are developed by subject experts. Also, these coaching centres would constantly test students to evaluate their strength and areas of improvement. This subsequently helps them formulate teaching strategies for the best of the students.

MPPSC examinations are not something to be taken lightly. You would require rigorous learning and practice to have a fruitful outcome. You should have strong knowledge on your subject of choice; you should be well acquainted with the happenings of the country; and most importantly you would require to be constantly working towards developing your intelligence to a higher level, in order to meet the expectations of the services under MPPSC. Enrol in one of the best MPPSC coaching in Indore and take the steps towards realising your dream

Making notes for any exam is very important for cracking it and scoring high grades. And obviously, if students prepare notes for SSE, it will definitely help them to revise the whole syllabus in short duration. Plus, making the perfect and systematic MPPSC notessimplify the difficult topics. It’s next to impossible to revise all the textbooks a night before the exams. So, in that case, making short notes is really a sigh of relief. Another good thing about making notes is students can study the whole syllabus in lesser words jotting down the relevant and important points in short. 

Making mppsc notesalso help students to think and write precisely and to the point. This habit of writing helps them to write well in exams also. Altogether, making MPPSC notes is a good idea to avoid going through voluminous syllabus all over again. For all the students who are appearing for MPPSC exams, these tips to prepare MPPSC notesdo really help. 

Guide For Making Self Short MPPSC Notes

You might have listened so many times from your guide, teachers, and seniors that making small notes is very helpful and important. Yeah! Even we agree. But the real problem is how to prepare notes in a concise and reader-friendly manner. Before we move on to know the step-by-step guide on making of notes, take these tips. 

  • Students should make separate notes for Prelims and mains. This is because, in the prelims exam, the topics covered is precise while in the mains exams extensively all the syllabus must be covered.
  • Students can even make short notes for appearing in the interview. Before the interview, students can go through these short MPPSC notesto quickly read and remind themselves of the important things to do. 

What Are The Significant Things To Add in the Notes? 

This is another crucial and very important question whose answer is way too simple. As we have already mentioned that students should prepare notes very precisely otherwise there will be no difference in the book and short notes. So, it is very important to decide what to include and what can be avoided in the short notes. Relevance and adding facts and figures will really help. There is also a rule of thumb set by the experts that students should make notes for the topics in current affairs for prelims and for GS in the mains exam. 

Steps For Making Short MPPSC notes. 

Although almost all the students have done it while studying at college and school but it’s a bit different and tricky for examination level like MPPSC. Let’s check it out with a simple breakdown in steps. 

Step 1 - Maintain a Separate Note Book 

The very first thing to start making notes is to buy a separate and dedicated notebook or register or file to keep and prepare your MPPSC notes. This is completely the choice of the students that how they are comfortable with. Whether they like to prepare notes in a notebook or flip cards or something else. Most of the students prefer flip cards because they are handy, time-saving, and convenient for revising at the eleventh hour. Registers are also good but it is difficult to carry along. So, choose the one which is easily carried so that you can learn even while traveling. 

Step 2 - Breakdown the Syllabus 

It’s impractical to make notes of whole syllabus in a single day. It is advisable to breakdown the syllabus into months, week, and if possible, days. There are two ways to divide the syllabus. Either divide it topic-wise or subject-wise. It is preferred to make a mix of both i.e. to divide the whole notebook subject-wise and further sub-divide it into topic-wise. Mention the topic name and highlight subheadings in large fonts so that you can easily recognize which topic is it. This saves time. 

Step 3 - Underline/Highlight the Key points 

The habit of underlining the key points and phrases is very good because it is quickly readable and easy to catch the attention of the students. Try to make the notes in bullet points rather than writing long paragraphs. Divide the notes into short paragraphs.

Step 4 - Digital Notes 

The world today is digitalized. Everyone makes use of a smartphone and there could be no better use of these smartphones than making digital MPPSC notes. There are several apps available today like Evernote, Notepad, etc. that you can make use of to prepare MPPSC notes. 

Digital notes are easier and handier. Finding any text is just a matter of second which is not that easy in physical notebooks. 

Step 5 - Write One line For One Paragraph 

This is the thumb rule for making MPPSC notes, given by one of the toppers in the last examination. The rule is simple, students should write only one line for one paragraph. This brings preciseness for making notes. However, what students are writing in that one line is very crucial. It should be in such a way that it describes the whole paragraph into that one line. 

Step 6 - Write in Good handwriting 

It happens that many a times students write in a hurry and forget about good writing. But that could be a negative point at the time of revising the syllabus. Because due to bad handwriting it happens that the one who has written it can’t understand. So, write legibly. 


So, that’s how students can prepare MPPSC notes easily and take the benefits of those notes a day before exams. Well, the suggestions given above are advisable but for sure it gives the best return to the students and makes it easy for them to revise the complete syllabus in a few hours.


If you are preparing for the MPPSC exam or want to start, then you have come to the right page because on this page we have shared all the information about the preparation of MPPSC exam. prepare for mppsc exam with Mppsc Coaching in Indore


Madhya Pradesh government releases new recruitment every year for the posts of MPPSC. There is a golden opportunity every year for the unemployed candidates by the Madhya Pradesh government. Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission has issued a notification for the eligible candidates for recruitment.


In this post, the complete information about the MPPSC exam is given in detail. You should get to know about the Syllabus of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission and prepare Mppsc on this basis, you will get success.



Before starting the preparation for MPPSC exam, it is very important to have all the knowledge of MPPSC exam.


The MPPSC exam is completed in three stages and we will go through the details of the syllabus of the three phases below.

·         MPPSC Prelims Exam

·         MPPSC Mains exam

·         MPPSC Interview


MPPSC Prelims Exam

MPPSC Preliminary Examination consists of two papers General Studies and two papers of General Interest.


Both papers are of 200 numbers and for each paper you get 2 hours.


This is your first step to clear MPPSC EXAM and if you can clear this exam then only your second paper of MPPSC PRELIMS EXAM is CHECK. SYLLABUS is given below for the preparation of this paper.


If you pass the first paper of MPPSC Preliminary Examination in General Studies only then your second paper is CHECK, in which you must get at least 33% number.


After passing both the papers of MPPSC Preliminary Examination (MPPSC PRELIMS EXAM) your MERIT LIST will be made and if you are selected in MERIT LIST then you pass for MPPSC MAINS EXAM and you must give the second stage EXAM.  



General Studies:

All the questions in this paper will be of general knowledge, which are asked in all the exams, for this you will have to work hard because its syllabus is a bit big but if you study hard for 6 months, then you will be able to settle in the exam easily.


·         History of India and independent India - National Movement and development of independent India, history has questions related to general knowledge related to social, economic, and political aspects.

·         Geography - It will include Indian agricultural and natural resources and Indian Demographic and Census, Geography of India, physical, social and economic, are common questions of geography.

·         General Science and Environment - In General Science and Environment (environmental ecology, biodiversity, and climate change) questions related to daily or everyday observation and experience.

·         Current events of national and international importance - In this, the knowledge of the major national and international level will be tested.

·         Indian Politics and Economy - It contains questions related to the political system and constitution of the country, Panchayati Raj, social system, sustainable economic development, elections, political parties, schemes, industrial development, foreign trade, economic and financial institutions etc.

·         Sports - There will be questions related to the major sports and sports competitions, awards, personalities, and prestigious sports institutes played in Madhya Pradesh, India, Asia, and the world.

·         Scheduled Castes and Tribes - Protection of Human Rights Act - 1993 (Prevention of Atrocities Act) 1989 (33 of 1889) and Protection of Civil Rights Act 1955 (22 of 1955)

·         The politics and economy of Madhya Pradesh - In this, questions will also be asked on industry, schemes, economic programs, trade, demographic, and census of Madhya Pradesh. There will be questions related to political system of Madhya Pradesh, political parties and elections, Panchayati Raj, social system of Madhya Pradesh, sustainable economic development.

·         Information and Communication Technology - This will include questions related to characterization, usage and glossaries such as websites, online search engines, e-mail, video mail, chatting, video conferencing, hacking, cracking, computer viruses and cybercrime.

·         Geography, history, and culture of Madhya Pradesh - Contribution of famous dynasties in the history and culture of Madhya Pradesh, tribes, art, architecture, fine arts and historical persons will also have questions on the development of mountains, rivers, climate, flora, fauna in the geography of Madhya Pradesh. There will be questions related to minerals, transportation. Prepare for mppsc prelims exam with mppsc coaching in indore


General interest:

This is the second paper, which is in the second shift on the same day after the first paper, the numbers in this paper are not included in the merit list of the main examination, it is only necessary for you to pass, so it does not need to study much.


To get lost, you need to bring at least 33% number in the exam and for which you can prepare the old paper by solving it. Its syllabus is small which is given below.


·         Comprehensibility

·         Basic numbering (numbers and their relation, order of detail, etc. up to tenth standard level), interpretation of data (charts, graphs, tables, sufficiency of data etc. up to class XII)

·         Decision Making and Problem Solving

·         General mental ability

·         Interpersonal skills including communication skills

·         Logical skills and analytical ability

·         Hindi language comprehension skills at class XII level


You must have understood the information of MPPSC Prelims exam, what are syllabus and how the exam is done, now we will see about the MPPSC Main Exam (MAINS EXAM) below.


Cracking the prelims degree from the MPPSC Assessment is just half as hard as its next phase. The mains amount is regarded as the most difficult and difficult examination in the whole state. The syllabus is immense, the queries would be the most arbitrary, and the difficulty level is large. Second, the groundwork for this exam requires a great strategy and a superb devotion to become involved. Anything less than challenging work is unacceptable and wouldn't lead to success. To assist aspirants to comprehend the requirements of the test correctly, the specialists at the top MPPSC Coaching in Indore have generated this small study manual. Let's go through the specifics of MPPSC Mains.


The MPPSC Mains level isn't a single examination.


Subject = General Studies-I

Max. Marks= 300

Duration= 3hrs


Subject = General Studies-II

Max. Marks= 300

Duration= 3hrs


Subject = General Studies-III

Max. Marks= 300

Duration= 3hrs


Subject = General Studies-IV

Max. Marks= 200

Duration= 3hrs


Subject = General Hindi

Max. Marks= 200

Duration= 3hrs


Subject = Hindi Essay

Max. Marks= 100

Duration= 2hrs


The papers are supposed to check the candidate's knowledge and skills about the topics linked to this MPPSC Syllabus. The newspapers are subjective, and there's not any negative marking scheme with this test. Normally, the newspapers run in pairs of 2. Thus, an innovative study is required since you will not have enough time or opportunity for any previous instant alterations.


Preparation Tips for MPPSC Mains

Getting ready for the MPPSC mains examination is not any less than meditation to attain your destination readily. The groundwork for this exam takes a powerful strategy and business determination. Prepare for MPPSC exam with Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore. Here Are a Few Tips that Can Help You to prepare for this test easier and increase your odds of success:


Strategic research with Limited Resources

It's very important that the groundwork for MPPSC calls for strategic groundwork with restricted resources. You should avoid hoarding study substances and concentrate on keeping your resources restricted, dependable and standard. Your plan should entail covering a substantial area of the syllabus completely using a study.


Brief Revision Notes

Be certain you prepare brief notes for all the topics on your own syllabus. You can write summaries and bullet points in readily digestible language. These brief notes can allow you to revise fast through your preparation and throughout the previous minute.


Current Affairs & NEWS

MPPSC Exam is filled with queries related to current affairs and news at each point, while it's the prelims, mains, or private interview. For this reason, it's vital for the MPPSC Aspirant to remain updated with the latest news and current affairs linked to Madhya Pradesh in addition to India.


Mock Test

Solving mock evaluations and surveys frequently will enable the candidates to get themselves accustomed to the time-constrained atmosphere. It can allow you to boost your operation under stress slowly and score better through your final examination.



MPPSC Exam preparation demands regular revisions. To be able to memorize better and remember quicker, regular revisions will need to be incorporated into your everyday schedule. Your adjustments should be compact with your everyday preparation, not eat up a lot of your time on a daily basis.


Response Writing

Since MPPSC Mains are composed of abstract papers, practicing response composing is one of the most crucial preparation recommendations to follow. You should write a couple responses daily and exercise answer-writing daily. Attempt to increase your presentation by integrating more flowcharts, tables, and diagrams. Ensure highlighting of significant information.


Coaching Programs

Should you find yourself overly hard, you may also enroll yourself for almost any online coaching programs offered for MPPSC Preparation. These online applications are more time-consuming, cost-effective, and useful than offline training programs. Moreover, online training programs permit you to examine your own speed, at the comfort of your home, together with rather large durability and flexibility. These motives are leading to a very large sale and taste for online training applications one of the MPPSC Aspirants.




Over three lac pupils have applied for only 350+ vacancies, meaning just 1 vacancy per 1000 applicants.

In this competitive situation, deciding on the very best MPPSC training institute, producing the ideal strategy for prep, covering the whole syllabus, mppsc notes, and mock evaluations are critical for success.

If you're seeking to decode the prelims, mains, then the MPPSC exam interview, subsequently Sharma Academy is going to be the best option for you. Here are a Few of the top reasons Why You Need to choose this institute at Indore for MPPSC training and preparation:


Covering full syllabus

Sharma Academy asserts to be the sole MPPSC Coaching in Indore that covers and provides 100 percent of their syllabus. For transparency, the institute permits candidates to stop by the training center to inspect the complete syllabus covering all the subjects.

Students may then decide things by themselves. No other training center covers the whole syllabus. If a student will demonstrate the notes of another institute covering 100 percent syllabus, he/she will be able to examine Sharma Academy at no cost by availing the student.

This is only one of the most significant reasons to select Sharma Academy for MPPSC prep.


Learn from MPPSC-qualified applicants

Sharma Academy includes a list of coordinating the candidates in such a way that they decode the examination.

For your aspiring candidates, the institute arranges courses from qualified applicants since they've done it and they understand how to act. This is an important aspect that helps increasingly more MPPSC aspirants to follow the ideal approach to attain success.


Updated notes, study material, and test series

Together with Sharma Academy, you receive MPPSC notes, publications, evaluation collection, together with the rest of the essential research material.

The notes are detailed and special for all the subjects. Pupils do not need to fret about locating more notes or publications. The books are intended for the two MPPSC prelims and mains examinations prep. MPPSC evaluation series and mock evaluations enable you to look at your preparation degree and prepare much better.

The Sharma Academy team guarantees that the entire study material and test show are up-to-date with the most recent MPPSC syllabus.


Classroom and video lessons

Sharma Academy provides both video and classroom classes, which makes the learning experience more adaptable for students. For example, students who do not belong to Indore and will need to change to the city for offline training today have the choice to pick the mppsc online coaching classesand research from home.

On the flip side, the classroom courses are conducted frequently for both Hindi and English Moderate pupils.


Reputable and credible

This trust and authenticity are the result of transparency with pupils, high quality, and result-driven educational strategy, and enabling countless pupils to decode authority’s examinations. Therefore, the education minister, chief minister, and lots of dignities have realized the efforts of this Sharma Academy.


High success rate

The achievement rate of the Sharma Academy is greater than other mppsc coaching institutes in Indore.

It's a lengthy list of all aspirants of government projects who have deciphered the examinations for a variety of articles.


Knowledgeable faculties

Each of the mppsc notes, test collection, mock test series, and research materials provided by Sharma Academy are created by expert and professional faculties. All these faculties have unique methods in teaching efficiently and making things simpler for pupils to learn. All these faculties run both video and classroom classes.


Standard exam alerts & Alarms

Exam alerts and alarms are crucial for pupils to remain up-to-date about forthcoming exams, information regarding form filling, deadlines, etc. To make certain that no student misses any crucial upgrade, the Sharma Academy staff keeps its pupils educated and educated about all applicable updates.


More than you:

The last choice of deciding on the best MPPSC Coaching in indore and prep will soon be yours. We expect the reasons and advantages of choosing for Sharma Academy can allow you to make this choice.


This is a golden opportunity for MPPSC exam participants. At the same time, most students are afraid of appearing in it. The reason for this is that usually, 5 months' time is available for the preparation of PSC. But, there are less than two months left in this exam. Experts say that this time there will be fewer entries in the exam. This will reduce competition. Prepare for MPPSC exam with Best Mppsc Coaching in Indore.


paper pattern

The exam consists of two papers, General Studies (GS) and General Interest (CSAT). Both are objective types. It will take 100 questions. According to the new format, it is mandatory to qualify by bringing 40 percent marks in CSAT. At the same time, merit will be made from GS paper. This has led to a loss of children with professional courses like engineering and science. Because merit will not be made on the basis of marks of CSAT.


Two Sections in G.S.

GS has two sections. The first is static GK. This will include questions on History, Geography, Constitution, Economics, Science, and Current Affairs. 50 percent of paper will be prepared from them and the remaining 50 percent will be based on questions related to MP only. In this, 15 to 25 questions of MP GK are asked. The 10 questions will be based on the Act of MP. At the same time, 10 questions will be on sports, and 5 to 7 questions will be on a computer.



According to the subject expert Lakshmisharan Mishra, the participants were less educated, but they read only the Authentic. Refer to the government website for information. Time is too short. So, most of the children are not giving exams. So there is a good chance of getting selected for the students who will appear with good preparation.


what not to do

There is a lot of difference between 0 IAS and PSC. Therefore, the participants of IAS should not think that the course of this exam is ready for them. IAS Concepts is a test. At the same time, PSC is a test of fact information.

0 Due to lack of time, the participants are practicing the books and reading the questions. Instead, they read the chapters. The syllabus can easily be cracked when the syllabus is fully rotted.


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How to Preparation

- Participants can prepare for Static GK with a good book of 200 to 300 pages for any publication.

-MP GK should be studied by MP General Knowledge book published by MP Hindi Granth Academy. It will cover 70-80 percent.

-Must read Madhya Pradesh Public Relations website 222. The current affairs section of MP will be covered.

-Sports section will be based on sports structure, sports achievements, and sports administration in Madhya Pradesh. For this, refer to the website of the MP Sports Department.

-Prepare the National-International Current Affairs section. Prominent countries in the discussion, important appointments, important awards, important conferences: from climate to world Hindi conference, sports tournaments and new and popular books.

- Prepare for Mppsc exam with Mppsc Coaching in Indore.


A big country like India has expanded into different states, where every nation was produced on the grounds of speech with its own unique name and heritage. In each state, authorities machinery selects employees and officials for a variety of sections of administration to conduct the nation easily. MPPSC ki Taiyari Kaise Kare Best MPPSC Coaching ke sath.


Now, through this significant article, you may give information about all of the valuable truth about the Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission i.e. MPPSC. In which we'll understand in detail all the competitive examinations conducted by this commission along with each of the related elements of their eligibility.


If you're preparing for the competitive examination and are a resident of Madhya Pradesh, then this information may prove to be quite beneficial for you. Before preparing for any examination, it's extremely important to have all of the fundamental information associated with them, where prep can be completed in the ideal direction. Plus it assists in getting the information documented by the Commission from time to time.


Thorough information about MPPSC


What's MPPSC

Just because there are Competition Examination Commissions for the choice of officers along with other types of workers in government departments of each nation, likewise MPPSC ie Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is a commission. Which conducts the competitive examination for the selection of senior officers from the Government Department of Madhya Pradesh.


Chairman of class 2 and class 3 are chosen via this commission, in which recruiting of government departments like Administrative Department, Police Service, Tehsildar, Inspector of Transport Department, Sales Tax Officer, Jail Assistant, etc. . recruited by competitive examination.


Which Post's Recruiting Are Underneath MPPSC

Some significant government articles are provided below in short, which can be chosen by Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission.


1.     Deputy Collector (Deputy District Officer) - Course 2 Officer

2.     Deputy Superintendent of Police (Deputy Superintendent of Police) - Course 2 Officer

3.     District Excise Officer - Class two Officer

4.     District Registrar (District Registration Officer) - Course 2 Officer

5.     States Account Service Department Officer - Class two Officer

6.     Revenue Tax Inspector - Class 3 Officer


In this way, 35 distinct forms of class 2 and class 3 officers have been chosen by this commission.


In A Year How Often This Assessment Going to Be

This examination is conducted per year, which includes three phases, for example, pre-exam, main examination, and interview.


Qualification For Assessment

There are a variety of facets of eligibility for this particular examination, which can be explained in detail below.



Candidates desirous of the examination ought to have a minimum age of 21 decades and a maximum of 30 decades. Although all sorts of bookings are awarded on the basis of course as well as other details, determined from the authorities by the Commission.



Nominees have finished at graduation or their equivalent schooling, it's mandatory for this examination.


Reservation Regarding Information

In accordance with the government arrangement and guidelines, booking is given to applicants on the grounds of caste, etc. Aside from that, a reservation of 33 percent articles for women candidates is booked.


The Way To See Exam Related Advertisement

MPPSC Commission, from time to time, information and guidelines associated with the examination are provided on the official site. Aside from that, telling linked to this examination can be given in the weekly employment Production' printed by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. And you'll be able to get information regarding this test in employment-related papers also.


Assessment syllabus

1. History: - History of India and Madhya Pradesh (ancient, medieval, contemporary history, history of freedom movement and post-colonial background, information about independence fighter and the mobilization, work and assignment, etc. created by him). Prepare all MPPSC Subjects with MPPSC Coaching in Indore


2. Geography: - Geography of India and Madhya Pradesh (geographic place, art, heritage, kinds of traditional dancing and information about songs, farming, significant areas and towns, transportation-related information, commerce, rivers of India, mountains, etc..


3. Mathematics: - Math queries linked to amounts, the regulation of bog moss, calculation, profit-loss, moderate, percent, simple and compound interest, unitary method, algebraic expression, work-time-difference, etc.


4. Science: - Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Biology, Philosophy


5. Query on logic: - There are two Kinds of it;


·         Verbal Reasoning: - This includes difficulty collection, letter collection, codding and decoding, seating arrangement, the odd one out, strategy, etc..


·         Non-Verbal Reasoning: - Figure conclusion, paper cutting, paper folding, Dias, mirror image, water picture, figure pictures, etc., are included.


6. General Science: - The world's biggest and least things, shortest and longest, deepest and highest things, famous areas, significant dates and days, etc., are included.


7. Present-day affairs associated with international, India and Madhya Pradesh



In MP, many candidates apply for MPPSC, but very few can achieve their goals. The syllabus of MPPSC exam is vast and this exam is one of the toughest state level competitive exam, so one needs to work very hard to achieve your goals regarding MPPSC. Merely completing the entire syllabus for MPPSC exam will not be enough for a candidate to prepare for the exam. It is essential for a candidate to have knowledge about all the recent events all over the world. Also, if the candidate clears all the levels of the exam, he/she will be interviewed at the last stage by the MPPSC board to assess whether the candidate is eligible for the job or not, so the candidate should develop himself/herself. Personality in such a way that it can be selected.

Hence, it is important to know the ways to prepare yourself for MPPSC and this article will provide this information so that it can be helpful for the aspirants.

Preparing for MPPSC exam

As a candidate who is going to appear in the upcoming MPPSC exam, the tips discussed in this article will help him to prepare properly for the MPPSC exam.

Study for MPPSC at Home:

Tip 1 - Prepare Mentally

        Firstly, it is important for the candidates to prepare themselves to start their studies for the MPPSC exam.

        After that, one should understand the pattern of MPPSC exam. There are three stages under this exam and they are preliminary, main and the final stage is the interview.

        If the candidate is employed then the study time needs to be allotted separately.

        Being employed, MPPSC exam preparation can be done easily with the help of internet.

Tip 2: Creating a Time Table

        It becomes easy for a candidate to prepare properly for the MPPSC exam if a proper time table is made and followed.

        A proper timetable is very effective for balancing all the tasks and preparing for the exam.

        The students who join mppsc coaching in indore has make schedule if you are preparing from home you must follow a time table as other aspirants are doing.

Tip 3: Go through MPPSC Syllabus

        Before starting the study, candidates should understand the syllabus of MPPSC Prelims along with Mains Exam - mppsc syllabus.

        It is necessary to know the syllabus so that the right selection of subjects can be done.

Tip 4: NCERT Textbooks

        Aspirants can get help from NCERT textbooks to prepare themselves for the MPPSC exam.

        From class 6th to class 12th, all NCERT textbooks must be followed to acquire basic knowledge.

        Questions were asked from NCERTs in MPPSC exams in earlier years, so NCERT textbooks should be followed along with other progressive textbooks as they provide comprehensive and logical information.

Tip 5: Short Notes

        It is very important for the candidates to make short MPPSC notes for exam preparation.

        Candidates cannot revise the entire syllabus before the exam, so candidates are helped by short notes to revise all the topics relevant.

        If candidates make notes properly in separate notebooks for each subject, then it will be effective for their preparation as they will be able to identify and revise the relevant information.

Tip 6: Reading Newspapers for Latest Information

        It is very important for MPPSC aspirants to read newspapers to get updates about recent events.

        Strong knowledge about current affairs will help aspirants to crack the MPPSC exam.

Tip 7: Magazines

        Few magazines can help in getting the important information needed to crack the MPPSC exam.

        Kurukshetra, Yojna are some of the relevant magazines.

Tip 8: Solving Previous Years MPPSC Question Papers

        Solving mppsc previous years papers will help the candidates to understand the level and pattern of questions in the paper.

        They will come to know how much hard work and ability is required to crack the MPPSC exam.

Tip 9: Appearing for Mock Tests

        If one is preparing for MPPSC exam at home then it is essential to attend a series of mock tests to get a clear idea of ​​the mains exam.

        Candidates will be able to identify in which subject they are strong and where are they weak, hence, they will get an opportunity to focus on their shortcomings to improve themselves.

        If you are preparing for home then it will be a helpful if you join any mppsc online coaching classes they will provide your study material and mppsc test series also.

Tip 10: Important Government Resources

        Aspirants can depend on many government sources while preparing for the MPPSC exam. There are many government websites that can help candidates like PRS.

Tip 11: Practice Answering Questions

        Study for MPPSC at Home: The ability to write answers in the exam concisely and appropriately will develop if candidates practice writing answers at home.

        Candidates will not get enough time to think before writing the answer and it will be useless if they write irrelevant points in the answer in a hurry, hence, it is important to practice writing the correct answer.

        Candidates should have a clear concept about all the topics and important points in their answers and the ability to organize their thoughts perfectly.

Tip 12: MPPSC Interview

        Candidates need to improve their personality such as their communication skills, self-possession, alertness, etc to clear the interview stage which is the last stage of the exam.

        All questions in that interview should be answered confidently and accurately.

        Questions may be asked regarding the personal experience of the candidate, his/her interests etc. It is necessary to remain positive all the time to remain confident to appear in the MPPSC exam.

        Though the journey to prepare yourself for the exam is tough, one should not lose hope.

Tip 13: Revision

        To crack one of the toughest exams, it is extremely important to revise important topics again and again.

        It is important to remember each topic of all the subjects.




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