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This is a perennial question I get asked the most. And it's understandable too. Many aspirants who start preparing for civil services are not aware of the demands of this exam and most cannot afford to take coaching by going to Delhi only.

There are many doubts and misconceptions regarding taking coaching for UPSCCSE . So let me break it down for you.

Coaching Institutes plays important role in your upsc exam preparation. If you are a fresher and thinking to appear for IAS exam then joining a upsc coaching will be very beneficial for you.

If you have already done offline UPSC coachingin past 2 years and you are confident enough then you can do self study or join some online course to plan your preparation for UPSC IAS exam. Join some test series of Sharma Academy or Best upsc coaching in indore institute. To solve your doubts, you can use free apps like doubtnut, brainly, various what'sup groups and telegram doubt solving groups, online doubt forums etc.

If your family can afford a coaching then it is a good idea to join a coaching as it helps you to grasp the concepts quickly as compared to when you study by yourself.

But if you can’t afford coaching then you can take help form online coaching classesresources. There are many websites which clear concepts without any cost. You can get your doubts clear in those websites. You should definitely join test series, it will help you greatly during examination.

If you don’t join any IAS coaching in indoreand start self study then you might face some problems like -

·         Tough to get doubts cleared

·         No competitive environment

·         No one to make you study

·         You will be lonely and may or may not get depressed

·         All your friends will be enjoying college while you will be alone at home mugging up salt colours. This may or may not discourage you


As for the positive things are-

·         You can study whatever subject and whatever chapter in depth whenever you want

·         You can make you own schedule according to your weak/strong subjects/chapters.


Best UPSC coaching in indoresuggest practised many test papers during the last 5 months. This will improve your speed and confidence.

Coaching merely helps you, it does not ensure you a rank. Your self study, consistency and the hard work you put in sitting at your study table matters far more than what you do in coaching classes. So if you are attending coaching classes, do take their notes, but you should not rely excessively on them and neglect standard books.

Always remember that roughly not more than 25-30% of your preparation should depend on upsc coaching classes. To say that you cannot crack UPSC without coaching is a lie. There are people who have put in that 25% of the work on their own and have passed this test (ie, they must have read the coaching notes but didn't attend any classes.) So it is your personal belief, self discipline and your knowledge. To determine whether you need coaching or not.

Assuming you know which standard books to study, which coaching notes to refer to, and by reading them you are able to understand the subject, that's brilliant and you don't need coaching.

On the other hand, if you are completely clueless about the exam process or the books you study, then the coaching institutes will surely help you to get a comprehensive idea. But as I said, you still have to read standard books, make necessary notes and work to beat your competition.

Due to the unlimited syllabus to be covered in a limited time, classroom coaching for UPSC is very popular. Because of the vast range of topics that all require different tactics, there is no such thing as a perfect Coaching Institute for Civil Services Examination. One must ensure that they get value for their money and help and guidance to overcome their specific weak areas.

Best IAS coachingbound you to study in a positive and disciplined manner. They’ll guide you to the best way to crack the exam. They’ll train you, what to study from the IAS syllabus, what are the essential topics being asked frequently in previous years little tricks to solve the questions in the exam, all the things

  • Company of like – minded people
  • Guidance from the experienced teachers
  • Well – researched and updated study material
  • Advanced test – series as per the latest trends in the UPSC exam regular review by the teachers via test and mock exam
  • Motivation by the teachers and peers
  • Great information on latest happenings around you
  • Strategies and tactic which you might not get in the books or newspaper
  • Sharing general information like study material questions and solutions from fellow mates.
  • UPSC Coaching in indorecentres concentrate on building concepts and removing doubts – two main blocks of any competitive exams
  • But use your own instincts and analyse which coaching institute to go for. There is no dearth of ias coaching in Indore, and thus you would be confused by the claims of many. Seek advice of your seniors and mentors and then go for it. After all they will be the one who will form a good base regarding your preparation. Coaching will provide you the direction which will let you attain success

Too much Coaching at a Time Creates Havoc

Many aspirants who come for UPSC coaching in indore, do this one mistake which becomes too risky for them. At the time of initial preparation, they decide to attend as many coaching at that time. So, they could save time from going to different institutes and also their preparation comes to quicker halt.
What happens is that, aspirants then run pillar to pillar in various coaching institutes attending different lectures. He/ She note down the notes, attend classes but at the end of day, they are too tired to even revise. And thus, they continue with the cycle for many months. At the end, when course ends, and they go back to their home town, they realize, that they have many doubts which now cannot be solved. Some of the things which they thought they understood at that time, now seem vague and ambivalent.
It’s like starting afresh again. Thus, aspirants seem to miss the whole point of
upsc coaching– mentoring and solving their doubts. So, it’s better to study at your pace rather to complete all the course at once. Think, how much time it will require you to study one course. And then go for simultaneous coaching for IAS

Study Materials of Coaching institute

Are the study material of the coaching institute reliable? Can they be the path to your success? It cannot be answered in Yes or No. Because it works for some and it might not work for you Coaching material or handwritten notes by toppers are both important. They have their relevance. They can guide you when you are self – studying. However, it all depends on the quality of the material. Whether it has been updates or not or from which coaching institute it has originated.
Hand written notes give you self - confidence and understanding as Civil Service exam is based like engineering or academics. So only you’re understanding and clarity matter.
If you are familiar with the
upsc syllabusand can judicially select what to read, printed material will go well. Hand written notes at time are difficult to understand and read because it comprehended by the person who has attended live classes and may not be legible.
Thus, it may lack all relevant information about a topic Handwritten notes at best can be used to get a brief idea of what all has been taught in the class.


1.     Identify your subjects :First and foremost, identify your own needs and select a CI which is well known for your subjects as no CI maintains the same quality of teaching in all the subjects.

2.     Faculty:about the faculty especially those teaching your weak subjects. A decent CI should also maintain an acceptable quality of teaching in the other subjects.

3.     Answer writing:Since subjective answer writing is a core quality required for Mains,choose a CI that makes students practice answer writing and phrasing in class. Proper evaluation of these answers and feedback is also necessary.

4.     Competitive test series:CIs help in whetting your preparation against the steep competition. Therefore, an up to date test series with exhaustive evaluation of answers is a must.

5.     Course content:Select a CI which offers updated and organized so as to reduce the amount of time and money spent on reference books.

6.     Past results:  Don’t rely on paid advertising and marketing, look for unbiased results to make an educated decision while selecting a classroom program. Past results with classroom programs are a primary indicator of their teaching methodology.

7.     Travel time:No amount of coaching can make up for self-study. Therefore travelling should not eat into time allocated to self-study.

Every year more than 10 lakh candidates apply for UPSC Civil Services Exam with the aim of becoming IAS, IPS, IRS, IFS. To prepare for this specific Civil Services Exam, candidates must have a proper preparation strategy, timeline, and plan to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam.

To provide an overview, in this article we have provided basic tips for UPSC preparation which includes monthly preparation strategy for UPSC and preparation tips to crack IAS exam. By consulting with the best upsc coaching in indoretoppers and mentors.


UPSC Preparation Timings & Scheduling

It is important to stay focused and committed towards the ambition of becoming an IAS officer. It is one of the toughest exams to crack and requires undivided attention. Experts say that a candidate needs at least 12 months of continuous hard work to prepare for UPSC.

Beyond the stipulated time limit, it is imperative to have a practical strategy that covers the number of hours a candidate puts in preparing for various subjects in the UPSC syllabus. Since questions in IAS exam are from class 6th to 12th books, many students, who have a good academic record and who follow a concept-based approach to study, will fare better than others. Such candidates may require even less preparation time, perhaps an average of 8 hours per day, to clear the test in the first attempt.

Can average student clear the UPSC exam and become IAS or IPS officer


Tips and Techniques for IAS Exam Preparation

1.     Before starting UPSC preparation, it is recommended to dig into the facts of the IAS profession, if this is the career path you want to pursue, and what it takes to become an IAS officer.

2.     It is important that the aspirant has a clear objective and remains focused and motivated.

3.     The candidate should be extremely thorough with the exam pattern, should be able to understand all the technicalities to reach the three stages of UPSC exam.

4.     Prelims is an objective type test based on the general studies knowledge and aptitude of the candidate. On the other hand, Mains exam is subjective and requires academic skill proficiency.

5.     Candidates should build their own repository of knowledge base with the help of best general studies books, study material, newspapers, magazines etc.

6.     Go through the upsc previous year question papersto get a closer understanding of the IAS paper format and read up on relevant topics.

7.     Always make sure to have a strong understanding of the fundamentals and basic concepts. There is no need to go beyond the basic concepts and understand more than the basic concepts. Remember, the goal is not to become an award winner in any one field.

Importance of previous year papers in UPSC preparation

1.     It is important to understand the exam pattern and the best way to do it is to know the paper format.

2.     The syllabus for UPSC preparation is huge and it can appear difficult unless one knows exactly how the questions of each subject are formatted in the paper.

3.     Going through the archives will help a candidate to determine the number of hours for each subject and will help in assessing the right approach to prepare for each subject. In this way, time and effort can be invested in UPSC preparation systematically and inclusively.

4.     After practicing through UPSC Previous Year Question Papers, candidates will realize that questions are never repeated. So, there is no point in mangling the answers. The approach should be to clear the basic concepts first and then practice as much as possible.


Also read: Preparation plan for UPSC prelims exam for new aspirants


Tips to prepare for UPSC exam from home

·        Self-discipline is important for effective UPSC preparation. It's okay to study hard for hours of pre-meditation, but mastering a personal approach and approach is more than just a few hours. This can be done by cultivating self-awareness and seeking help.

·        At every stage of UPSC preparation, a candidate has the privilege of accessing a vast base of UPSC preparation resources online. These include counselling, advice and guidance on any subject for which they need assistance. For example, the need for mock tests and online study material, which is an integral part of UPSC preparation.

·        Mock tests are like real tests and help in tackling questions in precise format and stipulated exam timing to boost confidence dramatically.

·        Based on the format of the question paper, one needs to be careful with the negative marking pattern. To avoid any kind of panic or unnecessary answering, it is important to practice mock tests every day.

·        Online study material is important as online IAS coaching helps in live interaction with qualified coaches to help an individual to know where he/she stands in UPSC preparation.

Month Wise IAS Preparation Strategy for UPSC 2020 Exam

The exam cycle tentatively starts in the month of June and takes one year to complete all the stages. So, like, you will be busy preparing for some stage throughout the year. Smart students realize that there is significant overlap in the syllabus of Prelims and Mains exam. Therefore, it makes sense to have a holistic preparation strategy as opposed to a platform-specific approach.

June to October:- Focus on the preparation of UPSC optional subjects. General Studies for Prelims and Mains should also be done simultaneously.


October to December:- Complete Syllabus of Static Part of GS for both Prelims and Mains.

January to February:- Practice answer writing for Mains as well as optional subject.


March to May:- Devote these last three months extensively for Prelims- for both Paper 1 and CSAT. Practice mock tests and revise as much as you can.


June to October:- Revise optional subject and appear in test series for Mains, Essay as well as optional subject.

If you are doing full time preparation for UPSC exam you can follow this month wise preparation plan without any question. But if you are working professional then plan may vary for you if need any help feel free to contact UPSC coaching in indoreSharma Academy.


If your mind is continuously getting filled up with the questions like Best MPPSC civil services examination strategy for beginners? Cracking MPPSC Prelims in 30 days? MPPSC Prelims cracking tips? Mains writing skills? MPPSC schedule of toppers? MPPSC prelims tips and tricks? And so on……..then in this article, you can read about a general MPPSC study plan for beginners – ideally, fresh college graduates who are not working and are fulltime preparing for the exam.


MPPSC 2021 Strategy for Beginners. Lakhs of individuals in the Madhya Pradesh consistently appear for the MPPSC SSE examination. It is a three-phase test which when qualified will get you your ticket into a profession in the MP state government services. The MPPSC test is viewed as one of the hardest competitive exam in light of diverse components – the fairly enormous MPPSC prospectus, the serious rivalry, the varied idea of the subjects in question and furthermore the eccentrics ascribed to the MPPSC papers. All things considered, an applicant takes three endeavors to clear the MPPSC test. Indeed there are people, who have had the opportunity to crack the MPPSC civil services examination in the first attempt itself. On the off chance that you are a beginner to the MPPSC world, you would need to be some extra mindful to specific things, on the assumption that you are not kidding about your MPPSC desires. You Must Go Through this MPPSC 2021 strategy.


While the choice to show up for the MPPSC civil services examination might be simple, what follows a while later is a staggering and lowering experience. For a learner the underlying months are spent just in understanding what this test is about and calculating the correct way to follow to arrive at their objective. I can say this with certainty since this isn’t only my story yet every aspirant’s. With regards to the MPPSC Exams, the MEANS you receive will at last choose whether you arrive at the END!


Things to do before starting MPPSC civil services examination preparation

There are couple of things you should keep in mind before kicking off you MPPSC preparations



One of the principle reasons that understudies meander far and profound while reading for MPPSC is that they don’t pay notice to the prospectus. You neither need too tremendous an information nor excessively significant. The MPPSC civil services examination needs individuals who know something about everything and not pros. On the off chance that you adhere to the schedule and see precisely what they need, you will have the option to restrict your arrangement and studies to only those things and issues which are important. Likewise, each subject has dynamic components, some more than others, so being clear about the schedule will likewise assist you with selecting the correct news and set a limit for your present undertaking’s readiness also.


On its own present undertakings can be exceptionally broad, yet once you coordinate it with the schedule and the earlier year’s inquiries, you won’t experience any difficulty in choosing the news you have to peruse. Read the MPPSC syllabus properly and just brush up each word of the MPPSC syllabus. The syllabus of MPPSC is viewed as the authoritative guide of the test and you may have confidence that a far-reaching information of the MPPSC syllabus will make your journey to MPPSC quite agreeable and easy going.

MPPSC 2021 syllabus in Hindi and English



The date of MPPSC prelims 2021 is 25 July. Take a print out of the MPPSC 2021 schedule and highlight the MPPSC Prelims 2021 and Mains on your docket.



Have a clear understanding of the MPPSC examination and pattern. Understand more About MPPSC Exam and How to Clear it Without Coaching in 2021


4. MENTAL PREPAREDNESS MPPSC 2021 Strategy for Beginners

Set yourself up intellectually for an adventurous journey with lots of ups and downs, that will leave you a changed individual. Gear up yourself for plenty of difficult and intellectual work, practice sets, answer writing practice, lot of book and newspaper reading, and so forth. You should likewise be prepared to decrease the quantity of hours you associate with people, spend your time recklessly in social media and watch thoughtless TV. In any case, you shouldn’t absolutely stop these exercises and become a recluse for that would be very hindering. Studies must take first concern if you need to clear the MPPSC examination.


Clear your myths about MPPSC examination. They mislead you from your MPPSC preparation.


MPPSC 2021 Strategy for Beginners Study Plan

Many individuals start their planning with the MPPSC prelims and overlook the mains until after they take the prelims test. This may assist you with clearing the prelims however this arrangement would reverse discharge since there isn’t a lot of time between the MPPSC prelims and the mains to begin once again after the MPPSC prelims. Besides, the MPPSC syllabus for prelims and mains have many common topics and it is just the way of MPPSC prelims and mains practice which is contrasting. Since the MPPSC prelims includes MCQs you must rehearse for those. In this way, it is ideal to have an incorporated way to deal with the MPPSC SSE wherein you start groundwork for the MPPSC prelims and mains together, all the while.


When would it be advisable for me to begin my MPPSC preparation?

Newbies ought to preferably get 10-12 months prior to the MPPSC prelims test for readiness. You can extensively cover the MPPSC syllabus and have enough MPPSC prelims test practice at exactly that point. You should begin with the normal GS papers before proceeding onward to the discretionary papers. Be that as it may, before the MPPSC prelims test, you ought to have finished in any event 75% of your mains GS prospectus and in any event half of your discretionary subject syllabus.


Study Plan for MPPSC (Exclusively for MPPSC prelims)

Two months before the prelims test, you ought to commit your examinations only for the MPPSC prelims examination. Concentrate on the most proficient method to manage time with 100 MCQs. Likewise figure out how to keep away from negative stamping by wise guessing. Try not to stress over the mains now since what you study will be valuable for the mains additionally, yet your attention ought to be on fathoming MCQs.


As amateurs, you are prescribed to begin preparation for MPPSC with the fundamental and basic books. The NCERTs are the favoured decision with regards to the MPPSC and MPPSC prelims and mains examination. These books have an unmistakable and straightforward language. They are precise and to the point. Moreover, the data contained here is genuine, so you can securely utilize it for important facts and figures for MPPSC prelims as well as Mains. If numerous books give opposing data, you should adhere to the NCERT form.


Toppers Book list here for mppsc coachingat home

Here I share a couple of tips that will counsel you through the maze of the MPPSC planning

Plan a strategy for MPPSC prelims and Mains

As an MPPSC officer, planning should be your forte. Put that skill to check directly by designing a technique and planning a strategy to follow for the remaining one year. You may take help of mppsc coaching in indoreinstitutes for this task, but remember, you recognize yourself and know your potential and weaknesses best. Plan your studies during a way that helps you optimize your output. This could be easy once you understand the syllabus and structure of the exam. You can listen and watch the interviews of other toppers, take motivation from them but alter their planning and strategy according to your personality.


Cut down so many sources for MPPSC prelims and Mains preparation

There are plenty of books and tons of reading for this coveted exam. As a result, finding the source that’s most reliable, authentic, and comprehensive becomes quite task. My suggestion here would be to try to a cursory reading of the books suggested by others then pick those you are feeling are best suited. Don’t buy books online until you’ve got physically skilled them and feel they’re going to be helpful in your prep. Regardless of which supplementary books you ask, there’s no alternative to NCERTs. Always start your prep from them then advance.


Notes making for MPPSC prelims 2020 and Mains

Try not to start making notes the second you start a specific subject. Counsel at least 1-2 sources other than the NCERT, feature the significant focuses as you peruse and afterward aggregate them into mppsc notes.

Give the most extreme opportunity to making notes as this is the thing that you will allude over the most recent couple of months of your MPPSC preparation. You won’t have the opportunity to experience all the books at this stage, along these lines put everything that is significant in your MPPSC notes.


Additionally, make a different area for the incidental data toward the finish of your notes. When you are finished making notes, to allude the NCERT of all classes from sixth to twelfth and scribble down minor things or the things in uncommon boxes in a projectile structure for brisk correction.


Revision is necessary for MPPSC prelims and Mains

At the point when you start considering, you will understand that even the least complex of subjects has the most stretched out of data accessible. As you read more, you will in general overlook the old. Accordingly make it a highlight first overhaul the earlier days notes before social affair new data on a theme. Re-examining ordinary will take you less time than completing a whole point and afterward perusing it once more. For instance, I made notes from PIB and Hindu regularly as a component of my present undertakings. The following day, before composing the new data, I would re-examine yesterday’s notes just as give a careless perusing to all the notes before that. This helped me hold more data.


Build a strong foundation before commencing MPPSC prelims and Mains preparation

At the point when you start your prep, there will be bunches of times when you would wish that you had given more consideration in school! For the individuals who did, the prep becomes simpler on the grounds that they simply need to construct further on it and not start without any preparation. There were a ton of themes I experienced for which I simply needed to examine the propelled bits. In any case, don’t lose heart if your ideas are not satisfactory. There is plentiful opportunity to peruse the NCERTs and get them. At this age, your degree of appreciation has expanded and you will effectively get a handle on the ideas from the lesser class NCERTs. Try not to endeavour to consider the propelled subjects before you clear your rudiments. This methodology will just demoralize you and cause the in any case simple point to seem troublesome.


Efficient newspaper reading to crack MPPSC CSE prelims and mains.

Buy The Hindu/Indian Express and get the PIB application, the day you choose to show up for the MPPSC examination. You may save various days for various subjects, yet the paper is and ought to be a day-by-day staple till the meeting stage. Perusing the news and keeping awake to-date with current issues isn’t just essential according to the new pattern of inquiries, it additionally helps in moulding your character. Being very much perused and having information on a specific issue gives you an inalienable certainty that reflects in your manner. Don’t simply peruse the news, discover the foundation, break down it and afterward investigate it as well. This propensity will likewise assist you with composing better answers in the MPPSC Mains, paying little heed to the subject just as perform well in the SSE interview.


Reduce your time on social media

The MPPSC SSE isn’t known as the mother of all tests for reasons unknown! Planning for it requires difficult work and diligence, yet additionally adjusting your way of life. A significant change to make is limit the utilization of internet based life just as your social connections with the world. You should get your needs straight for the one year of your MPPSC prelims preparationand the half year of MPPSC Mains a short time later. I at first idea could adjust the two, however before long understood my indiscretion! It is hard to keep tab of time once you are via web-based networking media and the social media, and you wind up missing your cutoff times. You may save some an ideal opportunity for these things yet make sure to adhere to that time limit.


Set targets and goals for your MPPSC SSE preparation

Defining individual objectives for the day just as months is an amazing method to complete the schedule in time and get the greatest out of your day. I discovered it incredibly valuable and useful in my prep. By setting cutoff times and a period limit for everything, I had the option to enhance my time. It helped me center around my examinations and flush out other repetitive exercises. Structure a period table for yourself and you will see the distinction in both the amount just as nature of your examinations.


Keep yourself motivated for MPPSC examination

The groundwork for MPPSC will in general is tiring and there will be times when you want to surrender. I too had such days during my planning. Yet rather than surrendering I attempted to discover approaches to continue onward. One thing that truly helped me was tuning in to the clincher’s meetings. Finding out about their excursion, relating to their difficulties, and understanding that they are as human as me, was a wonderful encounter. It kept me on target and injected new inspiration.


Online video lectures for MPPSC SSE prelims and MPPSC mains preparation

If like me, you also are doing self-prep, there will be times when you can’t comprehend an idea or are exhausted of perusing. To conquer this, I viewed online recordings and lectures for MPPSC prelims and mains for a great deal of points. In addition to the fact that they helped me handle a theme better, they likewise spared personal time. For instance, if perusing and understanding a theme took me an hour all alone, I could do likewise by simply viewing a brief video! Additionally, a few people hold such data superior to perusing from books.


I really hope this article helped and guided you for your journey towards MPPSC prelims 2021 and Mains.

This question has come in the mind of every civil services aspirant.

This is easy, firstly study effectively those subjects which are similar in both, UPSC demands more effectiveness and efficiency in handling the subjects under the syllabus. By effectiveness I mean you should study them deeply and understand the concept. In case, generally PSC is more concerned about facts and figures. It has less requirement of concept unlike UPSC. I personally believe that if you want to prepare for both the exams together, then you should study according to the UPSC guidelines as the syllabus of UPSC has a lot more subjects than MPPSC, and a good understanding with the issues will always make it a permanent memory.

UPSC coaching in indoresuggest aspirants to prepare for mppsc exam together because your 50% preparation will be done with the upsc exam preparation. When you are preparing for UPSC, I feel that maximum parts of your MPPSC syllabus are adequately covered. If something remains untouched, you can put extra effort for that before the exam. Also, UPSC syllabus covers maximum PSC syllabus but not vice versa though their pattern is different.


I summarizing a basic strategy to prepare for MPPSC exam with CSE in the following points:


Study the syllabus of both the exams and understand the similarities and topics that are similar.

·        Make a schedule giving proper time to both the exams and their subjects.

·        The current affairs of both the exams are very different, so make sure that along with reading it conceptually, you are also covering the factual current affairs for MPPSC exam. Pay special attention to MP specific current affairs.

·        Understand that the mains paper of MPPSC exam is also based on factual information, so don't ignore the facts, unlike UPSC exam, the questions asked in MPPSC exam are straight and straightforward.

·        Attempt enough mock tests and previous year papers of both the exams, and don't forget to revise them regularly. (Yes, revise the solved papers, it is important).

Preparing for the MPPSC as an absolute beginner by Best mppsc coaching in indore

·        Always keep MPPSC syllabus and mppsc previous year papers with you so that you constantly analyse the MPPSC pattern and keep yourself aligned with that.

·        Start with reading Basic books like NCERTs etc again and again to ensure deeper understanding.

·        Follow newspapers (like The Hindu etc) religiously to evolve understanding about issues.

·        Follow websites like sharmaacademy,, freemppscnotes.cometc to see daily questions and current affair materials to ensure your views, opinions and thoughts are aligned with UPSC.

·        Focus should be on developing an understanding of basic issues and notes making etc could wait till you have a better understanding of topics and issues.

In the end, you must understand that juggling between exams that are very different in their nature will not be easy, but I assure you that it can be done and you should not lose hope.


Let us decode the MPPSC 2021 for the aspirant so that they can devise a perfect strategy to crack the MP State Service Exam 2021.

The Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission MPPSC (State Service Exam) takes place in 3 stages: MPPSC Prelims exam, MPPSC Mains exam, and MPPSC Interview.


How to go about MPPSC exam preparation?

Going by the MPPSC Syllabus 2021, an aspirant should know the important topics that keep on repeating in the exams. The aspirant for MPPSC Exams just needs to have a good understanding of school classes (basically from standard 6th to 12th).

As to start your preparation for the exams one should start reading all the social science books of class 6th to 10th standards. The books can be of MP Board or else it can be NCERT books. Both these books are good and provide a good foundation for the aspirants. While reading all these books you can also complement your knowledge with a book from Lucent General Knowledge.

After you have completed the above subjects with good sense. You can take a print out of the syllabus for MPPSC Exams; believe it there is a reason why it is been emphasized to this point. So please try and do this.

 Checkout below subjects, important topics related to them and books for MPPSC to prepare the same:


There are three parts to History: Ancient, Medieval and Modern. Similar to IAS Exam, MPPSC preparation books for History can be more or less the same. For Ancient History, a candidate can follow NCERTs Class 11th and 12th (Old/New.) For Medieval, NCERTs can again come handy. For Modern, an aspirant can either opt for NCERTs or Spectrum by Rajiv Ahir. One can refer to books of MP Board too.


Few things to keep in mind while preparing History for MPPSC exam 2021:


·         One source of information for this subject should be sufficient.

·         Referring more than one book for History is not correct, which the aspirant can only implement.

·         Try to capitalize on your knowledge on the Dates of the occurrences and the Maps of Places.

·         Refer to past year MPPSC question papers to get an idea about the topics been covered in the examination.

·         The arrangement of events or dates in the order of their occurrence will always help.

Indian and World Geography

There are two sub-topics for Geography which are Physical and Human. To understand both these topics in detail, an aspirant should religiously read NCERTS (Class 6th to 12th) and to get the fodder material on these topics the aspirants should at least read one newspaper daily and should be followed by the candidates.


Indian Polity

The MPPSC gives weight age to topics like- Parliament, State, and Central Legislatures, Panchayati Raj, Legislative Bills in the news or debated, Election Commission, etc. To understand Polity in a crisp manner, one can follow the book Indian Polity by M. Laxmikant. This book can be a one-time resort to both IAS and State Administrative Services’ aspirants.


Indian Economy

Indian Economics is one such subject that can give the candidates from the non-economics background nightmares. However, an aspirant should understand that the questions that are been asked from these topics under it are of generalized form. The questions that are been asked can put your common knowledge on Indian Economics to test. The candidates should understand that unlike the IAS examination, here in the MPPSC state service exams, a few factual questions could also be asked. That is why, one should be clear about the basic concepts of GDP, GNI, and PCI. The topics that can be seen in the news repeatedly like the Repo Rate, MCLR, CRR, Unemployment, Recession, Rupee Depreciation or Appreciation, etc. should be given importance.


General Science and Environment

NCERT or MP Board school textbooks can help an aspirant collect the required information on General Science. For the environment, current affairs can become useful. Also, referring to MPPSC past year question papers can align candidates’ preparation.


MPPSC Current Affairs

Try following the recent trend on how questions are being framed in relation to current affairs; one must religiously follow a national newspaper- preferably- The Hindu. The approach to read the newspaper should be solely aligned with the topics that are included in the MPPSC Syllabus 2021.


With a newspaper, an aspirant can fill in the gaps, by following a monthly magazine like Yojana/Kurukshetra. These magazines should not be read from cover to cover. Only the topics that correspond to the MPPSC Exam Syllabus should be read with special attention to their focal editorial.


Few tips to make MPPSC GK notes in Hindi/English:

1.       Understand the MPPSC Syllabus first

2.       Use loose sheets to make mppsc notes so that it becomes easy to add/update the content

3.       Segregate your mppsc notes into topics like History, Geography, Polity, Economy, etc.

4.       Note down 5 to 10 points for each topic in the news that is related to the syllabus

5.       Give attention to Madhya Pradesh regional news page.

Best Books for MPPSC

After going through the syllabus aspirants should follow state board books and NCERT books.

1.       NCERT Class 10th, 11th, 12th Social Studies Books

2.       “Indian Polity” by M. Laxmikant (4th Edition and 5th Edition)

3.       “Spectrum of Modern Indian History” by Rajiv Ahir (Latest Edition)

4.       An Introduction to Madhya Pradesh by McGraw-Hill Publications (here you can find fact and details related to the state, which can suffice)

5.       Aspirants can gain more knowledge on Economics from the textbook of Standard 11th & 12th from the Commerce Stream and if the aspirant is not from commerce can refer to books from Ramesh Singh’s Indian Economy (11th Edition) or Sanjiv Verma’s Indian Economy.

These books can help you both in MPPSC Prelims and Mains examinations.

To conclude all the things for the students, a few tips are given below:

·         NCERT’s or State Board School textbooks are the key for your clarity on different Topics.

·         One reference book per subject should be sufficient for building your knowledge.

·         Self-written notes for mppsc should be emphasized and grown upon

·         Aligning the current affairs with the syllabus.

·         Take help from past MPPSC question papers.

·         Revise all the topics periodically.

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