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The 1st phase after deciding to take the MPPSC exam, an aspirant has to undertake a pledge to work hard considering the enormous syllabus. If you’ve taken a good look at your syllabus, then probably you must have realized the extent and depth of it. If you are confused as to from where to start and how much to study for the upcoming MPPSC examinations, then this post is perfect for you.

The first thing before you even start your exam preparations is to have a positive attitude and an optimistic approach. If you constantly crib and complain about how much the syllabus is, then you will never be able to prepare well and attempt the exam properly. Besides this, following are some syllabus related tips which you must take note of if you are seriously thinking of clearing the MPPSC exam in the current attempt itself.

Question papers of previous years

One of the most ignored source or base of all your MPPSC preparationare the question papers of the previous years. These are the most basic as well as the most useful MPPSC Notesand study material for MPPSCExamOnce you go through these, you get an idea as to what kind of questions you can expect in the main or actual exam. Hence, if you are in the process of gathering the study material, make sure you don’t forget to get hold of this. Most of you may not know this, but there are quite a few online sources from where you can order the set of previous years’ question papers and which get delivered right at your doorstep.


Invest in few but good and standard books

These days you get ample of MPPSC general studies material in the market. If you take a look at some of the books, then you will feel like buying all of them. However, avoid this temptation and don’t buy multiple books. The only thing which is different is the language used in the book as well as the approach taken for providing an understanding of the topic. But the content is all the same. Buying more than 2 or 3 books is nothing but simply waste of money because frankly speaking, you will not get so much time to go through each and every book which you have purchased, thereby letting it go waste. And as you may be knowing the popular phrase, ‘Jack of all trades, master of none,” reading all the books will not help you in becoming a master.

Concentrate equally on all subject and current affairs

As a future member of the administrative service, you are expected to be thorough with all subjects as well as your current affairs. Spend some extra time but prepare yourself well for the subjects that do not naturally interest you. Along with the regular subjects, equally important are current affairs, which is why news reading is a ‘must do’ for all you MPPSC aspirants.

These are some of the very few yet crucial aspects pertaining to your MPPSC examination preparations which you must not just remember but also follow.

It is understandable that despite a few good coaching institutes at hand, it becomes difficult to choose the best one for MPPSC preparation. With tips to choose the best MPPSC coaching, we will help you find the needle in the haystack.

Student Feedback

Reach out to the students already enrolled in the coaching institute. They will be able to provide the first-hand experience on the quality of teaching, faculty, and study material. If possible, talk to senior students or students who have already cleared the exam. This is one of the best tips to choose the best MPPSC coaching.

Batch Timings

The timings of the MPPSC coaching in indoreneed to align with your timings. With many institutes providing an array of slots to choose from, you can easily pick a timing suitable to your needs. However, these timings range from weekday batches to weekend batches. If you are a college student or someone with a job, it is important to strike a balance between the two.

Past Achievements

The success record of any institute will provide you a gateway to the inside of any MPPSC coaching in indore. You will be able to compare the success rate between different institutes. It is also advised to check whether there has been an improvement from past achievements. It doesn’t matter whether the institute holds a record of the top rankers but examine their growth rate in recent years. Make sure to keep an eye on past achievements as it will help you with how to find the best MPPSC coaching.

Coaching Duration- Relevant tip to Choose Best MPPSC Coaching Institute

The coaching duration is key to any course because it will help you prepare a strategy with a qualitative approach towards your goals. Some institutes take more time to complete the course than others. You may not have that much time in your hand. On the other hand, some institutes lay stress on the quality and speed of the classes. In this case, the duration will be longer. You will have to consider the time, quality, and approach of the coaching. This will help you with how to select MPPSC coaching.


Go through the prospectus of the coaching institute to learn about their branches. The more branches, the more they are in demand. Having multiple branches prove their proficiency and quality of teaching.


Achievers testimonials play a great role in determining the ideals and methodology employed by the best coaching institutes. You must go through the testimonials to get a true picture. It will instill a sense of confidence in the MPPSC institute and is one of the relevant tips to choose the best MPPSC coaching institute.

FAQs | Tips to Choose Best Coaching Institute for MPPSC Exam Preparation

When is the right time to start preparing for MPPSC exam?

While there is no right time to start the preparation for MPPSC, it is always advised to start early. Due to the vast syllabus, it is smart to prepare for it while you are still in college. Toppers like Harshal Choudharystarted as early as his first year of graduation. Since this exam is based on a generalist approach syllabus, it becomes difficult to cover the entire syllabus within a year. So, an early start keeps you at an edge over others.
In other cases where you feel you have already wasted too much time, you need not worry. There have been examples of people who have cracked this exam even when they started late in their careers. Starting early is the ideal way of going about it but not the only way.

Which city is the most suitable to study for MPPSC preparation?

Indore is home to numerous coaching institutes for MPPSC preparation. From Sharma Academy to Drishti IAS, Indore covers almost all the best coaching institutes in the mp. It is also called the hub of MPPSC aspirants. The indore city is brimming with students coming in from all over the state to get enrolled in the best of the coaching centers.

What are the key tips to choose best MPPSC coaching institute in Indore?

The most important tips are location (proximity to your house), the fees you will be paying, the latest updated teaching methods and strategies to crack the exam, access to quality mock tests, and relevant study material and MPPSC Notes.

No new book should be started at this time. However, regular books can still be referred for concept clearing. This phase should be used more for problem-solving, developing short cuts, and remembering formulas, understanding one's strengths and weaknesses.

MPPSC examhas evolved over a very long time. Last year, a sudden change was noticed in the paper pattern and a lot of students were taken back to the exam center. There is a simple strategy one must understand while preparing for the exam. As much as it is necessary to score well in MPPSC, it is equally important to score well in the board as the normalization process calculates these marks.

How to prepare for MPPSC in last one month:

A serious candidate would ideally have completed the course by now. However, the following tips will count.

Time Management:Proper planning is most essential to prepare on time and deal with the pressure of studies. By now serious students must have decided their preparation or reported it by their teachers. So, this is the time to strengthen your preparation and ensure that you perform very well in the actual MPPSC exam.

General studies, history, geography, polity, hind, english and aptitude all subjects are equally valuable. So, divide these important remaining weeks into topics suitably

• Create chapter wise and topic wise revision schedules.

• Make short mppsc notesand list all the formulas and points to learn. This will help in quick revision before the exam.

Right Method:The right way for first time or second time attendees is to stick to one source and not refer to a huge number of books/study material available in the market. To reap the benefits, students must remain focused with a positive attitude to study with utmost concentration during the entire preparation period. Over the past two weeks, it's only been brushing through notes and marked major problems with a twist. It is suggested to take mock tests on the actual pattern at this time.

Focus on your goal:The key to proper preparation is proper and timely planning. Toppers learn from their weak areas and practice on time to grow in every possible way. The right attitude and sharp focus is necessary to become a topper. Toppers divide their preparation time equally. They stick to the same system of preparation and believe in themselves. Thus, they continuously build their confidence level and are ready to solve any tough question. They make sure to solve all the previous year papers keeping their concepts clear. By joining a mppsc coaching in indoreyour these purpose will be solved.

Tips for the day and the day before the final exam:

The following points should be kept in mind while preparing for the exam day.

• Think positive and don't talk about your preparation as it can indirectly make you anxious even if you are well prepared. Don't talk to others about MPPSC.

• Be calm, confident and believe in yourself.

• Brush up on essential formulas and short tricks in all subjects.

• Relax yourself or indulge in meditation a day before the actual exam to give your best on exam day.

• Don't ask your friend how much they have studied. This will create unnecessary pressure.

• Get at least 6-7 hours of deep sleep at night.

• Prepare yourself to enter the examination center at least half an hour before the commencement of the examination.

• Make sure to carry your MPPSC admit card and follow the instructions as per the admit card. Avoid borrowing anything inside the exam hall.

Lastly, it is the relative performance that will matter on the exam day. So, do your best and you will crack MPPSC. Select the Best MPPSC Coaching in Indorethat can help you in your exams!

Best Time Management Tips for MPPSC Prelims 2021 - MPPSC Prelims, the first stage of MPPSC Exam is near. Less than 5 months are left for MPPSC CSE 2021. Candidates are at the peak of their study course. After months and months of investment in the reading room, the time for showdown is near. Best MPPSC Coaching Centre in Indore with last minute revision plans and crash courses.

At such a point, one must understand the idea behind proper time management and schedule planning. One must realize that the last months are very important and should be taken seriously. Candidates must make a plan to utilize the time with optimum results. But why do we talk about time management? Let's understand it first.


Why Time Management?

Time and tide wait for no one, they are so right. This time will never come back in MPPSC preparation. And in the exam having such vast syllabus, candidates must imagine how much time is actually required. Because it is technically impossible to give equal time to everything, so the syllabus has to be completed within the time limit. Any additional information regarding MPPSC syllabus and questions can be found on the home website of Best MPPSC Coaching in Indore.


Thus time management finds an important application in MPPSC preparation. In order to shelf the topic-wise distribution of effort and energy, candidates must first start with the time that should be given to it. This is the reason why toppers and experts repeatedly talk about schedule planning and right time allocation.


Time Management and MPPSC Prelims Exam

As per the preliminary pattern of MPPSC exam, the exam is conducted in two shifts of 2 hours each. Best MPPSC Coaching in Indorehas talked about MPPSC Exam Pattern in their online forum.


Paper 1 is of General Studies and Paper 2 is of Aptitude. Paper 2 which is General Aptitude Test of qualifying nature and Paper 1 is the real game changer. So candidates must prepare a strategy to solve Paper 1 in 2 hours at all cost.


Going about solving the question paper, how many minutes are required for each question and deciding which question to skip, all to be done in 2 hours. For a better idea of ​​the marking scheme, you can visit the Forum Discussion of MPPSC Coaching in Indore. Rest, the above mentioned points are the answer as to why time management is important in MPPSC Prelims.


Tips and Tricks for MPPSC Prelims Preparation

Exactly how is the question now, the following are some tips and tricks elaborated by the experts themselves to achieve your goal.


Know your goals:Students should know their goals. There should be clarity about short term as well as long term goals. It should be prepared in the initial months.

Read Write Revise:The most effective study plan is to read textbooks, make personal notes and revise them again and again. Modification is the key. Best MPPSC Academy in Indore has been providing simplified study material to the students for efficient revision.

Prioritize:Candidates must prioritize goals and manage resources. The approach is different for each stage of the exam and should be pursued in the same way.

Know what to skip:MPPSC never asks for the complete syllabus. There are some important sectors which are exploited every year. Candidates should know what not to read. Mentors in the best MPPSC Coaching Institute in Indoregive specific guidance to the students about important topics.

Take Mock Tests:Mock tests are very important for the final implementation of the plan. Mock test prepares the candidates for D-Day. You should have regular tests. MPPSC Coaching Classes in Indore offers some of the best sets of mock tests for MPPSC Prelims as well as Mains.

Track Your Performance:What's The Use Of Test Series If It Isn't Increasing Your Performance? It is very important to track your development in prelims. The aspirant will get to know about the areas of flaws and gaps. After that they can improve it.

Time duration after MPPSC Prelims exam - post prelims

The time between prelims and mains is the most frustrating time for the candidates. There are around 6 papers which need to be thoroughly revised and prepared. Daily answer writing series before main exam is easily available by best MPPSC coaching in Indore. Candidates should make a plan accordingly.


Take away

Delay in any form will continue to affect the result. Work should be done at its appointed time and time should not be wasted. MPPSC coaching in Indoregive time to the candidates for revision and self-study following their integrated syllabus. Students must be precise with their preparation plan for the prescribed results.

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