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My Experience On Different Kinds Of Quilting Sewing Machine

Picking a good sewing machine for beginners to quilt is not like selecting one for garment-making or doing general crafts. So in order to help you navigate through all the options, I’ve come up with this list of criteria your future sewing machine should have. 

Before I start, I highly recommend you to go for simple sewing machines for beginners if you have limited sewing experience. Although these types of machines are simple and easy to use, they are a good tool for you to learn basic skills in sewing.

My first sewing machine was the one from Singer. Although it is quite old-fashioned and bunky, it still works well until now. 

Singer sewing machine

After a long period of time, I wanted to upgrade to a portable sewing machine so I can bring it anywhere. I did not have much of a choice back then because my budget was tight. So I chose a cheap sewing machine from Brother. Its throat was small and the feet it came with were for making garments, not quilting. After that, I have switched to many other machines so I have gathered decent knowledge about what a quilter needs in a sewing machine. Thus, I recommend you to check the machine’s features and functions carefully before making your decision. 

Auto-threading sewing machine

The machines with auto threading function will make your life a lot easier. Otherwise, you can thread a machine by hand if you don’t have one like this. However, I still prefer this option because I want to save my time for other tasks. Well this kind of reminds me that I used to have a good sewing machine for beginners and that can auto-thread. 

Large bed

You will need a larger bed for quilting so please pay attention to this as well. A lightweight machine is good in many ways, but this also means that the actual bed size is not so much. The larger the bed, the easier it is for you to piecing and quilting. Some manufacturers offer extended beds so you may consider to pay for it and fix it to your machine. 

Sewing machine feet

A quilter should have the following feet: a darning foot (or some people may call it a quilting foot), a walking foot (I will explain below), and a ¼ foot. Walking foot has a set of feed dog on it so your quilts will be fed through the machine at an even pace. The majority of quilting projects have 3 layers so if you don’t use a walking foot, these layers may slide off course. Choose a sewing machine that can be used with various sewing feet so that you can try different sewing quilting techniques.

Sewing machine foot

Other features

Speed Control is another thing I love about top rated sewing machines for beginners on the market today. It allows you to slow down when you need to sew intricate patterns or speed up for borders. 

A free-arm is another feature that is handy whenever you need to sew tight spaces often. You will need a lot of thread for quilting so to save yourself some time, pick a machine that accommodates large spools. 



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