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Shimizu Umeki Masaki showed his incredible dexterity when he cosplayed Peach-clone during one of his streams. He is regarded by many as one of the best Daisy players on the planet. His Daisy skills are insane, and he has victories over one of the best players in the region. The Japanese Smash Ultimate Pro has often succeeded in getting top positions in tournaments across Japan. During one of his streams on September 18, looking to challenge himself, even more, he decided to cosplay as the Mario Character, which proved to be one of his all-time best streams.

Initially, for the first two hours, the daunting player, while clashing with his opponent on the game’s WiFi mode, took stock after stock. But the most exciting part started when Masaki matched against a Mario Player and went ahead to crush him with the Nintendo Mascot completely. In just forty-five seconds, he managed to annihilate the plumber by his antics that included forward airs, downward airs, and a Daisy Bomber. But the most mind boggling aspect of all this was the fact that he managed to do all of that and took only 16.5% Damage, which is extremely low considering the game’s high competitiveness.

The clip of the action was uploaded on Twitter, where it went viral with the fans. It ended up getting more than two hundred thousand views, which is impressive, to say the least. However, Daisy is usually the Echo fighter of Peach as they have quite similar move sets. Since we are discussing cosplay and Peach, it is hard not to include the well-known pro, Ezra’ Samsora’ Morris, who, during the Smash Ultimate Summit 2, dressed up as his main and surprised many.

Since Samora is regarded by many as the best Peach on the planet so it is not an unheard of wish to expect him and Umeki to fight it out in Smash while they are dressed up as their mains. Unfortunately, we might not see it happening until the LANs come back, which seems unlikely to happen soon. There is also the possibility that they seek to match against each other despite significant ping differences online. There is no doubt that there will be thousands of fans who will want to watch them duke it out, especially with them dressed as their mains. Whether we get to see them together or not, only time will tell, but it seems highly unlikely because of several factors. There is no doubt that they will have fans glued to see them compete whenever they come together.


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It’s been a golden era for the battle royale video game genre. Over the year, we have witnessed the arrival of various Battle royale video games; however, quite a few of them have managed to succeed. Following this, Proletariat develops Spellbreak, a new video game in the battle royale lineup. The game was released on September 3, 2020, and within few weeks it has obtained quite a positive review of the gamers as well as critics. Besides, the world of Spellbreak is happened to be mystical where players use magical spells to strive or conquer against their enemies. More importantly, the world of Spellbreak runs through Gold; its supreme currency is Gold and, in this article, we are going to help the gamers to know about the ways to get Gold in Spellbreak.


How to Obtain Gold in Spellbreak?

The simplest way to get Gold, aka currency in Spellbreak is to buy it with real money. However, it is quite expensive and useless because there are various ways through which gamers can get it for free. Players need to play Spellbreak as much as they can because it will inflate their level in the game and as per reports, gamers receive Gold whenever they access the next level. Thus, we can say that gamers will receive Gold for free through XP, and obtaining XP is the key to Gold in Spellbreak.

Moreover, the gateway to immense XP is to get a specific class through which accomplishing around can be easy. Thus, it is highly advisable for all the players to always choose the second school while selecting a class because it offers potent combinations. Additionally, gamers will also get Gold whenever they achieve a new milestone. Thus, the best piece of advice that we can give to the gamers of Spellbreak is to play it as much as they can because it will keep unveiling new milestones and levels that can help in getting Gold as a reward.


Spellbreak is a new battle royale video game that is based upon a magical world. In Spellbreak, gamers use Magical spells and tricks to take down their foes. Players also need to have Gold which is said to be a premium currency of Spellbreak’s universe. In this article, we have shared information on Gold in Spellbreak alongside ways to obtain it for free. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will indeed succeed in getting it for free and will find it worth reading.Players can obtain Spellbreak on Xbox OneNintendo SwitchPS4, and PC.

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