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Filmmaker Rian Johnson expresses his interest in the sequel of Knives Out. Knives Out came out back in September 2019 and the flick was based on a Murder-mystery story and was written, produced and directed by Rian Johnson. The movie gained acclamation from the critics and was loved and enjoyed by the audience throughout the world. The movie had Daniel Craig starring in the lead role alongside Chris Evans and Jamie Lee Curtis.

The film began with the life of a wealthy older adult who is a crime novelist, Mr. Harlan Thrombey. At the starting of the film, Mr. Thrombey invites his whole family to his mansion to celebrate the occasion of his 85th birthday. Mr. Thrombey intended to reunite all of them to cure the distances between them. The conflict of the film starts when the very next morning, Mr. Thrombey is found murdered in his study room. A private detective name Benoit Blanc has been called to investigate the murder

The film brings back the interest of the Murder mystery back in the heart of the audience, and numerous fans are demanding the sequel of the film. However, the story completes by the end of the film, but there are several more stories that Rian Johnson can use, or write just as well. This proves the fact that Mr. Rian Johnson can easily accomplish the Knives out’s fans demand.

Although there is no confirmed news or any rumor that the sequel of the film is in the making, Mr. Rian johnson shows his interest in the film and working with Daniel Craig. In an interview, he stated that he would love to work with Daniel Craig and said that if he can get together with Daniel Craig, then he will do a new Benoit Blanc mystery in a few years with a new mystery, new location, and new cast. He also speaks about the inspiration from where he got the character of Detective Benoit Blanc. He mentioned the name of famous novelist Agatha Christie and talked about the similarities between Hercule Poirot and Benoit Blanc.

After hearing the interview of Rian Johnson, everybody can sense that he is in a mood to make a sequel of Knives Out. Some of his words seem to be a hint that he is planning to make Knives out a franchise. Although there is no news regarding any statement from Daniel Craig, it is a mere assumption that he would work in any project similar to knives out.

By Recalling all the facts, we can presume that the Knives Out sequel will definitely come, and the release date will be between2021 or 2022. Rain Johnson also states about the story concept that surely will be refreshing and unheard of. The cast will be totally changed according to the director except for Daniel Craig, and his character name will be retained in the sequel as well. Whatever the date, location, story, and cast will, we can surely predict that Mr. Rian Johnson will bring the very best and entertaining content for sure.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Pokémon Sword and Shield is out and the game has had its fair share of controversies as well. However, the post is not about it as we will tell you how to catch Eternatus and evolve Yamask as well. In case you intend to do so, then read the blog carefully.

How to Navigate Eternatus

Catching Eternatus is mandatory to finish this game and everybody can encounter Eternatus at the end of the game. First, you need to defeat all the eight gym leaders and then you will proceed towards the Wyndon’s Champion cup finals. After you challenged Leon in the finals, the game will be stopped, and it will teleport you straightly to the Hammerlocke. In the Hammerlocke, you need to locate the gym. After entering the gym, you would see the Energy Plant. Move toward it and after a while there you will have an encounter with Eternatus.

How to Get Eternatus in your Pokéball

After your battle with Eternatus begins, use Pokémon of ice, ground, and psychic types. These types are the weakness of Eternatus and remember after you defeat Eternatus the max Raid battle will begin.

In the battle, all your Pokémon attacks will be paralyzed, so wait till the Zacian and Zamazenta appear. Now, you need to defeat all the two rival Pokémon beside Eternatus. After you defeat all these three Pokémon together, you can easily catch the Eternatus. Use any Pokéball to catch it and once you have Eternatus in your team, only then you can proceed towards the end of the game.

Evolve the Yamask in Galarian Region

The evolution process for every Pokémon in the Pokémon Sword and Shield is straightforward and easy to do. In the new game version, the Galarian region has several varieties of Pokémon. Almost everyone here has a similar evolution method except the Yamask; its intricate appearance and evolution method is tough to get in this version of the game. To evolve the Yamask first, you need to get it hurt in the battle, and then you need to migrate to some particular place. Here is the proper workaround to execute the process of evolution for Yamask.

How to Catch the Yamask in Galarian region

Catching a Yamask is not that complex and you can easily locate or encounter Yamask in Route9. You can also encounter them in max Raid battles. After your Pokémon defeats Yamask, catch it in your Pokeball.

How to get a Unovan Yamask back

Several Pokémon from the previous version intrigues the gamers, while some of the new appearances aren’t satisfying. A similar case is with the Yamask, as the new Yamask appearance is weird, and several gamers wish to get back the Yamask’s previous version appearance. To do this, you need to go to Ballonlea Gym, there a kid will trade with you for an Unovan Yamask in exchange of Galarian Yamask.

Guide For Evolving Yamask

  1. Take out the Yamask from the Pokeball and send it out in the battle.
  2. You need to get Yamask hurt till it receives the damage nearly around 49 and make sure Yamask does not faint.
  3. After the battle ends, wait a couple of minutes before healing Yamask.
  4. Migrate towards any area in Hammerlocke alongside the damaged Yamask.
  5. Now, you need to enter into the Dusty Bowl.
  6. After entering into the Dusty Bowl, you need to locate a wide stone arch situated beside the Dusty Bowl.
  7. Now, you need to walk under the wide stone arch with the damaged Yamask.
  8. After a couple of seconds, you will get a prompt on your screen for the beginning of the evolution process of the Yamask.
  9. Your wait is almost over, and your Yamask will now evolve into Runerigus.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

The legendary video game creator Hideo Kojima drops some hints regarding the upcoming Horror game project with a tweet. The first rumors came back in October and ever since then the gaming community has been waiting for this news to be announced by Kojima productions. After their famous game Death Stranding, the fan following for the Kojima production has increased a lot.

Kojima is a Japanese famous video game director, writer, and designer best known for his games such as Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solidthe Phantom pain, and the latest Death Stranding. Death Stranding is the only game among the Kojima creation list that is released by Kojima productions while all the others went under Konami. Death Stranding was recently released; since then, it has become a trending topic between gamers throughout the world. Hideo Kojima split from the Konami in the year 2015 and then he founded its own company, Kojima Productions. However, the main cause for their split is not officially announced by either organization.

There are numerous facts that can be written or told about Hideo Kojima; some of them includes the P.T. video game that was one of the first psychological horror video game. The game was released for the PlayStation 4 in August 2014 and got a high acclamation from the critics for its incredible visuals and the direction, although the game was removed by the Konami from the PlayStation Store as a result of the cancelation installment of the Silent Hill series. One of the most exciting facts that laid out the stardom and the popularization of Mr. Hideo Kojima and Kojima productions is that Mr. Kojima is the most followed game director on Tweeter and Instagram through the world. He also won two Guinness world for that achievement.

After a glimpse of the tweet of Mr. Kojima from their Twitter page, the fans are super excited because Kojima Productions never lets the fan unsatisfied. They always come with something new and different and although Mr. Kojima didn’t confirm it totally, their tweet did. He mentions that he was watching a couple of horror films to awake his horror soul from the sleep. It also stated that The EYE Thai horror was the film that inspires him in creating the P.T. video game, though he never finished watching the movie; in the last line, he asked would he be able to finish watching this film? That clearly indicates that he is indirectly pointing out towards its new horror game project. But we all are pretty sure that the game will match the level of P.T and the game will be so amusing that either it will take out your fear or your life.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

To activate the office setup , you have to reclaim your office 25 digit item key which you will discover in your enlisted mail ID. Through you can download, introduce office. make a Ms office record to oversee office 365 and office 2019 membership.

Word 2019 has all of the devices you need to display a specialist and present day document. A wide scope of Word document types can benefit by an appealing spread page: a leading group of trustees report, a recommendation for a free adventure, or a family assortment. Word offers an enormous showcase of test spread pages that you can implant in your record and subsequently change.

Spread pages are therefore set around the beginning of the Word report, before the present first page. You don’t have to arrange the incorporation point close to the beginning of the report before you implant them.

To embed a spread page, pursue these means:
  • Choose Insert → Pages → Cover Page. A palette of spread page tests shows up.
  • Click the spread page you need to embed. It is put toward the start of the archive.
  • Fill in the placeholders on the spread page as wanted.

Beacons are an essential component in Minecraft as the more Beacons you earn, the more benefits you will get in the game. Even though the item has several uses, the process of obtaining it is a bit tricky. You first need to defeat an enemy, then get a Nether Star, then craft the Beacon. The whole journey to Beacon is very typical, and there is an easy way to buy them straightly from the game market, but they are very expensive. So here are the ways guided to get and maintain a Beacon in the Minecraft game.

Crafting a Beacon

The steps for crafting a beacon is very simple but before proceeding further, make sure you have all these resources:

  • A dome of Five glass blocks.
  • A base of three obsidian Blocks.
  • A single Nether Star situation in the middle.

All these ingredients are needed to craft a beacon, and you can get the first two easily, but getting the third one is a bit hard to get. To get the Nether Star, you first have to defeat the Wither and we all know Wither is one of the big bosses in the Minecraft game. When you beat the Wither, it will drop a Nether Star and the Nether Star is the only medium to craft a beacon. So you need to be prepared to tackle him.

Placing your Beacon

To attack and detect the enemies efficiently and easily in the Minecraft, you should place your Beacon at the top of the pyramid. The pyramid can add powers to the Beacon and the players, so placing the Beacon on the top of the pyramid has several benefits. The Pyramids have four levels of structure and are made of iron, diamond, gold, and emerald nine metals or gems. You can select the material as well as the level you would like to place your Beacon.

On the top, the Beacon will stop functioning if anything else will be placed near it. Only glass blocks, transparent blocks, and other beacons are permitted. The four levels of the pyramid:

  • Single level pyramid: It has a very simple structure, an effective range of 20 blocks and a 3×3 square made up of 9 blocks, you can choose the material of your choice. Any addition of Beacon will expand the size of the pyramid.
  • Two-level pyramid: It has an effective range of 30 blocks and a structure of 5×5 square; you can choose the material of your choice. The addition of beacons will make the second level pyramid bigger.
  • Third-level pyramid: it has an effective range of 40 blocks and a structure of 5×5 square; you can add more beacons to it.
  • Fourth-level pyramid: It has the ability of an effective range up to 50 blocks; all the steps are the same for this pyramid.

Power-ups for Beacon

There are a total of six abilities and power-ups in the Beacon. You can choose only two in the first level of pyramid; you will get two more in the second level, one more at level three and another one in level four. You can select any upgrade path from the Beacon’s menu; you can select any path you want, just tap the green checkmark for the confirmation. All your Beacons will memorize your decision and if your pyramids get destroyed or damaged, then these Beacons will revert everything to the same by remembering your upgrades. The list for the upgrades in the game:

  1. Speed- Run fast.
  2. Haste– Mine blocks fast.
  3. Resistance– Save from damage.
  4. Regeneration– Jump higher and farther. Regenerates the power.
  5. Strength– More energy.
  6. Jump Boost– Jump higher and farther.

Tricks for Beacon

Beacon is one of the most important things in Minecraft, so below are the few tips for using the full power of your Beacon:

  1. Beacon powers can be changed: The more metals and gems lying near you, the more you can extract your Beacon’s power.
  2. Beacon never destroyed: If your pyramid faces attack, then don’t worry as all your beacons will be safe; you can back up and build the pyramid again.
  3. Beacons can be mined: You can hide your Beacon anywhere, they can be mined whenever you wish to do it.
  4. Beacon’s light is changeable: You can change or customize the light of the Beacon’s, there are several colors option.
  5. Multiple Beacon’s: You can add several Beacon’s to your list and you can maximize the Beacon after merging six beacons.
  6. Limitation by one Beacon: Only level four have a Regeneration upgrade.
  7. Beacon range: If you left your Beacon’s field, then you can lose power-ups immediately.


Beacon’s are the most prominent feature of this game, but it’s up to you to decide whether to craft a Beacon in survival mode or not. Beacons have a lot of options and can provide you a lot of benefits.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Whenever we compare iOS and Android, it’s usually the messaging that gives the extra point to iOS. Apple’s iMessage is on another level in comparison to Google texting service. Android users use several apps to improve their text messaging, so finally Google took some action regarding this problem. Now, they are planning to add a messaging service to Android known as RCS. Below is the information regarding everything you know about Android’s fancy text messaging service.

What is RCS?

Rich Communication Services also known as RCS is used to upgrade the messaging section of the Device, including smartphones, PCs, and various other devices. As you all know that the earlier messaging services only allow us to type 160 characters, the RCS expand that limit. The evolving in the SMS also includes MMS, which is an excellent initiative for sending videos and pictures via messaging software. You can use RCS for texting on Android and if you want to use it in WhatsApp and WeChat, then it will work in such a messaging app too.

How RCS will make your texting better?

It will allow you to share high-resolution photos, videos, GIFs, and texts. You can see the contacts online-offline status, their reading, and typing status. You can say that it is a companion like iMessage for Android.

Extra Features

The extra features that are included are business chat feature which includes:

  • Make payments.
  • Track orders.

This is the same feature that iMessage has for iPhone, so after using this, your Android messages will work the same way as an OS messaging service works.

Using RCS Texting On Android

Make sure your phone fulfills all the requirements mentioned above.

  • Open your Android device.
  • Locate the options of Google’s Messages.
  • Allow the select tab to turn on; I want to use these chat features.
  • Now the chat is enabled, start using the messaging app normally.
  • You will notice the change if any of your friends are also using the RCS feature.
  • If your phone has this app already installed by the company, then it’s ok; if not, then navigate the option of Google’s Messages app.

Why is RCS Not Working on My Device?

Here are the reasons why RCS might not work on some devices:

  • If you want your phone to support RCS, then make sure your wireless carrier and your phone can both support it.
  • You can try using the Google message feature as there are very few Android phones that support this service.
  • The phone like Verizon has included RCS support to Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, and also it supports Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 plus.
  • If you are using any of these Device, then the RCS will work on your Device.

When will Google Start RCS Message on Android phone?

Some of the carriers are planning to build their own messaging platform with the help of Google. So that means in the US, you will surely be going to see an improved messaging service on Android as the rumors say that it will be started in 2020.

Using RCS on Any Android Device

You can use the RCS on any Android, as discussed above, Google is soon introducing this on every Android Device. The process of adding the RCS into your Device is nearly impossible. It is a high-risk step for your Device, so you should wait for an RCS upgrade. You can try using some apps that are available on the Google play store; these apps are similar to the RCS.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Microsoft impressed all its users by launching the Xbox One gaming console in late 2013. Even though the console is efficient, it still has some minor flaws. One feature that is still a mystery for countless people is how to find the hours they have spent playing the game. In case you are one of them, then do not worry as the post will cover the ways to find the total hours you have spent playing an individual Xbox One game.

Why Statistics are Hard to Find

The reasons Microsoft hide these statics typically:

  1. If your parents find these stats, they will definitely ground you from playing.
  2. The addict never admits his addiction, so the gaming company doesn’t want to show their user’s unhealthy approach.

 How to See the Total Number of Hours Spent

If you would like to know details statics of the total number of hours played on any Xbox game then you can use the followings steps below:

  1. Start your Xbox One and locate the game you want to check the hours played on the home screen.
  2. You need to bring up the app menu on your controller; you can do it by using a hamburger menu key.
  3. Select on Go to the Official Club.
  4. Hover left to get access to the Progress Tab to appear on the new screen.
  5. After that, the Achievements option will be open.
  6. Select the Stats option.
  7. The stats option will show you all the details of the total hours played, and there are some other game statistics for you to read as well.
  8. An option to compare it with friends is also there, and you can go on tap this option to compare your friend’s score with you.

Importance of Hours Played

The most amusing moment in Xbox is collecting achievements from your favorite games. This is hard and takes a lot of time to be done. The only possible way to do this is to complete the whole game in the possible least time. Some of the gamers’ even made huge fortunes from online game streaming, and playing alone will bring the dedication inside you regarding the game. The player who spent the longest time is so good that they are even getting paid for playing the game professionally; this is like a dream come true for the gamers.

Play Game Responsibly

Gaming is an enjoyable hobby but treating it as a way out of reality is unhealthy. The hour play stats will tell your addiction, and we highly recommend you reduce it a bit if it is hindering your daily life and relationships. Play it for fun and enjoyment and do not make them your reality.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

The famous game Death stranding contains several characters that are portrayed by some great actors. This fact intrigues the gamers toward this game as a lot of famous personalities that are not camera-friendly have also appeared on this game This includes the filmmaker Jordan Vogt-Roberts as he performs a cameo on this game. The most popular among all its characters is Mama and her twin Lockne. Here in this blog, we will tell you how to find Mama’s lab as in episode five Sam needs to go to Mama’s Lab.

About MaMa

In the game, Margaret Qaulley portrayed Mama’s character. The real name of Mama is Malingen, and Bridges has usually associated with her as well. Sam knows little about Mama’s and her twin sister’s story; it seems as Mama is stuck in a lab, or you can say she is a part of the lab after her body was damaged from Timefall rain.

Safety Requirements for Mama’s lab

Make sure that you don’t stick with any of the Timefall rain as the whole lab sees a lot of Timefall rain. So if you are going there, then you should carry extra protection and a repair spray with you. You can also build a Timefall Shelter using PCC, or you should wait out till the Timefall stops. There are also various ruins that are crawling with BTs so you need grenades to tackle them and store a lot of energy for this.

Lab location

Once you carry all the essential items required for this dark trip, try to search the lab between South Knot City and Lake knot city. Locate the Junk dealer then move towards the west; the lab is huge, so you can easily spot it. If you have more city upgrades then make sure you have carried the Memory chip in the lab. In the following Episode, you need to go back various times to see Mama, so make sure you make as natural ways as possible.

 About BTs

The Beached Things, also known as BTs, are an unknown that eats body of the dead. They attack all the living beings that come in their way with the help of Odradek mechanical arm. They are very dangerous and hard to deal with. Here we are telling you the way to tackle down BTs. If a Black rain known as Timefall occurs near you, then it is the sign for the BTs; this will activate the ordradek and it will move to any BT near it and turn to face the BT around them.

Finding BTs via Map

You can tackle down BTs easily, follow the below steps:

  1. Activate the Odradek’s ability of scanning.
  2. After that quickly launch the maps in the game, you will see the flicking of stars on your screen.
  3. These are the ones representing the location of BTs.
  4. If a constellation occurs, then it is better that you should change your way.
  5. If in case, you can’t change your way or you find them in your way, so in that situation you can tackle them by using Anti-BT weapons like electrified bola and blood grenades
  6. Try to hide yourself as much as possible from BTs, and successfully deliver the cargo to the destination.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

The Age of Empire is a wonderful game and recently on his 20th anniversary, the company has launched its new edition Age of Empires II. This one is a whole new world from its predecessor as it packs new animations, civilizations, and artworks. Some of its strategies are hard to perform so here we are focusing on the most usual ones. Follow the given steps to quickly form all the Fast Castle strategy:

Steps to Do Fast Castle in Age of empire II

For Fast Castle Strategies, you can use several options. If your game includes civilization with fixed economic benefits, then you can go to Castle Age in no time. Almost every civilization starts with a scout and three villagers; we will discuss it in the steps down below:

  1. You need to queue up villagers in large amounts in your Town Centre as you don’t want to avoid your Town Centre idle.
  2. Use your scout to locate all the animals near your Town Centre, whether they are domestic or wild. If you find any sheep, then quickly send it to your Town center.
  3. Use villager to build houses, send villagers no 1 and 2 for building one house nearby. Make sure you save room for farms near your Town Centre.
  4. Use villager no 3 for building a separate house.
  5. Use villager no 4 to begin harvesting the sheep under Town Centre.
  6. If the houses are built, then send all the villagers no 1,2,3 for sheep harvesting.
  7. Use the new villagers no 5 and 6 for harvesting the sheep, keep on queuing more new villagers to your Town Centre to idle any downtown.
  8. Use new villager 7 for building lumber camp on the clump of trees found by the scout of your Town center. Make sure to locate the camp at a place that is hard to attack.
  9. Use new villagers no 8 and 9 for chopping wood.
  10. Use villager no 10 for building a house near the boar that your scout found.
  11. Use the new villager no 11 for chopping wood on the wood line.
  12. Use villager no 10 to attack the boar, allow the villagers to do at least two fire shots. After this, the villager will try to get the boar as hard as possible.
  13. Use new villager no 12 for chopping wood, keep on harvesting the trees near your Town Centre for Space for the farms.
  14. Use new villagers no 13 for building a mill beside the berries.
  15. Use new villagers no 14 and 15 for harvesting berries.
  16. Make sure you pay attention to the food left in the boar at your Town Centre, after the boar has more than 100 food left, then use any of the villager from harvest work to shift the food to the other boar.
  17. Use a new villager for building a new house, after that, send the villager for harvesting berries.
  18. Use new villagers no 18 and 19 for harvesting berries.
  19. Use a new villager no 20 for building a house around a tree line that is hard to attack, after that, send him for building lumber camp on the new treeline.
  20. Use new villager no 21 for building more lumber camp at an untouched treeline.
  21. Use new villager no 22, 23, and 24 for chopping wood at a new camp.
  22. Start building the farms using the food harvesters around your Town Centre.
  23. Use new villager no 25 for building a mining camp upon the most secure gold at your Town Centre.
  24. Use the new villagers no 26 and 27 for mining gold.
  25. Check the Feudal age of your Town Centre; you need to use 14 villagers for food collection, ten villagers for wood collection, and three for gold collection.
  26. Bring back one villager from wood and use the villager for building barracks while you are researching your Feudal Age. Try to place it near the front of the base for mobilizing units.
  27. Send back the villager, once they have completed their work.
  28. If your Feudal Age research is complete, quickly queue up for more villagers at your Town Centre.

After completing the Feudal Age research, you need to do a logical choose option for thriving in the Castle Age. If you want to produce Knights, then build a reliable and blacksmith, if you are not afraid of the enemy, then build a blacksmith and market.

  • Use three berry harvesters for building a blacksmith and a second Feudal Age building.
  • Use new villagers no 28 and 29 for gold mining for Knights or for booming use them for chopping wood Do a research for the Castle Age on the Town Centre.
  • Research about Double-bit Axe on the camp.
  • Research about the Horsecollar on the mill.

After You Reach Castle Age

After entering Castle Age you need to know what you going to do, either continue the blooming of economy or making more knights to tackle your enemies. In this option, you need to add more villagers to your Town center. Research for the Loom if you forget it to do on some points and make sure you build more houses that support your population.

If you are going for the Knights, then build a secure and stable for producing more knights. If the Blacksmith cavalry update is available, then update it now. Keep on continuing building farms, mining gold, and collect mining stone if you want to increase your castle and TCs.

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Daisy Martin is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

Netflix and Nickelodeon are said to be in talks for a new spin-off series based on Nick’s fan-beloved SpongeBob Squarepants. The famous cartoon show is set to come in the form of an all-new music project, mainly centered on the life of Squidward, the Octopus. There is also a movie rumored to be in production; however, the inclusion of Squidward in the movie has not been confirmed.

The main focus of Viacom, the official owner of Nickelodeon is on the project to create an original animated television series and feature films mainly based on Nickelodeon’s famous cartoon characters.  All this is part of a deal rumored around 200 million$ signed between Nickelodeons’ and Netflix, they announced about this deal on November 13, 2019. The streaming services competition is on heat ever since the news of Disney plus. Now almost every major media house is looking to release one for themselves.

Instead of making a streaming service of their own, the Viacom chose to combine with the king of the streaming world Netflix. As we all know that the cable services on TVs are now declining, so the decision of Viacom to migrate their cartoon from TV to streaming services is good news for the fans of Nickelodeon.

The character SpongeBob was created by famous animator Stephen Hillenburg in 1989 and the first time, the developed series was broadcast in 1999.  The show features a fictional city set in underwater named Bikini Bottom where SpongeBob Squarepants and his aquatic friends live. The series shows their adventures and attempts. There are several movies already made by nickelodeon on Sponge Bob Square pants followed by its popularity.

Although they said that their first project is based on SpongeBob Squarepants character Squidward the octopus, a music-based concept is in progress. The sources said that in this series they will be centered mainly on the Squidward octopus, who is a musician in the series and is irritated by his neighbor SpongeBob. This is the conflict that generates humor in the series, the voices used are also very funny which makes the cartoon more appealing to watch.

The ideology of taking back their viewers to their childhood is a very old marketing tool in the showbiz market, and several streaming services had made a huge fortune from this concept. Around 10million people have already signed up for Disney Plus service on the launch day alone. The ongoing streaming competing is growing rapidly in the showbiz market. The news above proved this statement and in the coming days, there may be more exciting news for us regarding streaming services.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

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