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The users of iPad or iPhone experiencing issues of the personal hotspot are not alone as most people are facing the same problems. Moreover, Apple seems to quite aware of the issue, but the company is not saying anything that when the fix for the issue will come. Personal Hotspots become more useful when the users are finding any issue while using the Wi-Fi which is nearby to them. In such circumstances, when the users felt concerned while using a close-by Wi-Fi, then instead of moving to another network or fixing the issue of Wi-Fi, the phone users can opt to share the data connection of their phone with some other device like a laptop. The feature of the personal hotspot is not exclusive to the only iOS as the Android users also make the use of a similar ability. Still, more commonly, the feature is known as tethering.

But, the issues related to the personal hotspot are quite prevalent in the devices running iOS13, unlike Android devices. Apple is also aware of the problem which has been revealed in some documents as reported by MacRumors. According to the reports presented by MacRumors, it has been explained that Apple has sent an internal document to its authorized service centers regarding the personal Hotspot issue faced by the users. The company has also advised the service centers to help the users in every possible way if they are coming for getting the solution for the issue. However, the company has not mentioned any time limit to provide the fix regarding the problems of the personal hotspot.

Meanwhile, it has been observed that the issue of personal hotspot is arising in several ways, which is disturbing for the users. Some users are not able to connect their devices to the personal hotspot at all while some others are facing continuous drops in the connections, ultimately resulting in unreliable and inconsistent internet connection.

 No Great timing for the arising of the issue amidst the ongoing health outbreak

The question of the personal hotspot has arrived in such a time when the whole world is facing the health outbreak, which could not be considered significant. Also, it is still not known whether how long the devices have been affected by the issue. It remains to see how long the problem will continue to affect the devices. This is the time when the governments are forcing people to maintain social distancing, and the companies are providing the employees the option to work from home. With more and more people are working from home and so the reliability on the uninterrupted internet connection is increasing every day. Also, the burden on broadband internet is massively rising under such circumstances. At the time, when the demand for uninterrupted mobile data connection is highly increasing, then the usefulness of the shared mobile data will deteriorate if the user could not find it reliable in such circumstances.

However, it is not clear that when the fix for the issue will come but it is expected that the company will provide the repair very soon. Amidst all, while going through the internal document sent to different authorized Apple service centers, the company has advised some temporary fixes for the issue, such as toggling the personal hotspot on and off, which might solve the problem.

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Daisy Martin arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at

“Apple Releases iOS 12.4.6 Update for Devices Incompatible with iOS 13”

If you are running the older iPad, iPhone or Apple TV, then the release of new updates having the tons of latest updates regarding software of new and old devices will be a lot more helpful for you. The latest updates as iOS12.4.6 are especially for the older model of the iPad and iPhone devices, which are not able to run iPadOS 13.4 and iOS 13.4. It is said that Apple has included some significant updates regarding security in iOS12.4.6, which can be downloaded and installed by the eligible users on their devices. The devices considered eligible for downloading and installing the updates of iOS 12.4.6 includes iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPad Air 1, the 6th generation of iPod touch, iPad Mini 3 and iPad Mini 2.

Ways to Update to iOS 12.4.6

Before initiating any system update, the users must back up the iPad or iPhone to iCloud or MacOS or iTunes as a failure to back up may result in loss of data for the users. Here are the steps to back up to iCloud from iPad or iPhone:-

  • Make sure that your iPad or iPhone is connected to a network of Wi-Fi
  • Now, after opening the Settings appearing as gears on your iPad or iPhone, click on your name, looking on the Settings at the top.
  • Now, click on iCloud to get access to settings of iCloud.
  • After that, click on the iCloud Backup option visible under the section of iCloud.
  • You have to make sure that the iCloud Backup option is ON.
  • Now, click on Backup Now for starting the iCloud back up for other devices.
  • Wait till the backup process completes.

Now, the users can move to complete the downloading iOS 12.4.6 while going to the Settings in the mechanism of software updating in iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. The steps are the following:-

  • The users will need to go to the Settings and open it.
  • Now, you will be required to move to the Option of General and then tap on it.
  • Next, tap on Software Update after choosing it.
  • In the end, select Download and Install iOS 12.4.6 and tap on the options.

It is worthy of mentioning here that the users can download and install iOS 12.4.6 automatically; however, they need to complete a device reboot.  When the users finish the installation, then the accessories such as iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone will automatically back itself and become usable again. The more advanced users can choose to update their iPad or IPhone manually with the use of download links of IPSW. It needs to follow straightforward and convenient steps to use IPSW links while using them on Windows or Mac, but iTunes must work correctly on both the devices. You must install the latest version of iTunes properly by following the below-given steps:-

  • First of all, connect the iOS or iPhone to the computer you have correctly.
  • Then, after selecting the iTunes device, go to Mac.
  • Now, while holding down the key of Option, tap on Update.
  • On the Windows, while holding down the Shift key, tap on Update.
  • After selecting the file of IPSW downloaded earlier, tap on choose.

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Daisy Martin  is a qualified IT engineer by education. After working in the IT sector for a decade, she began writing about it two years ago. She loves to write about emerging technology like

Nintendo EPD has developed a new virtual world of life simulation, and recently it has been released. The game comprises various activities such as exploring, collecting, and fishing; thus, the gamers can do lots of things in it. However, there is one thing that gamers can hardly do in this game; make their character sleep. The game demands from the players to provide an average sleep to their character as it affects a lot on his health. In the subsequent blog, we are going to share with the gamers about Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Alongside we will brief them about how to make their character sleep as it is one of the most essential aspect of it.

Sleeping in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

While the gamers started as their first day in the world of Animal New Horizons, they began to get familiar with the aspects of it. A specific tutorial illustrates them about fixing a camp, setting up a name for your island, and collecting supplies. Thereafter, their instructor, Mr. Tom Nook, tell them to go to their allotted tent and take some sleep.

Although, the gamers began to find that the tent is empty, and there is nothing orientated on which they can lay down. Then, Toom Nook came and handed over them a Cot that is easily foldable. Thus the players finally get a bed to sleep. Although it is a briefing of the gamers to know about the cot, so in reality, they need to find a cot for them. They can easily get one by visiting straight towards Inventory, where they can easily select a foldable cot for them.

After, that they can place the cot on their preferred location inside the tent. Once they did all this, then they will see a pop-up notification on their screen that will ask them whether they want to sleep or not. The gamers need to select the option of sleep, and once they select it, then the screen of the game began to turn black. It will appear while after some time to depict the early morning of the next day.

Why Sleep?

Several gamers must be thinking of not letting their character sleep as they probably wonder what does it going to affect. The answer is sleeping is quite necessary for your character as it will advance the clock time of your game. If the gamers didn’t let him sleep, then their game will keep on counting in the tutorial session. The game objective is based upon a holistic world, and it is recommended for all the gamers to keep on playing it according to it.

Although, the game objective must contain other objectives such as time travel to avoid sleeping or letting pass time quicker, but yet there isn’t any feature revealed. So, the gamers need to keep on following the rules of the game world and letting their character sleep as much it is required.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

Avalanche Studios’ famous first-person shooter game has been included with the latest update. The fans of this game are super excited and keen to explore new aspects of it. The most excited one among gamers is new weapons. A series of numerous new weapons and gears have arrived through this new update. Although every weapon that has arrived is enormously potent in its own way, BFG 9000 is the one that has induced a lot of urge among the gamers. In the subsequent blog, we will help the gamers to find BFG 9000 in Rage 2. Read the below-written workaround thoroughly to get rid of making any mistake.

Find BFG 9000 in Rage 2

The gamers need to have certain prerequisites to become eligible for navigating BFG 9000. The major prerequisite is to buy a Deluxe edition of Rage2. However, there must be several gamers who are either not ready or can’t afford this deluxe version. So, for them, it is strictly mentioned not to get indulged in any external way as it will immediately suspend you from the game. Whereas the gamers who have purchased the deluxe version requires to go towards Phoenix.

While driving through Phoenix, the gamers need to explore Wasteland. The gamers, after driving on the road full of dirt for a couple of minutes, then they will begin to cross over a fork. As soon as gamers cross the fork, suddenly, a meteorite will fall in front of the players. Once everything gets settled, then the gamers need to get off Pheonix.

They will easily encounter BFG 9000 lies in the place where a meteorite has struck. The gamers also need to be aware that the meteorite must obtain several foes to hinder the gamers from obtaining BFG 9000. So, it is advisable to look upon for any enemies on the meteorite and get equipped with a potent weapon to knock them down easily.


The following article is here to provide information to the gamers about Rage 2. In the following article, we have mainly focused upon BFG 9000 weapon of Rage 2 alongside we have brief out specific ways to find it. In case you find the provided information in the article absurd, then we are incredibly sorry about it. In the end, we hope that you would find this article useful and successfully complete this task through it.

The gamers who are unaware of the gaming experience of Rage 2 can obtain it on Xbox OnePS4, and PC.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

Microsoft recently reorganized the team of Windows and its devices by introducing Panos Panay for the charge of both Microsoft hardware and Windows. Although these are the early days for Panay, we are beginning to get a glimpse of how situations may switch with the Windows OS.

In the first 30 days of the Panay, he had spent a lot of time in learning, observing, listening, and working hard with the Microsoft team to make a visualization for the next era of Windows. He wonders while working closely with the Insiders team and the depth of knowledge and level of dedication they possess. Panay recently posted a new blog post in which he explained his experience of working with the Microsoft extraordinary tech geniuses.

He stated that in order to get the Windows innovations going and carry on to grow, they would need an intelligent, responsible and powerful person to show the way to this exceptionally skilled team to the new level. Thereafter, he officially announced Amanda Langowski as the new head for Windows Insider Program.  

The new leader of Microsoft’s Windows Insider Program Langowski is one of the old hands of the company that posses over 20 years of experience. The projects he had worked on before are Windows beta programs, flighting team, Windows Phone, Windows Mobile, and more. Overall he deserves such a position in the company, and now he will surely make innovations in future projects.

He will soon lead to testing of Windows 10 and then an essential feedback loop of the software. Dona Sarkar initially led this project for the past several years. Sarkar is now leading a new project in the company called Microsoft Developer Relations and is presently serving in the company. However, the former chief of the Insider program, Gabe Aul, left the company last year, and then he continued his career in Facebook’s virtual and augmented reality program as the role of engineer.

As we told you before, Panay intends to make a new era of Windows, and he is presently making a visualization to take the Windows OS to the next level. The project has attempted several methods to tempt developers to Windows over the previous five years, but some attempts were not effective enough. Even the regularity of Windows 10 updates has sometimes been a bit slower during the last 12 months that left testers as well as Windows users doubting for what’s happening.

Now Panay has decided to make certain changes into the operating system, and he will also focus on the desktop versions of Windows 10. He will surely add some of his own styling in the operating system, but he cleared that he is going to make the OS simplified and quick. The Windows 10 OS has clearly improved since its past 5 years of constant development and updates.

However, people are now in quest of a fresh look and feel for the Windows operating system, and it seems minor changes are not enough for them to keep it using. According to the Windows 1 billion users teaser video, it is now apparent the team is planning to make the operating system’s UI more simplified. The Start menu is also going to change significantly, as we saw in the teaser video of the Windows 1 billion user celebration. Let’s see how the next operating system updates going to look and work like.

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KellieMinton  arrived on the cyber security scene in the early 2000s when virus and malware were still new and slowly evolving. Her longtime affair with writing with an interest in the cybersecurity industry, combined with her IT degree, has contributed to experience several aspects of security suite industry such as blogging at  .

The current time is quite crucial for the world due to the outbreak of health issues, which has compelled the people to avoid traveling and gatherings at public places. Moreover, the recent health issue outbreak has forced the major companies to close their significant events, which includes E3 2020 also. Since more and more people are compelled to avoid going outside or in public places and so they have a lot of time to spend at home and enjoy video games. Looking at the scenario, Sony should also think over to bring some great games on  Play station Plus. Here is the wish list of PS Plus free games which could be released by Sony in April:-

Guacamelee! 2

Dinkbox studios have made a name for it for making the best indie hits during the age of PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3. Some of the best games introduced by Drainbox includes the names such as Guacamelee!, Severed and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.  Among all the games presented by Drainbox Guacamelee!  2 and Metroidvania has not yet been released on PS Plus. It is most probable that Sony could release Guacamelee ! 2 on PlayStation Plus, and the players could be ready to take control of the protagonist, Mexican professional wrestler Juan Aguacate. Guacamelee ! 2 has received a lot of praise from the fans and great reviews for its gameplay. The plot of the gameplay involves the quest of Juan Aguacate, who has been on a mission to save the Maxiverse from Salvador.

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy developed by Naughty dog could be a fantastic pick to be released on PlayStation Plus in April. The star of the show is Chloe Fraser, which proves that Naughty Dog has stepped away from introducing the central protagonist Nathan Drake this time. Chloe Fraser will search for the tusk of holy Ganesh with the help of Nadine Ross and Sam Drake in the mountains of India amidst the civil war.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is a 2D Metroidvania style action-adventure game created by the Australian developer Team Cherry.  The story of Hollow Knight revolving around an insectoid Knight went on a quest to unveil the secrets of Hallownest; the people and fans have well received a long-abandoned insect kingdom all across the world. The players have to make their way into the Hallownest, which is challenging and exciting, too, as the gameplay has been made by combining the elements of Celeste, Dark Souls, and Super Metroid by Team Cherry. The players can discover new regions by defeating the bosses by executing attacks, which is not only challenging but rewarding also.

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The fans will surely enjoy the release of The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series, as it has included all four complete seasons along with the 400 Days DLC episode for the first season. The gameplay has been introduced with improved characters, lightning, and lip-syncing. Apart from that, the other improvements include the high definition texture mapping and other innovations.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world.

As we all are familiar with the on-going circumstances in the whole world. We have already lost several lives against an amid pandemic. The primary outbreak has already led to the cancellation of numerous events. Now, it has postponed a popular international sports event, Olympic, that is planned to occur on July 242020.

The news has been announced by one of the members of the International Olympic Committee, Dick Pound. He proclaimed the subsequent news yesterday, in which he said that the Olympics are not going to start from July 24. He added he could not say exactly about the postponed date, but it is more likely that the Olympics are going to be held in 2021. Pound also mentioned that every member of the IOC must announce the mutual consent of the International Olympic Committee about the forthcoming Olympics events of Japan.

Apart from the USA, the IOC member from the rest of the world stated that the official declaration about postponed of the event would be proclaimed in the few next weeks. Some of them also added that the Committee is trying to analyse the on-going circumstances and will announce the postponed date of forthcoming Olympic within four weeks.

 Although it is not going to be the first time when Olympic has been postponed or canceled. In World War I and World War II, the Olympics have been delayed to distinctive years and later got canceled. The news has also been confirmed by Reuters that said President of Japan Olympic Committee, Mr. Yasuhiro Yamashita, who announced that they are going to postpone the significant event after getting orders from Shinzo Abe, aka Prime Minister of Japan.

Even though, if the Olympic is going to happen, several teams from all major parts of the world have already intended that they are not going to take part in the Olympics due to on-going amid the outbreak. The Paralympic Committee has also supported the decision. About this context, the Chairperson and CEO of USOPC also stated that yet there had been no resolvent developed to cure the pandemic spreading globally. They have added, if the situation gets a resolve within 4 to 6 weeks, still we have to postpone Olympic as the exercising, training, control over doping, and selection criteria of the players have been stopped. So, the most promising way for all of us is to en route to postponement in her statement Sarah Hirshland added.

Along with various nations’ Olympic Committee, Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Committee stated that all of their teams are not going to compete in the forthcoming Tokyo Olympic. They added that the IOC requires postponing the event for at least one year. Additionally, Australian also proclaimed about not taking part in the subsequent game.

In the history of Olympic, it would be the third time that the popular event gets canceled. In 1916 the first time it got canceled because of World War I. The second time, World war II canceled two Olympic games of 1940 and 44. Let’s just wait and check whether the Olympic events of Tokyo will be postponed or canceled.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

Microsoft recently reported a new Windows vulnerability regarding remote code execution, and the company said that the vulnerability could take place in every available Windows versions.

Such vulnerability, however, can be easily exploited resulting in several “limited targeted attacks,” and the cybercriminals can run malware or codes on the device of the victim remotely if such attacks could be pulled off by them successfully. Further, Microsoft disclosed that attackers and cybercriminals were previously exploiting an unknown security vulnerability available in all versions of windows even including Windows 10.  It has also been revealed by Microsoft that currently, there is no patch for the security vulnerability right now.

Further, the company explained that the security threat having two remote code execution occurs in Microsoft Windows when a specially crafted multi-master font -Adobe Type 1 PostScript format is improperly handled by the Widows Adobe Type Manager Library. The company explained that the cyber-thief could exploit the security vulnerabilities in multiple ways as such the cyber-thief can convince the users to open a particular crafted viewing or file available within the Windows Preview pane. The tech giant, Microsoft, has provided it the rating of Critical, which is also the highest rating given by the company to any vulnerability.

In an advisory introduced by Microsoft, it was said that the company is aware of the cybercriminals launching and exploiting limited, targeted attacks. However, the company refrained from mentioning anything about the attackers who are beginning or operating the attacks and at what scale. The company also said that the company is working hard to find a fix or patch for security vulnerability. Still, until then, the users should take the advisory as a warning. Apart from that, the company said that Windows 7 is also affected by the security vulnerability and only the enterprise users who have extended security support will get the patches.

Amidst all, the advisory introduced by Microsoft has offered a temporary patch for the Windows users who are affected by the security vulnerability and can get rid of the weakness until the company provided a patch for it. Most of the users are aware with the fact that Microsoft often releases the security fixes on the second Tuesday of each month and the so patch regarding the current security vulnerability could be announced on April 14. But, occasionally, the software giant also issues patches in severe cases breaking the rule as was spotted when Microsoft released the emergency patch for the leaked Windows 10 security threat. The windows patch was disclosed when the company found prematurely about a security threat regarding windows 10. However,  it has been speculating by the users that the company may release the patch on Tuesday as it usually does. Still, the company has not yet confirmed anything itself regarding the date of introducing any patch. The company in its advisory has said that the users may opt to disable the preview pant and details in the Windows explorer to mitigate the flaw for some temporary period.

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Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

Fortnite introduced spy game challenges and looks like some new that never seen before. Fortnite is popular for its latest innovations of challenges and content for players. This time they have focused on those players who acquired premium pass. In this new innovative idea of Fortnite, they are just about to make players getting into the challenge. Just like the previous season of Fortnite, they added some hidden locations and missions that were visible only for those players who had premium pass. The main reason for these challenges is that Fortnite wants the players to invest in the game for a longer time and reach the maximum level of battle pass. Whoever completes these challenges and missions will obtain several amazing skins, cosmetics, and characters to play.

The latest season is enjoyable, and the theme of this season is Spy, where players have to choose a team among two. One side is Shadow, whereas the second side is Ghost. Both of these sides have their challenges that provide particular items of cosmetics depend on the side they choose. Spy game challenge looking great, and players can get sever benefits of it by taking part.

Alongside spy game challenges, there are many more things added with the new update in Fortnite. From a long time, it was just a rumor that Fortnite is going to add Helicopters in the game, and finally, they have added, and players can navigate map while flying the Helicopter. In the map of Fortnite, Helicopter Pads are added where the Oil Rig site destroyed utterly. The design of Lockers converted in all-new along with the Loadout Gift feature. Several things have changed in the game, and Helicopter is one of the most interesting things that will change the goal of the game. Spy games have presented the player’s new objectives to jump into.

What’s New In Spy Games

Spy games are all about playing operation matches and ensure the Intel. Every part of Intel can be collected along with the help of unlocking extra tech from Shadow or Ghost. Great thing about these operation matches is that players can use every tech while playing and also can switch between Shadow and Ghost if willing to get it all. Spy games are also adding new bonuses and perks for gamers. Before playing the spy games, players need to choose one team between Ghost or the Shadow. Both teams have different tech equipment that will be provided to players. So if you want any particular item you like, then look into the team they are offering and join it.

Ghost Tech – Starter AR, Proximity Mine, Move Faster While Crouching, Faster Reload, Regenerate While Swimming, Starter Semi-Auto Sniper.

Shadow Tech – Swim Faster, Starter Submachine Gun, Starter Pump Shotgun, Increased Starting Ammo, Gunsmith, Compact Bandage Bag.

There will be three several options available for players to choose from. When the player drops in the match, they will roll out for beginner perks. Every perk will enhance the weapon and moments of the player while the goal of the team will be killing 150 enemies as soon as possible. There you will see something different from battle royale match, and it is that you will be spawned if you died. Side of the area of battle will be smaller than usual that will keep the players closer. In the match there is no weapon available, you will just have those weapons that you choose at the time of loadout. If you want to win the game, then just remember one thing that you need to be aware of your surroundings, and that is why jump when you feel someone is nearby. There are challenges related to the first round of spy games.

  • Win a single match in Operation match.
  • Eliminate enemies in the Operation match.
  • Deal great damage to enemies in Operation match.

In the operation match, you need to be with friends. If you try to play solo against the enemies, then you might don’t get what you are looking to have, and that is how you are going to win. Keep connected with friends and guide them when required, and obtain the highest number of records. According to the challenges and rewards, competition for this will grow. You will receive your rewards every when a week will over.

It’s an old technique but quite effective to bring back players into the game by adding new content, rewards, and competitive challenge. Every week of the game, you will earn new rewards if you complete challenges. There is no place to get bored because there is always something new in the game to explore, and Spy game challenges is a fresh example of it. Spy games are full of challenges but providing attractive skins, weapons, and levels for the battle pass.

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Daisy Martin  is a qualified IT engineer by education. After working in the IT sector for a decade, she began writing about it two years ago. She loves to write about emerging technology like .

Apple recently introduced iPad Pro and MacBook Air to its much-awaited slot of devices. Each of the devices holds some spectacular specifications while both of them use the latest edition of Operating systems. In the iPad Pro edition, you will find trackpad with a dynamic keyboard case that enables you to select from the two options to operate the device. 

This new case of keyboard called the Magic keyboard as it features the latest tool and functions. On the other side, New MacBook Air also enables with the latest technology to make the system much appreciated and user friendly.

It holds various features such as OS running on macOS Catalina 10.15.3 edition having 1.1. GHz dual-core Intel processor. The main downside of this laptop device is the unavailability of rear cameras where iPad pro provided this feature with the resolution of 12 MP.

Follow these points to know more about MacBook Air and iPad Pro devices

Specifications of iPad Pro

iPad Pro is one of the most awaited devices provided by Apple, and with the release of this device, the company packs with various specifications into this mode. The device runs on the latest processor of iPadOS launched last year that packs with numerous Apple tablet-like y-features just like Files application. Apple has declared that this device is not a computer, though it’s only a tablet with the latest specifications.

This Pro edition of the iPad gives various spectacular qualities and specs to its users, such as accessing more than two windows with a single application. It is also capable of displaying desktop mode under Safari.

In case you wish to make your device a computer and want to perform your work on it, then you have to make sure that the device is capable of running those programs and applications that you wish. Some users might like to use Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or some other popular browsers. For some, the tablet is boon for playing games. Others may use Slack Windows, Twitter, word processing, and editing tools. You can use your mouse to perform various tasks on your device.

Magic Keyboard Features

The trackpad enabled the keyboard provided into the iPad Pro tablet, which makes the user perform various tasks more than a system. Earlier at the time of launching this magic keyboard, various functions are locked. This newly launched keyboard tool makes editing and customizing tasks and texts much easier than before.

The iPad Pro with iPadOS 13.4 is coming this year until March 25, and it will support the trackpad and mouse completely. Nobody used these features beyond the Apple Line as it is not introduced earlier on any platform.

Specifications of MacBook Air

This device holds the recent and updated edition of the smart processor and specifications that the users desire to get for a long time. It packs with some authenticated and reliable scissors of switching keyboard operations. It is powered with the Intel Ace lake processor of the 10th Generation version that should be compatible with various consumers. The laptop is made with imported enhanced graphic cards and enormous basic storage of about 256 GB, double to the earlier editions. The starting base price of this laptop is 999 dollars, which is less than earlier models up to $ 100.

Selecting the Device

In case you are confused about the device to choose for your task as per your budget and accessibility, then it is recommended to select the more appropriate one by knowing all the specs and features of the particular device. Both the devices have their unique specification with minor glitches in their specifications.

The trackpad enabled keyboard comes with some cool stuff, but there are few glitches among them as sometimes they used to flash some issues.

Comparison based on the Data

  • Price

iPad Pro and MacBook Air both have some spectacular qualities as per the requirements of the users. The base price for 11 inch iPad pro device is $ 799, where iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch screen will cost you about dollar 999.

On the other hand, if you wish to select 1.1 GHz MacBook Air laptop having Dual Core i3 equipped with 256 GB, then you have to spend at least $999 whereas Quad Core i5  1.1 GHz equipped with 512 GB costs you about dollar 1299.

  • Operating System

An iPad Pro 11 inch device made with iPad 13.4, and the same OS comes with a 12.9-inch screen device.

On the other hand, macOS Catalina 10.15.3 comes with both the editions of Dual Core i3 with 256 GB and Quad Core i5 with 512 GB of storage capacity.

  • Screen Size

iPad Pro comes with two screen variants: 11-inch screen size and 12.9 inches screen dimension.

With MacBook Air, you will get the same screen ratio with both the device processors.

  • Processors

A12Z Bionic processor is installed in both the iPad pro screen versions.

One can choose between Intel Core i3, 1.1 GHz of Quad-Core Intel Core i5 and Intel Core 1.5 executable up to 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 editions.

  • Rear Cameras

iPad Pro editions equipped with 12 MP rear cameras, whereas it is absent in both the Intel editions of MacBook Air devices.

  • Front Camera

If you desire to choose iPad Pro versions, then you will get the 7 MP front camera on both the screen resolutions.

On the other hand, you will get a 720p front camera on MacBook Air devices on both the editions of Intel i3 and Intel Core 1.5 editions.

Source :-

Kellie Minton is an avid technical blogger, a magazine contributor, a publisher of guides at and a professional cyber security analyst. Through her writing, she aims to educate people about the dangers and threats lurking in the digital world  .

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